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  • Title: Cryonics Institute
    Descriptive info: .. SIGN IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO HAVE ACCESS TO DIFFERENT FEATURES.. CREATE ACCOUNT.. FORGOT YOUR USERNAME?.. /.. FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?.. *Required - Registration Code.. Request Registration Code.. Terms of Service.. All messages posted at this site express the views of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners and administrators of this site.. By registering at this site you agree not to post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, or that violate any laws.. We will permanently ban all users who do so.. We reserve the right to remove, edit, or move any messages for any reason.. I agree to the terms of service.. ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT?.. FORGOT YOUR DETAILS?.. AAH, WAIT, I REMEMBER NOW!.. Membership.. News.. Case Reports.. Donate.. Contact Us.. Home.. About Cryonics.. About CI.. The CI Advantage.. Emergency Situations.. Resources.. Welcome To Your Future.. Cryonics What is it? What does it mean for me?.. Technology Extending Life.. CI.. The world's leader in cryonics.. It all started here with.. ROBERT CW ETTINGER.. Exclusive Membership.. How can I learn more?.. Its easier and more affordable then you might think.. Together we can make a difference.. Emergency Standby, Public education, Research and Development.. EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.. PREV.. NEXT.. Cryonics FAQ: Answers to your questions.. GET THE FACTS.. Read more +.. LIFE IS PRICELESS.. Imagine a world free of disease, death and aging.. At the Cryonics Institute, we believe that day is inevitably coming and that the science of Cryonics is presently our best chance of getting there.. Our mission is to extend human lifespans by preserving the body using existing technologies - with the goal of revival by future science.. But will it work? Research makes a powerful case for cryonics.. Get the facts and decide for yourself.. Frequently Asked Questions.. |.. Common Myths.. THE CASE FOR CRYONICS.. Present state-of-the-art cryonics technology can successfully preserve the human body  ...   to live a renewed life in the future.. Renewed Youth and Health.. The potential to stop or even reverse the aging process.. Reunite with Loved Ones.. Start anew with your loved ones, children and grandchildren.. Witness the Future.. Don't just imagine the world of the future - personally experience space travel, virtual reality and the other incredible things to come.. Future Cures for Today’s Diseases.. Future medicine will eliminate debilitating and fatal diseases to significantly improve quality of life.. Live Longer.. The possibility of an unlimited lifespan to live all your dreams.. Organ Preservation.. The cryonic technique of vitrification will allow preservation and transplant of vital organs.. Preserve Endangered Species.. Cryonic science has the potential to preserve or revive endangered or extinct species.. EXPLORE THE FUTURE.. GET INVOLVED.. LATEST NEWS.. VIEW ALL -.. Monday, 8 September 2014 by System Administrator.. Cryonics, Life Extension and Transhumanism convention Nov 7,8,9 2014.. You are invited to a cryonics, life extension and Transhumanism convention this November 7, 8 and 9, 2014, This is your chance to join with others to fight to end Death in.. READ MORE +.. Wednesday, 4 June 2014 by System Administrator.. Night Before Dinner held Friday September 5th at Ike s Restaurant.. CI members and the public are welcome to join us the night before the official CI AGM at Ike s restaurant for a casual dinner and drinks.. We will meet.. Tuesday, 3 June 2014 by System Administrator.. Election of the Cryonics Institute Board of directors.. Elections will be held for 4 positions on the CI Board of Directors- term to end in 2017 The official notification for the election is the CI website and candidates have until.. LONG LIFE MAGAZINE// ISSUES.. QUICK LINKS.. GET IN TOUCH.. T (586) 791-5961.. Email:.. Info@cryonics.. org.. Cryonics Institute.. 24355 Sorrentino Court,.. Clinton Township, MI, 48035.. Open in Google Maps.. Translate This Page.. GET SOCIAL.. Facebook.. Pinterest.. YouTube.. TOP..

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  • Title: Membership | Cryonics Institute
    Descriptive info: Join our worldwide community of cryonics enthusiasts.. Cryonics is a fascinating concept that has inspired the imagination and dreams of thousands of people worldwide.. If you re someone interested in the theory, remarkable potential and practical applications of cryonics, joining CI is a great way to learn more and get involved in the cryonics movement.. Our members come from all walks of life and from all around the world, united by our interest in cryonics and the potential benefits it holds for ourselves and for all mankind.. Get Involved.. As a member, you will be one of the owners and operators of the Cryonics Institute, as we are wholly owned and operated by our membership.. CI is run by a.. Board of Directors.. elected exclusively.. from.. our members,.. by.. our members - so we have no outside investors, managers or other parties dictating our operations.. Our responsibilities are to our patients, our membership, and to advancing our founder Robert Ettinger s vision.. CI membership is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in cryonics to learn more and be part of an exciting, potentially world-changing community of forward-thinking people.. There are no specific duties or formal responsibilities required for membership, apart from applying and paying the membership fees.. However a large number of our members take a more active role in the organization either as officially elected Officers or as volunteers.. How active you choose to be is completely up to your own discretion.. Cryonics Services.. Please note,.. Cryonics Institute Membership is required.. if you are actively planning cryonic suspension services for yourself or a loved one through CI.. Our "Members-Only" policy for cryonic services helps ensure the quality of our suspensions, and maintains the integrity of our organization and operations.. CI is our organization and as member-owners it s clearly in our own best interests to manage it efficiently and especially to insure the highest standards for our suspension arrangements.. Choose Annual or Lifetime Options.. There are two classes of CI Membership.. A.. Lifetime Member.. pays a one-time fee of $1,250 and can arrange for cryopreservation at CI for $28,000, usually by making CI the beneficiary of a.. life insurance.. policy.. Other close family members can join for an additional $625 (there is no charge for minor children).. An.. Annual (or Yearly) Member.. pays a $75 initiation fee plus $120 yearly (or $35 quarterly) and can arrange  ...   subscription to.. Long Life magazine.. , covering longevity and cryonics-related topics, including organization news and information about the Cryonics Institute and The Immortalist Society.. Members also have access to members-only online content and forums hosted by CI.. Membership.. does not.. include any obligation to contract for Cryopreservation Services with CI.. A Lifetime or Annual Membership is, however, required to arrange for.. Human Cryopreservation.. ,.. Pet Cryopreservation.. or.. DNA / Tissue Preservation.. services.. Please note, these optional services are NOT included in the cost of membership.. Members must contact CI Headquarters to contract these services, which require additional forms and payment.. Membership Pricing.. MEMBERSHIP.. INITIATION.. HUMAN CRYOPRESERVATION.. LIFETIME:.. $1,250 (single charge).. none.. $28,000 (does not include Local Help).. ANNUAL:.. $120 per year (recurring).. $75 (single charge).. $35,000 (does not include Local Help).. Human cryopreservation prices do not include "Local Help" cost for a funeral director or shipping, which can range from nothing in Michigan to $3,000 on the US west coast and more overseas.. Human cryopreservation prices do not inculde "Standby Help", which can range from $500 to $100,000 depending on distance from CI and options such as SA or air ambulance.. Membership is required to make arrangements for human cryopreservation, pet cryopreservation or tissue/DNA cryopreservation with CI.. One-time human cryopreservation fees and additional costs are usually paid by.. policies that make the Cryonics Institute the beneficiary.. To receive either a Lifetime or Annual Membership Application via mail, please.. contact us.. For online forms:.. Lifetime Membership Application.. Annual (Yearly) Membership Application.. You can arrange for automatic PayPal payment of Yearly Membership Dues on a Quarterly or Yearly basis AFTER you have filled-in and submitted a membership application and paid the initiation fee which have been received and approved.. (You can pay the initiation fee by going to PayPal,.. www.. paypal.. com.. , and making a direct payment of $75 to.. CIHQ@aol.. ) Note that when arranging for automatic Quarterly or Yearly payment, the first Quarterly or Yearly payment is made IMMEDIATELY upon arranging for automatic payment.. To arrange automatic payment click on one of the following buttons:.. YEARLY MEMBERSHIP DUES (PAYPAL).. QUARTERLY PAYMENT.. YEARLY PAYMENT.. If you are currently making automatic PayPal payment of Yearly (Option Two) Membership Dues on a Quarterly or Yearly basis but wish to cancel automatic payment (PayPal buttons read "subscription"), click on one of the following buttons:.. YEARLY (OPTION TWO) MEMBERSHIP DUES (PAYPAL) CANCELLATION..

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  • Title: News | Cryonics Institute
    Descriptive info: Cryonics News.. Scientific discoveries, events, and news affecting Cryonics.. Monday, 8 September 2014.. by System Administrator.. You are invited to a cryonics, life extension and Transhumanism convention this November 7, 8 and 9, 2014, This is your chance to join with others to fight to end Death in our lifetimes.. Please Register as soon as possible to help us with the final planning.. Read more.. Published in.. Wednesday, 4 June 2014.. We will meet Friday, September 5, 2014 at 6pm at ike s Restaurant, 38550, Van Dyke Avenue, Sterling Heights (MI) 48312, near The Cryonics Institute.. see for more information and directions.. http://www.. ikesrestaurant.. com/location.. php.. We hope to see you there.. Tuesday, 3 June 2014.. Elections will be held for 4 positions on the CI Board of Directors- term to end in 2017..  ...   in with a return verification letter or email from CI before the deadline.. Incumbents running for reelection will be CI President.. Dennis Kowalski.. , CI Chief of Operations.. Andy Zawacki.. , CI Chief Business Officer.. SR Luyckx.. The 4th spot previously held by CI Science Officer Ben Best will also be open as well.. Ben has decided to not seek reelection for this next term.. We wish Ben well and thank him for his service to cryonics.. The following additional Candidates have offically announced their desire to serve on CI s Board for the next 3 years.. Kevin Doyle.. Stephan Beauregard.. David Stodolsky.. Page 1 of 13 pages.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Last.. Archives.. September 2014.. June 2014.. May 2014.. March 2014.. January 2014.. December 2013.. November 2013.. October 2013.. September 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013..

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  • Title: Case Reports | Cryonics Institute
    Descriptive info: The Cryonics Institute s 123rd Patient.. Wednesday, 16 July 2014.. CI patient #123 was a 71 year old male from England.. Due to the uncontrollable circumstances of this case, the patient was straight frozen without being perfused with cryoprotective solutions and was sent to the Cryonics Institute for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen.. The Cryonics Institute s 122nd Patient.. Monday, 2 June 2014.. The Cryonics Institute s 109th Patient.. Friday, 18 April 2014.. Cryonics Institute Case Report for Patient Number 109.. CI patient #109 was a 72 year old male from Scotland who died from an apparent  ...   February 28th, 2012 at approximately 2am.. The death of the patient was not discovered until later that morning.. A local funeral director worked with our cooperating funeral director in London to have the patient transported to London.. It was determined that a perfusion would not be effective, and therefore a perfusion was not attempted.. The patient was cooled in dry ice and prepared for transport to the Cryonics Institute facility.. Page 1 of 17 pages.. July 2014.. April 2014.. February 2014.. February 2012.. December 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. September 2010.. June 2009.. May 2009..

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  • Title: Donate | Cryonics Institute
    Descriptive info: Does the Cryonics Institute accept donations?.. Yes!.. Donations to the Cryonics Institute enable us to further advance the cause of cryonics.. With additional funds, we can do more outreach, provide even better service to our members and patients and improve our equipment, processes and technology.. It s important to note that donations to CI go to operational costs, infrastructure, outreach and research.. CI operates as a volunteer organization with only a handful of key operations personnel receiving compensation.. All other staff, including our Board of Directors, volunteer their time and services without pay.. We as an organization also welcome skilled, professional-level volunteer help.. If you re interested in advancing the cause of cryonics and have skills in writing, desktop or web publishing, public speaking, medical experience or other relevant organizational, public relations or medical skills, we d love to hear from you.. If you d like to help the cause by donating some time, please.. Every little bit helps.. You can support CI by arranging for regular small donations from a credit card, or by making a one-time donation in any amount - giving doesn t have to hurt, and every little bit helps.. If you re not currently a CI Member, but are interested in advancing the cause of cryonics, you can also make a significant contribution by joining.. Annual or Lifetime Memberships.. are available at very reasonable costs and offer a number of benefits including reduced costs for cryopreservation services for Annual Members and a free subscription to Long Life Magazine.. Please note, Membership is a prerequisite for cryopreservation services, however membership in no way obligates you to sign up for cryopreservation unless you choose to.. Cryonics Institute Members who are funding cryopreservation through life insurance can help the cause by increasing the amount of coverage to a figure well above the minimum required for cryopreservation, usually for only a negligible increase in premiums.. We strongly recommend this option, not only for donations, but also to help  ...   Biosciences.. Advanced Neural Biosciences is an Oregon research company run by Aschwin and Chana de Wolf.. Chana de Wolf has a Master s degree in neurobiology and Aschwin has extensive cryonics experience working for many cryonics organizations, including doing cryonics research.. Currently, their focus has been on improving perfusion on ischemic patients.. Please visit our.. Research.. section for a review of CI s past and current inititatives.. Donating to CI by Check, Credit Card or PayPal.. To donate to CI by mail, please send your check or money order to the Cryonics Institute, 24355 Sorrentino Court, Clinton Township, MI 48035 USA (payable to the Cryonics Institute).. To make a cash donation to the Cryonics Institute, please phone (586) 791 5961 during normal business hours with your credit card information (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.. ) To donate with a credit card online, please click the button below to make a one-time donation or subscribe to a recurring donation plan.. Recurring plans can be for any amount you choose and may be changed or cancelled at any time should you choose to do so.. The Immortalist Society Cryonics Research Fund.. The Immortalist Society is a cryonics organization dedicated to cryonics outreach and research that has a Cryonics Research Fund which has also contributed greatly to the advancement of cryonics technology and the science of issues related to cryonics technology.. The Immortalist Society is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, so donations are tax deductible.. To learn more, please visit their.. web site.. or use one of the donation buttons below.. To make a tax-deductable cash donation to the Immortalist Society Cryonics Research Fund, phone (586) 791 5961 with your credit card information (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) or donate with your credit card through PayPal (to immsoc@aol.. com) by clicking one of the the buttons below.. Make a one-time donation or "subscribe" to a monthly $20 donation plan.. $20 REGULAR MONTHLY DONATION (PAYPAL "SUBSCRIPTION").. REGULAR MONTHLY DONATION (PAYPAL "SUBSCRIPTION") CANCELLATION..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Cryonics Institute
    Descriptive info: Use this form to send us a message:.. Name.. Email.. Subject.. Message.. Get in touch with us.. Address:.. 24355 Sorrentino Court.. Clinton Township, MI 48035-3239.. USA.. Phone:.. 1 (586) 791-5961.. Toll-free:.. 1 (866) 288-2796 (North America).. FAX:.. 1 (586) 792-7062.. Email:.. info@cryonics.. Member Outreach Program.. Additional questions?.. Click here.. for the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a current CI Member..

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  • Title: About Cryonics | Cryonics Institute
    Descriptive info: Understanding Cryonics.. A second chance at life.. Cryonics is a visionary concept that holds out the promise of a second chance at life - life with renewed health, vitality and youth.. The concept of cryonics was introduced in 1962 by the Founder of the Cryonics Institute, Robert Ettinger, in his landmark book ".. The Prospect of Immortality.. ".. The essential concept of cryonics involves cooling a recently deceased person to liquid nitrogen temperatures in order to keep their body preserved indefinitely.. The ultimate goal is to keep the patient preserved until future science is able to repair or replace vital tissues and ultimately revive them.. It might seem like an impossible goal to "revive" a "dead" person.. However, "dying" is a process rather than an event, where a majority of the body s tissues remain intact at a cellular level even after the heart stops beating.. The goal of cryonics is to halt that process as quickly as possible after legal death, giving future physicians the best possible chance of reviving the patient by repairing or replacing damaged tissues, or even entire organs using advanced computer, nanotechology and medical equipment and procedures.. Since 1962, the average lifespan has increased dramatically.. Nanotechnology (which holds the promise of future biological repair) has become a major industry.. Prominent companies, including Google, have begun focused efforts to retard and reverse aging.. The promise of cryonics is becoming more apparent and more exciting.. Ideas of a significantly longer or even indefinite lifespan considered impossible by some today are starting to wake up academia and the medical community and change outdated thinking.. History is littered with incorrect assumptions of what would be possible.. Airplanes, vaccines and computers that were all considered "impossible" ideas less than a century ago are now everyday features of modern life.. We believe continuing advances in medical nanotechnology and other sciences could push cryonics closer to reality in the not-so-distant future.. We encourage you to explore this web site, get the facts and judge for yourself whether or not cryonics is right for you.. Cryonics is much more than just the science of "freezing," because our ultimate objective is life after revival.. Life that we believe will promise renewed youth and extended lifespans through the miracles of future technology that really isn't that far from becoming reality today.. Dennis Kowalski - President.. GUIDE.. WHAT IS CRYONICS?.. The Case for Cryonics.. Common Questions.. Top 10 Cryonics Myths.. HISTORY.. THE CRYONICS INSTITUTE.. The fundamental goal of cryonics is to give people a "second chance at life.. " Our aim is to greatly extend human lifespans and improve quality of life through applied technology - both present day and.. especially emerging future technology.. The process of cryopreservation involves cooling a legally-dead person to liquid nitrogen temperature where all physical decay essentially stops - with the goal of preserving tissues, organs and especially the brain with its associated memories and personality as perfectly as possible.. A person held in this state is termed a "cryopreserved patient," because we do not consider the legal definition of "death" as a permanently irreversible state.. We believe that the incredible  ...   chances for successful Revival?".. We believe the chances for successfully achieving revival sometime in the near future are not only excellent, but frankly, inevitable.. Read more about the evidence, arguments and theories supporting cryonics and judge for yourself.. Questions About Cryonics.. Whether you re simply interested in learning more about cryonics, or considering cryonics for yourself or for a loved one it s a big decision to make.. To help you understand the theory, process and practical details involved, we ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about the subject.. For an excellent overview of cryonics, review our list of common questions and straightforward answers here.. The Top Ten Myths Commonly Associated With Cryonics.. Cryonics has attracted a huge amount of attention since the concept was first introduced by our founder, Robert Ettinger, in the late 1960s.. Cryonics is a more complex concept than simply "freezing people," and understanding it involves a number of inter-related and co-dependent disciplines, including computer science, biology, medicine and nanotechnology.. Unfortunately, much of the news coverage has been based on misconceptions and statements from "authorities" who don t understand the scope and complexity of the field.. To get a more complete understanding of what cryonics is and what it isn t.. Read the.. A Brief Overview of the History of Cryonics.. Robert Ettinger.. ("The Father of Cryonics") introduced the concept of cryonics in 1962 with the publication of his seminal book,.. "The Prospect of Immortality.. The visionary new concept attracted worldwide attention when Doubleday published the first of several successful commercial editions, including several foreign language editions.. Ettinger delved deeper into the subject of cryonics and life extension with his next book,.. "Man Into Superman,".. further advancing the cryonics movement.. The idea of greatly extending lifespans through the science of cryonics captured peoples imaginations and organizations quickly sprang up in support of the concept.. Ettinger himself formed.. The Immortalist Society.. (originally the Cryonics Society of Michigan, and later the Cryonics Association) in 1967 to further promote and explore the concept of cryonics.. Less than a decade later, in 1976, Ettinger and other members of The Immortalist Society took the next logical step and formed a new organization to put the concept of cryonics into actual practice.. Their goal was to offer "The Prospect of Immortality" to the public through reliable and affordable cryonics services.. The Cryonics Institute.. was formed in 1976 featuring the world s first fully-operational cryonics facility, located in Clinton Township, Michigan.. Since then, The Cryonics Institute has been dedicated to advancing the concept and practice of cryonics, attracting members world-wide.. Membership has grown to over 1,000 members in dozens of countries, including 117 patients cryopreserved at the Michigan facility.. Read More for the complete history of The Cryonics Institute.. Learn more about the Cryonics Institute, including membership, our services, operations and facility.. The Cryonics Institute is a membership-based organization dedicated to advancing the concept and practice of Cryonics.. We maintain a fully-operational Cryonics Facility in Clinton Township, MI offering secure and reliable cryostasis, DNA preservation and other services.. Learn more about the.. Cryonics Institue.. Learn more about.. CI Membership..

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  • Title: About CI | Cryonics Institute
    Descriptive info: Welcome to Cryonics Institute, a world leader in cryonics research, technology and applications.. OUR PHILOSOPHY.. The Cryonics Institute is a non-profit organization made up of members who are interested in the potential of cryonics and the option to pursue cryonics "Prospect of Immortality" for themselves and their families.. Our objective is not profit, but to successfully prove the viability of cryonics so our members who choose cryopreservation can live again to see a brighter future.. With over.. 100 patients currently in cryostasis.. , we recognize the responsibility we have to not only maintain, but more important, to eventually revive the patients in our care when and if that procedure becomes scientifically possible.. This is the driving force that guides every decision we make.. We want cryonics to work and we are dedicated to achieving that singular goal.. OUR ORGANIZATION.. The Cryonics Institute is a non-profit, membership-based organization.. founded in 1976.. by Robert Ettinger, "The Father of Cryonics.. " CI s goal from the beginning has been to offer the best available Cryonics services to the public at an affordable cost.. Since our founding, CI has been a leading force in the cryonics movement, advancing research, education and public awareness.. CI hosts an active and engaged community of more than 1,100 members world-wide.. We are governe by a.. , elected from our membership for three-year terms in groups of four every September.. The Board is responsible for all aspects of the organization and facility, making CI an organization wholly owned and operated by our membership.. Our goal is to continuously advance the theory and refine the practice of cryonics, operating in the best interests of our members and the worldwide cryonics movement.. Please note, memberships do not require cryopreservation contracts or funding.. However ONLY funded members can take advantage of CI s cryopreservation services, and only funded members may vote and serve on CI s Board.. The Cryonics Institute owns and operates a fully-operational Cryonics facility located in Clinton Township, MI.. The facility is housed in the 7,000 square foot Erfurt Runkel Building, named after John Erfurt and Walter Runkel, two of our long-time officers who are now patients in cryostasis at the facility.. CI currently maintains over 100 patients in cryostasis at this facility, which has been operating without incident since our first patient, Rhea Ettinger was preserved in 1977.. We believe cryonics is a "lifeboat" to the future, and we are striving to make that lifeboat as watertight and secure as possible, for as many people as possible.. For more in-depth information, please see the topics below.. CI ADVANTAGE.. Membership & Patients.. Services.. Funding Cryonics.. Facility & Equipment.. Procedures.. Organization.. More Resources.. Stability, Safety, And Security.. We have a proven track record of financial security and stability, as well as price stability.. As members, our goal is not profit.. It is to provide ourselves with a lifeboat to the future at realistic and achievable cost with maximum reliability and chances of success.. CI is the only cryonics organization with no debt, no stockholders, and no landlords.. We own our patient care facilities outright, and all of our member officers and directors donate their services voluntarily.. We re one of the oldest cryonics organizations in existence -- and the only such organization that has never raised its prices, even in high-inflation times like the late 70s and early 80s.. Adjusting for inflation, our prices  ...   Does that lower fee mean lower quality patient care or services?.. Absolutely not.. The major part of other organizations fees are earmarked for investment provisions.. totally unrelated to patient care and preparation.. We believe that specific methods and research offered by alternative cryonics organizations only differ slightly and that our procedures and policies give an equal or better chance for patient survival than competing organizations.. We plan to see the future, and we would argue that our suspensions offer the highest quality anywhere, with the best chances for a possible successful revival.. See for yourself.. Read our.. FAQ.. and review ".. ," which illustrates why we feel CI has an edge over competing cryonics organizations.. Remember, many CI members could afford the higher prices of other organizations for themselves and their families, but we ve chosen CI because we know it s our best bet.. And yours.. With over 1,000 international members and growing, CI is one of the largest cryonics organizations in the world.. Details on joining the Cryonics Institute.. We offer Annual (yearly) or Lifetime Membership options.. Please note, ONLY members are eligible for the cryonics services provided by CI.. CI Membership Worldwide.. The Cryonics Institute (CI) welcomes those living outside the United States to join us as as Members.. We offer human cryopreservation, pet cryopreservation and tissue/DNA cryopreservation to CI Members around the world.. Membership Statistics.. Details on CI s worldwide membership, including a breakdown by Country.. Cryopreservation Patient Details.. A complete listing of patients curently in cryopreservation at CI s Michigan facility.. Human Cryostatis.. CI s premier service is human cryopreservation, using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure optimal suspensions.. CI only performs.. full-body suspensions.. , and at a fraction of the cost of other companies "Neuro" (head only) suspensions.. DNA/Tissue Freezing.. CI also offers DNA Preservation as a simpler and more economical cryopreservation option for members.. Life-extension possibilities for beloved pets.. Memorabilia Storage.. Secure perpetual storage for essential personal documents and keepsakes.. Optional Standby Service through Suspended Animation, Inc.. Third-Party Standby, Stabilization and Transport services are available to CI Members through an arrangement with SA inc.. Emergency Jewelry and Wallet Cards.. Cryonics emergency necklaces and/or bracelets are available for Cryonics Institute (CI) Members who have made all the necessary arrangements to be cryopreserved by CI.. These items include important information to help expedite local help in a cryonics emergency.. How much does it cost?.. You may be surprised! Funding a quality cryonic suspension with the Cryonics Institute is far more affordable than most people realize, and by far the most affordable cryostasis service in the industry.. Read More to learn about our funding options for cryostasis services.. Cryonics Institute Equipment.. CI s state-of-the-art equipment ensures optimal cryonic suspensions.. Cryostats.. Computer-Controlled Cooling Box.. Perfusion System.. CI-VM1 Perfusion Formula.. ACDC Thumper Unit.. CI s Proven Suspension Procedures.. Learn more about CI s state-of-the-art cryonic suspension procedures with this.. step-by-step outline.. of the process.. The Cryonics Institute is a Non-Profit Cooperative membership organization in which the members work together for mutual benefit, with the welfare of patients and prospective patients our first concern.. History of the Cryonics Institute.. Cryonics Institute Officers and Board of Directors.. Structure and Organization Documents.. Resources and Information.. Please see our extensive Resources Library for a deeper look into Cryonics and the Cryonics Institute.. The library includes sample forms, internet links, equipment and procedure details and much more..

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  • Title: The CI Advantage | Cryonics Institute
    Descriptive info: The cryonics organization founded by the "Father of Cryonics," Robert C.. W.. Ettinger.. Why choose CI?.. The Cryonics Institute is the world s leading nonprofit cryonics organization, offering the public cryogenic suspensions of the highest quality at the lowest reasonable cost.. This has been our mission since 1976, when CI was founded by Robert C.. Ettinger, the scientist who created cryonics, as a means to make his life-saving idea available to all.. Our goal is to preserve life at liquid nitrogen temperatures until the day when medical science, nanotechnology, and other emerging or even undiscovered technologies mature to the point where our patients can be successfully revived to new life, health and even youth.. Cryonics offers a second chance at life.. Not surprisingly, the Cryonics Institute is not the sole organization advancing this revolutionary concept.. However, as the stewards of Robert Ettinger s legacy, we believe the Cryonics Institute is the organization most vested in advancing cryonics, and as such, offers significant advantages over other cryonic suspension providers.. Affordable for All.. This isn t surprising, it s simply keeping with our member service philosophy to provide ourselves reliable cryonic services at a reasonable and affordable cost.. If we were to raise prices, as members we d only be charging ourselves more.. It s easily funded by.. or other investments subject to CI verification.. One competitor s cost is $200,000 for similar cryopreservation procedures and perpetual storage services.. (* See more below on mandatory remote standby and how it can increase costs.. Does our lower cost mean lower quality patient care or services? Absolutely not.. A substantial part of other organizations fees are earmarked for investment provisions totally unrelated to patient care and preparation.. Specific methods and research differ only slightly, and we believe our procedures and policies offer the best possible chance for patient survival.. To put these costs in perspective, the average heart transplant in 2010 cost $1,000,000 and came with no guarantee of success.. However, given the choice between guaranteed death and an expensive procedure with a reasonable chance of success, many people will logically opt for the procedure.. Similarly, cryonic suspension is a procedure that has the potential to offer people a second chance at life, and more remarkably, even after all conventional options have been exhausted.. There are no guarantees though.. Like a heart transplant, a cryonic suspension does not come with a guarantee of success.. However, consider the guarantee implicit in a funeral a guaranteed end to life with no second chances.. A cryonic suspension cannot guarantee a new life in the future, but it does offer the very real possibility of a second chance at life.. Contrasting the costs between cryonic suspension and a typical funeral, at $28,000, cryonic suspension is roughly double the $12,000 cost of a typical funeral.. $28,000 may still seem like a high cost for a nonprofit organization, but it s important to keep a few things in mind to better understand the expenses involved in a cryonic suspension and how CI s pricing model is structured to keep those costs manageable for the average person.. Our number one priority is maintaining our patients in perpetual cryonic suspension, which requires permanent storage facilities, equipment, maintenance and an indefinite amount of liquid nitrogen pending an unknown eventual revival date.. Additionally, there are expenses involved in the initial cryopreservation procedure to account for, including equipment, vitrification formula and personnel.. Considering these expenses in light of the perpetual nature of a cryonic suspension, one can begin to better appreciate the need for a base investment to endow into operations.. Additionally, compared to other cryonics providers, CI s prices offer significant savings which we encourage our members to use as they see fit.. Members can use the savings to set up their own local standby resources or to pay for family and friends cryopreservations.. While we certainly encourage our members to overfund and donate to help offset operational costs, we do not force people to pay beyond what we have determined is an adequate sum to get them to the future.. Quality.. The Cryonics Institute s state-of-the-art cryonic suspensions are performed by our team of experienced and trained cryonics professionals, using what we consider to be the best scientifically tested and proven procedures, equipment and vitrification formula available.. Vitrification is a key element in ensuring an optimal suspension.. Our vitrification formula has been specifically formulated to minimize ice crystal formation and structural tissue damage associated with the freezing process, resulting in superior suspensions.. CI made a significant research investment to arrive at this scientifically tested formula and we share the results openly.. Our open source formula is freely available so that anyone who needs it can replicate it for local standby procedures, or to conduct independent quality tests themselves.. History and Experience.. The Cryonics Institute was started by the  ...   at a much lower cost.. For some people, especially those who live close enough to remote standby resources, this option can make sense based on proximity and experience.. Some people do not want to get too deeply involved in the intricacies of local standby, so for those who have no intention of planning or organizing local resources, CI does recommend the remote Standby option.. However, when choosing to rely on remote standby it is wise to consider the question of time and distance from the remote standby team and the cryonics service provider.. While it would benefit a cardiac arrest patient to have a team of medical professionals on call to perform CPR when needed, it wouldn t do this patient any good if that team was two hours away and arrived too late.. In contrast, a simple network of laypeople five minutes away with the capability to do CPR would have a much better chance of saving the patient.. Similarly, a vast network of volunteers is the gold standard for most of the world s rural fire and emergency medical services.. In the case of cryonics, almost every city has funeral directors willing to provide quick cool down and transport to CI.. Realistic Worldview.. The Cryonics Institute s philosophy is that we are an ambulance service that intends to transport you to the technologically advanced hospital of the future that we believe will one day exist.. We do not position ourselves as a cure for death or a future hospital, nor should we try.. We fully realize it will require very advanced molecular nanotechnology to revive and fully restore the cryonics patients currently in our care.. Therefore, cryonics can be seen as an experimental clinical trial where we already know the results for those who don t participate.. What the eventual results of our trial will be only the future can tell with certainty, but with the incredible advances in science and technology, we firmly believe our chances of success are good, and becoming better every day.. Ethical and Principled.. The Cryonics Institute takes the stance that human life comes before profit.. While it takes money to run CI and we would never intentionally endanger existing CI patients by excessive charity.. We always inform the public of their options.. To not do so we think is immoral and life-threatening to those who may not have the financial resources to sign up with more expensive organizations.. We follow fair business practices and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.. No conventional ambulance service would withhold lifesaving information or services from those in need.. We encourage prospective members consider the ethics and business practices of the cryonics organizations they plan to contract with.. We welcome you to shop around ask questions.. When you consider the alternatives, we re confident that you will agree we are the best, most affordable and most trustworthy cryonics organization available.. Comparison Chart.. Price.. Experience.. Optional Standby.. Pet Suspension Tissue Storage.. Patients.. Members.. Advanced Vitrification.. $28,000.. 1976.. Yes.. 118.. 1118.. 6.. Alcor.. 4.. $200,000.. 1974.. No.. 117.. 968.. American Cryonics Society.. $155,000.. 1969.. 19.. ?.. KrioRus.. $36,000.. 2005.. 20.. Suspended Animation.. 5.. $60,000.. 2002.. N/A.. Trans Time.. $150,000.. 1972.. *Data as of september 2013.. Alcor,Trans time, And Krios Russia do not offer standby as an.. option.. but instead mandate their members to pay for centralized remote standby.. CI offers it as an option through SA.. We give our members the freedom to chose between centralized remote standby or saving thousands of dollars with local decentralized standby.. While CI offers tissue pet suspensions to all of its members, Alcor only offers this option to members with fully funded suspension contracts in place.. ACS contracts with CI to store their patients.. ACS does not store patients of their own.. Our philosophy is to always preserve the entire body and perform only full-body cryopreservations.. The cost of a CI whole body suspension is still $52,000 less expensive than the current neuro (head only) options elsewhere.. Although we do not disagree with the neuro option on technical grounds, we think that most people agree a full body suspension is best, even if we expect that nanomedicine will eventually be able to replace and repair biological tissues.. (Suspended Animation) does remote standby for CI, Alcor and any other cryonics storage organizations within the continental United States.. SA does not store cryonics patients.. Not all CI members have fully funded suspension contracts.. See membership details for more information.. It is our hope to eventually have all our members signed up for full suspension but do not push this.. We know cryonics is a big decision and recommend members fully explore and understand what they are signing up for before they rush in.. Similarly, Alcor has associate members who pay reduced dues but are not signed up for suspension..

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