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  • Title: Arachnoiditis Information and Support(COFWA)
    Descriptive info: .. ARACHNOIDITIS INFORMATION SUPPORT.. COFWA.. COFWA (Circle Of Friends With Arachnoiditis) is here for support of those who suffer from or know someone with Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. COFWA offers education, friendship, caring, sharing, and advocacy to all who are in need.. We are here to assist with questions and concerns regarding Adhesive Arachnoiditis, some which may be answered in the information provided here, within these web pages.. Adhesive Arachnoiditis is a disorder which causes severe, chronic, intractable pain.. It is the inflammation of one of the spinal cord coverings (meninges), the middle meninges, the arachnoid and nerve roots that causes Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. This inflammation causes the covering to become sticky , adhering it to the spinal cord and the nerve roots as they exit the spinal canal.. The inflammation causes the nerve roots to become adherent to each other and to the meninges, this is what causes the pain.. Adhesive Arachnoiditis can be progressive in some cases.. It can also cause loss of motor function, numbness, tingling, loss of bladder and bowel function, the sensation of walking on rocks or glass, burning, groin pain and can, in some rare instances, cause paralysis..  ...   where our members continue to enjoy sharing e-mail correspondence via an automated Listserve.. Our membership continues to flourish (with well over 1,000 active members), as the word spreads and the awareness of Adhesive Arachnoiditis becomes known, we are here to offer all Adhesive Arachnoiditis sufferers the means to share their experiences, to learn from others, to realize they are not alone as we continue to combat this unrelenting disease together.. We Are The Original, Number One, Arachnoiditis Support Group, We Care!.. Circle of Friends With Arachnoiditis (COFWA), Arachniac's , Arachnoiditis Support and Information Association (ASIA), Arachniac's Pen Pals (APP) and/or, any information, including email address, the Membership Roster names, the Arachniac's Journal, maintained on this site, are copyrighted.. Use of group and service names, Roster or information without express written permission is strictly prohibited.. [Webmaster].. Last Updated:12 June, 2007.. 54.. 52.. b&l.. rb2140a.. 51.. 5250.. rx7012-5069-53.. iphone.. 2014.. 2014.. n48108.. 120.. m9805.. m9805.. m6809s.. iphone amazon.. lv.. lv n63155.. rannkinngu.. n60019.. n51296.. 2013.. 2011.. 2012.. EVA.. 20.. Chloe.. Chloe 2014.. SEE BY CHLOE.. Chloe 2012.. Chloe 2013.. Chloe 2013 BEA.. Chloe JUNE.. Chloe Lily.. Chloe paraty.. Chloe SHADOW.. VOGUE.. DOVE.. ROCK.. 2way..

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  • Title: COFWA Mission
    Descriptive info: COFWA MISSION.. To foster an atmosphere of Caring, Friendship, Education, and Advocacy for the Support of those individuals, their families, friends and care givers living and coping with chronic intractable pain as a result of Arachnoiditis, it's progression as well as the myriad of ill consequence associated with Adhesive Arachnoiditis and related complications.. To promote an Arachnoiditis awareness campaign with the public, governmental and medical communities focusing on these subsequent vital Arachnoiditis issues:.. Acknowledge Arachnoiditis for the miserable disease it  ...   Experts claim quality of life equals or surpasses those who suffer from terminal cancer.. The major difference being terminal cancer is just that, terminal.. Arachnoiditis is not.. Recognize research for a cure is mandatory, as is the continued advancement of successful pain management techniques, remedies and medications to make those who are suffering as comfortable as possible until achievement of a cure can be realized.. Acknowledge and halt.. ALL.. medical procedures.. which cause or.. contribute to the progression.. of Adhesive Arachnoiditis..

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  • Title: COFWA
    Descriptive info: Circle Of Friends With Arachnoiditis.. All are welcome to participate.. There is no charge to join our support group, Circle of Friends With Arachnoiditis (COFWA) is absolutely FREE!!! We call ourselves the Arachniac's.. Here at COFWA do not feel we are Victims.. We are Survivors who happen to Suffer from Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. To feel as if we are victims, defeats the recovery we strive for on a daily basis.. COFWA is an online support group communicating primarily through the use of e-mail.. We send e-mails of support, caring and sharing with one another.. The e-mails that are sent are sometimes pleas for help, requests for information, asking for support during a difficult period, sharing what it's like to live with Adhesive Arachnoiditis, and at times just friendly conversations with someone who knows  ...   understand what type of support group COFWA is to assure you are getting what you need and want.. And, we do hope COFWA is the type of support group to which you would like to belong.. COFWA has worked hard to insure most will find the information you are looking for regarding Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. COFWA's utilizes.. Yahoo! Groups.. ListServe which offers a variety of services including privet chat areas, Bulletin Boards, a Calendar for scheduling events, Links and files can be uploaded and shared with the group.. Areas to post photo albums are available so you can share your photo with your new family and friends.. It's up to you to make the most of what is offered and available here at COFWA, SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?.. Join COFWA.. Today!..

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  • Title: COFWA-Adhesive Arachnoiditis
    Descriptive info: Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. THE ADHESIVE ARACHNOIDITIS SYNDROME.. Was Written on behalf of COFWA by:.. Arachnoiditis Remains Unknown, Unreported and Unrecognized”.. The Anatomy of.. is linked from:.. The Burton Report.. Dr.. Sarah Smith, MB, BS.. COFWA Patron.. Mark S.. Bruno.. Executive Director COFWA.. Charles V.. Burton, M.. D.. The following Survey is one of the very few which has ever been conducted with regard to clinically significant Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. Many of the participants were COFWA group members.. International Patient Survey.. Dr Smith, a sufferer of Arachnoiditis herself, has become a worldwide.. crusader of Arachnoiditis awareness.. Her pro- found knowledge and devotion in this field has gained her recognition as an expert by many respected Doctors, organizations and support groups throughout the world.. We are delighted to have Dr Sarah as a COFWA  ...   Syndrome” or “Spinal Meningitis”, to name a few.. Many of our members have told us that they have actually been diagnosed correctly, but their physicians failed to inform them at the time they were diagnosed.. Read More.. Burton is a world renowned expert in the area of spinal care and is the Chief Medical Director of the:.. The Center for Restorative Spine Surgery.. in Minneapolis, MN.. Burton is the foremost pioneer in the pursuit of Adhesive Arach-noiditis awareness in the Medical community today as well as an expert in the treatment of complex spinal problems.. The publication of The.. Burton Report®.. in 2000 has brought credible world wide aware-ness to he complex problems regarding Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. COFWA Thanks Dr.. Burton for his on-going regime and these links to his website..

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  • Title: Arachnoiditis-Fighting Back
    Descriptive info: ARACHNOIDITIS - FIGHTING BACK IS AVAILABLE HERE AT COFWA !.. Arachnoiditis - Fighting Back.. ,.. is a.. new.. Documentary Produced by.. SNAZZ REALITY.. , and is the world's first full featured video illustrating Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. The film explores Adhesive Arachnoiditis in great depth and detail explaining just what it is, How is it caused, and why the doctors are so reluctant to diagnose it.. This Documentary brings to light what so many Arachnoiditis sufferers have been experiencing for years but have been unable to convey to their families, friends and unfortunately their General Physicians (GP).. The Documentary.. features interviews with the world's experts and leading authorities on Adhesive Arachnoiditis, including Dr.. Charles Burton, Dr.. Sarah Smith, Prof.. Antonio Aldrete as well as many Arachnoiditis sufferers.. The video also provides descriptive animations and statements from leading pharmaceutical companies.. Has donated Arachnoiditis Fighting Back to COFWA for distribution in the USA.. See ordering information below.. In the mean time we have placed these extended clips on our website for all to view.. The clips include COFWA members who were featured in the Documentary, Dr.. Sarah Smith and Carole Ringham, as well as a clip by Dr.. Charles Burton and one of the fine animations that appears in the film, illustrating how a lumbar puncture can lead to Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. These are however just a few short clips and we do recommend seeing the Documentary in it's entirety.. We will make an announcement as soon as Arachnoiditis  ...   pain.. What is Adhesive Arachnoiditis? What causes Adhesive Arachnoiditis? an animated overview of a spinal injection.. Charles Burton explains the difference between Arachnoiditis, and Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. We want you to know that we support this documentary because we believe it contributes to Arachnoiditis awareness and education at the patient level as well as on an educational platform that physicians should recognize.. The content of the video is excellent and if you can afford to buy it we recommend you do so.. Charles Burton of the Institute for Low Back and Neck Care in Minneapolis said:.. Arachnoiditis: Fighting Back, is the most balanced and superbly crafted documentary I have seen yet on arachnoiditis.. The producers deserve the sincere appreciation of a society which does not yet understand how very meaningful and important this information actually is; and will continue to be.. I was very much touched by the power of this presentation.. Arachnoiditis Fighting Back is available here at COFWA.. To Order please send your check or money order to:.. Temporarily Unavailable - Please check back soon for availability.. Arachnoiditis Fighting Back is available to COFWA USA Members for $9.. 95 which includes all shipping and handling charges.. Non-COFWA members can purchase Arachnoiditis Fighting Back here in the USA for $19.. 95 plus $4.. 00 shipping and handling.. Please remember to include your complete ship to information with your order.. Non USA COFWA Members and other inquires please write to.. Admin@cofwa.. org.. PayPal Coming Soon!..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: Our Partners.. |.. SS WC.. US Government.. Burton Report.. ®.. MGH Medical.. |.. More Arachnoiditis.. Drug Sites.. What's New!.. Our NEW Look, come back often and watch the changes in progress!.. NEWLY ADDED LINKS.. Sarah Smith.. reports on Adhesive Arachnoiditis in this extensive 262 page article.. PARTNERS.. for.. UNDERSTANDING PAIN.. Working Together to Raise Public Awareness of Pain with the AMERICAN CHRONIC PAIN ASSOCIATION.. offering support and information for people with chronic pain.. Jerry 's Story.. A life giving joy, a life in pain.. I had pain every day for 37 years, says renowned entertainer Jerry Lewis.. The pain was under everything—the telethons, the concerts, the appearances.. When I was on stage, the adrenaline was overpowering.. But after I took the last bow, I had to be helped to the dressing room.. The pain was that severe.. ANS - Advanced Neuromodulation Systems.. S.. uccessful treatment of a chronic pain or neurological condition begins with expanding your knowledge and exploring your options.. our neurostimulation and drug pump technologies are advancing treatment standards for chronic pain and neurological disorders.. improving the lives of people around the globe.. American.. Pain.. Foundation.. Information.. Advocacy.. Support.. SS NOW RECOGNIZES ARACHNOIDITIS!.. (Click here to See our page).. Section 1.. 04 - Disorders of the spine (Read About This NEW Ruling Here).. Disability Evaluation Under Social Security SSA Pub.. No.. 64-039.. 00 Musculoskeletal System.. ARACHNOIDITIS - FIGHTING BACK.. is the world's first detailed video on the subject of.. Adhesive.. Arachnoiditis.. What is it? How is it caused? And why are doctors so reluctant to diagnose it?.. is.. HERE AT COFWA FOR DISTRIBUTION IN THE USA.. (see our page -Arachnoiditis - Fighting Back).. Visit our new section:.. CONVERSION VANS AND LIFTS BEDDING RESOURCES.. has been added to our Links page to assist you.. The Arachnoiditis Trust, Liverpool, U.. K.. has a new web site - Check it out!.. Medtronic Pain Therapies Physician Finder - Find the doctor who's right for you.. Spine Directory - Find a doctor to treat your back pain, neck pain or spinal disorder.. Doctors Guide - New Articles, Webcasts and Cases regarding Back Pain.. Nucleoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure for disc decompression.. A Pain Management Practice - Robert E.. Windsor, MD.. The Spine Institute - One-Stop Treatment Center for the Spine.. Arachnoiditis Photo and information.. Spinal Stenosis, A QuickTime movie The San Francisco Spine Center.. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Chronic Pain Information.. WEBSITES DEDICATED TO ARACHNOIDITIS AWARENESS.. DIRECTLY LINKED WITH COFWA.. ^ Top.. American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA).. Offering support and information for people with  ...   webforum to discuss and comment on Arachnoiditis.. BrainTalk Communities - Online Patient Support Groups for Neurology.. Arachnoiditis, pantopaque, always cold! (This article submitted to MGH by Lois on 8/31/98.. ).. Spine and Peripheral Nerve Surgery Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.. MORE ARACHNOIDITIS INFORMATION.. scneurosurgery.. com - Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. is an inflammation of the arachnoid that changes it into a denser, thicker consistency that can cause tissues (such as the dura around nerve roots and the thecal sac) to stick together (Great Photo).. BenefitsCheckUp helps thousands of people every day to find programs for seniors that may pay for some of their costs of prescription drugs, health care, utilities, and other essential items or services.. Which comes first? Pain or Depression? - Understanding Chronic Pain.. DiskCure.. A New Breakthrough for Pain, At last, Without Surgery.. Anatomy of the Lumbosacral Spine.. Back and Neck Injury/ Chronic Pain - Home Page.. Baker's Cyst archives.. BenefitsCheckUp.. com.. - A service of The National Council on the Aging.. Caregivers Experience Physical, Emotional Distress.. Centre for Integrated Pain and RSD Information.. Cervical Spine Study - MRI pictures of compression on Cervical Spine.. Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.. Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Awards Over $2.. 3 million in Individual Research Awards.. Eastern Neurosurgical and Spine Associates, Inc.. FDA's proposals to classify certain unclassified preamendment pedicle screw spinal systems used in conjunction.. with spinal fusion surgery.. Long Island NeuroSpine Homepage.. Lumbar Spine Study- MRI pictures of compression on Lumbar Spine.. Medtronic Neurological and Spinal-Arachnoiditis.. Medtronic's Advanced Pain Therapies ( The Pump ).. Medscape -.. Atlantis Anterior Cervical Plate System.. National Institute for Neurological Disorders, Diseases and Stroke – Arachnoiditis.. National Organization for Rare Disorders.. National Organization for Rare Disorders Inc.. /Article on Arachnoiditis.. Neuromuscular Definition of Arachnoiditis.. On Health Medical Dictionary Article on Arachnoiditis.. Organizations Listed by State (CHRONIC PAIN).. com: A World Of Information On Pain.. Profiles of Centers Conducting Clinical Research – Neurology (CHRONIC PAIN).. Resident's Corner: conus/cauda equina lesions.. San Francisco Spine Center.. Spinal Health - Comprehensive Resources.. Spine Surgery - Dr.. Rahn Holt Article on Arachnoiditis.. Traficant Bill Bans Use of Certain Dyes Linked to Debilitating Spinal Disease (Feb 14, 1997).. Welcome to Pain Homepage.. DOCTORS ON-LINE - INFORMATION.. AMA online Doctor Finde.. r.. A Book called Questionable Doctors is available.. Doctor Directory.. Doctors Guide Global Edition.. Excite Health with WebMD.. WebMD.. WebMDHealth - Battling Back: Overcoming the Undertreatment of Chronic Pain.. DRUG SITES INFORMATION.. ACCESSMEDNET.. Online Pharmacy Listings And Consumer Advocacy Reports At Your Fingertips….. Élan Pharmaceuticals.. HerbMed - Alternative Medicine Foundation.. Medscape DrugInfo.. New Pain Drug.. RX Drug web page..

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  • Title: Why Join?
    Descriptive info: Why Join?.. COFWA You May Ask?.. Read what one member says about belonging to COFWA.. Then, read some of our member's histories in our.. Arachniac's Journal.. Then you'll know why COFWA is THE online, Arachnoiditis Support Group.. Here is what one of our members, Val,.. had to say about being a member of COFWA:.. TOP 10 REASONS WHY I JOINED COFWA.. 10.. I learned the correct pronunciation of my condition - ARACH - NOID - ITE- IS.. 9.. I finally receive more e-mail than my kids!.. 8.. I understand now why my e-mail comes equipped with an address book.. 7.. I realize some of my strange and unique positions to make myself more comfortable are NOT so strange and unique!.. 6..  ...   finally can converse with individuals about my medical condition without answering to what is that? , why do you need this? , and why can't you do that?.. 3.. I found out I'm not the only person whose idea of an AWESOME DAY is having a pain level of 6.. 2.. I now believe a physician has to earn my respect RATHER THAN I have to respect my physician because of what he earns!.. AND THE #1 REASON WHY I JOINED COFWA IS.. I found out that Arachnoiditis may effect our spine and central nervous system - BUT OUR HEART MUST COMPENSATE for this because I haven't met a better group of individuals with LOVING and CARING HEARTS as these ARACHNIAC'S !!!..

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  • Title: Join
    Descriptive info: COFWA Membership Application.. COFWA (Circle of Friends with Arachnoiditis) is here for support of those who suffer from or know someone with arachnoiditis.. COFWA was founded to provide education, friendship, caring, sharing, and insight to questions and concerns with living and coping with arachnoiditis.. As a private, online support group, COFWA functions almost exclusively on the Internet through e-mail with the utilization of listserv e-mailing services provided by YahooGroups' s (the largest on-line e-mail service provider in the world today).. Our members are able to send and receive messages of information, support, caring and sharing.. The emails sent are sometimes pleas for help, requests for information or asking for support during a difficult period, sharing what it's like to live with arachnoiditis, and at times just friendly conversations with someone who knows what you are going thru and even a joke or two.. YahooGroups provide COFWA’s members additional amenities including our own privet chat room where you can Chat with other COFWA members.. The Chat room is closed to the public, as are all the activities / amenities within COFWA’s YahooGroup.. You will have access to our Bookmarks where we keep links to important information on the Internet, (i.. Social Security Disability e^News, Workman's Compensation, Pain Management, Oxycontin).. There is a Physician Referral Database ; listing of Physicians our members have submitted, listed geographically by region, state and country.. These are samplings of the amenities COFWA provides our members at  ...   you below.. If you are a Care Giver , please provide your contact information in the section provided for you below.. We respect the fact that your personal information is privet.. Therefore the information you provide is kept in the strictest of confidence.. -.. Thank You!.. RETURNING COFWA MEMBERS,.. Please provide the following contact information:.. First Name.. Last Name.. Street Address.. Address (cont.. City.. State/Province.. Zip/Postal Code.. Country.. Home Phone.. Permanent E-mail Address.. Provided by your ISP.. (No Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or other freebie type address).. Re-Type E-mail Address.. E-mail Address to be used.. for COFWA Group mail.. (Just type Same if the same as your permanent address ).. NEW APPLICANTS.. , Please provide the following contact information:.. (Just type Same if the same as your permanent address).. CARE GIVER.. Title.. Organization.. FAX.. Please provide the following personal information about yourself:.. Date of Birth.. Sex.. Male.. Female.. Have you ever had a myelogram ?.. Yes.. If so, how many myelograms have you had?.. Have you ever had an Epidural Steroid Injection?.. If so, how many Epidurals have you had ?.. Have you had Spinal Surgery ?.. If so, how many Spinal surgeries have you had ?.. Have you been officially diagnosed with Arachnoiditis?.. If so, When where you diagnosed?.. -- mm/dd/yy.. Please tell us what happened to you, Where is your Arachnoiditis? My Arachnoiditis Story.. By submitting this membership application you agree to.. NETIQUETTE ACCEPTABLE USE GUIDELINES FOR GROUP POSTINGS..

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  • Title: Disclaimer
    Descriptive info: Disclaimer.. COFWA, Circle of Friends With Arachnoiditis Support Group neither endorses, represents, nor recommends any person, procedure, or product addressed in any information sent in any email messages, links provided or information mailed through regular mail service.. Only your personal physician can prescribe the proper treatments and/or medications for your disease, problem or condition.. We try diligently to provided the most up-to-date information.. However, there may be additional information which better meets your current needs.. COFWA cannot and will not diagnosis those who contact us for information.. Only a physician can diagnosis and treat anyone's disease, disorder, problems or symptoms.. The information available on all pages of this web site, and any links provided are not intended to replace medical advice provided by a trained medical professional.. Nor, is any information intended to apply to all sufferers  ...   in physical exercise or other procedures, please consult your physician for permission or instructions.. SPECIAL NOTE:.. COFWA is not responsible for the email activity which takes place on Yahoo! Groups Listserv.. You are responsible for contacting Yahoo! Groups to change your subscription options.. Contact Yahoo! Groups or send the appropriate command to Yahoo! Groups to receive the type of email you desire.. Or, to be removed from Yahoo! Groups service.. COFWA will do everything in it's power to assist you, but your subscription to Yahoo! Groups is your sole responsibility.. COFWA is not responsible in any way for the information or the contents of the email from its members.. COFWA is also not responsible for any medical and treatment information provided by one of its members to another member.. Nor, is it responsible for individual member's opinions..

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  • Title: Site Map
    Descriptive info: Home.. COFWA MISSION.. COFWA.. More Arachnoiditis.. The Adhesive Arachnoiditis Syndrome.. Sarah (Andreae-Jones) Smith.. Leg edema from intrathecal opiate infusions.. Unknown, Unreported and.. Anatomy of Adhesive Arachnoiditis.. Burton.. M.. Arachnoiditis-Fighting Back.. Links.. SS Ruling - Disorders of the spine.. Conversion Vans - Lifts Bedding.. COFWA Netiquette.. Site Map.. Partners for Understanding Pain (link)..

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  • Title: メガネ 店舗 広島 レイバン サングラス コピー,レイバン メガネ 店舗 名古屋 【特売バーゲン】
    Descriptive info: ! 100 !.. 2014-08-18 New!.. zozo 1dx rb3378 3000.. o 47 new wayfarer rb4147.. 2 2dx baltimore wayfarer square rb2140 5000 rb3179-003-z1.. 10,385,156.. 25,500.. 34,082.. 8,111..

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