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  • Title: FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: .. Search.. Sign Up.. Sign In.. Community.. My Page.. Members.. Events.. Forum.. Groups.. Photos.. Videos.. Lesson Plans.. Blogs.. FacultyShack is an online education journal started by teachers for teachers.. Join our network and start sharing your thoughts on education.. Patrice H.. Mills.. Carl Bootinsky (AKA Mr.. Booti).. Dan Mindich.. Becky Wigglesworth.. Mr.. Alden.. Francis Flowers.. Derek Miyahara.. Galen Rosenberg.. View All.. Add a Group.. Loading….. Add Photos.. Slam Poet Discussion.. Added by.. My Kind of Conference.. Add Videos.. Short Story for Freshmen.. 3 Replies.. Started by Kimberly.. Last reply.. by Lyn Hawks Aug 29, 2009.. First Day Activities.. Started by Dan Mindich Aug 12, 2009.. READ 180.. 2 Replies.. Started by Suzanne.. by April Fiore Jul 26, 2009.. Deborah Meier s In Schools We Trust.. 1 Reply.. Started by Jennifer Perino.. by Raul C.. Rodriguez Jul 25, 2009.. Teacher Cartoons.. Started by MIchael Gerber Jul 2, 2009.. Add a Discussion.. On the Main Blog.. Loading feed.. Blog Posts.. Evaluating my Student s First Quarter Progress.. In Nogales, we begin school the middle of the second week of August.. We ended first quarter last week and I am exhausted already.. Is it because I earnestly tried to meet the diverse needs of my freshmen and senior students, or is it because I spend so much time trying to get them to understand that "because they went out of town for the weekend" doesn't mean that they do not have to repect due dates? I find that writing lesson plans, expecting to follow them and move through our curriculum at a….. Continue.. Posted by.. Toni Weingartner Vladimirova.. on October 16, 2009 at 11:46pm —.. 2 Comments.. Pots  ...   help me think more clearly on this issue (and perhaps get fired).. andy knote.. on March 28, 2009 at 9:30am —.. 4 Comments.. Here is another one I like by Liz Foster.. Every summer I feel vague guilt about work undone, deep thoughts not thought, words not written.. And even in summer I have dreams about school.. This past summer was particularly haunted by my principal's invitation to share with the rest of the faculty of our high school a little "about what we value most about our vocation as teachers.. " These are my notes toward that sharing.. 1.. Thank you, Kevin, for focusing yet another summer for me.. You've given me some weeks of hyper-alertness,….. on November 2, 2008 at 11:29am —.. 1 Comment.. FacultyShack Blasts from the Past.. Here is one from good old Mr.. Alden.. As we start this project and following Carl's lead, I was thinking about FacultyShack pieces I have enjoyed, and while there are many, this one and a few others come to mind.. Dear Mr.. Alden,.. Have you ever read the classic book.. Black Like Me.. ? Well, I have an idea.. I think we should send some our nation's top leaders of industry, academia etc.. into the schools of America and have them apply for teaching jobs.. The result we would already know.. They would be….. on November 2, 2008 at 11:00am.. Add a Blog Post.. Welcome to.. FacultyShack.. or.. Badge.. Loading….. Get Badge.. © 2014 Created by.. Powered by.. Badges.. |.. Report an Issue.. Terms of Service.. Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use FacultyShack.. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator..

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  • Title: Members - FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: Featured Members.. RSS.. All Members.. (102).. Next ›.. Search Members.. Advanced Search.. Sort by:.. Recently Added.. Alphabetical.. Random.. Linda Wolff.. Comment.. Give a Gift.. katrine white.. RICHARD LAKIN.. P.. J.. Mallory.. Peter Whitlock.. Molly Holmes.. Brad Volheim.. Roma Hammel.. Holly Harris.. Cari T.. April Fiore.. Mary Ann.. Stacey Strom.. ramamurthy.. Darleana McHenry.. Art Belliveau.. Diane Gray.. David Brockway.. MIchael Gerber.. Sister Margaret Schulz, CSJ.. James Preston.. ‹ Previous.. 2.. 3.. 5.. Page..

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  • Title: Events - FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: Upcoming Events.. Past Events.. My Events.. Nobody has added any events yet.. Add an event to get started..

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  • Title: Discussion Forum - FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: All Discussions.. My Discussions.. Add.. Forum Discussions.. (9).. Search Forum.. Latest Activity.. Newest Discussions.. Most Popular.. Featured Discussions.. Change?.. I'm curious about perspectives on the President-elect's work on Education, including his nominee for Secretary.. Will education policy be ov….. Started by Brian Dunlap.. Latest Reply.. RSS.. Discussions.. Replies.. Does anyone have any good suggestions for short stories to assign to high school freshmen? Anything that would work well as a first day ass….. Aug 29, 2009.. Reply by Lyn Hawks.. With school getting started, I thought it would be good to share some first day activity ideas.. I don't like doing rules and regulations o….. Started by Dan Mindich.. 0.. Aug 12, 2009.. Our genius administration thinks it's time to start a reading program.. Man, they are smart.. Any reviews or insight  ...   in the classroom.. I have my students draw a cartoon report (think 'topical graphic novel') at least once each year.. I'd lov….. Started by MIchael Gerber.. Jul 2, 2009.. If you could design your ideal school, what would it look like?.. I’ve thought about this a lot over the years, and it’s kind of depressing to actually talk about it because it makes me think about the fac….. Reply by MIchael Gerber.. Best Movies Involving Education.. I think Rushmore is my favorite but Election comes close.. 12.. May 30, 2009.. Reply by Jennifer Perino.. Mar 24, 2009.. Discussing Assessment.. I'd like to hear from other teachers about different assessment practices.. I, for instance, am not convinced that adding more comments make….. Started by Sherry Weaver.. Feb 9, 2009.. Reply by Dan Mindich..

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    Descriptive info: All Groups.. My Groups.. Nobody has created any groups yet! Create a group to get started..

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  • Title: Photos - FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: All Photos.. All Albums.. My Photos.. My Albums.. My Favorites.. All Photos.. (32).. View Slideshow.. Search Photos.. Latest.. Top Rated.. I m a teacher, be nice to me.. by.. teachers are cool.. Find your way.. Deena Barlev.. Always take a farewell shot.. Grandma Joey.. Brainiacs 2007.. Barlev s Gurls.. CUESTErs Elementary Music Methods Class..

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  • Title: Videos - FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: All Videos.. My Videos.. Featured Videos.. All Videos.. (5).. Search Videos.. Slam Poet Discussion.. This is the same guy who delivered the teacher poem, and he gives a pretty thoughtful talk about sl….. Tags:.. slam.. ,.. poetry.. Oct 13, 2008.. 282 views.. No Title.. 320 views.. My Kind of Conference.. I don't approve of the swearing but this is my kind of attitude adjustment.. 297 views.. Funny Teacher Show.. 410 views.. Rushmore Clip.. This may be the best movie ever about school, and it was made by my favorite director, Wes Anderson….. school.. movies.. Sep 16, 2008.. 276 views..

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  • Title: Patrice H. Mills's Page - FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: 63, Female.. Midland, GA.. United States.. Share on Facebook.. Share.. Twitter.. Photo Albums.. Mills's Apps.. Gifts Received.. Mills has not received any gifts yet.. Mills s Page.. Profile Information.. Tell us about yourself and your role in/ thoughts on education in two sentences.. I am a 7th grade ELA teacher  ...   digital storytelling, research using databases like Galileo and Net Trekker etc.. into my writing classroom.. Do you have a website or blog you would like to be linked to?.. http://www.. wifi707.. blogspot.. com.. Comment Wall.. You need to be a member of FacultyShack to add comments!.. Join FacultyShack.. No comments yet!..

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  • Title: Carl Bootinsky (AKA Mr. Booti)'s Page - FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: Male.. New Jersey.. (2).. (1).. Booti)'s Apps.. Booti) has not received any gifts yet.. Carl Bootinski (AKA Mr.. Booti) Health and Human Relations.. Booti) s Blog.. Disillusioned in Duluth-- I wrote this when I was filling in for Mr.. Self-Esteem and College Applications.. Very Timely.. Disillusioned in Duluth.. I am a new college counselor, and I just had my first class of graduating students last year.. I came in with the idealistic vision of trying to find the colleges that are the best fits for the kids, but the kids just want to get into the highest rated school they can as defined by that ridiculous rating system in US NEWS and World Report.. In the  ...   Support our President.. by Carl Bootinsky.. OK, so, I wrote an article a couple of years ago about why the show The Sopranos was good for kids, and some people wrote some really nice stuff like, "Mr.. Booti, you rock.. " And other people said some weird things like calling me a "massagonist.. " That is pretty damn dumb because I never gave anyone a massage, but you know what? There isn't anything wrong with touching anyway, so I'm not going to get all bent out of shape….. Posted on October 17, 2004 at 5:00pm.. I teach health and human relations, I believe in tough love and I am a Scorpio.. Booti) s Videos.. Funny Teacher Show..

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  • Title: Dan Mindich's Page - FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: Palo Alto, California.. (6).. (3).. Dan Mindich's Apps.. Dan Mindich's Friends.. Dan Mindich s Discussions.. Started Aug 12, 2009.. Started this discussion.. by MIchael Gerber Jul 2, 2009.. 12 Replies.. by Jennifer Perino May 30, 2009.. Dan Mindich has not received any gifts yet.. Dan s FacultyShack Page.. Dan Mindich s Videos.. Rushmore Clip.. Dan Mindich s Blog.. Posted on November 2, 2008 at 11:29am —.. Posted on November 2, 2008 at 11:00am.. Comment Wall (3  ...   were due today.. Survived those.. Ben is a cool office-mate.. I'm sure he misses you desperately!.. How's school and West Coast life?.. At 11:45am on October 21, 2008,.. Hazen Devine.. Hi Dan.. How's it going? When you said you were off to learn "cool stuff" I thought I detected a note of sarcasm.. Then I thought, nah -- he must really be learning real cool stuff.. At 10:44pm on October 17, 2008,.. When did you come back?..

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  • Title: Becky Wigglesworth's Page - FacultyShack
    Descriptive info: 44, Female.. Jericho, VT.. Becky Wigglesworth's Apps.. Becky Wigglesworth's Friends.. Becky Wigglesworth has not received any gifts yet.. Becky Wigglesworth s Page.. is now a member of FacultyShack.. Apr 6, 2009.. Welcome Them!.. I am currently teaching in the Education Department of a small, liberal arts college.. We have just recently begun placing our licensure students in classrooms with a number of English Language Learners.. My current challenge is helping my students figure out how to teach literacy to such a diverse group..

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  • Archived pages: 219