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  • Title: Global e-Inclusion Movement
    Descriptive info: .. Documentation.. Small Fund Award.. 3 Prizes of € 5,000 each.. already available for GJC 2009.. Clicking Mechanism.. How it works.. Declaration.. on digital divide.. Project Benefits.. From clicking funding.. Thoughts about Dreams.. Rome - 9th October 2009.. Final Ceremony of GJC 2009.. at the Campidoglio City Hall.. Cooperazione Italiana.. Promises € 425,000.. to 8 projects from the GJC 2007..

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  • Title: Declaration
    Descriptive info: Declaration on Digital Divide.. it.. en.. de.. es.. fr.. Transforming Drops of Concern into and Ocean of Change.. The organisations and people signatories to this declaration believe that the development of the Information Society should be for the benefit of all citizens, communities, and peoples of the world, regardless of race, social position, creed, gender or age.. They believe that exclusion of millions of people from the benefits of ICT either through poverty, disability or any other involuntary exclusion -the digital divide- is unfair, undesirable and avoidable and that, together, we have the force to change this reality for the better.. They commit themselves to campaign and work to make true the potential of the digital opportunity for democracy and sustainable development and reduce the divide within and between countries.. The signatory organisations and individuals acknowledge that:.. ICT are fundamental to the development of a sustainable global digital or knowledge economy, to employment creation and, generally, to the improvement in the quality of life and work of individuals, communities and civil society;.. ICT are fundamental to democracy and the good practice of government, reinforcing transparency, accountability, privacy, and democratic participation by the civil society and all citizens;.. ICT are fundamental to improve the efficiency of government services to organisations and citizens in terms of both cost and quality;.. ICT are fundamental to improve the creation, access, communication and consumption of relevant information and services in health, education, safety, environment for the benefit of individuals and communities in poor and deprived areas of the world (including in advanced countries);.. A great  ...   individuals call for and commit themselves to work:.. for the emergence and flourishing of a 'digital-divide' or 'digital-opportunity' global social movement, inclusive of governments, international organisations, private sector, non-profit sector, (NGO's, foundations, etc.. ) communities, the civil society and, indeed, any organisation or individuals sharing the sentiment of an information society for the benefit of all;.. to stimulate massive awareness on the issues of the digital divide and its deep relation to the challenge of reduction of poverty and exclusion raised by the UN Millennium Summit: reduction of poverty by half by year 2015;.. to ensure the application of ICT to improve the provision of information and services in health, education, safety, environment and other fields for the benefit of individuals and communities in all poor and deprived areas of the world (including those in advanced countries);.. to ensure the application of ICT to improve democracy, privacy and security and, generally, the quality of life and work of individuals; the quality, cost-effectiveness and transparency of processes and services; and the effective progress towards sustainable development;.. to encourage the formulation, implementation, collaboration, learning together and sharing of community, local, regional, national and international programmes, initiatives, projects and actions for inclusive digital economies across the world;.. to maintain and promote the Declaration as a physical or virtual charter open to adherence by all organisations and individuals who, across the world, share the sentiment of an information society for all, and are prepared to work to realise the goal of elimination of the digital divide and, concretely, reducing poverty by half by year 2015..

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  • Title: History
    Descriptive info: Brief History.. The www.. e-inclusionsite.. org website was born in 2002 out of an ambition to contribute to the development of a global e-inclusion movement.. It contains a.. Declaration on the Digital Divide.. ,the.. Small Fund Award.. and the.. The.. was conceived for people rather than institutions as a way to personalize the presence of signatories.. Automatic statistical processing and visualization of the signatories was intended to provide an idea of the characteristics and evolution of the signatory movement.. Clicking Mechanism.. was conceived to help raise funding for project from poor areas of the world while stimulating any person in the world to become a “donor.. ” The original funding concept worked as follows:.. (a).. an sponsoring organization provided funding in exchange for prominent visibility of its logo in the website (e.. g.. , social responsibility branding).. Other branding opportunities were also possible.. (b).. each €1 donated by an sponsor was valued at 20 clicks, that is, €5 cents per click.. Or put in another way, every times a person clicked in the site, €5 cents of the sponsorship money were released for projects from poor areas of the world.. Having reached.. 1 million clicks for the GJC 2002 and 2004.. , the released funds were used, in 2002, to support the attendance of the leaders of winning project to a two-week course on entrepreneurship and innovation at.. Santa Clara University.. , California, and in 2004, to award €5000 to the winning projects – URL link along with support for their development plans.. Change of Clicking-Funding Relationship – GJC 2007.. For the GJC 2007, the clicking mechanism added a further 1 million clicks, to reach a total of 2 million  ...   accumulation of over 8 million clicks at €0.. 05.. Thus, for the GJC 2007, the ratio of the €425,000 pledged by Cooperazione Italiana and the 1 million clicks available translated in a value of €0.. 425 per click.. This solution underscored the importance of flexibility in the relationship between available funds and amount of clicks gathered.. For this reason, since the GJC 2007 onwards, the click will operate as a “floating currency,” with its value determined by the ratio between the available funding and the actual number of clicks gathered at a given point in time.. Thus, sometimes the € value per click will be higher, some other times will be lower.. For the GJC 2009, the funding available from the Clicking mechanism of the e-inclusionsite.. org goes back to the concept of Small Fund Award, with prizes of €5,000 each as in the GJC 2004.. At February 2009, we have gathered €15,000, meaning the availability of three prizes at €5000 each to be given to project from poor areas of the world during the GJC 2009 Award Ceremony in October 2009.. At the same time, we continue to work to gather further funding to be able to increase the number of awards to be given during the Ceremony.. Another positive change is that 100 percent of the funding available in the Small Fund Award of the GJC 2009 will go to the projects.. This supersedes the previous concept whereby the organizers retained 15% of the funds gathered from sponsors to cover the costs of running the website.. For greater details on how the ‘clicking’ funds have been used to benefit projects from poor areas of the world,.. click here..

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  • Title: Alliances
    Descriptive info: Alliances.. The e-inclusion site and each of the organizations in this page support each other's objectives on the use of ICT for poverty eradication and sustainable development and agree to work together to encourage the formation of a global e-inclusion movement..

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  • Title: Contacts
    Descriptive info: Contacts.. If you prefer, you can call us or send us a letter:.. Mail:.. info@mondodigitale.. org.. Phone: +39 06 42014109.. Fax: +39 0642000442.. Via Umbria, 7 - 00187 - Rome -Italy..

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  • Title: Documentation
    Descriptive info: Global E-Inclusion Movement Documentation.. Read position paper and final report on 2002 gathering on Global e-Inclusion movement.. The Digital Divide: The Need for a Social Movement.. (168 Kb).. Author: Alfonso Molina - 2004-09-15.. Discussion on the nature of the digital divide and the need for a global social.. Alfonso Molina, The University of Edinburgh.. One Challenge, One Spirit: The Stockholm Challenge  ...   2004-06-10.. Discussion on the contribution to the battle against the digital divide by the two major global awards for information society initiatives.. By Prof.. A Vision for a Better World in a Crossroad Century.. (120 Kb).. Author: Alfonso Molina - 2002.. A Better World is Possible:.. An Invitation to Believe and Make It Happen.. (183 Kb).. Author: Alfonso Molina - 2004-11-03..

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  • Title: Small Fund Award
    Descriptive info: - GJC 2009.. The present GJC 2009 is again implementing the Small Fund Award of € 5,000 per winning project from poor areas of the world.. So far, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale has collected € 15,000, meaning that three prizes of € 5,000 each are available.. Small Fund Award - GJC 2004.. The GJC 2004 saw the emergence of the Small Fund Award aimed at giving a direct financial contribution to projects from poor areas of the world, selected from those that participated and became finalists in the Global Junior Challenge.. The award amounted at €5000 per project and the funding available was the equivalent of the value of additional 500,000 clicks (at €0.. 05 per click) gathered by the date of the GJC 2004.. This amounted to €25,000.. Fifteen percent of this amount (€3,750) was discounted for purposes of running the site, leaving €21,250 for  ...   in a way that would help advance the development of the project.. If any of the projects faced difficulties in preparing such development plans, the FMD provided support, thus contributing additional value to the projects.. The purpose of the Development Plans was twofold: (a) help the leaders of the projects to define clearly the use of the €5,000 to reinforce the development of their projects; and (b) to leave the projects with a document that would help them in their own fund-raising activities.. Projects receiving Small Fund Award.. Five projects were selected to receive the Small Fund Award of €5,000 each (See Table 1).. The award to the five projects used up €25,000 of the €35,600 available from the clicking money for projects from poor areas of the world.. This left a sum of €10,600 to be carried forward to the next Global Junior Challenge.. BACK..

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  • Title: Clicking Mechanism
    Descriptive info: The Clicking Mechanism has two purposes:.. (a) help raise funding for project from poor areas of the world and.. (b) stimulate any person in the world to become a “donor.. ”.. It works as follows:.. •.. sponsoring organizations provide funding in exchange for social responsibility branding (e.. , prominent visibility of its logo in  ...   projects from poor areas of the world at a click value determined by by the ratio between the total available funds and the total number of clicks (i.. It is expected that the higher the number of clicks, the higher the attraction for sponsors, and hence of the total amount of sponsorship money.. HOME..

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  • Title: Project benefits from clicking funding
    Descriptive info: Benefits for projects from clicking funding.. The clicking funding has allowed the Foundation to award three rounds of funding to projects from poor areas of the world.. Every time this funding has taken a different shape, starting with the.. Global Junior Challenge 2002.. ’s coverage of the trip by leaders of winning projects to.. Santa Clara University.. to do a special course on Entrepreneurship and Innovation.. The second time, on occasion of the.. GJC 2004.. , the funding took the shape of the.. , with €5,000 awarded to the winning projects along with  ...   of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pledged €425,000 to be awarded to 8 projects from poor areas of the world (Bangladesh, Ecuador, Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, Uruguay).. The projects from Bangladesh, Ecuador and Uganda will receive up to a maximum of €100,000 each, while those of Cameroon, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, Uruguay will receive up to a maximum of €25,000 each.. The fund is not an automatic prize.. It will be released on condition of the presentation of satisfactory development plans by the projects.. Read more details for benefits from:.. GJC 2002..

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  • Title: Dreams
    Descriptive info: Thoughts about dreams.. Send your dreams, poems, pictures.. and they will be placed online.. Write to thoughts@e-inclusionsite.. org.. Maybe I am just a dreamer, but I am not the only one.. - John Lennon.. It is not true that people.. stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because.. they stop pursuing dreams!.. (Adapted by A.. Molina from a letter attributed to Gabriel Garcia Marquez).. POVERTY.. I'm hungry, but you can't hear my shouts.. I'm lonely, cold and frightened.. I feel there is no one to care.. I watch you walk past,.. You do not see me sitting here.. As a tear rolls down my cheek,.. I think of life as passing me by,.. Week after week.. There seems no escape,.. No hide away place,.. I'm raped off all my dignity and grace.. So I am forced to begging off people who walk on by,.. They seem not to care,.. That I'm skin, bones and fearful to die.. Then someone across the street catches my eye.. She's dressed in a skimpy blouse.. And tight, short skirt.. As the fellows walk past,.. She's starting to flirt.. I watch her with pride.. As she tries to hide,.. The pain of poverty,.. That has cut her with a knife.. She's a woman like me,.. Raped of dignity,.. Having no where to go,.. She's had to make her money.. Perhaps she has a family,.. Even some kids,.. It seems there are others doing the same,.. Then I wonder if this is for me,.. Playing this game.. As there seems no escape,.. It seems like I'll be looked at as just another face.. I'm frightened  ...   This is what lifes like living on the street.. It isn't fun, it isn't good,.. It's not how I imagined.. It hurts, it humiliates,.. I've lost all my pride,.. Now I know,.. I have nowhere to hide.. Melissa Leigh.. ODE.. We are the music makers,.. And we are the dreamers of dreams,.. Wandering by lone sea-breakers,.. And sitting by desolate streams ;.. World-losers and world-forsakers,.. On whom the pale moon gleams ;.. Yet we are the movers and shakers.. Of the whole world for ever, it seems.. With wonderful deathless ditties.. We build up the world's great cities,.. And out of a fabulous story.. We fashion an empire glory ;.. One man with a dream, at pleasure,.. Shall go forth and conquer a crown ;.. And three with a new song's measure.. Can trample an empire down.. We, in the ages lying.. In the buried past of the earth,.. Built Nineveh with our sighing,.. And Babel itself with our mirth ;.. And o'erthrew them with prophesying.. To the old of the new world's worth ;.. For each age is a dream that is dying,.. And one that is coming to birth.. A.. W.. E.. O'Shaughnessy (1844-1881).. THE WONDERFUL DREAM OF MARSHA GOREN.. Hand in hand across the lands,.. Helping others by clicking together,.. It only takes one click a day,.. Show them you care and it will pay.. Together the children and their families.. will march to a better world.. Let the message be heard,.. It only takes one click for us to save.. the children's future.. So come to dream a dream every day,.. once a day with your teacher!.. Marsha Goren..

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  • Title: GJC 2007
    Descriptive info: The Award Ceremony.. At the Campidoglio City Hall.. The Award Ceremony of the GJC 2009 will take place at the historic Julius Caesar Room of the Campidoglio City Hall, the site of government of the City of Rome.. The Ceremony will award three sets of prizes:.. the overall winners of the overall GJC 2009 will receive the statue of the symbol of the  ...   ICT-based educational innovation will receive a cup each; and.. a selection of three best projects from poor areas of the world will receive â ¬5,000 each.. The prizes are customarily given by city authorities in front of an audience of leaders of winning project, mostly educational and social innovators, ambassadors of winning countries and, of course, many kids and youngsters participating in the projects..

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  • Archived pages: 39