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  • Title: Intellectual Property Protection: AmCham Hong Kong | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Home.. CREATe in Hong Kong.. March 28, 2013.. |.. Intellectual Property.. ,.. Intellectual Property Protection.. SHARE:.. CREATe s newly appointed.. COO, Craig Moss.. , has been in Asia this week speaking at several events and meeting with companies and organizations.. At his first stop, he spoke to the IP Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (AmCham).. The presentation focused on the topic of.. Stolen IP in Global Supply Chain Businesses.. was co-presented by Craig Moss and Stacey Baird, former intellectual property and technology policy advisor to members of the US Senate and US House of Representatives.. The session was attended by general counsels and supply chain specialists from throughout the region.. Baird discussed recent U.. S.. legal developments and the implications for global companies and supply chain members.. He discussed a recent case brought by the California Attorney General to address the competitive harm caused to California apparel businesses due to foreign competitors using unlicensed software.. Moss followed  ...   effectively protect IP and also shared insights from the.. pilot of CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection.. In the Q A session after the presentation, audience members raised questions about the extent of liability for supply chain agents and brand owners in light of the recent California cases; and also asked how they can get information on best practices for IP compliance and protection.. SUBSCRIBE.. TAGS.. Intellectual Property (46).. Anti-corruption (36).. Supply Chain (17).. Intellectual Property Protection (17).. Counterfeit (15).. Global Supply Chains (11).. Compliance (9).. Trade Secret Theft (8).. IP (5).. FCPA (2).. Corporate Social Responsibility (2).. Events (1).. risk mitigation (1).. corporate compliance (1).. fighting corruption (1).. FEATURED STORIES.. Intellectual Property Protection: Not Just for the Legal Department.. Fighting Corruption: Good for Corporations.. Pilot Update: IP Protection Status – Insight on Asia.. IN THE NEWS.. Foreign Affairs: How to Protect Intellectual Property by CREATe’s Pamela Passman.. Visit News Events.. 2 days 13 hours.. 2 days 19 hours.. 3 days 18 hours..

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  • Title: Compliance Costs Continue to Rise | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Internal Compliance Costs after Bribery Allegations Continue to Rise.. March 21, 2013.. Anti-corruption.. Compliance.. The U.. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).. requires.. all publicly traded companies to disclose in their annual report an overview of the company s business and financial condition and includes audited financial statements.. With many companies releasing annual reports from 2012 in the first quarter of this year, we are beginning to get a picture of just how costly a corruption event can be for an organization.. Over the past few months, several articles have highlighted the rising expenses of these corruption investigations, including professional fees and compliance costs that come with them.. First, in February, the Wall Street Journal.. disclosed.. that Beam, Inc.. had spent $4.. 2 million in 2012 on one internal investigation of possible bribery in India.. Then, on March 1.. st.. , the.. FCPA Professor.. highlighted one of the most expensive investigations to date; Wal-Mart s inquiry into bribery allegations against its Mexican subsidiary.. Wal-Mart.. in its annual report that it spent $157 million in professional fees and expenses related  ...   over $125 million for legal and professional fees from several alleged bribery investigations.. In light of these disclosures, company executives and shareholders should be vigilant when it comes to improving corruption prevention processes within their organizations.. While compliance can be costly, it is better to get a handle on your corruption risk on the front end, than face these kinds of investigation costs on the back end.. For example,.. Siemens.. internal investigation and ensuing compliance program cost more than the fines, penalties, and disgorgement that the company paid to the Department of Justice and SEC.. org) offers companies a three-step process to improve not only its own management systems, but those of its suppliers and business partners to help.. prevent corruption.. CREATe s.. Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption.. is a cost-effective and scalable solution that involves a Self-Assessment, Independent Evaluation, and Improvement Plan to help companies minimize their corruption risks.. Read.. Initial Insights.. from CREATe s Leading Practices for IP Protection Pilot program.. E-mail info@create.. org to join CREATe.. org s Pilot Program for CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption..

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  • Title: CREATe Leading Practices Pilot - Initial Insights | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: CREATe Leading Practices Pilot - Initial Insights.. March 6, 2013.. Global Supply Chains.. In December 2012,.. CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection.. was launched in English, Chinese and Portuguese.. Global companies in aviation, consumer products, IT, materials and telecommunications equipment have signed up to pilot the service with more than 50 suppliers and business partners based in India, China, Brazil, Japan, Germany and the U.. CREATe Leading Practices provides an assessment across eight business process categories ranging from Security, Training and Risk Assessment to Policies, Procedures and Records.. In an online program, companies answer five to seven questions per category which indicate the level of maturity of their business systems to manage IP.. Of the eight categories, how are companies ranking?.. The assessment category where companies are producing the lowest scores (level of maturity of systems) is Monitoring and Measurement.. This indicates that many suppliers do not yet have mature IP protection systems in place to help manage IP risks and compliance on a systematic basis.. The  ...   have some systems in place however there is also room for improvement.. After the self-assessments, companies talk with a CREATe expert who conducts an independent evaluation.. Although these evaluations are confidential, we can report that some companies have sophisticated management systems in place to deal with various risks, however have not considered using these systems to manage IP protection.. Suppliers also found the collaborative approach to be helpful as a way to learn how they can implement new processes to improve practices and manage IP more systematically.. Finally, we were pleased to hear that the participating suppliers have indicated that they consider being involved in an IP protection program such as CREATe Leading Practices as a differentiating credential which helps to show global customers that they are committed to high standards of IP protection.. Sign up for a Free Trial.. If you are interested in learning more about the CREATe Leading Practices pilot or would like to see a sample of the program, please get in touch: info@CREATe..

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  • Title: Views Blog | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: IP: Key to Global Trade.. November 14, 2012.. Intellectual property protection was a recurring topic at the Washington Council for International Trade (WCIT) 2012 Washington Trade Conference in Seattle this week.. Counterfeits: The Human Impact.. November 4, 2012.. Today we live in a highly interconnected, global marketplace.. Over the past three decades, we’ve witnessed an almost sevenfold increase in international commerce.. New Whitepaper: Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeits.. October 25, 2012.. org today has released a white paper outlining the pervasiveness of counterfeit products within global supply chains.. The report, titled Health and Safety Risks from Counterfeits in the Supply Chain, highlights a.. New Video: CREATe.. October 18, 2012.. Did you know that by 2015 the value of counterfeit and pirated material is projected to hit about 1.. 7 trillion dollars? Or that 61% of supply chain managers view corruption as the most significant risk to their businesses, after.. IPR Infringement: RAND Study Highlights Causes and New Ways to Assess Losses.. October 17, 2012.. Accurate measurements of the damages caused by Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringement are difficult at best.. Recently, RAND released a study assessing  ...   talk with Kathryn Hauser, the US Executive Director of the TransAtlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) an organization of chief executive officers from American and European businesses working.. Keith Maskus: Private Rights and Public Problems: The Global Economics of Intellectual Property in the 21st Century.. September 28, 2012.. Create.. org Advisory Council member, Keith Maskus, launched his new book yesterday at the Peter G.. Peterson Institute for International Economics.. The book: Private Rights and Public Problems: The Global Economics of Intellectual.. CREATe s Pamela Passman: Protecting Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property in Emerging Markets.. September 19, 2012.. This week, Pamela Passman, the founding President and Chief Executive Officer of CREATe.. org, will speak at the 2012 Thomson Reuters Emerging Markets Investment Compliance Forum in New York, NY.. Companies Can Improve IP Compliance in their Supply Chain, Allen Dixon tells AGMA.. September 14, 2012.. Yesterday, CREATe’s Intellectual Property (IP) Counsel Allen Dixon presented alongside business representatives and international IP theft specialists at the Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement (AGMA) EMEA Fall.. Pages.. « first.. ‹ previous.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: Test Your IP Exposure | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: How well does your company and suppliers protect your IP?.. CREATe has just launched two new tools to help gain a quick assessment:.. Test your IP Exposure,.. which provides an overview ranking across our eight process categories; and.. A Free Trial of CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection.. For the Free Trial, you re able to test one category and benchmark your results against others.. Check your IP Protection now by visiting.. www.. create.. org/test-your-ip-exposure/..

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  • Title: CREATe.org Appoints Craig Moss as COO | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: org Appoints Craig Moss as COO.. March 5, 2013.. Supply Chain.. Corporate Social Responsibility.. org is delighted to announce the appointment of Craig Moss as Chief Operating Officer.. For the past year, Moss has been a senior advisor to CREATe.. In his new role, he will apply his expertise in sustainable supply chain management systems to oversee the development and deployment of CREATe Leading Practices, a comprehensive program designed to help companies and their supply chains reduce the risks associated with trade secret theft, counterfeiting, piracy and corruption.. Moss comes to CREATe from Social Accountability International (SAI), where he led the development of the Social Fingerprint Program, a process-based set of ratings, training and tools used to measure  ...   and supply chain members to implement management systems to improve compliance.. This expertise is tremendously relevant as CREATe.. org rolls out CREATe Leading Practices to companies seeking to protect their IP and prevent corruption in their organizations and extended networks, stated Pamela Passman, President and CEO of CREATe.. In addition to managing the delivery of CREATe Leading Practices in multiple languages (English, Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese) across diverse industry sectors and geographies, Moss will also oversee CREATe s global network of qualified experts, who work with companies and suppliers on evaluations and improvement plans.. Previously, Moss founded Global Access Corporation, where he led more than 3,000 international business development projects in 50 countries, with a focus on emerging markets..

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  • Title: CREATe Article Featured in Foreign Affairs | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: CREATe Article Featured in Foreign Affairs.. An article by CREATe s CEO Pamela Passman is featured in.. Foreign Affairs.. , the leading forum for serious discussion of American foreign policy and global affairs published by the.. Council on Foreign Relations.. (CFR).. The.. , titled How to Protect Intellectual Property - From Fair Trade to Legal Trade, addresses the issue of intellectual property (IP) protection and anti-corruption.. In the piece,  ...   and collaboratively with supply chain members to improve IP protection and prevent corruption.. She asserts that where the rule of law is inconsistently enforced and corporate management systems are not mature for effectively protecting IP, industry-led approaches need to be embraced.. Passman points to private sector initiatives that have worked to bring positive change and improvements on issues such as quality, labor and environment.. To read the article, please visit..

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  • Title: SCM World Highlights IP Protection in Supply Chains | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: SCM World Highlights IP Protection in Supply Chains.. February 28, 2013.. Today, companies are looking more critically at IP protection.. For good reason: as much as 75% of an organization s value and revenues can be found in intangible assets, IP and proprietary competitive advantages.. This only reinforces the need for companies in the supply chain to have robust intellectual property protection management systems and measures in place to secure proprietary data.. CREATe s President and CEO, Pamela Passman discussed this topic in an.. on-demand webinar.. in partnership with.. SCM World.. , a global community and think-tank for senior-level supply chain executives.. For the webinar, Passman highlighted the importance of protecting intellectual property (IP) in supply chains, an issue that is gaining significance for companies that rely on a diverse range of suppliers from around the globe.. She also addressed different ways companies can minimize intellectual property risks across the value chains.. Several highlighted practices include:.. Collaborate with  ...   Marah.. Titled Why IP Pirates are a Serious Threat to our Supply Chains and Prosperity, the piece summarizes the increased risk of IP theft in supply chains.. He highlights a Chief Supply Chain Officer survey showing that IP threats in the form of counterfeits and the breach of IP rights are top concerns for Supply Chain leaders.. On the topic of protecting others IP as a noble thing, he states, IP security in global supply chains matters not because it is fair or honourable, but because it facilitates trade.. org offers companies a practical, scalable and cost-effective solution for improving a company s intellectual property protection systems.. builds on a company s existing management systems to better understand the capacity to protect IP; and then measures and improves that capacity over time.. Learn more about CREATe Leading Practices.. here.. , or e-mail info@create.. org for more information.. This webinar is available to view.. on-demand.. for SMC World members..

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  • Title: Trade Secret Theft Strategy | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: White House’s new Trade Secret Theft Strategy Underscores Need for Adoption of Voluntary Best Practices.. February 21, 2013.. Trade Secret Theft.. On February 20.. , Leslie Benton, CREATe.. org s VP of Stakeholder Engagement, joined government officials and industry representatives at the White House for the launch of the.. Administration s Strategy on Mitigating the Theft of U.. Trade Secrets.. Among the strategy s five pillars is a commitment by the Administration to encourage companies and industry associations to develop and adopt voluntary best practices to prevent trade secret theft, the impact of which can be and often is devastating to individual companies and the economy as a whole.. Trade secret theft not only harms businesses, but raises barriers to trade, hampers job creation, and slows economic growth.. It sets a precedent for unfair competition and behavior that can have significant consequences for companies large and small.. The launch featured remarks by.. Victoria A.. Espinel.. , U.. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator,.. Robert Hormats.. , Under Secretary of State,.. Lanny Breuer.. , Assistant Attorney General, and Demetrios Marantis, Deputy U.. Trade Representative, among others.. Each speaker emphasized the need for a coordinated and consistent government approach to the protection of trade secrets and the enforcement of  ...   best practices by private industry to protect trade secrets, the strategy includes the following:.. Focus diplomatic efforts to protect trade secrets overseas;.. Enhance domestic law enforcement operations;.. Improve domestic legislation; and.. Public awareness and stakeholder outreach.. org offers companies practical guidance and tools to help them improve their own systems for protecting intellectual property and working with their supply chain partners to ensure that they are doing the same.. for Intellectual Property Protection is a scalable and cost-effective solution that includes online assessments, independent evaluations, and training designed to benchmark and improve a company s existing management systems.. In May of last year, CREATe.. org also released a whitepaper titled.. that highlighted how far-reaching and deeply challenging trade secret theft is companies operating on a global scale.. The whitepaper was referenced in the Administration s Strategy and includes key guidance for companies, including:.. Conduct a strategic assessment of trade secrets;.. Undertake appropriate pre-contractual due diligence;.. Employ strong contractual protections, backed by enforceable audit rights and penalties;.. Utilize appropriate operational and security measures; and.. Ensure appropriate action after a business relationship has ended.. Read more about the Administration s Strategy.. Read more about CREATe and its tools for companies.. Download CREATe.. org s Trade Secret Theft whitepaper..

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  • Title: Corruption, Investors and Value | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Corruption, Investors and Value.. February 20, 2013.. By now, most companies are aware that bribery and corruption investigations can result in significant financial penalties.. Less discussed however, is the growing external demand by investors for companies to show robust compliance programs, and the detrimental effect on investor confidence from past corruption events.. For many institutional investors, compliance and strong anti-corruption policies are of the utmost importance.. In a 2010 survey published by.. Ernst Young.. , regulation and compliance were ranked as the number one risk for business.. Investors have also been vocal about confidence in board members and top executives after a corruption or bribery investigation.. Even the rumor of corruption can stain the career of successful individuals.. In early February, the Chief Executive Officer of.. TeliaSonera.. resigned amid corruption allegations that have not been confirmed.. Supervisory Board Chairman of.. ThyssenKrupp.. , Gerhard Cromme, also came under investor criticism and calls for his resignation after the company weathered several corruption scandals last year.. Finally, the.. Central European Distribution Corp.. s.. (CEDC) second largest shareholder called  ...   which measures company performance on the basis of whether they meet globally recognized corporate responsibility standards, includes a company s efforts to counter bribery as one of its measures.. Notably,.. research.. from the University of Edinburgh in 2012 confirmed that engagement by FTSE4Good on criteria for member firms within the index resulted in increased compliance with higher standards.. Other responsible investment organizations include the.. International Corporate Governance Network.. , a membership organization of institutional investors that offers specific guidance to investors looking for information on a company s anti-corruption measures.. As well as.. Calvert Investments.. who include governance, ethics, and transparency in its.. Sustainable and Responsible Investment Strategies.. The Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade, CREATe.. org, helps companies mitigate the risk of corruption in supply chains through.. CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption.. CREATe s Leading Practices offers assessments, training and other resources designed to benchmark and improve processes for helping to prevent corruption.. The system is a practical, scalable and cost-effective framework to help your suppliers and other key third parties implementing management systems..

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  • Title: Roundtable: Lanny Breuer, U.S. Assistant Attorney General | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Roundtable: Lanny Breuer, U.. Assistant Attorney General.. February 14, 2013.. On February 13.. , business leaders from around the Pacific Northwest joined a roundtable breakfast discussion with U.. Assistant Attorney General.. to hear his perspective on how the Department of Justice enforces The.. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).. The event, co-hosted by CREATe.. org,.. Lane Powell,.. Microsoft Corporation.. , and The.. Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.. offered insights into the recent November 2012 guidance, FCPA:..  ...   Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.. Breuer discussed how the Guide is meant to provide more transparency on enforcement of the FCPA and includes hypothetical examples of cases and actions.. Additional highlights can be found on the.. FCPA Blog post.. org offers companies a way to assess and improve the management systems in place to prevent corruption and bribery and help to mitigate the risks associated with FCPA.. For more information, visit..

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