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  • Title: e-Skills Competences Consortium
    Descriptive info: .. e-scc.. org.. Home.. e-SCC.. Thank you for visiting the new e-SCC, and as you can see we are still very much a work in progress.. While we re very much dedicated to providing the highest-quality information and resources possible, we are unfortunately sidelined far too often with unavoidable tangential concerns.. Never fear, loyal readers, for we are currently nearing the completion of the research and development phase of the second version of this website.. Hopefully all of the awkward and unhelpful language will be edited and re-written to at least a junior high reading level, and the resources will more accurately reflect the realities of the modern e-skills world (though keeping it truly up-to-date on a day-to-day basis may be a goal always just out of reach!).. Here at e-SCC, we cover e-skills, those specific administrative skills that directly ties in with the internet.. We appreciate the hard work of our staffers.. Aside from showing of our gratitude by occasionally sending gorgeous gift baskets to everyone, we also will go above and beyond to assist our.. staffers if they need it.. For instance, more than a year ago, one of our staffers suffered a snowboarding accident that so injured his spine he was not even able to do work from home at his computer.. We asked a friend who is a.. social security disability lawyer.. to look over his case and initial application for social security disability.. Statistically more than 60% of initial social security disability claims are rejected even with the help of a lawyer or advocate.. When our staffer was declined benefits, he asked this social security disability lawyer to help him  ...   in today s job market the greater your chances are in landing that better job.. Let s take a measured look at some of these specific skills:.. Data Entry.. Many jobs require some degree of data entry.. Whether you re handling customer calls and processing real-time requests, establishing your compound stock earnings, or working on inventory, data entry is simply a fact of life for most jobs.. * Data entry speed and accuracy are measured.. Key Benefits.. * Measures the basic skills every employee needs to succeed.. * Is the first interactive simulation for written communication skills.. * Provides a quick and objective way to evaluate e-mail and writing skills.. * Provides personalized feedback based on assessment results.. * Outlines specific steps for improvement and ongoing development.. * Supports both onsite and remote testing.. * Provides a consistent, fair, and legally-defensible process.. Skills Measured.. e.. SKILLS includes three separate skills assessments: Data Entry, E-mail Composition, and Typing / Keyboarding.. Skills assessments can be administered separately or in any combination.. E-Mail Composition.. * Participants receive e-mail messages from customers with various questions or issues.. * Participants are required to look up customer and product information (using information screens) and respond in writing via e-mail.. * Spelling, grammar, vocabulary, tone, and response content are assessed.. Typing.. * Participants view written e-mail messages.. * Participants are required to retype the e-mail messages as quickly and accurately as possible.. * Typing speed and accuracy are measured.. Leave a Reply.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website.. Search.. Navigation.. Alliance.. About.. Members.. Structure.. Approach.. E-Skills Simulation Software.. Members II.. Moving Forward.. 2009.. e-Skills Competences Consortium.. :.. http://www.. e-scc..

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  • Title: e-Skills Competences Consortium » About
    Descriptive info: The European Alliance on Skills for Employability.. This includes, but is not limited to all skill-sets, all needs and a wide variety of opportunities.. It is important to build a skill or skills to have so that you can be valued as a specialized worker.. A skilled laborer rather than just a worker.. Citizens with good jobs have access to much more than a paycheck and reliable collateral.. Employment stability is more than the ability to receive a cash advance, although that is a benefit we should not overlook.. While payday loans are often exploitative and seen exist in the margins of society, access to funds based on employment is often the only access to fast cash available to working people who have no assets.. So skilled employment is the key to stability on many fronts, and opens doors significantly beyond the cash received for labor performed.. Just to give you an idea, this can mean working for any market in production, any technician job such as industrial designers, car mechanics, IT workers, surface/ textile designers, health promoters and much more.. If you look in any market place- an example would be the apparel market and specifically sportswear such as the creation of.. North Face Osito Fleece Jackets.. , the number of people with specialized skills that are involved in the creation of a North Face Osito fleece jacket is astounding.. According to the Northface web site the creation of most of their products starts with the suggestions, recommendations and new equipment ideas by world-class athletes which provides the inspiration and challenges that drive the research and  ...   particularly on young unemployed and older workers that have lower employability chances or are at risk of loosing their jobs because they do not have the right skills.. In many respects, there is nothing more important than addressing these issues of societal need.. • To build upon already existing education, training and community programmes, to further extend them and develop synergies across all key stakeholders to deliver higher employ ability opportunities and more positive impact to the end beneficiaries and help make Europe more competitive.. Thus creating more revenue and more jobs.. • To jointly raise awareness on the importance of delivering 21st Century Skills for Employability in Europe and to help European Citizens realise their potential.. To this end, Alliance members will co-brand the initiative, share visibility as appropriate and leverage this single message for maximum impact.. To enable synergy partnerships and enhanced cooperation between Alliance members, pilot pools or clusters per focus country will be established among partners (with one or two members as Country Rapporteur).. Building clusters is important to allow more opportunities.. These Country Clusters will operate in an open mode and in associative partnership with local technology platforms or other multi-stakeholders whether they be small or large able to take part in the Alliance efforts if they have the know-how and are willing to pool this knowledge.. The more knowledge we can bring together individually will make the pool more knowledgeable, and there for more desirable.. The initiative will start rolling out concrete actions with a focus on the following four countries:.. • Belgium.. • Germany.. • Poland.. • Portugal.. • UK..

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  • Title: e-Skills Competences Consortium » Members
    Descriptive info: Skills for Employability Alliance Members.. About CompTIA.. CompTIA is a global trade association representing the business interests of the information technology industry.. For more than 23 years CompTIA has provided research, networking and partnering opportunities to its 20,000 members in 102 countries.. The association is involved in developing standards and best practices, and influencing the political, economic and educational arenas that impact IT worldwide.. The current secretary is known for his previous associations with popular marketing efforts particularly with respect to the silver trade.. He is well known in the precious metals marketplace, having financed several influential jewelry outlets in the past several years.. Most well known are the artisans he supports (he is a patron of several well known artists in Africa) who create sterling.. sterling silver rings.. available on sites like sterlingforever.. com.. They also feature earrings, and many other kinds and styles of solid sterling jewelry using traditional tribal designs.. He has helped the indigenous artisans in many developing nations through his jewelry connections, and although sterling silver is a relatively expensive raw material, he has provided financing whenever possible to assist both artists and jewelers throughout his career.. His jewelry model is widely copied by NGOs in many countries and is credited with raising the living standards of entire communities, especially when silver sources can be found locally.. More information is at www.. comptia.. Contact Person Hugo Lueders Director Public Policy EMEA Telephone:  ...   of sexual urges or diminished desire to engage in sexual activity.. Although it is most commonly experienced in men and women during peri-menopause, menopause, and andropause, younger folks may also experience such issues due to the other medical conditions or medications they are taking.. For more information, please visit www.. cisco.. Contact Person Antonio Herrera Networking Academy Manager Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.. Telephone: +34 93 393 40 00 email: antherre@cisco.. About EXIN.. EXIN is an independent, worldwide IT examination provider with more than 40 years of experience.. We specialize in establishing educational requirements and developing examinations in Information Technology.. EXIN is well-known for its ITIL certificates in IT Service Management (ITIL).. EXIN has already certified more than 250.. 000 IT-professionals world-wide.. Partnerships with international agents and authorized examination centers enhance the accessibility of EXIN s examinations.. EXIN offers candidates the opportunity to take examinations at a time and place of their choice.. To find out more about the content of exams, exam requirements, sample exams, training organizations, partners, or on line ordering from EXIN s e-bookshop, visit: www.. exin-exams.. Contact Person Michiel van der Voort VP EXIN International Telephone: +31 30 234 48 77 email: Michiel.. van.. der.. voort@exin.. nl.. About Microsoft.. Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq MSFT ) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realise their full potential.. About Microsoft EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)..

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  • Title: e-Skills Competences Consortium » Structure
    Descriptive info: Governance Structure and Other Information of Interest.. What is e-Skills competency? Competency is a demonstrated ability to apply skills, knowledge, and attitudes to achieve observable results.. One might say that competences are holistic concepts, whereas skills are precise and definable abilities.. Of course, specific skills are necessary for any competent work performance, but the requirements for e-skills change very quickly.. For example, a database developer may be certified in a current database product but has e-Skills competency in a variety of different skills.. An example: one of our members help develop an e-commerce website for a company that arranges individual and corporate private jet charter flights and air charter service.. The development of the site required not only his technical skills in web design, coding, seo etc.. It also required him to show courage, eagerness and judgment in making his choices.. The coding requirements to create this type of e-commerce site were complicated since there are numerous locations that needed to be listed not only all over the US, but also in other countries that service.. private jet charters.. Data bases that could easily be updated if another fixed-base operator (FBO) was added or removed from a particular airport were needed.. Secondarily linked pages describing the various aircraft available at each airport needed to be built with an easy tool that could be used by a non web master person.. A secure Request a Quote for Any Private Jet Charter was required.. And the list for tools and functionality went on and on.. The great  ...   and local organizations, and businesses.. There is a need to identify common challenges, share examples of best practices such as tackling e-skills shortages, and then set out a tentative road map by enhancing supply and quality of tech professionals with the aim of maturing the e-Skills competency in the longer term.. The Alliance is managed and operated under the umbrella of the e-Skills Competences Consortium (eSCC).. The eSCC Executive Committee is no land locked entity, nor do they have a home office.. These members are often going back and forth from place to place.. while working.. They are assisted by an Alliance Management Committee (AMC) in charge of the implementation and day-to-day management of the Alliance.. The AMC is limited to the founding members of the Alliance with 2 year rotation/re-election by members.. The AMC is composed as follows:.. • Antonio Herrera (Cisco, eSCC/AMC chair).. • Steven Gilroy (CompTIA).. • Dudley Dolan (ECDL).. • Michiel van der Voort (Exin).. • Elena Bonfiglioli (Microsoft).. • Johanna Tzanidaki (Randstad).. • Peter Baker (State Street).. • Hugo Lueders (eSCC Secretariat).. A cost-free Alliance Consultation Group has been created to represent reference organizations who are key stakeholders for the Alliance and its core activities.. Membership in the Consultation Group is upon invitation only and after agreement by the AMC.. For more information regarding membership please contact us.. We strive to function as democratically as possible.. Our voting structure and electing structure aims to be fair and logical.. Members are expected to respect each other as well as the organizations policies..

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  • Title: e-Skills Competences Consortium » Approach
    Descriptive info: The eSCC pursues agreements on the endorsement of industry and other non-formal certifications within the framework of multiple stake holder partnerships bringing together industry, governments and training institutions, in order to ensure and secure the long-term success of the solutions proposed.. eSCC activities include:.. • Collection and dissemination of international references and model examples of e-skills certification public recognition and/or endorsement.. • Review and benchmarking of governmental national strategies in the area of recognition (tasks, envisaged changes, etc.. ) including the role of other agencies, ministries and other stakeholder organizations at a national level.. • Address disparities that exist among regulatory bodies.. This concept covers many unrelated areas.. For example, eSCC would like to avoid the type of bad publicity engendered by the hoopla raised concerning the legal status and the recent exodus of certain currencies from debt laden countries.. • Dialogue with relevant policymakers within EU Institutions and at EU Member State level, e.. g.. regarding the roles and functions of public authorities relating to formal recognition and/or endorsement of private sector e-skills certifications.. • Proposing changes to the legal, institutional and organizational framework necessary for the coordinated recognition and/or endorsement of industry  ...   Being aware and conscious of decisions involving the design, branding and over all look of your business.. This includes logos, pamphlets, web design, promo materials, and any products.. It is far better to spend the time hiring the appropriate specialists in e-businesses who can create the overarching look of your business, along with web designers, and seo experts who will ensure your e-business site is compliant with the major search engines regulations than not.. Awareness is one of the important keys for success.. Relations between partners as well as investors are important to maintain and require a constant supervision and oversight by your PR division as well as the top executives.. Delegation to knowledgeable and responsible managers will help ensure the long-term success of the solutions proposed by the eSCC.. Multinational e-business is rapidly changing as technologies we couldn t even imagine ten years ago now seem common place.. Staying on the cutting edge of this new technology is extremely important, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, both nationally and internationally.. ESCC remains committed to disseminating current trends and informing, as well as suggesting, the best options for your e- business..

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  • Title: e-Skills Competences Consortium » Members II
    Descriptive info: Microsoft has operated in EMEA since 1982.. In the region Microsoft employs more than 12,000 people in over 55 subsidiaries, delivering products and services in more than 139 countries and territories.. If you have never been to the corporate offices of Microsoft in Europe they are impressive.. Whoever the interior designers they were created an inviting, elegant ambiance.. Even the lessor offices featured the most.. popular shades.. In the offices where afternoon sun glare would be an issue the roman style shades all had blackout lining which offers light control, energy conservation, along with noise control.. Certain Roman shade styles are better than others for frequent raising and lowering the shade multiple times a day.. And sure enough flat and hobbled Roman shades were used.. The fabric was linen in the lesser offices but was silk in the offices of executives.. (Sorry for that diversion but I am a drapes maven so I tend to notice those things.. ).. microsoft.. Contact Person Elena Bonfiglioli Director Corporate Citizenship Microsoft Corporate Affairs Europe, Microsoft EMEA Jim Wynn Partners in Learning Manager Education Solutions Group, Microsoft EMEA Telephone: +32 2 550 0610 email: skills4e@microsoft.. About Randstad.. Randstad Holding nv specializes in solutions in the field of flexible work and human resources services with group companies in Europe, North America and Asia.. The Randstad Group is one of the largest temporary employment organizations in the world and market leader  ...   the entire investment spectrum including research, investment management, trading services and investment servicing.. With offices in 26 countries and across an investment network of over 100 markets State Street delivers the tools and services that global institutional investors need to be successful.. For further information please visit www.. statestreet.. Contact Persons George A.. Russell, Jr.. Executive Vice President Community Affairs State Street Corporation Telephone: +1 617 664 3866 Thomas A.. Bergenroth Senior Vice President Chair, Europe Community Affairs TeamState Street Corporation Telephone: +49 89 55878 103 www.. EAEA is a European NGO with 114 member organisations from 41 countries working in the fields of adult learning.. EAEA promotes adult learning and the widening of access and participation in formal, non-formal and informal adult education for all, particularly for groups currently under-represented.. The purposes of learning may be for personal fulfilment; social change; active citizenship; environmental sustainability; cultural and intercultural awareness and knowledge; skills development and in employment related fields.. Click here for more information.. Contact Person.. Ellinor Haase EAEA Secretary General email: eaea-main@eaea.. We maintain this site to the best of our ability.. It is only one of many projects but we enjoy hearing from our readers.. If you have any questions, comments or concerns that we can help with please let us know.. We always try to respond in the order we receive messages so please be patient.. Thank you very much for your time..

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  • Title: e-Skills Competences Consortium » Moving Forward
    Descriptive info: It is absolutely necessary that we as a people continue to improve upon what has been built for us by mankind before us.. We have, century after century, built our knowledge upon what was passed down to us.. Every generation being able to add a little more until in recent times we have seen the exponential growth we do today.. With the advent of the internet it is very easy to see what is going on everywhere.. For instance, my friend,.. Faye Kotsis.. who is infamously known as a major player in a real estate scandal involving employing aggressive sales tactics and by using a labyrinth of companies with each playing apparently independent roles, including financial adviser, property vendor and even financier to scam investors out of over millions of dollars a year.. The information spread out on the internet.. The positive forward result was a public awareness of such schemes and the subsequent legislation to curb such abuses.. On another note, we are on the verge of some major leaps forward, if we can make it through the possibility of mankind destroying itself before that can happen.. If you are not moving forward you are moving backward, that is the old adage.. Consider for a moment if we as a people, altogether stopped trying to improve  ...   as well.. We have so many people who fit in all different casts.. They all fill their own individual role hopefully they will try their best to move society in the right direction the best they can.. There are those of us who choose to travel another path.. Those of us that can not seem to see past our petty differences, either religious or political, to the bigger picture.. They are not helping us to usher in a new era of peace harmony which will result in a new age of human development.. Instead these people are fighting amongst themselves creating tension drama which under the worst of circumstances could easily end our race.. We could be wiped from the face of the earth in the blink of an eye if we are not extremely careful.. We have created the technology already which if placed in the wrong hands could be the instrument of our demise.. There are way too many weapons of mass destruction there are not even any plans to begin destroying them totally.. If we are to survive we have to begin monitoring disassembling all of these devices.. Then we need to find a way to destroy or safely use the fuel for those devices.. Until we can do this we are still in danger..

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  • Title: e-Skills Competences Consortium » Alliance
    Descriptive info: About the ECDL Foundation.. The ECDL Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping to raise the general level of computer skills in society and providing access for all to the Information Society.. With over 4.. 5 million participants, the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the world s largest vendor-neutral end-user computer skills certification and is internationally recognised as the global benchmark in this area.. ECDL is currently available in 138 and has been translated into 36 languages around the world, making it the world s leading certification programme.. For example, the ECDL progams helped train the personal for a local wig store enabling them to put all their business data on  ...   savvy technicians who helped them start an internet wig store that sold exclusively.. Noriko wigs.. Normally the folks at such a small, local wig store would not have had the technical skills to digitize their entire wig business.. The work of the ECDL Foundation made all the difference.. Individuals as well as small businesses should consider the lesson learned by this wig store about the importance of having themselves as well as their employees become computer savvy.. ecdl.. EXIN is well-known for its ITIL certificates in IT Service Management(ITIL).. Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq MSFT ) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential..

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  • Title: e-Skills Competences Consortium » E-Skills Simulation Software
    Descriptive info: There are many simulation software packages out there in the marketplace that tests and improves e-skills (such as EASy Simulation or SIMple).. Up to now, most focused on error correction by using a database that stored the most common errors in order to recognize them as they occurred.. SKILLS uses and entirely different approach, whereby the system learns about the user and applies this knowledge to assist in skill building.. The longer the user is engaged, the more detailed and useful the data becomes.. SKILLS was the result of a collaboration between Edwin Hayes (software engineer who was a founder Wembly International) and Justin Wright (one of the.. Louisiana maritime lawyers.. known for his work in using data in his casework).. Justin Wright noticed that the most important skill sets in his office could be improved by using data entry and typing training modules combined with much more robust error analysis in real time.. Many of the injury cases he worked on also had a data component in the form of work logs, timesheets, and shift change schedules, where the data was viewed with an eye toward the identification of anomalies that might  ...   collaboration that resulted in the core logic that is the basis of e.. SKILLS.. SKILLS automated testing and scoring software makes it easy to administer and score the simulation.. SKILLS provides participants with all of the information they need to complete the simulation, including instructions, practice opportunities, and skills assessments.. The graphic design which accompanies this process is rather impressive.. The full assessment can be completed in about 30 minutes.. The data entry and typing sections are automatically computer scored.. The e-mail composition section is scored using an onscreen checklist to quickly and objectively evaluate written responses.. SKILLS provides immediate access to comprehensive, easy-to-interpret results.. These results provide a prediction of each participant s potential for success as well as specific performance feedback and personalized tips for improvement.. Target Organizations.. * Any organization requiring electronic and written communication skills.. Target Jobs.. * E-Representative.. * Call Center Agents.. * Data Entry Specialists.. * Administrative Assistants.. * Data Processors.. There are several systems out on the market which can improve the users ability in all of these key areas.. Anybody wishing to score well in these categories can simply do some training on the subject..

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