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  • Title: Intellectual Property Rights - Climate Change | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Home.. News Resources.. Resources.. Climate Change, Technology And Intellectual Property Rights: Context And Recent Negotiations.. News.. Events.. For Media.. Download Now.. Report.. Intellectual Property.. The South Centre released a report on the recent negotiations surrounding climate change, technology and intellectual property rights.. In order to reach environmental objectives, the Centre argues that developing countries need access to environmentally-sound technology at affordable prices.. FEATURED RESOURCES.. White Paper.. View All Resources.. FROM THE.. VIEWS.. BLOG.. Intellectual Property Protection: Not Just for the Legal Department.. Visit the Blog.. 2 days 16 hours.. 2 days 22 hours.. 3 days 21 hours..

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  • Title: Intellectual Property Enforcement | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Strategic Foreign Assistance Transitions.. The project on prosperity and development at CSIS released a report on US foreign assistance to middle-income countries.. In a few of their case studies, the report argued that better intellectual property enforcement would benefit both the host country and US businesses..

    Original link path: /news-resources/resources/strategic-foreign-assistance-transitions
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  • Title: The Global Innovation Index 2012 | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: The Global Innovation Index 2012.. INSEAD and WIPO released a report entitled.. The report ranks 141 countries on nearly 100 factors related to innovation; the United States dropped three places from their 2011 ranking to 10.. th.. place..

    Original link path: /news-resources/resources/global-innovation-index-2012
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  • Title: Intellectual Property Theft | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: The Impact of Intellectual Property Theft on the Economy.. The Congressional Joint Economic Committee released a report that addresses the economic impact of intellectual property theft..

    Original link path: /news-resources/resources/impact-intellectual-property-theft-economy
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  • Title: News | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: - Sort by type -.. News Story.. Newsletter.. Press Release.. Filtered by: News Story.. June News.. News Story.. June 19, 2013.. Bloomberg BusinessWeek Highlights CREATe.. June 11, 2013.. Bloomberg Businessweek.. The Financialist: Protecting Your Intellectual Property.. May 31, 2013.. The Financialist.. Reducing Risks in Supply Chains.. May 23, 2013.. Intellectual Property Magazine.. Pamela Passman on the China Law Blog: Improving the Global Supply Chain.. April 24, 2013.. China Law Blog.. CREATe’s Pamela Passman in Smart  ...   Chain Matters.. March 13, 2013.. Supply Chain Matters.. Foreign Affairs: How to Protect Intellectual Property by CREATe’s Pamela Passman.. March 7, 2013.. Foreign Affairs.. Law.. com: Global Supply Chains Bring Increased Risk of Corruption and IP Infringement.. December 21, 2012.. com.. Op-Ed by Under Secretary Hormats and CREATe s Pamela Passman.. December 11, 2012.. The Atlantic.. Pages.. 1.. 2.. next ›.. last ».. UPCOMING EVENT.. Visit News Events.. E-NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE.. View our past Email newsletters..

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  • Title: Anti-Corruption Quiz Email | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Anti-Corruption Quiz Email.. Take the quiz now.. org will not share your information.. Check box if you do not want to receive CREATe news.. NO EMAIL..

    Original link path: /anti-corruption-quiz-email?utm_source=CREATE.org%20Latest%20News%20-%20July%202013%20&utm_campaign=June%20CREATe%20email&utm_medium=email
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  • Title: Anti-Corruption Quiz: Adequately Addressing Corruption | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Reduce the Risks of Corruption.. TEST YOUR CORRUPTION RISK.. Is your company’s anti-corruption compliance program effective? Does it include the types of policies, procedures and systems necessary to address your corruption risk and comply with internationally accepted standards and legal requirements? Take this quick quiz to find out.. Test.. my company's.. anti-.. corruption program.. my supplier's.. Anti-Corruption Quiz - Company.. My company has policies and procedures that address our corruption risk.. No.. Some.. Yes.. My company has an anti-corruption compliance team in place.. My company regularly conducts anti-corruption risk assessments.. My company performs anti-corruption specific due diligence on all new key external partners.. My company provides all employees and  ...   internally and with key business partners.. Anti-Corruption Quiz - Supplier.. Our key business partners have policies and procedures that address their corruption risk, which align with our policies and expectations.. No / Don't Know.. Our key business partners have an anti-corruption compliance team.. Our key business partners include anti-corruption compliance in their risk assessments.. Our key business partners perform anti-corruption due diligence on their own key business partners.. Our key business partners train their own employees and key business partners on anti-corruption compliance.. Our key business partners have protocols to monitor and measure anti-corruption compliance.. Our business partners have a process to drive continual improvement in their anti-corruption compliance efforts..

    Original link path: /anti-corruption-quiz/quiz?utm_source=CREATE.org%20Latest%20News%20-%20July%202013%20&utm_campaign=June%20CREATe%20email&utm_medium=email
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  • Title: CREATe Briefing: Victoria Espinel Discusses IP Protection | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: CREATe Briefing: Victoria Espinel Discusses IP Protection.. June 26, 2012.. |.. SHARE:.. This morning, CREATe was pleased to partner with the.. Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.. to host a breakfast discussion featuring.. Victoria Espinel.. , the country s first U.. S.. Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement Coordinator.. Espi.. nel was in the Pacific Northwest for a listening tour to meet with stakeholders to hear views and opinions on Intellectual Property issues that can inform White House policy.. In the session, she shared several insights into the work being undertaken by the Obama Administration on the issue of Intellectual Property protection.. First, she emphasized the primary reason why Intellectual Property protection is an important issue for the Administration IP is a major economic driver.. To understand the full extent of the benefits of IP-intensive industries, one of the first projects Espinel and her team tackled was the research and development of a report titled.. Intellectual Property and the US Economy.. Highlights include:.. IP-intensive industries create 27.. 1 million jobs and indirectly support another 12.. 9 million jobs; and nearly 30 percent of all U.. jobs are directly or indirectly attributable to the IP-intensive industries.. The average weekly wage in the IP-intensive industries overall is 42% higher, and is 73% higher for patent industry jobs and 77% for copyright industry jobs.. Goods from the IP-intensive industries account for 60% of all US exports.. In 2010 alone, IP-intensive industries accounted for about $5.. 06 trillion in value added, or 34.. 8  ...   improve IP protection and also align with the Administration s commitment to broader Internet principles of due process, free speech and privacy.. Today, there are voluntary agreements and/or best practices in place to combat illegal Internet pharmacies and sites selling counterfeit and pirated goods; and also commitments to reducing online piracy and infringement.. She also emphasized the importance of organizations including CREATe.. org for helping multinationals implement best practices and build compliance among suppliers and business networks.. Consumer education.. Espinel touched briefly on campaigns designed to educate consumers on the health and safety risks of online pharmaceuticals; and also mentioned the government s most high profile initiative, the.. McGruff.. campaigns focused on crime and also IP piracy.. Overse.. as partners.. She emphasized how the Administration is working to weave the IP protection message into a broad range of meetings with overseas partner countries.. Espinel finished by sharing that the Administration is starting the process to develop the new Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement for submission to the President and Congress.. Everyone is welcome to.. subm.. it i.. deas for this plan.. SUBSCRIBE.. TAGS.. Intellectual Property (46).. Anti-corruption (36).. Supply Chain (17).. Intellectual Property Protection (17).. Counterfeit (15).. Global Supply Chains (11).. Compliance (9).. Trade Secret Theft (8).. IP (5).. FCPA (2).. Corporate Social Responsibility (2).. Events (1).. risk mitigation (1).. corporate compliance (1).. fighting corruption (1).. FEATURED STORIES.. Fighting Corruption: Good for Corporations.. Pilot Update: IP Protection Status – Insight on Asia.. IN THE NEWS..

    Original link path: /views-blog/create-briefing-victoria-espinel-discusses-ip-protection
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  • Title: New Whitepaper: Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeits | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: New Whitepaper: Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeits.. October 25, 2012.. Counterfeit.. org today has released a white paper outlining the pervasiveness of counterfeit products within global supply chains.. The report, titled.. Health and Safety Risks from Counterfeits in the Supply Chain.. , highlights a number of examples where counterfeits have infiltrated supply chains in industries including defense, food, transportation, and pharmaceuticals.. Cases include:.. A recent U.. Senate committee report described 1,800 known cases of suspect counterfeit electronic parts in the defense supply chain, supplied by more than 650 companies.. Up to 40 million prescriptions are filled with counterfeits each year in the United States.. The FAA has estimated that more than 520,000 counterfeit parts are installed on planes each year.. Mattel recalled approximately 2 million toys and paid a $2.. 3 million civil penalty for importing Barbie accessories, die-cast  ...   whitepaper provides leading practices for organizations to implement to strengthen the integrity and security of their supply chains as a vital part of establishing flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions.. Foster greater cooperation, coordination, and accountability among all participants;.. Increase information sharing to strengthen supply chain integrity;.. Include provisions in supplier contracts that facilitate and improve oversight;.. Calibrate supplier assessments according to the risk level; and.. Ensure that supplier requirements flow down to subcontractors.. The following infographics are also available:.. The Human Impact: Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeits;.. Vulnerabilities in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain;.. Supply Chain Complexity: Department of Defense;.. Life of a Counterfeit Part: Manufacturing; and.. Top 10 Practices to Reduce Counterfeits in the Supply Chain.. Read more from.. Earlier this year, CREATe launched a whitepaper about.. Trade Secret Theft.. , which also provides best practices for reducing IP theft..

    Original link path: /views-blog/new-whitepaper-health-and-safety-risks-counterfeits
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  • Title: International Anti-Corruption Day | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: International Anti-Corruption Day.. December 7, 2012.. Anti-corruption.. Corruption is an insidious plague that has a wide range of coercive effects on societies.. It undermines democracy and the rule of law, leads to violations of human rights, distorts markets, erodes the quality of life, and allows organized crime, terrorism and other threats to human security to flourish.. -.. Kofi Annan.. , Former UN Secretary General.. Sunday, December 9.. , marks International Anti-Corruption Day, an annual celebration hosted by the United Nations to commemorate the 2003 opening of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the first global anti-corruption treaty.. Nearly a decade later, while progress has been made, corruption continues to flourish in too many places across the globe.. According to Transparency International s latest.. Corruption Perceptions Index.. , released on December 5.. , 70% of 176 countries score below a 50 on a 100 point scale, where 0 = highly corrupt and 100=very clean.. For companies seeking to do businesses in these markets, corruption is a daily reality, raising significant  ...   these locations.. The top three challenges identified to prevent corruption risk when working with third parties in emerging markets included: ensuring appropriate behavior of Tier 2 third parties (46%), developing metrics (42%), and conducting effective training of third party employees (39%).. In this environment, companies must work to ensure that they are part of the solution, not part of the problem.. Implementing effective policies and procedures to detect, deter, and remediate corruption, and working with supply chains to ensure they do the same, is only the first step.. To be truly effective, compliance must become part of a company s culture though high-level commitment, communication, training, and continual improvement.. By working with suppliers to improve business practices designed to prevent corruption, companies can drive jobs, growth, and innovation benefiting their own businesses, the economy, and the communities where they operate.. Learn more about CREATe Leading Practices.. here.. Request a demonstration of CREATe.. org Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption by e-mailing.. info@create.. Transparency International Corruption Perceptions.. Index.. Conference Board Survey.. Results..

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  • Title: Webcast: The Conference Board | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Webcast: The Conference Board.. December 3, 2012.. On December 3rd at 3 pm ET, the Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade (CREATe s).. Pamela Passman and Craig Moss.. will participate in.. The Conference Board webcast.. focused on the findings from a Research Working Group on the topic of Safeguarding Intellectual Property Addressing Corruption in the Global Supply Chain.. The Conference Board s new executive director of the Governance Center - Donna Dabney will also share insights into how the issues of IP theft and corruption are impacting The Conference Board  ...   500 companies on the risks and challenges of IP theft and corruption in emerging markets.. The risks to companies from intellectual property theft (counterfeiting, trade secret theft and piracy) and corruption.. New approaches for companies and suppliers to effectively launch IP protection and anti-corruption programs.. Ways to gain insight into subcontractors and third-parties working for direct suppliers.. The highest risk markets for IP theft and corruption; and greatest challenges for global brands in these areas.. Register now.. for this important webcast.. If you have any questions, please email us at info@CREATe..

    Original link path: /views-blog/webcast-conference-board
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