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  • Title: Computer Repair Hampton TW12 | Pc Mac Laptop Electronic Repairs
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Services.. Computer.. Electronic.. Restoration.. Pinball.. Centaur.. Mr Mrs Pacman.. SIA Repair.. Arcade.. Techie Stuff.. About Me.. Contact Me.. Links.. Facebook.. For Sale.. Computer repair Hampton TW12.. Welcome to E-repair.. org.. 020 8941 9607.. Phone.. 07958 351 820.. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm.. Hours.. Sat 10am-4pm.. What we do:.. Repairs to all computers and related equipment; this includes typically - repairing of laptop adapters, laptop power sockets, pc  ...   screen replacement, memory and operating system upgrades, laptop keyboard replacement, hard drive upgrades, data transferral, bespoke system build ups, etc.. Most systems are Microsoft Windows or OS X based but I'm happy to look at any system, Dos, Linux or otherwise.. My background is in electronic design and repair so I can take hardware fault finding further than most computer repair shops.. E-repair.. computer repair TW12..

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  • Title: Computer Repair Hampton TW12 | Pc Mac Laptop Computer Repairs
    Descriptive info: Computer Repair Services.. All computers repaired.. pc.. s, macs, laptops, desktops, servers.. old, new, slow, dead.. Upgrades carried out to memory, operating systems, etc.. Data recovery, transferral, backup.. Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Keyloggers.. removed.. Bespoke systems built to order.. Desktop PC.. s.. Servers.. Macs.. Laptops.. As part of the service if any computers or laptops come in and are excessively dusty (which can cause overheating/performance/shutdown problems) then they are blown out with a high pressure air line.. See right.. Laptop dust.. Desktop dust removal (movie).. Heatsink blocked with dust.. Heatsink, after dust blown out..

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  • Title: Electronic Services | Tv video psu monitor...repair in Hampton | TW12
    Descriptive info: Electronic Services.. Repair of all electronic equipment considered;.. Televisions, videos (inc.. Time Lapse), cctv cameras, multiplexers, hi-fi equipment, psu's (linear and switched), arcade machines, monitors (crt lcd), pinball machines, test gear.. For a quote please get in contact either by.. phone.. or.. email.. Thank you..

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  • Title: Bally Centaur pinball restoration photo and video gallery
    Descriptive info: Centaur Photo And Video Gallery.. Well it took a while to complete, but here it is, my very own Bally Centaur pinball machine.. Serial number ECE2305, one of only 3700 made.. Manufactured circa 1981, it is one of only two pinball machines (Centaur and Centaur II) to feature an echo on the sound; using the often missing Say it again board.. These are taken out of the machine and bypassed as the aptly named SAD4096 i.. c.. has a nasty habit of dying.. This i.. is now as rare as rocking horse doo doo, as any that weren't in the s-i-a boards were used up by musicians in their echo effects pedals and amplifiers.. I've managed to get my  ...   make great projects, especially as you have hours of fun playing them when they're finished.. My thanks go out to fellow Centaur owners Grant Levey (Australia) and Bill Girardot (Canada) for their time and help in supplying pictures to complete the artwork.. cheers guys.. In the beginning.. Backbox.. Centaur cabinet.. Coin door.. Playfield artwork.. Rectifier board.. Regulator board.. Outhole kicker.. Solenoid assembly.. Squawk and talk board.. Playfield underside.. Playfield refit.. Playfield unlit.. Playfield lit.. Finished playfield.. At the end.. Say it again operation.. Solenoid operation.. Feature mode.. More information on the Centaur machine can be found at.. http://www.. ipdb.. org/machine.. cgi?id=476.. Pinball 2: The previously repaired pinball that got me hooked.. Pinball 3: How I repaired my Say-it-again board..

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  • Title: Bally Mr & Mrs Pac Man Photo and Video Gallery
    Descriptive info: Photo and video gallery.. Well this is the pinball that made me want to get my own machine, a Bally Mr and Mrs Pac-Man, sent in by Storm Studios for electronic restoration.. ( Sorry my gallery is rather limited ).. Mid restoration.. Picture:.. Mr Mrs Pac-man.. Short Movie : Mr Mrs P.. In  ...   machine see.. cgi?gid=1639.. Thought I'd pad the page out a little with a photo of Elvira next to the pinball of the same name.. Kindly sent to me by the game designer, Dennis Nordman, who also designed such games as Party animal, Scared stiff, Demolition man.. the list goes on.. See.. Dennis Nordman..

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  • Title: Bally Centaur pinball SIA repair
    Descriptive info: How to fix the Say-it-again board without using an SAD4096.. Firstly the disclaimer: I take absolutely no (that's zero) responsibility for any damage incurred whilst attempting to fix the SIA board.. Damage being to either the board, the machine or YOU! These machines have potentially lethal voltages (200v DC) in them and if you're not sure what you're doing find somebody who does.. (That goes for the soldering skills too).. OK.. now that's out of the way, good luck and trust me the Centaur sounds much better with an echo.. As most people with a Centaur know if the echo disappears from the sound it's usually down to the SAD4096 ic (at position U2 on the Say-it-again board).. My circuit is based around an equivalent ic to the Reticon SAD4096 called an MN3205 made by Matsushita (Panasonic).. I believe these are more reliable.. at least in as much as mine's still working.. The MN3205 is not cheap and not that common although there are some websites selling them and at the time of writing there's a guy on Ebay (U.. S.. ) with some.. The main differences between these ic's are the operating voltages and the pinouts.. SAD4096.. (Courtesy of Reticon).. MN3205a.. (Courtesy of Panasonic).. SIA Circuit.. (Courtesy of Bally).. See pdf files =====.. I've cobbled together my efforts on a piece of vero board (wrongly assuming the ic had a 16 pin spacing, it doesn't, it's 14 pin).. So don't pay too much attention to my board or you'll end up having to bend the ic's legs  ...   to use a 7809 the resistor values will need recalculating.. Eg.. for the 7808.. 12v x 10k/(4k7+10k) = 8v approx.. The resistor divider networks bring the clock voltages (pin 2 and 16) down to a useable level and give the 14/15 Vdd supply for Vgg.. (pin 8).. The audio input and outputs need no alterations as they are well below the 8v supply and do not clip/distort.. As a further note I believe the link F-F has to be cut/open on the Squawk and talk board otherwise there ain't ever gonna be an echo!!!.. I'm sure this design can be improved upon using a smaller etched pcb and pins soldered straight to the SIA board but you can't see it in situ, so I'm happy.. Hope this helps.. oh and any musicians that are reading, this'll probably sort out your effects pedals with the dodgy SAD4096 ics in them.. PS.. I'm not supplying kits for this unless there's an overwhelming demand for it.. which I doubt will happen somehow.. PPS.. For a digital alternative please see Big Clive's website.. bigclive.. com/centaur.. htm.. (with lots of other great projects too).. Good luck , Mark.. Addendum: Please change pots R15 (10k), R29(50k) on the SIA board and R69(1k), R70(1k) on the Squawk-and-talk board, preferably with a sealed type of preset, as they're over two and a half decades old and give much trouble.. Then set them up as per the manual.. The caps on my SIA board tested just in spec.. with an ESR meter but I changed them anyway..

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  • Title: Atari Tempest Project
    Descriptive info: Atari Tempest (project).. My main pcb (left pic.. ) and auxiliary circuit board (right pic.. ) of which the main board still has a fault.. Despite changing the reset switch, 12Mhz crystal and various ic.. s the only fault that remains is that the vector graphics are still screwy.. Left pic.. , the regulator pcb and spinner assembly.. On the right the start  ...   transformer.. (For the 36v AC).. Left the completed PSU, note the extra winding to supply the 10.. 6v DC (unreg.. ).. On the right the PSU in action.. what a mess!.. Left, I've connected the X and Y outputs of the main pcb to my scope (set up for XY display).. Note the image is back to front and the retrace lines are visible..

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  • Title: Computer Repair in Hampton TW12 | Computer Techie Stuff
    Descriptive info: Powered by.. Internet speed test.. You must have a browser that supports iframes to view the BBC weather observations.. PC.. Ever wondered what happens when the heatsink falls off of your processor? Click the pic.. to find out.. Courtesy of Tom's Hardware.. Inside of a 3.. 5 Hard Disk Drive (HDD).. Somewhat faulty I might add.. Note the auto head park as the power fails.. Ordinary HDD (Hard Disk Drive) on the left and an SSD (Solid State Drive) on the right.. SSD Pros; Faster, Quieter, Consume less power, Cooler ruuning, Fairly immune to shock.. Cons; Pricey, Data recovery harder..

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  • Title: Computer Repair in Hampton TW12 | About me
    Descriptive info: About me.. Hi there, firstly may I thank you for showing an interest in my web pages.. My name is Mark Whiting and as far back as I can remember I've always had an interest in electronics, even at the early age of four when I slid a coin behind a mains plug and nearly had an early end.. ===.. After leaving school I went on to college and then university, graduating in 1986.. My first workplace was Cox Electronics (later Abacus Cox Electronics), not sure if they're still going now? They supplied some of the mixer desks, video effects gear, etc to the Channel 4 TV station when it opened.. Then came a supervisory role in an alarm manufacturing company followed by a test/repair position in  ...   I never wanted to be in a 9 to 5 job again.. So, ever since have been self-employed and highly recommend it, not least of all for the varied pieces of electronic gear that I see.. Also some design/prototyping work creeps in now and again which keeps the old grey matter going.. I've now aimed more at the computer repair market as everything appears to have processors in it these days and videos/cathode ray tube units have become outmoded.. I've been in the electronics industry all my life, in one capacity or another, and always will be I guess.. If you've stayed awake to the end of reading this well done.. Ps.. For anyone wishing to work here there's only one position and it's filled by me, sorry..

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  • Title: Computer Repair in Hampton TW12 | Contact details
    Descriptive info: Contact details.. Open:.. Sat 10am-4pm.. Telephone:.. 020 8941 9607 *.. Mobile:.. 07958 351 820 *.. Email:.. Address:.. 5, Heather close,.. Hampton,.. Middlesex.. TW12 2JE.. Website:.. www.. e-repair.. * Please note: Witheld, International and Private Number calls are not answered due to the amount of nuisance calls that I used to receive.. If you need to contact me please leave a message/voicemail containing your phone number and I'll get back to you.. Many thanks.. View Map of Hampton, Middlesex, England.. on Multimap.. com.. For a cyber business card.. feel free to right click.. and Save Picture As.. OR.. drag to desktop..

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  • Title: Computer Repair in Hampton TW12 | Links out from E-repair.org
    Descriptive info: Links {.. to people that I can recommend }.. Computer and Electronic.. Fox Electronics.. Crystals and Oscillators.. Kestrel Networks.. Networking Specialists.. Other.. Jo's Zoo.. Reptiles and others.. Plush Folly.. Make Your Own Cosmetics.. George Saxby.. 2-Stroke Motorbikes.. Stewarts Motorcycles.. Motorcycle Repair.. Storm Studios.. Photography.. UK Computer.. Business Listings.. London Online.. Local Information.. PC Repair Finder.. Shadow's Pinball.. Pinball Restoration.. Renofirm.. Joinery Specialists.. Kime Sanchin Wado Karate Club.. Martial Arts Training.. David Rose Lighting.. Lighting Supplies.. Link Partners.. iMiddlesex.. Business Finder.. Backlit signs..  ...   Create a free, permanent Conference Room.. 0844 Numbers.. Specialists in premium freephone numbers.. Upgrade Central.. PC Upgrades - Compatible Memory and Hard Drives.. File Inspect Library.. Download free task management software.. Locklizard.. Copy protection software.. thehtmlcoders.. We convert your design to high quality, hand-coded, cross-browser compatible html code.. allpcrepairs.. co.. uk.. Find your local PC or Laptop Repairer.. If you wish me to link to your site please.. contact me.. - all I ask is that you link back to me (E-repair.. org)..

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