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  • Title: Hadrat Shaikh Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat 'Ali
    Descriptive info: .. This Website Is Dedicated To The Blessed Memory Of The Founder Of.. Daar-ul-Ehsaan:.. Shaikh-ul-Aalam Taqaddas Maab (His Holiness).. Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali, Baabaajee Sarkaar, QaddasAllaahu Ta'alaa Sirruhul 'Azeez.. Date of his blessed birth:.. Thursday, 27th.. Rabee'uth Thaanee.. AH 1329, 27th April, 1911.. Date of his blessed wisaal: (going behind the curtain).. Sunday, 16.. Ramadaan-ul-Mukarram.. at the time of.. Zuhur Salaat,.. AH 1417, 26th January, 1997.. To enter the realm of his blessed teachings.. Click Here..

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  • Title: islam muslims hadith pearls of wisdom quran
    Descriptive info: In the service of Allaah by serving humanity.. The Brief and Concise Biography of.. Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali, Baabaajee Sarkaar, QaddasAllaahu Ta'alaa Sirruhul 'Azeez.. click here.. Urdu Section.. Jumu'ah Byaan.. These are the live recordings of the.. (Friday Sermons) delivered by.. Muhammad Akhtar 'Ali, Ameer.. of.. Daar-ul-Ehsaan.. USA at the.. Masjid.. and USA headquarters located at 739 Terryville Avenue, Bristol Connecticut.. Ijtamaa.. These are the live video recordings of the.. Ijtimaas.. delivered by.. and USA headquarters located at 739 Terryville Avenue, Bristol Connecticut and other members of.. The Truth About.. MUSLIMS WOMEN'S NOBLE ROLE IN LIFE.. We are reproducing a wonderfully lucid article from.. Sister Yasmin Mogabed.. regarding the above subject, written by her in response to a woman who recently made headlines by breaking an established.. Islaamic.. code and leading the.. Jumu'ah Salaat.. (Friday congregational Prayer) in New York.. Those who joined this prayer were both men and women.. Translation:.. "And I have not created jinn and human.. beings, but that they should worship Me".. Soorah.. 51.. Aayah.. 56.. Translation:.. ".. And the Dzikr.. (Remembrance).. of Allaah.. i.. s the greatest (thing, worship, virtue).. ".. 8.. 29.. As such.. the virtues and rewards of.. Dzikr.. are also the greatest!.. for your greatest spiritual enjoyment and fulfillment.. You will.. find yourself drawn to doing the.. Allaah.. and the.. Salaatunnabe.. (Durood Shareef).. along with.. our recording,.. InshaAllaah Ta'alaa.. for greatest of rewards!.. May.. Allaah.. give us all steadfastness.. in doing His.. Dzikr.. in abundance.. Aameen.. ( Maqaalaat-e-Hikmat ).. For those of us who aspire to attain the highest level of humanity, which is the Discovery of.. and abide in worship with Him in this world as well as in the next we are honoured to present the Pearls of Wisdom as collected by.. Saahabzaadee.. (honorable daughter).. Anees Akhtar SallamahumAllaah,.. Shaikh-ul-?Aalam Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat ?Ali QaddasAllaahu Ta?alaa, Sirruhul ?Azeez, in her compilation titled ?Al Muhaajir IlAllaah wal Mutawwakkil ?AlAllaahil ?Azeem?.. (The one who migrates towards.. in the path of Total Trust in.. the Greatest).. These pearls were selected by her from the historical ?Pearls of Wisdom? (.. Maqaalaat-e-Hikmat).. authored by.. Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat ?Ali QaddasAllaahu Ta?alaa, Sirruhul ?Azeez.. who lived 86 years of his blessed life in the shadow of the life of the greatest benefactor to humanity, the holy and most honorable Prophet.. Muhammad,.. the last Messenger of.. , May peace and blessings of.. be upon him.. From the thousands of Pearls contained in the 28 volumes of his writings there is no pearl that he did not himself possess in his blessed heart and his life.. This of course is the sign from.. Himself that.. Shaikh.. is a man selected by Himself to discover Him in his blessed heart.. The hand which penned the ?Pearls of Wisdom? was guided by our Almighty.. Hence our beloved.. Shaikh Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad  ...   Of Our Times.. The new series of our.. Ta?leem.. sessions are based upon the Exhaustive Teachings of.. Hadrat Shaikh Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat ?Ali QaddasAllaahu Ta'alaa Sirruhul' Azeez.. on.. Tazkiatun Nafs.. (Purification of The Soul) compiled by his honorable daughter.. Sahabzaadee Anees Akhtar SallamahAllaah.. , from his world renowned publications.. ?Maqaalaat-e-Hikmah?.. (The Words Of wisdom), in 30 volumes.. The compilation of these extracts have been given the title:.. ?Dzikr-e-Ilaahee Jihaad-ul-Akbar?.. Purification of our souls is certainly the most important call of our times.. No.. Muslim.. can attain success in the Hereafter, without it, as.. Allaah ?Azzu wa Jal.. has stated with all His Majesty ?.. ?.. Qad Aflaha Man Tazakka.. Surely he alone will attain success who.. purified himself (his soul and his heart)?.. Soorah.. 87,.. Aayah.. 14.. Qad Aflaha Man Zakkaahaa.. ?Surely he attained success who.. purified his soul.. 91,.. 9.. For the foreseeable future our weekly.. will be focused on the above mentioned topic.. We are honored to add to our website, some of the.. (Friday Sermons).. They will be available to download for one week to be replaced by the latest ones.. ISLAAM.. CONDEMNS.. ALL ACTS OF TERRORISM.. For the Islaamic perspective on the horror of 11.. th.. September 2001.. and attacks on innocent civilians of the USA,.. click here.. Did Moses (peace be upon him) Promulgate.. Terrorism and Violence?.. Did Jesus (peace be upon him) Advocate.. Terrorism and Voilence?.. Click here.. "These pages titled.. "Virtues Of Islaamic Life".. will.. provide vital information about.. ISLAAM,.. of interest to every.. who wishes to experience the BLISS of Peace, Tranquillity and Harmony that.. the Almighty has guaranteed to those who practice willing Submission to His Eternal, Kind, and Merciful Laws".. If you are a Non.. and seeking information about.. Islaam.. Way Of Life, see for your self what we have for you:.. have said about.. Islaam.. and.. Muhammad,.. son of.. ?Abdullah.. ,.. peace and blessings of.. be upon, him,.. the last Prophet and Messenger of.. God, according to Muslim Beliefs.. 1).. Michael H.. Hart.. of USA who wrote "The 100 most influential persons in history" and placed Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) as number one, on the top of the list.. 2.. ).. Lamartine.. 3).. George Bernard Shaw.. 4.. Gandhi.. Message to all.. Mureeds.. Mu'taqideen.. Hadrat Shaikh.. Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat 'Ali.. QaddasAllaahu Ta'alaa Sirruhul 'Azeez.. Dar-ul-Ehsan, Faisalabad, Pakistan.. E-Mail.. |.. Home.. Virtues of Islaamic Life.. The Truth About Islaam.. Directions.. Prayer Timings.. Message to Mureeds.. Dzikr (Audio).. Pearls of Wisdom.. If you would like to be notified when our website has been updated please.. Click Here.. and send us the e-mail.. You will be added to our mailing list.. InshaAllaah.. If you would like to be taken off our mailing list just type.. 'REMOVE'.. in the comments box.. If you experience any problems with this website please.. contact us..

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  • Title: Urdu Section
    Descriptive info: Daar-ul-Ehsaan USA.. 739 Terryville Avenue.. Bristol, CT 06010.. Coming Soon.. Current and Up Coming Events of Significance.. |.. Taleem (Audio).. Friday Byaan (Audio).. If you would like to be notified when our website has been updated please.. If you would like to be taken off our mailing list just type..

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  • Title: recorded speeches of Hadrat Muhammad Akhtar Ali
    Descriptive info: Jumu'ah.. Byaans.. Muhammad.. Akhtar.. 'Ali,.. Ameer of.. Masjid and USA headquarters located at 739 Terryville Avenue, Bristol Connecticut.. If you do not have Real Audio Player you can down load it here.. Download the.. Free.. RealOne.. Player Only.. We recommend that you down load these audio recordings to your computer so that you can listen to them many times.. To download please follow these instructions.. (1) right click on the file of your choice (2) select "save target as" (3) then select the file location in which you choose to save the audio file.. Byaan.. June 27th, 2014.. (Video Format).. June 20th, 2014.. June 13th, 2014.. May 30th, 2014.. (MP3 Format).. May 23rd, 2014.. May 16th, 2014.. May 9th, 2014.. May 2nd, 2014.. April 25th, 2014.. April 11th, 2014.. April 4th, 2014.. March 28th, 2014.. March 21st, 2014.. March 14th, 2014.. March 7th, 2014.. February 28th, 2014.. February 21st, 2014.. February 14th, 2014.. February 7th, 2014.. January 31st, 2014.. January 24th, 2014.. January 17th, 2014.. January 10th, 2014.. January 3rd, 2014.. December 27th, 2013.. December 13th, 2013.. December 6th,  ...   14th, 2013.. May 24th, 2013.. May 17th, 2013.. May 10th, 2013.. May 3rd, 2013.. April 12th, 2013.. April 5th, 2013.. March 29th, 2013.. March 15th, 2013.. March 8th, 2013.. March 1st, 2013.. February 22nd, 2013.. February 15th, 2013.. February 8th, 2013.. February 1st, 2013.. January 25th, 2013.. January 18th, 2013.. January 11th, 2013.. January 4th, 2013.. December 28th, 2012.. December 21st, 2012.. December 14th, 2012.. November 30th, 2012.. November 23rd, 2012.. November 9th, 2012.. November 2th, 2012.. October 26th, 2012.. October 19th, 2012.. October 12th, 2012.. October 5th, 2012.. September 14th, 2012.. September 7th, 2012.. August 31st, 2012.. August 17th, 2012.. July 27th, 2012.. July 20th, 2012.. July 13th, 2012.. July 6th, 2012.. June 29th, 2012.. June 22nd, 2012.. June 15th, 2012.. June 8th, 2012.. May 25th, 2012.. May 18th, 2012.. May 4th, 2012.. April 27th, 2012.. March 30th, 2012.. March 16th, 2012.. March 9th, 2012.. March 2nd, 2012.. Feburary 24th, 2012.. Feburary 17, 2011.. Real Audio Format.. Feburary 10, 2011.. USA.. (.. The Abode Of Excellence In Worship).. In The Service of Allaah by Serving Humanity.. E-Mail.. Website updates..

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  • Title: recorded speeches of Hadrat Muhammad Akhtar Ali
    Descriptive info: Ittimaas.. Masjid and USA headquarters located at 739 Terryville Avenue, Bristol Connecticut and other members of.. Ijtimaa.. 2014 Ijtimaa Sunday Part 3.. 2014 Ijtimaa Sunday Part 2.. 2014 Ijtimaa Sunday Part 1.. 2014 Ijtimaa Saturday.. 2014 Ijtimaa Friday Part 2.. 2014 Ijtimaa Friday Part 1..

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  • Title: A Woman
    Descriptive info: A Woman’s Reflection on Women Leading Jumu’ah Salaat.. By Yasmin Mogabed.. On March 18, 2005, Amina Wadud led the first female-lead Jumu’ah Salaat (Muslim Friday congregational prayer).. On that day, women took a huge step towards being more like men.. But, did we come close to actualizing our God-given liberation? I don’t think so.. What we so often forget is that God has honored the woman by giving her value in relation to God, not in relation to men.. But as western feminism erases God from the scene, there is no standard left but men.. As a result the western feminist is forced to find her value in relation to a man.. And in so doing she has accepted a faulty assumption.. She has accepted that man is the standard, and thus she can never be a full human being until she becomes like a man, the standard.. When a man cut his hair short, she wanted to cut her hair short.. When a man joined the army, she wanted to join the army.. She wanted these things for no other reason than because the ‘standard’ had it.. What she did not recognize was that God dignifies both men and women in their distinctiveness-not their sameness.. And on March 18, Muslim women made the very same mistake.. For 1400 years there has been a consensus of the scholars (both men and women) that men are to lead prayer.. As a Muslim woman, why should this matter? The one who leads prayer is in no way spiritually superior.. Something is not better just because a man does it.. And leading prayer is not better, just because it’s leading.. Had it been the role of women or had it been more divine, why wouldn’t the Prophet have asked Ayesha, Khadija, or Fatima (May Allaah be pleased with them all), the greatest women of all times, to lead? These women were promised heaven and yet they never led prayer.. Now for the first time in 1400 years, we look at a man leading prayer and think, That’s not fair.. We think so although God has given no special privilege to the one who leads.. The Imam is no higher in the eyes of God than the one who prays behind him.. On the other hand, only a woman can be a mother.. And God has given special privilege to the mother.. The Prophet taught us that heaven lies at the feet of mothers.. But no matter what a man  ...   that having a position of worldly leadership is some indication of one’s position with God.. A Muslim woman does not need to degrade herself in this way.. She has God as a standard.. She has God to givr her value; she doesn’t need a man.. In fact, in our crusade to follow men we, as women, never even stopped to examine the possibility that what we have is better for us.. In some cases, we even gave up what was higher only to be like men.. Fifty years ago, society told us that men were superior because they left the home to work in factories.. We were mothers, and yet, we were told that it was women’s liberation to abandon the raising of another human being in order to work on a machine.. We accepted that working in a factory was superior to raising the foundation of society just because a man did it.. Then after working, we were expected to be superhuman, the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect homemaker and have the perfect career.. And while there is nothing wrong, by definition, with a woman having a career, we soon came to realize what we had sacrificed by blindly mimicking men.. We watched as our children became strangers and soon recognized the privilege we’d given up.. And so only now, ‘given the choice’ women in the West are choosing to stay home and raise their children.. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, only 31 percent of mother with babies, and 18 percent of mothers with two or more children, are working full-time.. And of those working mothers, a survey conducted by Parenting Magazine in 2000, found that 93% of them say they would rather be home with their kids, but are compelled to work due to ‘financial obligations.. ’ These ‘obligations’ are imposed on women by the gender sameness of the modern West, and removed from women by the gender distinctiveness of Islam.. It took women in the West almost a century of experimentation to realize the privilege given to Muslim Women 1400 years ago.. Given my privilege as a woman, I only degrade myself by trying to be something I’m not-and in all honesty-don’t want to be: A man.. As women, we will never reach true liberation until we stop trying to mimic men, and value the beauty in our own God-given distinctiveness.. If given a choice between stoic justice worldly leadership and heaven at my feet, I choose heaven.. home..

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  • Title: daar-ul-ehsaan dzikr 
    Descriptive info: (Remembrance) of.. And I have not created jinn and human beings,.. but that they should worship Me.. As such.. Introduction to the.. of.. Durood Shareef (S.. alaatunnabe.. ).. for audio please.. Virtues of the.. Durood Shareef.. as performed.. regularly at all the 580 centers of.. around the world.. Join the.. and you will.. receive great.. spiritual enjoyment, fulfillment and abundance  ...   Please.. All recordings have been done in Real Audio format.. If you do not have Real Aud.. io Player you can down load it here.. Free RealOne Player Only.. (1) right click on the file of your choice (2) select save target as (3) then select the file location in which you choose to save the audio file.. Directions.. Prayer Timings..

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  • Title: pearls of wisdom
    Descriptive info: From the blessed pen of.. Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali, QaddasAllaahu Ta'alaa Sirruhul 'Azeez.. Founder of Daar-ul-Ehsaan:.. ( 1 ).. Whatever happens, happens as per the Will of.. Divine Will is Absolute wisdom.. No Act of the All Wise is without Wisdom, every command is based upon wisdom.. “Watch the Wisdom of My Might.. I am The Almighty, Omnipotent; I do whatever I will to do.. No one  ...   understand) My Wisdom.. is.. to watch ME!.. Yours is to watch.. not to do.. What I say.. listen (respectfully, with consent).. Whatever I do.. watch.. Whatever I Will is what I dictate to be written.. Whatever I Will is what I erase.. There is no one who can stop Me.. My (divine) decree (Is from) My Power.. Next Page.. Page 1.. Virtues of Islaamic Life.. in the comment box..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: The above picture has captured a regal reception with a spectacular shower of roses.. This was how Frenais Cardinal Arinze,.. from the Vatican, S.. pecial Envoy of Pope John Paul ll was greeted by his.. Holiness,.. Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat 'Ali.. the Most High Sanctify his secrets).. founder of.. Daar-ul-Ehsaan,.. along with a large gathering of enthusiastic hosts.. The visit took place.. on October 6, 1988.. Some verses of The Holy.. Qur'aan.. , with regard to the manner in which.. Muslims.. are taught to honor people of other religions, especially those who enjoy high positions in their faiths:.. Chapter 20, Verse 44 O Moses I have molded you for My mission.. Go you and your brother, with My Signs.. And see that you do not show any negligence in remembering Me.. Go both of you to Pharaoh, for he has transgressed all bounds.. Talk to him gently.. ; maybe he is convinced by admonition or is imbued with fear.. Chapter 6, Verse 108 And (O Believers), do not revile those whom they invoke besides Allaah lest they should, in their ignorance, revile Allaah (besides committing polytheism).. Ultimately they shall have to return to their Lord; then He will let them know what they have been doing.. Chapter 60, Verse 8 Allaah does not forbid you to treat kindly and  ...   and around.. Faisalabad.. , for the regal reception accorded by your Honorable Self, to His Eminence.. Frenais Cardinal Arinze, on his recent visit.. I am particularly impressed by your religious devotion, your living of a poor life and your positive dedication to helping the needy.. Quiet revolutions like your own are good ways to promote justice and peace.. We are deeply inspired by your simplicity, dedication and sanctity.. Please accept my personal gratitude and the gratitude of all the persons who work with me.. With the expression of my sincere respects, I wish you God's blessing.. We pray that your spiritual mission may spread everywhere and people may come to love each other more and more and worship The One True God, in truth and humility.. Sincerely yours.. Sd/-.. Frenais Card.. Arinze.. President.. With deepest regards, I remain,.. Yours devotedly.. John Joseph,.. Bishop of Faisalabad.. We at.. revere our guide.. Shaikh, Hadrat.. (Honorable).. Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat 'Ali QaddasAllaahu Ta'alaa Sirruhul 'Azeez.. the Most High Sanctify his secrets) as the one who is closest among the closests to the life and practices of the Holy Prophet of.. Islaam,.. Hadrat Muhammad.. (May peace and blessings of.. be upon him).. The above picture illustrates one of the thousands of such acts of True.. Islaam;.. may we.. glean a glimpse of True..

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  • Title: islamic speeches
    Descriptive info: Weekly Friday Evening Ta'leem on Tazkiatun Nafs.. Weekly Ta'leem Sessions on Tazkiatun Nafs (Purification of the Soul).. JIHAAD-UL-AKBAR (MAJOR STRUGGLE).. HEALING OF THE DISEASES OF THE QALB (INNER HEART).. Weekly.. Ta'leem.. sessions on.. TAZKIATUN NAFS.. (Purification of the Soul) based on the compilation;.. DZIKR-E-ILAAHEE JIHAD-ul-AKBAR.. (The Remembrance of.. Allaah,.. is the Greatest Struggle).. Due to the length of the.. sessions it may take 1 to 2 minutes to start please be patient.. T.. a'leem.. December 23, 2010.. Removal Date.. January 23.. , 2010.. and you will be added to our mailing list.. in the subject line..

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  • Title: Islam condemns acts of terrorism
    Descriptive info: CONDEMNS.. The Islaamic perspective on the horror of 11.. September 2001 and attacks on innocent civilians of the USA.. For a printable version of this article go.. here.. The barbaric attack upon the Twin Towers of the world Trade Centers in New York City USA on the morning of September 11, 2001 through the hijacked passenger planes and the resulting devastation and massacre of thousands of innocent unarmed civilians is unconditionally condemned in.. and as such by all.. In the Holy.. Qur aan.. , which.. believe to be the last revelation from.. (God), revealed through Prophet.. Muhammad.. (peace and blessings of.. be upon him) who.. believe to be the last prophet and Messenger of.. Allaah, Allaah.. says, with reference to slaying of one son of.. Aadam.. be upon him) by his other son:.. That was why We prescribed this for the children this of Israel:.. He who killed one person, unless it be a person guilty of man-slaughter (murder) or of spreading chaos (mischief) in the land, should be looked upon as though he has slain all mankind, and he who saved one life should be regarded as though he has saved the lives of all mankind.. (Chapter 5 verse 32).. As regards the one who kills a Believer (Muslim) willfully (not by error), his recompense is Hell, wherein he shall live forever.. He has incurred Allaah s wrath and His curse is on him, and Allaah has prepared a woeful torment for him.. (Chapter 4 verse 93).. This is a very strong warning! Let me remind you all that as a result of the 11.. September 2001, attack on the world  ...   whatsoever to indict all.. by including them among those who.. , the Holy.. , the holy Prophet.. be upon him) have condemned.. The sinners will be appropriately punished by.. I say to my beloved.. in America, have patience with those few who out of ignorance, hatred and anger are targeting innocent and law abiding.. with hate crimes.. By all means report the matter to the police and the FBI who will most certainly take appropriate action.. However if we can forgive them in our heart for they do not know what they are doing, it is better and noble of us.. We have received many phone calls and many e-mails of support and encouragement for the.. of America.. We acknowledge with many many thanks their graciousness toward us, in the hour of the larger grief.. I close with reproducing one such gracious e-mail.. I imagine that right now you are receiving many reports of Americans expressing anti-Moslem sentiment, including many mindless hate messages.. I want you to know that this is not the real America.. Unfortunately, as a large country we do have a number of mindless idiots who will lash out at Moslem institutions and people out of nothing more than pure, blind ignorance.. But rest assured that they are the few.. Most Americans understand that one of the reasons we are a great country is the fact that we welcome all people of good faith.. Rest assured that we, the real Americans, will stand by you and your right to practice your religion of choice.. THAT is the real America.. Let this knowledge give you comfort in these trying times..

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