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  • Title: Energy systems
    Descriptive info: .. Academician Petrov has slightly turned pale and has given a hand to shaggy Kavtaradze.. That has murmured something.. muffled, has seized the geological heads by a sleeve and has pulled in a thicket.. On all questions otvechal: - After, after, all.. then I will explain.. Idemte is faster.. Have four together moved on a path.. Kavtaradze at first went, has then run.. The others ran behind it, stumbling and rolling feet in a moss.. The way has blocked a blockage.. Kavtaradze has scrambled.. upward, they have followed it.. Behind a barrier from the tumbled down trunks the space, on which else recently, to the last torrential rains has opened,.. forest fire stormed.. And in the middle of opened, sulphur from platform ashes, the flying castle lay.. Rough, but its accurate forms have blurred, as if under weight of a body weight.. The grey stern covered with stains has.. grown brown, and on it the hem was clearly designated.. "From a bulldozer knife", - academician Petrov has noted about.. itself, having recollected the story of Brazilian Mashado.. It has stopped, choking, and has pulled off from a head a helmet.. Ears were not ill.. "Infrasonic fluctuations.. - he has thought.. - whether the voice is beings which lies here? Whether its appeal to those whom.. name motley  ...   branches everywhere break.. off.. Petrov has murmured something about the resonant phenomena.. Marks sprosil: - Excuse, your way is a live being? Like.. a bird without wings? And these multi-coloured at it - like louses-peroedov on a wood-grouse? Petrov thoughtfully looked at a.. lying castle.. - In that before us - a live being, at me already doubts are not present.. And here its mutual relations with motley - still a riddle.. Peroed - the parasite, a bird without it will manage.. And the castle without motley - whether can manage? Again as if the.. heavy sigh has flown by over heads.. The brown body has shuddered, for an instant has accepted the former outlines, the.. crack in a side has widely swung open.. Savchenko clicked the camera, preparing shots prints with which will bypass subsequently all scientific and unscientific.. magazines of the world.. When it has lowered the chamber, all was over.. Contours of a brown body have lost the clearness,.. and before people simply shapeless heap rose.. They long stood silently.. Has broken silence of Markov:- Not clearly, what for they have arrived to the Earth? Academician.. Petrov has shaken plechami: - What for?.. In a window the poplar down What for flies? And after all it too bears in itself.. (himself) a life rudiment..

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