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  • Title: Fab Academy
    Descriptive info: .. About.. Diploma and Certificates.. Classes.. Videogallery.. How to Apply.. Tuition Fees.. Scholarships.. Blog and news.. Diploma.. Class archive.. Content.. Projects.. Tutorial.. Suppliers.. Contact.. Topics of interest.. What you learn can be applied to any topic you can imagine! Agriculture, housing, electronics, vehicles, wereables.. You can make (almost) anything in the Fab Academy!.. Check the content.. Connected network.. The Fab Lab Network covers more than 40 countries in more than 200 labs in the world.. Every Fab Lab is a potential classroom for the Fab Academy.. From zero to hero.. You don t need to hold a master or doctorate degree! Fab Academy is for passionate people who wants to learn and teach the usage of technology to make the world a better place to live,.. Graduate somewhere in the world!.. Graduation ceremony takes place where the Fab Conference is organised.. 2014 will be in Barcelona, 2015 in Boston, and more to come!.. Class schedule 2014.. Check the class schedule for 2014.. Every week a new topic to build amazing final projects.. More.. Fab Academy 2014 Sites.. Check you closest Fab Academy site.. We have more than 20 Fab Labs offering the entire diploma.. Access to the student s area.. The archive contains lectures and materials of the Fab Academy.. Social links.. Search.. Search for:.. More information.. About.. How to Apply.. Fab Academy 2014 Open for Applications.. EXTENDED TO 30th OF NOVEMBER!.. Fab Lab Academy 2013 Barcelona from Fab Lab Barcelona on Vimeo.. A new edition of the world s largest distributed campus on digital fabrication is here! The Fab Academy provides instruction and supervises  ...   comes to protecting an invention in an ecosystem that has such open doors we can [ ].. Applications and Implications.. To bring us almost full circle, right back to where we started in the first week, we must plan and document a final project that integrates the range of units covered: The task here runs parallel to our continued development of both our major projects and the group machine design projects.. The task is [ ].. Group Mechanics.. Week 15 is the last technical content week and is undertaken as a group project.. Together in a Lab or as a distributed collaboration between labs, we must design anew or modify an existing machine.. Our projects will be presented at the end of the semester along with our personal major projects.. Previous groups have [ ].. Processors to Network.. Networks are in fashion Hot topics include: Networked societies, peer to peer, new collaboration and sharing economies etc.. But during this week we are getting down to basics and looking at the nuts and bolts of networked communication.. The task is to Build a wired and / or wireless network with at least two [ ].. Electrifying Things!.. This week is about output devices.. We assume that we have already got information in a micro-controller and we want to get it out and into the real world.. The task is to add an output device to a micro-controller board and program it to do something.. SAFETY WARNING !.. We talked about a [ ].. Post navigation.. Older posts.. 2014.. Fab Academy.. Designed by.. Themes Co.. Back to top..

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  • Title: About | Fab Academy
    Descriptive info: Home.. How to Make Almost Anything.. The Fab Academy is a Digital Fabrication Program directed by Neil Gershenfeld of MIT’s Center For Bits and Atoms and based on MIT’s rapid prototyping course, MAS 863: How to Make (Almost) Anything.. The Fab Academy began as an outreach project from the CBA, and has since spread to Fab Labs around the world.. The program provides advanced digital fabrication instruction for students through an unique, hands-on curriculum and access to technological tools and resources.. Fab Academy 2013 Unofficial Kickstart Video.. from.. Francisco.. on.. Vimeo.. Learn to Turn Codes into Things.. Just as communications and computation went from analog to digital, resulting in PCs and the Internet, the digitization of fabrication is leading to personal fabricators that will allow anyone to make almost anything, anywhere.. The development of digital fabrication is based on creating codes that don’t just describe things, they.. are.. things, much as proteins are coded in molecular biology.. This research roadmap is ultimately aiming at a Star Trek-style replicator, but prototype versions of these capabilities are already available in field.. fab labs.. At the Fab Academy, you will learn how to envision, prototype and document your ideas through many hours of hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools.. We take a variety of code formats and turn them into physical objects.. The  ...   Roland CAMM-1 Servo GX-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter.. ShopBot.. electronics design and production by producing circuit boards using a variety of sensors and output devices.. how to program AVR microcontrollers on the boards they have produced.. molding and casting.. 3D scanning and printing.. How It Works.. Each lab that participates in the Fab Academy program is part of a global Fab Lab / Fab Academy network.. The local branches of the Fab Academy work with other participating Fab Labs and experts from around the wold via a distributed educational model where we pool our knowledge to provide a unique educational experience.. We view and participate in global lectures broadcast from MIT on Wednesdays at 9:00 am 12:00 pm EST.. The lectures are recorded and available to students throughout the semester.. In addition to the lectures, there are two lab days each week where students have access the digital fabrication equipment and personal help with projects.. Fab Academy faculty who are leaders in their respective fields provide global video lectures, supervise academic content, and guide research.. Hands-on instruction in the labs is provided by instructors who supervise and evaluate Certificates, develop and disseminate instructional material, and assist with projects.. The Fab Academy is directed by Neil Gershenfeld, produced by Sherry Lassiter, coordinated by Tomas Diez and students are managed by Anna Kaziunas France..

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  • Title: Diploma and Certificates | Fab Academy
    Descriptive info: Diploma and Certificates.. The Fab Academy is a 5 month program offered between January and June every year.. The Fab Diploma is awarded to those students who complete all of the Fab Academy Certificates.. Each Certificate covers a specific technical topic (see the list below) aimed at vocational and technical training.. Both the certificates and the diploma are accredited by the Fab Academy.. The Fab Academy is still growing and maturing, but we anticipate that we will be able to offer a Bachelor s degree (under applicable regional accreditation), and post-graduate study in the near future.. Fab Academy Certificates provide familiarity with technical options and capabilities, hands-on experience, and direction for further study.. Each Certificate typically requires 1-2 weeks.. They  ...   and practices 1 week.. 2.. computer-aided design, manufacturing, and modeling 1 week.. 3.. computer-controlled cutting 1 week.. 4.. electronics design and production 2 weeks.. 5.. computer-controlled machining 1 week.. 6.. embedded programming 1 week.. 7.. 3D molding and casting 1 week.. 8.. collaborative technical development and project management 1 week.. 9.. 3D scanning and printing 1 week.. 10.. sensors, actuators, and displays 2 weeks.. 11.. interface and application programming 1 week.. 12.. embedded networking and communications 1 week.. 13.. machine design 2 weeks.. 14.. digital fabrication applications and implications 1 week.. 15.. invention, intellectual property, and business models 1 week.. 16.. digital fabrication project development 2 weeks.. Check the Fab Academy content archive for more information:.. http://academy.. cba.. mit.. edu..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: principles and practices.. project management.. computer-aided design.. computer-controlled cutting.. electronics production.. computer-controlled machining.. electronics design.. composites.. embedded programming.. input_devices.. interface and application programming.. mechanical design.. output devices.. networking and communications.. machine design.. applications and implications.. project development.. invention, intellectual property, and income..

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  • Title: Videogallery | Fab Academy
    Descriptive info: Videogallery.. To get access to the video archive of classes and presentation visit the Fab Academy channel curated by Fab Lab Amstedam:.. https://vimeo.. com/fabacademy/videos.. Informative videos:.. FAB ACADEMY BCN 2014.. Fab Lab Barcelona..

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  • Title: How to Apply | Fab Academy
    Descriptive info: FAB ACADEMY 2014 APPLICATION PROCESS IS CLOSED.. Fab Academy courses require access to a participating fab lab.. You can view the list of labs that participate in the Fab Academy program here:.. http://www.. fabacademy.. org/fab-academy-2014-sites/.. Classes are taught in fab labs through video lectures by a global faculty.. Hands-on class work is guided by  ...   participating lab in the Fab Academy, contact the Fab Academy Coordination at: coordination@fabacademy.. org.. If you have any questions or cannot find a participating lab near you, please contact the Fab Academy Coordination staff: coordination@fabacademy.. If you have any questions related with admissions to the Fab Academy, please contact the admissions office at: admissions@fabacademy..

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  • Title: Tuition Fees | Fab Academy
    Descriptive info: Tuition Fees.. Tuition fees are variable according to local fab labs.. Global Fab Academy fees are:.. Fab Academy Diploma 5.. 000(USD).. (currency to be determined by local lab).. Fab Academy individual certificates 500(USD).. Fab Academy Europe will charge tuition fees in Euros according to updated exchange rates.. Included in the costs:.. • All the basic course materials.. • 14 hours a week of hands-on Fab Lab access and personal instruction.. Local labs will determine different programs for scholarships: Internships, Special programs with other institutions and social organizations.. To apply for a scholarship please send to your local fab lab a letter of intent (no more than 250 words), explaining the conditions and reasons  ...   FAB ACADEMY 2014.. IBAN: ES0400496784302816155128.. SWIFT: BSCHESMM.. CCC: 0049-6784-30-2816155128.. Make sure that bank transferring SUBJECT is your personal name, and not the person who orders the transfer.. Also make sure to select the SWITF instructions code “OUR” when ordering the bank transfer.. This means that you have to pay the transfer charges.. Via PayPal.. The amount + 3,4% (PayPal transfers costs).. FAB ACADEMY AMERICAS.. Bank of America.. West 33rd Street, New York, NY.. Swift code: BOFAUS3N.. Account title: The Fab Foundation, d/b/a Fab Academy.. Account number: 0046 42740070.. Account Address:.. c/o Sherry Lassiter, Treasurer.. Fab Foundation d/b/a Fab Academy.. 105 Waltham Street.. Maynard, MA 01754.. Telephone: +1 978 897 0510, +1 617 331 4659..

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  • Title: Scholarships | Fab Academy
    Descriptive info: Scholarships.. Local labs.. individually determine if scholarships are available and the different possible programs for scholarships.. These could be internships or special programs with other institutions and social organizations.. To apply for a scholarship please fill out the Fab Academy application.. Then compose a letter of intent of no more than 250 words to the.. participating Fab Lab.. you selected in your application.. The letter of intent should explain your circumstances and how you would contribute to the local lab..

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  • Title: News | Fab Academy
    Descriptive info: News.. Category Archives :.. Fab Academy 2013.. Principles, applications and implications of digital fabrication.. 236.. This entry was posted in.. News.. July 11, 2012.. by.. fab.. Directed by Neil Gershenfeld Fab Academy is the distributed educational platform of the worldwide network of Fab Labs.. It started as an extended version of the How to make (almost) anything class at MIT, and is becoming an opportunity for new labs managers, as well as advanced inventors [ ].. Final Presentations > Wed 30th May">.. Fab Academy 2012 > Final Presentations > Wed 30th May.. 1969.. May 24, 2012.. hunmin.. This is the third edition of the Fab Academy program, developed by the Fab Lab Network.. The Fab Academy is a distributed education system which covers the principles, applications and implications of digital fabrication, consists on a 20 week program based on processes, techniques and tools, as well as the development of new machines and [ ].. Fab Academy 2011 Final Presentations + Open House.. May 29, 2011.. Fab Academy 2011 program.. Projects presentation and exhibition.. Open House at the Fab Lab.. 15 Labs around the world shared the last 6 months on projects from Circuit production to Furniture design.. More than 8 countries such as Iceland, Kenya,  ...   digital fabrication techniques, from microcontroller [ ].. Fab Academy 2011 > Week 1 > Introducing the new class.. January 20, 2011.. Professor Neil Gershenfeld (Director of CBA at MIT), leads the second year of the Fab Academy.. 50 Participants from 14 different sites.. The Fab Academy 2011 has started on January 19th, 3pm Barcelona, 9am Boston, 6am California, 11pm Japan.. Students from countries such as South Africa, United States, Iceland, Netherlands, Peru and Spain are participating [ ].. Week 1 > Introducing the new class">.. Jan 10th to 14th">.. FAB Boot Camp 2011 > Jan 10th to 14th.. December 7, 2010.. Fab Boot Camp January 10- 14, 2010 One week crash course in fab lab tools and processes by the gurus of the fab lab network.. For new fab lab managers, teachers, and people who want a fast training course.. Fab Academy 2011 Program and Calendar.. November 5, 2010.. Here is the updated program of the Fab Academy 2011.. Applications are open until December 24th.. Please check application procedure HERE The Fab Academy provides instruction and supervises investigation of mechanisms, applications, and implications of digital fabrication.. Just as communications and computation went from analog to digital, resulting in PCs and the Internet, the digitization [ ]..

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  • Title: Diploma | Fab Academy
    Descriptive info: Diploma.. September 13, 2013.. Experiences.. and tagged.. Fab Heroes.. Fab Heroes! The Final Presentations.. Final Presentations.. Week 19.. August 10, 2013.. Ready fire aim.. Week 17.. July 29, 2013.. Applications and Implications.. Week 16.. Mechanical design.. Mechanics and Automation.. Week 15.. Networking.. week 14.. Electrifying Things.. Output devices.. week 13..

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    Descriptive info: The Fab Academy.. Courses.. Content..

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