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  • Title: Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: .. Facing the Mortgage Crisis.. Home.. About.. Programs.. Stories.. Resources.. Events.. Discussion.. F.. A.. Q.. Partners.. Information and resources on foreclosure in Michigan, brought to you by Michigan Radio and Detroit Public TV.. Posts RSS.. Comments RSS.. Nov 13th, 2009.. Posted in:.. ,.. michigan radio.. The Future Design of Detroit.. The front desk at DCDC is covered with examples of what Detroit could do with its abandoned buildings (Photo by Jennifer Guerra).. by Jennifer Guerra.. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip.. Download the latest version.. here.. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.. You re going to hear the words asset and opportunity a lot in this story.. And frankly, that s a pretty welcome surprise.. It s not often you hear those words associated with Detroit these days.. But don t tell that to Charles Cross, Chandra Moore, and Virginia Stanard.. They all work at the Detroit Collaborative Design Center.. The firm is associated with the University of Detroit Mercy.. And most of their work focuses on Detroit s abandoned spaces.. Continue Reading.. Tags:.. jennifer guerra.. 16 responses so far.. Nov 12th, 2009.. New Photo Essay on Michigan Radio Picture Project.. Michigan Radio manages another site called the.. Michigan Radio Picture Project.. with the editing help of photographers Eric Smith and Doug Aikenhead.. This week we published a photo essay entitled Home, containing photos by Michigan photographer.. Austin R.. Hermann.. Hermann describes the collection as a pictographic examination of Michigan s current economic housing crisis, with interviews from each participating member.. He visited houses and buildings in Berkley, Ypsilanti and other Michigan communities to capture the scene and speak with homeowners.. Visit the.. to view the photo essay.. picture project.. 11 responses so far.. Program Helps People Buy Foreclosed Homes.. Patrick Molloy sits in his new house in Clarkston, which he bought with the help of NSP funds (Photo by Jennifer Guerra).. The federal government doled out nearly $4 billion towards the Neighborhood Stabilization Program last year.. The program was designed to stabilize communities hardest hit by foreclosures.. Michigan got more than $98 million in NSP money.. As part of our Facing the Mortgage Crisis series, Michigan Radio s Jennifer Guerra checks in with one county to see how it s spending its NSP money.. 33 responses so far.. Nov 11th, 2009.. An Artistic Approach to Neighborhood Stabilization.. The inside of the foreclosed house Charlie O Geen bought for $3,300 (Photo by Jennifer Guerra).. Earlier this year Michigan Radio s Jennifer Guerra introduced us to an artist named Mitch Cope.. He and his wife live in a working-class neighborhood in Detroit.. It s pretty mixed: Polish and Ukranian families, lots of Bangledeshi immigrants.. Not to mention quite a few drug dealers.. Here s what Cope had to say about it back in March:.. 5 responses so far.. Nov 10th, 2009.. The Greening of a City.. Bobby Jackson talks with someone  ...   experts about the foreclosure timeline and process, and find out resources available to help prevent foreclosure.. Tuesday, Oct.. 6 7pm.. William P.. Faust Public Library of Westland.. 6123 Central City Pkwy,.. Westland, MI 48185.. Tuesday, October 27 7pm.. Bloomfield Township Public Library.. 1099 Lone Pine Road.. Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302.. Update: The Bloomfield Hills town hall meeting will take place at 7pm on Thursday, November 12.. town hall meetings.. Comments Off.. Sep 25th, 2009.. MSU Extension Seminars.. MSU Extension has three upcoming seminars where you can get housing advice.. RSVP for all three events: (734) 997-1678.. To schedule a housing counseling appointment, call (734) 222-9595.. Download the PDF Flier.. 1) Tuesday, September.. 29, 2009.. Time: 6:30-8:30pm.. Where: American Red Cross.. 4624 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI.. 2) Tuesday, October 13, 2009.. Where: Ypsilanti District Library.. 5577 Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti, MI.. 3) Tuesday, November 17, 2009.. Where: Pittsfield Charter Township Admin Bldg.. 6201 W.. Michigan Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48108.. msu extension.. seminars.. 6 responses so far.. Sep 2nd, 2009.. detroit public tv.. Rebroadcast of Special Show on DPTV.. Detroit Public TV will rebroadcast their special program for Facing the Mortgage Crisis at 10 p.. m.. on Tuesday, September 8.. DPTV is WTVS Channel 56.. For more info about the program and guest panelists, please click.. HERE.. 10 responses so far.. Next.. Search for:.. United Way 2-1-1 of Southeast Michigan provides mortgage assistance and delinquency resources.. Call.. 800-552-1183.. or.. visit their website.. Have we helped you or someone you know through a foreclosure crisis? Click below to share your story.. Partner Home Pages.. Recent Posts.. The Future Design of Detroit.. New Photo Essay on Michigan Radio Picture Project.. Program Helps People Buy Foreclosed Homes.. An Artistic Approach to Neighborhood Stabilization.. The Greening of a City.. Aging Out of Foster Care and Into Affordable Housing.. Special Reports and Town Hall Event.. Upcoming Town Hall Meetings.. Links.. Detroit Public TV.. Michigan Radio.. Michigan Radio on Facebook.. Michigan Radio on Twitter.. Michigan Radio: FTMC on Facebook.. Michigan Radio: FTMC on Twitter.. Categories.. (8).. (9).. Interviews.. (47).. (1).. (10).. Series.. Social Media.. (2).. (20).. Testimonials.. Archives.. November 2009.. (7).. October 2009.. (1).. September 2009.. (2).. August 2009.. (5).. July 2009.. (28).. June 2009.. (9).. Tags.. call-in show.. charity nebbe.. christina shockley.. cleveland.. dan kildee.. dearborn.. documentary.. donald grimes.. dustin dwyer.. facebook.. facing the mortgage crisis.. foreclosing on the american dream.. foreclosure.. FTMC.. genessee county.. heather mooney.. jack lessenberry.. jamele hage.. kent spencer.. krista tippet.. kyle norris.. mortgage.. npr.. on point.. planet money.. program.. rick pluta.. rina miller.. robert beckley.. robert brokamp.. sarah hulett.. steve carmody.. testimonial.. town hall meeting.. twitter.. vincent duffy.. wayne county.. web chat.. Recent Comments.. louis vuitton originals.. on.. http://www.. armadofilms.. com/sitemap.. php?key=cheap+Bears+jerseys+women.. louis vuitton melrose ave.. Gabriella.. Facing the Mortgage Crisis: Call-In Show 1pm on 7/16/09.. Ella.. Twitter.. "Facing the Mortgage Crisis" is part of.. CPB.. 's Public Service Media Economic Response Initiative.. Powered by.. WordPress.. | Bluesky theme by.. WordPress Theme Shop.. Copyright 2014..

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  • Title: About | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: on Jun 15th 2009.. Michigan Radio and Detroit Public TV are participating in a public broadcasting project called “Facing the Mortgage Crisis.. ” Over the next several months we’ll be bringing you reports, special shows, town hall meetings, and information about how we as a society can cope with the foreclosure crisis that is hitting the state and the nation.. We have an upcoming town hall meeting where you can get advice on foreclosure:.. Thursday, November 12 – 7 pm.. All pages are currently open to comments, so feel free to ask a question or share your experience.. Please consider following our updates on.. Twitter @ForeclosureMI.. You can also reach us by email at.. michigan.. radio@umich.. edu.. 108 Responses to About.. #.. Sharon Harrington.. on Jun 19th 2009 at 11:06 am.. I have a primary Freddie Mac mortgage at 7.. 5%, balance of around 95,000.. This is doable but my concern in getting a lower interest rate on my home equity loan which is at $21,000.. I used the home equity loan to update my primary residence during the boom.. From what I understand I cannot refinance that portion which is from a well known bank at 11-13%.. Is there any programs to assist people in my situation?.. on Jun 22nd 2009 at 3:59 pm.. Sharon, thank you for sharing your story.. We will look into your question and respond as soon as possible.. Best,.. Nick Meador.. Web Content Administrator.. John Keck.. on Jun 23rd 2009 at 4:05 pm.. There are three key issues I beg you to address: (I am 58, and have been unemployed for three months.. ).. 1) The unemployment statistics news folks quote occasionally suggest the unemployment numbers are leveling off which is absurd.. The reported unemployment numbers are derived from those collecting unemployment as reported by the states and as folk s unemployment benefits EXPIRE, and they are simply unemployed and they are no longer in the numbers.. This is NUTS! And even your business program reports numbers without including those whose benefits have expired and are still unemployed.. This may be a difficult number to get a handle on, but to suggest on a specific week the numbers leveled off is fundamentally a lie so I ask, why do you continue to spread untruth about a data point just because you only get partial data? When will the truth be shared? (I will give you credit as once or twice you have alluded to the real number, but not often, and when you allude to it you almost apologize.. 2) To suggest the banks are helping consumers is another major untruth.. The banks are simply helping those who the bank made a mistake on and should never have given a loan to in the first place.. I have a 30 year mortgage at 6% for $300,000 serviced by CitiMortage and owned by Fannie Mae, on a house now worth between $150,000 and $200,000 and I am current.. Yet, the great catch 22, because I am current they have no interest in talking to me.. I want to get ahead and anticipate when I may have trouble paying this is a totally foreign concept to the bank.. Second, I want them to lower the principle since, if they foreclosed and sold the house it would most likely sell in the $160,000 range.. Their answer, Oh no Mr.. Keck, we never lower the principle! And then, of course, I ask, Why not? I do not get a response.. Occassionally they will mumble it has something to do with Fannie Mae but I wonder what they say to Fannie Mae when the house is resold after foreclosure for a smaller amount.. Fundamentally, if you continue to suggest the banks are helping when all they do is fix their own mistakes (and the consumers who made those mistakes), you are spreading another untruth.. yet your headlines keep saying there are all these folks out there who can help you with the bank.. the truth of course they CAN T.. Bank will not budge.. 3) The other major issue for me as a 58 year old is the age one.. And the only group I see covering this is AARP primarily because, for news organizations, no HR person would, nor can, admit, they practice ageism.. (How about interviewing an NPR HR person.. ) The truth if you are 58 or older, there is NO chance you will get hired for a decent job it will not happen.. I just wonder if there needs to be a government program to assist these folks find/get work.. And I would ask you to cover this issue in depth in your program.. It was mentioned briefly today on Talk of the Nation, and I went to call in to respond, but, see next point!.. Finally, as I am home I call in to some of the fantastic shows you have on during the day only to find that the show was recorded/broadcast earlier.. Why do you not inform the listeners on your station that, if they are suddenly passionately motivated to call in, they will get a shock the show is NOT LIVE.. Bottom line, you are seriously misleading your listeners by not mentioning this!.. You have a great station and I am a very loyal listener but until you gain some transparency, (about the banks, abut the unemployments numbers, about your shows that are NOT live thus you cannot call in and get on the air) I will not be a member.. John (I will provide a phone number if you e-mail me.. Jennifer LaBuda.. on Jun 24th 2009 at 1:43 pm.. My husband and I are two well educated professionals with several graduate degrees between the two of us.. We are now in a situation which we would have thought beforehand, untenable.. Following a long job search (3 years!) my husband was able to find employment outside of the automotive industry, but not in Michigan.. He has now relocated.. I have been left behind, and have now also, found a job in the state my husband is in.. I will be making less money, and we will no longer be able to pay for two households.. We are presently in a 30 year fixed, no PMI mortage in MI.. What is now exceedingly difficult, is that we are so underwater on the home that we bought four years ago (because of the market), that we are now potentially facing foreclosure.. Several banks in our area have refused short sales, preferring to keep the loss off of the books longer.. We have a lender, who until we can longer pay, will not talk with us.. We have a date, we know when the funds run out, but still, they will not work with us proactively.. I feel like the Obama administration has really let down an entire segment of the mortage population: those of us who are in fixed mortgages, who are more than marginally underwater.. Lenders have no incentive to adjust principles, and/or accept short sales.. So in the end, we the homeowners, end up holding the bag, to everyone s detriment.. Meg Becker.. on Jun 26th 2009 at 4:51 pm.. Please help,.. I went to a website that acts as a clearinghouse for home owners to get in touch with the bank that has their mortgage.. hopenow.. com.. I filled out the online form and explanation of my situation.. My company collapsed due to the GM bankcruptcy.. I am now on unemployment.. I did get a call from the Mortgage Outreach company that Citimortgage hired to handle the large volume of calls.. First they said I was pre-qualified for 3 months and if nothing changed and I sent all the documents required, the modified mortgage would be permanent.. This was great because my payment went from 692 to 478 monthly.. Then the bank called back and said there was a mistake and because my mortgage is actually owned by Freddie Mac, I did not qualify.. They said that Freddie Mac does not recognize unemployment as income.. They told me to call back when I get a job.. If I get a job making the same as unemployment then I get the modified mortgage.. If I get a good job like I had, then I won t qualify.. So it sounds like they are asking me to purposely try to get a low paying job.. I am not a schemer and don t like to think that I have to play a game to get help.. How can Freddie Mac NOT recognize my unemployment pay as income? This sounds rediculis to me? Do I have any more options?.. Also I have a friend with the same mortgage situation only they told him that they would cut his mortgage payment in half for 6 months then his payment would be back to a full amount required.. The kicker is that at the same time a balloon payment would be due for all the short paid 6 months? Where do they think his going to get this balloon payment from.. He is trying to be pro-active and this is the best citimortgage can do? Again Please Adivse and thank you for any help,.. Meg.. on Jun 29th 2009 at 9:31 am.. Meg,.. Sorry about the problems you are having.. The following page was put together by Wayne County s Foreclosure Prevention Program.. It contains some good recommendations and information.. fightmortgageforeclosure.. com/information.. aspx.. You might also want to talk with a counselor to explore other options for working with your mortgage holder.. United Way s 211 service can put you in touch with someone in your area.. We wish you luck.. Hang in there.. JoAnne McDougall.. on Jun 29th 2009 at 11:57 am.. Hello,.. I am having problems with CitiBank also.. I have been trying to modify my loan for many months.. Currently I just got behind, because the amount short from four months of lower payments is now due.. I hear things that banks are helping but I don t seem to connect to the right person.. I have been on hold for hours, ignored, hung up on and generally told that this was not going to happen.. I am unemployed and have used most of my unemployment benefits.. I have been trying very hard to find employment, but nothing has come up yet.. In addition, I had contacted the IRS regarding waiving a early withdrawal penalty from my tax liability.. I had used my 401(k) to keep a roof over my head while being unemployed.. I was penalized 10% over and above what I would have paid had I earned the money.. The Advocate office was a joke.. I don t think anyone there is aware of what the word advocate means.. I was simply read the tax code and told that I must pay the penaltly.. Several times, President Obama said that he was working with the IRS and that if taxpapers had extenuating circumstances that we could get some help.. Well that did not happen either.. I keep hoping that a good job will materialize and I can wake up from this bad dream.. I know many people are in the same boat, so I will pray that we can all find some type of solution to our problems.. Nahar Assayegh.. on Jul 2nd 2009 at 10:05 am.. Hello my Name Is Nahar Assayegh.. In this hard time we need to get a bold actions regarding the mortgage crisis,we are not numbers,we are a human beings,we need to stand up and show them predatory lenders we are not backing down.. we are fighting to the last breath for our rights,and our dignity.. SO for people who are facing foreclosure don t stand and do nothing,but make something out of nothing.. call the lenders as much they call you,and talk to alot of people,and talk to the Attorney General of your state,and ask your friend for advices,and try to talk to HUD,and see what options that you have.. Wishing you the best at this hard times.. Adam Blossom.. on Jul 5th 2009 at 4:03 pm.. I know a family in Jackson, Michigan who were foreclosed on after the husband got bone cancer in his leg.. He had a bone transplant at Henry Ford Hospital, but Wells Fargo doesn t care.. Any help anybody can give would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you.. Elizabeth.. on Jul 16th 2009 at 1:40 pm.. My husband and I biggest concern is that our home has depreciated 28% since we purchased it in 2006.. This is our first home, and I purchased it 2 years prior to getting married.. It is 100% financed in and 80/20 interest only loan.. Fortunately my husband and I are still employeed, and to date have no problem making our mortgage payment based on what we paid, but fear that when our ARM comes due, we will not have the money to refinance.. We feel that our situation is may be very common, but with all the programs that have been released, they do not seem to help anyone in this type of situation.. Are there any programs that are being talked about in which an owner can refinance on what was paid for the home, but is put into a traditional P I 30 year fixed rate?.. Thank you for your suggestions.. Karen.. on Jul 16th 2009 at 1:51 pm.. I think the main reason so many people have gotten into trouble is the people at the bank telling their customers they can buy more than is reasonable.. A friend of mine was told and approved that she could by a house for $200,000 and she only made $55,000 a year.. Luckily she was smart enought not to do that.. Don t the banks know what their lenders are doing?.. Heather.. on Jul 17th 2009 at 8:44 am.. Utilizing the free housing counseling and legal services that are available across the state is one of the biggest solutions available during these challenging times.. I would encourage every homeowner in a pinch or who s curious about what s available for their circumstances to take advantage of the free certified housing counselors that exist statewide.. You can call MSHDA s hotline at 866-946-7432 or visit their website (www.. mshda.. info/counseling_search) to locate a free housing counselor near you.. Specifically in Washtenaw County, you can call our housing counseling hotline at 734-222-9595 to set up an appointment with a housing counselor or get more information about our programs.. Speaking with a certified housing counselor is an important step in developing an action plan to help you resolve your housing crisis.. A confidential assessment with a Washtenaw County housing counselor will include:.. 1.. A review of your financial situation, analyzing income and expenses, to determine which foreclosure prevention options would best meet your family’s unique needs.. 2.. A call to the mortgage lender on your behalf to discuss possible workout options.. 3.. Information on services and programs in Washtenaw County that might be helpful to you during this challenging time.. 4.. A review for your eligibility of federal, state, and county foreclosure prevention initiatives.. 5.. Ongoing counseling, financial education and support to help you map out an action plan and meet your housing goals.. Paul.. on Jul 17th 2009 at 10:19 am.. Arent we all ultimately responsible for the decisions each of us made? I dont want to see anyone lose thier home, But it is crazy to think that some demon banker possesed you and made you sign a mortgage contract.. Mortgages are just like the market.. It is speculation.. We did not hear the banks asking for more money when the market was up and your house was worth more than you paid for it.. Nancy.. on Jul 24th 2009 at 10:31 am.. Oh please, the HUD counselor can do nothing more than I have been doing for the past 4 months.. They too get hung up on, ignored, told that they have to send ANOTHER work out package to the lender, or hear that they just have too many requests to handle.. They have had mine for 75 days now.. I am sure Paul that I am responsible for my decisions and yes I am responsible for my home loan and my second mortgage I took out to update my home years ago.. However, I am not responsible for the rules of lending.. I do not want a hand out, I want to be able to keep my home.. I see many people walking away from the home they have, because they are in upside down mortgages, have lost a job or taken pay cuts and now cannot afford the payments.. So, then they are going and purchasing another home for a quarter of the price of the house they walked away from.. In the end, they have a house that is worth what they are paying and can afford.. Tell me which is better for the lenders to have everyone walking away from the houses, or working with them to stay in them?.. What is the insentive to stay in a house with an upside down mortgage? Why would I want to make any improvements on that house?.. Hud Foreclosures In Wayne County Ohio.. on Aug 10th 2009 at 5:22 pm.. Hello, I found your blog via Google while searching for hud foreclosures in wayne county ohio and your post regarding Facing the Mortgage Crisis looks very interesting for me.. Susan French.. on Aug 26th 2009 at 12:52 pm.. Re: John Keck s post point # 2.. I totally agree with Mr.. Keck.. Our mortgage is with Bank of America.. My husband and I filed with the mitigation department two months ago to try and get some relief/help.. We are finding the bank very unwilling to help.. They told us that they are very far behind and it may take 6 months or better to even review our request.. We followed a suggested letter format we found on an internet help site and sent them all the documents that they requested.. Yet, they are in no hurry to help us.. We are two payments behind, and yet they still show no interest.. When we follow up, they don t have any new information for us.. We are just waiting to see if they will even consider our case! They told us that they do not have to help us and aren t even certain they will.. Truthfully, they do not seem eager to help.. We did not purchase a home that we could not afford.. However, due to this Michigan economy, my husband and I have both taken major pay cuts.. We are down over $30k per year from last year because of layoffs, furloughs and changes in our pay rates.. We love our home and want to keep it.. We owe a little more than it is now worth.. (And yet, why are our taxes still based on the old value?) We take very good care of our property and are not abusive.. It s value was $235,000 at time of build six years ago, and now it s value is around $150,000 because of the housing slump.. We owe approx.. $218,000.. What options are there? With the bank not showing any interest in helping us, we have no where to turn.. on Sep 1st 2009 at 10:32 am.. Did anyone read the CNN content from today s Political article Homeowners frustrated by mortgage assistance program  ...   sensible.. I can t wait to read much more from you.. This is actually a terrific About | Facing the Mortgage Crisis informations.. alfred beilin.. on Jan 2nd 2012 at 5:59 pm.. if any ones here today hope yous had a nice xmas and heres to the new year.. alf beilin.. seo.. on Jan 31st 2012 at 2:31 pm.. Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.. Is it very difficult to set up your own blog? I m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast.. I m thinking about making my own but I m not sure where to begin.. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thanks.. Cat.. on Mar 1st 2012 at 12:41 pm.. Looking to refinance at the lower interest rates offered.. When starting this process, found out that Wachovia gave us a Prime Equity as our loan when we bought our home.. Wells Fargo now owns it, but doesn t know why we have a prime equity.. Since it is a PE, we are not eligable for any kind of refinance programs out there! Husband and I both have credit scores in the 800s, both are employed, but like everyone else, our home isn t worth what we re paying on it.. All we want to do is refinance at a lower rate on the amount owed.. Wells Fargo won t do it, nor will anyone else because it s not a conventional, USDA, VA or FHA loan.. HELP!! Anyone have advice? Wells Fargo doesn t even know what to do with this they have never heard of having a Prime Equity as a mortgage.. Perhaps someone screwed up at Wachovia and we have some recourse? Anyone know? Thanks!.. Inspirational Quotes.. on Mar 18th 2012 at 6:21 am.. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy.. The overall look of your site is magnificent, let alone the content!.. Thanks For Your article about About | Facing the Mortgage Crisis.. draw something apk.. on May 15th 2012 at 2:29 am.. About | Facing the Mortgage Crisis I was recommended this blog by my cousin.. I m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble.. You re amazing! 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  • Title: Programs | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: on Jun 10th 2009.. A Giant Pool of Money.. Nov 20, 2009.. A special program about the housing crisis produced in a special collaboration with NPR News.. We explain it all to you.. What does the housing crisis have to do with the turmoil on Wall Street? Why did banks make half-million dollar loans to people without jobs or income? And why is everyone talking so much about the 1930s? It all comes back to the Giant Pool of Money.. Learn more.. Workplace U.. Nov 18, 2009.. We know that a good education can be the ticket a good job.. But for many Americans, conventional school isn t working.. Every school day some seven thousand students drop out of high school.. Often, what they managed to learn in the schoolhouse has not prepared them well enough for the job site.. This documentary reports on a growing movement to turn workplaces into classrooms and marginal students into productive workers.. or listen below.. Rising by Degrees.. Nov 17, 2009.. The United States is facing a dramatic demographic challenge: Young Latinos are the fastest-growing segment of the population, and they are the least likely to go to college.. Experts say the future of the American economy is at stake, because higher education is essential in the 21st century economy.. This documentary tells the story of Latino students working towards a college degree, and why it’s so hard for them to get what they want.. Early Lessons.. Nov 16, 2009.. There’s been a quiet revolution in America s schools over recent decades.. We ve added a whole extra grade to a child s education: Preschool.. Economists love preschool.. They say it s the smartest way to spend public money, especially in a tight economy.. And they have lots of data to prove it: Preschool is perhaps the most researched idea in all of education.. This documentary takes us back to the 1960s to tell the story of a landmark experiment that helped launch the preschool movement.. Fifty years later, researchers are still learning powerful lessons for today’s youngest students.. Facing the Mortgage Crisis: Documentary.. We aired our Facing the Mortgage Crisis documentary narrated by Michigan Radio’s Christina Shockley at 1pm on Friday, July 24.. We hosted a web chat with guest panelists Kent Spencer and Gloriane Wiley of the Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program.. Michigan Radio’s Steve Carmody helped moderate the chat.. Listen to the show online:.. To download the MP3, right click this.. link.. and choose save link as.. Facing the Mortgage Crisis: Call-In Show.. Hosted by Charity Nebbe.. Michigan Radio s Charity Nebbe hosted a special call-in show at 1pm on Thursday, July 16.. Guests Jamele Hage and Heather Mooney came into the studio, and Don Grimes joined in over the phone.. In addition to taking calls from the audience, we hosted a web chat to take comments and questions.. Foreclosing on the American Dream.. A Michigan Radio Series.. Michigan has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.. Thousands of people in the state have had their homes foreclosed on.. Michigan Radio takes an in-depth look at what this means for our state, our communities, and all of us.. Why has Michigan been hit so hard? What is this doing to our neighborhoods?.. Visit our series page.. Listen to the program online:.. Diane Rehm s Special Program.. April 29, 2009.. Diane Rehm hosted a special edition of The Diane Rehm Show focusing on Facing the Mortgage Crisis.. This live, one-hour broadcast offered answers to listener questions about the housing situation and how individuals can best cope with the economic challenges ahead.. Diane was joined by financial advisors and housing experts:.. * Jane Bryant Quinn, author and personal finance writer.. Her most recent book is Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People.. * Janet Bodnar, author and editor of Kiplinger s Personal Finance magazine.. Her most recent book is Money Smart Women: Everything You Need to Know to Achieve a Lifetime of Financial Security.. * Kathleen Day, with the Center for Responsible Lending.. Learn more and listen to the program.. Foreclosure City.. May 25, 2009.. Las Vegas was recently a new kind of boomtown, but today it has the country s highest foreclosure rate.. ARW takes a hard, sober look to find out what happens to the American Dream after foreclosure and how residents are trying to build new lives.. A Better Life: Creating the American Dream.. May 26, 2009.. ARW reflects on the history of the American Dream during the last century and how it constantly changed in order to survive each new financial crisis.. ARW then asks, if the dream is indeed out of reach again, what will the next version look like?.. Bridge to Somewhere.. May 27, 2009.. The Obama administration is seeking a 21st century version of the New Deal, but can this really pull us out of the deep recession? ARW explores the benefits and effects of Roosevelt s New Deal and the legacy that still lingers today.. Hard Times in Middletown.. May 28, 2009.. An American RadioWorks/Marketplace co-production, Kai Ryssdal hosts this program about the impact of the economic crisis on the people of Muncie, Indiana a city once studied as our  ...   8.. FotoVivo 7 inch Digital Frame This can be a lcd frame which you can use to find insert one type of on.. Under the ease of inventions ways, Foto Vivo is offering the risk of visiting the albums accompanied by button-less incorporate to ease the menu.. Moreover, the city s considerate trend aids the end users.. ts 128MB storing ability can save over a 200 higher quality photography.. For all of fast pic load times combined with the Plug-and-Play hallmark empower people to get sifting in one piece.. 9.. 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  • Title: Stories | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: on Jun 17th 2009.. Here is a list of every story produced by Michigan Radio for the Facing the Mortgage Crisis series.. Click an arrow button to hear the audio story.. Jennifer Guerra.. November 13, 2009.. A Detroit design firm that focuses on abandoned property has some big ideas for the city s vacant buildings.. Read the story.. November 12, 2009.. Oakland County received more than $17 million in Neighborhood Stabilization funds.. The county is using the money to put low income residents in foreclosed homes.. An Artistic Approach to Neighborhood.. November 11, 2009.. A couple artists bought a foreclosed house last year in Detroit.. The goal was to turn it into a community art center that would hopefully help stabilize the neighborhood.. They even convinced a couple of artists from out of town to buy houses.. We ll check in on how their ad hoc neighborhood stabilization program is going.. November 10, 2009.. The Genesee County Land Bank has acquired more than 4,000 tax foreclosed properties in Flint alone.. And that number is expected to grow as more homes go into foreclosure.. A new program will turn those foreclosed lots into pleasant green spaces.. November 9, 2009.. A foster care facility in Dearborn Heights sees opportunity in foreclosed homes.. Deciding to Walk Away.. Sarah Hulett.. July 24, 2009.. Sinking home values, lost equity, and the inability to sell have some families considering whether to walk away from their homes.. Not Facing It Alone.. Steve Carmody.. July 23, 2009.. The rising number of homeowners in Michigan facing foreclosure has lead to the rise of a new specialty: distressed property expert.. What Detroit Can Learn From Cleveland.. July 20, 2009.. Detroit has one of the worse foreclosure rates in the country, but just a couple years ago, Cleveland was in the same position.. But Cleveland has made some progress in that department with a new program it rolled out earlier this year.. Almost Losing the Family Farm.. Kyle Norris.. The Braun family barely avoided losing their farm.. Their housing counselor, Kathy Grant, helped them avoid foreclosure at the last minute.. Here Paula Braun tells us her story in her own words.. Hoping For Help, Falling For Fraud.. Dustin Dwyer.. July 17, 2009.. If you re facing the possibility of foreclosure, or if you re just trying to get help cutting your credit card bill, there are a lot of companies that will say they can help you.. But in Michigan, some these companies just want to scam you.. Foreclosure Freeze.. Rick Pluta.. July 16, 2009.. Part of Michigan s response to the foreclosure crisis is a new law that gives homeowners the chance to freeze for 90 days any action to repossess houses or condominiums.. Cleaning Up in the Wake of Foreclosed Homes.. Vincent Duffy.. July 15, 2009.. Foreclosures don t just hurt families, they hurt entire neighborhoods.. Foreclosed properties reduce the value of other homes around it, and if houses sit vacant too long, they attract vandalism and crime.. Emotional Effects of Foreclosure.. Rina Miller.. July 14, 2009.. We hear lots of statistics about the foreclosure crisis.. How many people have lost their homes.. How much money the banks are losing and what that means to the economy.. But there s another statistic we don t hear much about.. Freezing Foreclosure Proceedings.. July 6, 2009.. A new law allows homeowners to freeze foreclosure proceedings for 90 days while they try to work out new payment arrangements with their lenders.. A Nonprofit Cafe Grows in Ellsworth.. June 2, 2009.. When the economic downturn hit Ellsworth, its 500 residents needed a gathering place, so a local church gave them one.. New Art Space Hatches in Hamtramck.. Katie Carey.. May 19, 2009.. Artists team up with city officials to buy vacant buildings.. 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  • Title: Resources | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: on Jun 9th 2009.. If you are facing foreclosure or have already been through foreclosure, below is a list of resources that may be helpful to you:.. United Way.. is a national network of nearly 1,300 local organizations that work to advance the common good by focusing on education, income and health.. The U.. S.. Department of Housing and Urban Development.. s Web site lists ways to avoid foreclosure, as well as several HUD-approved housing counselors.. (.. HUD approved counselors.. The Michigan State Housing Development Authority.. (MSHDA) provides financial and technical assistance through public and private partnerships to create and preserve safe and decent affordable housing.. MSHDA s Save the Dream.. program provides helpful information to assists homeowners who are experiencing financial difficulties or facing foreclosure.. U.. Department of Justice.. Info on how to avoid foreclosure scams.. Greenpath Debt Solutions.. is a non-profit that provides free counseling sessions to help you resolve financial problems, as well as other services.. ACORN.. is a non-profit organization that campaigns against predatory lending.. Southeast Michigan.. Michigan Foreclosure and Deliquency Assistance (United Way 2-1-1).. In addition to providing you with mortgage assistance and delinquency resources, the United Way 2-1-1 database contains more than 20,000 programs and services.. Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program.. seeks to assist residents at risk of foreclosure through education, awareness, counseling, and intervention.. Metro Net Library Consortium.. Eight suburban Detroit area public libraries make up Metro Net, at ten sites in Wayne and Oakland Counties.. Washtenaw County Treasurer s Office.. Washtenaw County MSU-Extension Office.. Washtenaw County s Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention Program can help with housing counseling, or direct you to a counselor in your area.. PDF flier for Under Water event on 8/24/09.. Oakland County Housing Counseling.. provides mortgage default resolution services, including delinquency, default, or foreclosure problems, as well as reverse mortgage counseling to allow seniors to stay in their homes.. Lighthouse of Oakland County.. provides foreclosure intervention counseling to assist people in saving their homes.. The Detroit Office of Foreclosure Prevention and Response.. A free community resource to help you stay in your home.. West Michigan.. Home Repair Services.. is a non-profit organization serving lower-income homeowners throughout Kent County, MI that works with homeowners and lenders to prevent foreclosure whenever possible.. Flint Area.. Metro Housing Partnership.. works in conjunction with community-based non-profits to expand and enhance affordable housing initiatives in Flint and Genesee County.. The Genessee County Land Bank.. works with homeowners to increase property values and stabilize neighborhoods in Genessee County.. Documents.. Michigan foreclosure data as of December 2008 (.. Word.. Foreclosure numbers by Michigan county (.. Excel.. ).. Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project flyer (.. PDF.. Resource map.. View.. Michigan Radio: Facing  ...   my blog whether or not you don’t mind.. Natually I’ll give you a hyperlink on your net blog.. Thanks for sharing.. Outdoor besides other Wholesaling houses are often times similar.. The bottom line is to see the $ straight away.. We were a turn fishers for lifelong , plus dabble in under a tying my own ring lures.. Standing by the tank you can quickly recognize that the kind are not every swallowing the amount paid lures by top of the room temperature water.. 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  • Title: Events | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: MSU Extension Housing Seminars.. At each event a panel of community experts will discuss the housing crisis and offer strategies and solutions to avoid foreclosure.. Cost: FREE.. RSVP for all 3 events: 734- 997-1678.. To schedule a housing counseling appointment 734-222-9595.. 1) Thursday, April 29, 2010.. Time: 6:30 8:30 p.. Where: Ypsilanti Township Civic Center Board Room 7200 S.. Huron River Dr.. , Ypsilanti, MI 48197.. 2) Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Time: 6:30 8:30 p.. Where: Superior Township Building 3040 North Prospect, Ypsilanti, MI 48198.. 3) Tuesday, June 15, 2010 Time: 6:30 8:30 p.. Where: Pittsfield Township Admin.. Building Morris Hall 6201 W.. Michigan Ave.. , Ann Arbor, MI 48108.. Download the seminar flier by.. CLICKING HERE.. Michigan Radio and Detroit Public TV held four town hall meetings during the summer of 2009, and three in the fall.. Below you can watch a streaming video from our meeting at the Livonia Public Library on Thursday, August 6, 2009.. Event Calendar:.. Livonia Town Hall Meeting 7pm on 8/6/09.. 2 Responses to Events.. on Aug 5th 2013 at 4:30 am.. You should then monster a little phrases to  ...   crucial.. If so nicely general together with your your keywords potential you won t receive the search engine if you used.. Use a phrase level of popularity utility to learn everything that you already have everybody used to delve with the most after that add additional words and phrases about this treat some more the right path.. Examples: This is why it is essential to know of a mans reader.. All lean does it please if someone from North carolina went to at your Georgia based Doctor Directory? 6.. Test and phrases relate to a possible page’s words and phrases Search engines look at more than just anchor text while it controlling search engine results.. They also think about the site article and also the alt labels.. New Jersey facility maintenance.. on Sep 16th 2013 at 5:11 am.. Having read this I thought it was rather enlightening.. I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this informative article together.. I once again find myself personally spending a lot of.. time both reading and commenting.. But so what, it was still worthwhile!.. Look into my page:..

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  • Title: Discussion | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
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  • Title: F.A.Q. | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help clarify common concerns.. If your question isn t answered here, you can use the comment box at the bottom of this page to post a new one.. Alternatively, you can contact us at.. Q1) Where am I in the foreclosure timeline?.. Month One Missed Mortgage Payment: The first month that you fail to pay your mortgage payment, your mortgage company will try and contact you, usually by mail, to inform you that you are delinquent on your mortgage.. The mortgage company will charge you a late fee on this missed first month mortgage payment.. It is very important that you speak to your mortgage company and honestly explain your financial situation.. Make certain that you tell your mortgage company when you believe that you can make your missed mortgage payment.. Month Two Missed Mortgage Payment: The second month that you fail to pay your mortgage payment, your mortgage company will try and contact you by any means, including mail and telephone, to find out why you missed your first and second months mortgage payments.. Do not avoid your mortgage company’s calls.. In fact, it is best to initiate the call to your mortgage company to explain the reason for your missed mortgage payments.. Your mortgage company will be more likely to work with you in the future as your situation progresses.. When you speak to your mortgage company, ask for the loss mitigation department.. When you speak with the loss mitigation department of your mortgage company be honest, respectful and calm on the telephone and explain to them your situation and what you are trying to do to resolve your financial issues.. If at all possible, offer to make one mortgage payment at this time to prevent yourself from falling three months delinquent and potentially into mortgage foreclosure.. Month Three Missed Mortgage Payment: The third month that you fail to pay your mortgage payment, you will probably receive a letter known as the “demand letter” or “notice of acceleration” from your mortgage company telling you that you are delinquent on your mortgage, the total amount that you owe and that you have 30 days to pay that amount (“Acceleration Period”).. You have two options before that 30 day period runs, you can pay the amount specified in the demand letter or make an agreement with your mortgage company about how and when you will pay the delinquency amount.. If you fail to pay the entire amount owed or make an agreement with your mortgage company about how you intend to pay that amount, then your mortgage company is allowed at that time to put you in foreclosure or accelerate your mortgage.. They are unlikely to accept less than the total amount due.. The foreclosure or acceleration letter will tell you that your mortgage company forwarded your delinquent mortgage account to their attorneys.. Even at this point, you may still be able to negotiate with your mortgage company to retain your home if you have the budget to do so.. At this point, it is important that you contact your mortgage company to try and work out a deal for you to either keep your home or enter into a dignified exit of your home on fair and reasonable terms.. Month Four Missed Mortgage Payment: The fourth month that you fail to pay your mortgage payment, you will be at the end of the Acceleration Period.. If you have not come current on your mortgage payments or complied with any agreements that you have worked out with your mortgage company when the Acceleration Period ends, your mortgage company is entitled to take steps to foreclosure on your mortgage.. If your mortgage company begins mortgage foreclosure against your home, you will be responsible for all back mortgage payments, interest and penalties related to the mortgage, as well as all attorney fees and these must be paid in full in order to reinstate your mortgage.. Sheriff s Sale: If your mortgage company has not received all amount due and/or you have not entered into an agreement with your mortgage company, a Sheriff’s Sale may be scheduled and that becomes the date of foreclosure.. You will be notified by mail of the foreclosure date/sheriff’s sale prior to that date.. In addition to the mailed notice of sheriff’s sale/foreclosure date, a notice will be taped to your home, usually on the front door.. For four (4) consecutive weeks prior to the Sheriff’s sale/foreclosure date, your mortgage company will publish the notice of foreclosure against your home in a local legal newspaper with general circulation.. At this point, it is important that you or one of our experienced and skilled housing counselors contact your mortgage company to try and work out a deal for you to either keep your home or enter into a dignified exit of your home on fair and reasonable terms.. If you fail to pay the amount necessary to reinstate your mortgage or work out a deal with your mortgage company, the Sheriff’s sale will go forward and your home will be sold to the highest bidder.. If no bids are made on your home, the title to your home goes to your mortgage company.. This is known as the Sheriff’s Deed.. Even at this point, you still have rights to your home.. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MOVE OUT OF YOUR HOME AT THAT TIME.. Redemption Period: If you fail to resolve the situation with your mortgage company; and the Sheriff s Sale is completed, then you enter the redemption period.. The redemption period starts from the date of the Sheriff s Sale and in the greatest number of cases, ends six (6) months after the sheriff’s sale.. Most mortgages allow the homeowner six (6) months to redeem their home with their mortgage company/bidder, by paying the amount owed on the mortgage, plus interest and fees.. If property that your home sits on is over 3 acres, you may have a twelve (12) month redemption period.. You will be notified of your time frame on the same notice that notifies you of your Sheriff s Sale date.. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT YOU HAVE AT LEAST SIX (6) MONTHS TO STAY IN YOUR HOME AFTER THE SHERIFF’S SALE.. Eviction Period: : If you have not redeemed your home within the redemption period, ownership of the home is transferred to your mortgage company or the highest bidder.. At this point, if you have not left the home, the new owner starts eviction proceedings to evict you from the home.. An eviction hearing is held within two weeks, followed by a 10-day grace period for you to leave the home.. When the grace period ends, the eviction is certified.. Court bailiffs or County Sheriffs are notified and empty the home.. Q2) Can I still keep my home if I am in foreclosure?.. Loss Mitigation.. “Loss mitigation” is the term used  ...   early, your property can be declared abandoned and the redemption period can be shortened to as little as one month.. If you get a notice of abandonment and you have not abandoned your home, be sure to respond quickly and in writing explaining that you have not abandoned your home.. You can “redeem” your home, meaning that you can get your home back by paying the full amount to the owner of the Sheriff s Deed, usually your mortgage company.. The amount due may change from the amount noted on the Sheriff s Deed; so confirm with the owner of the Sheriff s Deed the correct amount required to redeem your home.. If you are able to redeem the Sheriff s Deed, make sure that your redemption is recorded with the County Register of Deeds so that your ownership of your home is clear in the public record.. Another option is to try and sell your home during the redemption period.. This option will be helpful if you have a lot of equity in your home ( equity means the difference between the value of your home and the remaining amount of the loan).. You must confirm with your mortgage company s attorney or the owner of the Sheriff s Deed the amount needed to pay off the debt.. If you sell your home for more than is owed to your mortgage company, you will be entitled to that amount and it should be payable to you at the closing on your home.. At the end of your redemption period, if you have not already moved out, you will be served with eviction papers.. A court hearing will be scheduled, usually within 10 to 20 days.. You will then have an additional 10 days after the hearing date to move and remove your possessions (mortgage company attorneys will often give you more time if you ask).. If you do not leave the home on or before the court-ordered date or the agreed upon date, a court officer will go to the home to remove you.. Once your redemption period ends, you no longer own your home.. Deficiency means your home sold for less than was owed to your mortgage company and this difference between the amount of the Sheriff s Deed and the amount that your former home sold for (plus additional costs).. It is possible, but unlikely that your mortgage company will sue you for any deficiency.. Being sued for a deficiency is somewhat more common with second mortgages or home equity loans.. If this happens to you, you should contact an attorney to respond to the lawsuit.. If you are unable to afford an attorney, find a free legal aid attorney in your area.. It is rare for a mortgage company to sue a borrower for a deficiency.. Typically, the mortgage company will file an IRS form 1099 which treats the deficiency as income to you.. You would then owe taxes on the deficiency.. You can protest this with the IRS-contact an attorney, certified public accountant, or qualified tax preparer to assist you.. Unfortunately, there are many scam artists targeting people who are facing financial difficulties, including mortgage foreclosure.. You should be very suspicious of anyone who contacts you offering to help.. In most scams someone will contact you and offer to help save your house if you pay a fee.. OUR SERVICES ARE FREE AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU.. Another scam is an offer to buy your home and allow you to stay on as renters.. If you feel that you may be the victim of a scam, contacts the Michigan Attorney General’s Office and report this immediately.. Q5) What are the warning signs of a predatory lender?.. Normally legitimate businesses do not advertise on utility poles or on temporary signs along the side of the road.. Be suspicious of anyone who calls or stops by your home with an offer too good to be true.. Offers that seem too good to be true are.. Predatory buyers or scam artists may pretend to help you.. What they really want is your home.. You may be faced with a predatory lender if that person: Comes to you to solve your financial problems.. Pressures you to make a quick decision.. Demands big up-front fees.. Tells you not to contact your current mortgage company.. Tells you not to contact an attorney.. Asks you to sign papers without giving you a chance to read them.. Asks you to sign papers with blank spaces.. Asks you to sign a deed.. Offers to file bankruptcy for you.. This information provided by the Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program (.. 11 Responses to F.. 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  • Title: Partners | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: on Jun 5th 2009.. “Facing the Mortgage Crisis” is a national project that is part of.. s Public Service Media Economic Response Initiative.. Here is a list of partners involved in this website.. Michigan Radio.. Your NPR news station Michigan Radio is a service of Michigan Public Media, the public broadcasting company at the University of Michigan.. Michigan Radio is: WUOM 91.. 7 Ann Arbor/Detroit, WVGR 104.. 1 Grand Rapids, and WFUM-FM 91.. 1 Flint.. Detroit Public TV.. WTVS Detroit Public Television is the viewer-supported PBS member station serving the nation s 11th largest television market.. Their vision is to educate, entertain and inspire, in partnership with the community.. United Way 2-1-1 Michigan Foreclosure and Delinquency Assistance.. find a United Way branch near you.. The Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program seeks to assist residents at risk of foreclosure through education, awareness, counseling, and intervention.. Other Links.. KETC in St.. Louis, MO, is spearheading this national project.. Hope@Home Facing the Mortgage Crisis in Southern Navada.. WAMU s Facing the Mortgage Crisis page.. This American Life.. The Giant Pool of Money.. Another Frightening Show About the Economy.. Bad Bank.. Scenes from a Recession.. National Partners.. Dirección de CyclingWorldMiami.. 16 Responses to Partners.. Wamu Foreclosures.. on Jul 21st 2009 at 1:23 am.. I found your blog via Google while searching for wamu foreclosures, thank you for posting s | Facing the Mortgage Crisis!.. birkenstock madagascar.. on Aug 27th 2011 at 12:51 am.. Howdy! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the good information you could have here on this post.. I will be coming back to your weblog for extra soon.. ugg discount codes.. on Aug 29th 2011 at 2:24 am.. Hello! I just wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the good information you ve here on this post.. I can be coming again to your weblog for more soon.. 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  • Title: Stories | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: Archive for the 'Stories' Category.. on Nov 13th 2009.. on Nov 12th 2009.. on Nov 11th 2009.. on Nov 10th 2009.. on Nov 9th 2009.. on Nov 5th 2009.. on Jul 28th 2009.. Memento Mori: An Essay by Jack Lessenberry.. Michigan Radio s Political Analyst Jack Lessenberry shares his thoughts on foreclosure as part of our Facing the Mortgage Crisis documentary.. Listen here or.. read the essay.. One response so far.. on Jul 24th 2009.. Read and listen to the story.. 7 responses so far.. on Jul 23rd 2009.. No responses yet..

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  • Title: michigan radio | Facing the Mortgage Crisis
    Descriptive info: Archive for the 'michigan radio' Category.. on Oct 1st 2009.. on Aug 10th 2009.. Streaming Video From the Livonia Town Hall Meeting.. Below you can watch a streaming video from our town hall meeting at the Livonia Public Library on Thursday, August 6.. These meetings were intended to assist homeowners who are concerned about foreclosure.. It was an opportunity to talk with experts about the foreclosure timeline and process, and find out resources available to help prevent foreclosure.. Learn more  ...   a homeowner concerned about foreclosure, join us for a Facing the Mortgage Crisis town hall meeting tonight at 7 p.. at the Livonia Public Library.. Learn more and get driving directions at the.. Events page.. on Aug 3rd 2009.. Upcoming Town Hall Meeting: Southfield – 7pm on 8/4/09.. If you are a homeowner concerned about foreclosure, join us for a Facing the Mortgage Crisis town hall meeting Tuesday at 7 p.. at the Southfield Public Library Auditorium.. 2 responses so far..

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