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  • Title: Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
    Descriptive info: .. About.. Contact Us.. When We Meet.. Our Members.. Board Members.. Become A Member.. Membership Dues.. Working Parties.. Nominating Committee.. Prevention Working Party.. Working Party on Victims.. International Day of African Child.. Subscribe.. Make A Donation.. Resources.. Documents Statements.. Members and Experts.. Submit Your Info.. Archives.. News Updates.. Femicide Blog.. 2015 Congress.. Femicide Platform.. UN Documents Publications.. The Blog: Articles, Papers, Research.. Organizations Activists.. Web Resources Links.. Meetings.. Regular Meetings.. Online Meetings.. UN Meetings.. How To Join Online Meetings.. Calendar.. Select Page.. 2015 Crime Congress.. The Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention Criminal Justice.. Preparing for the 2015.. Since 1955, the United Nations congresses on crime prevention and criminal justice have brought together high-level representatives of Governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and criminal justice professionals and scholars, to discuss common concerns, share experiences and seek viable solutions to problems related to crime prevention and criminal justice.. NGO Congress Preparations.. Bangkok, 11-13 November 2014.. The Open-ended Intergovernmental Expert Group Meeting on gender-related killing of women and girls will  ...   UN Plaza.. Working Parties meet on their own schedule and we also hold online consultations and meetings.. We also conduct online meetings and consultations.. Subscribe to Updates.. We send updates to keep you apprised, so you can stay focused on specific projects such as preparation for the 2015 Crime Congress.. The updates will NOT fill your mail box, but will provide you with timely information.. Our Next Meeting.. Join us at our Regular Meetings, special events or online consultations.. Find out.. When Where.. Signup Today Get Connected.. Subscribe Today.. Search the Site.. Search for:.. Recent Posts.. Risk Factors for Femicide in Abusive Relationships: Results From a Multisite Case Control Study.. Mortality of Women From Intimate Partner Violence in South Africa: A National Epidemiological Study.. Next Regular Meeting.. There are no upcoming events.. View Calendar.. Add.. Add to Timely Calendar.. Add to Google.. Add to Outlook.. Add to Apple Calendar.. Add to other calendar.. Facebook.. Twitter.. Google.. RSS.. Joomla Speed.. Designed by.. Elegant Themes.. | Powered by.. WordPress..

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  • Title: About |
    Descriptive info: The Alliance.. Fosters humane policies, encouraging the development of effective crime prevention and criminal justice strategies and practices domestically and globally.. Encourages cooperation between members of the community of nations in addressing shared justice.. Advocates respect for the human dignity and the rights of crime victims as well as those accused of criminality; and.. Works to advance the protection and restoration of the well being of all persons and communities affected by criminality.. About the Alliance.. The Alliance was formed in 1972 as a coalition of major NGOs having consultative status with the United Nations and dedicated to crime prevention and criminal justice improvements.. The Alliance subsequently broadened its membership to include selected NGOs not in consultative status with UN bodies, but actively interested in crime and justice.. Organized at the instigation of William Clifford, the first Chief of the then Social Defense Section (now the Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Branch) of the UN s Economic and Social Council, the Alliance was chaired by G.. O.. W.. Mueller of the New York University during its early years.. The Alliance is currently chaired by Dr.. Karen Judd Smith (2012-2013),.. Women s Federation for World Peace, International.. and the.. NGO Academy.. The Alliance Board Members can be found.. here.. The Mission  ...   governmental institutions as well as in academic and other public organizations and agencies.. To enhance.. the collective role of the Alliance members through cooperation among affiliated organizations with regard to programs, research projects, publications, conferences and other activities of mutual interest.. the flow of information and consultation among the international NGO community, the UN Secretariat, national UN delegations, and UN bodies responsible for international policies and programs for crime prevention and criminal justice, including the Centre for International Crime Prevention, the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.. To assist.. the UN in the identification of existing and emerging crime and justice issues, in the initiation of research studies and recommendations for action, and in supplying technical assistance in specific areas of Alliance competence.. Upcoming Events.. Apr.. 12.. Sun.. 2015.. all-day.. United Nations Crime Congress.. United Nations Crime Congress.. Apr 12 – Apr 19.. all-day.. THEME Integrating crime prevention and criminal justice into the wider United Nations agenda to address social and economic challenges and to promote the rule of law at the national and international levels, and public participation [.. ].. Stay Informed!.. Subscribe to our mailing list to get updates.. Just add your name & email.. here!..

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  • Title: Contact Us |
    Descriptive info: If you have any questions, we would love to help.. Add your name, email and message below.. Don t forget to complete the simple captcha sum so we don t get spammed.. We usually respond within one business day.. Name.. Email Address.. Message.. 15 + 10 =..

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  • Title: When we meet |
    Descriptive info: We meet the second Friday of every second month: January, March, May, July, September November.. We usually meet in one of the rooms at: 777 UN Plaza.. But check on the.. calendar.. before you come because sometimes the location changes.. Working Parties generally meet at 12:00 noon and the Alliance meeting starts at 1:00 PM.. Add your name to our list to be informed of updates, events and meetings:..

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  • Title: Members |
    Descriptive info: Members.. Alliance Members are non-governmental organizations having consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (EOSOC) that have a substantial interest in various aspects of crime prevention, criminal justice administration and the treatment of offenders.. Associates.. Other NGOs not in consultative status with UN bodies but actively dedicated to the prevention of crime and to improvements in criminal justice may be admitted into membership.. NGOs interested can apply for.. membership online.. Members Are Encourage To Add Information About Their Organization.. Want your organization s information added to our Member s Directory?.. Click here.. There you can submit a 500 word description, add a logo and/or other image.. Associate Members.. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.. American Correctional Association.. American Society of Criminology.. Amnesty International.. Brehon Law Society.. Defense for Children International.. Fairleigh Dickinson University.. Friends World Committee for Consultation.. Howard League for Penal Reform (UK).. International Association of Chiefs of Police.. International Association  ...   Council of Prison Medical Services.. International League for Human Rights.. International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association.. International Prisoners Aid Association.. International Society for Criminology.. International Society for Social Defense.. International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.. Jaycees International.. National Association of Women Lawyers.. Prison Fellowship International.. Societe Internationale de Prophylaxie Ciminelle.. The Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for Justice and Peace.. The Salvation Army.. World Federation for Mental Health.. World Psychiatric Association.. Commission on Accreditation.. Foundation for the Development of International Parole and Probation Practices.. Human Rights Watch.. International Development Enterprises and Services.. International Institute for Restorative Practices.. International Legal Defense Counsel.. International Penal and Penitentiary Foundation.. International Police Association (US Section).. International Probation Association.. International Social Service.. Leo Kuper Foundation.. Medical Missions International.. National Associations Active in Criminal Justice in Canada.. National Council on Crime and Delinquency.. The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.. World Peace Academy.. World Union of Catholic Women s Organizations..

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  • Title: Alliance Board Members |
    Descriptive info: Alliance Board Members.. Executive Board 2014-2015.. Chairperson.. Afaf Mahfouz.. email:.. AfMahfouz@aol.. com.. Organization: Women and Memory Forum.. website:.. www.. wmf.. org.. eg.. Vice-Chairpersons.. Karen Judd Smith.. prevention@cpcjalliance.. organization: Women s Federation for World Peace, International.. wfwp.. Lloyd Klein.. lklein@sfc.. edu.. organization: St Francis College.. sfc.. Secretary.. Ilona Gedutiene.. i_gedutiene@yahoo.. organization:.. asc41.. Treasurer.. Rosalind Harris.. ngocrime@aol.. iss-ssi.. Members At-Large.. Ronald Calissi.. calissi@fdu.. fdu.. Lynette Parker.. LParker@pfi.. pfi.. Kimberley Garth-James.. Kimberley.. Garth-James@columbiasouthern.. Columbia Southern University.. ColumbiaSouthern.. Outgoing President.. kjs@cpcjalliance..

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  • Title: Nothing found for Membership Dues
    Descriptive info: No Results Found.. The page you requested could not be found.. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post..

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  • Title: Working Parties |
    Descriptive info: Themes and Activities.. The Alliance functions as a true coalition.. Its work agenda is identified by member organizations according to their particular experience and interest.. The tasks are carried out by representatives of member organizations through regular meetings, consultation with national UN delegations, collaboration with UN agencies, and through members coming together in Working Parties.. The Alliance and its Working Groups meet six (6) times a year on the second Friday in January, March, May, July, September and November.. Current Working Parties.. Prevention.. Restorative Justice.. Working Party on Victims: please contact.. YaelD@aol.. Past Working Parties.. 2010 Crime Congress.. 2005 Crime Congress Ancillary Meetings.. Transnational Border Crime and Technology.. Major Activities of the Alliance Past and Present:.. Alliance initiative and organizational efforts were responsible for the development of international treaties and conventions providing for the return o f convicted foreign offenders to their home countries to serve their sentences; the Alliance also originated the requirement in laws applicable to prisoner exchanges, that such exchanges be carried out only with the consent of the prisoner;.. The Alliance conceived, developed and introduced a code of conduct for law enforcement officers, moving for its adoption by the UN General Assembly;.. The Alliance conceived and implemented an international research project on the status of children held in prisons with their mother; it also published the conclusions of the project for distribution to interested  ...   Alliance formed a Working Party on Crime Prevention to assist the UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Branch in fulfilling the UN Crime Commission s mandate for study of this subject;.. The Alliance s Working Party on Restorative Justice has been formulating restorative justice standards considered by the 9th UN Crime Congress, held in Vienna April 2000, and for further UN and international action;.. In addition to work on substantive crime prevention and criminal justice issues, the Alliance has been instrumental in the development of ancillary meetings sponsored by the NGO community worldwide to supplement the official programs at the UN Crime Congresses, held every five years.. The Alliance ahs assumed responsibility for arrangements, scheduling, and the provision of simultaneous interpretation for these ancillary meetings, which are unique within the UN system;.. The Alliance has established and sponsors an Information Center to coordinate and conduct criminal justice surveys developed by the Alliance and its Working Parties.. The Center responds to requests for assistance and information from individuals and organization, as well as countries around the world.. Center activities have increase in recent years due to the dramatic political changes within the former Soviet Eastern Bloc and in several African and Asian countries.. Finding themselves ill equipped to deal effectively with emerging criminal justice issues, many of the countries and their NGOs have found the Information Center s data invaluable..

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  • Title: Nominating Committee |
    Descriptive info: This committee is responsible for preparing the slate of candidates for the January 2012 elections.. The committee is composed of Lynette Parker and Lloyd Kline.. The following positions are open for nominations:.. Chair.. Vice-chair.. At-large (2).. The current office holders for Treasurer and one of a 2nd at-large position have chosen to again run for their office.. If you would like to be nominated for any of the Alliance board positions, please contact one of the members of the nominating committee:.. Lynette Parker.. lparker@pfi.. Lloyd Klein.. creditcardman21@yahoo..

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  • Title: Prevention Working Party |
    Descriptive info: Note: As of January 2012, this working party has integrated its work into the Committee of the Whole and is no longer working as a separate Committee.. For more information, email:.. The Alliance and Prevention.. The UN has acknowledged the importance of crime prevention and criminal justice since its early years.. The recent increase in scope, intensity and sophistication of crime in a globalizing world threatens peace and security worldwide.. Terrorism, corruption, drugs and human trafficking are global problems alien to no state.. Every year, over US$ 1 trillion is paid in bribes around the world, enriching the corrupt and robbing generations of a future.. Crime in any form, and corruption in particular, is a phenomenon that causes poverty, obstructs development and drives away investment, debilitating the judicial and political systems that should be working for the public good, and weakening the rule of law leaving the voice of the people unheard.. Citizens trust in government officials and national institutions dwindles and crime and the violence erupting from frustration and injustices increase.. The recent United Nations Convention against Corruption provides an additional global legal framework for the work of prevention.. Additionally, 2005 World Summit resolutions 1624 and 1625 are international instruments that provide a framework for international support for action especially in the areas of prevention.. Both the Convention against Corruption and these Security Council resolutions acknowledge and invite the contributions of civil society and the private sector to join governments in the work of prevention and in taking a stand against corruption and “everything that fuels terrorism.. ”.. Non governmental organizations make a difference in a number of areas of prevention: by raising public awareness; lobbying for the introduction of new and more effective reforms; exposing the wrongdoings of financial and political leaders; and bringing their own expertise and grassroots contributions in the area of prevention; assisting in  ...   utilizing the framework and mandates of the Convention on Corruption and S/RES/1624 and 1625 amongst other UN resolutions and treaties.. ;.. • Utilize in our work, the UN’s Global Programme against Corruption (GPAC) definition of corruption as the “abuse of power for private gain;”.. • Provide the UNODC and ECOSOC with recommendations as to how they might optimize the contributions of NGOs in the area of prevention and, where appropriate, integrate these with the existing work of Member States.. • Draw upon the resources of the Alliance and its members to formulate and/or promote efforts that fill “missing gaps” in the work of prevention and so would serve to strengthen states’ capacities to prevent corruption, crime and terrorism.. This shall be accomplished by:.. •.. Reviewing.. and identifying areas of preventive work that:.. i.. are currently weak.. ii.. can be addressed by civil society and non-state actors so as to complement existing international and State level efforts to combat corruption while promoting accountability, transparency and the rule of law.. iii.. the Alliance has expertise available.. iv.. could support the work of the emerging Peace Building Commission.. Coordinating.. Alliance activities on matters related to prevention, including presentations on prevention at United Nations Crime Congresses and other appropriate venues;.. Providing expertise.. available to U.. N.. member states wanting to develop and/or better support preventive efforts in their nations; and.. Promoting.. a focus on prevention in U.. peace-building responses to the aftermath of civil war or ethnic violence.. French Prime Minister’s statement during the Security Council meeting at the Summit Level for the adoption of S/RES/1625.. ibid.. “ everything that fuels terrorism—the inequalities the persistence of violence, injustices and conflicts, the lack of understanding among cultures (since force alone) does not answer people’s frustrations, it does not address the roots of evil ”.. These are suggested for now.. We can further discuss this..

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  • Title: Working Party on Victims |
    Descriptive info: The Chair of the Working Party is Yael Danieli.. Listening to Victims..

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