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  • Title: Toblog | 1. <i>v.</i> The act of writing a weblog <i>or</i> 2. <i>n.</i> Toby&rsquo;s weblog.
    Descriptive info: .. Toblog.. 1.. v.. The act of writing a weblog.. or.. 2.. n.. Toby s weblog.. Home.. Articles.. Statuses.. Defining the English.. I ve just finished reading the excellent.. Lives of the Engineers.. by.. Samuel Smiles.. It is well worth a read and is available for free on many ereaders as well as Project Gutenberg.. This.. quote from Chapter.. XII.. in particular stood out as a wonderful definition of the English as a people:.. The English people, though they may be defective in their capacity for organization, are strong in individualism; and not improbably their admirable qualities in the latter respect detract from their efficiency in the former.. Thus, in all times, their greatest enterprises have not been planned by officialism and carried out upon any regular system, but have sprung, like their constitution, their laws, and their entire industrial arrangements, from the force of circumstances and the individual energies of the people.. Published on 2011/03/25 at 12:41 by.. Toby.. under.. literature.. Tags.. english.. ,.. lives.. of.. the.. engineers.. samuel.. smiles.. 0 comments.. Nuclear Scaremongering.. Does anyone else think that this is disgusting?.. At 1501 today:.. The EU s energy chief Guenther Oettinger has said that in the coming hours there could be further catastrophic events, which could pose a threat to the lives of people on the island.. He told the European Parliament the Fukushima nuclear site was effectively out of control.. The cooling systems did not work, and as a result we are somewhere between a disaster and a major disaster.. This quote caused a large movement on the markets as the effectively out of control was rebroadcast by multiple media sources without any context about what he was talking about.. At 1645 today:.. A spokeswoman for EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has clarified his earlier remarks that further catastrophic events were expected.. He just wanted to share his concern and that he was really touched by all the images of people and the victims, said Marlene Holzner.. In this sense, he said that according to we have seen in the media, it seems that in the nuclear power plants at the moment we do not have technical control.. So, basically it was rubbish.. UPDATE.. 2011-03-17: Tim Worstall has.. commented on this as well.. Published on 2011/03/16 at 17:58 by.. politics.. 2011.. guenther.. oettinger.. japan.. nuclear.. scaremongering.. Pour manger à Paris.. A friend of mine is visiting Paris over the New Year and I mentioned a few restaurants that I enjoy going to there.. Since then she has asked if I wouldn t mind if she passed on the list so I thought I d put it up here!.. Café Latéral.. it s very near the Arc de Triomphe but most tourists don t go down Avenue Mac-Mahon so it s only French people there and as such the food is really good.. It is both a traditional french bar / brasserie but there is a slightly less hectic restaurant in a small room in the back if you prefer something slighly more spacious / quiet :).. 4, Avenue Mac-Mahon 75 017.. PARIS.. Tel: +33 1 43 80 20 96.. Le Louchébem.. Louchébem is french Butchers slang for Butcher.. If you really want to eat good meat then this is a great place to go.. They serve loads of different cuts from lots of different animals.. You may have to book; it was very busy when we went.. Corner of 10, rue des Prouvaires and 31, rue Berger 75001.. Tel: +33 1 42 33 12 99.. La Rotonde Bastille.. for a funky modern bar serving good snacky food near Bastille.. Bastille can be a bit overwhelming and this bar with friendly staff and a chilled out atmosphere (there s cool art on the walls and funky music in the background) is a good spot to get away from the madness!.. No website, but.. here s the google info page.. on it.. 17 Rue Roquette, 75011 Paris +33 1 47 00 68 93.. Café Grand Corona.. : it s a good stopping point if you re walking towards the Tour Eiffel (and are following the river) and it has amazing hot chocolate they give you a jug of melted chocolate and a jug of milk.. It s up to you how you mix it!.. here s the google page.. 3 Place Alma, 75008 Paris.. Tel: +33 1 47 20 70 27.. Chez Yanick.. for Crêpes.. You re unlikely to see a non-French person here and it s always packed full of Parisiennes.. Make sure (if you like bacon) you have one with Lardons on.. Mmmmmm.. 33 Rue Annonciation, 75016 Paris.. Tel: +33 1 46 47 70 34.. Brasserie Bofinger.. for a good upmarket french dining experience.. The food is excellent, the dress code is relatively formal (the waiters are all in black tie) and most people there are french.. Booking essential.. 3 Rue Bastille, 75004, Paris.. Tel: +33 1 42 72 87 82.. Published on 2010/12/21 at 15:14 by.. gastronomy.. brasserie.. bofinger.. cafe.. grand.. corona.. lateral.. chez.. yanick.. food.. la.. rotonde.. bastille.. le.. louchebem.. paris.. Pure ruby version of MurmurHash 2.. 0.. I needed a 32bit hash generation function and there appeared to be no such obvious hash in ruby.. With a bit of help I found.. murmurhash 2.. which appeared to fit the job.. Below is the code for a pure ruby version of the endian-neutral version:.. module.. Digest.. def.. self.. murmur_hash2.. ( string, seed ).. # seed _must_ be an integer, but I do try to enforce that.. # m and r are mixing constants generated offline.. # They are not really magic, they just happen to work well.. raise.. seed isn't an integer, and I can't convert it either.. unless.. seed.. is_a?(.. Integer.. ).. respond_to?(.. '.. to_i.. ) seed = seed.. to_i.. ) m =.. 0x5bd1e995.. r =.. 24.. len = string.. length h = ( seed ^ len ).. while.. len =.. 4.. string.. scan(.. /.. do.. |data| k = data[.. 0.. ] k |= data[.. ].. 8.. k |= data[.. 16.. 3.. k = ( k * m ) %.. 0x100000000.. k ^= k r k = ( k * m ) %.. h = ( h * m ) %.. h ^= k len -=.. end.. if.. len ==.. then.. h ^= string[.. -1.. -2.. -3.. h ^= h.. 13.. 15.. return.. h.. To use it copy the above into a separate.. rb file (say murmurhash2.. rb) and:.. require.. murmerhash2.. rb.. string =.. the string to be hashed.. seed = an integer result =.. ::murmur_hash2( string, seed ).. I note that.. MurmurHash 3.. is currently in beta so I shall have a go at coding that up once it becomes stable.. I also would quite like to get this into a gem but before I do if anyone has any comments on the above code please let me know!.. Published on 2010/12/14 at 18:18 by.. technology.. hash.. murmurhash.. murmurhash2.. ruby.. A message from the past.. Whilst going through my Grandmother s affairs after she passed away earlier this year my family found part of a letter that she wrote to her parents in November 1940.. I showed it to friends with an interest in war history and they asked if they could use it in their work.. I think it is a fascinating insight into the life of a remarkable woman and the conditions in London during World War II so, with the agreement of my family, I m publishing it here so it can be cited in the future.. Wednesday.. To continue this interrupted letter I d got, I believe, to the stage where we couldn t get on with our work because we got taken to the pub next door for drinks.. We heard a few bombs around then, but in the shelters here you can t hear a thing guns or planes, and everybody is very jolly and helpful.. Betty and I finally finished work last night at 1.. 30, when we changed into slacks, and wrapped ourselves on our stretchers.. The.. ARP.. man on duty knocked us up at 4.. 30, and after a cup of soup four of us sallied forth in a.. WVS.. car up the Holloway Road to one of the shelters holding about 1500 people.. We also went to Finsbury Park tube station where they were all just beginning to pack up their mattresses etc and leave for home, although the All Clear hadn t gone.. These were both reputed to be of the better type of shelter, so what the others are like I don t like to think, although some of the stories are quite unbelievable.. But their cheerfulness through it all is amazing.. One dear old soul of 82 was sitting on a bench recounting her bomb story to a neighbour, and enjoying every moment of it.. We went down to the Corner House afterwards for a large breakfast of bacon and eggs, but those poor blighters had to go back to cold houses and start off on another day of endless work and then back to the shelters again.. Tomorrow (the others have gone back) I m going to see some of the communal feeding centres in N.. Kensington, where the person running it wants some advice on what food to sell.. Then I shall either go back to Colwyn or I may stay another night if I can get a pass for the Minister s train.. They are starting an Underground train which is to go around delivering food etc at a lot of the stations.. Tomorrow evening Lord Woolton and the Lord Mayor etc are going on its first trip, and I ve been offered a ticket.. So if it comes off I shall certainly go.. London is marvellous there s quite a lot of damage, of course, but it s amazing what a lot of bombs seem to have dropped in the streets, and only broken windows and scarred the fronts of the houses.. The actual blitzkrieg is not nearly as bad as it sounds from the papers I expected to be scared stiff, but I find myself as calm as blazes most people just don t worry a scrap and carry on, during the daytime anyway, as if nothing were happening.. We go to earth soon after six, and stay there until next morning.. Monday.. Sorry this never got finished, but as usual there hasn t been much time.. I went on the Minister’s train with all the press and had a great time.. It was most interesting to see the people in the stations we went by car to Notting Hill Gate, and from there by train to Bank station where everyone forgathered.. The Refreshment special came along, and we went non-stop back to N.. H.. G.. where the Lord Mayor presented the cheque to Lord Woolton (incidentally it was in the bank weeks before) and everyone had a look at the food and drink and had their photos taken.. Four of us finally went back to the Strand and had drinks in one basement and supper in the Corner House brasserie.. Then affairs overhead being inactive, we went to the Press Club.. The next morning the same four got up at 4.. 30-ish again and went down to Aldgate.. The report had already come through to Neville House from the Home Office about Coventry.. We first went to the shelter in Aldgate where 14,000 people shelter in a railway warehouse.. This was the one about which there was so much talk at the beginning of the Blitz because it was so indescribably appalling.. But we were very pleased to see that it has all been very much cleared up, and 3-tiered bunks provided, and the whole place has been lit.. So then we went on down to Stepney, where Father Groser, who is the really big man down there took us all round his parish.. It is all rather grim when you see the roofs of the shelters dripping damp and hundreds of people huddled in the corners trying to keep warm and dry.. The buildings, many of them in ruins or gutted shells, look all very eerie in the dawning light, and the poor old people trudging home with their bundles on their backs made me wish that every member of Parliament could be sent down there to spend a night in one of those shelters, and then perhaps something would get done quickly.. One feels so helpless, but I sent a pretty hot report into Drummond about the  ...   of the Liberal Democrats who voted against for whatever reason.. The way the game is played meant that it looked like they wouldn t at some points so it was a big relief to see it happen.. They have all given us a base that means that.. the fight.. continues.. Published on 2010/04/08 at 13:31 by.. adam.. afriyie.. bpi.. bpiboycott.. debill.. digital.. economy.. bill.. ed.. vaisey.. emma.. barnett.. fiona.. mactaggart.. left.. foot.. forward.. metro.. open.. rights.. group.. qwghlm.. skeptobot.. steve.. lawson.. techcrunch.. telegraph.. the.. next.. web.. watson.. william.. heath.. One final push against the Digital Economy Bill via Jim Fitzpatrick MP.. It s been quiet around here I know, but here for the record is the contents of the letter than I sent to my MP,.. Jim Fitzpatrick.. today:.. Dear Jim,.. I apologise up front if this email comes over as sounding frustrated but last night spoke for itself.. The Digital Economy Bill Debate last night was, frankly, embarrassing for Parliament.. This is an issue of confidence in our democratic process for a lot of people.. Some stats from.. http://debillitated.. heroku.. com/.. Out of 646 MPs only 40 turned up and only 10 stayed for the whole debate.. In contrast there were 5251 individuals discussing it on twitter, with 16180 tweets published.. At peak it was one of the top 10 topics globally and has 20x more tweets/minute than any tweets to do with the UK election.. People do care about this and to see the scorn that parliament is treating this issue is damning.. Some quotes from the debate last night to save you looking it up in Hansard:.. Austin Mitchell.. said:.. What would a delay of another three months or so in order to discuss the Bill properly and give it full consideration do? There would be no danger in taking such an approach.. A delay of three months would not produce the collapse of the creative industries, which has been held up as the threat hanging over us.. This needs to be settled and discussed by the Commons through its full procedures; this should not be a rushed Bill, carried on the basis of the half attention of a discredited, dying and distracted Parliament.. John Redwood.. It is a disgrace that the House is not treated with courtesy by the Government.. It is quite wrong that a Bill of such importance and magnitude was not tabled earlier.. It is quite wrong that there is an attempt to rush through all parts of the Bill without proper scrutiny and debate.. John Grogan.. observed:.. I looked at all the Bills that received a Second Reading after a Prime Minister had gone to the palace-I went back as far as 1987 I managed to find the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Bill in 1987, the Architects Bill in 1997, the Lieutenancies Bill in 1997 and the International Organisations Bill in 2005.. What they all shared in common was that there was no dispute between hon.. Members in respect of them.. It really is shameful that we are proceeding in this way.. It is a very great pity that the Bill cannot be tested in Committee in the light of some of those questions.. As a twice ex-Whip, I am rather embarrassed by the fact that the Bill is being railroaded through in the wash-up.. Frankly, there has been a squalid deal between the three Front Benches, and they should be ashamed of themselves.. The people who care about this Bill-and there are many out there-will see that for what it is.. Please, take the time to vote against this horrendously badly draughted bill, or at least push to have it delayed for full scrutiny in the next Parliament.. If you feel you can t do that then please talk to the whips about it to explain that there is a significant groundswell of opinion about this and that it very much is a voting issue.. What happened to the.. Court of Public Opinion.. that Harriet Harman relied on so much over Fred Goodwin? Doesn t it matter now? Does the lobbying and.. discredited statistics.. of the.. matter more?.. I have also signed the open letter here which you may find a worthwhile read:.. http://nevali.. net/post/501647501/an-open-letter-to-sion-simon-pete-wishart-david.. I will be publishing this letter on my blog at.. http://toblog.. bryans.. org/.. Many thanks once again for taking the time to read this, I do appreciate it.. Best wishes,.. 2010-04-07 11:20.. : Jim Fitzpatrick s reply:.. Like many MPs Toby, I was watching much of the debate in my office here at Westminster until the close.. The debate resumes today and I will update you with the outcome.. It will be interesting to see what changes are made today but there is a lot of consensus that much of the Bill is needed as I read in Hansard from some of the speeches I missed.. I ll let you know the outcome,.. Best Wishes, Jim.. 2010-04-07 11:40.. : My reply to Jim Fitzpatrick:.. Jim,.. Thank you for your reply as always.. Unfortunately the statistics that the pro consensus are based on are incorrect or based on a flawed basis:.. The entertainment industry as a whole has seen record revenues.. The period from January until October 2009 saw record singles sales within the UK, according to the British Phonographic Industry.. So much so that the number of singles sold in that period was nearly three times the number sold for the whole of 2002.. The statistics presented to Parliament are a simplistic measure of losses, based upon estimates of file-sharing supplied by the British Phonographic Industry (themselves extrapolated from a survey of a small group of people, and was widely debunked in June 2009).. Indeed, the sectors of industry which the referenced report claims could suffer three hundred thousand job losses in the UK employs only marginally more than that to begin with.. Is it really the case that legitimate sales will cease altogether, despite rising steadily for the past ten years?.. I should also note that the consensus on the pro side consisted of the same number of the consensus against in the debate.. There are an awful lot of creative people who do not want this bill.. It is only the large companies that have not moved quickly with technology that want it.. As always increased regulation will only serve to shore up the market incumbants and make it more difficult for independents and new startups to enter the industry.. I consider this a bad thing.. Do you? This will also apply to the ISPs that the burden of cost will fall on for the (technological unfeasable) measures the bill forces on them.. Please, at the least, ask your whips to drop clause 11 to 18 which are by far the most damaging clauses in this bill.. Many thanks again for reading,.. 2010-04-07 14:28.. Thanks Toby, I ll let you know what happens,.. Jim.. 2010-04-08 12:16.. : Jim Fitzpatrick was one of the Ayes.. Published on 2010/04/07 at 10:44 by.. jim.. fitzpatrick.. 1.. 5.. Next.. Last.. Search.. Buttons.. Links.. activism.. Another Chance To See.. Bartholomew's Notes on Religion.. Big Sticks and Small Carrots.. Bloggerheads.. Bloggerheads: The Alisher Usmanov Affair.. Craig Murray.. Daily Mail Watch.. Enemies of Reason.. Express Watch.. Freeborn John.. Heather Brooke.. Here Comes Everybody.. Jess Worth's blog.. Kim Cameron's Identity Weblog.. Last Chance to See.. Little Man, What Now?.. Ministry of Truth.. Pundit Predictions.. co.. uk.. Richard Wilson's blog.. The Lockerbie Case.. The Open Rights Group.. The Quiet Road.. The Sun - Tabloid Lies.. The UK Today.. Winston Smith.. comics.. Comics I Don't Understand.. Darkgate Comic Slurper.. garfield minus garfield.. Gary Barker's Illustration blog.. KUKUBURI by Ramón Pérez.. Paradigm Shift.. The Comics Curmudgeon.. (title unknown).. design.. Particletree RSS Digest.. Presentation Zen.. Typographica.. education.. It Shouldn't Happen to a Teacher.. Mr.. Chalk.. Ranting Teacher.. Scenes From The Battleground.. 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The Law West of Ealing Broadway.. The Lawyer - Latest blogs.. The Policeman's Blog.. World Weary Detective.. literature-and-language.. And another thing.. Approaching Pavonis Mons by balloon.. Charlie's Diary.. COGNITIVE RESONANCE.. Hub Magazine.. Language Log.. MMS RSS Feed.. Nee Naw.. Richard Morgan's News Views.. The Early Days of a Better Nation.. The Skinner.. World Wide Words updates.. medical.. Baby blue pyjamas.. Dr Petra Boynton I Blog.. Dr Rant.. Life in the NHS.. Mental Nurse.. Mind Hacks.. Mixing Memory.. Morbid Anatomy.. NHS Blog Doctor.. Not so Newbie at EOC.. Random Acts Of Reality.. Richard Wiseman's Blog.. Sexual Intelligence.. SharpBrains.. Siren voices.. The Angry Medic.. The Paramedic's Diary.. The Wisdom of Whores.. When I Use a Word.. You Are Not So Smart » Just World Fallacy.. Amici Chamber Choir :.. Diary Of A Busker.. Fit And The Conniptions LJ Page.. Ghostly Cast.. salem grine blog.. The John B Podcast.. The Police Diver's Notebook.. trespassers william.. news.. BBC News | UK | UK Edition.. BBC News | World | UK Edition.. Open Source Geopolitics.. The Churner Prize.. Wharf.. people-and-personal.. :: The Wendy House ::.. A bunch of hooey.. A Daisy Through Concrete.. A stilted and jerky version of what is me.. aircraftgallery.. net Latest News (RSS).. AnnaRusselli's Weblog.. alpower.. Dark Gate Message of the Day.. Databases and Life.. David Emery Online.. Dosh.. Gary Andrews.. KateEvans.. Matthew Hill's website.. Not local.. OBJECTS.. ourpolyfamily.. petite anglaise.. readingtype.. Reprocessed.. Salut!.. Shadows.. The Devil's Advocate.. The Spectator.. uk Alex Massie Blog.. Viva Latin America!.. Why, That's Delightful!.. photography.. Bright Photography.. dpreview.. com Developer blog.. com Editorial blog.. DSLRBLOG.. EOSrebels.. com Blog.. mandolux«.. Photocritic photography blog.. Boris Johnson MP.. Channel 4 News - FactCheck.. Chicken Yoghurt.. histologion.. Ideal Government.. Ideal Government Europe.. Jerry Fishenden's technology policy blog.. Lords of the Blog.. Margot Wallström.. Non Tibi Spiro.. Nosemonkey's EUtopia.. Owen abroad.. rhetorically speaking.. Rock and A Hard Place 2010.. Spy Blog - SpyBlog.. org.. The Bureau Of Sabotage.. Tom Watson MP.. UN Dispatch.. science.. Aetiology.. badscience.. Black Triangle.. Creaturecast.. DC's Improbable Science.. DC's IMPROBABLE SCIENCE.. Deltoid.. Depleted Cranium.. Discovering Biology in a Digital World.. New Scientist - Latest Headlines.. New Scientist - Quantum World.. Null Hypothesis.. Physics Buzz.. Scientific Misconduct Blog.. Skepticblog.. The Echinoblog.. security.. Light Blue Touchpaper.. Schneier on Security.. Stupid Security.. The Real Hustler.. subterranean.. Subterranean Greenwich and Kent.. technical.. A List Apart.. Adobe UI Gripes.. blackbag.. Cisco IOS hints and tricks.. Damn Interesting.. David Pilling Software.. Ditherati: See the Digerati Dither, Daily.. Drobe Launchpad News.. Engadget.. Extremetech.. Extremetech Reviews.. Game + Life Review (2/10).. Geek Dinner London.. Gentoo Linux News.. Gizmodo.. IDIOT TOYS: Tech reviews for the bored.. Joel on Software.. Jorge Camoes' Charts.. Lifehacker.. MAKE Magazine: Make: television.. Revealing Errors.. RISKS Digest.. Signal vs.. Noise.. Slashdot:.. TechCrunch.. TechCrunch UK.. The Icon Bar (RSS 0.. 9 feed).. the INQUIRER.. The Register.. Typo official weblog.. useful.. things.. Wolfram|Alpha Blog.. transport.. Bloodbus.. bus driving.. Going Underground's Blog.. Underground Gal.. virtualization.. NetApp Communities : All Content - Ask The Expert.. Virtualization news for the channel community and you !.. VM /ETC.. Powered by.. Publify.. – Thème.. Frédéric de Villamil.. | Photo.. Glenn..

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    Descriptive info: A quick, but important, post.. First a quote from Barack Obama, today:.. And those of us who manage the public s dollars will be held to account to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.. Whilst this was said, our MPs here in the UK are pushing to hide the details of their expenses (that is: the money that we let them spend) from us, eroding even more the trust between the government and its owners and continuing the chipping away of democracy in the UK.. If you are a member of facebook then please join.. this group.. Either way have a.. read of this.. and follow their helpful three step plan.. I ve written to my MP.. Have you?.. 2009-01-21 13:20: Good news from The Open Rights Group:.. the amendments have been killed.. Published on 2009/01/20 at 18:14 by.. barack.. obama.. democracy.. expenses.. facebook.. Today is.. Open Rights Group s.. third birthday.. Most of you who read this will know that I care greatly (often to the point of apoplexy) about digital rights and personal privacy.. ORG.. can somehow take all my pent up rage and manages to channel it into civil discourse and lobbying.. This is important, both for my stress levels and for the nation as a whole.. As part of the celebrations they have published their.. 2008 Annual Report.. and for a slightly more casual approach.. this blog entry.. Please have a read and if you aren t already a member and have even the vaguest unease at the way our government is encroaching into ownership (and ongoing losses) of our personal data and online lives then give them.. your support.. Happy Third Birthday.. !.. Published on 2008/11/19 at 18:12 by.. database.. state.. org.. According to.. :.. Identity checks will normally rely on the biometric data held on cards and passports rather than the National Identity Register.. HA HA HA HA HA HA.. Noooo, that s not going to  ...   would add that Gordon Brown is complicit in our economic downfall as well with his constant bolstering of the property market in the UK.. His initiatives such as key worker loans and buy-to-let mortgages are market manipulation.. Whether he introduced these misguided policies out of the goodness of his heart or with an eye on political endorsements from the Daily Mail house prices are everything crowd I ll leave as an exercise for the reader.. : 16:40 Eric Falkenstein.. makes a similar point.. : 2008-10-20 15:00 The Washington Post.. agrees.. Published on 2008/10/16 at 10:07 by.. allister.. cityam.. eric.. falkenstein.. falkenblog.. gordon.. brown.. subprime.. washington.. post.. please stop trying to.. shore up the property market.. Don t you realise that your previous form on this is one of the reasons that we re here in the first place?.. It would be much appreciated by all of us with an eye on the long term.. Thank you.. Published on 2008/10/10 at 12:03 by.. alistair.. darling.. idiocy.. new.. labour.. I ve been quiet recently; many apologies to my few readers.. Something which I feel is worth passing on has made me temporarily break cover.. Via.. Sackerson.. (his followup is.. worth reading.. too) comes this entry :http://lilith-stuff.. blogspot.. com/2008/06/mama-mia.. html which I can t add to as Sackerson has covered it all.. It just makes me feel very very sad about the state of politics in this country.. Published on 2008/06/18 at 18:24 by.. gramscian.. left.. sackerson.. 4 comments.. Passing the buck.. David Miliband, Yesterday in Parliament.. I point out to Conservative Members that every previous amending treaty, Labour or Tory, has been presented to and passed by Parliament.. That is our job and we should get on with it.. Interesting this.. Is David implying that the job of Parliament is to.. pass.. every amendment to the European Treaty? Now, I may be missing the point here, but isn t the job of parliament to debate and then decide to pass the amendments or not? Isn t this democracy?.. Published on 2007/10/10 at 11:36 by.. david.. miliband.. europe.. hansard..

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