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  • Title: Installing/SourceCode - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: Search the entire project.. This project's trackers.. This project's forums.. This project's tasks.. This project's releases.. This project's documents.. This project's news.. Advanced search.. FusionForge.. Summary.. Activity.. Forums.. Tracker.. Lists.. Tasks.. Docs.. Surveys.. News.. SCM.. Files.. Mediawiki.. Hudson.. oslc.. Installing/SourceCode.. From FusionForge Wiki.. Jump to:.. navigation.. ,.. search.. FusionForge source code is currently primarily developped in a.. Git.. repository (.. http://fusionforge.. org/scm/?group_id=6.. ), with additional.. subversion.. or.. bzr.. branches available.. Contents.. Anonymously read-only access with Git (clone/fetch only).. 2.. Anonymous read-only access from Subversion.. Anonymous read-only Bazaar gateway (updated hourly).. Read/write access with bzr, git and svn for developers.. Anonymously read-only access with Git (clone/fetch only).. git clone.. https://fusionforge.. org/anonscm/git/fusionforge/fusionforge.. git.. cd  ...   fusionforge-branch-5.. 2.. Anonymous read-only Bazaar gateway (updated hourly).. bzr checkout.. org/anonscm/bzr/deb-packaging/upstream/5.. org/anonscm/bzr/deb-packaging/upstream/master.. Read/write access with bzr, git and svn for developers.. See.. Development environment.. for guidelines on how to setup a developer's environment and publishing contributions in read/write mode.. Back to.. Installing.. Retrieved from ".. org/plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fusionforge/index.. php?title=Installing/SourceCode oldid=1224.. ".. Categories.. :.. Install.. Development.. Views.. Page.. Discussion.. View source.. History.. Personal tools.. Project Summary.. Navigation.. Main page.. Community portal.. Current events.. Recent changes.. Random page.. Help.. Search.. Toolbox.. What links here.. Related changes.. Special pages.. Printable version.. Permanent link.. This page was last modified on 17 January 2013, at 13:48.. This page has been accessed 21,152 times.. Privacy policy.. About FusionForge Wiki.. Disclaimers..

    Original link path: /plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fusionforge/index.php/Installing/SourceCode
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  • Title: Organization - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: Organization.. FusionForge is not a huge project (.. Ohloh.. lists 21 contributors currently), and we don't have a very formal organization.. Our project is merely a.. do-ocracy.. (i.. e.. those who do something are deciding by the action of doing it).. If you recall.. the initial FusionForge announcement.. , one of the goals of the project was to have an.. explicit and transparent governance model.. We have so far fallen short of that, and although we believe we are more transparent than we used to be, there's.. no formal decision-making process.. So far (after a year of existence), we haven't been facing a decision point where consensus  ...   therefore be said to apply to FusionForge too.. For questions that go further than simple technical details,.. the decision system is currently to discuss them on the.. #FusionForge.. IRC.. channel.. (on the.. Freenode PDPC IRC network.. ) during the weekly meetings which are held.. every Friday at 13:30 (1:30 PM), Western European time (TZ=Europe/Paris).. , which is 11:30 UTC during the summer and 12:30 UTC during the winter.. The meetings are open and can be accessed with a browser with the following link:.. Web access to #FusionForge IRC.. php?title=Organization oldid=919.. This page was last modified on 7 October 2011, at 13:07.. This page has been accessed 4,808 times..

    Original link path: /plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fusionforge/index.php/Organization
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  • Title: Maintainers - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: Maintainers.. A rough map of who is involved in what part of the code.. Core.. Plugins.. Installation system.. Translations.. Core.. About everyone is involved in there.. Some subsystems have seen more interest from particular parties:.. Trackers:.. User:Aljeux.. Mailman:.. User:Cbayle.. Docman:.. User:Nerville.. Plugins.. for a list of plugins maintainers.. Installation system.. Manual:.. Debian packages:.. User:Lolando.. and.. RPM packages:.. Translations.. php?title=Maintainers oldid=1156.. This page was last modified on 28 September 2012, at 18:48.. This page has been accessed 4,912 times..

    Original link path: /plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fusionforge/index.php/Maintainers
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  • Title: 2 days Hackers/users meeting in Paris, 2010-02-03 and 04 - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: 2 days Hackers/users meeting in Paris, 2010-02-03 and 04.. The meeting is now over, and the.. proceedings.. have been published (under the.. PlanetForge.. umbrella).. Introduction.. You may have heard about the.. Coclico project.. , which is an initiative aiming at collaboration and convergence between several forge engines, most notably.. Codendi.. Novaforge.. That project was started last October, and it holds regular meetings with its members.. The next meeting is scheduled for the 2nd of February in Paris, and we thought we could host an open meeting on the 3rd for non-Coclico members, a bit like the forge meeting we had last year (which is when FusionForge was officially born), but with an emphasis on what Coclico did so far.. Since most of the FusionForge hackers are in Western Europe, and several are in Paris (especially if we add those who go to Paris for the Coclico meeting), we thought it would also be a good opportunity to gather for a technical and social meeting.. FusionForge meeting.. It seems the Coclico open session didn't generate much interest this time (not in time for the meeting anyway), so it was proposed to hijack the room for this FusionForge meeting.. Several topics are good candidates for discussion (and possibly implementation) during the meeting, see agenda below.. The social aspect should not be neglected either, and informal discussions are expected too.. These are in no way specific to FusionForge, and in fact we think it would be great if hackers/users of other forges were present, because we could  ...   Issy-les-Moulineaux.. [1].. (near Paris, within reach of the tube.. directions.. ).. If you're interested, please get in touch with us (#FusionForge on the FreeNode IRC network, or the.. fusionforge-general.. mailing-list), so we can have a rough estimate of how many people to expect.. In particular,.. please read the thread starting at.. [2].. and register on the Doodle survey.. [3].. We'll try to finish the general agenda on the 3rd since that was the only day initially planned and not everyone will be able to stay for another day, so the 4th can be more focused on particulars.. Proposed agenda.. Configuration system: prototype, next steps.. Database maintenance (including for plugins), schema harmonisation, cleanup, evolution.. Packaging and installation procedures: what needs to be done to keep the three ways of installation (manual, *.. deb, *.. rpm) in sync with as little work as possible?.. Permissions system: clarification of what happens currently, ideas for evolution, Mailman test case (Christian).. Plugins and interaction with external software: do we lack stuff that would make this easier?.. Roadmap, long-term plans, and so on;.. SSO and related topics (SimpleSamlPHP use maybe);.. REST API for trackers (OSLC-CM standard support);.. Interoperability, collaboration and convergence (aka “taking code and ideas from other forges”).. Target platform.. Governance issues?.. nFORGE presentation and discussion.. indexing, search and semantic web/linked-data description of hosted projects and artifacts.. (Contents initially pasted from Lolando's blog at.. [4].. , but evolved since).. php?title=2_days_Hackers/users_meeting_in_Paris,_2010-02-03_and_04 oldid=282.. This page was last modified on 7 February 2010, at 14:32.. This page has been accessed 18,294 times..

    Original link path: /plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fusionforge/index.php/2_days_Hackers/users_meeting_in_Paris,_2010-02-03_and_04
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  • Title: Roadmap - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: Roadmap.. See the project's roadmap at :.. org/tracker/roadmap.. php?group_id=6.. as rendered from the trackers.. In addition, elements below may correspond to possible evolutions of FusionForge.. Long-term.. Sync/Merge with the ACOS Forge (aljeux, Alcatel-Lucent).. AuthOpenID plugin.. Advanced.. URL relocation.. (with a dispatcher).. Revamp authentication/identification (.. SimpleSAMLphp.. ) (cbayle).. Use.. MIT Simile Web Widgets.. (cbayle).. Rethink authorization code (XACML, ACL,.. ) (cbayle).. Cleanly separate SQL and HTML.. Use a  ...   Finish merging in the Novaforge changes (gcuellar).. Project Import plugin.. (see current work done in COCLICO by INRIA and TSP).. Integration of ".. virtual forges.. " from.. FusionForge Virtual.. ?.. Ext Sub Proj Plugin.. Use PHP exceptions instead of the Error class?.. Plugins in development.. Sympa plugin.. php?title=Roadmap oldid=1476.. This page was last modified on 18 March 2013, at 11:42.. This page has been accessed 34,849 times..

    Original link path: /plugins/mediawiki/wiki/fusionforge/index.php/Roadmap
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  • Title: Suggestions - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: Suggestions.. Please use the.. Feature requests.. tracker for new suggestions.. If a long explanation is required, you should feel free to create a Suggestions/FooBar page on this wiki (and link it from the tracker), but we're using the tracker to keep an eye on things.. Install without DNS vhosts (David Partain).. Web pages hosting (David Partain).. 3.. Plugin manager improvements (Alain Peyrat).. 4.. Roadmap/Timeline tool (Alain Peyrat).. 5.. Logging Framework (Muris Ahmovic).. 6.. IDE integration (Olivier Meunier).. Separate contents from presentation.. More RSS feeds.. 9.. Default skin appliance.. 10.. Common MediaWiki Site.. Enhancements.. Processors list update.. Topic list update.. Ergonomy rules.. Replace chroot creation by test script (Sylvain Le Gall).. Suggestions.. I work in an environment where I cannot change DNS in any way.. As such, virtual hosts with project.. company.. com are not an option.. I'd like there to be a way to decide during installation whether you'll use subdomains or not.. If not, the installation will then configure things appropriately.. That means, as an example, that sys_default_domain, sys_scm_host, sys_ldap_host, etc in local.. inc will all be the same, that "Project Home Page" will have to be something other than project.. com (e.. g.. , company.. com/projects/project).. → This is the "URL relocation" mentioned in the roadmap; the goal is to be able to run your forge as www.. com/tools/forge/ and have non-web tools working too.. I'd really like to see a plain ol' Web area that is under the same access control as the rest of the project information, requires login if the site does, etc.. Of course, a good wiki plugin will help here.. → A solution that I use is to provide webdav directory, so projects have their own web space and can work on documents.. The 'Run Init Script' is confusing users.. If the init is needed, then why this option ?.. Add a description to explain the plugin, a version number for upgrading.. Add a dependency (example: to enable only svn2tracker if scmsvn is active).. Add a 'enabled by default' option.. To have a simple view of pending bugs, tasks, features.. An example is:.. http://trac.. edgewall.. org/roadmap.. The needs to use or develop a logging framework for fusionforge would help during development and users could easier report bugs.. It should be well described and used by the plugins.. Another good convention (from my expirience) would be to have Entry/Leaving DEBUG log entries for EVERY function.. Example: "Entering - doSomeMagic($staff)".. The following features are needed:.. Log Levels (ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, etc.. ).. Writing to stream/file (append).. Log Rotation.. Setting the log level global (For example: During DEV the log level should remain debug/trace and for the production use erorr).. The only usable framework is Zend Framework - Zend_Log:.. http://framework.. zend.. com/manual/en/zend.. log.. html.. There is unfortunately no release  ...   that a skin is the one per default to be sure that as a user is not connected, he will have the good "corporate" skin and it will ease the administrators to choose the skin per default to propose to their users.. Common MediaWiki Site.. The mediawiki-per-project model is useful, but on our intranet I would like the option of a shared mediawiki for all projects.. Instead of associating the main MW page with the project, I'd associate a project MW page with the project.. In our closed environment, reusability is much more important than strong project partitions (as long as our source control is partitioned).. Thanks for reading.. --.. Salquint.. 04:35, 19 October 2011 (UTC).. Enhancements.. Processors list update.. it could be useful to update processor classes list by default:.. AMD64.. ARM Families.. Topic list update.. it could be useful to update topic items list by default:.. Control Version::GIT.. Operating System::Windows::Vista, Seven, 2008.. New categories could be added like:.. Terminal Classes::Laptop, Desktop, Embedded::Mobile, Smartphone, Pdas.. Mobile standards::GSM, GPRS, UMTS with sub standards.. Other actions:.. Maybe the categories could be organized in a different order or subdivisions.. Deactivating some of same could be more comfortable to manage than deleting some and their subtopics.. giving consistence between licenses(same for processors) in the topic tree and in separate list could be.. Organizing their translations with the inner DB (not with po files) could be interesting too.. Ergonomy rules.. It could be useful to edit some ergonomy rules to better define the work canvas.. Suggestions:.. the name of the identified user is currently joined to the disconnect button/link.. It could be better, my opinion, to join it to the "my account" button/link or to replace it.. Replace chroot creation by test script (Sylvain Le Gall).. Handling chroot creation in fusionforge is quite complicated and require a deep understanding of package manager, chroot building et al.. A simple solution is to provide a list of requirement for a potential chroot and build distribution specific script.. For example:.. The plugin git needs /usr/bin/git and /usr/bin/git-toto.. It stats that it requires "bin git" and "bin git-toto" in a file (lets call it /etc/fusionforge/plugin/scmgit/requirements).. 1st solution: You can use "whohas git" and "whohas git-toto" to determine wich package is required and build a chroot with it.. 2nd solution: You can generate a script that transform /etc/fusionforge/plugin/*/requirements into a schell script that test any computer/chroot/vserver to comply.. E.. "bin.. * = (command -v \1) || echo "\1 is required" 2).. This shell script will then be copied by sysadmin to target chroot/vserver/xen domu to check that installation comply with fusionforge installation (and mail it through cron job output if something goes wrong).. php?title=Suggestions oldid=971.. This page was last modified on 29 March 2012, at 18:42.. This page has been accessed 18,043 times..

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  • Title: ForgePackaging - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: ForgePackaging.. Forge packaging.. FHS.. deb.. Package organisation.. Tools.. Todo.. rpm.. Packages organisation.. tgz.. Dificulties.. Forge packaging.. FHS.. Binary files.. /bin.. Configuration files.. /etc/ forgename.. /etc/ forgename /custom.. /etc/ forgename /httpd.. d.. /etc/ forgename /languages-local.. /etc/ forgename /local.. /etc/ forgename /plugins/mediawiki.. /etc/ forgename /plugins/scmbzr.. /etc/ forgename /plugins/scmcvs.. /etc/ forgename /plugins/scmsvn.. /etc/ forgename /templates.. /etc/mediawiki-extensions/extensions-available.. System binary.. /usr/sbin.. Shared static file OS indep.. /usr/share/ forgename.. /usr/share/ forgename /common.. /usr/share/ forgename /cronjobs.. /usr/share/ forgename /etc/httpd.. /usr/share/ forgename /etc/local.. /usr/share/ forgename /etc/templates.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/mediawiki/common.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmbzr/common.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmbzr/cronjobs.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmcvs/common.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmcvs/cronjobs.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmcvs/sbin.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmsvn/common.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmsvn/cronjobs.. /usr/share/ forgename /scm.. /usr/share/ forgename /www.. /usr/share/ forgename /www/include.. /usr/share/ forgename /www/plugins/mediawiki.. /usr/share/ forgename /bin.. /usr/share/ forgename /db.. /usr/share/ forgename /lib.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmbzr/bin.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmcvs/bin.. /usr/share/ forgename /plugins/scmsvn/bin.. /usr/share/locale.. /usr/share/mediawiki/skins.. Data files.. /var.. /var/cache/ forgename.. /var/lib.. /var/lib/ forgename.. /var/lib/ forgename /bind.. /var/lib/ forgename /chroot.. /var/lib/ forgename /chroot/bzrroot.. /var/lib/ forgename /chroot/cvsroot.. /var/lib/ forgename /chroot/svnroot.. /var/lib/ forgename /chroot/var.. /var/lib/ forgename /chroot/var/lib.. /var/lib/ forgename /chroot/var/lib/gforge.. /var/lib/ forgename /db.. /var/lib/ forgename /download.. /var/lib/ forgename /dumps.. /var/lib/ forgename /etc.. /var/lib/ forgename /etc/templates.. /var/lib/ forgename /ftp/incoming.. /var/lib/ forgename /scmsnapshots.. /var/lib/ forgename /scmtarballs.. /var/lib/ forgename /tmp.. /var/lib/ forgename /www/plugins.. /var/log/ forgename /cvs.. /var/log/ forgename /svn.. deb.. Package organisation.. Une grosse carte des dépendances entre paquets..  ...   rpm.. Installation du code source fusionforge.. Installation de gforge/cron.. d/fusionforge dans /etc/cron.. d/.. Création de la base de données postgresql et des users gforge, gforge_mta et gforge_nss (nécessaire pour db_update.. pl).. Configuration des connexions à postgresql dans pg_hba.. conf.. Mise à jour des variables de connexion à la base de données dans /etc/gforge/gforge.. Configuration de Gforge via gforge-config.. Création des.. mo pour les traductions.. lien de /usr/lib/gforge/plugins/env.. inc.. php vers /usr/share/gforge/www/env.. php.. lien de /usr/share/gforge/plugins vers /usr/lib/gforge/plugins.. fusionforge-plugin-scmcvs-4.. Installation du code source du plugin.. Installation de gforge/plugins/scmcvs/cron.. d/fusionforge-plugin-scmcvs dans /etc/cron.. lien de /usr/share/gforge/www/plugins/scmcvs vers /usr/lib/gforge/plugins/scmcvs/www.. lien de /bin/cvssh vers /usr/lib/gforge/plugins/scmcvs/bin/cvssh.. pl.. register-plugin scmcvs CVS.. sys_use_scm=true dans /etc/gforge/gforge.. configuration de gforge avec gforge-config.. lien de /cvsroot vers /var/lib/gforge/chroot/cvsroot.. fusionforge-shell-postgresql-4.. configuration de gforge avec sys_account_manager_type=pgsql dans /etc/gforge/gforge.. configuration de libnss avec gforge/utils/install-nsspgsql.. sh.. si le plugin scmcvs est installé commente le cron usergroup.. TODO : il faudrait que le user gforge_nss soit créé par ce package et donc que la partie de la base de données relative à nss soit aussi créée par ce package.. gforge-config.. tgz.. Dificulties.. Packaging des bouts d'adhérence au système Unix sous-jacent (genre des comptes, des users, des chroots, etc.. php?title=ForgePackaging oldid=12.. This page was last modified on 25 March 2009, at 20:33.. This page has been accessed 3,860 times..

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  • Title: Translations - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: FusionForge uses standard GNU gettext for its internationalisation system.. This system is widely known amongst the i18n community, which removes the burden of having to learn a home-made translsation system.. The Debian i18n people are kindly hosting the FusionForge translation effort on their.. Pootle.. instance, and the results are regularly merged into the development code.. As of end of March, 2010, there are a handful of languages with rather good translation status: French is 100% translated, Russian is about 80%, German is about 60%, and Spanish, Catalan, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese are all above 50%.. Other languages with a reasonably good status include Basque, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Dutch and Swedish (all above 30%).. These numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, though, as the untranslated strings are often the ones least frequently seen.. Potential translators are encouraged to create an account on the Pootle server and start to get a feel on how it works.. It's designed to be usable by a wide range of users,  ...   marianoguerra, jfcastro, e1th0r).. Italian (reinhard).. German (mirabilos, Nilsius).. Simplified Chinese (markqiu).. Polish (pustelnik).. Translation rules.. No HTML tags in translated strings except a , b , i , em and strong.. No more all CAPS word.. Exceptions are acronyms like URL, HTML, etc.. If you need quotes, use smart quotes “like this” and not ASCII quotes "like that"; this will avoid many backslashes in *.. po files and is nicer to read.. A sentence ends by a period '.. '.. First letter of the first word has capital case.. We use only one colon ':' between level of information and message.. There is no space between level of information and the colon.. level of information + colon = one word.. There is one space between the colon and the message.. gettext must be used as much as possible.. Add a comment in your code to specify when not using gettext.. php?title=Translations oldid=1530.. This page was last modified on 17 May 2013, at 14:59.. This page has been accessed 5,825 times..

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  • Title: Patch Policy - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: Patch Policy.. Before providing your patch, please try as much as possible to follow the next rules, some are optional, some are mandatory.. What happen if you do not comply to the rules : actually, nothing happen, our patch will be analysed any way.. Rules are here only to make the merge easier.. Thank you for contributing.. Rule 1: stable version (mandatory).. Rule 2: unified diff (mandatory).. Rule 3: per logical part (mandatory).. Rule 4: naming the patch (optional).. Your patch must be available at least for the last stable Fusionforge version.. Use the "base branch" field in the patch tracker to select  ...   merge into the community source code.. Providing your patch for master branch is a nice to have.. Your patch must be a unified diff.. Your patch should be apply with the command like patch -p1 or git apply.. Provide one patch file per logical part.. Do not provide a patch which fix a bug and also enhance another part of the code, in this case, please provide 2 patchs.. Your patch file should be named accordingly to the based branch you have hacked.. php?title=Patch_Policy oldid=1526.. This page was last modified on 26 April 2013, at 12:28.. This page has been accessed 628 times..

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  • Title: Tools - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: A few tools we use:.. Build tests and unit tests parts of the.. Test Suite.. thanks to the.. Tools/BuildBot.. FusionForge on.. Latest commits and a few stats thanks to.. CIA.. We're also curious about.. who uses FusionForge.. How to use with.. Mylyn.. See also the.. Freshmeat project page.. php?title=Tools oldid=1176.. This page was last modified on 10 October 2012, at 15:41.. This page has been accessed 7,077 times..

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  • Title: Developer doc - FusionForge Wiki
    Descriptive info: Developer doc.. Developers should also refer to the.. FusionForge Contribution Guide.. document, that is present in the sources (see a version here :.. org/docman/?group_id=6 view=listfile dirid=5.. , built from ".. src/docs/docbook/docbook/contribution_guide/contribution_guide.. xml.. ").. Below is a few things to know about how the code works.. Far from complete.. Internationalisation.. Database access.. URLs and links.. Authentication.. 5.. Permissions.. Up to 5.. Starting with 5.. 6.. exit functions API.. 7.. System security.. Processes.. Web server.. Cronjobs.. Directories.. /opt/gforge.. /etc/gforge.. /var/lib/gforge.. Potential problems.. 8.. Configuration.. 9.. Plugin development.. Internationalisation.. i18n in FusionForge is done via the standard Gettext library, with no particular quirks in FusionForge.. This makes it a bit unwieldy to use custom/local translations or strings.. has a local branch with code to generate a local translation package that can override the official ones.. Need to finish it and commit it to trunk.. Database access.. Database queries go through the db_query_params() method (db_query() is being deprecated to help get rid of a whole class of potential SQL injection bugs).. This is a wrapper around the PostgreSQL database access methods, which passes the variable parts of a query as separate parameters, removing the need for careful escaping and unescaping.. To get the full benefits of that, it is important that the query itself be immutable, and all variable parts need to go into separate parameters.. For instance, a query counting the groups with a given word in their name or their description should read:.. $res = db_query_params ('SELECT count(*) FROM groups WHERE group_name LIKE $1 OR description LIKE $2', array ($word, $word)) ;.. Thus, even if $word comes from a malicious user query, it can't do any harm in the database.. Note that this prevents usage of.. WHERE foo IN (.. ).. constructs if the number of elements in the set is not constant.. Fortunately, we can use an alternative way, with the.. WHERE foo = ANY($1).. , with the values built with the db_string_array_to_any_clause() or db_int_array_to_any_clause() methods:.. $values = array (1, 2, 5, 8) ; $res = db_query_params ('SELECT foo FROM bar WHERE col = ANY($1)', array (db_int_array_to_any_clause($values))) ;.. URLs and links.. As described in.. FusionForge/Suggestions/URL relocation.. , URLs to pages in the forges should always be generated by the util_make_url() function.. This allows to keep the URL scheme in a single point, so that individual pages don't have to know or care whether the forge runs in its own virtualhost, or on SSL, or in a subset of the URL space within a vhost, and so on.. util_make_link() can be used to generate links rather than just URLs, with extra parameters to add attributes to the a.. element in the generated HTML.. A use case is to add a class for CSS styling.. Authentication.. The authentication uses an MD5 password stored in the database by default, but a hook allows to override that with a plugin (see ldapextauth for an example).. Permissions.. 0.. The permission model is RBAC, role-based access control.. 'Users' are members of any number of 'groups'.. Each membership of a user in a group has a 'role', possibly shared by several users in a group.. Each role is specific to a group (no cross-group sharing currently),  ...   function exit_no_group().. no params needed.. function exit_missing_param($url=.. ,$missing_params=array(),$toptab=.. url should be HTTP_REFERER or any URL you like.. missing_params is an array that will be append to the standard error message Missing required parameters.. function exit_disabled($toptab=.. to be used when specific functionnality is disabled.. function exit_form_double_submit($toptab=.. to be used when double click on submit button.. Need to be rethink.. I presume.. System security.. This describes the concepts of FusionForge that shall ensure security of the underlying server.. It describes.. what the different components of FusionForge should do or not do,.. what exceptions currently exist,.. and what technical measures are taken to ensure this.. Processes.. Web server.. should not write to the filesystem directly.. if any write access is required, only write to.. should only read and write the database.. Technical measures:.. web server runs as user.. www-data.. user.. has usually no write access anywhere.. only where required, write access can be granted (explicitly?) by the admin.. Exceptions: ftp upload, some plugins.. Cronjobs.. should write only in.. cronjob runs as user.. root.. most jobs restrict permissions to user.. gforge.. can only write to.. Exceptions:.. pluginman:.. creates links in.. /opt/gforge/www/plugins.. /etc/gforge/plugins.. configman:.. modifies.. /etc/gforge/local.. Directories.. contains source code of FF.. server admin should not have to modify anything here (to simplify updates).. modified only by FF developers.. Links in.. are set up by pluginman.. Some plugins require modifications.. contains configuration files of FF.. modified by server admin.. FF code should not modify anything here (to simplify updates).. pluginman creates links here.. configman modifies.. local.. setup autogenerates files here (e.. httpd.. conf.. Technical measures: no write permissions for.. contains files required by the current state of FF.. modifed by cronjobs.. ftp upload.. mediawiki upload.. Other plugins?.. write permissions for user.. no write permissions for user.. Potential problems.. Root cronjob is potentially dangerous.. Possible solution: run cronjob as user.. , use.. sudo.. when root access is required.. More control over root jobs by admin.. Configman writes central config file that contains paths etc.. !.. Configuration.. Configuration was previously accessed through a mess of global variables.. This is being deprecated in favour of a (hopefully) clean API:.. forge_get_config(name [, section]): get value of variable "name" in section "section" (defaults to "core");.. forge_define_config_item(name, section, default): define a new configuration item with given name/section and default value;.. forge_set_config_item_bool(name, section): tag the variable as boolean, which allows human-readable values in the configuration files (such as yes, true, on and 1; anything else is mapped to false).. forge_read_config_file(file): read a *.. ini file and inject its contents into the configuration.. forge_read_config_dir(path): read all configuration files in a directory.. for more details on existing configuration variables.. For shell scripts, there's also a forge_get_config command that behaves like its counterpart in the PHP API: it loads the configuration and prints out the value of the requested variable.. Plugins are encouraged to store their configuration into a pluginname.. ini config file, within a section called pluginname.. See examples in the existing plugins.. Migration from the previous system can be performed with the migrate-to-ini-files.. sh script.. Plugin development.. src/docs/README.. Plugins.. See also.. php?title=Developer_doc oldid=1199.. Category.. This page was last modified on 24 October 2012, at 13:15.. This page has been accessed 21,446 times..

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