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  • Title: Black Looks
    Descriptive info: .. Join our social community.. Menu.. Home.. Africa LGBTI.. Podcasts.. Tumblr.. Pambazuka Articles.. About.. Contact.. Uganda: Global Day of Action Against the AHB.. 04/02/2014.. by.. Queer Africa.. in.. ,.. Assault on Dissent.. E-Activism.. Queer Politics.. Uganda.. Tweet UGANDA.. URGENT CALL TO SUPPORT AFTER THE RECENT PASSAGE OF THE ANTI HOMOSEXUALITY BILL IN UGANDAN PARLIAMENT.. 31st JANUARY 2014 Background On 20th December 2013, Lesbian and Gay Bisexual Transgender Community in Uganda woke up to the grim news.. Remembering David Kato.. 28/12/2013.. Donald Molosi.. Africa.. Tweet Written and Performed by Donald Molosi.. Too Black, Too Strong : Imagining Haiti in Caribbean Popular Culture.. 25/11/2013.. Sokari.. African History.. Caribbean.. Haiti.. A so Mutabaruka seh inna fi im poem bout Haiti pon im Melanin Man album weh come out inna 1994.. Mi tek Muta lyrics fi di title a one talk mi gi inna Haiti dis ya month.. Mi call it, Too Black, Too Strong : Imagining Haiti in Caribbean Popular Culture.. Seun Kuti: Why I think the gay community should come out.. 11/02/2014.. Tweet Seun Kuti, son of the legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti and grandson to the women s rights activist and trailblazer Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti speaks out against the new homophobic legislation passed in Nigeria.. View the original text from OkayAfrica here.. The Week on Sunday (weekly).. 29/12/2013.. News Roundup.. Tweet Junot Diaz reads Edwidge Danticat : Water Child Junot Díaz reads Edwidge Danticat’s “Water Child” and discusses it with The New Yorker’s fiction editor, Deborah Treisman.. tags: Fiction GoodReads Literature Haiti Edwidge_Danticat JunotDiaz Simphiwe Dana is nobody s darling |.. DEDAN: A One-Man Play.. Media.. Tweet How do we remember history s heroes? How do we also forget them? Dedan Kimathi Waciuri (1920-1957) was leader of the Mau Mau freedom fighters.. He dedicated and gave his life to fighting against British colonial rule in Kenya.. How.. The Week on Sunday The Reward for Love is Death!.. 22/12/2013.. Literature.. QueerCide.. Tweet Very briefly The December issue of Chimurenga, The Chronic is out and the $7 digital edition price is worth it if only to read two pieces.. First Nick Mwaluko s XXYX AFRICA a review of three new excellent works:.. Maleshwane Emely Radebe : Born 25.. 08.. 1977, Died 7.. 12.. 2013.. 19/12/2013.. 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.. South Africa.. Tweet While South Africa and the world were mourning the death of Madiba, a young lesbian was murdered in Ratanda, Johannesburg.. Maleshwane Emely Radebe was murdered on the 7th December 2013 aged 32.. She was stabbed to death alongside her.. 15/12/2013.. Tweet Black feminism and intersectionality | International Socialist Review Although we are in essential agreement with Marx’s theory as it applied to the very specific economic relationships he analyzed, we know that his analysis must be extended further in order.. 08/12/2013.. Tweet RIP, Nelson Mandela: Madiba’s Moving Inauguration Speech and Timeless Wisdom from His Autobiography | Brain Pickings Out of the experience of an extraordinary human disaster that lasted too long, must be born a society of which all humanity will.. TO BUILD A MONUMENT.. Africa - Creative Arts.. Poetry.. Writing.. Tweet i have known false teachers who swept me beneath their words, forced me out of my orbit to fly under the radar and made it clear that i had nothing to offer.. and although my spirit broke when death.. In the Heart of the Afro-Caribbean LGBTQI Communities, Call for Contributions by Cases Rebelles and Q-Zine.. 04/12/2013.. African Feminism.. Tweet Focused primarily on the African continent and experiences until now, Q-Zine, the first pan-African, bilingual art and culture LGBTI magazine,  ...   The Work of Man Has Only Just Begun Poet, statesman, and singular voice of the anti-colonial movements of the 20th century, Aimé Césaire continues to influence contemporary discussions of ethics and aesthetics, politics and history in this precariously postcolonial.. Her First Day in America.. 21/11/2013.. Tweet Monkoki rolls up the apartment blinds and sunlight rushes into the square studio apartment, forming bright rectangular patterns on the beige carpet.. Although she is still lethargic from last night’s long flight from Botswana, Monkoki feels somewhat refreshed, anticipatory.. 1.. 2.. 172.. Next.. Contact Black Looks.. info AT blacklooks DOT org.. Please donate to Black Looks.. Search.. Recent Posts.. Last Tweets.. RT.. @shailjapatel.. : Madiba and the gay rights movement rooted in "township povo our grandmothers, mothers and aunties".. http://t.. co/suF5AVQz4k.. ,.. 22 hours ago.. @spokenconscious.. : This shit again?.. co/9FZhOSnZBx.. @BenHCarrington.. : With due respect to my fellow academics the way to honor Hall is not with a special issue but to engage the political.. co/tLVcgu5tV9.. @mamajunkyard.. : If its not calling peeps UnAfrican its peeps trying to out-Africa each other with pseudo-Africaness.. @alyssa011968.. : People prob think all the health ind billing "mistakes" r annoying but not that big of a deal.. Maybe true 4ppl who don't have chronic cond.. Recent Comments.. On period.. | My Year of Daily Practice.. on.. Butch Menstruation is Art.. The Public Archive (@public_archive).. Africa Blogger (@AfricaBlogger0).. Archives.. Select Month.. February 2014.. December 2013.. November 2013.. October 2013.. September 2013.. August 2013.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. April 2013.. March 2013.. February 2013.. January 2013.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. June 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. January 2010.. December 2009.. November 2009.. October 2009.. September 2009.. August 2009.. July 2009.. June 2009.. May 2009.. April 2009.. March 2009.. February 2009.. January 2009.. December 2008.. November 2008.. October 2008.. September 2008.. August 2008.. July 2008.. June 2008.. May 2008.. April 2008.. March 2008.. February 2008.. January 2008.. December 2007.. November 2007.. October 2007.. September 2007.. August 2007.. July 2007.. June 2007.. May 2007.. April 2007.. March 2007.. February 2007.. January 2007.. December 2006.. November 2006.. October 2006.. September 2006.. August 2006.. July 2006.. June 2006.. May 2006.. April 2006.. March 2006.. February 2006.. January 2006.. December 2005.. November 2005.. October 2005.. September 2005.. August 2005.. July 2005.. June 2005.. May 2005.. April 2005.. March 2005.. February 2005.. January 2005.. December 2004.. November 2004.. October 2004.. September 2004.. August 2004.. July 2004.. June 2004.. Categories.. Action Alert.. Africa Creative Arts.. Dance.. AFRICOM.. Liberia.. Pambazuka News.. Politics.. EcoFeminism.. Feminism.. IWD.. AfroPicking.. Apartheid.. Birthday.. Black America.. Barack Obama.. Black Britain.. Britain.. Busi.. Guyana.. China.. Conflict Mining/Resources.. Water, Land Grab.. Contemporary Dance.. DRC.. Dumb America.. Earthquake.. Egypt.. Elections.. Environment.. Climate Change.. Europe.. Fortress Europe.. Film.. G8.. G20.. Governance.. Guest Blogger.. Feminist Series.. Occasional Musings.. Human Rights.. India.. Journal.. Lesotho.. Non-Fiction.. London.. Love Football.. Music.. Twitter.. Niger Delta.. Nigeria.. Palestine.. QAR.. Intersex.. Same Sex Marriage.. Racism.. Refugees.. Religion.. RIP.. SADC.. Sex Workers.. sexual violence.. Sexuality.. Slavery.. Social Media.. Uprisings.. Sport.. Stupidity.. Terror.. The Week on Sunday.. Trafficking.. Trafficking / Slavery.. USA.. violence against women.. Western Sahara.. Xenophobia.. Zimbabwe.. Subscription Options:.. Books 2 Read.. Amazon.. com Widgets.. Instagram.. Copyright 2014.. Black Looks.. Powered by.. WordPress.. and.. Origin..

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  • Title: Africa LGBTI
    Descriptive info: Browse:.. Standpoint: A Journal of the Coalition of African Lesbians.. 15/10/2013.. Tweet A new exciting journal celebrating our lives as lesbian, bisexual women and trans-diverse people across Africa and the Diaspora Standpoint: A Journal of the Coalition of African Lesbians Invites contributions to a brand new Journal The Coalition of.. HIV: A silent relative.. 20/09/2013.. Tweet From Inkanyiso The virus has become a silent relative by Kopano Sibeko “It’s amazing how the death of someone can also be a blessing” shares Thembela ‘Terra’ Dick.. She walks me on a tale of how her sister, Thembi.. SOKARI EKINE: A Poem at Peace with Itself.. 18/09/2013.. Tweet that wise place is in you, warrior o, where the prophet talks, and visions are cautiously told.. where men are fine as goodness itself and women are strong as baobab.. you, one-woman army, carry the heavy when wata done.. Getting Out Fear of Asylum.. 30/08/2013.. Tweet Getting Out, a 60 minute documentary produced by the Refugee Law Project in collaboration with the Ugandan Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights Constitutional Law, explores the reality that for many LGBTI Africans coming out to family and.. Nompumelelo: Decomposed Bitterly.. 19/08/2013.. Tweet From HOLAAFrica Nompumelelo’s current research focused on women who are killed and their bodies merely lie ‘Decomposed Bitterly’ (a reference to the concept of Human Traffic).. She says: ‘I use my body  ...   play demonstrating.. A transgender suicide.. Tweet From inkanyiso by by Lerato Dumse On the 1st of August 2013, a 17 year old self identifying transgender (youth) was one of the approximately 23 suicides reported daily in South Africa with 230 serious attempts.. He hanged himself.. CatchAFyah Caribbean Feminist Network Call to Action.. 10/08/2013.. Tweet CatchAFyah has a Call to Action directed at CARICOM across the Caribbean including organisations in Haiti [Kouraj, SeroVie] Jamaica, [CVC COIN, Jamaican’s For Justice, Quality of Citizenship Jamaica,] and Pan Caribbean [CARIFLAGS, Caribbean DAWN] denouncing recent transphobic and.. Narratives from Queer Africa.. 09/08/2013.. Tweet Narratives From Queer Africa The dominant U.. media narrative of queer identified Africans is one of victimization.. We’ve heard the many stories of criminalized sexuality in various African nations (and sometimes we hear about the Western Evangelicals who have.. Mo(u)rning in progress.. 07/08/2013.. Tweet From Inkanyiso a documentary of Mo(u)rning by Zanele Muholi © Zanele Muholi 2013 Where: Thokoza township, Johannesburg What: Three (3) days after Duduzile Zozo’s burial When: 16/07/2013 How many: 24 participants excluding taxi drivers.. Who: Mostly black lesbians and gays….. 10.. "Against the urgency of people dying in the streets, what in God's name is the point of cultural studies?.. " Stuart Hall.. 6 hours ago.. Blog post Seun Kuti: “Why I think the gay community should come out”.. co/MxdEfm33ok.. 14 hours ago.. Feb 10..

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  • Title: Podcasts
    Descriptive info: Podcasts.. Tweet.. This page contains all my podcasts some of them were made strictly for Black Looks whilst others for Pambabzuka News there is no copyright on either just acknowledge your source.. Also on this page are interviews of me.. All audio files are stored on.. Internet Archives under Sokari Ekine.. African Perspectives Discussion with Muna Ali on LGBTIQ in Africa.. Interview by Muna Ali:.. African LGBTI Perspectives: 11 July 2010.. _______________________________________________________.. Interview by Simon Columbus:.. SMS Uprising Mobile phone activism in Africa.. at Republica, Berlin April 2010.. Voudou Priestess Madame Evonne Auguste.. - Sokari Ekine.. Voudou Priestess Madame Evonne Auguste spoke to Sokari Ekine last August, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.. Madame Auguste is a member of Famm Voudou pou Ayiti (Voudou Women for Ayiti).. In the interview she explains that Voudou is both a religion and a philosophy and speaks about the relationship between voudou and liberation theology.. She also discusses the some of the reasons behind the demonetisation of the religion and why Famm Voudou pou Ayiti want to establish their own school.. Keywords:.. voudou.. ;.. haiti.. liberation theology.. Downloads: 14.. Patterson Ogon discusses the Niger Delta.. Discussion with Patterson Ogon of the Ijaw Council for Human Rights based in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State Nigeria.. nigeria.. niger delta.. ijaw.. mend.. obasanjo.. rivers state.. bayelsa state.. shell.. chevron.. Downloads: 105.. RASA Community Radio.. Interview with Molefi Ndovu on RASA community radio in Soweto.. radio.. community radio.. soweto.. south africa.. indymedia.. Downloads: 83.. Changes in the Niger Delta Part 1.. - Sokari ekine.. Interview with Niger Delta historian on the violence in the Niger Delta.. MEND.. bayelsa.. odi.. kaiama.. ogoni.. Downloads: 130.. Ben Caesar.. - sokari ekine.. interview with South African rap artist, Ben Caesar on gender violence.. planB.. gender violence.. cape town.. Downloads: 84.. Sindy Mkhize of the Abahlali baseMjondolo Shackdwellers.. Sindy Mkhize discussing Abahlali shackdwellers movement.. shackdwellers.. durban.. social movements.. land rights.. human rights.. informal locations.. Downloads: 60.. African Perspectives: Discussion with Muna Ali on David Kato.. Sokari Ekine interview by Muna Ali for African Perspectives, THRY Canada.. 17th February 2011.. David Kato.. LGBTI.. Downloads: 62.. Blood and Oil: Testimonies of Violence from the Women of the Niger Delta.. Testimonies on state and multinational violence by women of the Niger Delta between the period 1990-2000 based on field research undertaken in Rivers, Baylesa and Delta States in February 2000.. The research was undertaken by the author together with Jennifer Pere both of Niger Delta Women for Justice.. Nigera.. Violence.. Women.. Shell.. Elf.. Chevron.. Downloads: 90.. Evonne Auguste.. Interview with Voudou Priestess, Evonne Auguste in Port-au-Prince, August 2007.. ayiti.. jean bertrand aristide.. religion.. Downloads: 141.. Sexuality and Social Justice.. Sexuality and Social Justice is an art as activism project consisting of portraits and interviews with a selection of participants at the World Social Forum, Nairobi, Kenya in January 2007.. Participants were primarily chosen because of their work as activists in the area of sexuality and social justice.. They were drawn from a broad section of regions across the globe and a broad range of activism from sexual minorities, to HIV/AIDS, women women with disabilities, lesbians and LGBTI activists.. WSF.. sexuality.. social justice.. sexual minorities.. Kenya.. Africa.. Mali.. sex worker.. transgender.. lesbian.. Downloads: 107.. LGBTIQ: African Perspectives.. African Perspectives radio interview with Sokari Ekine[www.. blacklooks.. org], GKACK and Behind the Mask discussing LGBTIQ Africa.. The programme link is: http://afri-perspectives.. blogspot.. com/2010/07/july-11-sexualities-in-africa.. html.. LGBTIQ.. Queer.. Sokari Ekine.. Downloads: 40.. Police Torture in Nigeria.. Interview with Damien Ugwu of the Nigeria CLO on torture.. Civil Liberties.. torture.. police.. Downloads: 111.. Downloads: 375.. Blood and Oil: Testimonies of Violence from Women of the Niger Delta.. Testimonies made by Women of the Niger Delta on violence committed by the Nigerian State and Multinational oil companies (Shell, Elf, Chevron) during the period 1990-2000.. The work is based on field research undertaken by the author and Jennifer Pere both of the Niger Delta Women for Justice in Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta State Nigeria in February 2000.. Downloads: 137.. Testimonies by women of the Niger Delta on State sponsored and multinational violence over a period of 10 years from 1990.. The book is based on field research by the author and Jennifer Pere of Niger Delta Women for Justice that was carried out in Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta States in February 2000.. women.. violence.. multinationals.. Downloads: 152.. Damien Ugwu of CLO Nigeria on Police Torture.. Interview with Damien Ugwu on torture by police in Nigeria.. civil liberties.. clo.. Downloads: 144.. Sexuality Social Justice [7] Victor Mukasa of Uganda.. Downloads: 1,043.. Sexuality and Social Justice Phumi Mtetwa.. Sexuality and Social Justice at the  ...   sees as a politically motivated murder charge.. In this interview System speaks about why the community are struggling to stay in their area and the obstacles they face in both daily life and political organising.. For more on shackdwellers issues and updates on the hunger strike see the Abahlali website.. The music in this podcast is brought to you by Busi Ncube from Zimbabwe and kindly provided by.. See also the Pambazuka News article.. An Anatomy of a Hunger Strike.. by Raj Patel.. _________________________________________.. January 2007, Nairobi.. Patterson Ogon from the Ijaw Council for Human Rights and Ifieniya Lott, a women s rights activist speak to me about the environmental justice issues people face in the Niger Delta.. As the recent elections have been criticised for widespread rigging particularly in the Niger Delta region, this podcast reflects on the problems people are encountering and what the future holds.. For more information on the issues see.. Black Looks: Niger Delta.. Environmental Rights Action.. The music in this podcast is brought to you by Busi Ncubi.. ____________________________________________.. Sexuality and Social Justice Interviews at the WSF Nairobi, January 2007.. All portraits by Gabrielle Le Roux.. Follow the link for interviews and portraits.. _____________________________.. Abd Mohammed.. discuses the ongoing occupation of the Western Sahara by Morocco recorded at the WSF, Nairobi 2007.. Listen to Podcast.. __________________________________________________.. October 2006, Johannesburg.. Phumla Masuku,.. the manager of a South African lesbian women’s football team speaks to about the team she founded, The Chosen Few.. Based in Soweto the team have encountered much homophobia and racism but successfully made it to the international Gay Games in Chicago where they won the Bronze Medal.. ________________________.. November 2006, Cape Town.. Emerging South African rapper.. discusses violence and rape in South Africa and performs his rap.. I Stand Against.. _______________________.. November 2006, Johannesburg.. Mpho (Busi Sigasa).. is a 24 year old lesbian identified woman who was raped last October and as a result is now HIV+.. She discovered she was positive in April this year and started on ARVs in August because her CD4 count was very low at 90.. Like many women in a similar position in South Africa, Mpho is struggling not only with additional medical complications such as diabetes and thyroid problems but the side affect of the drugs, the stigma and having to find the sheer mental will to get through each day.. In this interview she talks about how being raped and contracting HIV has impacted on her life.. She also discusses her dreams for the future of being a photo journalist and living her life.. Busi passed away on March 12th.. from Diabetes complications.. Remembering my sista Busi.. September 2006, By Phone to Port Harcourt.. Professor Ebiegberi Alagoa.. is Emeritus Professor of History at the Univeristy of Port Harcourt and has published 5 books on the Niger Delta.. I recently spoke with him about the changes that have taken place in the Niger Delta since the excecution of Ken Saro Wiwa in 1995, the rise of militancy in the region and the the governorship of Diepreye Alamieyeseigha ex Governor of Bayelsa State.. Changes in the Niger Delta.. Listen to Podcast,.. Part 1.. and Podcast,.. Part 2.. ______________________________________________.. April 2006, Geneva.. At the ILGA conference in Geneva in April 2006, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with other African Human Rights Defenders and LGBT activists.. Rose (Phumla) Masuku who works with FEW (Forum for the Empowerment of Women) in Soweto spoke on her work and being a lesbian in South Africa.. Tags:.. Sexuality Social Justice.. Durban + South Africa.. Abahlali.. Community Radio.. World Social Forum.. Mobile Phone Activism.. Black Looks Podcasts.. 2 Responses.. FemmeNoir Blog Archive World View: Africa - Sexuality and Social Justice Exhibition Series.. 06/05/2007.. at.. 09:22.. [.. ] More Podcasts on:.. http://www.. org/podcast/.. ].. Sammy Sullivan.. 30/06/2009.. 08:52.. check mine out.. keep up the good work man.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name.. *.. Email.. Website.. 'We build homes for the poor in Haiyi' - House built by 'Action Against Hunger' - these are the kind….. co/JAiqerjB4v.. My daily goat.. #everydayhaiti.. #goats.. #babygoats.. #munching.. #pernier.. #haiti.. co/3Ir68jUOUN.. #market.. long wait to sell.. #patience.. #hot.. #chickenvendor.. co/p9w7uNo7j0.. A Dangerous Visibility.. #Queercide.. #SouthAfrica.. #LGBTI.. The Liberator Magazine:.. co/W7pe9zdFXC.. via @liberatormag.. 8 hours ago.. #LGBTIQ.. @MuholiZanele.. co/KqFH4yNpPE.. 15 hours ago.. Nigeria Haiti: An interview with Sokari Ekine | propaganda press!.. Haiti: Occasional Musings 12 , Solidarity House Update.. #DearCaribbean Blog Carnival Guide Review | Feminist conversations on Caribbean life.. Haiti Feminist Series 6, In conversation with Souzen Joseph.. Solidarity Sustainability: An Interview with Sokari Ekine..

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  • Title: About
    Descriptive info: Queering myself.. I am a writer who is afraid of writing;.. I am an speaker who is afraid to speak to more than two people at a time;.. I am an activist who is full of courage but always fearful;.. I am a reader who reads and dreams at the same time;.. I am an educator who is constantly learning;.. I am real and fake and often cannot tell the difference at a given moment;.. I love people but feel safer on my own;.. I am always on the run but cannot hide;.. my home is where my heart is which may or may not be where my home is;.. I love to take photos but after 20 years still cannot get it right but just occasionally very occasionally I get it right and that makes all the failures worthwhile;.. I am full of confidence and drowning in self-doubt;.. each day without fail I wake up with anxiety but I always manage to make it through the day;.. I am visible and therefore vulnerable to shame;.. I am invisible and therefore vulnerable to being silenced;.. I am connected but full of disconnections to people, to situations, to experiences.. I have a longing yet my belly is full.. I am imperfect but yearn to be perfect.. I have passed through many places, created many spaces, loved many people, made many wrongs but in all my life I do not know what I have done.. This is me and with whom I must live with on the most intimate of terms - but I know with the certainty that night follows day that I am not alone in this.. Contributors/Authors.. Personal Blog.. @blacklooks.. Founder and editor of Black Looks, is a writer, educationalist and digital activist.. She is editor of SMS Uprising: Mobile Phone Activism in Africa [2010] co-editor of African Awakenings [Firoze Manji, 2011] and the forthcoming Queer African Reader [Hakima Abbas.. 2012].. Sokari is a weekly contributor to.. and her writings have appeared in progressive media and academic journals in Africa, Europe and the US.. Sokari also blogs at.. Mia Nikasimo, Co-editor,.. is a Nigerian writer and transgender activist based in London.. Emmanuel Iduma.. @emmaiduma.. is co-founder and co-editor of.. Saraba Magazine.. - a Nigerian literary journal.. He is a writer and has just published his first novel Farad [Parresia Books, Nigeria].. Eccentric Yoruba.. @eccentricyoruba.. The African Flying Machine Rests.. Sherlina Nageer.. is a Guyanese feminist, writer, activist and one of the founders of the Occupy Guyana [GT] movement.. @actordonald.. is an international actor in film, stage and TV, writer and poet.. 2009-2010 Florence Chandler Fellow for Acting 2008 Best Actor Award winner Dialogue One Festival in MA, USA.. 2003 Recipient of the Khama Brilliant Spirit Award.. Donald is feminist man, a writer and poet.. He is from Botswana.. Robtel Neajai Pailey.. was born in Monrovia, Liberia.. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Development Studies at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), as a Mo Ibrahim Foundation scholar.. She is also an opinion fellow with New Narratives (www.. newnarratives.. org), a project supporting leading independent media in Africa.. Zanele Muholi.. Personal blog.. @zanelemuholi.. -.. is an award winning South African queer lesbian photographer and visual activist.. She has worked as a community relations officer for the Forum for the Empowerment of Women.. (FEW).. , a black lesbian organisation based in Gauteng, and as a photographer and reporter for.. Behind the Mask.. , an online magazine on lesbian and gay issues in Africa.. Her work represents the black female body in a frank yet intimate way that challenges the history of the portrayal of black women s bodies in documentary photography.. Her solo exhibition Only half the picture, which showed at Michael Stevenson in March 2006, travelled to the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg and the Afrovibes Festival in Amsterdam.. In 2008 she had a solo show at Le Case d Arte, Milan, and in 2009 she exhibited alongside Lucy Azubuike at the CCA Lagos, Nigeria.. She was the recipient of the 2005 Tollman Award for the Visual Arts, the first BHP Billiton/Wits University Visual Arts Fellowship in 2006, and was the 2009 Ida Ely Rubin Artist-in-Residence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).. Rethabile Masilo.. is a Lesotho blogger presently living in Paris.. He blogs at.. Sotho.. Poéfrika.. , a group blog for poets and writers a creative venture for for creative people, Africans, non-Africans, black, white, colourful, writers about African issues.. Or about life, simply.. Annie Quarcoopome.. is from Ghana and is a graduate of Williams College in the US.. She has spent 6 months studying French Caribbean Literature in Martinique and is presently working back home in Accra.. Global Woman.. Kameelah Rasheed.. is a graduate student at Standford Univeristy.. She spent 2007 as a Fulbright scholar attending Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa.. Kameelahwrites.. Kym Platt.. is also based in the US and works in the media and advertising.. Chinwe Azubuike.. is a contemporary African Poet regarded as a strong female contemporary voice from Africa, born in Nigeria.. An indegene of Imo State, she is the daughter of the late Wisdom Azubuike who served in the Biafran War, and Mary Azubuike, her mother.. Chinwe s humble beginnings were a far cry from the literary educated class of poets- born into a relatively poor family.. Over the past decade she has gradually crafted her own powerful voice and found a unique style of no-nonsense writing that comes directly from her heart- seeing herself as a spokeswoman for Nigeria s deprived underclass.. The bulk of her work, which is reflected in her poetry, focuses on female issues; of love, life and torture with specific  ...   have bookmarked it to visit later.. Cheers.. Tahir RBG.. 25/12/2009.. 07:17.. Greetings,.. My name is Tahir (dead prez producer).. I have a music series called The BlakkBerry Filez.. I have released 5 volumes from this series in 2009 and scheduling volume 6 release for the new year.. The vibe is revolutionary and responsible hip hop.. If possible, I would like my work to be reviewed on your site.. For my songs, videos, and more info go to.. TahirRBG.. ning.. com.. If you need anything sent to you (songs, pics, bio, etc.. ) just let me know.. Thanks for your consideration, time, and (hopefully) response.. Peace! Tahir.. TahirRBG@gmail.. facebook.. com/TahirRBG.. com/BlakkBerryFilez.. Charlotta Beavers.. 15/01/2010.. 04:15.. I ve unfortunately misplaced your card.. Will you email me so that I can send you some info? It was wonderful meeting you today at IPS and talking with you.. I look forward to your next visit.. Mark B.. 17/01/2010.. 02:37.. I am interested in blog spaces I call local blog communities that involve African Diaspora writers that share local spaces, for example, New York or Nairobi or Berlin, and the dialogues and exchanges within those local spaces and between remote local spaces they create.. A relevant question: in what local community are you mainly active?.. nilankur.. 20/01/2010.. 10:24.. Dear Team.. I was looking for images for our article The Non Violent King on internet, and a relevant one I have found on your site.. I will like to inquire the usage of this picture and request your permission to use it in the blog.. This blog and the site is non-commercial and I will truly appreciate your kindness.. You can visit the blog at.. cultureunplugged.. com/filmedia/truthSeekers.. php.. We will credit you.. If you have any question, please contact me.. Thank you.. Awaiting your reply,.. frame voice.. find vigor.. jp.. 01/02/2010.. 23:25.. Sisters Brothers-.. Here is an idea for Haiti.. thepetitionsite.. com/2/The-Citizens-Brigade.. Note that realizing this venture takes much doing; however, having the idea vehicle is necessary.. Thoughts are welcomed, of course.. -jp.. jaymeson jiles.. 04/06/2010.. 10:18.. i m happy i stumbled upon this site.. i have heard of black looks and bell hooks but never delved into either.. i have no shame in not knowing.. what i do have shame in is being exposed and not continue to investigate, learn, and share.. thank you for such a wonderful site to further explore the depths of my personal think tank.. bless.. African Bloggers Cover G20 Summit | The Black Blogger Network.. 20/06/2010.. 00:25.. ] Check Out Sokari Ekine s blog at.. org/about.. Jen.. 24/06/2010.. 22:05.. Now I think of it, I m pretty sure this was the site I stumbled upon back in 04 or 05 when looking for info on Funmilayo Ransome Kuti (there s not much on the internet), having recently discovered her son Fela s music.. In fact, I think it was here I found out about the biography For Women and the Nation.. Found this site again in 07 because it was linked from the blog I was contributing to, but I didn t make the connection, but I m pretty sure it was here.. Seeing Funmilayo Ransome Kuti up in your banner reminded me.. 22:08.. speaking of which, there s something up with the link to the info on Ms Ransome Kuti: it leads to WordPress addressing me as gnarly dude and informing me there s nothing there.. 22:27.. Ahh I had lost of lot of pages I have fixed the link now so please do try again and thanks for passing by after all this time.. StoryingShef (Storying Sheffield).. 12/07/2011.. 17:05.. I am a writer who is afraid of writing Sokari, Black Looks.. org/about/.. Shady politics of GayMiddleEast | My Blog.. 21/10/2011.. 09:55.. ] Sokari Cross posted from Black [.. Anni.. 07/02/2012.. 07:55.. Hi.. Thanks for a nice blog.. I would like to share a link to a nice dancing video.. The purpose is to change the image of Sierra Leone to something more happy and positivt.. Please check it out:.. com/watch?v=75gx9Ff9vUk.. Jared Purdy.. 17/03/2012.. 10:48.. Great blog, very interesting, and lots of great writing, and lot of great links too.. Kathleen Hubert.. 24/04/2012.. 15:28.. Hello,.. I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog.. If you do, I would like to submit a few.. I m a recent college graduate, with an English major, looking to build out my portfolio.. I can write on a wide variety of topics and am sure you would be happy with the quality.. Please email me back if you are interested.. Thank you for your time.. - Kathleen Hubert.. com/profile.. php?id=100002374243662.. David McDannald.. 04/05/2012.. 13:31.. Hey, Sokari,.. I ve just written a book with an activist in Central Africa.. And we started a blog of photos we ve taken over the years in Africa.. Right now I m in the middle of posting photos taken in the time that Charles Taylor ruled Liberia.. As of today there are four.. http://lastgreatape.. wordpress.. com/2012/05/01/scenes-from-liberia-under-warlord-charles-taylor-part-i/.. We also had a piece run yesterday in the Huffington Post:.. huffingtonpost.. com/david-mcdannald/wildlife-conservation_b_1472418.. html?ref=books#s=937017.. Hope to hear from you.. Be well,.. david.. Onesphor Kyara.. 13:06.. Please, check it out….. An African Student in Russia – Soviet Union.. On kindle – Amazon.. http://video214.. com/play/bYNc4yrsKRH8P8tetkKqlA/s/dark.. 2 hours ago.. 9 hours ago.. @WendellPierce.. : Who are suffering as if Katrina was last year.. No services, no business, no political will working for them.. TOMORROW you can change that.. Feb 1.. Today in capitalist occupied.. #Nigeria.. govt bulldozes in Badagry, leave 10,000 homeless.. #waragainstthepoor.. co/YqyUYZBS2j.. Jan 31.. they forced their religion laws on us, called us savages now they want 2 save us from the shit they started in the first place.. #SOGI.. 2/2..

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    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. [contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"].. Comments are closed, but.. trackbacks.. and pingbacks are open.. 3 hours ago.. 13 hours ago..

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  • Title: Uganda: Global Day of Action Against the AHB
    Descriptive info: 2014.. February.. UGANDA.. 31st JANUARY 2014.. Background.. On 20th December 2013, Lesbian and Gay Bisexual Transgender Community in Uganda woke up to the grim news that the Anti Homosexuality bill, which had been shelved at the end of 2012 had been passed by Parliament.. The bill was passed without Quorum and without Prior mandatory inclusion on the Parliament Order Paper.. The bill, if passed into law will be a disaster to the Human Rights of LGBT people, a disaster to public health and the fight against HIV/AIDS.. Recent reports in the Uganda and International Media have indicated that the President will not sign the bill and hence it is generally believed that the bill is no longer a threat.. We would like to reiterate that this bill is still a huge threat and a treasure to the majority of Ugandans and since our leaders are populists’ they will likely bend to the pressure of the ‘Voters’ and with the 2016 elections looming in the horizon, politicians will no doubt do anything to capitalize on opportunities that protect their political interests.. The President of Uganda is no exception.. It is also worth to note that the power of ascension process of a bill that is passed by parliament doesn’t lay primarily with the President of Uganda; it is constitutionally provided that within 30days of the bill being sent to the President for ascension, the president Must either sign the bill to become law.. The president may reject to give assent,.. Constitution provides that the president shall within 30 days after a bill is presented to him/her either:-.. Assent to the bill.. Return the  ...   Issue statements condemning the passage of the Bill and call on the President NOT to sign it into law, It is also important to continue to continue to remind Ugandans and our leaders to uphold Human Rights for all people.. 3.. Wear a t-shirt, a bracelet, Carry a poster with a message of solidarity for the LGBT community in Uganda.. 4.. Deliver Petitions to your embassies condemning this bill and urging the president to.. 5.. Hold prayer vigils to show what a ‘dark day’ it is for Human Rights and to call upon ‘Devine Intervention’.. 6.. Write to your political leader, your religious, your opinion leader to speak.. 7.. Make sure you have called that media house you work with; we need Uganda, Africa and the whole world to know that we are visible, and to know that Human Rights are Universal.. 8.. Use social media.. 9.. 5th February :.. Twitter blast- The idea is to send as many tweets on that day to the prime minister, the president’s office, parliament.. With one simple message: ‘Don’t Kill, Protect LGBT people’: The world is watching.. 16 days of gender activism.. FARUGANDA.. SMUG.. Uganda Anti Homosexuality Bill.. 6 Responses.. Sokari Ekine (@blacklooks).. 10:59.. Uganda: Global Day of Action Against the #AHB.. co/al36g6prki.. #FARUGANDA #SMUG #Uganda via @blacklooks.. @IV_1Revolution.. 11:49.. RT @blacklooks: Blog post Uganda: Global Day of Action Against the AHB.. co/5uifGtTiqX.. @AllisonGranted.. 12:46.. Uganda: Global Day of Action Against the AHB.. co/KumUeR1WmS.. Africa News Link (@AfricaNewsLink).. 13:45.. co/M76yS3RvpM.. 14:41.. Uganda: Global Day of Action Against the AHB #Africa.. co/XfRTLd4mhK.. 23:37.. RT @blacklooks: Uganda: Global Day of Action Against the #AHB.. 23 hours ago..

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  • Title: Queer Africa
    Descriptive info: Blog post Uganda: Global Day of Action Against the AHB.. 17 hours ago.. Uganda: Global Day of Action Against the.. #AHB.. #FARUGANDA.. #SMUG.. #Uganda.. via @blacklooks.. @Op_Israel.. : Omar Barghouti in the New York Times: Why the Boycott Movement Scares Israel.. co/lmWC2VeEPK.. //.. #BDS.. Feb 3.. @sabbah.. :.. #German.. Heinrich Böll Foundation supports Israeli settlers.. co/aKOsa8gPYE.. via.. @aicnews.. #Palestine.. co/Xvt7MgHoKF.. @andrea366.. : Some thoughts by.. @prisonculture.. me re: the whole feminist "twitter war" shenanigans.. co/QunBqALzuy.. ….. co/tbdxcbYDlc.. … …..

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  • Title: Assault on Dissent
    Descriptive info: Odi Massacre Origins of Militancy in Ijawland.. 20/11/2013.. Tweet Kaiama December 1998 Kaiama is a small town in Western Ijaw, about half an hour’s drive from Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State.. Historically Kaiama is famous for being the birth place of Major Isaac Adaka Boro, an.. Who is Michel Martelly and why is the Haitian grassroots movement protesting against him?.. 18/11/2013.. Tweet Today [anniversary of the Battle of Vertieres , 1803 in the war for independence] marks the second of a series of planned street protests against the government of Michel Martelly.. The protest are organized by Fòs Patriotik ou Respè.. Queer African Reader.. 14/06/2013.. Tweet It started as a one year project and ended up taking us three years but finally Hakima and I are able to announce the publication of the Queer African Reader published by Fahamu Books.. REVIEWS A richness of voices,.. Sexuality and Social Justice in Africa: Rethinking Homophobia and Forging Resistance.. 13/06/2013.. Tweet Sexuality and Social Justice in Africa: Rethinking Homophobia and Forging Resistance by Marc Epprecht The persecution of people in Africa on the basis of their assumed or perceived homosexual orientation has received considerable coverage in the popular media in recent.. South Africa: Two years have past yet still no justice for Noxolo Nogwaza.. 27/04/2013.. The 24 year old lesbian’s body was found in a ditch in Tsakane, East of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni.. Her face crushed with bricks, it was also alleged that her pants were pulled down and she was raped in what is described as a hate crime.. Haiti: April 26th, Memories of a Duvalier Massacre.. 26/04/2013.. Tweet From [The Progressive](http://www.. progressive.. org/).. Memories of a Duvalier Massacre, 50 Years Later by Edwidge Danticat Recently, Francois Duvalier’s grandson, Jean Claude’s son, François-Nicolas Duvalier, an adviser to Haiti’s current president Michel Martelly, wrote an opinion piece praising his grandfather’s “republican.. The story of Beatrice Mtetwa: A Red Herring ?.. 19/03/2013.. Rumbidzai Dube.. Tweet Right in the middle of a historical exercise, the holding of a Constitutional Referendum- something monumental had to happen.. Merely a few hours after voting had ended, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) -in its unfathomable and incomprehensible wisdom-decided to.. Haiti: People Cleansing, burning down the camps.. 22/02/2013.. Last Saturday, Haitian police burned and broke up Camp Acra 2, at Petion-Ville.. The destruction of the camp and forced removal of people  ...   he goes on to state there is religion and there is religion in which he criticizes the Catholic church an important weapon in colonization.. #16Days: Nigeria s Memory Hole*.. 25/11/2012.. In the early hours of the morning of the 20th November, 1999, 27 trucks carrying over 2000 soldiers plus 4 armored personnel carriers mounted with machine guns drove into Odi Town in Bayelsa State.. Between 2pm that afternoon and 6pm the following day, the town was bombarded with artillery fire.. By the end of the two days, practically every building in the town was flattened, set on fire and/or looted.. In all 2,483 persons mainly women, children and the elderly were.. QAR Weekly News.. 11/11/2012.. Tweet Another South African Lesbian MurderThis morning (10/11/2012) I received a call from Ndumie Funda the founder and Director of Lulekisizwe a project that nurses, supports and feeds the lesbian bisexual and trans woman (LBT) in townships who are victims.. Report on solidarity visit with Marikana Women.. 20/09/2012.. Tweet Below are two personal reports from last weeks solidarity visit with the women of Marikana on 15th September, 2012.. Another visit is planned for this Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of September.. First some background to the.. Occupy Guyana [GT] The People s Parliament enters its third week.. 03/09/2012.. Tweet Occupy Georgetown is now entering its third week.. Whilst the first week was free of police harassment this changed last week.. First the police came to the camp dismantling a day tent and demanding the occupiers leave.. They brought.. Dark Days!.. 01/09/2012.. Tweet These are the dark days, my love***.. Business is at a standstill.. Gold miners are not able to carry out their usual mad digging up and extraction of the precious metal (while protecting the rainforest btw.. why don t those.. Occupy Guyana Diary Update 2.. 22/08/2012.. Tweet Tuesday 21st August Last night was awesome.. A friend who I’d been having some potentially friendship-damming differences with showed up at the Occupy GT camp for the 2nd night in a row and we talked.. Another friend stopped by.. Occupy Guyana Diary update.. 20/08/2012.. Tweet I stink.. We have been peeing in the street, behind trees and in dank corners.. I’ve had less than 5 good hours of sleep in the last 2 days and am fighting to keep my eyes open.. 4 hours ago.. 20 hours ago..

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  • Title: E-Activism
    Descriptive info: Haiti: Persecution and death threats to camp activist human rights lawyer.. 28/05/2013.. Tweet Following the death in police custody of camp resident, Civil Meris on April 15th 2013, Jean-Louis Elijah [Elie] Joseph and Esther Pierre of Camp Acra and Adoquin in Delmas 33, along with the camps lawyer, Patrice Florvilus of Defenders.. 40 years of independent journalism from New Internationalist.. 29/04/2013.. Tweet The New Internationalist timeline is a documentary of 40 years of social justice journalism.. Take August 1st 1983 6 rules for real aid which calls for reform of the aid machine.. Sadly little has changed except the aid machine.. Love 4 Haiti.. 27/03/2013.. Tweet Via followingherfootsteps: The Love4Haiti movement was originally founded in response to the devastating earthquake which hit the island on Tuesday 12th January 2010.. A group of like minded friends (Camille, Marteen, Chantal and Stephanie) collaborated with the members.. Inkanyiso Let Your Voices be Heard.. 20/02/2013.. Given an opportunity to tell my story I will talk about where I’ve been and what I have done and the remarkable people I met along my journeys.. This remains in my archived memories.. It was an ardent path that any other youth might have gone through without much guidance and support from parents and relatives.. One had to rely on strangers and friends who then became my extended family.. People who loved and embraced me as their daughter, younger sister, who loved my daughter as theirs and fed me when there was no food on the table.. Gendercide.. 19/02/2013.. Tweet From Bernedette Muthien gendercide it took a full week of straitjacketing generations of genocidal femicidal trauma for the clay dam wall to explode and flood me in torrents of collective grief a poet with no words a lifelong activist struck.. Discovering Swartz: A personal tribute.. 14/01/2013.. Tweet I live in Nigeria, but Aaron Swartz s death holds a deep meaning for me.. His short life.. His suicide.. Being a commons man.. Being a programmer by profession and an activist by calling.. There are many of us around the world who won t understand.. Hate Crimes South Africa: 2001 July 2012.. 17/07/2012..  ...   taking the brave stand of insisting on a.. Fundraising appeal for SOPUDEP school, Haiti.. 17/10/2010.. Tweet Fundraising appeal for SOPUDEP (Society of Providence United for the Economic Development of Petion-Ville) in Port-au-Prince.. The school was started in 2002 by community activist Rea Dol to provide education for children from the poorest families those who.. Cyber HyperReality The Genesis of a Struggle.. 28/09/2010.. Tweet It started with four students sitting at a diner in Greensboro, North Carolina in February 50 years ago.. The four refused to move and by the end of the month, the protest was 70,000 plus strong and had.. Proudly African Transgender: Self-Portraits in Writing.. 02/03/2010.. Tweet As part of the Proudly African Transgender exhibition by Gabrielle Le Roux, each person has written a short self-portrait on being transgender and on the exhibition itself.. Below are their stories of their lives to go with the.. Proudly African Transgender: A cultural intervention for social justice.. 24/02/2010.. Tweet Portraits and narratives of ten transgendered Africans from seven countries in East and Southern Africa by Gabrielle Le Roux in partnership with IGLHRC exhibited for the first time by Amnesty International Amsterdam.. Proudly African Transgender: Portraits by Gabrielle Le Roux in collaboration with trans intersex activists.. Zimbabwe: Amanda Uganda: Julius South Africa:.. 15 activist errors how to avoid them.. 23/01/2010.. Tweet The Palestine Think Tank [Haitham Sabbah, Yousef Abudayyeh, Mohamed Khodr, Mary Rizzo,] have published this excellent list of common errors made by activists / movements and how to rectify them.. The errors and solution are applicable to movements and.. Scammers targeting gay men in Ghana Kenya.. 14/09/2009.. Tweet Emerging gay chat sites in Ghana are being used to trap MSM by luring them into isolated spaces with promises of sex.. The men are then either blackmailed or assaulted by the fake gays.. This always starts with visits.. Toolkits guides from Tactical Tech.. Tweet Tactical Technology Collective (www.. tacticaltech.. org) is an international NGO that provide human rights advocates with guides, tools, training and consultancy to help them develop the skills and tactics they need to increase the impact of their campaigning.. The following guides..

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  • Title: Queer Politics
    Descriptive info: The Memory Snatcher A Short Story.. 11/10/2013.. When Beydan was her Father’s daughter there was a slice of time that allowed for roaming.. These roaming activities included a spell in secondary school.. For her two older brothers education was a birthright.. For Beydan education was a gift that came wrapped in bespoke paper, and she pursued her studies with the single-mindedness of a monk seeking the Divine.. She inhaled Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood, Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions, Nawal El Saadawi’s Memoirs of a Woman Doctor.. Garlands.. 03/10/2013.. Tweet Garlands What response befits a company of douche-bags? This is not about us.. No, it so isn t about us.. The uninvited attention from wayward wands.. Fighting voices fly upwards from the street nags Below.. What makes everyone think they.. Fairytales for Lost Children.. Tweet Publisher’s Note: FAIRYTALES FOR LOST CHILDREN is narrated by people constantly on the verge of self-revelation.. These characters – young,  ...   one of the few people of colour we saw on television who wasn’t crooning, dancing or running.. I loved all the athletes and singers and dancers too but when you are a black teenage bookworm in seventies West London, let’s just say a public intellectual of colour disseminating ideas on television offered other more immediate compensations.. A Night of Fairytales’: An Audience With Diriye Osman.. 23/08/2013.. Tweet ‘A Night of Fairytales’: An Audience With Diriye Osman If you are in or around London you need to attend this event at the Poetry Cafe.. Diriye Osman is a Somali-born, British short story writer whose debut collection.. Haiti: Occassional Musings 19 Bondye from the mountain top.. 12/08/2013.. Tweet Last Sunday I took a trip up to the highest point overlooking the city of Port-au-Prince and took a few photos it wasn t particularly inspiring until I saw this little girl in luminous green I missed the.. 28..

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  • Title: Uganda
    Descriptive info: US Expansionism by stealth: Militarism from Africa to the Pacific Islands.. 16/09/2013.. Tweet From Guernica The Pivot to Africa.. The US [AFRICOM] claims it has a limited military presence in Africa with just one military base in Djibouti however when each small footprints is counted, we see the whole is alarmingly.. Not trans enough? I m trans because its the inner sense of who I am!.. 10/04/2013.. Tweet From LGBTSr an interview with Ugandan LGBTI activist and human rights defender Victor Mukasa Victor has pursued the cause of human rights with tremendous dedication in Africa and globally.. He is a founding member of several Ugandan and.. Outrage! One Billion Rising, Whats the Point? Lessons from GBV movement building in Haiti.. 16/02/2013.. Tweet From Thought Leader Talia Meer asks what is the point of 1 billion Rising and from Women and Beyond the Global Wondering about Outrage! beyond personal gratification? Particularly when it is selective, ie where was the outrage.. Draft of a Song In Memory of David.. Munange/Ssebo: DAVID KATO.. 26/01/2013.. Hello again BlackLookers.. This post is not about the written word as I would rather have you hear an audio clip I am sharing here.. Since two years ago, in my life and consciousness, January 26 will forevermore belong to one man and his memory: David Kato.. I wrote a little song to the memory of David and although I did not get the time to properly record it in a studio I wanted to share it here as a rehearsal because the words are what carry the song.. David will never be forgotten.. It seems like yesterday when I was at that vigil in New York City, a week after he was brutally snatched from us.. Tribute to David Kato Kisule.. Its the second anniversary of David s death.. David was a good friend, a lovable man, a fighter and truly committed, and well he was just a damn good person.. His friend and comrade, Victor Thick Skin Mukasa has made this beautiful tribute to David to those who  ...   visual artists, musicians and writers from around the world who demonstrate exceptional talent and commitment to their disciplines.. The fellowships were created by Ursula Corning in 1995 with the aim of.. Why the African LGBTI community should be concerned over US policy in Africa and AFRICOM.. 09/08/2012.. Tweet Something momentous happened this past week in Uganda the first ever PRIDE celebration [organised by ] which included the showing of the film Call Me Kuchu and a march through the streets of Entebbe.. It was truly a proud.. Anti-gay rights crusade in Africa a distraction.. 26/02/2012.. Tweet 2 1/2 years since it’s first reading in October 2009, the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill full texthas once again been tabled in parliament.. The bill was shelved in 2010 at which time President Yoweri Museveni warned those advocating for the Bill that it.. Statements by Ugandan African organisations against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.. 17/02/2012.. Tweet The following Ugandan and African human rights organisations have condemned the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill 20009: Ugandan Law Society.. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill proposed to Parliament in 2009 would, if enacted into law, in its current state violate international human rights.. Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill Back in Parliament: Still doubts on the Death Penalty.. 09/02/2012.. Tweet The Anti-Homosexuality Bill which was first introduced in 2009 and included the death penality has been tabled for debate in the 2012 parliamentary session.. The Bill which did not get a reading in last years session is carried over.. David Kato : February 13, 1964 – January 26, 2011.. 26/01/2012.. Tweet David Kato was bludgeoned to death on January 26th 2011 in his home in Kampala Uganda.. He was an out gay Ugandan LGBTI activist and human rights defender and security officer for Sexual Minorities Uganda [SMUG].. I knew him.. Mbeki on Uganda AHB Africa s selfish political classes.. 23/01/2012.. Tweet Former South African President,Thabo Mbeki has criticised the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill [AHB] in Kampala.. Mbeki was speaking in response to a question by academic activist, Sylvia Tamale on what he would say to Mr Bahati about the plight of..

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