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  • Title: About Barcelona GSE - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. » About Barcelona GSE.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. Teresa Garcia-Milà.. Director.. Ramon Marimon.. Chairman of the Board.. Welcome to the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.. We are a large international community of researchers, offering world-class graduate programs: a great opportunity for successful academic and non-academic professional careers.. An internationally recognized.. tradition of excellence.. has been the solid ground in which the Barcelona GSE was founded in July 2006.. Barcelona GSE integrates and supports the active international community of economists, developing new research activities, supporting  ...   , as well as modular courses in.. or through the academic year.. Barcelona GSE Board of Trustees.. is a successful private-public partnership committed to the School; its.. , formed by world leading economists, shows the strong international support, and its dedicated.. staff.. and.. students.. are a manifestation of a culturally diverse, lively and friendly environment.. Life can be exciting in Barcelona, while research and learning are intense.. Director of the Barcelona GSE.. Barcelona GSE Master Programs.. Barcelona GSE Research.. Barcelona GSE Annual Report.. [pdf].. Who We Are.. Alumni Friends.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: In memory of Prof. Paul Samuelson, member of the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: In Memory Paul Samuelson.. Scientific Council.. In Memory of Paul Samuelson (1915-2009).. The Barcelona GSE community remembers Scientific Council member Prof.. Paul Samuelson (MIT), who passed away at the age of 94 on December 13, 2009.. Samuelson has been one of the contemporary economists who contributed the most to increase the level of scientific analysis in economic theory, which made him the first American recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics.. Throughout his career, which spanned six decades, he consistently produced research of outstanding quality.. Many of his findings have shaped  ...   which has long been a cornerstone of economic higher education.. In addition to his research and teaching roles at MIT and his numerous memberships, fellowships, and advisory roles in both the public and private sectors, Prof.. Samuelson served on the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council since its inception.. It has been an honor to count Prof.. Samuelson among the founding members of the School s Scientific Council.. He will continue to guide the Barcelona GSE as a truly remarkable example of excellence.. Paul Samuelson.. 1915-2009.. Obituary from MIT News.. Samuelson s Nobel Speech..

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  • Title: Info - Barcelona GSE
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  • Title: Director - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: ».. » About the Director.. Director.. Teresa Garcia-Milà (PhD, University of Minnesota, 1987) has been Director of the Barcelona GSE since 2012.. She is an economist specializing in Macroeconomics, Public Economics, and Regional Economics.. Her research has been published in.. Economic Journal.. ,.. The Review of Economics and Statistics.. , and.. Regional Science and Urban Economics.. , among others.. She also has successful experience in higher education management and the private sector.. Over the years, Prof.. Garcia-Milà has held academic management positions at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).. She has chaired the Department of Economics and Business (2011-12), was Vice-rector of Scientific Policy (2009-11), and was Dean of Undergraduate Studies in Economics (1995-2000).. She has also been a Member of the Barcelona GSE Academic Programs Committee since 2008.. As a scholar, Prof.. Garcia-Milà is Professor at UPF, an institution she joined in 1990, and also Associate Researcher of the Center for Research in International Economics (CREI).. She has been Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professor since the School s foundation.. Earlier in her  ...   the private sector as a member of the boards of Banc Sabadell, Enagás, and Vueling; social involvement as member of the Directory Board of the Cercle d Economia association; as well as public sector advisory roles with public administrations at different levels.. Some of these private and public institutions are supporting the Barcelona GSE.. Selected publications.. Tobin meets Oates: Solidarity and the Optimal Fiscal Federal Structure.. International Tax and Public Finance.. , 20(3), 450-473, 2013.. With Xavier Calsamiglia and Therese McGuire.. Supply Side Interventions and Redistribution.. , 120(543), 105-130, 2010.. With Albert Marcet and Eva Ventura.. Director of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.. Career as an economist and scholar.. PhD, University of Minnesota (1987).. (supervised by Nobel Laureate in Economics Prof.. Christopher Sims).. Expertise in macroeconomics, public economics, and regional economics.. Began her career at SUNY Stony Brook (United States).. Professor at UPF since 1990; holds or has held positions at each of the Barcelona GSE s academic units.. Advisor to public administrations and private enterprises.. Barcelona GSE Leadership..

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  • Title: Research Professors - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Research Professors.. Faculty.. With the objective to consolidate a critical mass of top scientific talent at the Barcelona GSE, the School s.. research endowment.. is dedicated exclusively to the appointment of Barcelona GSE Research Professors.. These are joint appointments between the GSE and one of the School s.. academic units.. Chronological listing of Barcelona GSE Research Professors, from earliest to most recent:.. Massimo Motta.. PhD, London School of Economics and Université Catholique de Louvain.. ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE (on leave).. Nezih Guner.. PhD, University of Rochester.. ICREA-MOVE, UAB and Barcelona GSE.. Antonio Ciccone.. PhD, Stanford University.. PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.. Salvador Barberà.. PhD, Northwestern University.. UAB and Barcelona  ...   GSE (on leave).. Jaume Ventura.. PhD, Harvard University.. Giacomo De Giorgi.. PhD, University College London.. ICREA-UAB and Barcelona GSE.. Barcelona GSE Research Endowment contributions:.. 13M.. Private Contributors.. Public Contributors.. Media Coverage.. La Vanguardia.. | 23.. 12.. 2012.. Endowment: cómo vivir de renta.. | 05.. 2009.. AXA dona 1,25 millones a la Barcelona GSE.. [pdf].. Avui.. El grup AXA aporta 1,25 millons al fons de la Barcelona GSE.. Endowment News.. 14.. 2009.. AXA Research Fund contributes 1.. 25M euros to Barcelona GSE research endowment.. 04.. 11.. GSE Board of Trustees appoints three new Research Professors at its annual meeting.. 19.. 06.. As the Endowment Grows, GSE Board Appoints First Research Professors..

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  • Title: Research Endowment - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Research Endowment.. Barcelona GSE Research.. Barcelona GSE Research Endowment.. In order to achieve its long-term goals and to secure strength, stability and sustainable independence, in 2007 the.. Barcelona GSE Board.. decided to create an endowment fund intended to be supported by individuals, corporations, foundations and public institutions.. The endowment s revenues are dedicated exclusively to supporting the joint appointment of.. Barcelona GSE Research Professors.. with its four academic units.. History of contributions.. 2008.. 3M.. The first contribution is granted in the 2008 General Budget Act adopted by the Spanish Congress and instrumented through an agreement signed with the.. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.. 2009.. 5.. 5M.. The 2009 General Budget  ...   is one of the few European institutions to receive major support from the competitive and highly selective.. AXA Research Fund.. This is the first private contribution to the Barcelona GSE Research Endowment.. 2010.. 2M.. Following the public support to the Barcelona GSE endowment strategy, the 2010 General Budget Act adopted by the Spanish Congress includes a new item to make the research endowment of the GSE grow.. 2011.. For the fourth time, the General Budget Act adopted by the Spanish Congress includes an item to increase the Barcelona GSE Research Endowment.. In addition, the School s board of trustees reports revenues from interest earned on the Endowment s principal funds.. Share this page:..

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  • Title: Guest Professors - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Guest Professors.. Guest Professors.. In addition to the.. affiliated professors.. who make up the core of the School s faculty, the Barcelona GSE is proud to invite guest professors from top universities in the United States and Europe, as well as professional practitioners in economics and related fields.. They bring the right combination of scholarship and practical experience to the classroom.. The following is a list of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics guest professors for the current academic year, along with their current institutional affiliation and the.. master programs.. in which they teach.. A E.. /.. F - K.. L P.. R - Z.. A.. Agulló, Pau.. Kernel Analytics.. Alonso, Jordi.. IMIM-Hospital Mar.. Arellano, Manuel.. CEMFI.. International Trade, Finance, and Development.. B.. Balcells, Laia.. Duke University.. Bartolozzi, Guglielmo.. Bertola, Giuseppe.. EDHEC Business School.. Bover, Olympia.. Banco de España.. Bravo-Biosca, Albert.. National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.. C.. Canadell, Eudald..  ...   Gallen.. F.. Fabra, Natalia.. Universidad Carlos III.. Federico, Giulio.. Chief Economist Team, DG-Competition, European Commission.. G.. González López-Valcárcel, Beatriz.. University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.. H.. Herguera, Iñigo.. Universidad Complutense de Madrid / Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones.. I.. Ibern, Pere.. Steering Committee Member.. Faculty Member.. J.. Jarocinski, Marek.. European Central Bank.. L.. León, Angel.. Universitat d'Alacant.. M.. Merino Castelló, Anna.. Catalan Antitrust Authority.. Moreno, Manuel.. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.. N.. Nunes, Ricardo.. United States Federal Reserve.. P.. Padilla, Jorge.. Pérez-Quirós, Gabriel.. Polo, Michele.. Bocconi.. Pratap, Sangeeta.. New York University.. R.. Reiter, Michael.. Institute of Advanced Studies, Vienna.. Restuccia, Diego.. Riera, Pere.. Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), UAB.. Rubio, Gonzalo.. Universitdad CEU Cardenal Herrera.. Rubio-Ramirez, Juan.. S.. Sala-i-Martín, Xavier.. Columbia University.. Schwieren, Christiane.. University of Heidelberg.. T.. Telmer, Chris.. Carnegie Mellon University / Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.. Trapero, Marta.. V.. Verboven, Frank.. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.. Vives, Xavier.. IESE..

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  • Title: Board of Trustees - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Board and Support.. Board and Support.. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall direction of the School.. It guides the School and draws up the rules governing its activities.. It adopts the budget and appoints the Honorary President, and the Chairman, who are Trustees, and names the Director and the Academic Committee.. The Board is made up of representatives of the founding academic institutions (UPF, UAB, IAE-CSIC and CREI), private institutions (AXA Research Fund, Banc Sabadell, Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera, la Caixa Savings Bank, and the FemCAT Foundation), and public institutions (the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge of the Catalan Government and the Barcelona City Council), as well as  ...   Fabra.. Ferran Sancho.. Rector.. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.. Emilio Lora-Tamayo.. President.. Spanish Research Council (CSIC).. Antoni Castellà.. Center for Research in International Economics (CREI).. Pol Antràs.. Harvard University.. Manuel Arellano.. Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CEMFI).. Antonio Cabrales.. University College London.. Joaquim Silvestre.. University of California-Davis.. Josep Alfonso Caro.. Director of Communications and Institutional Relations.. AXA Seguros España.. Dr.. Josep Oliu.. Banc Sabadell.. Germán Ramón-Cortés.. Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera.. Jordi Gual.. Chief Economist.. la Caixa.. Lluís Rullan.. Founding Member.. FemCAT Foundation.. Andreu Mas-Colell.. Minister of Economy and Knowledge.. Government of Catalonia.. Gerard Ardanuy.. Councillor for Education and Universities.. Barcelona City Council.. Paulina Beato.. Representative of Barcelona GSE Alumni Friends..

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  • Title: GSE Enjoys High Standing within Catalan and European Research Communities - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: GSE Enjoys High Standing within Catalan and European Research Communities.. 27/02/2009.. GSE Enjoys High Standing within Catalan and European Research Communities.. Barcelona GSE faculty has been positively evaluated by external competitive programs such as the European Research Council, ICREA and, most recently, ICREA-Academia, indicating the school s commitment to excellence.. The Barcelona GSE counts eleven ICREA researchers and four European Research Council (ERC) grant recipients among its faculty.. Two of the researchers awarded ERC grants are also ICREA researchers.. ICREA.. , the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies, is a publicly funded foundation designed to attract and retain talent in Catalonia.. The institution is highly selective, operating through competitive international calls and very rigorous external evaluation of candidates.. Presently in its eighth year of operation, ICREA has hired over 222 researchers in different areas of research, including 22 researchers in social sciences.. Fifty percent of all of the researchers in the area of social sciences are Barcelona GSE faculty (see full list below).. As further evidence of the exceptional quality of research supported by ICREA, in 2008 the.. European Research Council.. (ERC) awarded fifteen grants eight.. Starting Grants.. and seven.. Advanced Grants.. to ICREA researchers.. The grants, totaling more than 800 million euros and spanning the areas of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Social Sciences and  ...   The institutions to receive the second-most number of grants in economics are LSE (3) and UCL (3).. The most recent initiative to maintain Catalonia s standing as one of Europe s leading areas of research activity has been the introduction of ICREA-Academia, a new initiative designed to award researchers already in Catalan universities for outstanding contributions to the international scientific community.. The first edition of the prize was awarded to forty researchers, seven of which are from the social sciences, including four Barcelona GSE Affiliated Professors:.. Juan Carlos Conesa.. (UAB),.. José García Montalvo.. (UPF),.. Jordi Massó.. (UAB), and.. David Pérez-Castrillo.. (UAB).. The award ceremony took place on February 18th, 2009, in the Palau de la Generalitat in Barcelona.. The prize, to be awarded annually, will distribute 250,000 over the course of five years to support the awardee s research.. All of these efforts, taking together, reinforce the sustainable status of the Barcelona GSE as a premiere research institution in Catalonia and Europe and highlight the far-reaching impact of the work being conducted by the institution.. ICREA Research Professors at Barcelona GSE.. Fabio Canova.. Ada Ferrer.. (ICREA-IAE).. Robin Hogarth.. Gábor Lugosi.. Antoni Rosell-Melé.. (ICREA-UAB).. Rosemarie Nagel.. Javier Polavieja.. (IAE-CSIC).. Kalyan Talluri.. Back.. Recipients of the ICREA-Academia gather after the award ceremony at the Palau de la Generalitat government building..

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  • Title: 2008 World Trade Report Cites Work of GSE Affiliated Professors - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: 2008 World Trade Report Cites Work of GSE Affiliated Professors.. 18/02/2009.. 2008 World Trade Report Cites Work of GSE Affiliated Professors.. The World Trade Organization (WTO) relied extensively on the research output of affiliated professors of the Barcelona GSE in creating the 2008 World Trade Report, titled.. Trade in a Globalizing World.. Speaking at the.. Barcelona GSE Opening Ceremony.. in November 2008, shortly after the report was published, WTO Director-General.. Pascal Lamy.. acknowledged that the World Trade Organization follows the research of Barcelona GSE affiliated professors with great interest.. The WTO Research Group conveyed that they relied extensively on the GSE s excellent research on international economics to provide the background research on which the report was based.. Overall, the report prescribes the pursuit of more open markets balanced by complementary domestic policies, a tacit recognition of a role for the state, along with what Mr.. Lamy described as international initiatives to manage the risks arising from globalization.. In short, the pitfalls of globalization must be amended by more globalization.. He reiterated these conclusions when he spoke at the Barcelona GSE Opening Ceremony (.. watch video.. ), emphasizing in particular the ways that trade can contribute to improving the current international economic situation.. He cited the increasing importance of balancing the  ...   Education in Economics: Can We Deliver The Lisbon Objectives?.. (.. Journal of the European Economic Association.. , May 2007).. Barcelona GSE affiliated professors cited in the 2008 World Trade Report include:.. Paula Bustos.. (2007).. Multilateral trade liberalization, exports and technology upgrading: Evidence on the impact of MERCOSUR on Argentinian firms, mimeo Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Alessandra Bonfiglioli.. Gino Gancia.. (2007) North-South Trade and Directed Technical Change , forthcoming.. Journal of International Economics.. (w.. F.. Alcalá).. (2003) Trade, extent of the market, and economic growth 1960-1996 , Department of Economics and Business Working Papers, Barcelona: Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. (2004) Trade and productivity ,.. The Quarterly Journal of Economics.. 119, 2: 612-645.. P.. Epifani).. (2008) Openness, government size and the terms of trade , forthcoming,.. Review of Economic Studies.. Zilibotti).. (2005) Horizontal innovation in the theory of growth and development , in Aghion, P.. and Durlauf Steven (eds).. Handbook of Economic Growth.. , Edition 1, Amsterdam, North Holland: Elsevier: 111-170.. (1997) Growth and interdependence ,.. 112, 1: 57-84.. (2005) A global view of economic growth , in Aghion, P.. - Edition 1, Amsterdam, North Holland: Elsevier: 1419-1497.. D.. Acemoglu).. (2002) The World Income Distribution ,.. 117, 2: 659-694.. Watch Pascal Lamy s speech at the Barcelona GSE.. Download the 2008 World Trade Report (pdf)..

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  • Title: Barcelona GSE Team  - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Barcelona GSE Team.. The School.. Phone:.. +34 93 542 1222 |.. Fax:.. +34 93 542 1223 | info@barcelonagse.. eu.. Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell.. Deputy Director.. for Academic Programs.. for Research.. Marsel Meeuwsen.. Head Manager.. Finance and Resources.. +34 93 542 1236.. Bruno Guallar.. Research Manager.. +34 93 542 1225.. Clara Kirchner.. Communications and.. External Relations Manager.. +34 93 542 1226.. Joan Rubió.. Education Manager.. +34 93 542 1506.. Eva Pujol.. Executive Assistant.. to the Director.. +34 93  ...   542 1231.. Alumni and Placement.. Communications and Marketing.. admissions@barcelonagse.. placement@barcelonagse.. marketing@barcelonagse.. community@barcelonagse.. Cristina Garcia.. Admissions Coordinator.. +34 93 542 1234.. Claudia Horeanga.. Career Advisor.. +34 93 542 1243.. Nikos Filippakis.. Marketing Specialist.. +34 93 542 1224.. Jodi Neufeld.. Communications Specialist.. +34 93 542 1230.. Programs Office.. programs.. office@barcelonagse.. Andrea Lacambra.. Program Coordinator.. +34 93 542 1228.. Carlota Manchon.. +34 93 542 2707.. Sira Mora.. Program Coordinator.. +34 93 581 3211.. Esther Xifré.. +34 93 542 1222..

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