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  • Title: Welcome to Dads Today - stuff for Dads in Etobicoke and beyond
    Descriptive info: .. Dads Today.. Home.. Upcoming Events.. Contact.. Dads Count.. Children need their dads to play, talk, and listen to them.. Footprints of Fatherhood.. LAMP Early Years Services 2013.. The Best Job on the Planet.. Involved Fathers.. Guys raising kids have an incredible opportunity to influence future generations.. Whether you are a father, a step-father, an uncle, a brother, or even a good friend, having a child to raise, love, protect, and nurture is a challenging task.. But guys who are involved in their kids lives offer distinctive  ...   irreplaceable as one of the most influential things in a child s life.. Dads today are role models; children are looking for someone to look up to to model their lives after.. Every father leaves footprints of morals, values, priorities, and how to make decisions.. Not an easy task as little eyes watch our every move.. But the rewards are endless as our children grow into happy adults who have healthy relationships, make good decisions, and care for the communities they are a part of.. and everyday!.. Blogs:..

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  • Title: Dads Today - upcoming events
    Descriptive info: What's.. Coming.. Up!.. We want dads and kids to be having a lot of fun together.. Here are some things coming up.. Dads Time.. LAMP CHC 5:30 - 7:30 pm.. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.. a time for dads and kids to hang out together, share some fun, and eat some dinner.. -- Feb 11, 25.. -- Mar 11, 25.. Dads and Kids: In Action.. Kool Karate for Dads and Kids (6 - 10 yrs).. Saturday mornings.. January 18 - Mar 8.. 10:00 - 11:15 am.. Register with.. Brian..

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  • Title: Dads Today - contact us
    Descriptive info: Dads Today is a program of the LAMP Early Years Centre.. LAMP is a community health centre located in south Etobicoke, ON.. If you have any questions, concerns, things to add, or feedback to give, please contact us.. We value your input.. LAMP Community Health Centre.. 185-5th St.. Toronto, ON M8V 2Z5.. brianr@lampchc.. org.. 416-252-9701 x407.. map.. Our address..

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  • Title: Dads Today - thoughts for involved fathers
    Descriptive info: Here are some articles about the best job we can ever have.. being a dad.. LAMP Early Years Services 2012.. Online Security Tips.. 10 Things to do with a Baby when there is Nothing to do.. 6 Ways to Listen Well to Children..

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  • Title: Dads Today - online security tips
    Descriptive info: Online Security Tips for Parents.. Consider the children s feelings down the road: Could they potentially feel embarrassed or ashamed about the image or video?.. Consider the audience: Who is going to see the video or picture, and what will be the likely response? If it s potentially negative, don t post it.. Never post images or videos of  ...   a medication.. Never post any identifying information about your kids, such as the name of their school, the name of your city or town, or regular family hangouts.. If you have any feeling of doubt about an image or video, listen to your instincts and don t post it.. from the.. Globe and Mail.. by Samantha Kemp-Jackson.. Any thoughts? Email..

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  • Title: Dads Today - 10 things to do with a baby
    Descriptive info: 10 things to do with a baby when there is nothing to do.. Have you ever found yourself just staring at your baby and wondering what do I do with you now ? You can't go kick around a soccer ball, or pull out the paints, or teach her to throw a slider.. But the ways you interact with her now will build the base you both need in order to have strong relationship later on.. So just doing anything with your baby is teaching her she matters to you.. Here are ten things you can do when it seems like there is nothing else to do.. 1.. Go for a house tour.. Look out each window and into each mirror, click on the lights,.. check out the artwork.. Talk about what you see.. 2.. Put on music and dance while holding your baby.. 3.. Make a mobile by hanging bright objects from a  ...   s arms to do the actions.. 6.. Play peekaboo.. Put a dish towel over his head and say, Where s Mikey? Maybe he will pull it off.. If not, pull it off for him: There he is!.. 7.. Let her grab your thumbs when she s lying down, and then holding onto her wrists, pull her up gently.. Does she try to stand up?.. 8.. Water play.. Put her in the high chair, put a little bit of water in the tray and let her splash.. 9.. Kitchen concert.. When he s old enough to sit up, give him a plastic or wooden spoon and let him bang on some pots.. 10.. Get a container a shoe box, old purse or small bag fill it with a variety of small safe objects and toys.. Let your baby pull them out.. What are somethings you do with your child when there is nothing to do?.. Email..

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  • Title: Dads Today - 6 ways to listen well
    Descriptive info: Get down to your child's level.. This helps her feel less intimidated.. Face your child.. Show him you are interested in what they have to say.. Focus on his words.. Be able to say back to him what he has told you.. Ask good questions that help you understand what she is trying to tell you.. Hold on to advice and fixing problems right away.. Help him figure things out on his own.. Avoid interrogation and arguing..

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