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  • Title: European Pathway Association
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  • Title: Homepage
    Descriptive info: HOMEPAGE.. WELCOME to the website of the European Pathway Association (E-P-A) (ivzw).. NEW.. INTERNATIONAL MASTERCLASS MORE INFO HERE.. [772 KB].. See our.. HOTNEWS.. here.. BECOME.. MEMBER.. for free.. Find our Latest.. NEWSLETTER.. JOIN OUR.. LinkedIN.. GROUP.. This association is an international not for profit organisation (ivzw) under Belgian Law of Clinical Pathway/ Care Pathway Networks, User Groups, Academic Institutions, Supporting Organisations and individuals who want to support the development, implementation and evaluation of clinical / care pathways.. The purpose of the association is:.. - To conduct international research into the quality and efficiency of organizing healthcare and methods for the coordination of primary healthcare and care pathways (aka clinical pathways, integrated care pathways (ICPs) or critical pathways).. - To set up an international network for pooling know-how and the international training initiatives that go with it.. - To foster international cooperation between healthcare researchers, managers and healthcare providers from European countries and the wider international community.. - To advise policymakers within the area of healthcare management.. If you want up-to-date information on the healthcare management concept of care pathways, you can.. join our association for free.. Members receive updates and international networking information and reduction at pathway conferences.. If you want more information on this  ...   / 4.. B- 3000 Leuven.. Belgium.. Tel: + 32 16 33 68 36.. Fax: + 32 16 33 69 70.. Office Manager:.. Mrs.. The European Pathway Association defines a care pathway as:.. A care pathway is a complex intervention for the mutual decision making and organisation of care processes for a well-defined group of patients during a well-defined period.. Defining characteristics of care pathways include:.. (i) An explicit statement of the goals and key elements of care based on evidence, best practice, and patients expectations and their characteristics;.. (ii) the facilitation of the communication among the team members and with patients and families;.. (iii) the coordination of the care process by coordinating the roles and sequencing the activities of the multidisciplinary care team, patients and their relatives;.. (iv) the documentation, monitoring, and evaluation of variances and outcomes; and.. (v) the identification of the appropriate resources.. The aim of a care pathway is to enhance the quality of care across the continuum by improving risk-adjusted patient outcomes, promoting patient safety, increasing patient satisfaction, and optimizing the use of resources.. Source: Vanhaecht, K.. , De Witte, K.. Sermeus, W.. (2007).. The impact of clinical pathways on the organisation of care processes.. PhD dissertation KULeuven, 154pp, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven..

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  • Title: What is the European Pathway Association?
    Descriptive info: WHAT IS THE EUROPEAN PATHWAY ASSOCIATION?.. The European Pathway Association is an.. international not for profit association.. under Belgian law.. The association will achieve this goal by, among other things, performing and developing any activity which is related, directly or indirectly, to healthcare.. The association will stage annual conferences on problems in the organizing of processes or care pathways in healthcare in Europe or elsewhere.. The discussion subjects will be chosen by the Council on the advice of the officers of the meeting (the Bureau).. All activities will, insofar as possible, be organized on a rotating basis in the different countries where the association has offices.. For this purpose, it will liaise with universities, scientific societies and local institutes.. The idea for a European Pathway Association was suggested by Kris Vanhaecht, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium and Massimiliano Panella, Piedmonte University, Italy, during the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (.. ISQUA.. ) 2003 conference in Dallas.. The European Pathway Association (E-P-A.. org) was launched on September 16 17, 2004, in Jesi, near Ancona (Italy).. The first Workshop on the European Focus on Clinical Pathways was organized by the Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria di Regione Marche under the supervision of Prof.. Francesco Di Stanislao, director Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria and Prof.. Massimiliano Panella.. In 2008 the E-P-A became an official not for profit association.. The E-P-A bureau  ...   2004 and 2013 the E-P-A has been involved in:.. - The European Quality of Care Pathway Study (more info.. ) on pathways for COPD and Hip Fracture.. - The CP4ACS study on care pathway for ST-elevated MI (conducted in Belgium).. - The CP4NutriGICAN project on gastro intestinal cancer pathways (conducted in Belgium, Holland, Germany France).. - The international survey on care pathways in 23 countries in 2005 (for more info take a look.. ) and an update in 2012.. - The E-P-A summer school 2007 with delegates from 17 different countries.. - The E-P-A summer school 2008 with delegates from 12 different countries.. - The E-P-A summer workshop in 2010 in Norway.. - The healthcare events E-P-A international conference in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.. - Care pathway conferences in London (UK), Ancona (Italy), Dublin (Ireland), Haugasund (Norway), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Ljubliana (Slovenia), Leuven (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), Glasgow (Scotland),.. (for more info take a look.. ).. - 4 PhD projects at Leuven University and Piemonte University.. - Policy advise in Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Norway, Mongolia, Egypt, The Netherlands, Scotland, England, Ireland.. - Newsletters.. - and much more.. During the E-P-A council meeting in Amsterdam, the E-P-A bureau was elected for a period of 3 years (2013-2015):.. President: Massimiliano Panella.. Secretary General: Kris Vanhaecht.. Treasurer: Walter Sermeus.. Secretary: Ruben Van Zelm.. Membership Manager: Alexandra Pardon..

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  • Title: Clinical / Care Pathways
    Descriptive info: CLINICAL / CARE PATHWAYS.. Clinical / Care pathways, also know as critical pathways, care paths, integrated care pathways, case management plans, clinical care pathways or care maps, are used to systematically plan and follow up a patient focused care program.. Clinical pathways are used all over the world [1-3].. Although their wide use, there are many uncertainties involved:.. Firstly, the terminology and the way they are defined and developed is unclear [4-8].. Secondly their impact is unclear.. Several reviews on the effect of clinical pathways [4;10-21] describe a variety of outcomes.. De Luc et al [6] found 17 different names describing this concept.. In literature most frequently the terms clinical pathway, critical pathway, integrated care pathway and care map are used [4;5].. The National Library of Medicine introduced the term critical pathway in 1996.. Fifteen different entry terms are used in the medical subheading database.. The National Library is using the definition from Mosby s Medical Nursing Allied Health Dictionary, 4th Edition: Schedules of medical and nursing procedures, including diagnostic tests, medications, and consultations designed to effect an efficient, coordinated program of treatment [9].. A recent literature review [5] identified 84 different definitions in a Medline search between 2000 and 2003.. Based on an international consensus meeting in Slovenia (december 2005) the E-P-A defined a care pathway as:.. Care pathways are a methodology for the mutual decision making and organization of care for a well-defined group of patients during a well-defined period.. Defining characteristics of care pathways includes:.. An explicit statement of the goals and key elements of care based on evidence, best practice, and patient expectations;.. The facilitation of the communication, coordination of roles, and sequencing the activities of the multidisciplinary care team, patients and their relatives;.. The documentation, monitoring, and evaluation of variances and outcomes; and.. The identification of the appropriate resources.. The aim of a care pathway is to enhance the quality of care by improving patient outcomes, promoting patient safety, increasing patient satisfaction, and optimizing the use of resources.. Based on international discussions, the E-P-A summer schools, and on the results of the.. PhD study of Kris Vanhaecht.. , a new definition is suggested:.. This definition is nowadays used by the E-P-A in the European Quality of Care Pathway study, an international clustered randomised trial on the impact of pathways on clinical outcomes and teamwork for COPD and proximal femur fracture patients.. If you  ...   kenniscentrum.. fgov.. be/nl/publicaties.. html.. , 2005.. [5] De Bleser L, Vlayen J, Depreitere R, De Waele K, Vanhaecht K, Sermeus W.. Defining pathways.. 2005.. submitted for publication.. [6] De Luc K.. Developing care pathways - the handbook.. Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press Ltd, 2001.. [7] De Luc K.. Are different models of care pathways being developed? International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance 2000; 13(2):80-86.. [8] Harkleroad A, Schirf D, Volpe J et al.. Critical pathway development: An integrative literature review.. Am J Occup Ther 2000; 54(2):148-154.. [9] Anderson KL, Anderson L, Glanze W.. Mosby's medical, nursing, and allied health dictionary (4th ed.. ).. St.. Louis: Mosby, 1994.. [10] Trowbridge R, Weingarten S.. Making health care safer, a critical analysis of patient safety practices.. Chapter 52: Critical Pathways.. Agency for Healthcare Research Quality, http://www.. ahrq.. gov/clinic/ptsafety/chap52.. htm.. 2001.. [11] Kwan J, Sandercock P.. In-hospital care pathways for stroke.. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2004;(4):CD002924.. [12] Pearson SD, Kleefield SF, Soukop JR, Cook EF, Lee TH.. Critical pathways intervention to reduce length of hospital stay.. Am J Med 2001; 110(3):175-180.. [13] Van Herck P, Vanhaecht K, Sermeus W.. Effects of Clinical Pathways: do they work? Journal of Integrated Care Pathways 2004; 8:95-105.. [14] Bandolier.. Independent evidence-based health care.. On Care Pathways.. http://www.. jr2.. ox.. ac.. uk/bandolier/Extraforbando/Forum2.. pdf.. 2003.. [15] Hindle D, Yazbeck AM.. Report of a survey of clinical pathways and strategic asset planning in 17 EU countries.. 1-37.. 2004.. EU Health Property Network and the Netherlands Board of Health Policy.. [16] Panella M, Marchisio S, Di Stanislao F.. Reducing clinical variations with clinical pathways: do pathways work? Int J Qual Health Care 2003; 15(6):509-521.. [17] Renholm M, Leino-Kilpi H, Suominen T.. Critical pathways:a systematic review.. Journal of Nursing Administration 2002; 32(4):196-202.. [18] Dy SM, Garg P, Nyberg D, Dawson PB, Pronovost PJ, Morlock L et al.. Critical pathway effectiveness: assessing the impact of patient, hospital care, and pathway characteristics using qualitative comparative analysis.. Health Serv Res 2005; 40(2):499-516.. [19] Darer J, Pronovost P, Bass E.. Use and evaluation of critical pathways in hospitals.. Eff Clin Pract 2002; 5:114-119.. [20] Bryson A, Browning J.. Clinical audit and quality using integrated pathways of care.. CA96/01, 1-74.. 1999.. Edinburgh, CRAG, Clinical Resource and Audit Group.. [21] Dy SM, Garg PP, Nyberg D, Dawson PB, Pronovost PJ, Morlock L et al.. Are critical pathways effective for reducing postoperative length of stay? Med Care 2003; 41(5):637-648..

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  • Title: Contact EPA
    Descriptive info: CONTACT EPA.. The European Pathway Association has contact persons in different countries.. You will find three lists: The official E-P-A council members, our international contact persons in Europe and Outside Europe.. If you have specific questions, you can get in contact with these persons.. If you want to discuss specific topics with our international network, please become member of the.. EPA on Pathways.. discussion forum.. This international network has more than 820 members and is the official communication channel of the E-P-A.. If you have questions on the E-P-A as an association, please contact office manager.. If we do not have a contact person on your country and you want to become a contact person, please e-mail.. ===============================================================================.. OUR E-P-A COUNCIL MEMBERS ARE NATIONAL OR REGIONAL SECTION CHAIRS / CO-CHAIRS:.. You can contact the council members via our E-P-A office manager.. Contact details of our council members can be found.. Ingrid Janssen Chair, Dutch Section, The Netherlands.. Teammanager flow, productivity and integrated care.. Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement, CBO, Utrecht.. Marijke Vlasblom Co-chair, Dutch Section, The Netherlands.. unitmanager Anesthesia.. Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam.. Herman van der Mussele Chair, Belgian Section, Belgium.. Director of Strategy and Care development.. Augustinus hospital, Wilrijk / Antwerp.. Eveline Depreter Co-chair, Belgian Section, Belgium.. Nursing Director.. Damiaan Hospital, Ostend.. Claire Whittle Chair, England Section, England.. Heart of England, NHS Trust.. Birmingham University, Birmingham.. Sarah Caldicot Co-chair, England Section, England.. Lorenzo Clinical Business Change Lead.. Hereford County Hospital, Hereford.. Angela Hughes Chair, Welsh Section, Wales.. Care Pathway Facilitator.. NHS Wales, Cardiff.. David Thomson - Co-chair, Scottish Section, Scotland.. Co-Chair of Scottish Pathways Association.. William Reddy Chair, Irish Section, Ireland.. Programme Manager, Transformation Programme 1.. Health Service Executive, Dublin.. Antoinette Doocey Co-chair, Irish Section, Ireland.. Advisor, Integrated Care, Transformation Programme 1.. Eva Biringer - Chair, Norwegian Section, Norway.. Director Research Network on Integrated Care of Western Norway.. Helse Fonna, Haugesund.. Annund Rannestad - Co-Chair, Norwegian Section, Norway.. Advisor/ Project leader, Division of Patient Safety.. Dept of Research Development, Helse Bergen HF, Norway.. Fali Camacho - Chair, Spanish Section, Spain.. Research Fellow, Department of Nursing Research.. Huelva University, Spain.. ========================================================================.. WE ALSO HAVE OUR TEAM OF INTERNATIONAL CONTACT PERSONS:.. (in alphabetical order).. ALBANIA:.. Contact person:.. Sonela XINXO.. MD, MPH.. Organization:.. Institute of Public Health Tirana ,Albania.. Function within this organization:.. Specialist on Controll and Prevention.. Experience with care pathways: My background as a gastrohepatologist has helped me to be involved on development of protocolls of diagnosis treatment and follow up of some disease on the elderly.. I am involved in making pathways familiar among the health proffesionals.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. AUSTRALIA:.. EPA Contact Person:.. Julie Fisher.. Healthscope 's - Geelong Private Hospital.. Experience : 35 years experience in clinical and administration nursing roles.. Appointed 1999 to build, implement and monitor pathways in this hospital.. Have worked extensively and broadly in the acute setting and have developed 25 generic pathways which we are currently using.. Currently, I am endeavouring to build a pathways Network with interested parties.. Currently, chairperson for the Victorian Pathways Special interest Group.. I have also had experience in Orthopaedic - Clinical Research.. AUSTRIA:.. Sylvia Kühne-Ponesch.. Organisation:.. University of Applied Sciences, Steyr.. Function: Director of studies in Health Care Process Management.. Experience in pathways: involved in pilot studies on care pathways in Austria, leads courses on care pathway methodology.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. BELGIUM:.. Information on Pathways in Belgium:.. [1.. 195 KB].. Belgian Dutch Clinical Pathway Network.. /.. Center for Health Services and Nursing Research.. ,.. Catholic University Leuven.. Function: Research Fellow / PhD Student.. Experience: Involved in pathway development and research since 1997.. Co-manager of the.. Smartgroup on clinical pathways.. , chairman of the scientific committee of the ICP Conference and Joint Chairman of the EPA.. BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA:.. Contact Person:.. Leonardo Miljko.. Organization: Fund Health Insurance HNC.. Zavod zdravstvenog osiguranja HNŽ/K.. Dubrovačka bb.. BA-88000 Mostar.. Bosnia Herzegovina.. Function within this organization: Coordinator of the Regional Office Mostar.. Experience with care pathways: Member of the State Committee for Care pathways - DRG, starting from 2007 years.. BULGARIA:.. Contact Person: Assoc.. prof.. George Christoff.. , MD, PhD.. Organization: Medical University - Sofia, Bulgaria, Faculty of Public Health, Department of health economics.. Function: research and teaching.. As a practicing doctor I have a practical experience implementing clinical pathways in a hospital setting.. Since 2005 hospital care in our country is financed through that tool.. As a scientist and a researcher I explore that topic, write papers on it and carry out bachelor and master course on development, problems and implementation of clinical pathways in Bulgaria.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. CANADA:.. Jessica Meleskie.. Grey Bruce Health Network.. Function: Coordinator, Evidence-Based Care Program.. Experience: 4 years experience working with pathways, we make pathways for 11 hospitals and the community home care agency for the region.. We currently have pathways for community acquired pneumonia, myocardial infarction, angina, total hip replacement, fractured hip, vaginal birth, febrile neutropenia, stroke, and congestive heart failure.. Lori Hughes.. Fraser Health Authority.. Function: Quality Improvement Patient Safety Consultant.. Experience with pathways: six years experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of various pathways within a regional cross-sectored public health care delivery environment.. Currently work is focused on collaborative based initiatives, involving multi-sites, spanning the acute to community sectors and involving interdisciplinary team work.. Louise Martin.. Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.. Function: Coordinator, Critical Pathways.. Experience: 7 years experience working with pathways, our main focus is pediatrics.. We currently have pathways for asthma, bronchiolitis, gastroenteritis, croup, rule-out sepsis, tonsillectomy and or adenoidectomy, DMD, LP for oncology,  ...   JAPAN:.. Hidehisa Soejima.. Japanese Society for Clinical Pathways.. Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital.. Function: Board member JSCP Vice President, Director of Total Quality Management.. Experience in pathways: involved in the Japanese Society on Clinical Pathways, chairman of the 6th conference on care pathways in Japan.. More than 50% of patients in his hospital are on pathways.. More than 100 pathways have been developed in his hospital.. Yuka Kanoya.. School of Nursing, Yamagata University.. Function: Professor of Course of Community Health Nursing.. Experience in pathways: development, implementation and research of pathway in neurological care unit, acute psychiatry unit, pressure ulcer care and visiting nursing.. LUXEMBURG:.. Serge Pechon.. Organization: CHL = Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (Luxemburg Hospital Center).. Function within this organization: quality coordinator.. Experience with care pathways: coordination of 4 care pathways since 2008, projects on stroke, hip fracture, obesity, diabetic foot.. MONGOLIA.. More information on pathway in Mongolia:.. [35 KB].. Bujin Tserensodnom.. Organisation: Second Health sector Development Programme.. Function: Consultant.. Experience in pathways: Bujin takes the lead in the pilot projects on pathways in Mongolia.. As consultant to the minister she advices the governement on patient focussed care problems.. NORWAY.. EPA contact person:.. Eva Biringer.. Organisation: Helse Fonna.. Function: Director Research Network on Integrated Care of Western Norway.. Experience in pathways: Launching care pathway studies in Western Norway after attending the EPA summer school 2010.. Supervisor of Phd student on integrated care in Mental Health.. PORTUGAL:.. Antonio Marques.. Instituto de Qualidade em Saúde.. Function: Anaesthesiologist, Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care (clinical and managerial roles).. Experience: protocol and pathway development in Emergency Medicine (pre hospital EMS and Emergency Department).. ROMANIA.. Care Pathways in Romania: more info.. [37 KB].. Simona Haraga.. National School for Public Health and Health services Management.. Function: Researcher in health economics, PhD student.. Experience in pathways: local expert for PHARE project in training on CPs.. SAUDI ARABIA:.. Dr Saeed ALQahtani.. Organization: Mazaya Consultancy Group for education ,training and health consultaion,Riyadh,Saudi arabia.. Function within this organization: Director of group and quality management consultant.. Experience with care pathways:Iiam working as quality management consultant since 10 years and the major responsibilities are : 1- developing documentation systemin hospitals like job descriptions, policies procedures,.. etc.. , 2-developing clinical practice guidelines, 3- developing policies and procedures.. , 4- creating key performance indicators.. , 5-preparing health institutions to comply with JCI standards.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. SCOTLAND:.. Information on Pathways in Scotland:.. [675 KB].. EPA Contact Person:.. Karen Jenkins.. Organisation: Integrated Care Pathway User Group Scotland (.. ICPUS.. Function: ICPUS board member.. Experience: Karen works as a Clinical Effectiveness Integrated Care Pathways Co-ordinator for Greater Glasgow Primary Care Division, Scotland, UK.. Karen has been involved in pathways since 1998.. She has a lead role in the core group of Integrated Care Pathways Users in Scotland.. Patricia Kent.. NHS Lanarkshire.. , Change and Innovation Department.. Function: Integrated Care Pathway Manager.. Experience: I am the Integrated Care Pathway Manager for NHS Lanarkshire.. I have been involved in the development of ICPs on and off since 1995 and have been in this post since 2002.. I am a member of the Change and Innovation Department which is a part of the Modernisation Directorate at NHS Lanarkshire.. We currently have approximately 156 ICPs in use or being developed in Lanarkshire.. These ICPs cover mostly acute care but we also have some in Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Primary Care and Paediatrics.. SINGAPORE.. Janet Choo.. Changi General Hospital.. Function: Assistant Director, Quality Management, Nursing Administration.. Experience with pathways: Since 1996 development and implementation of pathways in several clinical areas.. International speaker on care pathway conferernces.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.. SLOVENIA.. Anne-Marie Yazbeck.. Organization: Department of Health.. Function: Senior Researcher.. Experience: Assisted in the EU Health Property Network study on the relation between clinical pathway and asset planning; assisted in the development and implementation of care pathways on secondary levels in the Slovenian and Romania health care systems through the Ministry of Health and PHARE EU Projects and on the primary level through the WHO/CIDA project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Presently working for the Swedish-Belgian-based organization Health Consumer Powerhouse.. SPAIN.. Fali Camacho.. Organization: Huelva University.. Fuction: Research Fellow.. Experience: Fali has a nursing background and performed a MSc in Nursing.. During her master studies she performed a research project on breast cancer pathways and analysed differences between the Spanish and Belgian way of organizing care.. She performed the validation study of the Spanish version of the Care Proces Self Evaluation Tool.. SWEDEN:.. Bengt Ahgren.. Nordic School of Public Health.. Fuction: Senior Lecturer.. Experience in pathways: Assignments about chain of care development in Sweden during the 1990s.. Author of the resource book The chain of care (.. Vårdkedjan.. ) [in Swedish].. Research about chains of care and other kinds of integrated care arrangements.. The title of his doctoral thesis is Creating Integrated Health Care.. THE NETHERLANDS.. Information on Pathways in Belgium The Netherlands:.. Organisation: Duthc Institute for Healthcare Improvement,.. CBO.. Function: Senior Advisor.. Experience: Leads the Dutch part of the Belgian Dutch Clinical Pathway Network and advises over 20 organisations on their pathway development and research.. USA.. Kathleen Bower.. Center for Case Management.. Function: Principal.. Experience: Experience since 1985 when pathways were introduced in healthcare.. Since more than 20 years worldwide experience in pathways and case management.. YEMEN.. Mohammed Albaadani.. Organisation: Ministry of Health and Population.. Function: Clinical Reviewer.. Experience: Mohammed is working for the Ministry of health and population and involved in the administration of Quality patient safety as quality leader and is linking pathways with patient safety initiatives..

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  • Title: EPA Research
    Descriptive info: EPA RESEARCH.. NEW NEW NEW:.. E-P-A is launching two new trials on pathways in 2013:.. -.. CP4ACS:.. a controlled interupted time series design study on the impact of care pathways for ST-elevated myocardial infarction (with unrestricted grant from Astra Zeneca Belgium).. CP4NutriGICan:.. a research and quality improvement study on care pathways for surgical patients with nutrition problems in surgical gastro intestinal cancer (with unrestricted grant from Baxter EMEA, Baxter Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany).. More info soon on both studies.. If you want to find out more, please contact the.. E-P-A office.. The European Pathway Association is performing an international Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial on the effect of care pathways for COPD and Fractured Neck of Femus patients.. The study is actually performed in Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Portugal.. We measure proces and clinical outcomes on patient level and include also indicators on the teamwork.. research fellows will perform a PhD study within the EQCP project:.. Cathy Lodewijckx: The impact of care pathways for COPD patients.. Fabrizio Leigheb: The impact of care pathways for proximal femur fracture patients.. Svin Deneckere: The impact of care pathways on teamwork.. Deborah Seys: The impact of care pathways on variation of care.. You can always contact.. who is the international coordinator of the study for more information.. EQCP study design.. =====================================================================.. The European  ...   5 years.. EPA survey.. Conclusion: there is a future for care pathways, but we only yust begun !.. A PDF VERSION OF THE SLIDESHOW WITH ALL RESULTS IS AVAILABLE FOR OUR.. MEMBERS.. Abstract.. Objectives.. To give an overview on the use and prevalence of clinical pathways.. Design.. Cross-sectional descriptive study.. Study participants.. European Pathway Association contact persons in 23 countries.. Results.. Clinical pathways, also known as critical pathways or integrated-care pathways have been used in health care for 20 years.. Although clinical pathways are well established, little information exists on their use and dissemination around the world.. The European Pathway Association (www.. org) has performed their first international survey on the use and dissemination of clinical pathways in 23 countries.. At present, pathways are used with a minority of patients, mainly in acute hospital trusts.. Our survey showed that clinical pathways were predominantly viewed as a multidisciplinary tool to improve the quality and efficiency of evidence-based care.. Pathways were also used as a communication tool between professionals to manage and standardise outcome-oriented care.. Conclusions.. There is a future for the use of clinical pathways, but there is need for international benchmarking and knowledge sharing with regards to their development, implementation, and evaluation.. If you use these results in your papers or presentations, please refer to the survey correctly as:..

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  • Title: EPA conferences
    Descriptive info: EPA CONFERENCES.. Healthcare Conferences E-P-A organise a one day conference in London: discount for.. E-P-A members.. :.. Updates on this conference you can find.. More information, please contact.. Kerry.. EUROPEAN CARE PATHWAY CONFERENCE 2013.. [255 KB].. GLASGOW JUNE 20 21, 2013.. The European Pathway Association (E-P-A) and.. Scottish Pathways Association.. (SPA) were pleased to organise the European Care Pathway Conference 2013.. Dear colleague,.. I am writing in my capacity as Chair of the Scottish Pathways Association to thank all speakers and  ...   conference, made lots of new friends and enjoyed the Scottish music and food.. The conference was attended by 152 delegates from a wide range of countries including Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK.. The conference evaluated extremely well overall with delegates appreciating the opportunity to meet with colleagues, share experiences and feel valued in their roles.. PLEASE FIND THE PROGRAM HERE.. Kind Regards,.. David.. David Thomson.. Chair of the Scottish Pathways Association.. More information:.. alexandra.. pardon@med.. kuleuven.. be..

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  • Title: Join EPA
    Descriptive info: JOIN EPA.. JOINING THE EUROPEAN PATHWAY ASSOCIATION IS FREE.. DOWNLOAD THE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM HERE.. [144 KB].. and send it to our membership manager Mrs.. Alexandra Pardon:.. - discount at most of our Care Pathway events.. - free E-P-A newsletter.. - stay up to date with all care pathway news.. - will have the opportunity to collaborate in E-P-A research studies.. - will be informed first on international activities including.. summer schools and training events (with limited number of delegates).. - will be informed first on important care pathway publications.. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE OF CHARGE.. ___________________________.. 1) General information about membership.. - All applications for membership will be approved by the E-P-A Bureau, once approved members will be sent a certificate of membership and will receive the E-P-A newsletters.. - Members shall conduct themselves in a professional manner and not act in any way as to bring the association into disrepute.. - The E-P-A Bureau reserves the right to withdraw membership.. - A member may  ...   individual or associated members.. - Membership is free of charge.. - Membership is open to:.. a) employees of health and social care organizations with an interest in care pathways.. b) individuals who are employed in providing care pathways services.. (see commercial members below).. - E-P-A will not be influenced by industry and other commercial interests.. Applications for membership from commercial organizations will be considered on an individual basis == please get in contact with our secretary.. Ruben van Zelm.. - Commercial members will not have access to databases of information regarding E-P-A members.. 3) National Sections.. Members are grouped in national sections.. - Every national section has a chairman co-chairman.. - The chairman (or co-chairman) is member of the E-P-A council.. A National Section is accredited by the E-P-A Bureau if:.. - The section has at least 20 individual members1 activity per year is organized for members.. - Members elected a chairman co-chairman.. - A yearly report of the activities is sent to the E-P-A secretary..

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    Descriptive info: EPA SUMMER SCHOOL COURSES.. NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW.. NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW.. INTERNATIONAL MASTERCLASS ON CARE PATHWAYS ORGANIZATION OF CARE PROCESSES.. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM HERE:.. application for E-P-A Masterclass.. [251 KB].. =================================================================.. Announcement: From 3-6 September 2012, the E-P-A will organise the 4th Summer School on Care Pathways at Lago Orta in Italy.. ALL INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND IN.. THE BROCHURE.. [765 KB].. E-P-A summer school 2012.. 3-6 September 2012.. =====================================================.. Below you find information about our previous summer schools and pathway courses.. NEW THREE DAY COURSE IN CARE PATHWAYS at the.. Solstrand Fjord Hotel,.. Os, Norway, September 12th-14th 2011.. KURS I STANDARDISERING AV BEHANDLINGSLINER.. The European Pathway Association (E-P-A) herewith invites you and your colleagues to a.. three-day Care Pathway course.. held at the beautiful Solstrand Fjord Hotel on the West coast of Norway.. This interactive course combines educational courses lead by experienced teachers with relevant discussions.. At the end of the three days you will be able to systematically plan, develop and follow up your own pathway projects.. The course includes the core contents from previous E-P-A Summer Schools.. The delegate fee for the basic option (in which the participant must arrange accomodation her-/himself) in the Os/Bergen area is EUR 1.. 600,- (NOK 12.. 400,-).. The full option including accomodation two nights and dinner in the evenings at Solstand Fjord Hotel is EUR 2.. 065,- (NOK 16.. 000,-).. This course is a collaboration between the E-P-A and the Research Network on Integrated Health Care in Western Norway.. For more information, please.. Kristin Folven.. in Norway or Ms.. at the E-P-A office in Belgium.. Notice: The language of this course is ENGLISH.. There is no  ...   school on care pathways was a succes.. More information in the E-P-A newsletter and the E-P-a corner of the IJCP.. The summer school was organized from September 6 - 10, 2010 at Lake Orta in the north of Italy.. You can download the.. 2010 brochure HERE.. [453 KB].. If you want more information on future opportunities, please contact.. our E-P-A office manager Mrs.. Delegates of the 3rd E-P-A Summer School.. Why did we organize a third E-P-A summer school?.. Care pathways, also known as clinical pathways, critical path-ways, integrated care pathways or care maps, are now used throughout the world to systematically plan and follow up a patient focused care program.. Despite their prevalence, many issues relating to pathways remain unsettled.. org) wants to support the development, implementation, evaluation and continuous follow up of care pathways.. Therefore the E-P-A are organising a 5-day summer school to teach you the concepts of the care pathway methodology.. This interactive summer school will combine educational courses lead by experienced teachers with discus-sions, international group work and time to work under super-vision on your own pathway project.. At the end of the 5 days you will be able to systematically plan, develop and follow up your own pathway projects.. The first and second Summer School, in 2007 and 2008, were also a real success.. Based on the evaluation and the advise of the delegates we slightly revised the content and timing but we are really looking forward to be back in Orta, share our knowledge on pathways and learn from your experiences.. In 2009 we did not organise a summer school because of the startup of the European Quality of Care Pathway study which took all our energy and time.. If you have further questions on this summer school, please do not hesitate to contact us via.. Best Regards from the international teaching team,..

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  • Title: HOTNEWS !
    Descriptive info: HOTNEWS !.. EPA will organize a 3 day masterclass in September 2014.. Find more info.. E-P-A is launching two new trials on pathways.. CP4ACS.. CP4NutriGICan.. E-P-A supports in total nowadays 5 international trials on Care Pathways.. More information.. **************************************************************.. Become E-P-A member == download.. the membership application form.. European Care Patwhay Conference in Glasgow, June 2013 was top ! You can find out more about this great E-P-A experience.. Membership Manager: Alexandra Pardon.. E-P-A launched a LinkedIN group on care pathways.. Visit.. www.. linkedin.. com.. == European Pathway Association..

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