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  • Title: Home « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: .. The National Cockatiel Society.. Home.. Member Info.. Leg Bands.. Exhibition.. Clubs.. Journal.. Library.. Gallery.. Aviaries.. Contacts.. Board of Directors.. Judges Panel.. The National Cockatiel Society is a community of cockatiel enthusiasts.. Go to our membership section to learn more about the benefits of membership.. Cockatiel Exhibition is a fun hobby! Come learn about all aspects of the hobby! In the Exhibition section, you will be able to find show reports, find your cockatiels exhibition points, and gather information about exhibition cockatiels.. At the heart of the National Cockatiel Society are our affiliated clubs.. Our clubs organize NCS afffiliated events.. If you are an affiliated club, this is the place to  ...   library includes members only articles exclusively for our NCS members who are looking for advanced topics.. Cockatiel Bands.. The NCS legband symbolizes that the breeder has committed themselves to education and support of the cockatiel! We hope you will show your support of the care and education of cockatiels by banding your cockatiels with NCS closed traceable bands.. Members Login.. Username.. Password.. Remember Me.. Lost Password.. Recent Posts.. New Column Coming soon to NCS.. NCS Nominations- 2012 Elections.. NCBS Show!.. New NCS Sponsored Yahoo! Group.. New Membership Class Announced.. Donate Now to the NCS.. NCS is a Charitable Organization.. Follow Us.. Copyright 2013 · National Cockatiel Society · A 501(c)3 organization..

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  • Title: Member Info « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: Benefits of Joining the National Cockatiel Society.. Click on Henny Penny to Join Now!.. Online Library.. – Access to a vast library of articles ONLY available to our members.. These articles include topics such as:.. -Advanced.. Nutrition and Breeding Techniques.. -Disease Profiles and Treatments.. -Avia.. ry Management and Chick Care.. -Breeder Spotlights -and SO much more!.. The NCS Journal.. – This informative booklet is published once every two months and includes exclusive articles, photos and stories, advice columns for the pet owners as well as veterinary and health  ...   breeders.. – members may order traceable, closed metal bands coded with NCS and the member’s own personal code.. These bands are traceable through the National Cockatiel Society and ensure that these Cockatiels have been bred to the rigid standards of the National Cockatiel Society.. Registered Aviaries.. – Members can register their aviary with NCS and become listed on this website with over a million pages searched every year!.. Join NOW!.. Join NCS!.. Registered Leg Bands.. Members Handbook.. Novice Guide to Exhibition.. Journal Downloads.. Articles.. NCS Bylaws (updated 2012)..

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  • Title: Registered Leg Bands « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: Membership has its privileges.. Are you a registered member? If not then go to.. NCS Legbands are the choice for cockatiel breeders and enthusiasts all over the USA and Canada!.. An Exhibitor?.. Only NCS legbands will accumulated points for Exhibitor of the Year programs.. Band with the #1 Cockatiel Society, the National Cockatiel Society! You MUST be a member of the National Cockatiel Society to order bands.. Get your 2014 legbands now.. Need to Pay Your Membership First?.. GO HERE.. NCS Large Bands.. 25 Bands $19.. 75 USD.. 50 Bands $32.. 25 USD.. 75 Bands $45.. 00 USD.. 100 Bands $57.. 50 USD.. 200 Bands $108.. Band Code (2 numbers 1 letter).. Starting Band # (typically #1).. NCS Regular Bands.. 25 Bands $17.. 50 Bands $28.. 75 Bands $40.. 100 Bands $53.. 200 Bands $103.. To order using PayPal you must complete all entries in the Paypal Band Order Form.. Be sure to let us know if you are a brand new member.. Not a member?.. Click Here to Join..  ...   assigned to you that matches as closely as possible.. Bands are sold in lots of 25, 50, and 100.. If your previous order was for bands #01-#25, your next order would be for #26-#50.. The band code assigned to you is retained for a period of 2 years.. During this 2 year period it will not be assigned to anyone else.. After the 2 year retainer, it can be reassigned.. Bands may be ordered for the next year as early as October.. However, they will not be mailed until December 26.. Any bands ordered after November 30th will be for the following year.. New Members.. Don t worry about not having your membership # when you apply for NCS bands.. Our Band Secretary will verify your membership before placing your order.. Just indicate New Member in the place of your Membership #.. and be sure to include your full name and phone number.. Thank you!.. If you wish to contact us concerning membership or bands information, please e-mail us.. [email protected]..

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  • Title: Exhibition « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: The National Cockatiel Society exhibition season is normally broken into two main seasons (Fall and Spring) with a few shows during the summer months.. Showing is open to members and non members.. We encourage all of our members to attend at least one cockatiel show during the year to find out more.. You can contact your state coordinator, a judge, or show delegate to learn more about shows in your area.. X.. For more information on showing cockatiels,  ...   with this easy to use show report generator.. For errors please email.. Events Calendar.. Coming to a town near you! Check out our upcoming shows! Want to see if there are shows in your area? Contact.. Show Points Registry.. Members Only Access Get access to points on specific birds.. If you are not a member, please go to the membership area to join.. Upcoming Shows.. Show Paperwork.. Exhibition Handbook.. 2012 Show Results.. Points and Information.. NCS Advanced Band Codes..

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  • Title: Clubs « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: NCS Affiliated Club Benefits.. Click on the Club House to Affiliate your Club!.. Subscription to the NCS Journal, upon Club Affiliation through the end of the calendar year.. Regular Clubs Printed Journals.. Internet Clubs Online access to quarterly Journals.. Your Club listing in the NCS Journal and on the website for the calendar year.. Opportunity to affiliate and host NCS Shows.. Affiliated Clubs 2014.. Club Forms and Affiliation.. Regional Show Form..

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  • Title: Articles « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: [html-sitemap depth=3]..

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  • Title: Gallery « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: Cockatiel Mutations: We have compiled one of the largest group of cockatiel photos, grouped by mutation.. We also have special sections on flock photos coming soon!.. Thanks to all whose birds are featured on these pages.. These Cockatiels represent some of the best in style and conformation being bred today.. Check out our.. Facebook Photos.. Normal Grey Cockatiels.. Normal Grey.. is the natural color that cockatiels are in the wild.. A mature male will have a dark grey body everywhere except for the white stripe on each wing, the bright yellow face and crest, and the orange cheek spot.. The tail may be lighter than the body, but it is still a clear grey color.. A mature female as well as all immature birds (immature males will look this way too, it is only as they mature that the become like the above description!) all have the same grey body and white wing stripes, but they will have a dull yellow face and orange cheek spots.. Often it looks like it’s a yellow wash’ over their heads, which can look almost.. read more.. Cinnamon Cockatiels.. Cinnamon.. is one of the most common colors apart from normal grey.. It is exactly the same for the above descriptions, but instead of a grey color over the body, it is a pale dusty’ silver/brownish color.. It can be mistaken for a light grey, but has a browner overtone, and a paler, softer appearance.. Some are a very obvious brown color too.. The bright face and clear tail feathers of the male, as well as the immature and the females’ dull face and barred tails is the same as for the normal grey.. Note though that a cinnamon’s immature and.. Lutino.. Cockatiels.. is the other very common color.. It is the solid white/yellow cockatiel.. The lutinos can vary a lot from a buttercup yellow, to a clear snowy white.. The male and female, as well as the immature tiel all have the same coloration and markings.. Though the barred tail of the immature tiel and the mature hen can sometimes be seen, the fact that the occasional male can retain the barred tails doesn’t make it an easy way to tell them apart! All lutinos have the solid yellow/white body all over, including the wings and tail and belly/chest.. The head of the lutino is always a bright yellow with bright orange cheek spots.. Many people assume that because of.. Pearl Cockatiels.. Pearl.. is another common pattern.. It is the pretty speckled patterning that covers the body of the tiel.. It is different to the pied, in that each individual feather is patterned.. Each feather has the white/yellow spot/s on it, causing a lacing/spotting/speckling effect.. It can vary in its exact pattern on the feather, some being a heavy lacy pattern, others being a light spotting.. Some are concentrated over  ...   the face is still duller, but it’s a dull grey with a fainter grey cheek spot, rather than the dull yellow and orange (remember, there is no yellow or orange in a white face tiel).. The adult whiteface male will get a bright solid white head after he has his first moult.. Also note that a whiteface pied will have white patches instead of the yellow, as well as the.. Rare Mutation Cockatiels.. Fallow.. is very similar to the cinnamon, and they are hard to tell apart unless you have them side-by-side.. Silver.. There are actually two different versions of silver in Cockatiels (Dominant and Recessive), and you can get both single and double factors out of the Dominants!.. Dilute (aka Emerald ).. is a relatively rare mutation, and hardly seen outside of a breeders aviary or a show.. It is a bird that is a pale grey color, with a heavy yellow wash’ giving a distinct green-ish tone.. Dominant Yellow.. Cheek.. is another uncommon.. There are 5 comments so far.. Toni.. 2 years ago.. Hi,i have cocatiels pair they are old 8 mounth lutino male and albino (white)female ,question is what color can be beybes, is it posible to give white beybes or 50-50%,thanks.. admin.. Author.. We will be happy to help you.. All cockatiel questions can be posted at.. http://www.. cockatiels.. org/ncsboard/board/.. David Hessenflow.. I have a question how do you tell the sex of young tiels mine are supposed to be three months old.. Michelle.. David.. This is a question that comes up so often.. There are several ways to tell but only DNA testing is 100% accurate.. You can occasionally work out the sex by understanding the genetics and how they will be passed and expressed.. Some normal colored greys have subtle markings that can give you clues to the possible sex as well.. I would encourage you to head over to the facebook page and post a photo or two.. There are over 1500 members there with a wide range of experience who can offer their insights to your babies sex.. Cheers!.. Sarah*.. 10 months ago.. Hello, I have a quick question.. I adopted a foster cockatiel from our local animal shelter.. He was very shy and didn t seem very warm or welcoming.. He had a bald patch on his head and was wondering if you could give any insight as to why this phenomenon may have been bald? He also shivered a lot and hissed and lunged at people as if he wanted to bite them? Earlier today he passed away and was wondering if there was any info you had on this how long do they usually live?.. Thank you.. Rest easy, Foster #RIP.. Leave a Comment.. Don't worry.. We never use your email for spam.. Name.. *.. Email.. Website.. Submit Comment.. Cockatiel Gallery.. Lutino Cockatiels.. Pied Cockatiels..

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  • Title: Registered Aviaries « The National Cockatiel Society

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  • Title: Contacts « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: Please fill out the form below and we will forward you to one of our volunteers.. (please make sure you answer the quick addition question beside the query button to assure no robots are emailing us).. [CONTACT-US-FORM]..

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  • Title: Board of Directors « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: [connections_list category=7 template="cockatiel' order_by='title'].. There are 11 comments so far.. susan savage.. 7 months ago.. i have a cockatiel and have had her for 12 or so years.. if you can give me some info on my bird i would appreciate it.. she has a band.. the inscription is :.. 06H TX 02 3.. SOME OF THE inscriptions are sideways like the TX.. i bought her in crawford texas from a breeder about 14 years ago.. he sold her to me as a male because i wanted a talking bird.. she never talked but after about ten years she started laying eggs twice a year.. and now it s three times a year so she is definitely a female.. please let me know if you need anymore info.. coconut oil benefits.. What s up it s me, I am also visiting this site daily, this site is in fact fastidious and.. the visitors are truly sharing pleasant thoughts.. Here is my web blog.. mike quebodeaux.. 6 months ago.. Is there a place on here to tell to other people of the ncs.. bolgoVXC.. 5 months ago.. internet blog.. Cynthia.. 2 months ago.. I would just like to set the record straight about MSAS upcoming show.. Yes 2 of our members had birds that tested positive for polyoma and those 2 individuals are not showing any of their birds at our show.. So the Avilas accusaton of polyoma is present at our show is false.. Your birds are as safe as they would be at any other show.. There is an ongoing dispute between the Avilas and Gary to Morgan.. Please don t get caught up in it.. Do your research on the disease.. I will bet my reputation as a Vet.. Tech.. that if you pulled 10 birds(randomly) out of any show or for that matter any breeders home at least 1-2 birds will test positively for polyoma.. As a club we ve taken every precaution we can to insure your birds health and I hope that most of you will reconsider coming to our show.. Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail  ...   to be the same sex.. The first set of babies are now in a separate cage.. I have had cockatiels in the past and love them.. Would you have any suggestions? I d like to find good homes and not just sell them to anyone.. I m very picky about that.. Sincerely Laurel Nette.. Bernadine.. 4 weeks ago.. I enjoy what you guys are usually up too.. This kind of clever work and exposure!.. Keep up the excellent works guys I ve you guys to my own blogroll.. Don t fail to improve on your supetown rice cooker.. , understanding!.. Iris Shearer.. 3 weeks ago.. I had a beautiful cockatiel for 11 years and one week ago she flew away from an retractable door and we have not seen her.. We live in Huntington Harbor in Huntington Beach, Ca.. I listed her on Pet Amber Alert, and a few other sites.. I have walked my neighborhood 2/3 times a day all week and talked to people and spread fliers all over, but had only one believable site one day after she left.. I was wondering if you could give me suggestions on what else to do.. We imagine that she can be far away and wonder if my daily walks still make sense.. We left her cage with water and food in the backyard as it was suggested.. I can e-mail his photo if you have a bulletin board and can post it for us.. My bit s name is Pichu (pronounced Pee chew) and he is yellow and white with orange cheeks.. He says his name says hi and a few other words.. He can also whistle the charge and wolf whistles and whistles a little bit of the Brazilian National Anthem.. Please help us to find Pichu.. Thank you,.. Iris Shearer.. Charmaine.. 2 weeks ago.. Hi I m doing a course and I was wondering what the copy rights are on the site, what I write will NOT be repubiled any where else I just want to use some of your info on Cockatiels to pass my test.. Can some please help me.. Cheers Charmaine..

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  • Title: Judges Panel « The National Cockatiel Society
    Descriptive info: Panel Secretary.. Roland Dubuc (ALBS, NAPS).. P.. O.. Box 1651.. Fallbrook, CA 92028.. (760)580-6985.. SHOW REPORTS EDITOR.. (Judges: Send show reports here).. Chris Orowitz.. 1776 Walter Boone Road.. Rineyville, KY 40162.. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THE TIME ZONE WHEN CONTACTING A MEMBER OF THE NCS JUDGES PANEL.. Julia Allen.. 35920 Lake Unity Nursery Rd.. Fruitland Park, FL 34731.. (352) 360-1035.. Jose Bernardy.. Box 2582.. Cayey, PR 00737.. (787) 688-0773.. jose.. -.. Clarence Culwell (NAPS, NFSS).. 250 Horseshoe Drive.. Springtown, TX 76082 (817) 220-5568.. Dr.. Al Decoteau (NFSS, SPBE).. Box 546.. Hollis, NH 03049.. Roland Dubuc (ALBS, NAPS) P.. Fallbrook, CA 92028 (760)580-6985.. Deb Dollar (NAPS).. Box 12058.. Brooksville, Fl 34603.. (352)238-5148.. Philip Feret.. 742 W.. Garner Rd #206A.. Garner, NC 27529.. (919)270-5911.. Leslie Huegerich (NAPS).. 611 Quest Ridge Drive.. Fuquay Varina, NC 27526.. (919) 552-6312.. Jim Heffernan (NAPS).. 11177 Buno Road.. Brighton, MI 49114.. 313-247-5900.. Frank Horan (ALBS, NAPS).. 111 Abbott St.. Staten Island, NY 10305.. (917) 301-8407.. Sabrina Hull..  ...   (908)433-5971.. Conrad Meinert (NFSS, SPBE).. 1212 E.. CR.. 300S.. Warsaw, IN 46580.. (574) 269-2873.. Gary Morgan (ALBS, NAPS).. 15341 Kingston Street.. Brighton, CO 80602-7439.. (303) 659-9544.. Jeff Robinson (NAPS).. 5700 Monterrey.. Fort Worth, TX 76112.. (817) 999-6195.. Laura Tinker (NFSS, SPBE).. 31 Grape Hollow Rd.. Holmes, NY.. 845 518 5406.. Pat Tucker (SPBE).. 80 Lincoln Rd.. Sudbury, MA 01776.. (978) 443-5218.. Emeritus NCS Judges (Retired and Deceased Judges).. Lloyd Bailey (deceased).. Harold Bowles (deceased).. Charlie Anchor (deceased).. Linda Arnett.. Don Dunn (deceased).. Henry Castle.. Dominic Franzo, Sr.. Lee Horton.. Raymond Johnson (deceased).. Augie Murray-Young.. Keith Reimer (deceased).. Dale Theeke (deceased).. Barbara Theeke.. Paul Williams.. Wayne Thomann.. There is 1 comment so far.. Julianne Mion.. Do you have a profile for Scott Mackey? This will be his first time judging in Canada.. I want to promote him so that I can have more people at our show.. Most with Cockatiels have to travel from three to 8 hours to get here..

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