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  • Title: Events | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Home.. News Resources.. Events.. News.. Resources.. For Media.. Chief Supply Chain Officer Summit.. Event.. November 29, 2012.. CREATe joins China Business Review for a webcast at 9:00am ET.. November 28, 2012.. Pages.. « first.. ‹ previous.. 1.. 2.. 3.. FEATURED RESOURCES.. White Paper.. View All Resources.. RECENT TWEET.. 2 days 14 hours.. ago.. FROM THE.. VIEWS.. BLOG.. Intellectual Property Protection: Not Just for the Legal Department.. Visit the Blog.. 2 days 20 hours.. 3 days 18 hours..

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  • Title: Resources | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: - Sort by type -.. Contact.. Infographic.. Report.. Speech / Presentation.. Video.. White Paper.. Filtered by: Anti-Corruption.. 2012-2013 Global Fraud Report.. TYPE:.. Report.. Corporate Sustainability with Integrity: Organizational Change to Collective Action.. WEF: Partnering Against Corruption Initiative Annual Report 2012.. Corruption Perceptions Index 2012.. Country Enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, Progress Report 2012.. Foreign Corrupt Practices Ace Guidance.. The Business Anti-Corruption Portal.. 2011 Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) project.. New Models for Addressing Supply Chain and Transport Risk.. Fighting Corruption in The Supply Chain.. next ›.. last »..

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  • Title: CREATe.org
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  • Title: Intellectual Property Theft in Supply Chains | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: The Conference Board Launches Report: Risks of Intellectual Property Theft and Corruption in Supply Chains.. December 19, 2012.. |.. Press Release.. The Conference Board Launches New Report Highlighting Risks of Intellectual Property Theft and Corruption in Supply Chains.. Research Working Group and Survey of Multinationals Finds Trade Secret Theft Poses Greatest Risk, Business Solutions 20 Percent More Effective than Lawsuits and Training Key to Compliance.. New York, NY, December 19, 2012 The Conference Board launched a new research report on.. Safeguarding Intellectual Property and Addressing Corruption in the Global Supply Chain.. - which presents insights gleaned from a recent Research Working Group.. For this project, The Conference Board partnered with Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (CREATe.. org) and executives from multinational companies to examine the latest trends and best practices for mitigating supply-chain challenges caused by corruption and misappropriated Intellectual Property (IP).. The participating member companies included: DuPont, Microsoft, ARAMARK, Emerson, TE Connectivity, Rockwell Automation, Siemens and others, as well as nonprofit organizations and law firms.. The report also reflects key findings from a major benchmarking survey of IP and compliance attorneys at leading firms worldwide, with respondents representing 55 Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies.. The report identifies challenges for global companies and outlines recommendations for reducing IP theft and corruption in global supply chain and business networks.. The key findings include:.. Significant risk of IP infringement and corruption throughout the supply chain.. Roughly half of the executives surveyed perceived extensive risk of IP infringement in emerging markets when engaging suppliers (43 percent) and when engaging agents/business partners (48 percent).. Executives surveyed also believe their companies face extensive risk of corrupt activities when engaging agents/business partners in emerging markets (70 percent) and a smaller but significant number felt there was extensive risk when engaging suppliers (46 percent).. Theft of trade secrets presents the greatest IP risk.. Roughly two-thirds of the executives surveyed felt theft of trade secrets presents extensive risk in emerging markets, while only 36 percent rated their companies compliance program as very effective in managing these risks.. Business solutions  ...   advantage to third parties who have been certified.. Importance of gaining visibility into subcontractors to third parties.. Companies have little visibility and even less control into the business practices of the subcontractors to their third parties.. The issue most often rated as very challenging by the executives surveyed was.. ensuring appropriate behavior of subcontractors to your third parties.. (52 percent for IP protection and 46 percent for anti-corruption).. Download the full report at this link:.. http://www.. conference-board.. org/publications/publicationdetail.. cfm?publicationid=2379.. About The Conference Board.. The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association working in the public interest.. Our mission is unique: To provide the world s leading organizations with the practical knowledge they need to improve their performance and better serve society.. The Conference Board is a non-advocacy, not-for-profit entity holding 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in the United States.. For more information, please visit.. www.. About CREATe.. The Center for Responsible Enterprise And Trade (.. ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping companies and their suppliers and business partners reduce counterfeiting, piracy, trade secret theft and corruption.. We believe that by improving practices along global supply chains, companies can help drive jobs, growth and innovation benefiting their own businesses, the global economy, and the communities where they operate.. And by partnering with governments, non-profits, think tanks and associations, we hope to amplify the work of each.. To achieve our shared goals, we have developed CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection and CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption.. Our offering includes practical, scalable and cost-effective online assessments, independent evaluations, training and other resources designed to benchmark and improve processes for safeguarding IP and preventing corruption.. We are based in Washington D.. C.. , and our work is global.. Please follow us on Twitter.. @CREATe_org.. or connect with us on.. Read this report.. For further information contact:.. The Conference Board.. Carol Courter.. 1 212 339 0232.. carol.. courter@conference-board.. org).. Anne Walker.. awalker@CREATe.. 1 202 842 4701.. Full Press Release available at this link:.. prnewswire.. com/news-releases/the-conference-board-launches-new-report-highlighting-risks-of-intellectual-property-theft-and-corruption-in-supply-chains-184097631.. html.. # # #.. UPCOMING EVENT.. Visit News Events..

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  • Title: Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeits | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: org Whitepaper: Counterfeits Pose Significant Threat to Health and Safety.. October 25, 2012.. New CREATe.. org Research Identifies Global Supply Chain Challenges across Multiple Industries; Offers Best Practices to Mitigate Risk of Counterfeits and Piracy.. WASHINGTON--(.. BUSINESS WIRE.. )--The Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (CREATe.. org) a Washington, D.. -based non-profit industry group focused on responsible business practices today released a whitepaper underscoring the pervasive and dangerous problem of counterfeit components and pirated materials within global supply chains, and the risks associated with this issue.. The report also provides companies with practical guidance and proactive measures for securing their supply chains and mitigating the risk and costs associated with counterfeit goods.. Entitled.. Health Safety Risks from Counterfeits in the Supply Chain.. , the paper highlights how counterfeit parts and materials are entering supply chains notwithstanding government regulations and precautions taken by industry.. For example:.. A recent U.. S.. Senate committee report described 1,800 known cases of suspect counterfeit electronic parts in the defense supply chain, supplied by more than 650 companies.. As many as 40 million prescriptions are filled with counterfeits each year in the United States.. The FAA has estimated that more than 520,000 counterfeit parts are installed on planes each year..  ...   counterfeit components infiltrate the supply chain as falsified raw materials, labels and packaging, as well as lower quality manufactured components, which cause explosions, fires, plane engine failures, network crashes, physical injury and death.. The whitepaper emphasizes the importance of voluntary action by industry stakeholders and procurement officials to strengthen the integrity and security of supply chains by establishing flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to combat counterfeits.. The report also highlights measures companies can take to mitigate counterfeits in the supply chain.. These include:.. Incorporate provisions in supplier contracts that facilitate and improve oversight;.. Calibrate supplier assessments according to the risk level;.. Foster greater cooperation, coordination and accountability among all participants;.. Ensure greater traceability in the supply chain; and.. Confirm that supplier requirements flow down to subcontractors.. Please visit.. CREATe.. to download a copy of the full report.. to download a copy of the full report and infographics covering: 1) The Human Impact: Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeits; 2) Vulnerabilities in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain; 3) Supply Chain Complexity: Department of Defense; 4) Life of a Counterfeit Part: Manufacturing; and 5) Top 10 Practices to Reduce Counterfeits in the Supply Chain.. Media Contacts.. Tina Stow, 202.. 778.. 1026.. tstow@apcoworldwide.. com.. 3 days 19 hours..

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  • Title: G8 Focuses on Intellectual Property Rights | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: org Applauds the G8 for Focus on the Importance of Intellectual Property Rights for Stimulating Jobs and Economic Growth.. May 19, 2012.. org welcomes commitment to strengthening the rules-based trading system and supporting private sector initiatives for sharing best practices to address trade secret theft, IP piracy and counterfeiting.. )-- The Center for Responsible Enterprise And Trade (CREATe.. org) welcomes today s statement by the Group of Eight (G8) affirming the importance of effective private sector-led action to protect intellectual property throughout global supply chains.. In the.. Statement on the Global Economy.. published today during the G8 Summit at Camp David, G8 Leaders stated:.. Given the importance of intellectual property rights (IPR) to stimulating job and economic growth, we affirm the significance of high standards for IPR protection and enforcement, including through international legal instruments and mutual assistance agreements, as well as through government procurement processes, private-sector voluntary codes of best practices, and enhanced customs cooperation, while promoting the free flow of information.. We are pleased that the G8 Leaders have underscored the link between protecting IPR and ensuring the continued and sustained recovery of the global economy, said Pamela  ...   practical role in building stronger foundations for a fairer and more sustainable global economy.. As the G8 Leaders recognized, protection of intellectual property is vital to the economy.. Today, multinational corporations (MNCs) lose.. $250 billion annually.. in Intellectual Property (IP) theft in the form of counterfeit and pirated products.. (Source:.. OECD.. ) Theft of trade secrets costs industry billions of dollars in loses per year.. Counterfeiting, piracy and the misappropriation of trade secrets disrupt supply chains, impact trade and undermine competitiveness of MNCs in key global industries.. These aren t the only consequences.. In the U.. alone, according to the U.. Chamber of Commerce, overall intellectual property theft costs 750,000 U.. jobs a year.. Counterfeit drugs are responsible for 700,000 deaths a year from malaria and tuberculosis.. International Policy Network.. ).. org recently launched a report on the impacts of Trade Secret Theft which includes a broad range of global trade secrets cases and also provides MNCs with practical guidance and proactive measures for securing their supply chains and mitigating the risk and cost associated with trade secret misappropriation.. Anne Walker, 206-855-5575.. Director of Marketing and Communications.. awalker@create.. SOURCE:.. Business Wire..

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  • Title: Trade Secret Theft: A Billion-Dollar Industry Threat | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Trade Secret Theft: A Billion-Dollar Industry Threat.. May 1, 2012.. org White Paper Highlights Enormity of Challenge to Multinational Corporations; Offers Practical Guidance to Mitigate Risk.. To tweet this news, copy and paste http://bit.. ly/Inj8Pk to your Twitter handle with the hashtag #TradeSecrets.. WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (CREATe.. org) a Washington-based non-profit industry group focused on responsible business practices today released a white paper highlighting the escalated risk and prevalence of trade secret theft to multinational corporations (MNCs) operating in global markets.. The report comes at a time when increased focus and collaborative public and private sector approaches are needed to help address the challenges of safeguarding intellectual property rights and preventing unfair and anti-competitive trade practices.. Entitled Trade Secret Theft: Managing the Growing Threat in Supply Chains, the paper underscores that trade secret theft not only costs industry billions of dollars annually it is also a critical impediment to innovation, job creation and sustainable economic growth.. Failure to address the  ...   provides MNCs with practical guidance and proactive measures for securing their supply chains and mitigating the risk and cost associated with trade secret misappropriation.. Over the past several months, we have engaged with representatives from more than a hundred multinational corporations and have been struck by the deep and pervasive concern over trade secret theft.. We heard universal agreement about the need for broader awareness of the challenge and better practices and systems to help address the issue internally and externally with suppliers and business partners, Passman added.. Among the paper s key guidance for MNCs is that proactive measures must be implemented across organizations to prevent rampant trade secret theft.. These measures include:.. Conducting a strategic assessment of trade secrets;.. Undertaking appropriate pre-contractual due diligence;.. Employing strong contractual protections, backed by enforceable audit rights and penalties;.. Utilizing appropriate operational and security measures; and.. Ensuring appropriate action after a business relationship has ended.. Please visit http://create.. org/views/trade-secret-theft-managing-growing-threat-supply-chains to download a copy of the full report..

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  • Title: Global Anti-Corruption Legislation | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Anti-Corruption legislation casts a global net: Don’t get caught because you don’t know the rules.. Download Now.. Anti-Corruption.. Grant Thornton LLP released a white paper entitled Anti-Corruption legislation casts a global net: Don t get caught because you don t know the rules.. It is designed to help global companies navigate an increasingly complex web of international regulations and avoid unintended non-compliance..

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  • Title: Country Enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, Progress Report 2012 | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: The 8th annual progress report on the OECD Country Enforcemeny Convetion, by Transparency international was published on September 6, 2012.. It overviews the represents an independent assessment of the OECD convention enforcement, based on past reports fromm the national chapters in OECD Convention Countries.. THE OECD Working Group on Bribery focuses on monitering programs which review the implimentaion of the Conventions provisions..

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  • Title: Foreign Corrupt Practices Ace Guidance | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: The Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed the long-awaited Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).. Guidance.. yesterday.. The Guidance covers a broad range of topics including definitions of key terms and hypothetical situations outlining whether certain conduct might violate the FCPA.. It also describes the elements of an effective compliance program..

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  • Title: WEF: Building Resilience in Supply Chains | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: WEF: Building Resilience in Supply Chains.. Counterfeits.. ,.. Global Trade and Sustainability.. Intellectual Property.. Supply Chain.. Yesterday, January 24.. th.. , the Forum s Supply Chain Risk Initiative launched a new report titled,.. Building Resilience in Supply Chains.. This is the second report of the Forum s Risk Initiative; the first,.. was released at the 2012 meeting.. The latest report focuses on building a framework to manage the risks of global supply chains, and outlines the requirements for a resilience framework..

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