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  • Title: Students - Data Science - Masters - Barcelona GSE - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. News.. Events.. Home.. ».. » Student Profile.. Admissions.. Student Resources.. News & Media.. Master in Data Science.. A letter to prospective students from.. Christian Fons-Rosen, Program Director.. and Prof.. Omiros Papaspiliopoulos, Scientific Director.. The Barcelona GSE Master in Data Science is one of the very few such programs available internationally, and its graduates will be among the first to get a formal training as data scientists.. Director Letter.. Student Profile.. The first edition of the Barcelona GSE Master in Data Science will begin in September 2014.. Students who will benefit from this program include:.. Graduates in Economics and  ...   to work with real world problems and data.. Programming professionals who want to acquire analytical, quantitative tools to leverage their experience.. Aspiring PhD students looking for rigorous training in quantitative and analytical methods.. Detailed student profile data will be available when the first class joins the Barcelona GSE next fall.. View general class profile stats for all master programs.. Master in Data Science - Program Overview.. Join this master program.. Admission Criteria.. Application Deadlines.. Masters Brochure.. [pdf].. Academic Calendar.. Master Degree in Data Science awarded jointly by:.. Share this page:.. Directors Letter.. Description.. Director.. Courses.. Alumni Outlook.. Contact GSE..

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  • Title: Alumni Placement - Master in Data Science - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Alumni Outlook.. Alumni Outlook.. The Barcelona GSE Master in Data Science will be offered for the first time in the 2014-15 academic year.. Alumni outlook data will be available in Fall 2015.. Potential employers of Data Science graduates.. Analytics departments in companies in the following industries:.. Telecommunications.. E-commerce.. Entertainment and Sports.. Transportation and Logistics.. Pharmaceutical.. Fast-moving consumer goods.. Finance and Insurance Industry.. Consulting Firms.. Research Institutes.. Public institutions, central  ...   graduates are currently working in some 60 countries worldwide.. View a list of.. professional placements.. in categories such as.. consulting firms.. ,.. international organizations.. research institutions.. , and the.. private sector.. Alumni pursuing doctoral study have entered competitive programs in the United States and Europe, including the Barcelona GSE s.. PhD programs.. (GPEFM at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and IDEA at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).. Read more about GSE alumni doctoral study..

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  • Title: Master Degree - Data Science - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Description.. Description and Structure.. Master Program Description.. The Master in Data Science at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics offers thorough training in predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics.. With this training, graduates will be prepared to design and build data-driven systems for decision-making in the private or public sector.. The study program is organized around the following coordinates:.. Statistics and Machine Learning.. Optimization and Operational Research.. Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.. Economics, Finance, and Policy Making.. Courses are taught both by leading academics in the fields of Statistics, Economics, and Operations Research, and experienced professionals from the Analytics industry.. The study program also includes top guest speakers who are currently expanding the frontier of knowledge in Analytics.. The students learn how to put in practice what is taught in the classroom by using real data and answering real business questions from a wide array of companies from different industries.. Students have the opportunity to solve an entire Analytics project end-to-end during the practicum in a local company..  ...   Master program is a full-time nine-month program structured in three terms: Fall term (from September to December), Winter term (from January to March) and Spring term (from April to June).. For more information, please download the.. academic calendar.. Depending on previous studies, students may be required to take brush up courses in Programming and/or Economics offered in September.. Credits.. The degree requires the successful completion of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits of graduate courses (6 credits are equivalent to a 40 hour course).. Grades.. The academic performance of each student is reviewed regularly.. Attention is given to the maintenance of normal academic progress, through a combination of formal written examinations and coursework.. All courses will award grades.. Campus.. The Data Science Program is located at the.. Ciutadella campus.. at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in central Barcelona.. The campus is within walking distance of both the beach and the city s financial, cultural and governmental centers.. Students can take advantage of a wide array of services and activities offered by the UPF..

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  • Title: Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
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  • Title: Directors - Master in Data Science - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Director Biographies.. Christian Fons-Rosen Program Director.. Christian Fons-Rosen.. (PhD, London School of Economics, 2010) is Juan de la Cierva Researcher at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and an Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.. He has held research assistantships at LSE s Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), the Bank of England, and the Spanish Ministry of Education.. His research has appeared in top Economics journals such as.. American Economic Review.. , and he is currently a.. Juan de la Cierva.. scholar (2013-2015).. Professor Fons-Rosen s research interests include Applied Microeconomics, Innovation, Political Economy, and Corporate Finance.. Personal Webpage.. Email:.. christian.. fons-rosen@upf.. edu.. Omiros Papaspiliopoulos Scientific Director.. Omiros  ...   and Professor at UPF.. His research has appeared in the top journals in Statistics, and he has been an Associate Editor for the.. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B.. Biometrika.. Statistics and Computing.. He has delivered more than 80 invited talks, and has given courses at ENSAE in Paris, the Berlin Mathematical School, the Department of Mathematics at University of Copenhagen, and the Engineering Department at Osaka University.. In 2010 he was awarded the Royal Statistical Society s Guy Medal in Bronze.. His research interests include Monte Carlo Methods, Computational Methods, Bayesian Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Prediction with Time Series, Statistical Modelling, and Financial Econometrics.. omiros.. papaspiliopoulos@upf.. edu..

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  • Title: Courses - Master in Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Courses.. Master in Economics.. Watch Video.. (01:46).. My interviews at the Fed showed me that the program here is really respected by every economist I know that when I eventually pursue a PhD it will be a big benefit.. James Marrone 09.. Research Assistant.. US Federal Reserve.. Courses 2013-14.. In September, Economics students are required to take the Mathematics and Statistics review course.. Another review course, Computer Tools is highly recommended.. Review Course in Maths and Statistics.. Syllabus.. Computer Tools Course.. Schedule.. (both courses).. To get an idea of how to choose your courses for the year please see this.. orientation document.. from the Master Director.. During the first term, students will be able to choose between advanced or standard core courses, depending on their background and their interest in pursuing a PhD program.. Advanced courses will be required for students who want to be considered for admittance to the UPF PhD program.. Please note that the following course list may vary slightly from year to year.. Also, in addition  ...   I.. Fabrizio Germano.. Behavioral Decision Making.. Robin Hogarth.. Development Economics.. Alessandro Tarozzi.. Econometric Methods I.. Albrecht Glitz.. Stephan Litschig.. International Economics.. Jaume Ventura.. Fernardo Broner.. Macroeconomics.. Julian di Giovanni.. Danilo Guaitoli.. Public Economics.. Gabrielle Fack.. *.. Topics in Economic Theory III.. Xavier Vires.. Jan Eeckhout.. Spring Term.. Master Project.. Marta Reynal-Querol.. Electives (Choose 3).. Advanced Economic Growth and Development.. Xavier Sala-i-Martín.. **.. Advanced Macroeconomics II.. Régis Barnichon.. Davide Debortoli.. Advanced Microeconomics II.. Rosa Ferrer.. Econometric Methods II.. Kristoffer Nimark.. Experimental Economics.. Rosemarie Nagel.. Labor Economics.. Libertad González.. Political Economy.. Maria Petrova.. Ruben Enikolopov.. Topics in Applied Economics I.. Topics in Finance I.. Ander Pérez Orive.. * Topics in International Economics I.. Giacomo Ponzetto.. Luca Fornaro.. Topics in Macroeconomics III.. Topics in Applied Economics II.. Gianmarco León.. Total ECTS credits.. 60.. * PhD course, requires authorization of program director.. ** Advanced course, requires authorization of program director.. Economics Program Overview.. Social Media.. Master Degree in Economics and Finance awarded jointly by:.. Program Details and Structure.. All GSE Master Programs.. Director's Letter.. Description..

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  • Title: Faculty - Master in Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Faculty.. Faculty 2013-14.. Name.. Current Position.. Degree.. Apesteguia, Jose.. ICREA Research Professor, UPF.. PhD, Universidad Pública de Navarra.. Barnichon, Régis.. Junior Researcher, CREI.. PhD, London School of Economics.. Broner, Fernando.. Senior Researcher, CREI.. PhD, Massachussets Institute of Technology.. Caggese, Andrea.. Associate Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Carvalho, Vasco.. Researcher, CREI (on leave).. PhD, University of Chicago.. Debortoli, Davide.. Assistant Professor, UPF.. PhD, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. di Giovanni, Julian.. Associate Professor, UPF and Research Associate, CREI.. PhD, University of California-Berkeley.. Eeckhout, Jan.. Professor, UPF.. Enikolopov, Ruben.. PhD, Harvard University.. Fack, Gabrielle.. PhD, EHESS and Paris School of Economics.. Ferrer, Rosa.. PhD, Vanderbilt University.. Fornaro, Luca.. Researcher, CREI.. Gancia, Gino..  ...   PhD, University of California at San Diego.. Glitz, Albrecht.. PhD, University College London.. González, Libertad.. PhD, Northwestern University.. Guaitoli, Danilo.. Adjunct Professor, New York University.. Hansen, Stephen.. Hogarth, Robin.. León, Gianmarco.. Juan de la Cierva Researcher, UPF.. Litschig, Stephan.. PhD, Columbia University.. Lugosi, Gábor.. ICREA Researcher, UPF.. PhD, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.. Nagel, Rosemarie.. PhD, University of Bonn.. Nimark, Kristoffer.. PhD, European University Institute.. Pérez Orive, Ander.. Assistant Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Petrova, Maria.. Ponzetto, Giacomo.. Reynal-Querol, Marta.. ICREA Research Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Sala-i-Martín, Xavier.. Professor, Columbia University; Visiting Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.. Tarozzi, Alessandro.. PhD, Princeton University.. Ventura, Jaume.. Senior Researcher, CREI.. Voth, Joachim.. PhD, Oxford University..

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  • Title: Students - Master in Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: Student Profile 2013-14.. Intake of students: 81.. Nationalities: 35.. Average age: 24 years.. Academic Background.. Economics/Finance.. 83%.. Mathematics/Engineering.. 10%.. Social Sciences/Law.. 4%.. Management/Business.. 3%.. Years of Work Experience Prior to Entering the Master Program.. Geographic Origin of Students by Region.. Europe (non-Spanish).. 47%.. Most represented countries.. (# students):.. Spain (12), Germany (9), China (6), Italy (6), India (5), United Kingdom (5).. Africa, Asia, Oceania.. 20%.. Spain.. 15%.. Central and South America.. 9%.. North America.. Meet your classmates.. Bruno Baránek 14.. Home Town:.. Krásno, Czech Republic.. My background.. Bachelor in Economics, Charles University in Prague.. Why I chose Barcelona GSE.. Barcelona GSE caught my attention  ...   international character of the program and the city of Barcelona itself a very appealing, highly motivating environment.. My career plans.. Next year I want to take a break from studies and gain valuable experience by working in a relevant international organization like OECD.. Then I plan to get a PhD and eventually pursue an academic career.. Academic backgrounds of students include:.. Bachelor in Economics.. Oxford University (UK).. Bachelor in Economics and Mathematics.. University of Texas at Austin (USA).. Warsaw School of Economics (Poland).. Professional backgrounds include:.. Deutsche Bank.. Researcher.. Goldman Sachs International.. Analyst.. International Monetary Fund.. Research Officer.. RBB Economics.. Associate.. Class Profile (all programs)..

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  • Title: Alumni Placement - Master in Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: The Economics program was a splendid preparation for my PhD work.. I benefitted tremendously from both the conceptual comprehension and the technical rigor of the program, which helped smooth the transition from the Master level to the PhD level.. Toni Anhert 08.. PhD Student.. London School of Economics.. Class of 2012.. Marcos Casarin.. Economist.. Oxford Economics.. As an economist within the Global macro forecasting team, my main responsibility is to monitor and forecast the economies of Brazil and Portugal.. I use a lot of things from the master in my day-to-day work.. After working with applied macroeconomics I can say that all the theory I learnt at Barcelona GSE has provided me with the ability to produce high-quality economic analysis in the real world.. Eye on Alumni Interview.. Jordi Galimany.. Macroeconomic Analyst.. Banc Sabadell.. My main responsibilities in Banc Sabadell involve analyzing the present economic situation of Spain and UK and submitting reports on different areas related with these countries.. This includes studying the financial markets (fixed income and forex mainly) as well as the macroeconomic fundamentals of each country and the global implications of their policy.. Also, we take care of forecasting several economic and financial variables and give our opinion and recommendations about different investment opportunities.. The skill I got from Barcelona GSE that I find most useful for my current job is the capacity to synthesize and manage many economic data and other information that is given to us.. Not to mention all the economic knowledge, that one way or another is applicable in many cases of study.. In the master I learned to work methodically and under pressure, and now I realize that this background has helped me in this job.. On the other hand, the fact that nowadays the economy, the financial markets and the policy (both fiscal and monetary) is very much intertwined, makes teamworking a necessary skill.. Each and every point of view in our research team is relevant and contributes to the group strategy.. Alejandra Villegas.. Senior Analyst.. Central Bank of Bolivia.. After I completed the master, I was surprised with the diversity of tools I could apply to improve my work and all the different applications I can give to the data produced and gathered by the Central Bank.. In fact, I am planning to make some research of an experimental approach about the Central Bank s communication strategies and its effect over Bolivian financial markets.. Class of 2011.. Ramon de la Rosa.. Bank of Mexico, Economic Research Division.. I started working at the Bank of Mexico in 2007 as an analyst.. My main tasks were to generate statistical information and to support the preparation of institutional presentations.. After graduating from Barcelona GSE in 2011, I returned to the Central Bank as an economist, and thanks to knowledge I acquired during the master, especially in macroeconomics and banking, my responsibilities have changed.. Now, I carry out both applied research and economic analysis.. In the area of economic research, I worked on the construction of a Financial Conditions Index for Mexico, and now I am working on a study to find out the relevance of the Banking transmission channel for the Mexican monetary policy.. In the area of economic analysis, I am elaborating the weekly analysis of the Central Bank s balance sheet public report, and I am conducting the analysis of monetary aggregates and financial indicators for the Monetary Policy Committee s report.. Hamed Faquiryan.. Research Associate.. United States Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.. I am a Research Associate in the Risk-Modeling and Financial Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.. At the FRBSF I m assigned two economists who direct my responsibilities and guide any independent research I might undertake.. The majority of my time is spent coding, cleaning and analyzing confidential data which is then incorporated into academic or policy research.. In addition to these responsibilities, I m also given a great deal of latitude in discovering and pursuing my own research interests.. Daniel-Oliver Garcia-Macia.. Stanford University.. After completing the Master in Economics at the Barcelona GSE, I was admitted at the Stanford University PhD program in Economics, among other top-tier American economics departments.. I chose Stanford mainly because its faculty features some of the globally most prominent researchers in my fields of interest: Macroeconomics and Economic Growth.. Based upon my own experience, I would strongly encourage all students who want to  ...   theory, but with a clearer sense that I wanted to pursue a PhD and to do research.. Class of 2009.. Natasa Jemec.. Analyst, Analysis and Research Department.. Bank of Slovenia.. Two recent research projects: Estimating output gap for Slovenia using production function approach and Analysis of inflation perceptions.. Writing articles for publications Economic Indicators of International Economy (GDP, inflation, interest rates figures.. ), Monthly Bulletins and Price Stability Reports.. Covering fields of International Economy (GDP, inflation, interest rates figures.. ), Competitiveness of Slovenian economy (describing the movement of real and nominal effective exchange rate) and Real sector (description of development of GDP components).. James Marrone.. Research Assistant.. Federal Reserve Board of Governors.. My job consists of academic research, policy memos for the Federal Reserve governors, and peer review of other economists work for conferences or journals.. Most of my research revolves around finance and credit risk.. Right now I have projects regarding the variance risk premium, granularity of loan portfolios and contagion in financial markets.. Class of 2008.. Claire André.. French Direction of Treasury Economic Policy.. The French government has several Regional Economic Services in developing countries to promote cooperation and provide a link with the French chairs in multilateral organizations such as the IADB or the IMF.. My office is based in Panama and I am in charge of Panama, the Andean and Caribbean countries.. My everyday job consists of analyzing the macroeconomic situation of these countries and addressing some more structural issues.. For instance, I have been working on the impact of the international economic crisis on the region: through which channels are countries affected? To what extent are they affected? Which measures did they implement to mitigate the impact of the crisis? In order to prepare those reports for the French government, I have to travel regularly to these countries.. During those missions, I meet with Ministers, Central Bank governors, economists, and multilateral organizations representatives to assess the situation of each country.. Jonathan Hersh.. PhD student.. Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.. For the past year I ve worked as a research assistant for Emily Oster at the Becker Center at the University of Chicago.. It s been a tremendous experience.. We ve been researching the effect of peer networks on technology adoption and education in India.. Next year I will be entering the doctoral program in Applied Economics at the University of Pennsylvania in the Wharton School.. I plan to focus on labor, urban, development, and economic history.. Niels Krieghoff.. Economic History.. My research focuses on banking regulation in the United States and Germany between 1930 and 1960.. Just recently I read a newspaper accounts stemming from the aftermath of the German financial crisis of 1931.. If I hadn t known that it was a piece from that time, I would certainly have thought that it was an article from today s times.. Much the same issues they were discussing back then, such as banker s bonuses, excessive risk-taking, a lack of business-ethics, etc.. , are being discussed today as well.. History doesn t repeat, but it does rhyme indeed.. alumni top.. - Class of 2013.. Career paths for Economics graduates.. In addition to doctoral study, professional career paths for Economics graduates include:.. Authorities and Government Agencies.. International Organizations.. Research Institutions.. Banking Industry.. Economic Consulting Firms.. Postgraduate institutions include:.. Bocconi University.. Boston University.. Duke University.. ESADE.. European University Institute.. Harvard University.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.. New York University (NYU).. Northwestern University.. Queen Mary University of London.. University College London.. University of Bologna.. University of Chicago.. University of Mannheim.. University of Michigan.. University of Zurich.. Vienna Graduate School of Economics.. Wharton - University of Pennsylvania.. Yale Universit.. y.. Professional placements include:.. Adamant Investment.. Australian Central Bank.. Banco Santander.. Bank of America.. Bank of England.. Bruegel.. Center for European Economic Research (ZEW).. Central Bank of Paraguay.. Centre for Health Economics - University of York.. Credit Suisse.. Daimler AG.. Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank).. Dutch Ministry of Finance.. European Commission.. Inter-American Development Bank.. la Caixa Savings Bank.. Swiss National Bank.. United States Federal Reserve.. World Trade Organization (WTO).. Information for all master programs:.. Career Outlook Report.. Professional Placements.. PhD Program Placements.. Barcelona GSE Alumni Friends.. Companies and Recruiters.. If you are a GSE alum and would like to send us your updated professional or academic career information, please do so via the.. GSE Alumni Directory submission form.. Class Photo Archive - Barcelona GSE.. Join this master program..

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  • Title: Master Degree - Master in Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: (01:08).. The Economics program gave me the chance to get to know the UPF Economics department and the faculty.. But most of all it prepared me to for my future career: in the core courses I learned all the methods needed in Economics.. Stefan Gissler 08.. UPF (GPEFM).. Description and Structure.. The Barcelona GSE Master in Economics provides rigorous training in economics.. It aims to endow students with a deep understanding of the field and a powerful set of analytical tools.. Students who complete the program will have acquired an excellent grounding in their field and the analytical skills required for a  ...   awarded by.. Students are strongly advised to take the Math and Statistics review course and the Computer Tools course offered in September.. More information is available on the.. Economics courses page.. The degree requires the successful completion of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits of graduate courses (6 credits are equivalent to a 40 hour course), some compulsory and some elective.. The students final program must be discussed with and approved by their Master Director.. Core courses will award grades.. Some optional courses may be evaluated on a pass/fail or pass with honors/pass/fail basis.. The Economics Program is located at the..

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  • Title: Director - Master in Economics - Barcelona GSE
    Descriptive info: » Director Biography.. A letter to prospective students.. from Prof.. Marta Reynal-Querol, Program Director.. We offer a rigorous program for students who are curious, who aim at getting at the core of economic issues, and who have the will to work very hard.. Program Director.. Marta Reynal-Querol is ICREA Research Professor at the Department of Economics and Business at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), which she joined in 2005.. She is also an Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.. She holds a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics (2001) and a Master with Honors from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).. She is member of the Editorial Board of the.. Journal of Conflict Resolution.. and the.. European Journal of Political Economy.. She is also member of the Council of the European Economic Association (EEA).. She is a Research Fellow  ...   and 2005.. Reynal-Querol s research focuses on the causes of civil wars and genocides, conflict resolution and the aftermath of conflict; leaders and institutional reforms; aid effectiveness, and the economics of institutions.. She has published in.. The American Economic Review, American Political Science Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Growth, Journal of Development Economics, the European Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Economic Letters.. among others.. Website.. marta.. reynal@upf.. Selected Research by Marta Reynal.. Do Democracies Select More Educated Leaders? (with Tim Besley).. American Political Science Review.. August 2011 vol 105 (3), 552-566.. Do Educated Leaders Matter for Growth? (with Tim Besley and Jose García-Montalvo).. Economic Journal.. , August 2011 vol 121, 205-227.. Poverty and Civil War: Revisiting the evidence (with Simeon Djankov).. Review of Economics and Statistics.. , vol.. 92 (4), November 2010..

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