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  • Title: Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit
    Descriptive info: .. Information Calendar.. BAMRU is a volunteer wilderness search and rescue team.. specialized for operations involving difficult terrain, challenging.. weather conditions, or high altitude.. We are based in the.. San Francisco Bay Area and operate throughout California.. Donate to BAMRU..

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  • Title: BAMRU Calendar
    Descriptive info: SERVING THE GREATER.. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA.. CALENDAR.. BLOG.. HOME.. WHO WE ARE.. JOINING BAMRU.. PHOTO GALLERY.. MEETING LOCATIONS.. LINKS TO SAR SITES.. OPERATIONS.. DONATE.. CONTACT US.. "There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same".. - Chinese Proverb.. BAMRU CALENDAR.. MEETINGS.. TRAININGS.. COMMUNITY EVENTS.. Guest Policy.. Permission to participate in any BAMRU event is at the sole discretion of BAMRU.. Selected BAMRU trainings are open to guests provided the guest has: (1) attended the general meeting preceding the training, (2) turned in a completed Sheriff's Office waiver form and been "sworn" by a designated Sheriff's official, and (3) met with the training leader and been approved by that leader as meeting any prerequisites specific to that training.. Two or three trainings during the spring recruiting drive are typically open to guests.. Most other trainings are less open to guests; refer to the description of individual trainings for further information.. All events and schedules are subject to change.. Alternate Calendar Views.. Google Calendar.. CSV.. Training & Events.. BAMRU Calendar.. Our general meetings are open to the public.. Some trainings are open to guests who have attended the general meeting preceding the training (see.. to the right); others are open only to BAMRU trainees and members.. See the descriptions of individual events for further information.. Showing events from.. Aug-2014.. Jan-2006.. Jan-2007.. Jan-2008.. Jan-2009.. Jan-2010.. Jan-2011.. Jan-2012.. Jan-2013.. Jan-2014.. Jan-2015.. to.. Sep-2015.. Meetings.. 7:30-9:30 PM.. General Meeting.. Castro Valley Nike Classroom.. Aug 18, 2014.. TBA.. Redwood City Jury Assembly Room.. Sep 15.. Trainings.. Pizza and Skills night.. Daly City (Grishaver's house).. Aug 13, 2014.. Chromik.. Technical Rope Skills Night.. Palo Alto.. Aug 20.. Kantarjiev.. Basic Technical Rescue.. Fort Funston and Devil's Slide.. Aug 23-24.. Lohr.. Skills Night: Technical Rescue Practice.. Albany.. Sep 1.. Gleason.. Guiding line practice.. Sep 9.. Allen.. Small Alpine- Mt.. Langley.. TBA.. Sep 11-14.. Pizza and Skills Night.. 38 Fair Ave.. San Francisco, CA.. Sep 11.. Dedecko.. CPR/ AED/ First Aid Recert.. Room 101, 455 County Center.. Sep 17.. Ellison.. Advanced Technical Rescue.. Yosemite.. Sep 19-21.. Community Events.. SAREX.. Napa County.. Sep 5-7, 2014..  ...   teach/practice/demonstrate your skills!.. Aug 20, 2014.. Leaders: Kantarjiev.. Enjoy pizza, refresh your skills or learn some new ones before the Technical Skills weekend.. We can set up a complete two-line system, practice some anchors, work on that pesky radium release hitch, and remind ourselves of what a proper belay looks like.. Aug 23-24, 2014.. Leaders: Lohr.. Basic Technical Rescue is two full days, covering the basics of our standard two-line high-angle rescue system.. Participants must have completed the Basic Rock Skills training.. Sep 1, 2014.. Leaders: Blake Gleason.. Description: One week after our Basic Technical Rescue training, we will review, refine, practice and build muscle memory for the skills and techniques required for basic two-line technical rescue systems.. We will build and operate realistic systems with realistic loads, all in the comfort of a backyard setting.. Signoffs will be available for demonstrated skills.. Sep 9, 2014.. Leaders: Allen.. Sep 11-14, 2014.. A small alpine trip summiting Mt.. Practice travel at altitude and off-trail navigation.. Sep 11, 2014.. Leaders: Dedecko.. Sep 17, 2014.. Leaders: David Ellison.. Challenge course to recert your Red Cross CPR certification, offered for free by the SMC SO.. If you have your own face shield, bring it, and also review the current professional CPR standards beforehand.. Sep 19-21, 2014.. Three day course covers advanced topics in building and operating technical rescue systems.. Rescue systems with greater exposure, double fall line considerations, steep angle with multiple attendants, and guiding lines.. Attendance limited by available camping space; Technical Rescue signoffs and leader permission are prerequisites.. Leaders: TBA.. SAREX is the annual Northern California Search and Rescue Exercise sponsored by California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal-OES) and one or more host agencies.. The event takes place the weekend after Labor Day, and rotates annually throughout Northern California county venues.. Feel free to get in touch with Farrand if you have any questions.. EMERGENCY SERVICES BUREAU CALENDAR.. BAMRU is one of several specialized units comprising the San Mateo Sheriff's Office.. Emergency Services Bureau.. (ESB).. The full.. ESB Calendar.. shows BAMRU events along with those of other units.. Copyright 2004-2014 Bay Area Mountain Rescue..  ..

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  • Title: Donate to BAMRU
    Descriptive info: We thank our.. commercial.. sponsors.. Join our 2013.. truck.. campaign.. DONATE TO BAMRU.. "Doh!".. - Homer Simpson.. BAMRU is an all-volunteer wilderness search and rescue (SAR) unit, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.. We look for and help people lost or stranded anywhere outdoors in California.. We depend on public contributions to cover our expenses.. Please donate.. BAMRU is a public service for our local community.. Recent searches include:.. a five-year-old girl in Woodside.. Sandra Cantu in Tracy.. a Girl Scout in the Santa Mateo / Santa Cruz mountains.. elderly/at risk adults in San Francisco, Ross, Hillsborough, Corte de Madera Open Space Reserve, Golden Gate National Park and the Point Reyes National Seashore.. missing persons in the San Bruno Fire.. searches and rescues in Skyline Ridge Open Space, Portola State Park and along Highway 92.. More about our searches can be found on.. our blog.. operations map.. All of our funding comes from donations and member contributions, with some assistance from the San Mateo County Sheriff's Emergency Services Bureau primarily for fuel and ropes.. Substantially all of our expenditures go directly to fund searches, trainings, and support supplies and  ...   in all terrain, in all weather, and in all seasons.. Members of BAMRU are climbers, mountaineers, backpackers and skiers who train in a variety of skills used for wilderness search and rescue.. BAMRU members live all over the Bay Area, from Marin to Santa Cruz and from San Francisco to Contra Costa County.. The unit is an independent, tax-exempt public charity as described in IRS section 501(c) (3) (Federal ID 23-7098709).. It is a non-profit corporation with an elected board of directors, affiliated with the San Mateo County (California) Sheriff's Emergency Services Bureau.. BAMRU is a member organization of the Mountain Rescue Association and the Bay Area Search and Rescue Council (BASARC).. BAMRU members donate their time for training and emergency operations.. No payment is expected for our services.. BAMRU has also sponsored three other teams in achieving their Mountain Rescue Association accreditations.. In addition to cash donations, BAMRU is in need of replacing its aging rescue truck with a 3/4 ton or larger 4x4 pickup, and greatly welcomes donations for its replacement, including a direct donation of a new or reliable and serviceable used vehicle meeting BAMRU's mission needs..

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  • Title: Information about BAMRU
    Descriptive info: "Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.. ".. - Richard Nixon.. WHAT IS BAMRU.. CONTRIBUTING.. EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE.. BAMRU CHARACTERISTICS.. SPEAKER REQUESTS.. BASARC.. MRA.. Information about BAMRU.. What is BAMRU?.. BAMRU is an accredited member of the Mountain Rescue Association and is a FEMA and California OES Type I search and rescue resource.. This means that we have the ability to operate safely and effectively, night or day, in all terrain, in all weather, in all seasons.. We particularly welcome people who live in our home county of San Mateo.. The unit is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit corporation with an elected board of directors, affiliated with the San Mateo County (California) Sheriff's Emergency Services Bureau.. BAMRU is a member organization of the.. (BASARC) and of the.. How can I contribute to BAMRU?.. BAMRU is a non-profit, volunteer organization.. The San Mateo county Sherrif's Office supports us by replacing most but not all of worn or retired equipment.. The unit's expenses are modest, and include truck insurance and maintenance, replacement and updating of rescue equipment, 24-hour status and emergency phone numbers, and communication and administrative costs.. BAMRU's budget is covered almost entirely by the contributions of current members and a small number of donors.. Tax-deductible donations to BAMRU are most welcome, and should be sent to BAMRU, P.. O.. Box 19184, Stanford, CA 94309.. Donors will be acknowledged to members unless anonymity is requested.. How can  ...   gives us autonomy in setting training standards and operational procedures.. It also frees the unit from most of the bureaucracy typical of government agencies.. BAMRU draws upon the community of backcountry travellers.. BAMRU members are experienced backpackers, climbers, mountaineers, and skiers.. Our experience allows us to work safely and comfortably in challenging and hazardous wilderness situations.. BAMRU members develop a wide range of advanced skills.. As a technical rescue team, BAMRU has the skills necessary for low- and high-angle rescue operations.. But beyond that, BAMRU members strive to develop advanced skills in such disciplines as tracking, search operation management, and wilderness medicine.. Will BAMRU come speak to my group?.. BAMRU members are happy to speak about search and rescue and about safe wilderness travel to groups in the San Francisco Bay Area.. Please.. contact us.. to arrange a presentation.. Arrangements should be made at least 3 months in advance of the presentation.. What is BASARC?.. The.. works to foster cooperation and standard search management practices among volunteer SAR teams from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area region.. BASARC works to ensure that mutual aid operations in the Bay Area proceed smoothly.. Its management protocols are extraordinarily effective in large search operations.. What is the MRA?.. BAMRU is a member team of the.. (MRA).. The MRA is an international organization of wilderness search and rescue teams specializing in mountaineering and technical SAR operations.. As an MRA team, BAMRU must undergo annual recertification in rock rescue, winter operations, and general search techniques..

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  • Title: Joining BAMRU
    Descriptive info: ABOUT OUR MEMBERS.. PARTICIPATION.. LEARN MORE.. EXPECTATIONS.. HOW TO APPLY.. OUTSIDE THE BAY AREA.. Joining BAMRU.. About our Members.. BAMRU members are men and women who share a desire to put their specialized outdoors skills to use in the service of people missing or injured in the wilderness.. BAMRU members are climbers, skiers, mountaineers and backpackers.. Self-sufficiency is a trademark of BAMRU.. Members are prepared to operate in the field autonomously and without support, for up to 72 hours.. Who can participate in BAMRU.. The minimum requirement to join BAMRU is to be an experienced backpacker aged 18 or older, able to plan and execute a multi-day Sierra backpacking trip and have it not be a big deal.. You have to have good physical conditioning to perform well on long days, sometimes with little sleep.. We very much welcome specialized skills, including rock climbing and mountaineering, advanced medical training, ham radio, and prior SAR experience.. We want to continue to strengthen our mountaineering capabilities, and are particularly interested in people with glacier travel and alpine experience.. But these are not prerequisites.. We do require certification in CPR for the professional rescuer (either American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer or American Heart Association Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider) and Basic First Aid before application to become a Trainee Member.. These are not required to participate in trainings as a guest.. Search and rescue entails hard physical labor, sleep deprivation, and substantial disruption to your schedule.. You must have the ability, willingness, and flexibility to respond to operational call-outs on short notice (sometimes in the middle of the night), as well as commit time to monthly trainings and meetings.. To perservere as a mountain rescue volunteer, you will need the support of your loved ones, and your workmates.. Learn More.. If you would like to learn more about how you can become involved in BAMRU, come to a General Meeting shown on the.. calendar.. If you have specific questions, feel free to.. write to us.. BAMRU will be offering a search and rescue basic training course in January and March.. Attending these trainings and the January/February/March meetings is the best way to learn about BAMRU, meet BAMRU members, acquire useful search-and-rescue skills, and prepare yourself  ...   eligibile to go on operations on a case-by-case basis.. Trainees who attend all the trainings and the operations to which they are invited can expect promotion within a year.. There is a second year of advanced training to receive promotion to the level of Technical Member in BAMRU and in the Mountain Rescue Association.. The time commitment to be a BAMRU trainee is large.. Trainings are typically full weekends.. Most trainees find they have to spend additional time practicing skills to achieve full mastery.. Callouts come at inconvenient times and can require you to change or cancel your plans on short notice.. It is essential that Trainee Members have a life that can accomodate these demands.. BAMRU is not for everyone and there are others ways to be a search and rescue volunteer.. The San Mateo Sheriff's Office.. SMCSAR.. contributes to to many search and rescue operations and provides other services such as medical patrols and traffic and public safety at major events.. Every California county except San Francisco has a search and rescue team which welcomes committed volunteers.. How to Apply for Trainee Membership?.. Before applying to become a trainee, guests must attend at least two BAMRU meetings and two trainings.. Guests may then fill out and submit the.. application form.. and meet with the Board of Directors.. We recommend you talk to the Unit Leader or a senior member before filling out the application.. BAMRU is a resource of the San Mateo Sheriff's Office.. Joining BAMRU entails joining the Sheriff's Volunteer Forces.. After being accepted to BAMRU, you will have about 60 days to complete and submit a detailed, lengthy, time-consuming and intrusive Sheriff's background check form.. Should the Sheriff's Office in its sole judgement determine that your background is unsuitable, you will not be able to be a part of BAMRU.. Background issues of particular concern include a felony conviction, restraining order, or outstanding criminal charge; any such concerns should be discussed with the Unit Leader.. prior.. to submitting an application.. If I live outside the San Francisco Bay Area, how can I get involved in SAR?.. If you would like to learn about opportunities to contribute to search and rescue efforts in your community, contact your county sheriff or other local law enforcement agency..

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  • Title: BAMRU Photo Gallery
    Descriptive info: Early morning.. search in Pulgas Ridge.. Open Space Preserve.. Rock Skills Training.. at Mt Tamalpais.. High-Angle Rescue.. Training at Yosemite NP.. Joshua Tree NP.. Navigation during.. a misty search in.. Mariposa County.. Some tourists check.. out our high-line.. Winter Skills Training.. in Sequoia NP.. Air support helps.. scan cliffs at a search.. in Marin County.. A military helicopter.. helps extract our subject.. located in San Pedro.. Valley County Park.. Medical scenario.. with injured subjects.. Glacier Travel.. Crevasse Rescue.. Training at Mt Shasta.. Probe line during.. near Lake Tahoe.. Arranging transportation.. on a search in Yosemite.. CURRENT GALLERY.. 2004 GALLERY.. Alpine Skills Training..  ...   planes.. Backcounty Traverse.. Training in Yosemite.. Teaching wilderness.. safety and rescue basics.. to Cub Scouts.. Multi-pitch Training.. to Tenaya Peak.. On-site search planning.. with various agencies.. Routefinding on a.. search above Hetch.. Hetchy Reservoir.. Right: Litter handling.. practice in Redwood City.. Middle: Helping our.. subject onto a gurney.. after an urban search.. in Pacifica.. We search and practice.. in difficult terrain.. but tend to.. like the challenge.. and always try to.. have a good time.. and put our interesting.. talents to use.. Back to the Bay Area;.. a nice place to call home!.. Photo Gallery.. Photos from recent BAMRU trainings and operations..

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  • Title: BAMRU Meeting Location
    Descriptive info: PENINSULA MEETING.. EAST BAY MEETING.. "You can never conquer the mountain.. You can only conquer yourself.. - James Whittaker.. Meeting Locations.. Our Peninsula meetings are in Redwood City, CA in either of the two buildings below.. Refer to the Calendar for details.. 455 County Center Room 101.. Entrance is on the south side of the building.. 400  ...   Entrance is on the north side of the building.. Look for the BAMRU member in the red jacket to let you through the locked entrance.. Please arrive promptly as you may not be able to get in otherwise.. 17930 Lake Chabot Road, Castro Valley.. Follow the driveway at 17930 to the classroom at the top of the hill..

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  • Title: Links to SAR-related sites
    Descriptive info: SEARCH & RESCUE LINKS.. "To those who have struggled with them, the mountaines reveal beauties that they will not disclose to those who make no effort.. - Sir Francis Younghusband.. Search & Rescue Links.. Websites related to BAMRU and Search & Rescue.. California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA).. California Office of Emergency Services (OES).. National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR).. Links to other Bay Area SAR teams.. Suggested training programs.. Foster Calm First Aid and Leadership Training.. Joel Hardin's Universal Tracking Services.. Wilderness Medicine Institute.. Dave Beck Avalanche Courses.. Alpine Skills International.. First Aid and Leadership Trainings..

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  • Title: BAMRU Operations
    Descriptive info: "Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting.. So.. get on your way.. - Dr.. Seuss.. View Larger Map.. BAMRU Operations.. Showing operations from.. Sep-2012.. Oct-2014..

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  • Title: BAMRU Contacts
    Descriptive info: CONTACTS.. Contact Us.. We look forward to hearing from you.. Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit..

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  • Title: BAMRU's Google Calendar
    Descriptive info: "Its a long way to the top, if you want to rock and roll!".. - AC/DC..

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