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  • Title: e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: .. Jump to Navigation.. Top navigation.. About EPC.. Who we are.. Mission.. Strategy.. Statutes.. History.. Structure.. General assembly.. EPC council.. EPC Representatives.. Abstract selection committee.. Secretariat.. Open calls.. National Societies.. Membership.. List of National Societies and Fees.. Education.. Pancreas 2000.. EPC-Fellowship.. Travel Grant.. HaPanEU.. Awards Grants.. Lifetime Achievement Award.. EPC Honorary membership.. EPC Meeting Best Oral Presentation (basic clinical).. EPC Meeting Best Poster Presentation (basic clinical).. Meetings.. Current meeting.. Future meetings.. Past meetings.. Pancreas related meetings.. Documents.. UEG.. Journal.. Contact us.. e-p-c.. org.. Welcome to the new Website of the EPC.. Future Pancreas Releated Meetings:.. 2.. nd.. Pancreatic Cancer Meeting -.. Novel Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches; August 31-September 1,  ...   more information, please click.. here.. !.. EPC Meeting in Southampton:.. For further information click.. , or visit the.. website.. of the conference!.. Community:.. Facebook.. RSS.. Contact:.. Peter Hegyi; Secretary.. First Department of Medicine;.. University of Szeged.. Koranyi alley 8-10, Szeged, H-6720;.. Hungary.. Tel:+3662545200; Fax: +3662545185.. email:.. secretariat.. epc@gmail.. com.. Read more.. about Welcome to the new Website of the EPC.. Registration.. Login.. Account registration.. Single account registration.. Group account registration.. Request new password.. Secretary functions.. National Pancreatic Societies.. Navigation.. Abstract submission.. Help.. FAQ.. Newsletter.. Key Dates.. KEY DATES.. EPC 2012.. All rights reserved.. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the.. General Terms and Conditions.. and the.. Pivacy Policy..

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  • Title: Who we are | e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: You are here.. Home.. ›.. The European Pancreatic Club (EPC) is a non-profit, international scientific organization dedicated to the study of the pancreas.. EPC was founded in 1965, with the idea to bring together basic scientists and clinicians in an informal atmosphere to promote friendship and research  ...   pancreatologists for five decades.. EPC has strong connections with various European National Pancreatic Societies (from 22 countries).. The main aims of the EPC are as to:.. expand knowledge of pancreatic diseases.. promote basic and clinical research.. provide a scientific platform for pancreatologists.. conduct clinical and scientific education..

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  • Title: Mission | e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: The European Pancreatic Club is a non-profit organization with the following aims:.. - to.. promote communication between basic and clinical scientists.. in Europe interested in the pancreas and its disorders.. - to.. promote and organize an annual scientific meeting.. devoted to all aspects of the pancreas.. promote scientific, epidemiological and  ...   and therapy of pancreatic diseases.. Preference will be given to co-operative projects.. establish scholarships.. and promote postgraduate education and training.. support other meetings.. concerning the pancreas organized by members of the EPC.. disseminate information about EPC activities.. , and publish such educational matter as the EPC council may consider desirable..

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  • Title: Strategy | e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: This page is under construction..

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  • Title: Statutes | e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: The Statutes contains the principles of the EPC.. This document summerizes the rules and duties of the EPC General Assembly, Council and President.. Revised Statues (changes in red) ratified at EPC Council Meeting in Amsterdam (2012) and at.. the General Assembly meeting in Zurich (2013).. Files:.. STATUTES-EPC2012.. pdf..

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  • Title: History | e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: The History of the EPC.. The.. European Pancreatic Club (EPC).. was founded during a first symposium on December 9 and 10, 1965 in London (President H.. T.. Howat).. The nine founding members were one biochemist (Jean Christophe, Belgium), one physiologist (Alfred A.. Harper, UK), two surgeons (André Delcourt, Belgium, Yngve Edlund, Norway) and five physicians with special interest in the pancreas (Werner Creutzfeldt, Germany, Oliver Fitzgerald, Ireland, Karel Herfort, Czechoslovakia, Henry T.. Howat, UK, Henri Sarles, France).. It was the world’s first scientific society dedicated to the study of the pancreas.. The idea was to bring basic scientists and clinicians together in an informal atmosphere to promote friendship and communication on research between them.. The 2nd symposium was held in Marseilles in1967 (President H.. Sarles).. Up to the time of writing annual meetings have been held almost every year; the 2005 meeting was the 37th.. In 1973 the EPC decided  ...   officers of the EPC are the President, the Past President, the President Elect, the Secretary, the Treasurer and eight Councillors from different European countries, four from basic and four from clinical science.. At the meetings on average 150 contributions are accepted for presentation; the abstracts are printed in Pancreatology.. Papers come from nearly all European countries and from overseas.. In total 4,837 scientific presentations were made from 1971 to 2004.. In the same period there have been 245 invited and “state of the art” lectures.. Since 1991 meetings have included a “Young Researchers” Corner”.. This event, given by international experts is especially designed to give information on new techniques of research.. The European Study Group of Pancreatic Cancer (ESPAC) and the European Registry of Hereditary Pancreatitis and Familial Pancreatic Cancer (EUROPAC) are affiliated with the EPC.. History of the European Pancreatic Club-Part 1.. History of the European Pancreatic Club-Part 2..

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  • Title: Structure | e-p-c.org
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  • Title: General assembly | e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: The General Assembly (GA) of the association is the highest organ of the EPC.. It consists of the members of the EPC.. The GA decides on the election of president, secretary, treasurer and councillors of the EPC, accounts, annual fee, alteration of the constitution, co-operation with other societies, and dissolution of the association..  ...   of the members participating in the annual EPC meeting are present.. Each member present or voting by proxy is entitled to one vote.. Decisions of the GA will be agreed by a simple majority of those voting in person or voting by proxy.. For more information please see the Statutes of the EPC..

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  • Title: EPC Council | e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: EPC Council.. The executive council of the EPC will consist of the President, the President elect, the past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and eight general councillors.. The President will preside over the EPC for one year.. The Secretary of the EPC or a Council member designated by the Secretary shall chair all meetings of the Council.. Responsibilities of the Council.. The EPC is managed by the Council.. The Council decides on all matters not specifically assigned to the General Assembly.. The Council notably has the following responsibilities:.. (A) Administration of the EPC business.. (B) Organisation of the annual EPC-meeting as detailed in Statutes of the EPC Article X.. (C) Delegation of responsibilities to sub-committees or working parties as appropriate.. (D) Approval of the accounts.. (E) Preparation and executing of rules and regulations for the management of the EPC.. For more information please see the.. Statutes of the EPC.. Secretary.. Peter Hegyi.. Elected: 2012 (Oct 2012-Oct 2017).. First Department of Medicine.. Koranyi alley 8-10.. H6720 Szeged.. Phone: +3662545200.. Fax: +3662545200.. hegyi.. peter@med.. u-szeged.. hu.. President For 2014.. Colin Johnson.. Faculty of Medicine.. University of Southampton.. South Academic Block; Tremona Road.. SO16 6YD Southampton.. UK.. Phone: +43 23 8079 6145.. Fax: +43 23 8079 4020.. C..  ...   2013 (Oct 2013-Oct 2016).. Institute of Translational Medicine.. Dept of Cellular Molecular Physiology,.. Crown Street,.. University of Liverpool,.. Liverpool.. L69 3BX.. United Kingdom.. Phone: +441517945351.. A.. Tepikin@liverpool.. Jonas Rosendahl.. Elected: 2014 (Oct 2014-Oct 2017).. Department for Internal Medicine,.. Neurology and Dermatology,.. Division of Gastroenterology and Rheumatology.. University of Leipzig.. Liebigstrasse 20.. 04103 Leipzig.. Germany.. Phone: +49 341 97 13223.. Fax: +49 341 97 12209.. jonas.. rosendahl@medizin.. uni-leipzig.. de.. Daniela Basso.. Elected: 2012.. (Oct 2012-Oct 2015).. Department of Laboratory Medicine,.. University-Hospital of Padova,.. Via Giustiniani 2.. 35128 Padova.. Italy.. Phone: +390498212801.. Fax: +39049821981.. daniela.. basso@sanita.. padova.. it.. Council Members - Clinical Science.. Enrique de Madaria.. Pancretic Unit.. Hospital General Universitario de Alicante.. C/Pintor Baeza s/n.. 03010, Alicante.. Spain.. Phone: +0034 965933468.. Fax: +0034 965933468.. madaria@hotmail.. Ralf Segersvärd.. Center of Digestive Diseases,.. Division of Surgery, CLINTEC,.. Karolinska Institutet at Karolinska University Hospital.. SE-14186 Stockholm.. Sweden.. Ralf.. segersvard@ki.. se.. Julia V.. Mayerle.. Department of Medicine A.. Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald.. Ferdinand-Sauerbruchstrasse.. 17475 Greifswald.. Phone: 03834-867244.. Fax: 03834-867234.. mayerle@uni-greifswald.. Revisor.. Marco Del Chiaro.. Elected: 2013.. Division of Surgery,.. Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology.. Karolinska Institutet.. Stockholm.. Phone: +46858580000.. Fax: +46858586366.. marco.. del-chiaro@karolinska.. Former EPC Council Memers:.. William Greenhalf.. (General Councilor; Basic Science); elected: 2011 (Oct 2011-Oct 2014).. Heiko Witt..

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  • Title: EPC representatives | e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: EPC representatives.. UEG General Assembly.. Elected: 2010 (Jan 2011-Jan 2015).. Elected: 2013 (Jan 2014-Jan 2018).. Helmut Friess.. Elected: 2011 (Jan 2012-Jan 2016).. Klinikum rechts der Isar.. Technische Universität München.. Ismaninger Strasse 22.. 81675 München.. Phone: +49-89-4140-2120.. Fax: +49-89-4140-4870.. helmut.. friess@tum.. UEG Scientific Committe.. Thomas M.. Gress.. SP  ...   Gießen und Marburg GmbH.. Baldingerstrasse.. D – 35043 Marburg.. Phone: + 49 6421 58 66460.. Fax.. : + 49 6421 58 68922.. gastro@med.. uni-marburg.. UEG Educational Committe.. Güralp O.. Ceyhan.. Elected: 2012 (Jan 2013-Jan 2017).. Klinikum Rechts der Isar.. Ismaninger str.. 22.. Phone: +49-89-41405091.. Fax: +49-89-41404870.. gueralp.. ceyhan@tum..

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  • Title: Abstract selection committee | e-p-c.org
    Descriptive info: Basic Science.. Elisa Giovannetti.. Elected: 2012 (Jan 2013-Jan 2016).. Department of Medical Oncology.. VU University Medical Center.. De Boelelaan 1117.. 1081 HV Amsterdam.. The Netherlands.. Phone: +31(0)204442267.. Fax: +31(0)204443844.. e.. giovannetti@vumc.. nl.. Viktoria Venglovecz.. Elected: 2011 (Jan 2012-Jan 2015).. venglovecz.. viktoria@med.. David N Criddle.. Department of Cellular Molecular Physiology.. University of Liverpool.. Daulby Street.. L69 3BX Liverpool.. Phone: ++ 44 151 794 5304.. Fax: ++ 44 151 794 5327.. criddle@liv.. Miklos Sahin-Toth.. Department of Molecular and Cell Biology.. Boston University Henry M.. Goldman School of Dental  ...   (617) 414-1041.. miklos@bu.. edu.. Clinical Science.. Johanna Laukkarinen.. Department of Gastroenterology and Alimentary.. Tract Surgery.. Tampere University Hospital.. Teiskontie 35.. FIN-33521 Tampere.. Finland.. Phone: +358 3 311 64314.. Fax: + 358 3 311 64358.. johanna.. laukkarinen@fimnet.. fi.. Attila Oláh.. Petz Aladár Teaching Hospital.. Vasvári u.. 9024 Győr.. Phone: +36 309270635.. Fax: +36 96 507936.. drolaha@gmail.. Phone: +49 341 97 13223.. Hjalmar C van Santvoort.. Dutch Pancreatitis Study Group.. University Medical Center Utrecht.. HP G04.. 228.. PO box 85500.. 3508 GA Utrecht.. Phone: +31-616784432.. Fax: +31-302541944.. h.. vansantvoort@umcutrecht..

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