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  • Title: Damn Subdermal Irritant | Politics, War and Coffee
    Descriptive info: .. Politics, War and Coffee.. Search.. Damn Subdermal Irritant.. Home.. About.. RSS.. My Dad is Dead.. 20.. Aug.. In many ways I am still processing this fact.. It still seems surreal, unbelievable even a week later.. I suppose it is that way with sudden and unexpected deaths.. When my grandmother passed away back in January after a year-long battle with motor neurone disease, we were already mentally prepared for it.. When she was taken into hospital, we all knew there was a good chance she would never return home.. It wasn t like that with my Dad.. You just don t expect someone to die a week after their 53rd birthday (and 7 months to the day my grandmother passed away).. I hadn t seen much of him in the past few months, I had been stuck in work a fair bit, spending the little time I had off around my house with my own little girl and partner.. The evening he passed away, I had gotten out of work an hour early and bumped into him on the street as he was heading home after the Cork/Dublin Hurling match.. I said goodbye to him in the lobby of his apartment block, declining an invite in for coffee.. I was tired and planning a flying trip to Dublin the following afternoon when I got out of work.. As far as we know, I was the last person to see him alive.. A little piece of luck I guess, as I could easily have spent another hour at work getting some of my work for the following day finished.. It is strange though, realising that you will never see someone again.. I m not sure it will ever seem otherwise.. Watching the coffin being closed, it was hard to imagine it as anything other than empty.. Like a bad joke or an ill-conceived dream.. But then life goes on regardless, pulling you along with it.. At least I had a chance to say goodbye.. Comments.. Leave a Comment.. Categories.. Me.. Changes.. 4.. Right, I ve finally caught my breath.. Last Tuesday I sent a flurry of emails that left me emotionally and physically drained.. I have never written a more difficult set of sentences, clicking the send button was even harder.. After three years, countless hours of work, and a rather exorbitant amount of money spent on books, in the space of six brief sentences, I officially withdrew from the School of Law Government Ph.. D.. programme at Dublin City University.. Continue reading.. Tags:.. 4 Comments.. Coffee Experience: Roasted Brown, Templebar, Dublin.. 23.. May.. I like being surprised when I walk into a new coffee place.. I still remember vividly the sense of uncertainty I had the first time I walked into Third Floor Espresso and awkwardly approached the counter.. It didn t look like a cafe.. It wasn t where I expected it to be, the Third Floor moniker still unexplained.. The coffee certainly wasn t what I had expected to be.. And, in all fairness, Colin wasn t the most imposing or legendary looking fellow behind the counter.. It was all of this uncertainty combined with the great experience that kept me coming back for more.. Fresh back from my trip to the Has Bean roastery in Stafford, still buzzing after a weekend of coffee, I was wandering around Templebar in need of some refreshment.. Having previously passed by Roasted Brown without realising where it was (even when I had been looking for the place), I decided that a second attempt was necessary.. For me, the Filmbase building was a bit imposing, all glass fronted, industrial metal everywhere, volunteers from the film festival clustered just inside the door, chatting and doing some sort of unidentified work.. Fearful of interrupting  ...   had I quite awhile, and interestingly enough, the last great one that springs to mind was a blend as well, Has Bean s Jabberwocky Mk.. 1.. I should mention that this was a stealth trip, not that my vague notoriety would have mattered anyway, but it was great to see such natural and honest service behind the bar.. Second time in a a few days (way back in mid February) I had coffee in a completely unpretentious and natural shop.. It was a great week for coffee for me.. If you are floating around Dublin looking for somewhere to caffinate, this is somewhere you should really check out.. Coffee.. ,.. Coffee Experience.. Coffee Experience: North Tea Power, Manchester.. So, this is something I have been thinking about doing for a while.. I like promoting coffee and nice shops whenever the chance arises so this seems like a relatively good platform to do it on.. There are alot of quality places out there, doing some really good stuff and I think they deserve a bit of air time, as small as that provided by this blog is.. So I suppose a few ground rules/clarifications/disclaimers:.. I am not going to go purposefully around the place, critically analysing and judging people s coffee and establishments.. I do not get to many different places, so it would not be very representative.. I am not writing reviews , I am trying to highlight places that I think are cool and are well worth a mention/visit.. Personally I think calling it a review is probably a bit over the top so instead I shall be calling it a coffee experience , make of it what you will.. While critique is a necessary part of improving business, being a customer, I feel any negative issues I have are between me and the shop, and not the public.. Any post I make will be overwhelmingly positive.. I like positivity.. I do not consider myself immensely qualified, or an authority that should be listened to raptly.. These are my impressions of shops I think are doing great things for something I feel passionately about.. I enjoyed the experience and think you should too.. So, the heavy stuff out of the way, first up is.. North Tea Power.. in Manchester.. I had the opportunity to pass by here for a few coffees on my trip to the Has Bean roastery (see my previous blog post) last month.. Disclaimer: I showed up at the shop with Stephen Leighton, their roaster and was introduced as the Brewers Cup Champion (this has only happened twice, I still feel rather bashful when people bring it up).. Long story short, I love this place.. Long story long:.. 1 Comment.. World Brewers Cup 2011 Scoresheets.. Finally got my hands on these.. Presented without comment.. World Brewers Cup 2011 First Round Keith O Sullivan.. World Brewers Cup 2011 Final Keith O Sullivan.. Brewer's Cup.. Competition.. Older Entries.. Archives.. August 2013.. August 2012.. May 2012.. February 2012.. November 2011.. October 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. Twitter Activity.. Tim Howard keeps this up and I expect a huge surge in Everton jersey sales next season.. 1 day ago.. Is anyone else rooting for Algeria, just to see them play France.. 2 days ago.. Early start today, first day of occupational first aid training for me.. 3 days ago.. Gutted for Mexico.. Aoife really doesn t like Cavani The Corpse.. 4 days ago.. Flickr Photos.. More Photos.. Let Me In!.. Register.. Log in.. Entries.. Comments.. Blog at WordPress.. com.. The Bueno Theme.. Follow.. Follow Damn Subdermal Irritant.. Get every new post delivered to your Inbox.. Join 385 other followers.. Powered by WordPress.. Add your thoughts here.. (optional).. Post to.. Cancel..

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  • Title: About | Damn Subdermal Irritant
    Descriptive info: Doctoral student in international politics and conflict studies, coffee lover, gamer, father, Irish World Brewer s Cup Champion 2011 (Whoohoo!).. Share this:.. Share.. Email.. Print.. Twitter.. Google Reader.. Facebook.. Google.. Tumblr.. LinkedIn.. Like this:.. Like.. Loading.. 2 Responses to About.. Eva.. June 27, 2011 at 9:37 pm.. #.. Congratulations! Great presentation! We were deeply Impressed on your skills.. We Hope we See you Next Year in Vienna.. New Fans from Ireland.. and Steve and Colin.. Best wishes from berlin! Eva Axel.. Reply.. Mark.. February 26, 2012 at 3:36 pm.. You are the only person online who has experimented with using an Aeropress filter with a French Press until me! I have been disappointed in the flavor of my Aeropress compared to my new 3-cup French Press, but am very concerned with the cafestrol that apparently can be responsible for elevated levels of  ...   a lot easier than actually unscrewing the FP filter assembly.. Do you think this might be effective in trapping some of the cafestrol ?.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Enter your comment here.. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.. Email.. (required).. (Address never made public).. Name.. Website.. You are commenting using your WordPress.. com account.. (.. Log Out.. /.. Change.. ).. You are commenting using your Twitter account.. You are commenting using your Facebook account.. You are commenting using your Google+ account.. Connecting to %s.. Notify me of follow-up comments via email.. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.. Send to Email Address.. Your Name.. Your Email Address.. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!.. Email check failed, please try again.. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.. %d.. bloggers like this:..

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  • Title: My Dad is Dead | Damn Subdermal Irritant
    Descriptive info: About these ads.. Related..

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  • Title: Me | Damn Subdermal Irritant
    Descriptive info: Archive | Me.. RSS feed for this section..

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  • Title: Changes… | Damn Subdermal Irritant
    Descriptive info: Two years ago, my daughter Hana was born.. In that time I have found it increasingly hard to keep up with my workload.. My rather pitiful finances preventing any significant crèche time, and more broadly speaking limiting my ability to travel and gather research materials.. Even from archives located as close to me as London.. As I sat down to draft my literature review these past few months, I had an increasing sense of discomfort over the amount of material I had been able to gather over the past few years.. My inability to travel and gather more primary research was beginning to tell and I began to suspect that it wouldn t be enough.. I have lived in some of these books.. The experience of raising my daughter over the past two years had been truly amazing.. And despite the accompanying frustrations and stress I wouldn t trade that time for anything.. I would recommend the experience to anyone just not during your phd There is no way to predict what it is like to become a father before everything happens.. You can read and listen and plan, and your life is still turned upside down inside two seconds flat.. To unoriginally paraphrase a great writer, you are changed utterly.. Daddy s Girl.. Nor would I simply write off the past three years of work.. Through my graduate training I have grown in confidence in ways I never suspected I would.. Somewhere along the way I went from a quiet, shy person who went out of his way to avoid talking in public, to a quiet, shy person who can just about stomach the idea.. I have had my ideas challenged, defended, strengthened and challenged again.. But ever moving forward, evolving, maturing, becoming my own and not some words from a book.. In short, it has been one of the most fulfilling periods in my life.. But, my family comes first.. The constant pressure of pursuing a doctoral degree, although tolerable when counter balanced by progress, is a crippling weight when one falters and loses momentum.. In recent months, I have been increasingly tired, stressed and struggling to keep pushing forward.. I have read and read and read.. I have brainstormed and mindmapped.. I have typed, selected, deleted and retyped paragraphs repeatedly.. Analysed academic journal databases, built graphs and formulated ideas and hypotheses to test.. But I have always been tired, distracted and each success was followed  ...   cinema, over breakfast/lunch/dinner, to bed, your days off , holidays etc.. You re always thinking, carrying around two/three books, papers to be revised/read, data sets to be combed through and analysed.. Downtime becomes a luxury and one that leaves you feeling guilty to no end.. This is totally not where my head is at the moment.. So I have pulled over the door for now.. Not necessarily forever.. I love my research topic and the region I have been studying.. It fascinates me immensely and I hope I can return to it at a later stage.. At a time when I can do the project justice.. An example, although not really related to my research, but more historical in nature is this.. document.. I love this map.. I will read or digest anything about this area of the continent with equal fervour.. Just as I find all aspects of conflict, from economics, weapons and intergroup relations through psychology and environmental issues.. If it is related, I will devour it.. For now though, the future stretches out ahead of me currently completely blacked out.. Finding a job at the moment is a painful task, and my references are a bit dated.. This scares me more than anything.. But life goes on and things change.. I wouldn t be who I am today without the last four years, I think that may be what I miss the most.. Never the same again.. My Dad is Dead.. 4 Responses to Changes.. Lynda O'Donoghue.. August 5, 2012 at 12:31 am.. life is leading you down a different road right now follow it along I am sure it will take you to great places and yes family always comes first but success will follow in the end.. Good luck in your new journey.. jcawalton.. August 5, 2012 at 9:28 am.. A very moving post; it s good to make a decision and take a risk.. Having kids is the best research imo, and the greatest adventure.. Well done, and good luck.. Jay.. August 6, 2012 at 10:28 am.. A very courageous move Keith.. Good luck with what ever path you choose.. Aine Delaney.. August 13, 2013 at 10:53 am.. Such an interesting article on behind the scenes of a PHD student who is trying to juggle his studies with fatherhood.. The biggest regret of parents is that they didn t spend enough time with their children.. It s a tough call.. Well done..

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  • Title: Me | Damn Subdermal Irritant
    Descriptive info: Tag Archives: Me..

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  • Title: Coffee Experience: Roasted Brown, Templebar, Dublin | Damn Subdermal Irritant
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  • Title: Coffee | Damn Subdermal Irritant
    Descriptive info: Tag Archives: Coffee.. Comparing Coffee Subscriptions Offerings From Has Bean and Square Mile.. 7.. Nov.. I ve been meaning to get around to this post for a while now, but I decided that I would hold off on writing it until the last coffee in my Square Mile subscription arrived, which it now has.. It is a bit awkward as well, mainly because I don t really want it to sound too much like an I m Judging you review, so I ve spent a bit of time thinking over how I should write it.. I also don t want it to sound too much like a promotional piece.. As we all know, I love Has Bean and big disclaimer I don t pay for my current subscription, I won it as a prize in the Irish heats of the Brewer s Cup this year.. Although in my defence I had already worked through three of the three-month In My Mug subscriptions when I got the prize.. What I want to do is compare the two subscriptions, Square Mile s filter roast subscription and Has Bean s In My Mug coffee subscription, not in a critical this one is better manner but rather to act as a guide for people new to coffee (just like me a year ago) in making  ...   did this cupping way back in July.. Almost two long ago to really write about seriously, although I did take extensive notes on the cupping and a whole bunch of pictures too.. The reason why I want to revisit it though is because it was really fun, and really targeted.. I had four coffees on the table, two Yemeni and two Costa Rican.. I had been wanting to compare the two Yemens back to back for quite a while, and the Costa Ricans interested me, same farm, same process, different roasters and very different roast dates.. I ll get into that a bit mor later.. I wanted to mix things up a bit, take a comparative perspective and openly compare the similar coffees to each other (normally my cupping tables at home are random affairs, with very different origins, varietals and processes).. Another reason was that three out of the four coffees were pretty old, all over six weeks and the fourth just about two weeks.. I wanted to think more about the impact of post-roast ageing on profiles, as it was something I had been thinking about a good bit in my preparation for the Brewer s Cup.. A very extreme example and not very scientific, but aimed a palette training, it was an interesting exercise none the less.. Cupping.. Experimenting..

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  • Title: Coffee | Damn Subdermal Irritant
    Descriptive info: Archive | Coffee.. Down the Rabbit Hole.. 18.. Feb.. 02:45.. Beep Beep, Beep Beep.. , the alarm intruded on my consciousness, prying me away from the lurid reality that was the half dream I had been inhabiting.. In retrospect, the three Guinness, imbibed in rapid succession the previous evening, had been an unwise decision on my part.. Shaking myself awake, I fumbled for my glasses which, for the time being at least, remained elusive.. I grabbed my still beeping phone and stumbled in a blind haze down the narrow flight of stairs to the kitchen.. Squinting, I located the strategically hidden QR code on the fridge door and scanned it with the phone s camera.. The shrill beeping shut off.. Consciousness flooded back in.. No longer a slave to the primal instinct for silence awakened by the nagging  ...   hectic schedule, I felt my way to the thermostat and turned on the heating for my shower.. Basic tasks accomplished I returned to the bedroom to search for my glasses.. Five minutes later, I emerged victorious from my tangled quilt, clutching what I hoped was a still intact pair of glasses.. Blinking a few times as they brought the room about me into sharp relief, I briefly wondered what would happen if I never left the bed again.. These thoughts were banished when the next wave of laughter cascaded in from next door.. Stumbling back down to the kitchen, I gathered the last of the dishes from the night before and halfheartedly finished washing them.. I briefly considered a cup of tea before my shower, but was foiled by the taunts of my empty fridge door.. No milk..

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  • Title: Coffee Experience | Damn Subdermal Irritant
    Descriptive info: Archive | Coffee Experience..

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  • Title: Coffee Experience: North Tea Power, Manchester | Damn Subdermal Irritant
    Descriptive info: Hard to know where to start.. This is essentially the space that so many new shops want to be.. It s got the glass front, the old wood, the spacious but cosy, communal feel, the funky mementos of our childhood repurposed for decoration and as holders for various things, free wi-fi, great coffee (and great beer), and a great bunch of staff behind the counter.. It pulls it all of with a natural ease that is disarming and charming.. The espresso blend was roasted by Has Bean and I sampled it as both espresso and cappuccino.. I drink so much filter at home, I generally default to espresso when out, unless I really want to try something new.. Besides, Roland had ordered a filter, it was destined to be sampled by the table anyway, for better, or worse.. I am writing in hindsight so nothing too specific, but both were lovely and balanced.. The cappuccino came off as more traditional than edgy, smooth and sweet, with a nice chocolaty finish.. The milk was great, up with some of the best I have had.. The espresso had a lovely bright acidity, a quality I so often expect from Has Bean blends and was well pulled.. Embarrassingly enough, I was asked to demonstrate my brewing mojo at the brew bar.. I was happy to oblige, although pretty nervous.. I don t often get the chance to brew in public, and I have a love/hate relationship with the v60 at the best of times.. I got to spend the next half an hour around the  ...   as I would like.. They had also run out of cake just before we arrived, I hope next time to arrive in a more timely fashion.. The beer selection was fantastic, some old favourites were present, alongside a few more recent releases that I had been wanting to try.. Staff were incredibly helpful and at home with this side as well, discussing our choices and offering suggestions when we were ordering at the counter.. It all fitted in quite well, not just tacked on to the end of the bar.. The beers were well selected and provided a nice cross-section of tastes and profiles.. A couple of Flying Dog and Brooklyn ales rounded off my evening in the cafe pretty well, probably my most enjoyable beer experience of the trip, even if the later trip to Port Street was like stepping into beer heaven.. The atmosphere was far more relaxed and less crowded, more coffee shop than bar obviously, but it was a nice distinction.. If you are ever in Manchester, you need to visit.. I know I ll be going back.. Coffee Experience: Roasted Brown, Templebar, Dublin.. One Response to Coffee Experience: North Tea Power, Manchester.. May 23, 2012 at 7:11 pm.. This is a great way of doing reviews.. I agree about keeping it positive, though the occasional suggestion is never a bad thing if dealt with kindly methinks.. Next time you re in the North of England, come to Lancaster.. There s some great stuff going on here for you to experience.. Get in touch if you do, btw!..

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