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  • Title: CARE International | CARE
    Descriptive info: .. CONTACT US.. About us.. What we do.. Where we work.. News.. Take action.. Donate now.. CARE Members.. CARE Australia.. CARE Canada.. CARE Danmark.. CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg.. CARE France.. CARE India.. CARE International Japan.. CARE Nederland.. CARE Norge.. CARE Österreich.. CARE Peru (Affiliate Member).. CARE Thai Foundation.. CARE International UK.. CARE USA.. CARE Member Tweets.. CONTACTS.. |.. DISCLAIMER.. Copyright CARE International.. All rights reserved.. Designed and Produced by.. ACW..

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  • Title: Contact us | CARE International
    Descriptive info: Core Values.. Global Network.. History.. Governance.. Accountability.. Partners.. Annual Report.. Emergency Response.. Advocacy.. Climate Change.. Education.. Maternal Health.. HIV and AIDS.. Economic Development.. Food Security.. Water Sanitation and Hygiene.. Our focus on women and girls.. Press releases.. Stories and blogs.. Publications.. Stay Connected.. Media Contacts.. Photo and video gallery.. Work For Us.. HM Conscious Foundation.. Home.. Our Information Disclosure Policy.. Our Complaints Policy.. Take action - get connected with our CARE Members.. Contact Us.. CARE International is committed to being accountable to our stakeholders, notably people living in poverty.. An important part of this comittment is ensuring that we share information in a transparent way or, where we are unable to satisfy an information request, we provide a reasonable justification why we are not able to provide information.. You can find out more by reading our.. Information Disclosure Policy.. You may contact us and our members using the.. contact details below.. Please take note of the following guidance where you may find the answer to your questions before you get in touch.. Job enquiries.. We cannot accept unsolicited job or internship applications and we will therefore not reply to such applications.. For work opportunities, we advise you to regularly check our.. employment page..  ...   we are unable to reply to all queries.. A considerable amount of information about our work and projects is available on our website.. The.. About Us.. section contains information on where we work and the approaches we apply.. You can out more about the countres where we work by browsing through our.. map.. You will also find detailed information in our.. Annual Reports.. Complaints.. If you want to make a complaint, please send it to cisecretariat@careinternational.. org or by post addressed to CARE International Secretariat, Chemin de Balexert 7-9, 1219 Chatelaine (Geneva), Switzerland.. You will find more information in our.. Complaints Policy.. Contacts.. Stay connected with our.. and our.. Country Offices.. around the world.. If you have a media request, please contact our.. media and communications team.. Headquarters.. Chemin de Balexert 7-9.. 1219 Chatelaine (Geneva).. Switzerland.. Tel.. : +41 22 795 10 20.. Fax: +41 22 795 10 29.. cisecretariat@careinternational.. Representation office.. United Nations.. 777 First Avenue.. 5th Floor.. NY 10017 New York.. U.. S.. A.. : (+1) 212 687 3181.. Fax: (+1) 212 661 4188.. Kathleen Hunt:.. hunt@careinternational.. org.. European institutions.. Rue du Trône 12.. B-1000 Brussels.. Belgium.. : (+32) 2 502 43 33.. Fax: (+32) 2 502 82 02.. Céline Mias:.. mias@careinternational..

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  • Title: Photo gallery | CARE International
    Descriptive info: Video gallery.. Syria Photo Gallery.. Photo gallery.. Photo Gallery.. Womens participation necessary for recovery.. Women waiting in front of CARE mobile health clinic in Gaza.. CARE calls for stronger participation of women in peace and recovery process.. More.. Mobile Health Teams To Provide Care in Gaza.. International Day Against Child Labour.. Record Floods in the Balkans.. South Sudan Crisis.. Worsening Humanitarian Disaster in South Sudan.. 22 Hours and 23 Minutes Across the Desert for Syria.. South Sudan: Half a Million People Displaced.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7..

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  • Title: Publications | CARE International
    Descriptive info: Home Page.. Search a document.. Select Category.. All categories.. General Information.. Country Overviews.. Reports and Issue Briefs.. Emergencies.. Select Document Language.. Select language.. English.. French.. Spanish.. Others.. Ordering.. Newest First.. Oldest First.. Alphabetical.. Latest Publications.. Typhoon Haiyan Response: One-Year Report.. 11 NOVEMBER.. 2014.. South Sudan: From Crisis to Catastrophe.. 09.. OCTOBER 2014.. CARE 2020 Program Strategy.. SEPTEMBER 2014.. Passionate to Save Lives: Conversations with CARE Humanitarians.. 13 AUGUST 2014.. Challenging gender-based violence worldwide: CARE s program evidence.. 6 JUNE 2014.. The girl has no rights: Gender-based violence in South Sudan.. 20 MAY 2014..

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  • Title: Stay connected | CARE International
    Descriptive info: Walk in her shoes - CARE International UK.. Walk in her shoes - CARE Australia.. Walk in her shoes - CARE Canada.. Connect with CARE.. www.. care.. au.. ca.. dk.. CARE Deutschland-Luxembourg.. de.. carefrance.. careindia.. careintjp.. carenederland.. no.. at.. CARE Peru.. careenperu.. CARE Thai Foundation (Raks Thai).. raksthai.. careinternational.. uk..

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  • Title: Disclaimer | CARE International
    Descriptive info: Use of material, disclaimer notice.. This information is designed to provide information in regard to the subject matter covered.. Use is granted with the understanding that the publisher and author are not engaged in rendering legal or financial advice.. If expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.. The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained here.. While every effort has been taken to ensure  ...   s web site pages, nor for the consequences of any actions taken or not taken as a result of this information.. Listing of a company, service, organisation or product on this web site does not in any way imply endorsement.. Reasonable efforts have been made at the time of publishing each page to examine the contents of each organisation and publication linked to on this web site, but no responsibility is taken for the contents contained on such links.. All trade marks and registered trademarks referred to on this site are acknowledged as belonging to the relevant company..

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  • Title: Search | CARE International
    Descriptive info: Search Results.. Document Title.. Section.. Last Updated.. Disclaimer.. About us.. 30/05/2013 17:03:12.. 14/05/2014 11:24:10.. What we do.. 07/10/2014 16:54:34.. Contact us.. News.. 22/07/2013 13:49:28.. 25/11/2014 11:13:10.. Take action.. 09/02/2014 12:54:53.. Afghanistan.. Where we work.. 10/05/2013 13:38:21.. Armenia.. 10/05/2013 13:22:31.. Azerbaijan.. 10/05/2013 13:21:50.. Bangladesh.. 28/05/2013 10:24:10.. Benin.. 10/05/2013 13:42:29.. Bolivia.. 24/04/2013 15:29:21.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. 25/04/2013 07:30:49.. Brazil.. 10/05/2013 13:29:40.. Burundi.. 10/05/2013 14:04:54.. Cambodia.. 10/05/2013 13:33:12.. Cameroon.. 24/04/2013 13:54:24.. Chad.. 24/04/2013 14:00:33.. Croatia.. 24/04/2013 15:30:54.. Cuba.. 10/05/2013 13:15:31.. Democratic Republic of Congo.. 10/05/2013 14:01:52.. Ecuador.. 24/04/2013 16:31:09.. Egypt.. 10/05/2013 12:54:54.. El Salvador.. 24/04/2013 15:33:15.. Ethiopia.. 10/05/2013 14:03:19.. Georgia.. 10/05/2013 13:20:59.. Ghana.. 10/05/2013 14:00:29.. Guatemala.. 24/04/2013 15:34:35.. Haiti.. 10/05/2013 13:27:17.. 14/05/2014 11:28:28.. Honduras.. 24/04/2013 15:36:18.. India.. 07/01/2014 13:57:27.. Indonesia.. 10/05/2013 13:31:43.. Jordan.. 28/05/2013 10:37:33.. Kenya.. 04/10/2013 13:58:23.. Kosovo.. 25/04/2013 07:41:58.. Laos.. 10/05/2013 12:59:27.. Lebanon.. 02/07/2014 13:05:52.. Lesotho.. 26/09/2014 09:40:27.. Madagascar.. 10/05/2013 13:57:24.. Malawi.. 10/07/2013 13:10:22.. Mali.. 24/04/2013 16:29:18.. Montenegro.. 29/04/2013 13:24:36.. Morocco.. 10/05/2013 13:53:10.. Mozambique.. 10/05/2013 13:51:28.. Myanmar.. 10/05/2013 13:00:59.. Nepal.. 20/06/2013 10:09:47.. Nicaragua.. 24/04/2013 15:37:56.. Niger.. 10/05/2013 13:55:47.. Pakistan.. 28/05/2013 10:20:30.. Papua New Guinea.. 10/05/2013 13:07:01.. Peru.. 10/05/2013 13:25:24.. Philippines.. 26/11/2013 16:36:40.. Romania.. 25/04/2013 08:25:57.. Rwanda.. 10/05/2013 13:48:13.. Serbia.. 25/04/2013 07:48:46.. Sierra Leone.. 10/05/2013 13:49:44.. Somalia.. 24/04/2013 15:46:37.. South Africa.. 26/09/2014 09:41:47.. South Sudan.. 07/10/2014 12:36:45.. Sri Lanka.. 10/05/2013 13:09:24.. Sudan.. 10/05/2013 13:54:21.. Tanzania.. 24/04/2013 16:06:26.. Thailand.. 25/04/2013 07:21:55.. Togo.. 10/05/2013 13:51:49.. Uganda.. 05/06/2013 08:46:37.. Vanuatu.. 10/05/2013 13:12:01.. Vietnam.. 11/07/2013 12:55:41.. West Bank and Gaza.. 10/05/2013 13:18:57.. Yemen.. 10/05/2013 13:17:15.. Zambia.. 13/06/2014 08:31:13.. Zimbabwe.. 24/04/2013 13:48:03.. Donate now.. 12/05/2014 14:22:02.. Dead to Red Marathon.. Emergency Response.. 27/03/2014 09:48:18.. 04/03/2014 09:26:26.. Spotlight Gaza and Israel.. 03/10/2014 10:56:13.. Spotlight South Sudan.. 26/09/2014 08:39:10.. Spotlight Syrian refugees.. 20/10/2014 15:55:16.. Spotlight Typhoon Haiyan.. 27/03/2014 14:30:13.. World Humanitarian Day.. 16/08/2013 15:03:50.. Core Values.. 28/05/2013 17:25:57.. Principles and Standards.. 22/07/2013 16:03:30.. Global Network.. 14/05/2014 11:26:08.. Committees.. Governance.. 27/08/2013 10:00:45.. Home page.. 07/01/2014 18:05:01.. Press releases.. 04/12/2014 12:44:47.. CARE and Oxfam call for fundamental changes in tackling global hunger and food price hikes.. Food Security.. 22/05/2013 19:20:51.. CARE and OXFAM organize a forum to rethink the international response to world hunger.. 22/05/2013 18:59:18.. HAITI Funding needed to build resilience to food insecurity.. 02/07/2013 12:28:59.. 25/04/2013 12:02:07.. HORN OF AFRICA Hunger Crisis Looming If Rains Fail This Month.. 22/05/2013 19:10:09.. HORN OF AFRICA On World Food Day 17 mio people face starvation.. 24/05/2013 17:11:22.. AFGHANISTAN CARE Calls For Quality Education For All Girls Included.. Education.. 22/05/2013 19:24:17.. AFGHANISTAN Girls education is at risk.. 29/05/2013 13:45:23.. AFGHANISTAN New report studies attacks on Afghan schools.. 21/05/2013 19:38:25.. DAY OF GIRL CARE concerned about Syrian girls robbed of an education.. 10/10/2013 13:53:22.. 25/04/2013 12:02:36.. KENYA Education for Somali refugee children.. 29/05/2013 12:46:37.. CARE encourages G8 nations to support mothers and children.. Maternal Health.. 15/05/2013 21:53:12.. CARE gives G8 a yellow card for performance on maternal health.. 15/05/2013 22:05:15.. CARE invests in improving maternal newborn and child health by 2015.. 15/05/2013 23:38:14.. 25/04/2013 12:02:51.. HORN OF AFRICA Assistance to pregnant women.. 10/05/2013 14:32:48.. SUMMIT ON FAMILY PLANNING CARE commends groundbreaking London Summit.. 13/05/2013 14:00:32.. SUMMIT ON FAMILY PLANNING CAREs Top 10 Tips for World Leaders.. 13/05/2013 13:36:17.. A new global social and environmental standard for REDD programs.. Climate Change.. 21/05/2013 21:58:58.. CARE calls for more urgency in climate talks.. 10/05/2013 13:34:27.. CARE calls for urgent financing of pro poor Climate Fund.. 21/05/2013 22:00:05.. CARE is Marching for the Climate.. 15/09/2014 15:42:59.. CARE on EU summit in Brussels Old money in new bottles.. 21/05/2013 21:38:19.. CARE Says It Will Not Rest Until World Leaders Deliver Climate Action For The Poorest.. 19/09/2014 09:20:54.. CARE Statement on newly released IPCC Report.. 04/10/2013 10:54:44.. CARE study shows climate change exacerbates poverty.. 15/05/2013 20:14:17.. CARE to Climate Delegates What does it take to make REDD really green.. 21/05/2013 21:35:53.. Climate change agreement Do not put people in brackets.. 21/05/2013 21:44:33.. Climate Change Could Worsen Inequality between Men and Women.. 21/05/2013 23:54:02.. Climate change joint study identifies humanitarian hotspots and warns of dire consequences.. 24/05/2013 07:32:26.. Climate Deal Must be Good for Poor People.. 21/05/2013 22:08:37.. COP16 Breakthrough.. 10/05/2013 09:22:41.. COP16 Countries scramble for scarce funding in Cancun.. 17/05/2013 18:02:45.. COP16 Drafts do not feed poor people.. 10/05/2013 09:20:28.. COP16 Japan must not wipe Kyoto off its own map.. 17/05/2013 17:59:28.. COP16 Ministers must confront deadlock for small island states.. 10/05/2013 09:18:17.. Copenhagen Outcome Nothing but a costly chaos.. 21/05/2013 21:56:32.. Do not Hold up an International Mechanism on Loss and Damage at CoP19.. 24/11/2013 09:55:53.. DURBAN Climate Change Conference 4 days left.. 13/05/2013 12:36:42.. DURBAN Climate Change Conference CARE calls on leaders to stop gambling with lives.. 13/05/2013 13:56:05.. DURBAN Climate talks fail poor and vulnerable people.. 13/05/2013 12:41:56.. Earth Day 2011 Women act against climate change.. 14/05/2013 14:45:05.. EU Summit in Brussels EU Leaders Need to Ramp up Action to Tackle Climate Change.. 26/06/2014 08:32:05.. European Climate and Energy Proposals Insufficient to Avert Climate Crisis.. 23/01/2014 11:41:52.. European Leaders Must Take Concrete Action To Avoid Devastating Climate Change.. 03/03/2014 12:00:18.. Global Injustice of Climate Change is Unfolding Before Our Eyes.. 02/04/2014 09:58:18.. Governments Miss Opportunity to Tackle Growing Climate Chaos.. 23/01/2014 11:08:05.. 25/04/2013 12:03:07.. New Report Climate Change is detectable driver of migration.. 19/05/2013 19:24:20.. No climate justice without gender justice.. 20/05/2013 00:04:05.. REDD More Polish Than Substance.. 21/05/2013 21:53:10.. RIO 20 Nothing more than a political charade.. 06/05/2013 10:04:13.. RIO 20 Twenty Lost Years.. 06/05/2013 10:21:22.. RIO 20 World cannot grow at the expense of poor people.. 06/05/2013 09:00:21.. RIO20 Black hole of low ambition and little substance.. 06/05/2013 09:37:23.. Slash Global Emissions to Help Limit Climate Catastrophe For Poorest People says CARE.. 16/04/2014 10:49:50.. Tackling the Climate Reality.. 16/11/2013 10:11:49.. UNCCC AFRICA Where the Rain Falls Innovative study unravels relationship between climate change food.. 13/05/2013 17:04:58.. UNCCC LATIN AMERICA Where the Rain Falls Innovative study unravels relationship between climate chan.. 13/05/2013 17:05:47.. UNCCC Where the Rain Falls Innovative study unravels relationship between climate change food insecu.. 13/05/2013 17:04:07.. UNFCCC Damage done NGOs highlight irreversible losses caused by climate change.. 05/05/2013 12:19:36.. Who is looking out for the people who are already feeling the negative effects of climate change.. 21/05/2013 10:01:51.. World Environment Day Dont skip the women.. 15/05/2013 21:26:26.. World Environment Day Must Serve As Reminder That Small Island States Need Climate Justice.. 06/06/2014 11:21:17.. Worlds poorest people rendered voiceless.. 21/05/2013 21:49:08.. Fighting Poverty is the key issue in fighting HIV AIDS.. HIV and AIDS.. 15/05/2013 22:31:58.. 25/04/2013 12:03:23.. Water Sanitation and Hygiene.. 25/04/2013 12:03:40.. CARE releases report on State of Microfinance in Africa.. Economic Development.. 10/05/2013 13:28:26.. 25/04/2013 12:03:57.. 1 Million Registered Refugees in Lebanon.. 04/04/2014 15:55:11.. AFGHANISTAN CARE condemns international military attack on Afghan family.. 18/05/2013 16:34:02.. AFGHANISTAN Troop surge must not endanger civilians.. 18/05/2013 16:29:53.. BALKANS Balkan Floods Cleaning and Disinfection Now a Priority.. 30/05/2014 11:00:34.. BALKANS CARE Calls for Donations After Record Floods in the Balkans.. 21/05/2014 14:19:05.. BALKANS Floods and Landslides in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.. 21/05/2014 12:31:17.. BALKANS Long Road To Recovery Three Months After Balkan Floods.. 19/08/2014 14:15:59.. BANGLADESH Cyclone Mahasen.. 29/05/2013 15:27:06.. BANGLADESH Cyclone weakens but communities not out of danger.. 29/05/2013 15:53:49.. BANGLADESH Small island reportedly devastated in Bangladesh hit by cyclone.. 19/05/2013 19:10:30.. BOLIVIA CARE delivers aid to thousands of people affected by the floods and landslides.. 21/05/2013 23:01:11.. BOLIVIA CARE distributes tools and seeds to boost recovery from disaster.. 22/05/2013 00:15:44.. BRAZIL CARE assists brazilians left homeless by floods and landslides.. 09/05/2013 21:57:32.. CARE assessment of humanitarian assistance.. 17/05/2013 23:21:05.. CARE International Ready to Support Newly Arrived Syrian Refugees in Azraq Camp in Jordan.. 16/04/2014 10:03:40.. CARE Ramps up Aid to Remote Areas Devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.. 16/11/2013 10:57:00.. CARE South Sudan Hopes Ceasefire Will Allow Access to Those in Need.. 30/01/2014 12:41:49.. CARE Warns that Plight of Central African Republic Refugees and Returnees Should Not Be Ignored.. 13/01/2014 10:42:37.. CENTRAL AMERICA Tropical depression causes widespread destruction.. 13/05/2013 10:39:52.. CHAD CARE warns of possible spillover.. 18/05/2013 12:58:47.. CHAD CARE warns that instability threatens refugee lifeline.. 21/05/2013 22:38:15.. CHILE earthquake there are still cries for help.. 15/05/2013 08:27:42.. CHILE Everything is needed.. 15/05/2013 08:26:22.. COTE D IVOIRE CARE Advances Reconciliation.. 10/05/2013 12:53:57.. COTE DIVOIRE CARE sends aid in response to violence.. 15/05/2013 15:17:44.. CUBA Need for aid increases after IKE.. 24/05/2013 08:26:35.. DADAAB Emergency funds running dry in worlds largest refugee camp.. 13/05/2013 13:49:33.. DR CONGO British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Angelina Jolie visit DRC camp.. 06/05/2013 14:54:13.. DR CONGO CARE calls for more protection for camps around Goma.. 05/05/2013 10:56:35.. DR CONGO CARE calls for the continued protection of civilians.. 05/11/2013 16:08:21.. DR CONGO Reaching survivors of sexual violence.. 14/05/2013 13:22:05.. DR CONGO Sexual violence rising due to escalating conflict.. 13/05/2013 15:05:06.. DRC CARE calls for protection of civilians and for people living in camps around Goma.. 01/09/2013 11:32:55.. DRC CARE provides emergency supplies.. 24/05/2013 17:42:22.. DRC CARE responds to emergency in North Kivu.. 27/05/2013 06:13:02.. DRC CARE says urgent international aid is needed.. 24/05/2013 17:32:52.. DRC GOMA 20 per cent of displaced families may be headed by single mothers.. 27/05/2013 06:13:51.. DRC Tens of thousands more women and girls at risk of rape and attack.. 27/05/2013 06:13:24.. DRC The UN must act now to help end rape in conflict zones.. 19/05/2013 19:43:06.. ECUADOR CARE responds as Ecuador struggles to weather worst floods in 25 years.. 22/05/2013 00:08:33.. GAZA 34 Organizations Call For A Ceasefire And Sustained Solution Towards Peace.. 15/07/2014 09:54:22.. GAZA Aid agencies warn of humanitarian catastrophe if Gaza is attacked.. 28/05/2013 09:21:44.. GAZA CARE aid worker bombed with his family.. 17/05/2013 22:54:01.. GAZA CARE cancels distributions due to bombings.. 17/05/2013 23:04:06.. GAZA CARE International delivers emergency relief in Gaza.. 28/05/2013 09:22:23.. GAZA CARE medical shipment permitted into Gaza.. 17/05/2013 21:07:03.. GAZA CARE Mobile Health Teams To Provide Care For Pregnant Women And Vulnerable Families In Gaza.. 18/07/2014 08:58:28.. GAZA CARE resumes distributions in Gaza Strip.. 17/05/2013 23:11:09.. GAZA Colossal Strain On Medical Services In Gaza As Hospitals Struggle To Cope With Casualties.. 25/07/2014 10:52:30.. Gaza Escalating Violence.. 15/07/2014 14:07:13.. GAZA Food is running out.. 17/05/2013 21:42:35.. GAZA Humanitarian access needs to be granted without restrictions.. 18/05/2013 12:29:35.. GAZA Joint Statement by CARE and Save The Children.. 17/05/2013 23:26:25.. GAZA Lack of womens participation an obstacle to recovery and peace.. 09/10/2014 10:10:11.. GAZA More than 200 lives lost since UN call for ceasefire.. 17/05/2013 22:57:46.. GAZA Planning For The Future Must Start Now.. 19/08/2014 12:32:07.. GAZA UN Security resolution must be implemented now.. 17/05/2013 22:46:09.. GAZA Worker for CAREs food distribution killed.. 17/05/2013 22:28:19.. GENEVA II Talks CARE reaction.. 31/01/2014 14:08:21.. GEORGIA CARE distributes essential supplies.. 24/05/2013 07:42:26.. GEORGIA CARE helps growing number of displaced people.. 24/05/2013 07:55:27.. GEORGIA CARE International Set To Aid Civilians Caught in Conflict.. 28/05/2013 13:46:39.. GEORGIA CARE suspends distributions in Khashuri for one day but continues in other areas.. 24/05/2013 07:55:54.. GLOBAL CARE honours its humanitarian heroes on World Humanitarian Day.. 14/08/2014 11:02:03.. HAITI 100 days of cholera.. 09/05/2013 21:04:00.. HAITI CARE addresses Haitis vulnerability beyond the current epidemic.. 17/05/2013 17:54:04.. HAITI CARE Assists Haitian Response to Hurricane Tomas.. 17/05/2013 17:39:22.. HAITI CARE bracing for humanitarian emergency following storm.. 24/05/2013 07:54:54.. HAITI CARE brings shelter and dignity to thousands.. 15/05/2013 22:26:30.. HAITI CARE calls for rehabilitation funding and debt relief to rebuild Haiti.. 14/05/2013 21:53:52.. HAITI CARE convoy sets out for flood ravaged Gonaives.. 24/05/2013 08:09:14.. HAITI CARE deploys additional emergency team members to Haiti.. 14/05/2013 19:06:08.. HAITI CARE distributes hygiene kits to storm survivors.. 24/05/2013 17:01:49.. HAITI CARE Helps Haitians Prepare for Tropical Storm Tomas.. 17/05/2013 17:29:53.. HAITI CARE is working to prevent sexual violence in the aftermath of the quake.. 14/05/2013 22:25:12.. HAITI CARE launches USD 10 million appeal.. 14/05/2013 19:49:05.. HAITI CARE Offers Sympathy to All Those Devastated by Hurricane Sandy.. 13/05/2013 15:49:54.. HAITI CARE provides emergency relief.. 24/05/2013 17:35:52.. HAITI CARE races for potential spread of cholera.. 15/05/2013 23:53:18.. HAITI CARE scales up activities to respond to resurgence of cholera.. 14/05/2013 14:53:31.. HAITI CARE starts cash for work programme for school cleaning.. 24/05/2013 16:57:36.. HAITI CARE steps up Haiti response as cholera cases surge.. 17/05/2013 20:59:27.. HAITI CARE Works With Women in Haiti to Keep Disease at Bay.. 14/05/2013 19:44:55.. HAITI Cholera One year after.. 13/05/2013 10:25:01.. HAITI Earthquake.. 14/05/2013 18:40:09.. HAITI Earthquake Three Years Later CARE Banks on Women in Recovery.. 03/05/2013 16:49:45.. HAITI Food crisis looms in rural Haiti.. 14/05/2013 22:48:42.. HAITI Hurricane Sandy CARE responds in Haiti and Cuba.. 13/05/2013 16:02:38.. HAITI Meeting immediate needs and planning for the next storm.. 24/05/2013 08:25:07.. HAITI Quick work on water has prevented disease after quake.. 15/05/2013 18:28:59.. HAITI Race to the rainy season.. 14/05/2013 22:38:05.. HAITI Recovery People Perspective and Perseverance.. 06/05/2013 12:28:35.. HAITI Resettlement of quake victims must ensure human dignity.. 15/05/2013 18:36:28.. HAITI Tens of thousands of pregnant women at risk.. 14/05/2013 19:51:23.. HAITI Two years after earthquake CARE supports Haitians.. 09/05/2013 21:31:07.. 25/04/2013 12:04:17.. HONDURAS CARE provides emergency relief to flood affected areas.. 24/05/2013 17:25:55.. HONDURAS CARE provides immediate aid to flood survivors.. 24/05/2013 17:16:00.. HORN OF AFRICA Crises reach emergency levels.. 23/05/2013 12:45:41.. HORN OF AFRICA drought reported cases of sexual violence have quadrupled among refugees.. 14/05/2013 16:10:16.. HORN OF AFRICA food crisis CARE launches USD 25 million appeal.. 14/05/2013 19:22:52.. HORN OF AFRICA Food insecurity.. 10/05/2013 11:56:29.. HORN OF AFRICA Hunger crisis worsening.. 19/05/2013 23:33:58.. HORN OF AFRICA One Year On We Must Turn This Cycle Around.. 15/05/2013 15:09:09.. HORN OF AFRICA Saving cattle can save lives in drought stricken Africa.. 10/05/2013 13:53:04.. HORN OF AFRICA World Food Day.. 13/05/2013 10:18:56.. In Jordan Nine Out of Ten Syrian Refugee Households Report Family Members with Medical Conditions.. 07/04/2014 10:49:44.. INDIA CARE provides emergency assistance for families affected by the flood.. 24/05/2013 07:57:02.. INDIA CARE relief workers reach flood affected families.. 21/05/2013 09:57:58.. INDIA CARE responds to floods in Uttarakhand.. 28/06/2013 12:52:13.. INDIA Cyclone Phailin Hits the Eastern Coast of India and CARE Responds.. 14/10/2013 08:30:35.. INDIA Cyclone Response Shows Disaster Prevention Saves Lives.. 14/10/2013 08:52:30.. INDIA Fear of water borne diseases in flood zones.. 24/05/2013 08:03:34.. INDIA Tragic rape in India Violence against women must stop.. 03/05/2013 16:53:44.. INDONESIA CARE deploys emergency relief to earthquake zone.. 21/05/2013 09:42:59.. INDONESIA CARE deploys emergency team to Sumatra after quake.. 20/05/2013 00:00:52.. INDONESIA CARE emergency teams on standby after earthquake.. 19/05/2013 23:52:07.. INDONESIA CARE gives options for clean water to tidal flood affected communities.. 23/05/2013 12:21:37.. INDONESIA CARE on standby to respond to Jakarta floods.. 03/05/2013 16:46:48.. INDONESIA CARE provides emergency assistance to flood victims.. 28/05/2013 09:51:37.. INDONESIA Earthquake Hit Island of Sumatra.. 29/05/2013 16:03:36.. INDONESIA Remote villages in desperate need five days after quake.. 21/05/2013 09:51:58.. JAPAN CARE Japan assists Japanese emergency response.. 10/05/2013 11:33:15.. JAPAN CARE sends relief items to destroyed area.. 13/05/2013 13:54:23.. JAPAN Earthquake.. 10/05/2013 11:06:28.. JAPAN One year after the tsunami from relief to recovery.. 05/05/2013 11:31:24.. JORDAN 3 Million Registered Refugees a Wake Up Call.. 20/06/2014 08:34:51.. JORDAN CARE warns of invisible Syrian refugee crisis in urban areas.. 13/05/2013 16:38:12.. JORDAN Child Labour Among Syrian Refugees Rises With Every Day the Crisis Continues.. 13/06/2014 10:55:48.. JORDAN Global community failing Syrian refugee children.. 03/05/2013 14:11:38.. Kenya A community comes to the rescue.. 21/05/2013 22:33:00.. KENYA Care Regional Director Tragically Killed in Nairobi.. 28/05/2013 09:33:42.. KENYA Drought refugees helping each other.. 13/05/2013 07:32:07.. Kenya violence has long term consequences.. 21/05/2013 22:27:36.. LEBANON CARE assessment showing wide gaps in assistance to Syrian refugees.. 16/10/2013 17:06:28.. LESOTHO Food crisis threatens one third of the population.. 14/05/2013 17:01:15.. LIBERIA Aid urgently needed to Ivorian refugees.. 10/05/2013 12:18:20.. LIBERIA Risk of sexual exploitation of refugees.. 13/05/2013 13:51:52.. LIBYA and North Africa Unrest.. 10/05/2013 12:10:45.. MADAGASCAR CARE Intensifies Search for Marginalized Cyclone Victims.. 21/05/2013 23:26:19.. 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Summary of Ethiopia Project Proposal.. 13/11/2014 09:47:30..

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  • Title: About us | CARE International
    Descriptive info: Our emergency response.. Our development work.. Our advocacy initiatives.. CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.. We place special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty.. Women.. are at the heart of our community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of disease, increase access to  ...   emergency aid.. to survivors of war and natural disasters, and help people rebuild their lives.. In the fiscal year 2013, CARE worked in 87 countries around the world, supporting 927 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects to reach more than 97 million people.. The impact we achieved was made possible through the generous efforts of hundreds of thousands of private and institutional donors, partners, corporations and private foundations..

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  • Title: Core values | CARE International
    Descriptive info: Learn how we deliver emergency assistance.. Find out how we promote innovative solutions.. Read about providing economic opportunities.. At the core of all we do, CARE values:.. Respect.. : We affirm the dignity, potential and contribution of participants, donors, partners and staff.. Integrity.. : Our actions are consistent with our mission.. We are honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.. Commitment.. : We work together effectively to serve the larger community.. Excellence.. : We constantly challenge ourselves to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact.. Vision and Mission.. Our vision is to seek a world of  ...   partner of choice within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty.. We will be known everywhere for our unshakeable commitment to the dignity of people.. We strive to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world.. Drawing strength from our global diversity, resources and experience, we promote innovative solutions and are advocates for global responsibility.. We promote lasting change by:.. Strengthening capacity for self-help.. Providing economic opportunity.. Delivering relief in emergencies.. Influencing policy decisions at all levels.. Addressing discrimination in all its forms.. Guided by the aspirations of local communities, we pursue our mission with both excellence and compassion because the people whom we serve deserve nothing less..

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  • Title: Global network | CARE International
    Descriptive info: Collaborating with partners.. Reaching more than 83 million people.. Working in 87 countries.. Our 13 Members.. CARE International is a.. global confederation.. of 13 National Members and one Affiliate Member with the common goal of fighting global poverty.. Each CARE Member is an autonomous non governmental organization and implements program, advocacy, fundraising and communications activities in its own country and in developing countries where CARE has programs.. Our Affiliate Member.. In 2012 we welcomed.. into our confederation as Affiliate Member.. will further strengthen the global diversity in CARE s governance.. Our Work in 87 Countries.. In fiscal year 2013, CARE worked in.. 87 countries around the world.. Projects are implemented through in-country offices, which are managed by one of CARE s Members.. This Member ensures appropriate and inclusive strategic planning and program development, sound financial management and  ...   the leadership of the Secretary General, the Secretariat coordinates and supports the CARE confederation, represents the confederation at the United Nations and the European Union, and leads CARE s global advocacy.. The Secretariat also houses the.. CARE Emergency Group.. and the CARE International Safety and Security Unit.. Our Partnerships.. Partnerships.. are the foundation of CARE s work.. By working with local groups and governments, we develop a deeper understanding of the context and build local capacity and ownership.. CARE works with national and international aid organizations and United Nations agencies to maximize the impact of our work.. CARE s close relationships with other international and national aid organizations globally give us a wider and more effective reach.. CARE promotes alleviating poverty through.. policy change.. and consistently makes efforts to improve the.. quality and accountability.. of humanitarian actions worldwide..

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  • Title: History | CARE International
    Descriptive info: More than 10 million CARE packages arrived in Europe.. Contents of a historical CARE package.. More than 60 years since the Berlin airlift brought CARE packages into the isolated city.. At the beginning, there was a package: a CARE package, aimed to reduce hunger and show solidarity with the people of war-torn Europe.. More than 60 years ago, at the end of World War II in 1945, twenty-two American charities, a mixture of civic, religious, cooperative and labor organizations got together to found CARE.. Originally known as the.. Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe.. we began to deliver millions of CARE packages across Europe.. A small shipment of food and relief supplies to hungry recipients - with a huge impact on people s lives.. An impact that still being felt today as CARE continues to assist millions of women and men around the world.. During the next three decades, CARE shifted its focus from helping Europe to delivering assistance in the developing world.. We started programs in the areas of education, natural resources management, nutrition, water and sanitation, and healthcare in Southern Africa, South Asia and South  ...   and healthcare.. As the organization grew, so did our understanding of poverty.. CARE s scope widened to include the view that poverty is often caused by the absence of rights, opportunities and assets, largely due to social exclusion, marginalization, and discrimination.. In the early 1990 s our work grew into what we call a rights based approach to development.. In 1993, in an effort to reflect the wider scope of our programs, vision and impact, CARE changed the meaning of its acronym to Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere.. By 2007 we started focusing on.. women s empowerment.. realizing from our more than six decades of experience that women are the key: by empowering women entire families can be lifted out of poverty.. Today, CARE is one of the oldest and largest aid organizations fighting global poverty.. In the fiscal year 2013, CARE worked in 87 countries around the world, supporting 927 poverty-fighting.. development.. and.. humanitarian aid.. projects to reach more than 97 million people.. And the CARE package survived as well: the term is still a synonym to food gift packages in several languages around the world..

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