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  • Title: Anti-Corruption - Anti-Corruption Quiz | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Reduce the Risks of Corruption.. Anti-Corruption Quiz: Are You Adequately Addressing Corruption?.. Does your company and/or your supply chain partners have the systems in place to effectively prevent corruption? Take the quick quiz to find out.. Take the quiz now.. org will not share your information.. Check box if you do not want to receive CREATe news.. NO EMAIL..

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  • Title: Brazil Roundtable: Corruption/IP Theft | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Home.. Brazil Roundtable: Companies Share Views on Corruption and IP Theft.. July 16, 2013.. |.. Anti-corruption.. ,.. Intellectual Property Protection.. SHARE:.. Anti-corruption initiatives and the importance of responsible global business practices were topics discussed at a Roundtable in Sao Paulo, Brazil.. The event, hosted by CREATe.. org and the Brazilian Institute for Ethics in Competition (.. ETCO.. ), brought together more than 20 executives from leading Brazilian companies and organizations working in a range of industries spanning from food and beverage to energy, telecoms, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and other areas.. Congressman Carlos Zarattini kicked off the discussion by sharing insights on anti-corruption legislation recently passed by the Brazillian legislature and now awaiting signature by the President.. Following that keynote, participants discussed the importance of the legislation aligning with the U.. N.. Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), which has been ratified by 166 parties and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions.. In addition, the participants discussed the complexity of having local, state and federal authorities in Brazil involved in enforcing the law.. Former Brazilian Ambassador to the U.. S.. , China, and Germany, and current ETCO CEO, Roberto Abdenur, shared insights into the local business environment,  ...   guidance around best practices.. The top themes emerging from the discussion included the following:.. 1.. Companies are very focused on building internal compliance programs to address anti-corruption, and some large IP-intensive companies are focused on IP compliance programs, but all recognize the opportunity to mature their internal compliance programs.. 2.. Companies understand the need to extend compliance programs to key suppliers and business partners, in particular small and medium-enterprises, while recognizing the challenges of doing so.. 3.. At the same time, companies see the importance of taking steps toward maturing compliance programs, as well as ensuring that compliance programs address the unique culture of an organization were also discussed.. SUBSCRIBE.. TAGS.. Intellectual Property (46).. Anti-corruption (36).. Supply Chain (17).. Intellectual Property Protection (17).. Counterfeit (15).. Global Supply Chains (11).. Compliance (9).. Trade Secret Theft (8).. IP (5).. FCPA (2).. Corporate Social Responsibility (2).. Events (1).. risk mitigation (1).. corporate compliance (1).. fighting corruption (1).. FEATURED STORIES.. Intellectual Property Protection: Not Just for the Legal Department.. Fighting Corruption: Good for Corporations.. Pilot Update: IP Protection Status – Insight on Asia.. IN THE NEWS.. Foreign Affairs: How to Protect Intellectual Property by CREATe’s Pamela Passman.. Visit News Events.. 2 days 13 hours.. 2 days 19 hours.. 3 days 18 hours..

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  • Title: Anti-Corruption - Anti-Corruption Quiz | CREATe.org
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  • Title: Mexico: IP Protection and Anti-Corruption | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Mexico: IP Protection and Anti-Corruption.. November 20, 2013.. This week, CREATe.. org s Pamela Passman joined business leaders in Mexico City to discuss new approaches to protecting intellectual property (IP) and preventing corruption.. At an.. International Chamber of Commerce.. (ICC) Mexico Chapter meeting, Passman gave a presentation in which she discussed the risks associated with IP theft and corruption including financial losses, legal proceedings and reputational harm.. She shared insights into how companies can take a management systems approach that includes practices, processes and protocols to ensure employees, suppliers and business partners can effectively protect IP and  ...   which also focused on IP protection and anti-corruption.. She gave an introductory talk which was followed by presentations by government officials on the impact of piracy on business.. The week also included meetings with officials from governmental organizations including the National Institute of the Entrepreneurship (.. Instituto Nacional del Emprendedor or INADEM.. ) and.. ProMexico.. , the institution in charge of strengthening Mexico s participation in the international economy.. Passman also had meetings with the.. Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property (IMPI),.. the Mexican Association of Information Technology Industry (.. AMITI.. ) and the.. Mexican Institute of Competitiveness..

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  • Title: Investment and Compliance | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Investment and Compliance.. What do senior executives view as the top risk in cross-border deals? According to a.. study.. by the Economist Intelligence Unit for law firm Baker McKenzie LLP, 46% of the respondents cited legal and regulatory challenges as the top risk to such deals.. Investors around the world are increasingly concerned about compliance.. Case in point: CREATe.. org s COO Craig Moss recently participated in a China Compliance Officer Forum held by private equity firms for their portfolio companies.. The two events, held in Beijing and Shanghai, addressed the key areas of compliance for companies looking to adhere to global guidelines for anti-corruption.. Sessions covered a range of topics, from a discussion on the more aggressive enforcement by Chinese Regulatory Authorities, to compliance requirements for new investors, an initial public offering (IPO) or company sale.. The presentation by CREATe focused on the importance of moving  ...   their anti-corruption laws.. # # #.. In the US, Craig Moss is participating in another workshop targeted to companies poised for an initial public offering.. This week, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Governance Services is holding an.. IPO Readiness Conference.. which focuses on governance and compliance risks and opportunities when going through the initial public offering (IPO) process.. The one-day session takes place at the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, November 21.. st.. The program will break down the elements of a compliance program for companies needing to prevent fraud in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).. The presentation by CREATe will focus on leveraging technology to develop a scalable monitoring program; and will explore how processes and a broader management system are needed to complement technology for effective monitoring.. For more information about the conference, please visit.. Corpedia.. com..

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  • Title: U.S. businesses urge Japan to take action on trade secret protection | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: U.. businesses urge Japan to take action on trade secret protection.. November 19, 2013.. American business interests in Japan are calling on Tokyo to use its clout to move the global marketplace towards a robust and uniform system of protection against the theft of trade secrets.. The.. position paper Viewpoint.. , published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), comes amid the growing problem of theft of competitive information such things as manufacturing techniques, sophisticated technologies, secret formulas and company strategy particularly by electronic means.. This proprietary information has become increasingly important to the value of companies in high-end manufacturing, defense, health care, and other sectors, and often represents years of work and millions of dollars worth of research.. Trade secret theft directly threatens the revenue and growth potential of Japanese and American companies, says the paper, written by the Chamber s Intellectual Property Committee.. The impact of trade secret theft can be devastating to both business and consumers.. ACCJ calls on the Government of Japan to work with its trading partners to put in place best practices around  ...   Under TRIPS--Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights WTO members are expected to provide effective protection for intellectual property, but the paper says that in many countries, including the EU, laws protecting trade secrets are underdeveloped and in some markets, protection is effectively non-existent, or available only on a contractual basis.. In addition, the litigation systems in some countries require public disclosure of the trade secret in any enforcement action, which is clearly counterproductive, it says.. The ACCJ also urges Tokyo to support voluntary standards set by members of industry, rather than setting rigid regulations, to combat theft, and help establish safe harbors for sharing information related to theft and threats without disclosing trade secrets.. Protecting know-how is critical to the growth of Japanese and American industry Therefore, it is critical to the long-term competiveness of both the United States and Japan to cultivate a policy environment that makes it possible to mitigate any threat, to these valuable assets, the report concludes.. Japan has the third largest economy in the world, after the United States and China.. Its largest trading partner is China..

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  • Title: New Report: Fraud on the Rise | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: New Report: Fraud on the Rise.. November 7, 2013.. How many companies have been hit by fraud over the past year?.. According to a new report, 70% of companies have been hit by fraud, with the greatest increases coming from vendor or procurement scams.. The latest.. Global Fraud Report.. conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit for Kroll Advisory Solutions highlights several insights:.. Greater vulnerability:.. According to the report, for six of the 11 types of fraud covered by the survey corruption, money laundering, regulatory breach, misappropriation of company funds, IP theft and market collusion the percentage of executives admitting that their firms are highly vulnerable to fraud was higher than the proportion of companies that have been hit in the past year.. Increased exposure to fraud:.. Of the 901 senior executives surveyed, 81% believe that their firm s exposure to fraud has increased overall in the past 12 months, up from 63% in the previous survey.. Respondents attribute this increase to the complexity of information technology (IT) infrastructure, high staff turnover and entry to new, riskier markets.. Insider threat:.. Employees continue  ...   suppliers and business partners that traverse the globe.. Procurement fraud saw the biggest increase compared with last year.. Read the report.. Reducing Your Risk.. For companies interested in protecting IP and preventing corruption, CREATe.. org offers two programs:.. CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection.. CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption.. Each three-step program:.. Helps companies and supply chain partners.. measure and improve management systems for IP protection and anti-corruption.. Leverages.. learnings.. from quality, health and safety, and environment practices to implement systems to drive change.. Provides a.. practical, credible way.. to address IP protection and anti-corruption internally within your company and/or with supply chain and business partners.. Delivers.. practical steps.. to improve and mature a compliance program.. For more information, please email.. info@CREATe.. org Resources:.. Test your IP Exposure.. : a quick quiz to see if your company covers all the bases for IP protection.. Test your Corruption Risk.. : 7 questions to see if your company is at risk.. IP Protection Policies.. : model policies your company should have in place.. Anti-Corruption Guidelines.. : an overview of international guidelines for anti-corruption..

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  • Title: New Report: Trade Secret Theft | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: New Report: Trade Secret Theft.. November 5, 2013.. Report looks at the world s rugged trade secret protection landscape.. Trade secrets, the privately held knowledge of everything from customer lists and strategic plans to proprietary formulas and manufacturing techniques comprise a critical and growing aspect of competitiveness for many companies.. But as the value of these intangible assets grows, so do the frequency and value of their theft especially by electronic means.. Once compromised, trade secrets no longer provide a market edge unlike intellectual property covered by patents, copyrights and trademarks.. Governments have recognized the problem of trade secret theft and some, led by the United States, have started to formulate policy and legal responses, but they are playing a game of catch-up.. A recently published report by international law firm.. Covington and Burling.. in partnership with the.. George Washington University Cybersecurity Initiative.. provides a close look at initiatives to protect trade secrets and where such protection is lacking.. Economic espionage and Trade Secret Theft:.. An overview of the legal landscape and policy responses, offers proposals for additional policy initiatives and advice to companies operating in this challenging business environment.. Until recently, in the United States, combatting trade secret theft was largely the concern of individual states, under laws loosely modeled after the federal Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA), a civil code  ...   and raise global standards by utilizing trade policy tools, and by improving coordination among the relevant government agencies.. The report also discusses potential reforms being discussed by the European Union to halt mounting losses from trade secret theft recognizing that it is critical to harmonize efforts across its member countries.. These efforts lag the United States in providing consistent and robust trade secret protection.. Elsewhere in the world most notably in the key emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China weak laws and ineffective enforcement may do little to help a company s ability to shield its valuable proprietary information.. Thus, as companies utilize supply chains that traverse the globe, the first line of defense lies with their own trade secret protection program, the authors argue.. The report lays out the elements of a comprehensive regime, including relatively low cost protocols and policies for controlling access and storage of information and employee training as well as more costly security technologies.. Companies should be proactive in investing in trade secret protection, the report argues.. Such expenditures should not be viewed as sunk costs, but rather important investment to preserve and enhance value.. See a copy of the.. full report.. org IP Protection Resources:.. IP Protection Guide Preview.. Sample IP Policies.. Whitepaper: Trade Secret Theft.. Whitepaper: The Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeits..

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  • Title: What Companies are Saying about CREATe Leading Practices | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: What Companies are Saying about CREATe Leading Practices.. October 23, 2013.. A broad range of companies in China, India, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico and Japan, the US and Europe are participating in the pilot of.. and.. Each program includes:.. An online assessment of current practices (to protect IP or prevent corruption);.. An independent evaluation by a CREATe expert, including a summary report with recommendations for improvements; and.. An improvement plan that maps to our 200+ page Guides (one for IP Protection; the other for Anti-Corruption).. What do companies have to say about the program? Here are a few comments:.. We have received much value from your program.. (US manufacturer).. Before the program, our company had very little knowledge related to IP protection.. We had little pieces in separate departments.. We now see that we need to link the pieces.. The program was very helpful to understand this.. (Chinese manufacturer).. The summary report was a great report for us.. It showed us  ...   [IP management system] will definitely be something we talk about.. Your program has helped me to understand my IP protection program in a more holistic way.. (Global software company with HQ in India).. Until we got the CREATe Guide we knew we were weak from the assessment, but we did not know how to proceed.. We were unclear about how to do it (improve).. When we got the Guide, it gave us the knowledge and tools to proceed The Guide is a very valuable reference.. (Chinese manufacturer).. We have ISO 9001 and through the Guide we discovered how to link our IP protection program to the management systems we have for ISO 9001.. There is still time to join the CREATe Leading Practices pilot program you can assess your internal systems or work with a supply chain partner to review their systems for IP protection and/or anti-corruption and while the pilot is open, fees are waived.. To learn more, please email..

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  • Title: New! CREATe Launches Anti-Corruption Improvement Guide | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: New! CREATe Launches Anti-Corruption Improvement Guide.. Download a preview of the CREATe.. org Anti-Corruption Guide.. here.. What is your company doing to mitigate your risk of corruption and bribery?.. For companies not implementing robust anti-corruption programs, the stakes are high.. Companies can face litigation, legal fines upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars, and even jail time for individuals.. Evidence of corruption can also result in reputational damage that can cost customers, business opportunities, and cause debarment from government contracts.. Proactive anti-corruption approaches can mitigate these risks and protect a company s bottom line.. Each company is unique, however, and at different stages of maturity when it comes to anti-corruption compliance.. For some, the question might be, where do we start? Others might be asking: is our current program effective and meeting international guidelines? or how do we know what our suppliers and business partners are doing to prevent corruption?.. To help companies assess and improve internal systems and also to collaborate with supply chain and business partners, CREATe.. org has developed a three-step program,.. It is a measure and improve program based on  ...   CREATe Leading Practices.. Guide to Improving Your Anti-Corruption Program.. LINK TO PREVIEW.. The guide provides practical, step-by-step advice for companies working to fight corruption.. It describes how businesses can reduce their risks from corruption by adopting a proven management system approach which measures the maturity of current systems in place and makes recommendations for improving practices.. The Guide is a valuable resource for companies just starting to implement a program, those looking to assess current practices and companies looking to collaborate with supply chain and business partners to improve systems.. It includes a range of resources such as sample contract language, elements of a training program, letters to employees and other helpful tools designed to build an anti-corruption compliance program.. The Guide is part of the.. program.. To learn more about the program, email.. To download a preview of the Guide, click.. org Anti-Corruption Resources:.. Sample of the CREATe Leading Practices Guide to Improving Your Anti-Corruption Program.. Anti-Corruption.. Compliance Guidelines.. Test your Corruption Risk:.. a short quiz to see if you have the right systems in place.. Whitepaper.. : Government Procurement: Driving Responsible Business Practices..

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  • Title: CREATe Webinars: Anti-Corruption, IP Protection | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: CREATe Webinars: Anti-Corruption, IP Protection.. Please join us to learn more about how you can reduce the risks of corruption and IP theft.. November 6.. th.. : Mitigating the Risks of Corruption in High Risk Markets.. Join CREATe.. org s Vice President and anti-corruption expert, Leslie Benton, as she discusses:.. Where to start? Elements of an effective anti-corruption compliance program.. Trends in compliance: a management systems approach.. How to efficiently engage your highest-risk third parties.. Improving practices: how to continue to mature your program.. Who Should Attend:.. The webinar is ideal for:.. Corporate general counsels and legal staff working on anti-corruption.. Risk and compliance  ...   here.. December 4th: Reducing the Risks of Counterfeiting, Piracy and Trade Secret Theft.. Craig Moss, the Chief Operating Office of CREATe and a well-known expert on using business process to drive corporate compliance, will discuss best practices preventing IP theft.. The webinar will review:.. Top risks of IP theft today.. The components of an effective IP protection program.. Working with supply chain partners to improve IP protection.. Leading practices for preventing IP theft.. Insights into steps Chinese companies are taking to improve practices.. The workshop is ideal for:.. Corporate general counsels and legal staff working on intellectual property.. Wednesday, December 4th, noon EST.. Register now..

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