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  • Title: Info - Barcelona GSE
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  • Title: Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
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  • Title: Massimo Motta - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. MassimoMotta.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. Massimo Motta.. Welcome and Recent Papers.. Complete CV.. Social CV.. Book:.. Competition Policy.. Antitrust: Economia e politica della concorrenza.. Former students.. Welcome - Massimo Motta.. Massimo Motta is ICREA Research Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Research Professor of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.. He founded the GSE s Competition and Market Regulation Program and still teaches in this Master.. Motta s main areas of research are industrial organisation and in particular competition policy, but he has also worked on international trade and multinational firms.. His work, widely cited and influential, has been published in the leading international economic journals.. His book on.. Competition Policy: Theory and Practice.. (Cambridge University Press, 2004) is the standard international reference on the economics of antitrust, and is used by teachers, scholars, and practitioners.. He has extensive experience in teaching competition policy (to lawyers, economists, agency officials, and in both undergraduate and graduate courses) and in supervising doctoral dissertations.. His former students have obtained important positions in academia, consulting firms, and in competition and regulatory agencies.. Recent Research Papers.. Have Antitrust Fines in the EU Had Any Effects on the Firms? (with Luca Aguzzoni and Gregor Langus), CEPR Discussion Paper 6176 (2007).. Exclusive Dealing: The Interaction between Foreclosure and Investment Promotion (with Chiara Fumagalli and Thomas Rønde), CEPR Discussion Paper 7240 (2009).. A Simple Model of Predation (with Chiara Fumagalli), CEPR Discussion Paper 7372 (2009).. Acquisition of Information and Share Prices: An Empirical Investigation of Cognitive Dissonance.. [version 2007] (with Elena Argentesi  ...   ).. Buyers Miscoordination, Entry, and Downstream Competition.. [version July 2007] Chiara Fumagalli and Massimo Motta.. (Economic Journal, 118 (531): 1196-1222, August 2008.. Recent Policy Papers.. Settlements in cartel cases.. , by Aurora Ascione and Massimo Motta.. (In Claus-Dieter Ehlermann and Mel Marquis (eds.. ), European Competition Law Annual 2008: Antitrust settlements under EC Competition Law, Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp.. 67-83 (2010).. The European Commission s Guidance Communication on Article 82.. , by Massimo Motta (European Competition Law Review, 30(12): 593-599).. Leniency Programs.. , by Michele Polo and Massimo Motta, in 3 ISSUES IN COMPETITION LAW AND POLICY 2219-2228 (ABA Section of Antitrust Law 2008).. Cartels in the European Union: Economics, Law, Practice.. , by Massimo Motta (pp.. 95-134, in Xavier Vives (ed.. ), Competition in the EU: Fifty Years on from the Treaty of Rome, Oxford University Press, 2009).. Excessive Pricing in Competition Law: Never Say Never?.. (by Massimo Motta and Alexandre de Streel), in The Pros and Cons of High Prices, Stockholm: Konkurrensverket - Swedish Competition Authority, 2007 (Chapter 2, pp.. 14-46.. On Cartel Deterrence and Fines in the European Union.. , by Massimo Motta (European Competition Law Review, 29(4), 2008: 209-220).. Review of Michael Whinston s Lectures on Antitrust Economics.. , by Massimo Motta (Competition Policy International, 3: 1, Spring 2007, MIT Press, 2006).. Michelin II: The Treatment of Rebates.. 29-49, in Bruce Lyons (ed.. ), Cases in European Competition Policy: The Economic Analysis, Cambridge U.. P.. , 2009.. Artwork by Eduardo Nuñez Valbuena from the cover of the Italian edition of.. Competition Policy: Theory and Practice.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Info - Barcelona GSE
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  • Title: GSE Offers Students Tools to Succeed in the New Financial Landscape - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: GSE Offers Students Tools to Succeed in the New Financial Landscape.. 20/03/2009.. GSE Offers Students Tools to Succeed in the New Financial Landscape.. Students who undertake graduate level study in the coming year face a new financial landscape.. Profs.. Xavier Freixas.. ,.. Albert Marcet.. , and.. Juan Carlos Conesa.. discuss how the GSE Master programs are preparing a new wave of graduates to succeed in the emerging economic climate.. Why Study Finance During the Crisis?.. The average Barcelona GSE student is 25 years old, meaning that the current financial crisis is likely the only, and probably the worst, that they have seen in their lifetime.. The changing financial circumstances of the world dictate that new measures are taken to both regulate and reform financial institutions.. What the crisis tells us is that the regulatory measures that we had in place were not the right ones to handle the events that we have witnessed, says Prof.. (UPF-GSE), Director of the.. Master in Finance.. This means that in the next year there will be an increased demand for people to work in central banks and regulatory agencies, and that these people will need to have the skills to understand what banks, financial agencies, and complex leverage entities do, as well as how to regulate them.. (UAB-GSE), Deputy Director of the.. Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets.. , shares this view.. Nowadays the world is going through a serious financial crisis, whose depth and duration is far from being clearly understood.. Studying the causes and nature of this ongoing crisis, together with the analysis of previous episodes, represents a step in the right direction.. We need rigorous thinking based on theoretical and empirical analysis, and the MSc in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets provides you with the appropriate tools for that.. Out with the Old, In with the New.. (IAE-GSE), Director of the MSc in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets, says What we have seen from the downfall of many financial institutions is that there was a widespread ignorance among  ...   providing academic rigor and delivering the deep and versatile knowledge and expertise necessary for students professional success.. The Demand for Knowledgeable Analysts.. The lesson of the crisis is that we need, not necessarily.. more.. regulation, but definitely better regulation, says Prof.. Freixas.. To achieve that, we need people who are equipped with the tools to understand and design better regulation practices.. Precisely, the tools offered in rigorous Master programs like those at the GSE provide a good theoretical or stochastic background and the skills to succeed in a financial institution.. According to Prof.. Conesa, Graduates with this understanding will be in high demand in government agencies, central banks, and regulatory institutions, all of which will be recruiting fresh faces and ideas in the coming years.. There will be a skill premium for individuals be able to think deeply about what banks do, what is their role in society, and how to prevent economic debauchles and improve the current economic situation.. Nowadays, more than ever, the value of a good central bank or regulatory institution is determined by the value of the team they count on.. For a young, ambitious person to take a year to make a huge investment in his human capital signals that he expects to be in charge and take responsible, informed decisions within a team, says Prof.. This is the essential value of investing in finance studies at the graduate level, and why graduates from the GSE Master programs will continue to form part of an elite contingent of people with the knowledge to understand the financial landscape and the tools to improve it.. Back.. Xavier Freixas, Director of the UPF-GSE Master in Finance, near the Ciutadella campus of the Barcelona GSE.. Professors Juan Carlos Conesa (left) and Albert Marcet, Directors of the Master in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets, at the Bellaterra campus of the Barcelona GSE.. Students in the 2007-2008 Master of Finance at the graduation ceremony at CaixaForum with Program Director Xavier Freixas and Prof.. Andreu Mas Colell, Chairman of the GSE..

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  • Title: Two Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors Receive Prestigious ERC Starting Grants - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Barcelona GSE Professors ERC Starting Grants 2009.. 09/11/2009.. Two Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors Receive Prestigious ERC Starting Grants.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors.. Gino Gancia.. and.. Nicola Gennaioli.. (both of them.. CREI.. Researchers) have been selected to receive Starting Grants from the European Research Council (.. ERC.. ) in its 2009 call for proposals.. The ERC Starting Grants support early-career top research leaders who are about to establish or consolidate an independent research career in Europe.. The grants are available to researchers in all fields of science, engineering, and scholarship.. For the Call just concluded the ERC expects to fund some 240 top researchers from the 2,503 proposals submitted for consideration this year, with an estimated total budget of 325 million.. This new wave of grantees follows the 299 researchers who received grants in the first Starting Grant competition in 2007.. Professors Gancia and Gennaioli join four other GSE affiliated professors who received grants from the ERC in 2007 and 2008.. Joachim Voth.. (ICREA-UPF) and.. (CREI) received Advanced Grants, while.. Marta Reynal-Querol.. (UPF) and.. Jan Eeckhout.. (UPF) received Starting Grants.. The selection of another affiliated professor of the Barcelona GSE,.. Antoni CaIvó-Arrnengol.. (UAB), was truncated by his untimely death.. The total number of ERC Grant recipients (6) highlights the outstanding research that takes place in the Barcelona GSE community; as of September 2009, no other institution in Europe counted six grant recipients in Economics.. Gino Gancia investigates Globalization, Optimal Policies and Growth.. Gino Gancia s project Globalization, Optimal Policies and Growth is aimed at studying new challenges to policy-making in a world where markets are increasingly integrated.. The project is articulated along two main lines, Prof.. Gancia said.. The first focuses on optimal competition and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) policies in open-economy models of endogenous innovation and technology diffusion.. One of the main questions is whether trade liberalization in large developing countries, such as China and India, should be followed by a loosening of global IPR protection, to speed up technology diffusion, or by a tightening, to  ...   the consequences of alternative legal and political institutions, but much remains to be done.. Gennaioli s project will examine the problem from two perspectives: first, how does the quality of a country s national institutions affect its gains from international integration? And second, how does international integration affect a country s institutional reform path?.. We address the first question by studying, both theoretically and empirically, the impact of national institutions on sovereign risk, namely on the risk that a government unilaterally decides ex-post not to honour its financial obligations with foreigners.. While the impact of national institutions on private capital flows has been studied, the role of these same institutions on supporting government debt has so far received scant attention, Prof.. Gennaioli said.. As for the second question, we study the impact of political and financial integration on countries institutional reform.. We model two different motivations towards institutional change in an integrated world: direct confrontation in wars and competition through world financial markets.. The general thrust of these analyses is that institutional reform becomes a strategic variable in international competition, creating cross-country externalities that may shed light on observed patterns of institutional converge, divergence or stagnation, Prof.. We also consider the role of institutional harmonization in supporting economic integration.. Gennaioli (PhD, Harvard University 2004) is a Researcher at CREI and Assistant Professor of Economics at the UPF.. He has taught in the GSE s.. During the 2009-10 academic year, he is conducting research at Harvard University.. Gino Gancia in his office at CREI.. He will receive an ERC Starting Grant for his project, Globalization, Optimal Policies and Growth.. Nicola Gennaioli will use his Starting Grant for his project, Institutions and Globalization.. Related News and Research.. Professors Voth and Galí Awarded Advanced Grants from the ERC.. Professor Marta Reynal-Querol and Jan Eeckhout Selected for ERC Starting Grant.. Gancia and van Rens Win Kiel Institute Excellence Awards.. Calvó-Armengol International Prize in Economics.. Links of interest.. European Research Council.. Barcelona GSE Research Network.. CREI.. Subscribe to GSE News Feed..

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  • Title: Andreu Mas-Colell - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Close Window.. Andreu Mas-Colell.. Andreu Mas-Colell.. PhD, University of Minnesota.. Founder of the Barcelona GSE.. Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor.. webpage.. Program(s):.. GPEFM.. Biography:.. Andreu Mas-Colell is the founder of the Barcelona GSE and professor of economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Previously, he has been professor of economics at Harvard University (1981-96) and of economics and mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley (1972-80).. He has also been president of the Scientific Advisory Committee of Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo (2005-2008) and Secretary General of the European Research Council from (July 2009-August 2010).. Professor Mas-Colell served as chief editor of the Journal of Mathematical Economics (1985-88), and of Econometrica (1988-92).. Professor Mas-Colell is a Fellow of the Econometric Society and was its president in 1993.. In 1997 he was elected Foreign Associate to the US National Academy of Sciences and Foreign Honorary Member of the American Economic Association.. From 1999 to 2005 he was a member of the executive committee  ...   Pascual Madoz National Research Prize (2006).. He was co-recipient of the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Economics, Finance and Management (2009).. He holds honorary degrees form the universities of Alacant, Toulouse, HEC (Paris) and Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina).. Research interests:.. Microeconomics.. General equilibrium theory.. Game theory.. Selected publications:.. Bargaining and Cooperation in Strategic Form Games (with S.. Hart), Journal of the European Economic Association, March 2010, Vol.. 8, No.. 1: 7 33.. Stochastic Uncoupled Dynamics and Nash Equilibrium (with S.. Hart), Games and Economic Behavior, Vol.. 57, Num.. 2, p.. 286-303, Nov.. , 2006.. "Uncoupled Dynamics do not Lead to Nash Equilibrium" (with S.. Hart), American Economic Review, 93, 5: 1830-1836, 2003.. "A Simple Adaptive Procedure Leading to Correlated Equilibrium" (with S.. Hart), Econometrica, 68, 1: 1127-1150, 2000.. Microeconomic Theory (with M.. Whinston and J.. Green), Oxford University Press, 1995.. Working papers:.. Stochastic Uncoupled Dynamics and Nash Equilibrium.. (October 2004).. by Sergiu Hart, Andreu Mas-Colell..

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  • Title: Subscribe to the Barcelona GSE Newsletter
    Descriptive info: Name: (*).. Surname: (*).. Email: (*).. I hereby declare that I have read and understood the.. attached information.. and I agree to the processing of my personal data as stated..

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  • Title: Salvador Barberà - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Salvador Barberà.. Salvador Barberà.. PhD, Northwestern University.. Barcelona GSE Research Professor.. email.. IDEA.. Salvador Barberà is Professor of Economics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a Barcelona GSE Research Professor.. He earned a PhD in Economics from Northwestern University (1975).. He is a fellow of the Econometric Society, a recipient of the Rey Juan Carlos Award in Economics, the Spanish National Research Prize, and the Narcís Monturiol Medal, awarded by Generalitat de Catalunya.. He has also been named Doctorate Honoris Causa at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide.. As a researcher Prof.. Barberà has concentrated in the fields of public economics, incentives, utility and game theory.. More specifically, he is an expert in social choice theory, the design of strategy-proof mechanisms, and the analysis of voting procedures.. He has co-edited a two-volume Handbook of Utility Theory, and his publications have appeared in Econometrica, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, The Review of Economic Studies, The Journal of Political Economy, The Journal of Economic Theory, Games and Economic Behavior and Social Choice and Welfare, among others.. He has also served as director of The Spanish Economic Review and on the boards of other journals, such as Econometrica, Games and Economic Behavior, Mathematical Social Sciences  ...   of Education and Science (2004-2006).. Prior to that, between 2000 and 2004, he was the first director of the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA), a foundation created by the Catalan Government in order to consolidate in Catalonia a group of high level scientists of all origins.. He has also served as the Vice-Chairman of the Barcelona GSE and Scientific Director of the School's Master in the Economics of Science and Innovation (2007-2012).. Public economics.. Incentives.. Social choice theory.. Design of strategy-proof mechanisms.. Analysis of voting procedures.. Handbook of Utility Theory, Vol.. 2 Extensions.. (Springer, 2004).. Salvador Barberà, Peter Hammond, and Christian Seidl, eds.. "On the Rule of k Names", (joint with D.. Coelho), Games and Economic Behavior in the special issue in Honor of Ehud Kalai, Forthcoming.. "How to Choose a Non-Controversial List with k Names", (joint with Danilo Coelho), Social Choice and Welfare, 31, 79-96, 2008.. Meritocracy, Egalitarianism and the Stability of Majoritarian Organizations.. (November 2013).. by Salvador Barberà, Carmen Beviá, Clara Ponsatí.. Balancing the Power to Appoint Officers.. (May 2013).. by Salvador Barberà, Danilo Coelho.. Group Strategy-Proof Social Choice Functions with Binary Ranges and Arbitrary Domains: Characterization Results.. (April 2010).. by Salvador Barberà, Dolors Berga and Bernardo Moreno..

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  • Title: Jordi Massó - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Jordi Massó.. Jordi Massó.. PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook.. Jordi Massó is a professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Spanish Economic Association and an elected member of the Council of the Society for Social Choice and Welfare.. Professor Massó have received the prize "ICREA Acadèmia" (2009-2013) for excellence in research.. He has also been elected Dean of the School of Economics and Business at UAB (2012-15).. Social choice.. Incomplete Information and Singleton Cores in Matching Markets,  ...   and Alejandro Neme), Journal of Economic Theory 122, 185-205 (2005).. Single Agents and the Set of Many-to-one Stable Matchings (with Ruth Martínez, Alejandro Neme, and Jorge Oviedo), Journal of Economic Theory 91, 91-105 (2000).. (December 2013).. by Gustavo Bergantiños, Jordi Massó, Alejandro Neme.. On the Structure of Cooperative and Competitive Solutions for a Generalized Assignment Game.. (October 2013).. by Pablo Arribillaga, Jordi Massó, Alejandro Neme.. Stable Partitions in Many Division Problems: The Proportional and the Sequential Dictator Solutions.. by Gustavo Bergantiños, Jordi Massó, Inés Moreno de Barreda, Alejandro Neme..

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  • Title: Jordi Brandts - Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    Descriptive info: Jordi Brandts.. Jordi Brandts.. PhD, University of Pennsylvania.. Research Professor, IAE.. Jordi Brandts is a research professor at the Institute for Economic Analysis (IAE-CSIC).. He has been a member of the Institute since 1993.. Previously he was professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and visiting professor at the University of California at Berkeley.. His research areas are experimental economics and public economics.. His current work focuses on analyzing, by means of experiments, three main issues.. The first consists in delineating the precise nature of interdependent preferences, the second in the study of strategic behavior and its relation to equilibrium analysis and the third in the characterization of the performance of different experimental market  ...   with Klaus Abbink, Benedikt Herrmann and Henrik Orzen.. "Competitive Rivalry, Social Disposition and Subjective Well-Being: An Experiment".. Journal of Public Economics, 93, 2009, 1158-1167.. with Arno Riedl and Frans van Winden.. "Competition with Forward Contracts: A Laboratory Analysis Motivated by Electricity Market Design".. Economic Journal, 118, 2008, 194-214.. with Paul Pezanis-Christou and Arthur Schram.. The Impact of Advice on Women s and Men s Selection into Competition.. (September 2012).. by Jordi Brandts, Valeska Groenert, Christina Rott.. Let's Talk: How Communication Affects Contract Design.. (June 2012).. by Jordi Brandts, Gary Charness, Matthew Ellman.. Inter-Group Conflict and Intra-Group Punishment in an Experimental Contest Game.. (December 2007).. by Klaus Abbink, Jordi Brandts, Benedikt Herrmann, Henrik Orzen..

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