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  • Title: WEF: CREATe Provides Insights on IP Protection | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Home.. News Resources.. News.. WEF: CREATe Provides Insights on IP Protection.. Events.. Resources.. For Media.. January 26, 2012.. |.. News Story.. The World Economic Forum (WEF) continues to promote ways to improve practices in global supply chains.. CREATe contributed to this dialogue and provided an op-ed for the.. WEF Forum.. which highlights the importance of working collaboratively with global supply chain partners to protect intellectual property (IP).. Below is the full transcript.. Protecting Intellectual Property in Global Supply Chains.. The theft of trade secrets represents a significant loss to individual companies and the global economy, raising barriers for businesses that compete fairly and harming efforts to create jobs and stimulate growth.. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in 2008, the total worldwide economic value of counterfeit and pirated materials was US$ 650 billion.. By 2015, the global value of counterfeit and pirated products is estimated to rise as high as US$ 1.. 77 trillion.. While government regulation will continue to be essential to protecting intellectual property (IP), the private sector can play a powerful role in driving responsible business practices and bridging regulatory gaps where adequate laws do not exist or enforcement is weak.. Industry-led initiatives can help embed responsible business practices in global supply chains and in markets, creating a fairer, more predictable, rules-based operating environment where investment and growth can flourish.. Global supply chains represent tremendous opportunity for strengthening governance and developing trusted networks to better protect IP.. And in fact, many companies are already engaging their supply chains and business networks to drive improvements in other areas, including labour, health and safety, environment and quality assurance, through the use of supplier codes of conduct, training and capacity building.. By harnessing the power of global supply chains and  ...   fair competition.. The G8 Camp David Declaration was a welcome step towards better IP protection.. It emphasizes the vital link between protecting IP rights and ensuring the continued strength of the global economy, and the need for governments to encourage and promote private sector-led action as an important complement to government regulation and enforcement in this area.. One area in which governments can have a big impact is government procurement, and given the prevalence of IP theft, it is essential that governments take measures to address IP risks in their own supply chains.. Businesses that bid on and receive government contracts should be encouraged to adopt and implement policies and procedures to manage the use and protection of IP, and to ensure greater traceability in their supply chains by knowing and being able to document their upstream suppliers.. Governments can foster greater cooperation, coordination and accountability among all parties to the contract and should engage with its suppliers on a regular basis to share leading practices and help them mitigate risk, improve quality and manage costs.. Government, business and NGO efforts to educate, train and provide technical assistance are critically important to encouraging a global culture of IP compliance as well.. Multistakeholder outreach either through existing or new programs should be designed to increase awareness and understanding of applicable IP laws and regulations, and build capacity within the private sector.. Leslie Benton is Vice-President for Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement at CREATe.. org The Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade.. SOURCE:.. The World Economic Forum.. UPCOMING EVENT.. Visit News Events.. FEATURED RESOURCES.. White Paper.. View All Resources.. FROM THE.. VIEWS.. BLOG.. Intellectual Property Protection: Not Just for the Legal Department.. Visit the Blog.. 2 days 17 hours.. 2 days 23 hours.. 3 days 21 hours..

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  • Title: Berlin Roundtable on Trade Secret Theft | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Berlin Roundtable on Trade Secret Theft.. June 12, 2013.. Event.. A European Commission official, a senior economist from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and leading German companies and trade associations participated in a June 12 roundtable event on trade secrets organized by CREATe.. org in Berlin.. The roundtable focused on the topic of.. trade secret  ...   Dixon discussed the content of a.. whitepaper.. we developed on trade secrets.. He explained how a whole range of management systems already in place in many companies to manage compliance in various areas for example, in quality control, labor standards, and environmental protection are relevant to protecting and managing supply-chain risks related to trade secrets and intellectual property (IP)..

    Original link path: /news-resources/news-events/berlin-roundtable-trade-secret-theft
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  • Title: RSA Archer GRC Summit | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: RSA Archer Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Summit Executive Forum.. On Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Leslie Benton, Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement for CREATe.. org, spoke on a panel at the.. The panel, titled Enterprise Ethics Program: Responses to High Profile Ethics Failures, included a discussion on the role of ethics and compliance in a GRC program, managing ethics and compliance across cultures, and communicating and driving responsible, ethical business practices across business networks.. This is a particularly important topic of discussion in a globalized business environment, where supply chains and business relationships transcend geographic and cultural boundaries.. RSA Archer..

    Original link path: /news-resources/news-events/rsa-archer-governance-risk-and-compliance-grc-summit-executive-forum
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  • Title: 2013 APCAC Spring Conference | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: 2013 APCAC Spring Conference.. March 21, 2013.. org) will be attending the 2013 Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) Spring Conference, A 20-20 Vision for US-Asia Partnership.. Craig Moss, Chief Operating Officer at CREATe.. org, will speak as part of the Regional Supply Chain Sessions panel on March 22nd.. For more information on the 2013 APCAC Spring Conference please click.. here.. Learn more about Craig Moss.. APCAC..

    Original link path: /news-resources/news-events/2013-apcac-spring-conference
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  • Title: Mitigating the Risks of IP Infringement in Global Supply Chains – AmCham Hong Kong | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Mitigating the Risks of IP Infringement in Global Supply Chains – AmCham Hong Kong.. March 18, 2013.. On Monday, March 18.. th.. org s Chief Operating Officer, Craig Moss, will be presenting at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong on Mitigating the Risks of IP Infringement In Global Supply Chains.. Mr.. Moss will cover new approaches to IP protection, including sharing best practices  ...   the management systems and processes their company and suppliers should have in place to effectively protect IP.. Additionally, companies that attend the seminar will be given an opportunity to participate in a free pilot program of CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection, a practical online system with assessments, resources, tools and training to improve processes for protecting IP.. Register.. here.. American Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong..

    Original link path: /news-resources/news-events/mitigating-risks-ip-infringement-global-supply-chains-%E2%80%93-amcham-hong-kong
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  • Title: Roundtable Discussion with AAG Lanny Breuer | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: Roundtable Discussion with AAG Lanny Breuer.. February 13, 2013.. During his tenure as Assistant Attorney General, Lanny Breuer has substantially increased enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and instituted the Department of Justice s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.. On November 15, 2012, Breuer released guidance on the Department of Justice s and SEC s approach to FCPA enforcement: A Resource Guide to the U.. S.. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act..

    Original link path: /news-resources/news-events/roundtable-discussion-aag-lanny-breuer
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  • Title: LES IP100 | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: LES IP100.. February 12, 2013.. Pamela Passman, President and CEO of CREATe.. org, to present at the Licensing Executives Society.. IP100 Program.. The 2013 IP100 Program, to be held February 11-12 at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, will address key issues for companies working to protect brand integrity and intellectual property.. LES..

    Original link path: /news-resources/news-events/les-ip100
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  • Title: SCM World's latest on-demand webinar with Pamela Passman, President & CEO of CREATe | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: SCM World s latest on-demand webinar with Pamela Passman, President CEO of CREATe.. January 22, 2013.. By 2015, the value of counterfeit and pirated materials is expected to hit $1.. In a world where as much as 75% of an organisation s value and revenues are found in intangible assets, the need to protect Intellectual Property (IP) and proprietary data becomes critical to securing a competitive advantage..  ...   and externally to drive better processes that reduce corruption and secure your company s IP.. She highlighted the importance of:.. Taking a collaborative approach with suppliers, customers and other trading partners to pinpoint weaknesses in company processes.. Assessing, evaluating and improving standards and practices to protect proprietary information.. Building systems to ensure compliance in high-risk markets.. This webinar is.. available for you to view on-demand.. SCM World..

    Original link path: /news-resources/news-events/scm-worlds-latest-demand-webinar-pamela-passman-president-ceo-create
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  • Title: America Works Summit | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: America Works Summit.. December 10, 2012.. CREATe joins The Atlantic to discuss American Competiveness at the.. Monday, December 10th, 12:00 4:30 PM, Reagan International Trade Center, Washington, DC..

    Original link path: /news-resources/news-events/america-works-summit
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  • Title: World Forum on Governance 2012 | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: World Forum on Governance 2012.. December 5, 2012.. The World Forum on Governance will reconvene in Prague December 5.. 7.. , 2012.. Participants include representatives from governments, business, investors, media and non-governmental advocacy groups in order to highlight and discuss ways to address governance and corruption.. It is the only forum that brings together corporate and political governance under a single umbrella.. In November 2011, the World Forum on Governance produced the Prague Declaration on Governance and Anti-Corruption.. An English Translation of the Declaration can be found..

    Original link path: /news-resources/news-events/world-forum-governance-2012
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  • Title: Safeguarding Intellectual Property and Addressing Anti-Corruption | CREATe.org
    Descriptive info: The Conference Board’s Special Webcast on Safeguarding Intellectual Property Addressing Corruption in the Global Supply Chain (3 pm ET).. December 3, 2012.. The Conference Board Results from a Research Working Group (RWG):.. During the past six months, CREATe has been working with The Conference Board (TCB) on a Research Working Group focused on Safeguarding IP and Preventing Corruption in the Global Supply  ...   Moss will join The Conference Board s RWG director Daria Lamb and Donna Dabney, TCB s Governance Center Executive Director (and former.. VP, Secretary and Corporate Governance Counsel.. at Alcoa) to discuss the results of the RWG, including the findings of a survey of global brands.. Join this complimentary webcast on.. December 3rd at 3 pm ET.. by visiting the.. registration page..

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