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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: [#294] Broken gforge theme with IE and SSL enabled
    Descriptive info: Bugs.. Search the entire project.. This project's trackers.. This project's forums.. This project's tasks.. This project's releases.. This project's documents.. This project's news.. Advanced search.. FusionForge.. Summary.. Activity.. Forums.. Tracker.. Lists.. Tasks.. Docs.. Surveys.. News.. SCM.. Files.. Mediawiki.. Hudson.. oslc.. [#294] Broken gforge theme with IE and SSL enabled.. View Trackers.. Export CSV.. Monitor.. Date:.. 2011-04-08 11:03.. Priority:.. State:.. Open.. Submitted by:.. Iñigo Martinez (.. inigoml.. ).. Assigned to:.. Nobody (None).. Target Release:.. None.. Found in Version:.. 5.. Severity:.. normal.. Resolution:.. Works For Me.. Summary:.. Broken gforge theme with IE and SSL enabled.. Detailed description.. When browsing a fusionforge  ...   to IE8 does not render by default in a SSL site content linked to a non-SSL site.. IE9 warns about this issue but by default neither do it.. The content linked to a non SSL site are two yahoapi CSSs:.. http://yui.. yahooapis.. com/2.. 6.. 0/build/reset-fonts-grids/reset-fonts-grids.. css.. 0/build/base/base-min.. In order to temporary fix this issue, we have downloaded both css into gforge Theme css folder and modified Theme.. class in order to link to this local folder.. Followups:.. Sort comments antichronologically.. No Followups Have Been Posted.. Attached Files:.. Changes:.. Field.. Old Value.. Date.. By.. Target Release.. trunk.. 2013-04-27 12:56.. nerville..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=294&group_id=6&atid=105
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: [#297] Unable to browse open task assigned to Anybody
    Descriptive info: [#297] Unable to browse open task assigned to Anybody.. 2011-04-14 14:14.. 3.. major.. Unable to browse open task assigned to Anybody.. After gForge 4.. 5.. 3 to fFusion 5.. 3, we are unable to browse tasks with status OPEN assigned to Anybody in some projects.. We have no explanation for this  ...   not have a status filter properly set.. Temporary, we have reverted function getTask in ProjectTaskFactory.. class.. php to 4.. 3 version and everything works OK.. Attached a patch for reverting to 4.. Attachments:.. Size.. Name.. Download.. 5 KiB.. ProjectTaskFactory.. php.. patch.. 2011-04-14 14:15.. Found in Version.. 2014-01-04 19:14.. File Added.. 187: ProjectTaskFactory..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=297&group_id=6&atid=105
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: Bugs
    Descriptive info: Displaying results 26‒50 out of 63 total.. Select One.. Bug.. Fixed in trunk.. Opened.. plugin-oslc.. Target 5.. Waiting Response.. Build Query.. Assignee:.. Unassigned.. Christian Bayle.. Franck VILLAUME.. Laurent HUET.. Olivier Berger.. Sabri LABBENE.. Thorsten Glaser.. Madhumita Dhar.. LACOSTE Pierre.. Marc-Etienne VARGENAU.. Guillaume Smet.. Olivier Meunier.. Benoît Debaenst.. Philip Schwartz.. Gonéri Le Bouder.. Julien HEYMAN.. Olaf Lenz.. Mélanie Le Bail.. Olivier Leal.. Thomas Labourdette.. Narayan Raum.. Marc Nazarian.. Antoine Mercadal.. yael bessoud.. Joseph Joffrin.. christian bac.. Patrick Apel.. Ralf Habacker.. Grégory Cuellar.. carole pryfer.. Timo Pick.. Jose Angel Diaz Diaz.. Yannick L.. Any.. State:.. Closed.. Order by.. ID.. Priority.. Summary.. Open Date.. Last Modified Date.. Close Date.. Submitter.. Assignee.. Severity.. Resolution.. Ascending.. Descending.. Viewing only opened records by default, use 'Advanced queries' or 'Simple Filtering and Sorting' to change.. State.. Assigned to.. Submitted by.. 299.. \n (return) is lost on artifacts (Description messages).. * 2011-04-14 20:57.. Nobody.. Iñigo Martinez.. 300.. Bad translation in spanish translation (es.. po) causes not being able to create project.. * 2011-04-15 10:11.. 302.. Dont check forum name for English strings.. * 2011-05-02 18:11.. carlos lopez.. 317.. Error when uploading file in package (FRS) without processor type set.. * 2011-08-10 11:00.. 336.. a new created forum  ...   Added User on every update.. * 2011-11-17 14:36.. 355.. /src/utils/install-nsspgsql.. sh wrong nss user for /etc/nss-pgsql-root.. conf.. gforge-new.. * 2012-01-18 11:47.. 371.. Bad building of a request on bugs generates a permanent error, forbid access to user.. * 2012-03-21 02:33.. Bernard TREMBLAY.. 372.. Apache setup for mailman directory invalid on Centos6.. * 2012-03-28 23:18.. Mavin Martin.. 373.. scmsvn doesn't work in 5.. * 2012-03-31 17:55.. Coiby Xu.. 381.. MediaWiki login link.. * 2012-04-03 15:38.. Marcel Baur.. 386.. two warnings caused by mediawiki plugin.. * 2012-04-09 09:44.. 388.. Mediawiki search Engine.. * 2012-04-13 09:56.. xavier LE BOËC.. 389.. error with ScriptAliasMatch of plugin-generic.. inc and scmgit.. * 2012-04-15 04:54.. 394.. 404 Not Found about {url}/admin/plugins/mediawiki.. * 2012-04-18 12:26.. 397.. error with uploading files using mediawiki.. * 2012-04-22 04:01.. 398.. Alias error for image of mediawiki.. * 2012-04-22 04:12.. 399.. error with header of mail.. * 2012-04-22 04:29.. 402.. HTML is not supported when send notification of task.. * 2012-04-23 08:10.. 408.. warning for mediawiki plugin.. * 2012-04-28 05:41.. 431.. error with RSS Exports.. * 2012-05-27 05:58.. 445.. Request a personal repository should be renamed to clone into personal or like.. * 2012-06-06 13:55.. 2.. * Denotes requests > 30 Days Old..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=6&atid=105&set=&start=25
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: Bugs
    Descriptive info: Displaying results 51‒63 out of 63 total.. 463.. [plugin/OSLC] Atom+XML shouldn't be returned when RDF+XML queried.. * 2012-06-29 11:07.. 472.. Call to undefined method SkinFusionForge::tooltipAndAccesskey.. * 2012-07-12 08:36.. 481.. Delete file in tracker also delete user's comments.. * 2012-07-21 17:45.. Thiago Oliveira.. 513.. Search feature on top right header does not work for trackers on Fusion Forge version 5.. 50.. 16482M-1 on Fedora.. * 2012-10-22 19:30.. Kenneth Hough.. 518.. install-ng script : missing SQL command line for creating pfo_user_role table in gforge.. sql file.. *  ...   not generally usable due to addition of “None” choice.. * 2013-01-24 10:27.. 579.. Hudson Plugin: activate widget when no job id found returns an error.. * 2013-09-14 16:13.. 599.. php script create_scm_repos.. * 2013-11-07 16:53.. Christophe Gengembre.. 611.. Corrupted text when creating inline document with CKEditor.. * 2013-11-28 15:12.. 618.. Uncaught TypeError: Object # HTMLDocument has no method 'observe'.. 2014-01-09 15:51.. Olivier CHERRIER.. 55.. [TRUNK] Failing creation of SVN branches.. * 2009-10-03 13:08.. Laurence -.. 224.. News subject input field too narrow.. * 2010-12-02 13:26..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=browse&group_id=6&atid=105&set=&start=50
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: Patches
    Descriptive info: Patches.. **************** Fusionforge patch policy is available on our wiki (https://fusionforge.. org/plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fusionforge/index.. php/Patch_Policy).. Please follow the rules before submitting your patch.. ****************.. This page allows you to export the items using a CSV (.. Comma Separated Values.. ) File.. This format can be used to view your entries using MS Excel.. Export as a CSV file.. Selected CSV Format :.. CSV with headers using ',' as separator.. (Change).. Download CSV file..

    Original link path: /tracker/?func=csv&group_id=6&atid=107
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: [#19] Fixed rights in groupdir
    Descriptive info: [#19] Fixed rights in groupdir.. 2009-02-26 10:38.. Julien HEYMAN (.. jheyman.. Base branch:.. Fixed rights in groupdir.. By default, apache is the owner in groupdir.. But members can't create file in htdocs.. Message.. Date: 2009-02-26 20:03.. Sender:.. Can you check that if the homedir is managed directly by apache (case of WebDAV), it will still work as before ?.. Alain.. Date: 2009-02-26 21:38.. No, I don't check that.. I'll test it.. Date: 2009-02-27 08:42.. For the moment, I did not check if webdav is still working.. But I'm surprised, because, for this patch (.. https://fusionforge.. org/tracker/index.. php?func=detail aid=9 group_id=6 atid=107.. ), you told me that giving rights to apache can create a vulnerability.. So why not for groupdir? If apache can write in groupdir, I create a new vulnerability no? For webdav, do you think you can test it? I don't know how configure webdav, and I think you known this better than me.. Date: 2009-02-27 10:10.. Hi Alain,.. What about extended ACL to support Webdav in your case?..  ...   system and that access rights have to be very carefully handled.. This is the debian way.. To be short, security is managed by Linux.. Another solution is to stay more like a pure web application without users accessing the system.. Only http https is opened, no ssh.. In this model, uploads can by managed directly by the apache webserver using WebDAV.. IMHO, this solution is simpler but one drawback is that if a user is able to gain access to the host (using whatever, then he will gain access to all the files).. In this case, security is managed by apache.. May be you can try to detect if shell is allowed.. Date: 2009-02-27 10:39.. You want that :.. * if shell is allowed, keep rights Unix ?.. * if not, set owner to apache ?.. But maybe someone want to allow to shell and webdav, so used the solution provides by goneri.. Date: 2009-02-27 14:48.. Ok, I test with acl.. 2 KiB.. 0001-Fixed-right-in-groupdir.. Target branch.. 2012-10-26 12:00.. 19: 0001-Fixed-right-in-groupdir..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=19&group_id=6&atid=107
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: [#129] Fix SVNPlugin to get it working with DAV (and Linux)
    Descriptive info: [#129] Fix SVNPlugin to get it working with DAV (and Linux).. 2010-04-14 12:03.. Antonio Diaz Sanchez (.. adiazsanchez.. Awaiting Response.. Fix SVNPlugin to get it working with DAV (and Linux).. Fix same bugs of the function updateRepositoryList of the SVNPlugin.. This function is in charge of generating the password and access files needed by DAV.. Moreover, now the user can specifiy  ...   configuration file related to the plugin ( /etc/gforge/plugins/scmsvn/config.. php ).. The variables used to define these paths are $dav_passwd_file and $dav_access_file.. Date: 2010-04-15 08:38.. Antonio Diaz Sanchez.. PHP class.. Date: 2010-04-15 08:40.. Code of the PHP class.. Date: 2013-04-15 20:22.. something is missing here.. the code maybe.. :-).. if you still have your patch, please provide the code.. thank you.. 2013-04-15 20:22..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=129&group_id=6&atid=107
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: [#130] SOAP Fusionforge CoreApi
    Descriptive info: [#130] SOAP Fusionforge CoreApi.. 2010-04-14 13:45.. Laurent HUET (.. laurent35.. SOAP Fusionforge CoreApi.. You'll find a SOAP API developped and tested on the fusionforge 5.. 0 VMware image shipped by aljeux (.. http://aljeux.. free.. fr/fusionforge/files/ff50centos52.. 7z.. ).. For the moment, only Core operations are coded with no security :.. - getVersion.. - getGroups.. - getGroupsByName.. - getPublicProjectName.. - getSCMData.. - getUsers.. - getUsersByName.. - userGetGroups.. The PHP code use the native PHP SOAP Extension (no external libraries).. The WSDL is WSI Basic Profile compliant.. I write a simple java client to test the interoperability.. I will post updates of this SOAP Api in the future (with more/all operations)..  ...   SOAP UI project with SOAP sample request.. java.. soapclient_v0.. gz : Java client source code (Maven Project).. soapclient-0.. jar : Java executable.. The java client can be run with the following command :.. java -jar soapclient-0.. jar [endpoint_url].. The default endpoint URL is :.. http://fusionforge.. local/api/soap/coreapi.. To obtain the SOAP request/response on the console, you can add the flag -Dcom.. sun.. ws.. transport.. http.. client.. HttpTransportPipe.. dump=true on the command line.. Date: 2010-04-14 13:47.. add soapui project file.. Date: 2010-04-26 12:06.. See the missing attachments here :.. http://lists.. fusionforge.. org/pipermail/fusionforge-general/2010-April/000946.. html.. Date: 2010-04-26 12:12.. See also the diagram here :.. org/pipermail/fusionforge-general/2010-April/000949.. No Changes Have Been Made to This Item..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=130&group_id=6&atid=107
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: [#138] postgresql debugging and log feature
    Descriptive info: [#138] postgresql debugging and log feature.. 2010-05-11 07:25.. Ralf Habacker (.. rhabacker.. postgresql debugging and log feature.. For a migration from a sourceforge clone I need to have db related debug messages.. The appended patch adds a logging feature to the postgresql database wrapper.. It adds a function db_log() and two new variables.. // print db query strings after page content.. $sys_db_debug = 0;.. // log db queries into /tmp/db.. log.. $sys_db_log = 0;.. The implementation differs from the related implementation in the mysql wrapper in the following details:.. I do not want to have the detailed function tracing code in a production site as available by default in the mysql wrapper.. db screen and file logging is switchable  ...   the database level instead?.. Date: 2010-05-11 08:00.. why not directly activating the logging at the database level instead?.. to start/stop logging on database level postmaster has to be restarted (.. http://www.. postgresql.. org/docs/8.. 1/static/logfile-maintenance.. ) this is something I do not like.. The initial intent of this patch is to have a quick visible feedback of the related sql statements, which helps to understand how ff works, for database migration from earlier versions and for plugin development.. The sys_db_log related parts is a goody, because it is already in the mysql wrapper unconditional.. I can move it to a separate thread.. Date: 2012-10-28 09:44.. Need to be validate on current development branch.. db-log.. master.. 2013-04-27 12:39.. 2012-10-28 09:44.. 39: db-log..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=138&group_id=6&atid=107
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: [#151] Initial version of auto assign tracker extra field
    Descriptive info: [#151] Initial version of auto assign tracker extra field.. 2010-05-31 10:40.. Initial version of auto assign tracker extra field.. The appended patch contains a basic implementation of feature Request.. [#149].. auto assign feature for extra fields on.. php?func=detail aid=149 group_id=6 atid=114.. Date: 2011-09-23 08:14.. This patch has not been applied for over a year now and I did not get any feedback neither to this patch nor the related feature request, so I can only assume about the reasons:.. - Are there any problems with this patch ?.. - Does no one care about contributions from the community ?.. - Should I request an ff svn access to be able to apply the patch by myself ?.. - Other  ...   your patch to current trunk.. If you can afford to port it to trunk, then that would help.. 2) Yes, but enhancements are more complex than pure patches and someone has to find the time to evaluate/review it.. I'll try to take the time next week to test/review it as I'm probably interested in.. The patch seems quite small.. 3) Sure, you can request access, but new committers are asked to get some kind of approval before committing new code (at least at the beginning).. Date: 2013-12-20 09:12.. Sorry, this patch may not land in 5.. We are currently focus on branching 5.. 3 and stabilization.. tracker-auto-assign.. 2013-12-20 09:12.. 2012-10-21 19:50.. aljeux.. assigned_to.. 2012-06-21 17:52.. none.. 2011-09-23 16:48.. 44: tracker-auto-assign..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=151&group_id=6&atid=107
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  • Title: FusionForge: FusionForge: [#283] MantisBT plugin: unofficial patchs
    Descriptive info: [#283] MantisBT plugin: unofficial patchs.. 2011-03-01 16:45.. Franck VILLAUME (.. Franck VILLAUME (nerville).. MantisBT plugin: unofficial patchs.. MantisBT plugin use soap interface.. Some methods are not yet include in mantisbt official source.. You can find as attachement here, some patchs not yet published in mantisbt.. These patchs are valids for master git.. Date: 2011-07-05 09:13.. patch feature_soap_api-update_note_for_specific_issue is now include in mantisbt git repository.. Date: 2012-04-15 19:33.. new patch to add create account thru soap api.. 4 KiB.. feature.. get_list_bugs_per_project_per_version.. 10 KiB.. feature_soap_api-update_note_for_specific_issue.. 2011-05-16 15:36.. 3 KiB.. api-soap-createaccount.. 2012-04-15 19:33.. 240: api-soap-createaccount.. 192: feature_soap_api-update_note_for_specific_issue.. 178: api..

    Original link path: /tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=283&group_id=6&atid=107
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