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  • Title: Report: Addressing cyber theft requires clarity, not hype | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Home.. Report: Addressing cyber theft requires clarity, not hype.. October 16, 2013.. |.. SHARE:.. Cyber security: In the past year, it has become the subject of anxious talk in boardrooms, alarming congressional testimony, heated editorials and diplomatic wrangling.. A new report from the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings,.. Cyber Theft of Competitive Data: Asking the Right Questions,.. urges careful definition of the problem now central to the U.. S.. cyber agenda and to U.. -China diplomatic discussions in order to forge policies and solutions.. From a policy perspective, a better understanding of the problem will help promote the urgency of a response from Congress and the White House, writes author Allan A.. Friedman, a fellow in Governance Studies and research director for the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings.. At the same time, it will help tamp down some of the aggressive rhetoric that has surrounded the issue.. Friedman is laser-focused on theft of competitive data the type of proprietary information that commercial entities have that allows them an edge in the market.. This includes things like customer lists, pricing and market strategy but excludes other forms of intellectual property that are covered by patents, trademarks and copyright.. He also excludes strategic data held by a state, and avoids the term economic espionage, because it is politically charged..  ...   cost effectively.. Second, it explores ways that companies can adapt a la Xerox to the changing market where confidentiality is declining and cheaper products are emerging.. Finally, the author says, the goal is to explore how legal and diplomatic protection of property rights may or may not improve the situation.. If we do not understand the nature and mechanics of the threat, then sizeable technical investments and elaborate diplomatic negotiations may fail to actually address the problem, says Freidman.. org IP Protection Tools and Resources.. IP Protection Guide Preview.. Sample IP Policies.. Whitepaper: Trade Secret Theft.. Whitepaper: The Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeits.. Build a Business Case.. for an IP Protection Program.. Test your IP Exposure and IP Protection Kit.. SUBSCRIBE.. TAGS.. Intellectual Property (46).. Anti-corruption (36).. Supply Chain (17).. Intellectual Property Protection (17).. Counterfeit (15).. Global Supply Chains (11).. Compliance (9).. Trade Secret Theft (8).. IP (5).. FCPA (2).. Corporate Social Responsibility (2).. Events (1).. risk mitigation (1).. corporate compliance (1).. fighting corruption (1).. FEATURED STORIES.. Intellectual Property Protection: Not Just for the Legal Department.. Fighting Corruption: Good for Corporations.. Pilot Update: IP Protection Status – Insight on Asia.. IN THE NEWS.. Foreign Affairs: How to Protect Intellectual Property by CREATe’s Pamela Passman.. Visit News Events.. 2 days 13 hours.. 2 days 19 hours.. 3 days 18 hours..

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  • Title: Government Procurement Challenges: Fakes, IP theft and Corruption | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Government Procurement Challenges: Fakes, IP theft and Corruption.. October 15, 2013.. Government procurement challenges: fakes, IP theft and corruption.. The costs and risks associated with corruption and violations of intellectual property rights in government procurement are alarming and on the rise, as detailed in our newly published.. whitepaper.. on government procurement.. Consider just a few examples.. Counterfeit medicines have killed as many as 200,000 people in China in one year alone.. As the secretary-general of Interpol recently pointed out, that number is far higher than the global death toll from terrorism over the past 40 years, which stands at about 65,000.. The U.. Defense Department reports that its supply chains have been flooded with counterfeit parts, with cases ranging from fake Kevlar body army to fake microprocessors for jet fighters and nuclear submarines.. The problem introduces risks in the form of system failures, with the potential for injury and death.. Throughout the 27 European Union member states, an estimated 120 billion is lost to corruption in government procurement each year.. The region s ongoing fiscal crisis is, in part, a product of this corruption,  ...   contractors to ensure that they are not violating IP rights in software.. Specifically, Section 1(c) of the EO provides that Contractors and recipients of Federal financial assistance.. should have appropriate systems and controls in place to ensure that Federal funds are not used to acquire, operate, or maintain computer software in violation of applicable copyright laws.. [i].. The Obama Administration has committed to reviewing the steps federal agencies have taken to implement EO 13103.. The EU Public Procurement Directive, 2004/18/EC, requires Member States to adopt laws that exclude from participation in government procurement any bidder that has been convicted of corruption or fraud and permits them to exclude bidders for grave professional misconduct.. The Directive also allows contracting authorities to impose specific contract performance conditions on successful bidders, in particular with regard to social and environmental issues.. Similar provisions exist in the EU Defence Procurement Directive, 2009/81/EC.. Learn more about government actions and best practices that contractors can take to foster compliance with evolving requirements in our whitepaper, Government Procurement: Driving Responsible Business Practices.. Click here to download.. a copy of the full whitepaper..

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  • Title: Trade Secret Protection in China: New Report | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Trade Secret Protection in China: New Report.. October 11, 2013.. Trade Secret Theft.. Trade Secret Protection in China.. : New Report.. The protection of trade secrets secret information that has commercial value and is subject to reasonable steps to protect it (TRIPS Art.. 39) continues to be an issue of importance around the globe.. Indeed, as outlined in CREATe.. org s.. whitepaper: Trade Secret Theft.. : Managing the Risk in Global Supply Chains, most every company is at risk.. The US-China Business Council (USCBC) has.. issued a report.. highlighting challenges and recommendations for improving trade secret protection in China.. A few highlights from the report:.. Trade secrets have increasingly become a critical component of companies intellectual property (IP) portfolios in China alongside more visible forms  ...   greater attention to trade secrets, gradually prioritizing trade secrets on the domestic IP agenda and increasing engagement with their international counterparts.. Additional steps to improve China s legal environment for, and protection of, trade secrets would promote the growth and success of enterprises in China and around the world.. In the paper, USCBC highlights the challenges associated with China s maturing legal framework and limited experience in working with trade secret cases.. It also makes recommendations such as changing existing laws, implementing new policies and practices; and highlights the role of companies, government agencies, and other stakeholders conducting educational initiatives to promote the importance of preserving the confidential nature of this type of information.. For the official US-China Business Council Report recommendations follow the link.. here..

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  • Title: New Study: IP intensive industry Boosts EU Economic Growth | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: New Study: IP intensive industry Boosts EU Economic Growth.. October 9, 2013.. IP.. The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and the European Patent Office (EPO) have released a.. study.. measuring the effect of IP intensive industries on the European Union s economy.. The study includes data on how these industries contribute to economic performance and trade.. Some highlights of the study according to OHIM include the following:.. About.. 50% of EU industries.. are IPR intensive.. IPR-intensive industries account directly for.. 26% of all jobs in the EU.. around.. 56 million direct jobs.. With the addition of 20 million indirect jobs, 1 in 3 of all EU jobs rely on IPR intensive industries.. These industries generated almost..  ...   website.. The EU-focused news outlet and blogging site,.. www.. euractiv.. com.. , reports on the study that More than a third (35%) of European jobs rely on IPR.. The site quotes Internal Markets Commissioner as stating that,.. intellectual property rights play a hugely important role in stimulating innovation and creativity, and I welcome the publication of this study.. What this study shows us is that the use of intellectual property rights in the economy is ubiquitous: from high-tech industries to manufacturers of sports goods, games, toys and computer games, all are making intensive use of not just one, but often several types of IP rights.. For access to the rest of the article click.. Sources:.. euractive.. oami.. europa.. eu..

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  • Title: New Whitepaper: Government Procurement | CREATe.org Government Procurement Whitepaper IP Corruption
    Descriptive info: New Whitepaper: Government Procurement.. October 4, 2013.. ,.. Anti-corruption.. Global Supply Chains.. Download our New Whitepaper.. : Government Procurement Driving Responsible Business Practices.. The purchasing power of governments throughout the world is mind-boggling.. So are the risks to public safety and national defense and security when government supply chains are contaminated by corrupt practices or counterfeit products and other forms of intellectual property theft.. These challenging cases are on the rise in government procurement.. The stakes are high, and the consequences can be considerable, given the public nature of the purchases and any follow-on consumption; the relatively large scale of most public purchases; and the sensitive areas in which the supply often takes place, such as defense and health.. As documented in our newly published white paper,.. , government agencies can be a powerful force in improving the way companies and their supply chain partners work together to prevent corruption and protect intellectual property (IP).. In the United States, for instance, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) governing federal procurements contains hundreds of contract clauses implementing federal statutes and regulations to encourage responsible, ethical business practices among their own contractors as well as their suppliers.. Under California procurement  ...   purchaser spending more than $537 billion in 2011 to purchase from tens of thousands of companies.. One of the largest contractors, defense giant Lockheed Martin, in turn purchases from some 40,000 suppliers worldwide.. Some of the world s best companies are already making strides to improve their supply chain management recognizing the risks of corruption, IP theft and other illegal practices that come with operations in some countries where rule of law lags.. The reason for these measures is to protect against legal ramifications as well as damage to profits and reputation that can be caused by misdeeds in their supply chain, even if company executives were unaware of them.. These types of improvements can bolster a company s competitive edge in bidding for government contracts offering greater reliability and lower risks down the line.. Learn more -.. download the whitepaper.. from CREATe.. It s a valuable resource for:.. Executives in companies doing business with government agencies around the world.. Legal teams concerned about anti-corruption compliance and IP theft in the form of counterfeits, piracy and trade secret theft.. Government officials working in procurement and supply chain management.. Risk and compliance officers concerned about new laws and legislation..

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  • Title: FBI/IPR Alert: “Pirated Software May Contain Malware” | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: FBI/IPR Alert: “Pirated Software May Contain Malware”.. October 1, 2013.. The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently launched an alert that brings to light the risks of downloading malware when purchasing pirated software from unknown online sellers.. The FBI joined the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination (IPR) Center to issue the warning to potential consumers of these products.. Malware  ...   The notice attributes this danger to Criminals, hackers and hacker groups, and even organized rings.. In addition, the report claims that the greater danger comes from potential exposure to criminal activity like identity theft and financial fraud after malware takes hold of your system.. For more information including other risks of malware and software buying tips, access the report..

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  • Title: CREATe.org Launches Whitepaper on Government Procurement Driving Responsible Business Practices | CREATe.org Government Procurement Whitepaper IP Corruption
    Descriptive info: org Launches Whitepaper on Government Procurement Driving Responsible Business Practices.. September 25, 2013.. CREATE.. org issued the following press release today to launch our latest whitepaper: Government Procurement: Driving Responsible Business Practices.. Download the whitepaper.. org Launches Whitepaper on.. Government Procurement Driving Responsible Business Practices.. WASHINGTON, D.. C.. , September 25, 2013 The Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (CREATe.. org) today released a whitepaper addressing how governments use purchasing power to insist that contractors improve business practices and collaborate with supply chain partners to ensure they adopt programs to prevent corruption and IP theft.. Entitled.. , the paper highlights how counterfeiting, piracy and corruption can disrupt and taint government procurement channels and pose significant risks to individuals, companies, governments and societies.. The EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, recently stated that an estimated 120 billion is lost to corruption in government procurement each year throughout the 27 EU Member States.. The anti-corruption group Transparency International has drawn a linkage between this corruption and the European region s ongoing fiscal crisis.. Interpol s secretary-general recently noted that while 40 years of terrorism has killed 65,000 people globally, counterfeit medicines killed 200,000 people in China in one year alone.. In January 2012, the U.. Air Force suspended Hong Dark Electronic Trade Company of China and various of its subsidiaries from further government contracting after an investigation revealed that Hong Dark sold more than 80,000 suspect counterfeit electronic parts to Department of Defense contractors and that many of these parts ultimately were installed on military aircraft.. The whitepaper also outlines how governments are using  ...   particularly around anti-corruption, counterfeits and piracy, require new levels of diligence and compliance to mitigate risks, said Pamela Passman, president and chief executive officer, CREATe.. The whitepaper also features best practices that contractors can take to foster compliance with procurement requirements.. These include:.. (1) Promote transparency in supply chains;.. (2) Encourage greater supply chain accountability;.. (3) Foster cooperation and information sharing;.. (4) Develop risk maps to identify high-risk activities by suppliers; and.. (5) Encourage close cooperation on responsible supply chain practices.. Please visit.. CREATe.. to download a copy of the full report.. About CREATe.. Founded in October 2011, The Center for Responsible Enterprise And Trade (.. ) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to helping companies and their suppliers and business partners reduce counterfeiting, piracy, trade secret theft and corruption.. We believe that by improving practices along global supply chains, companies can help drive jobs, growth and innovation benefiting their own businesses, the global economy, and the communities where they operate.. By partnering with governments, academia, non-profits, think tanks and associations, we hope to amplify the work of each.. To achieve our shared goals, we have developed CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection and CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption.. Our three- step program is available in English, Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese and includes practical, scalable and cost-effective online assessments, independent evaluations, training and other resources designed to benchmark and improve processes for safeguarding IP and preventing corruption.. Please follow us on Twitter.. @CREATe_org.. or connect with us on.. # # #.. Media Contact:.. Anne Walker.. Director of Marketing and Communications.. 206.. 855.. 5575.. awalker@create..

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  • Title: CREATe Executives to Speak about Counterfeits, Contracts | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: CREATe Executives to Speak about Counterfeits, Contracts.. September 24, 2013.. Counterfeit.. org executives, Lucy Nichols and Craig Moss, are scheduled to speak at two upcoming conferences in New York City and Phoenix, Arizona.. 11th Annual Anti-Counterfeiting Brand Protection.. Summit.. in.. New York.. org s IP Counsel Lucy Nichols will join a panel discussion on Tuesday October 1.. st.. at 14:00.. The focus: B.. R.. I.. Countries: Taking advantage of the Markets while guaranteeing Brand Viability through Supply Chain Management.. The panel will be discussing:.. Taking advantages of the growth of B.. countries increased purchasing power, economic opportunities abound with those markets for those who are able to adopt a profound anti-counterfeiting and IP protection strategy.. What have other companies done when engaging in those markets?.. Event Details:.. When: September 30 October 2.. nd.. Where: Convene, Downtown New York, New York.. For more information  ...   Top Ten Tips to Develop Your IP Protection Game Plan.. It will cover best practices for IP protection within organizations and among supply chain partners.. What are the top forms of IP?.. Top 10 tips for protecting IP.. Examples of contract language.. The second session, on October 10 at 12:00 is titled Managing IP Risk throughout Complex Global Supply Chains.. An overview:.. IP theft and misappropriation are making headlines nearly every day.. By 2015 the global value of counterfeit and pirated products is estimated to rise as high as $1.. 77 trillion.. In the session, Craig Moss will discuss the policies, procedures and contract language that should be put in place to protect trade secrets globally.. When: October 8.. th.. October 10.. Where: Point Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, Phoenix, Arizona.. For more information about the event and to register,.. click here.. iaccm.. com/amer13/..

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  • Title: Free Webinar: IP Protection in the Global Supply Chain | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Free Webinar: IP Protection in the Global Supply Chain.. September 20, 2013.. Intellectual Property Protection.. Overview:.. Join CREATE.. org s Craig Moss and MetricStream on September 26 for a free webinar.. The globalization of supply chains provides companies with competitive advantage, however at the same time, increases risks for intellectual property (IP) theft.. Counterfeiting, piracy, trade secret theft and trademark infringement are on the rise, particularly in countries where the rule of law is weak and organizations lack direct control over third-party firms, agents, distributors and suppliers.. IP theft can result in revenue loss, business disruptions, litigation, and damage to brand and reputation.. The increased importance of IP to the corporate bottom line requires that IP protection evolve from being a mere legal function  ...   protected and ensure that all involved third parties and intermediaries are adhering to the policies and regulations.. In this webinar, CREATe s Craig Moss will discuss how to assess and understand how organizations can guard against IP infringement in the global supply chain.. The webinar will also throw light on:.. Lack of overall standards, policies and guidance for effectual IP protection.. Effective IP policies and what they entail.. Adopting a management system-based approach to protect IP across the supply chain.. The 8 key categories of an effective IP protection program.. Choosing the right strategy to mitigate risk.. Call In Details:.. Thursday, September 26 2013 @ 8am Pacific/11am Eastern.. Duration: 1 hour.. Register.. to view this live webinar.. For more information: call +1-650-620-2955 or email.. info@metricstream..

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  • Title: Views Blog | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Mexico: IP Protection and Anti-Corruption.. November 20, 2013.. This week, CREATe.. org s Pamela Passman joined business leaders in Mexico City to discuss new approaches to protecting intellectual property (IP) and preventing corruption.. Investment and Compliance.. What do senior executives view as the top risk in cross-border deals? According to a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit for law firm Baker McKenzie LLP, 46% of the respondents cited legal and regulatory.. U.. businesses urge Japan to take action on trade secret protection.. November 19, 2013.. American business interests in Japan are calling on Tokyo to use its clout to move the global marketplace towards a robust and uniform system of protection against the theft of trade secrets.. New Report: Fraud on the Rise.. November 7, 2013.. How many companies have been hit by fraud over the past year? According to a new report, 70% of companies have been hit by fraud, with the greatest increases coming from vendor or procurement scams.. New Report: Trade Secret Theft.. November 5, 2013.. Trade secrets, the privately held  ...   CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection and CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption.. New! CREATe Launches Anti-Corruption Improvement Guide.. Download a preview of the CREATe.. org Anti-Corruption Guide here.. What is your company doing to mitigate your risk of corruption and bribery?.. CREATe Webinars: Anti-Corruption, IP Protection.. Please join us to learn more about how you can reduce the risks of corruption and IP theft.. November 6th: Mitigating the Risks of Corruption in High Risk Markets Join CREATe.. org’s.. org Global Workshops on Anti-Corruption and IP Protection.. October 21, 2013.. org executives have been traversing the globe to help companies and supply chain partners improve practices for protecting intellectual property (IP) and preventing corruption.. Q A with CREATe Team Member: Sandra Girona.. October 18, 2013.. Sandra Girona recently joined CREATe.. org and serves as the new vice president of business development.. In this role, Girona will focus on fostering relationships with companies, industry associations and other nonprofit.. Pages.. « first.. ‹ previous.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: IPR Top 10 Checklist: Is your IP protected? | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: IPR Top 10 Checklist: Is your IP protected?.. September 18, 2013.. Intellectual Property.. What gives your company an edge? If its like most companies today, the answer is complex.. It may be a proprietary product design, code that runs an app, or the caché that comes with your logo, but it may also be your customer list and market strategy and unique approach to efficiency.. As intellectual property (IP) becomes an increasingly significant component of company value making up about 75 percent of the total worth for most the age of technology has also made it easier to steal.. How to best navigate the IP landscape with its ever-changing risks and challenges?.. Here are 10 tips from CREATe experts:.. Think IP: Get to know your company s IP assets in all its forms, and consider the risks associated with losing control of each type.. Set the stage: Put IP policies in place that convey how vital intellectual property is to the company s ability to compete and how employees, supply chain members and other business partners are expected to handle IP materials and information.. Start at the top: Ask senior management to lead a cross-functional team dedicated to protecting valuable IP assets.. The scope of the task means that it can no longer be one  ...   and train again: Make IP protection procedures part of compliance training for new employees, and make it an ongoing component of training.. These procedures can be shared with supply chain companies, often through existing programs.. Keep watch: Routine monitoring and measuring intellectual property efforts will likely turn up issues that need immediate fixing and others that require improvement over time.. Consider bringing in a third-party to help evaluate systems of preventing trade secret theft, counterfeiting and other types of IP theft.. Fix the problem: When things go wrong, get to the root of the problem.. Choose the systematic improvement over the quick fix.. Make IP a priority to the bottom line: Let employees and business partners know that intellectual property protection is vital to the business.. The better your system to safeguard valuable assets, and the further they extend into your supply chain, the more attractive you company will be to others.. In our 250-page Guide to Improving Your IP Protection Program, we provide a detailed approach to building and maturing systems to safeguard intangible assets that can be tailored to individual businesses.. To learn more about the Guide, please download a preview in the Tools section.. To see how your company can participate in CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection, please email us: info@CREATe..

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