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  • Title: Learning management system:E-University.
    Descriptive info: .. E-University Inc.. Bulgaria, 1200, Sofia, Str.. Golo Byrdo, bld.. 16-20, office 5.. Fax: + 35924894359.. Skype: e-university.. CONTACT.. Home.. eLms Overview.. PDMI Approach.. Modules Overview.. Course Editor.. Test Editor.. Project / Tasks.. Student.. Tutors.. Manager.. Applicant.. Timetable (Webinars).. Tuition.. Reports.. Documents.. Mailer.. Polling.. Avatar Animation.. Buy or Rent.. Licensing.. Buy E-University.. Rent E-University.. Upgrades Support.. Application Screenshots.. eLearning FAQ.. eLearning NEWS.. Virtual Classroom.. Overview.. Live Audio Video.. Presentation.. Screen Sharing.. White Board.. Live Recording.. Chat.. File Sharing.. Corporate Branding.. Co-browse.. Screen Shots.. Services.. Additional services.. Course Development.. Protected Textbooks.. Outsourcing.. Software creation.. Website creation.. Discounts.. Partners.. Partner Program.. Partnership Levels.. Become Partner.. Test-Drive.. Price Calculator.. Buy Rent Calculator.. Service Calculator.. Order now.. Buy Rent Order.. Service Order.. Discount application.. Partner application.. E-class order.. Contact.. T.. he concept of ".. E-University".. elearning suite.. assumes the most advanced technologies of Internet communication between students and professors, regardless of the geographical location of all the participants of the interaction.. This is one of the core strengths of E-University.. Thereby our learning management system finds the solution to the basic problem of distance learning:.. face-to-face contact between student and professor.. , without which a high-quality education is not possible, as official accrediting bodies believe.. Only ".. E-University" elearning suite.. offers point-and-click setup, customization without coding, flexible import/export facilities, 3-day installation, and fully-supported pilot programs.. Be part of a global success story with millions online learners.. ".. learning management system:.. be part of a global success story with millions learners.. Learning management system "E-UNIVERSITY" PRESENTS:.. Individual cabinets.. Admin’s personal cabinet.. Professor’s personal cabinet.. Staff’s personal cabinet.. Student’s personal cabinet.. Applicant’s personal cabinet.. Academic activity.. Webinar’s Server.. Training courses module.. Students testing.. Unlimited forums for course.. Timetable (Webinars).. Student e-record.. Archive of student records.. Students’ activity monitoring.. Protected textbooks.. Electronic library.. Avatar animation.. Unlimited number of users.. Offline learning support.. Repository.. University Management.. Web Conference.. Projects/ task management.. Staff’s daily performance record.. Internal mail system.. Workflow management.. Students’ payments management.. Applicants Management.. Reporting.. University news.. Mailer.. Polls.. Feedback forms.. Multi-assessment.. E-University elearning suite:.. Ease of use.. - Friendly interface, extreme ease of absorption and exploitation.. Accessibility.. - No need for complex software and servers for administrating and using; all you need for working in the system is any Internet browser.. Communicability.. – The only training system offering the most advanced technologies of Internet communication between students and professors, creating distant face-to-face contact between student and professor.. Reliability.. - The use of reliable server solutions provides you an opportunity to train 24/7, 365 days a year.. Innovativeness.. - Users get skilled in an interactive educational environment using up-to-date Internet technologies of training.. Control.. - Permanent control over the system users ‘actions.. Scalability.. - The ability to use all new functions and features added to the system by the developer.. Protection.. - Educational e-textbooks created using our technology have the most reliable forms of protection against copying and information transferring to the third parties.. Introduction.. – The established procedure of system implementation, saving user’s time and money.. Promptness of configuring the system to the customer’s order.. Your E-university will start operating within 24 hours.. Support.. - Training users how to work with the system, users’ on-line support.. Show me in.. E-University's learning management system.. how to.. :.. Build Courses Visually..  ...   management system package.. For these organizations, our.. Login Go.. service is the perfect answer.. Subscribers have a complete development, management and training system with built-in security and comprehensive reporting.. Re-use Existing Training Materials.. There is no need to throw out all the material you developed for classroom training.. With.. E-University.. learning management system.. , you can re-use learning material such as Procedures manuals, charts, diagrams, forms, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, movies, and audio files.. Often these materials can be used and tracked as learning objects.. In other cases, it makes sense to adapt your content to a faster, more interactive format.. Either way, E-University elearning suite lets you re-use your.. learning content.. as many times as you wish.. Single-Source learning management systems.. learning management system provides a complete portfolio of integrated.. E-Learning Software.. tools.. It is no longer necessary to buy a learning management system from one vendor, an authoring tool from another, and collaboration tools from a third.. Whether you decide to license the E-University software or subscribe to the.. Login Go service.. , you'll have all the necessary tools provided in a single menu and environment.. And Login Go.. subscribers can easily and economically convert to the licensed solution with no loss of data.. Total Cost of Ownership.. currently powers online training for over one million learners worldwide.. It's popularity is due to its flexible feature set and low overall cost of ownership.. Standard licenses start at less than 7 EURO per student.. In addition, the.. point-and-click learning management center lets you tailor your training environment to match your requirements without costly programming.. Start Training in Days, Not Months.. learning management system light-weight web-native architecture is both server and bandwidth friendly.. The web-based management menu lets one person monitor learning activity for a large number of online learners, so there is no need to add staff to run your training center.. Built-in templates jump-start your.. course.. development process, or you can drop existing content files into a proven framework to.. create courses in no time.. Translate:.. Menu.. Safe and without hesitation.. Use E-University and don't worry about the safety of your system or your privacy.. High-Security.. E-University features industrial strength high-security.. All communication is secured by digital certificated issued by a trust center authority.. The data is encrypted using modern state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption and 2048-bit secured key exchange.. Details:.. Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption (actual encryption algorithm may vary depending on browser capabilities).. Digital Certificate, Public Key Infrastructure: 2048-Bit Certificate.. Username.. Password.. Remember Me.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?.. -----Online Privacy Policy.. -----Permissions and trademark guidelines.. ----Terms of Use.. 2010 E-University Inc.. All rights reserved.. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy.. The virtual classroom software.. Arrange your virtual conference, online meeting, web conference or a webinar with high quality audio over IP (audio conferencing) and video conferencing.. Software for online teaching, training and webinars.. Free virtual classroom and meeting room trial for live sessions.. All you need for your online school and virtual university.. Online training software for corporate training, online collaboration, team meetings and one to one tutoring.. Build an online community with VoIP.. Integrate with existing Learning Management System (LMS), Student Management System (SMS) and Content Management System (CMS)..

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  • Title: Price Calculator
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  • Title: E-University learning management systems the best choice for eLearning.E-University learning content management system established in accordance with all requirements PDMI model of distance learning. - Learning management system:E-University.
    Descriptive info: learning management systems.. the best choice for eLearning.. E.. -University is a web-based learning management system which can create animated training courses (tests for them) and deliver education content to.. students.. Our.. allows to arrange a “live communication" among the student groups of various sizes – 20 to 1000 people at a time plus a.. professor.. , as well as to monitor the university’s basic business processes.. The learning management system’s architecture is that of a single module, which allows to manage most of the standard processes of arranging a distance education by a university or a corporation in accordance with the international model of distance education: Plan, Deliver, Manage, and Improve (PDMI).. learning content management system.. established in accordance with PDMI model.. Practicability and Efficiency.. Planning and organizing.. Our approach to arranging a distance education is practical and efficient.. When you start doing something, you usually plan the outcome, and it’s the expected result that allows to help plan the sequence of actions that will lead you to achieving it.. This first axiom of creating distance education systems is completely implemented in E-University learning management systems.. Delivery and creation.. After planning here comes the time of visualization.. At this stage we visualize absolutely all of the elements of distance education system – from the educational content development modules to the virtual classrooms.. E-University learning content management system allows you to create professional educational content using any applications and file types, while an Avatar animation technology enlivens your textbooks, as your coaches and professors will give lectures at each unit of your book, which will give your audience a feeling of permanent presence at the full-time lectures.. Management and control.. All above mentioned is impossible without a system of professional management of distance education process.. E-University learning management systems.. includes 18 modules and functions for managing and organizing the process of distance education, the main ones being modules of control over.. , professors, staff, courses, class times, tests, as well as modules allowing to monitor activity of.. , professors and staff.. Improvements and modification.. offers you everything you need to analyze and compare the planned efficiency of your.. ' study of different training modules with actual efficiency, which means you can constantly improve your training materials and methods of distance teaching.. You can create polls and analyze your respondents’ answers in order to reasonably improve your distance learning system.. Let's start with the end.. E-University learning content management system is a modern powerful software for organizing distance education, allowing universities to erase the boundaries between traditional full-time education and Internet-distanced training, with the quality of distance education being at some points better than that of the full-time training.. However, all the benefits of the system may be enjoyed only after accurately specifying the objectives of distance learning process, perfecting university's business processes and customizing the system based upon the developed logic.. Analysis of teaching and business processes of a university and their transfer of E-University are doing on the stage of introducing the system of distance education at your university.. The high  ...   create professional e-learning courses, as well as assign the created courses to different groups of.. for studying and testing the level of knowledge.. Educational content.. is also available for managing and forming the curriculum by the staff of Teaching services department through a staff’s personal cabinet.. In order to realize these functions E-University is equipped with such modules as:.. Projects/ Tasks Module.. is an automation of projects and task management, time-management for staff and professors.. ’s Module.. allows to create a student’s personal cabinet, accumulate the information about a student during the training period and solve many other learning problems of the electronic university.. Webinar's Module.. allows to create the class times in the e-classrooms, which.. and professors can visit with one click from any place in the world with Internet access.. Professor’s Module.. allows to create and store professors’ personal records, and arrange professors’ access to their working cabinets in the E-University.. Staff’s Module.. allows to create and store staff’s records (not professors’), arrange staff’s access to their working cabinets in the E-University.. Applicant’s Module.. is a marketing module that allows to carry out advertising work with the website visitors in order to turn them into applicants to a university.. Tuition Module.. allows invoicing for tuition and monitoring student payments.. Document's Module.. , the information repository of the university internal documents, allows to create multiple folders, thus cataloging the electronic documentation of a university.. Report’s Module.. creates reports different system users need in their day-to-day activities of organizing and managing the distance learning process.. allows e-mailing to various user groups:.. , student groups or colleges, etc.. Polling module is developed for continuous monitoring of system users’ status and the quality of the educational process at the E-University, allowing to create and allocate polls on various pages of student’s cabinet, accumulating and processing the data.. E-University was created as a self-improving distance learning system.. This means that the system has a full range of tools to create a modern educational content and monitor the quality from the.. ’ perspective, which allows university staff to constantly improve the methods of teaching, the quality of teaching materials and the style of the educational process in general.. E-classes at E-University allow to organize a full-time Internet lecture and seminars for.. of all forms of education, create individual teaching plans for groups of.. and individual users, create and use individual mechanisms of monitoring the digestion of knowledge.. Using Avatar technology to create an animated courses allows to create unique animated teaching materials, listen to the lectures for each textbook unit directly from the student's personal cabinet, which creates the effect of full-time presence at the lectures and contact with the lecturer.. Training courses, created under this technology, are easily adaptable, which allows to constantly monitor and maintain the quality of educational materials at the proper level.. Modern E-University Internet communicator allows free talk between the.. and teachers, as well as arranging the audio conference for 3 people absolutely free.. These communication formats can be successfully used for the individual voice consultations, exams, conducting mini-lectures and practical training..

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  • Title: Learning platform overview - Learning management system:E-University.
    Descriptive info: E-University learning platform modules overview.. learning platform.. : training course.. Editor.. Put your thoughts on electronic paper in a way you could never imagine before.. E-University is a modern text editor with an intuitive interface focused on creating the electronic educational content that allows to create an e-learning courses quickly and easily.. Split up the file with the content of your course to separate units, add additional text, tables, images, links (to other documents or any web page).. Create your first e-learning course quickly.. E-University runs Microsoft Word ®-styled interface so that you won’t have to learn again.. Convert your ready documents into e-learning course.. E-University allows to create an e-books by importing numerous documents.. Just specify the folder they are located in and the software will import them into the corresponding unit of the course (unit part).. Import of documents of Microsoft Word ® and Microsoft Excel ® (provided software is installed and customized) is supported, as well as that of text documents, RTF document, HTML.. Deliver your e-learning courses to anyone, at any time to any place with Internet access.. Enjoy creating and publishing the e-learning courses from the concept to realization.. E-University course editor is:.. Full text and paragraph formatting.. Creating links to navigate the course, open the other courses and documents.. Creating page layouts using tables, including nested tables.. Creating and customizing of your own text styles.. Usage of images, audio, video, Flash, GIF, OLE objects.. Automatic import of documents.. Built-in spell checking.. Each course consists of the elements such as:.. Information,.. Introduction,.. Lessons.. Test.. (s),.. Links,.. FAQ,.. Forum,.. Textbooks,.. Dictionaries,.. Video,.. Courses (Functions).. Introduction Function.. allows to specify the main information of the training course, contents and educational instructions to study.. Lesson.. Function.. allows to create unit elements of the training course using any data formats.. Tests Function.. allows to create different types of tests for online.. testing; tests can be assessed in different assessment systems (pass / fail, mark in the Russian format, grade in the international format, etc.. ).. Textbook Function.. allows the teacher to allocate e-textbooks for the course in various formats: Word, PDF, E-University protected textbooks for further downloading by.. in the personal cabinet.. Dictionary Function.. allows the teacher to allocate various reference materials for the course in various formats: Word, PDF, etc.. for further downloading by.. Video Function.. allows to add the Avatar (Video) lecture to each unit (lesson) of the course.. This function is Avatar technology-enabled, which allows to animate a photo of your.. and "teach" him to give lectures in the personal student’s classroom.. The creation of Avatar lecture is worth far less money than the video recording, and Avatar lecture files are a dozen times lighter than video files digitized for online use, thereby allowing lecture playback in good quality even at low-speed Internet connection of 128 kbps.. Links Function.. allows to place useful Internet links for.. at the pages of the course so that they could study the web resources.. Forum Function.. allows to create the unlimited number of forums in the course.. The forum serves to collect.. ’ questions and placing the.. ’s chronological replies to these questions.. FAQ Function.. allows the teacher to answer the frequently asked questions on the course during its development, which facilitates the further.. ’s work with a student while studying the subject.. editor is.. designed for creating tests, conducting testing and processing of test results.. This module can be used for organizing and conducting the testing or exams in any educational institutions (universities, colleges, schools) both for identifying the standard of knowledge on all academic subjects and with educating intentions.. Businesses and enterprises may carry out qualification and certification of their employees.. Area of application.. The module allows to easily create tests on any school subjects, any university subjects, tests for proficiency testing, psychological tests, etc.. Security.. All the tests and test results are encrypted with resistant cryptographic methods, which completely eliminates the possibility of test results falsification.. In addition, E-University protects the test from viewing its structure, the correct answers, etc.. ; prevents trial testing aimed at determining the correct answers.. Visualization.. Questions and answer options can be fully formatted at the powerful built-in text editor, closely approximated to MS WORD by its functions and convenience.. The editor allows inserting images, formulas, charts, tables, audio and video files, HTML documents and any OLE documents.. Diversity of question types.. 3 types of questions may be used in tests:.. • Single choice.. The testee must choose one option from several offered.. • Multiple choice.. The testee must choose more than one answer option from several proposed.. • Open question.. The testee must type in the answer from the keyboard.. The test creator can use powerful template language allowing to properly assess the user’s answer.. Time limit..  ...   the university, find out the outstanding amount and become familiar with financial e-documents accompanying the history of calculations.. Activity.. Activity Function allows to track the student’s actions in his/her personal cabinet by time and generate corresponding reports for various periods of time.. Documents Function is a repository of documents of any format accompanying the process of student’s training; the.. ’ written examination papers are also accumulated there.. Results.. Results Function is an electronic record of the e-testing of the student's knowledge results.. Diploma/Dissertation.. Graduation Project Function is the directory where information on the student’s graduation project or qualification paper is stored.. Other System Modules.. Tutors module.. This module allows to create and store professors’ personal records, and also determines the connections between a.. and training courses.. The module allows to track the activity of professors, which improves the quality of the educational process.. Each registered.. has access to a private cabinet – a basic electronic workplace of the professor, where he/she can develop training courses, communicate with the.. , conduct full-time lectures in the online classes and perform other actions within the limits of the educational process.. Managers Module.. This module allows to create and store staff’s personal records (not professors).. Each registered staff member has access to the personal cabinet – a basic electronic workplace of the university employee, where he/she can monitor the training process, finance and payments, receive tasks from the management and reporting on their execution.. E-University concept allows to flexibly customize the functionality of.. ’s and staff’s e-cabinets upon of the current university goals and wishes of the management.. Applicants module.. The main problem of modern universities, regardless of their proprietary form, is an admission of new.. The current level of the Internet development changes the understanding of efficient methods of education sales: it’s not enough now to advertise in printed newspapers and magazines, but rather necessary to professionally communicate with website visitors and turn them into applicants.. Applicants Module allows to create various contact forms on the university website – for example, an application for admission, an application for a demo course, etc.. , and receive those applications in the manager’s (university staff’s) cabinet, to conduct personal correspondence with a website visitor, turning him/her into an applicant.. When a visitor takes a decision to study, his/her applicant record can be easily converted to the student record, providing a new listener access to the personal cabinet.. Timetable (Webinars) Module.. This Module allows to create the schedule of e-classes that a student can attend in real time.. Electronic (Internet) class is a virtual environment for arranging the lecture and seminar courses, similar to the full-time education.. Students can attend lectures in real time, communicate with the.. and among themselves, watch presentations on the e-blackboard; at the end of the lecture it gets archived in lectures repository and sent to.. ’ personal cabinets, which provides a better working-through of the material for.. due to the quality of the original lectures as compared to what a student writes aurally.. Finance.. Module allows invoicing for tuition and monitoring student payments.. Function also lets calculating the penalties for late payments and blocking the.. ’ access to training materials.. Linked to the Reports Module, the function issues various financial reports allowing university management to take the proper financial decisions at any time.. Reports Module.. Reports Module allows to receive financial and academic reports, thus significantly simplifying the work of financial managers, professors and university staff.. Reports are divided into 2 categories: financial ones, allowing to track the current payments and training payments debts; and academic, which allow to analyze the current academic progress, college debts, and the.. ’s activity of checking the examination papers.. Documents Module.. Information repository of the university internal documents.. The module allows to make multiple folders, thus cataloging the electronic documentation of a university.. You can upload the documents (of any format) with choosing the folder to store, as well as delete documents, move them from folder to folder or filter by the field format.. There’s a possibility to save individual documents or all documents in a specific directory in ZIP, RAR archive.. E-University allows to customize access rights to each folder for each user, which guarantees the confidentiality of the information and its safety.. Mailer Module.. E-University offers its users a professional e-mail editor, helping to conduct mass e-mailing to various user groups:.. E-University uses Microsoft Word ®-styled interface, which allows to create e-mail content without any extra knowledge and skills.. E-University mailer is:.. Creating links to navigate the course, for opening the other courses and documents.. Creating page layouts using tables, including nested tables.. Time targeting of e-mails delivery.. Polling Module.. Module to create polls, allocate polls at the pages of student personal cabinet, as well as collect and analyze polling statistics..

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  • Title: Courseware: Avatar Animation - Learning management system:E-University.
    Descriptive info: Courseware: we offer one of the up-to-date ways to improve your electronic educational content.. An avatar (abbreviations include av ,and avi and "avvie") is a computer user's representation of himself or herself….. (.. http://en.. wikipedia.. org/wiki/Avatar_(computing)).. What is it?.. W.. e offer you one of the up-to-date ways to improve the quality of your electronic educational content – creating your professors’ Avatars with their subsequent integration into e-textbooks, made in E-University.. Avatar, or electronic representative of a.. , is created on the basis of a person’s photographic picture; it animates the image in the proper sense of the word: Avatar can speak and imitate facial expressions of the person from the photo; voice and facial expressions are synchronized.. Professor’s Avatar allows.. to listen to his/her voice lectures and watch a live.. , not communicating with him/her physically at the moment.. Textbooks, animated with Avatar technology and combined with Internet classrooms, create a 100% face-to-face contact between a student and a.. , which makes it possible to call a distance E-University-based education similar in quality to the full-time education.. This way of creating electronic courses gained immense popularity in the educational environment, because virtual professors on the web pages of universities and business schools increase the sales of educational content for at least 15-20%:.. watch a "live virtual.. ”, listen to his/her lectures, read the textbooks developed by him/her, i.. , they have a feeling of communicating with the real lecturer.. The results of digesting the educational content improve;.. are more willing to visit their personal cabinets and spend more time there.. At the same time, this technology allows a student to always have a lecture on him/her, i.. listen to it at any place and at any convenient time.. Courseware.. : How it works.. The example of creating and using an avatar can be found.. here.. Benefits.. Benefits of using professors’ Avatars for universities are obvious and significant:.. Increase in university’s popularity and sales growth.. Sales of educational content in universities using Avatar technology are 15-20% higher than those in universities working in the old  ...   lectures in such a way that that the main message would fall on the.. ’s Avatar and independent study of the lecture material by.. Full-time lectures will be used for correcting the lecture material, giving answers to.. ’ questions and parsing examples.. Such changes in teaching methods are very beneficial for the university’s.. as well: a university, on the one hand, will reduce the cost of the lecturer’s wage fund: international experience shows the reduction in 25 to 40%, as the lecturer will spend considerably less time on a full-time lecturing; on the other hand, a university will have to pay the lecturer for the development of lecture material, viewing the lectures, as well as for the remaining amount of full-time lectures, and lecturer will get his/her time unloaded at the expense of full-time hours cut, but the quality of the educational process will still remain very high!.. So, now your.. will never miss the lecture, and your professors will save their time and efforts for preparing for the survey lectures at the expense of outsourcing a large amount of lecture material elaboration of the.. ’ independent work.. Whereby, the.. gets paid for the reproduction of his lectures in the student’s personal cabinet, which protects his/her copyright and covers his/her expenses for the entire period of university using Avatar-lectures.. Pricing.. It’s very difficult to estimate the cost of a finished project of creating.. ’s Avatar, but in general it isn’t too expensive and any university can afford it, especially if you compare the prices of video shooting, editing and electronic capturing of video files for Internet use.. If you need this service contact us for consultation.. Technical advantages of Avatar technology:.. small size of the lecture file, which guarantees the speed and quality of playback on low-speed Internet for a student with 128 Kbps Internet connection.. low price of creating Avatar-animated training courses, as well as the short time terms of creation.. creativity of the final product.. the ability to use simple and complex Avatar technologies (Avatar + blackboard).. This is a photo.. This is.. Avatar..

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  • Title: Elearning software licensing - Learning management system:E-University.
    Descriptive info: Elearning software.. Licensing: Getting Started.. Perhaps you believe that online training systems are complex or expensive, and many are.. But E-University is totally different.. It combines native web architecture, a streamlined management interface and a powerful set of features.. It's not just easy-to-use, it's also versatile, reliable and economical.. The E-University is as easy to license and install as it is to use for your online courses.. You pay a low one-time license fee rather than expensive annual "royalty" or per-user fees.. Licensing:.. Step-By-Step.. Review the E-University Web Site.. You are already here.. Be sure and check out all information on the latest releases.. Complete the Online.. Contact Form.. You'll help us respond by identifying your company or organization and describing your project, your needs and your timeframe.. Match Your Solution.. In this step, an e-Learning consultant will answer your questions and demonstrate how E-University meets your particular requirements.. If you are a  ...   utilize E-University as an online subscription rather than an internal software package, that option is also available.. Approval and Delivery.. As soon as you have approved your proposal, we'll send you an official elearning software license.. When that is complete, the E-University will be on its way to you in 48-72 hours or less.. Begin e-Learning.. In most cases you'll start building courses within a day or two, after configuring E-University through a simple point-and-click interface.. And you can take your eLearning project "live" while you continue to create and schedule additional classes.. Upgrades and Support.. Annual upgrades are a very economical way to continue acquiring advanced features in the latest software as it is released.. Tiered License fees and discounts for multiple sites.. New tiered pricing means we have a price that's right for the size of your company, organization or educational institution.. Special discounts are also available for companies with multiple sites..

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  • Title: Elearning software licensing - Learning management system:E-University.
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  • Title: Buy E-University e learning system or learning content management system - Learning management system:E-University.
    Descriptive info: e-Learning system License Fees.. E-learning system.. tiered licensing and multi-site discounts.. We offer competitive prices and excellent quality of.. learning content management.. software.. To find a complete, full-featured learning management system priced at under $20,000 is unusual.. To find one with a built-in, multi-user, learning content authoring tool is unheard of.. Add in the benefits of our unique point-and-click system configuration and you can see why the E-University.. system concept has been so successful.. The E-University.. system is licensed for unlimited courses, for one fixed economical price.. Rather than requiring annual royalty payments or "per-user" fees, we license E-University for a simple, low one-time payment.. This is one more way we make it easy to do business and  ...   250.. Euro 5,999.. Standard Edition.. Unlimited courses, up to 1,000.. Euro 9,999.. Professional Edition.. Unlimited courses, up to 5,000.. Euro 19,999.. Unlimited Edition.. Unlimited courses, unlimited.. Euro 36,999.. as priced above includes:.. №.. Module / Function.. Comments.. 1.. Projects /Tasks.. Standard package.. 2.. Students.. 3.. 4.. Managers.. 5.. Applicants.. 6.. Courses.. 7.. Tests.. 8.. Time sheet (webinars).. Only if classes purchased.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. e learning system.. is far more economical than other leading web based training solutions.. And there are no additional student fees and no need to buy and install browser "plug-in" software.. Please ask your e-Learning consultant for the latest information on:.. Custom course development.. Hosting.. The turnkey training center Login Go program..

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  • Title: Rent E-University eLearning system - Learning management system:E-University.
    Descriptive info: ELearning system: Login Go Service.. The Login Go service is a perfect fit for companies with an online learning strategy but who don't wish to deploy their own web server.. A hosted solution, also called an "ASP" arrangement, is an excellent fit for this situation whether you need to offer just a few online courses or you need a large curriculum.. By hosting elms on our network and server infrastructure, provides installation and support of your state-of-the-art development, delivery and management environment.. We monitor and maintain your complete, scalable training site including full security and regular backups.. Not just an online learning platform, but a full solution, the E-University gives you your own online university.. It's a complete eLearning environment, automatically delivering and tracking your online courses and powered by the proven E-University.. ELearning system: Login Go Service fee schedule is available here:.. Number of users.. Per user/Per month (Euro).. 200.. 4.. 201-500.. 3.. 501-1000.. 2.. 1001-2000.. 1,6.. 2001-4000.. 1,2.. 4001-6000.. 0,9.. 6001.. 0,7.. Prepaid discount policy: 6 months – 10%, 12 months -15%.. The E-University as priced above includes:.. Projects /Tasks.. Students.. Applicants.. Courses.. Tests.. Only if classes purchased.. Reports.. Documents.. E-University Login Go service is a web-based product, so the part of a price is a server quota.. The server quota is the size of an electronic document repository of your university.. Over-expenditure of the quota must be paid separately.. The server quota is paid monthly.. Our server quota fee schedule is available here:.. Server Quota (MB).. Per month (Euro).. 500.. 45..  ...   even when electrical supply is sporadic.. And in the event of a total power failure, enormous generators are running 24 X 7 to keep the juice flowing smooth and steady.. Intelligent multi-carrier routing.. This means that multiple trunk lines from multiple internet backbone providers are routed through the data center.. When your server or training site receives a hit or needs to send data back to a student, it selects the carrier and network route that will provide the quickest path and most reliable transmission.. This happens continuously, thousands of times per second, automatically, and keeps data flowing in both directions along the best possible course.. The combined results of these two factors are significant, and can best be described as improved reliability and faster response time.. Many people ask about a percentage of "up" time.. In other words, how often will the system go down or be otherwise unavailable.. The move from internal hosting for the new Premium Hosting environment means reliability would be increased from perhaps 99.. 5% to perhaps 99.. 99%.. Of course, the internet is still a vast distributed network and nothing is guaranteed.. But these estimates may help quantify the improved reliability of a robust data center environment designed for maximum performance and availability.. The premium hosting configuration will be used for all hosted licenses and also for all Login Go subscribers going forward.. For a modest increase in cost over the previous hosting service, we are now providing a faster, more redundant, reliable, and bullet-proof infrastructure for our customers..

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  • Title: Learning management software:upgrades & support - Learning management system:E-University.
    Descriptive info: E-University learning management software: upgrades.. Annual Upgrade and Support Price*.. Euro 1,799.. Euro 2,999.. Euro 11,099.. * Upgrade/Support prices are 30% of current published price for that license.. Price includes software upgrades and support.. Customers must not let their maintenance plan expire in order to be eligible for these discounts.. learning management software.. support services.. support is offered to all customers, free of charge, for 30 days after the software is purchased.. Why is a support contract important? Everyone is bound to have questions from time to time.. If you take the time to build a fabulous instruction plan using E-University, you want to be sure that you'll be able to use  ...   product ads value at every level, our support staff is comprised of a diverse group of experienced service professionals who are committed to delivering effective and efficient technical support and answers to your product how to questions.. E-University offers a standard maintenance and support package that is designed to make it easy for you to get the information you need to use our product most effectively.. The standard E-University support package includes:.. 24x7 access to our online support system.. Product updates and major software upgrades as available.. 24x7 access to our online Knowledgebase featuring FAQs, Product How Tos and Best Practice information.. 24 hour guaranteed response time to all issues and/or questions..

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    Descriptive info: E-University Screenshots..

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