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  • Title: Equipping churches and their leaders for mission in today's world
    Descriptive info: .. WWW.. Facing the Challenge.. David Couchman.. is the Director of Focus and the producer of the 'God: new evidence,' 'God and the Big Bang,' 'After Life?' and 'Jesus Myths' video series.. More.. Get our quarterly newsletter 'In Focus' by email.. * indicates required.. Email Address.. *.. First Name.. Last Name.. Email Format.. html.. text.. mobile.. Close.. 'Careful thinking and warm Biblical faith go hand in hand in these series of short apologetics videos that explore important themes and capture some of the best in contemporary scholarship.. They deserve to be widely watched.. '.. - Professor Jim Packer.. China focus – Chinese translation of 'After Life?' videos.. A short video about our planned Chinese translation of the ‘After Life?’ video series about the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead, with Amy Orr-Ewing, Tom Wright, William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas and Mike Licona.. '.. an excellent resource to give Christians confidence in their faith and tools to engage effectively in mission and evangelism.. - Dr Krish Kandiah.. Director, Churches in Mission.. The Evangelical Alliance.. Watch our new video.. This short video describes Focus's vision for the next five years, to change lives through publishing videos online and on DVD, explaining and defending the Christian faith for scientifically minded seekers and skeptics.. 'With contributions from leading scientists and scholars, these videos do an important job of showing that there need be no conflict between science and Christian faith.. - Dr Paul Schmor.. former head of the Accelerator Division.. TRIUMF, Canada.. Modern myths about Jesus.. Our contemporary world is awash with myths about Jesus:.. We can’t be sure that he ever lived.. We don’t know what the Gospel authors originally wrote.. The Gospel stories were distorted through many years of being passed on by word of mouth.. The Gospel authors did not know what they were talking about.. The Gospels contradict each other.. Jesus never claimed he was anything more than a  ...   there is life after death.. This new series of videos (on DVD and free online) explores the evidence, answers the objections, shows why it matters.. With contributions from Professor.. William Lane Craig.. , Professor.. Gary Habermas.. Mike Licona.. ,.. Amy Orr-Ewing.. and Professor.. Tom Wright.. God and the Big Bang'.. 'Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe which was created out of nothing, and delicately balanced to provide exactly the conditions required to support life.. In the absence of an absurdly improbable accident, the observations of modern science seem to suggest an underlying, one might say, supernatural plan.. ' - Nobel Prize-winning scientist Arno Penzias.. Many people think that science and faith tell conflicting stories about how the universe began.. But the scientific picture is of a definite moment of creation in a vast cosmic explosion which had to be carefully adjusted for human life to be possible.. Far from conflicting, the scientific picture may point us towards a supernatural creator.. These programmes feature astronomers and physicists who accept the scientific account of the Big Bang, and who also believe in a God who created us.. Dr Jennifer Wiseman.. is Senior Project Scientist on the Hubble Space Telescope;.. Gerald Gabrielse.. is Leverett Professor of Physics at Harvard University;.. Owen Gingerich.. is emeritus professor of Astronomy and History of Science at Harvard University;.. Dr Peter Bussey.. is a particle physicist working on the search for the Higgs Boson;.. Dr Nick Saunders.. is a theologian and physicist who designed some of the instruments on the Large Hadron Collider.. To buy the DVD / watch the videos / find out more, go to.. www.. focus.. org.. uk.. Download our new brochure.. Our new brochure describes Focus' vision for the next five years.. Download it here to read and share with friends.. 2014 Focus, 54 The Avenue, Southampton SO17 1XQ, United Kingdom.. Registered Charity no.. 298007.. Masthead image courtesy of.. Eddie Arthur..

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  • Title: About Focus
    Descriptive info: About Focus.. This web site and the associated podcasts and training courses are produced and distributed by Focus as a Bible-based response to the challenges of contemporary culture.. Focus is a mass media and multi media agency based in the UK, specialising in creative ways to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with people today.. 'Seize the Day' podcasts.. 'Seize the Day' is a new series of podcasts from Focus, launched in February 2009, all about finding starting points for the Good News of Jesus Christ in our world today.. Mike Frost's tour of the UK.. In 2008, Focus organised (in partnership with the Evangelical Alliance) a tour of the UK by Australian writer, speaker and missiologist Mike Frost.. You can.. listen here.. to the audio from Mike's talks in Southampton on 3rd and 4th October.. 'Slipstream: leaders in formation'.. Slipstream.. is an innovative bundle of resources from the Evangelical Alliance for younger and emerging leaders.. Focus produces the Slipstream podcasts, which in 2008 featured leaders such as Terry Virgo, David Jackman, Shane Claiborne, Bishop Tom Wright, and Mark Driscoll.. 'Facing the Challenge' courses.. This is a suite of courses for home groups, cell groups, Christian Unions and individuals, including the original 'Facing the Challenge of our times' course, and more recently, 'Facing the Challenge of Television,' 'Facing the Challenge of a Hostile World,' 'Meals with Jesus,' 'Facing the Challenge of Other Faiths,' 'What Muslims believe,' and 'What Hindus believe.. ' From the start  ...   train and encourage isolated rural pastors and evangelists in India.. Initially in English, we later broadcast these programmes in Hindi and Tamil as well, with the Tamil programmes attracting one of the largest-ever letter responses to the station that transmitted them.. World of Science.. Founded in 1976 to produce radio programmes for international evangelism, Focus produced the news programme 'World of Science' for many years.. We broadcast this successfully all over the world.. As well as scientific news, it included interviews with leading research scientists who were also followers of Christ, and comments on scientific issues (such as the ethics of Genetic Engineering) from the perspective of a follower of Christ.. David Couchman - Director.. Focus's Director, David Couchman, has a respected Bible teaching ministry.. Many of his sermons can be found on this web site.. David has led seminars at national events such as the.. Christian Resources Exhibition.. Keswick Convention.. , and.. FIEC Conference.. David is married to Judy, and they have two adult daughters.. David and Judy are part of.. Above Bar Church.. , Southampton.. Listen to Phil Prior interviewing David about Focus's vision.. Trustees.. The Trustees of Focus are:.. Stephen Dray.. Richard Ostler.. Phil Prior.. Simon Sheehan.. Brian Williams.. Steve Williams.. David Wiltshire.. Focus's.. Basis of Faith.. (What we believe) - in pdf format for Adobe Reader.. Focus is Registered Charity no 298007 in the UK (the equivalent of a 501(c)(3) organization in the USA), and a member of.. Global Connections.. Contact us..

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  • Title: Facing the Challenge Training Courses - Copyright matters
    Descriptive info: Copyright matters.. This web site, and the associated courses, CDROMs and DVDs, are copyright 2014.. Focus Radio.. , 54, The Avenue, Southampton, United Kingdom SO17 1XQ.. Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright 1996.. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.. , Wheaton, Illinois 60189.. All rights reserved.. The chart.. 'Major Archaeological Finds Relating to the New Testament'.. is reproduced from page 1640 of the NIV  ...   used materials on this web site whose copyright is owned by someone else.. Permission for this is assumed other than where explicitly refused as the material is located in an area of the public domain and is reproduced for informative and educational purposes only.. A request from the copyright owner to remove this material will be noted and the material removed as soon as possible.. The copyright remains that of the owner except where stated otherwise..

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  • Title: Audio from Mike Frost speaking at the Future Church event in Southampton, October 2008
    Descriptive info: Mike Frost speaking about the future of the Church.. A million people left the churches in the ten years between 1989 and 1998.. The latest figures show that the decline is slowing down, but it's hardly enough to claim that we're 'pulling out of the nose dive.. It's time for a rethink.. We need to start thinking like missionaries to our own country.. Many of the people around us have no idea what the message of Jesus is about.. We need to infiltrate their worlds with the Good News.. We need to go where they are, rather than waiting for them to come to us to hear the message on our terms.. As Mike Frost says:.. Mike Frost is one of the  ...   church.. '.. Here are three talks given by Mike at the 'Future Church' event in Central Hall Southampton on 3-4 October 2008 (and at the end of this page there's a link to some videos of Mike):.. Talk 1, Friday evening 3rd October.. Talk 2, Saturday morning, 4th October.. Talk 3, Saturday evening, 4th October.. We're making more and more of the resources on this web site free to download - because we want them to be used as widely as possible.. We rely on your support to continue to develop new materials in the future.. If you find these resources helpful, please consider making a donation that will help us to continue this work.. Videos of Mike Frost talking about missional church..

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  • Title: Contact us
    Descriptive info: We're sorry.. There used to be a form on this page so you could email us.. But we started to receive an insane amount of spam.. So.. no form.. But human beings are welcome to email office AT focus.. uk.. Privacy policy:.. We won't pass your email address on to any third party, and  ...   for which you send it to us.. Email reply policy:.. We're very happy to receive your comments and questions.. If you disagree with anything on this site, please tell us why - politely.. We'll try to respond to reasoned and reasonable arguments.. However, we won't reply to emails that are abusive or use bad language..

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  • Title: Major Archaeological Finds Relating to the New Testament
    Descriptive info: Major Archaeological Finds relating to the New Testament.. SITE OR ARTIFACT.. LOCATION.. RELATING SCRIPTURE.. Israel.. Herod's temple.. Jerusalem.. Lk 1:9.. Herod's winter palace.. Jericho.. Mt 2:4.. The Herodium.. (possible site of Herod's tomb).. Near Bethlehem.. Mt 2:19.. Masada.. Southwest of Dead Sea.. cf.. Lk 21:20.. Early synagogue.. Capernaum.. Mk 1:21.. Pool of Siloam.. Jn 9:7.. Pool of Bethesda.. Jn 5:2.. Pilate inscription.. Caesarea.. Lk 3:1.. Inscription:.. Gentile entrance of temple sanctuary.. Ac 21:27-29.. Skeletal remains of crucified man.. Lk 23:33.. Peter's house.. Mt 8:14.. Jacob's well.. Nablus.. Jn 4:5-6.. Asia Minor.. Derbe inscription.. Kerti Huyuk.. Ac 14:20.. Sergius Paulus inscription.. Antioch in Pisidia.. Ac 13:6-7.. Zeus altar (Satan's throne?).. Pergamum.. Rev  ...   market inscription.. 1 Co 10:25.. Cult dining rooms.. (in Asklepius and Demeter temples).. 1 Co 8:10.. Court.. (.. bema.. ).. Ac 18:12.. Marketplace (.. Philippi.. Ac 16:19.. Starting gate for races.. Isthmia.. 1 Co 9:24, 26.. Gallio inscription.. Delphi.. Egnatian Way.. Kavalla (Neapolis), Philippi, Apollonia, Thessalonica.. Cf.. Ac 16:11-12.. 17:1.. Politarch inscription.. Thessalonica.. Ac 17:6.. Italy.. Tomb of Augustus.. Rome.. Lk 2:1.. Mamertime Prison.. 2 Ti 1:16-17.. 2:9.. 4:6-8.. Appian Way.. Puteoli to Rome.. Ac 28:13-16.. Golden House of Nero.. Ac 25:10.. ;.. 1 Pe 2:13.. Arch of Titus.. Lk 19:43-44.. 21:6.. 20.. This article is reproduced from page 1640 of the NIV Study Bible, 1985.. Back to 'Real people, real places'..

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  • Title: Exiles: living missionally in a post-Christian culture, by Michael Frost
    Descriptive info: Exiles: Living missionally in a post-Christian culture, by Michael Frost.. Reading this book could seriously change the way you think about church - and life.. Frost starts by saying:.. 'This book is written for those Christians who find themselves falling into the cracks between contemporary secular Western culture and a quaint, old-fashioned church culture.. Does that feel like you? For seventeen hundred years, in the western world, we have lived with a 'Christendom' culture.. Frost defines Christendom as:.. ' the religious culture that has dominated Western society since the fourth century.. Awakened by the Roman emperor Constantine, it was the cultural phenomenon that resulted when Christianity was established as the official imperial religion, moving it from being a marginalized, subversive, and persecuted movement to being the only official religion in the empire.. (Stuart Murray, slightly more caustically, says that in Christendom, the Church was 'the religious department of the empire.. ').. But for two hundred and fifty years, Christendom has been waning, and we now live in a 'post-Christendom' society.. Murray describes post-Christendom as:.. ' the culture that emerges as the Christian faith loses coherence within a society that has been definitively shaped by the Christian story and as the institutions that have been developed to express Christian convictions decline in influence.. Does this sound familiar? The trouble is that many churches - and many individual Christians - are still living with a 'Christendom mindset.. ' But Christendom is over, and we need to get over it.. Followers of Christ need to learn again what it means to live as exiles in a culture that is not sympathetic to our faith.. Being exiles is a dangerous situation, and it needs dangerous responses.. Frost says:.. 'Exiles are driven back to their most.. dangerous memories.. , their recollections of the promises made by Jesus and his daring agenda for human society.. Exiles are prepared to to practice a set of.. dangerous promises.. , promises that point to the kingdom and are caught up with the prevailing values of the empire.. Exiles will mock the folly of that empire by offering a.. dangerous critique.. of a society wracked by greed, lust, selfishness, and inequality.. And finally, exiles will sing a repertoire of.. dangerous songs.. that speak of an unexpected newness of life.. Dangerous Memories.. This is all about the stories we tell ourselves that define who we are.. Centrally, these are the stories of Jesus himself a deeply disturbing  ...   identifies these dangerous promises:.. We will be authentic (we won't be shiny happy people).. We will serve a cause greater than ourselves.. We will create missional community.. We will be generous and practice hospitality.. We will work righteously as God's apprentice-children.. There is so much more to be said about all of these.. You really need to read the book.. (Yes, you do.. Really.. ) What a huge difference it would make to us as individual followers of Christ, to our churches, and to the world around us, if we started to live these promises.. Dangerous Criticism.. So often, we find ourselves and our faith co-opted by the surrounding society.. The first followers of Christ would not say 'Caesar is Lord,' because they recognised that there could only be one Lord, and that was Jesus.. Dangerous criticism means standing against the idolatrous claims of our host empire.. It means not letting our faith be co-opted in the service of the empire's agenda.. Frost identifies three specific criticisms that we need to make of the contemporary western world:.. The critique: you have been an unjust empire (globalisation, consumerism, and the rise of corporations that are accountable to no-one).. The critique: you have not cared for God's creation (destruction of the environment).. The critique: you have not protected God's children (indifference to the persecution of Christians in other countries).. Dangerous Songs.. Here, Frost is concerned about what genuine worship looks like.. So often we think of worship as just those times that we spend in a church building singing songs.. But worship is so much more than that: it is everything that we do to please God.. Frost is particularly scathing about what he calls 'Jesus is my boyfriend' worship and spirituality - pop-style love songs to Jesus.. He explores what it really means to love God with heart and soul and mind and strength.. This is a provocative book, which will probably challenge and infuriate you equally.. However, whether you shout 'amen,' or hurl it at the wall, it will get you thinking about what it really means to follow Jesus Christ as an exile in today's post-Christian world.. And that has to be good.. Author Michael Frost is professor of Evangelism and Missions at.. Morling College.. in Sydney, Australia.. He is the director of the.. Centre for Evangelism and Global Mission.. , and the co-author (with Alan Hirsch) of.. Order from the UK.. Order from the USA..

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  • Title: The Shaping of Things to Come, by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch
    Descriptive info: The Shaping of Things To Come:.. Innovation and Mission for the 21st Century Church.. by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch, Hendrickson 2003.. to listen to some audio talks by Michael Frost which cover some of the same ground as 'Shaping.. I have spent most of my adult life involved, in one way or another, in overseas missions.. I have lived in an isolated African village, learned the local language and culture, and helped to translate the New Testament.. I have attended numerous courses and seminars on cross-cultural ministry - both as a student and as a teacher.. Despite the experience that I have built up over the years, one question has always flummoxed me.. Many people have asked how I would set about reaching the British for Christ, and I have never been able to give an answer that I found at all convincing.. On reading 'The Shaping of Things To Come' by Frost and Hirsch, I have come to the conclusion that both the way to reach the British for Christ, and my inability to answer the question of how to set about it, lie with the Church.. The very familiarity of the conventional church in the UK, with its routine of services and celebrations, the forward facing pews, sermons, songs and announcements is so ingrained in my experience that I find it hard to imagine the Church being anything different.. I am so conditioned by my church experience that I find it very difficult to think outside of the box.. Frost and Hirsch make a very strong case for the Church being the vehicle for bringing the Gospel to Western culture.. However, they argue that if the Church is to do this it needs to undergo some huge changes: we 'need to change the whole fibre of the church.. ' 'We need revolution not evolution'.. Frost and Hirsch argue for the creation of what they call 'Missional Churches,' which are fundamentally different from the traditional Churches I have grown up in.. Three factors are key to understanding how churches are, and how they should be.. Frost and Hirsch say that traditional churches are attractional, dualistic and hierarchical, but that they need to be missional, messianic and apostolic.. Attractional versus Missional.. Frost and Hirsch say that traditional churches create sacred spaces that are fundamentally uncomfortable for not-yet-christians.. Then they set about drawing the not-yet-Christians into those spaces.. They say that in the attractional church.. evangelism becomes about inviting people to meetings.. - and this limits our vision  ...   to find neutral ground where the Church can intentionally meet with the wider world.. This does not mean that the Church merely becomes a social club.. Bible teaching and worship are still very much part of the life of the church (though perhaps not done in traditional ways), as is mutual commitment and accountability.. Dualistic versus Messianic.. Frost and Hirsch say that traditional churches are dualistic.. That is, they believe that there is a separation between the secular and the sacred.. This idea is rooted in Greek philosophy, not the Bible.. Most churches and Christians in the West have bought into this idea, so that they do not even question it.. This distinction impacts all aspects of life.. We have sacred and secular people (clergy and laity), sacred and secular places (church buildings and the rest of the world), and sacred and secular activities (church services and the rest).. This separation of the sacred and the secular infects our thoughts to a great extent.. It allows us to contract out spiritual duties such as evangelism to the professional Christians of the clergy.. And it leads us to think that only activities which take place in our church buildings are truly spiritual.. Frost and Hirsch encourage the Church to abandon this distinction between secular and sacred, and to adopt the attitude of Jesus, who saw all activity as part of his ministry.. We need to adopt an attitude which sees all of our activity, work, relaxation and specifically Christian service as a sacrament.. All of our life must be sacred, and we must take Jesus with us wherever we go.. The church in the West must adopt a missionary stance in relation to its cultural context or die.. Hierarchical versus Apostolic.. Frost and Hirsch say that all traditional churches have a hierarchical leadership system, though some are more overtly hierarchical than others.. They argue that this is neither Biblical nor efficient, and the Church needs to adopt the 'APEPT' system of leadership taken from Ephesians 4 (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and Pastor Teachers).. This plurality of leadership based on spiritual gifting meets all of the needs of the Church, whereas a traditional hierarchical model often leaves gaping holes.. 'The Shaping of Things to Come' is essentially a pragmatic book looking at how the church needs to adapt to fit our current situation, but it is not a theologically naive book.. Each section and suggestion is supported by biblical reflection and reference to a wide range of Christian thinkers.. Review by..

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  • Title: Watch videos of Mike Frost talking about missional Church
    Descriptive info: Videos of Mike Frost talking about missional Church.. Watch a video of Mike Frost talking about what missional Church means.. (NB: This video lasts about 50 minutes, so you may want to grab a cup of coffee first.. ).. The follow-on to the first talk.. Another video.. another cup of coffee.. Audio talks by Mike Frost..

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  • Title: The synagogue that Jesus knew at Capernaum
    Descriptive info: The synagogue that Jesus knew at Capernaum.. In 1905, the ruins of a synagogue were discovered at Capernaum in Galilee.. This synagogue is built of white limestone, with fine stone carving.. It has been dated to the 4th century AD.. For more about the excavation of the 4th century synagogue, go.. Image courtesy of www.. HolyLandPhotos.. Archaeologists have since discovered the foundations of an earlier synagogue, dated to the first century, under the walls of the fourth-century ruins.. These earlier foundations are in black basalt.. Archaeologists believe that these are from the synagogue that existed in Capernaum at the time of Christ.. org.. For more information about the excavations of the first century synagogue go.. Capernaum (= 'village of Nahum', present day  ...   there, according to.. Mark's Gospel chapter 1 verse 21-22.. and.. Luke's Gospel chapter 4 verses 31-36.. See also.. John's Gospel chapter 6 verse 59.. Luke chapter 7 verses 1-10.. records how Jesus healed the slave of a Roman soldier posted locally.. The people encouraged Jesus to heal the slave because the Roman officer had built their synagogue - probably the same synagogue whose black basalt foundations can be seen in the picture above.. For more about the synagogue at Capernaum, see page 185 of '.. Discoveries from Bible Times.. ', by Professor Alan Millard, or go to the.. really excellent.. Capernaum web site.. Once again, we see that the Bible talks about real people and real places.. Back to 'Real people: real places'..

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  • Title: The pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem, described in the Gospel of John
    Descriptive info: The Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem.. Photo: BiblePlaces.. com.. In.. John's Gospel, chapter 5 verses 1 to 15.. , the author describes a pool in Jerusalem, near the Sheep Gate, called Bethesda, surrounded by five covered colonnades.. Until the 19.. th.. century, there was no evidence outside of John's Gospel for the existence of this pool..  ...   whoe did not have first-hand knowledge of the city of Jerusalem, and that the pool had a metaphorical or symbolic, rather than actual, significance.. Then in the nineteenth century, archaeologists discovered the remains of a pool exactly matching the description in John's Gospel.. Yet again, archaeology confirms that the Bible talks about real people and real places..

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