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  • Title: Facecampaign.org – Women Rights
    Descriptive info: .. Facecampaign.. org.. Women Rights.. Home.. Updates.. Contact Us.. Safety for Women.. Posted on.. September 28, 2012.. Women usually are easy targets for violence acts.. Especially in the third world countries women are the victim of selfish violence acts.. In most of the time, they don’t have the idea of where they are and what’s going on around.. This lack of awareness turns them into victim.. Being in wrong place at the wrong time and unconfident body language is another reason for being a victim.. Whatever the reasons are, anyone should remain aware about circumstances and try not to get abused physically or mentally.. Because of their nature, they become victim of irritation.. Take a look at these statistics from the National Organization for Women.. But a little awareness can change the whole scenario.. In general sense, if you see or feel like having a problem in your way, change your route.. In the time of problem always be prepare to defend yourself in the possible best way or run.. When you’re walking alone in the street, don’t wear conspicuous jewelry.. Use buses or taxis instead of hitchhiking.. Be confident, don’t become an easy target for violence acts.. It’s tough to assault anyone in the middle of lots of people.. So, public transportation is welcomed in most of the time.. When you’re in a public transport an aisle seat is more preferable than window seat for quick exit.. In off-peak hour, travel in the compartment with most passengers or in the compartment directly behind the driver.. Check the driver’s identification before you get into his taxi.. Car with central locking, be aware of them.. Adjacent seat is safer than rear passenger seat, sit on it.. Avoid the flagging taxis from the street instead order for them so the driver can be traced.. When facing car trouble or needs to walking always walk against the crowd so you can keep a sharp eye on what’s coming.. The danger is quite high when you’re travelling abroad alone.. You should take proper initiative to remain safe and healthy.. Safe Travel for Women.. A lot of women who travel alone discover an incredible sense of freedom and possibility.. But there are also the challenges, roving from solitariness to safety, making solo travel scary enough that many women never attempt it.. Statistics on  ...   women has been a major concern in the recent past as compared to earlier times.. It isn't just the fact that women are unsafe when they travel alone, they are almost at equal risk when they are in their own homes although such cases are not.. Family Violence Kills Women’s Safety- Here’s how!.. May 3, 2013.. Women being a powerful weapon in the contemporary society face several exertions in life.. In spite of being the sunbeam of her family, her security is been ruined mutually in her family and the society.. Her safety is been plucked by the violence.. Family Violence – Are our women safe inside the house?.. It is indeed a matter of concern and shame that women are neither safe outside the house nor inside it.. Domestic violence or family violence has always been an epidemic in the society.. It is not right to ignore the horrors faced by women inside her.. Safety of Women; the Safety of a Nation.. December 6, 2012.. They are like pears in the garden of trees – they are specially made.. This is the similitude of women in our environment.. No matter how fragile and flexible they look, they are the sun and stars in the life of men.. The importance of women cannot be.. UN Women.. May 12, 2012.. Focus Areas All human development and human rights issues have gender dimensions.. UN Women focuses on priority areas that are fundamental to women’s equality, and that can unlock progress across the board.. Violence against Women This.. Public Planning.. April 19, 2012.. Public planning or urban planning is the technical and political process where it concerns on the usage of land and design of the environment.. The usage of land and design of the environment could be referring to the transportation linkage between.. Gender Equality – Women Are Enjoying Equal Rights As Men.. April 9, 2012.. Gender Equality means bringing no differences between men and women.. But, even today in many countries males tends to dominate women.. Yes, in the past, men ruled the world for more than thousands of years but today, with the women power leading from.. Next Page.. Recent Posts.. Public Planning for an efficient management of resources.. National Women’s Machineries.. National Planning and Budgeting.. Leadership and Participation.. Locations.. © Copyright 2013 | All rights reserved worldwide..

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  • Title: Updates
    Descriptive info: Related Posts.. Public planning.. is an important aspect of the administration procedure in every region.. Without proper planning, social, economic and political development of a city or a place gets hampered.. For a developing city, efficient management of natural resources like water, minerals and land is important.. In addition, a proper taxing policy and infrastructural procedures needs to be prepared..  ...   foundation of all aspects of.. ’s work.. Having a broad array of partners who make distinct contributions fosters a widely shared commitment to upholding women’s human rights.. This translates into stronger capacities for action, including through sustainable coalitions that accelerate progress towards gender equality.. Donors.. Voluntary financial contributions sustain UN Women’s programmes and affirm support for gender equality goals.. Funding..

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  • Title: Contact Us
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  • Title: Safety for Women
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  • Title: A revolution in Women’s safety
    Descriptive info: One question that is constantly being raised is why are such incidents more common in today s world? What is the cause behind such tyranny? Well, once again the answer remains right in front of us.. Yes, ignorance combined with arrogance is exactly why women are often subjected to such outrageous acts.. Women’s safety has been of the utmost concern, but how much of what we’re doing is enough? The answer remains to be seen.. However, that hardly means we should stop in our efforts to curb this particular issue.. A lot of organizations are helping out victims of such violence by lending them a helping hand not just for their well-being, mentally.. Their main aim is to  ...   to show everybody that women are not mere victims anymore.. This is our way of fighting back, of showing the world that we aren t just damsels in distress.. The truth is definitely bitter, the wounds do take time to heal, but does that mean we just stay frozen in the past and not move into the future? This has got to change and more so when we know that the people who inflict such wounds on us aren t going to change their ways anytime soon.. There is also the aspect of prevention of course, this is going to take a while but there will come a time when women’s safety need not be described about so explicitly!..

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  • Title: Ever heard of family violence?
    Descriptive info: Sometimes, there have been cases where family violence have been reported, this is when the women of the family are usually taken for granted and the belief is that they will succumb to just about anything in the name of family.. This has to be put to a stop for the well-being of the family as well the woman or women in question.. There have been reports from all over the world about women being subject to such unspeakable violence that most of them fear from lodging official complaints because those who harm them are usually those who are supposedly family members.. A number of support groups and organizations that help such victimized women to overcome their mental  ...   fight back, not literally of course.. No amount of protesting or campaigning will change the minds of the violent.. However, they must be made aware of the various punishments and penalties for violence against women.. Of course the laws differ from one country to another, but the problem is the same.. So, a common solution to solve this issue would be to teach children at school that violence against anybody is a crime and for those who are beyond the reach of education they can only try to be better people by choosing to do what’s right or not.. There will come a time when family violence or just about any type of violence against woman is history..

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  • Title: Women Safety – A Matter of Rising Concern!
    Descriptive info: It isn t just the fact that women are unsafe when they travel alone, they are almost at equal risk when they are in their own homes although such cases are not usually considered as a threat to women.. There have been several discussions on this topic, but has it resulted in something good? Are women any safer than they were sometime back? What practical measures can be taken to make women help deal with this issue? Well, obviously the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ works perfectly in this case, so it is always advisable to keep in mind various pointers on defending yourself from danger in all forms.. Having a ready can of pepper spray or a small packet of chili powder is the most common methods  ...   taekwondo and so on.. And another wiser move would be to take a good look around wherever you go, especially when you happen to be without trustworthy company.. Make sure you have the police on your speed dial and probably another trustworthy male member of your family as well, whenever you require immediate assistance in a dire situation.. If you happen to be at any event whether for professional or personal reasons, make sure you check out the venue beforehand and also ensure that the location is a safe one as well.. There are several organizations and communities that help in spreading the word about various ways to stay safe, but in the end it is entirely up to each and every one of us to take care of ourselves..

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  • Title: Family Violence Kills Women’s Safety- Here’s how!
    Descriptive info: Her safety is been plucked by the violence caused in both the places.. Women are abused simply because they are women.. Every day a woman tussles to keep her secure from others.. Even in place of labor, they are given night shift and over-time workloads, they find it tricky when returning to home unaided.. Family violence is the foremost root for the loss of women safety.. The physical, psychological or sexual maltreatment, abuse or neglect of a woman is the brutality they face in family.. It is a violation of trust and an exploitation of supremacy in a relationship where a woman should have the right to complete safety.. In many cases, it  ...   or boyfriend.. Women born and brought up in a family enters a new family after marriage.. This is to start a new relationship and to take up responsibility.. She has to be supported and not violated.. So, where do women find a safer place to protect herself?.. The technology urbanized and people’s knowledge amplified.. But, even now people in some villages tag on the old custom of killing the girl offspring.. Numerous women’s rights committees and campaigns have evolved, yet the violence against women has not yet bunged.. It is role of both the family and the society to fortify the flag of women safety.. Join hands to safeguard women- the visible God..

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  • Title: Family Violence – Are our women safe inside the house?
    Descriptive info: It is not right to ignore the horrors faced by women inside her four walls, by dismissing it as “personal issues”.. They must be brought into light and those who are the cause of it must be punished for their act of brutality.. There is a common misconception that “family violence” just means a husband hitting or causing pain to his spouse.. Domestic violence is a much more complicated issue which has many ugly ends.. A single act of physical abuse cannot be considered as family violence as it involves a series of ongoing actions that affect the women in any negative manner.. It has a strong psychological impact and can sometimes even lead the victim into depression.. Verbal  ...   a woman by destroying her psychological balance.. A man is not allowed to control the woman as she must be left to act on her own free will.. Any attempt to isolate from her friends or family will be considered a crime and it comes under family violence.. A disturbing yet accurate statistic says that 1 out of 4 women experience the horrific domestic violence in their lifetime.. There are many laws against this but the real change will happen only when we take initiative on our own to address this burning issue.. Women must be treated with respect and dignity and they must be given their personal space and the freedom that they rightly deserve from their counterparts..

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  • Title: Safety of Women; the Safety of a Nation
    Descriptive info: This is the similitude of.. women in our environment.. No matter how fragile and flexible they look, they are the sun.. and stars in the life of men.. The importance of women cannot be overemphasized in the.. society, yet they are usually the most exposed to violent.. Well, this could however be easily.. conceived since the ripest fruit is always the target of any potential fruit-eater.. The conspicuousness of the female, which should have been the main reason for their.. safety, has now turned to be a mis-used opportunity for attacking them.. Women are.. naturally naïve and this has made it easy for them to be controlled and enjoyable, therefore.. the source or carrier of enjoyment needs to be dealt with in the best safe manners.. The issue of violence against women today is saddening and  ...   negligent about protecting our damsels.. It is to this that we must all stand up towards the safety of women in the society.. If their.. safety is put at stake, the safety of the whole is at risk as well.. Once the best of the fruits are.. plucked, then starves is bound to set in!.. I cannot imagine if there could be many organisations for the protection of some.. endanger species in animal kingdom internationally, and we could not be boastful of many.. organisations for the protection of women, who are by far not comparable these endanger.. species.. Now, there is no ‘species’ as being endanger on earth as women.. The various unrest.. all around could be check if we give impervious protection for our women – the safety of.. women is the safety of any nation..

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  • Title: UN Women
    Descriptive info: Focus Areas.. All human development and human rights issues have gender dimensions.. Violence against Women.. This fundamental violation of women’s rights remains widespread, affecting all countries.. Women need strong laws, backed by implementation and services for protection and prevention.. Programme and Technical Assistance.. Policy and Normative Support.. UN Trust Fund to End Violence  ...   women bear the brunt of modern conflicts, including where rape is a weapon of war.. Specific threats to women must be identified and stopped, and women must be at the centre of peace talks and post-conflict reconstruction.. Please visit.. to read more.. Partnerships are the foundation of all aspects of UN Women’s work..

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