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    Descriptive info: .. Home.. What is Autism?.. Information.. Teens and Adults with ASD.. Videos We Love.. Important Links.. About FACES.. Support Group Chapters.. About the Book.. Contact Us.. Events 2014.. Faces 4 Autism Conference.. Blow Bubbles 4 Autism.. Stand-up for Autism.. Polar Bear Run Walk.. Donate.. Store.. Products.. Shopping Cart.. Order Status.. Search.. Meet Families & Friends Here.. We love you, Pop Pop! La Quay Marks, grandfather of twins Kyle and Isabelle, and was a strong supporter of FACES 4 Autism since its inception in 2002.. Thanks so much to those of you who have made donations in his memory.. His spirit lives on in our works for autism awareness and acceptance for all families facing autism.. Speakers and Programs.. Happy New Year and look for details on events to come.. January meetings, February walk in Sea Isle, and March 13th is our annual conference at Stockton.. Our Annual Cape May Zoo Picnic is June 22nd.. April 1st is Bubbles Day around the world.. Bubbles 4 Autism.. APRIL 1, 2014 is the new date for BUBBLES 4 AUTISM! Details to follow about ideas and plans for the big event at your school or business this time around! We've been doing this for eleven years, so we want to celebrate!.. Your Cart.. (0 items).. [f].. [t].. [m].. [p].. Happy  ...   faceshammonton@yahoo.. com Child Care Available; No summer meetings.. Atlantic County, Pleasantville — Shore Area meetings.. WHEN:.. January 23rd, February 27th, March 27, April 25th, May 22nd, June 26th.. TIME: 6:00pm-8:00pm.. WHERE: Frome A Party Entertainment Center,.. 750 W.. Delilah Rd.. , Pleasantville (wear socks for bounce area).. CONTACT: Alyssa at 609-892-2185; ; Child Care Available.. Cumberland County, Vineland (New to FACES 4 Autism).. Sol 4 Autism Meetings.. Hablamos Espanol.. WHEN: 6:00pm to 7:30pm, one meeting a month 1st Tuesdays a monthly movie night.. WHERE: 2554 E.. Chestnut Avenue, Vineland (Assembly of God) CONTACT: Jessica Cruz 856-882-8929.. FACES Adult Groups.. FACES hosts a series of gatherings providing adults (those over 18) with the opportunity to share their stories and develop more connections with the community.. The meetings will be guided by graduate students from The Richard Stockton College of NJ, and funded by FACES.. Ages 13-17 also welcome to attend.. PLACE: Atlantic County Family Service Organization, Suite 1, 950 Tilton Rd.. , Northfield, NJ 08225.. WHEN: Thursdays.. TIME: 6:30 to 8:30 PM.. PHONE: 609-822-7536, leave a message for David or email: dmhagan@comcast.. net.. Thanks so much!.. Isabelle Mosca.. FACES 4 Autism.. Executive Director.. 2014.. FACES 4 Autism, a part of the FACES Autism Support Network.. , all rights reserved.. PO Box 2341, Ventnor, NJ 08406.. (609) 412-3750..

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  • Title: What is Autism? |
    Descriptive info: What is Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD?.. Clinical Definition.. Autism is a developmental brain disorder which causes impairments in a person’s ability to communicate, socially interact, and results in repetitive and unusual behaviors.. David Finch Lecture about Asperger s Syndrome.. iframe width= 640 height= 360 src= http://www.. youtube.. com/embed/Oyrv6ODkMhM frameborder= 0 allowfullscreen /iframe.. A Personal Definition View From the Inside.. Always Presume Intellect.. Taken with permission from Autism and the God Connection, a book by William Stillman, Sourcebooks, Inc.. 2006.. To those unfamiliar with autism, it is, from a clinical perspective, a neurological difference in how the brain is wired.. There is no single known cause, though theories abound and current research is focused upon genetic and environmental factors.. (As recently as 1997, a nursing textbook was proffering the ancient sterotype that indifferent, refrigerator mothers were accountable for their children s autistic disassociation!) Autism primarily affects one s ability to communicate in ways that are effective, reliable, and universally understandable.. This means many folks do not speak, or they have limited vocal ability.. These obstacles impede one s expressions of wants, needs, thoughts and desires.. This cannot help but impact the quality of one s social interactions.. The challenge to sustain social relationships is another hallmark of autistic diagnosis.. Autism is also diagnosed by marked differences in fine and gross motor skills.. These may include repetitive activities such as physically rocking back and forth, twirling a piece of string, flicking a light switch on and off repeatedly, or simply lacking in grace and agility of movement.. (Some with autism have complained that certain physical traits are not of their volition, akin to a prolonged, involuntary shiver, sneeze, or twitch.. ).. Autism is a lifelong experience, and is neither contagious nor curable.. It is, quite simply, a natural part of someone s being, every bit as much as eye or hair color, flesh pigmentation, and ancestral heritage as unique and individual as each individual is unique.. It manifests itself on a broad, multicolored spectrum that stretches from those who appear to be significantly challenged to those with very mild experiences.. The clinical definition of autism is not family or individual friendly.. It is, unfortunately, oftentimes an indicator of one s perceived deficits rather than one s strengths, gifts, and abilities.. Many parents tell me their child s diagnosis is a death sentence.. Some are deeply embittered or resentful of their child s autism and the confusing, sometimes violent behaviors that may ensue The focus so frequently becomes how to best manage and control those with autism for the sake of conformity and normalcy that we become oblivious to the obvious.. And the obvious is the extraordinary and monumental offerings provided by those who are inherently gentle and exquisitely sensitive.. Above all, we must shatter the stereotype that those with autism necessarily experience intellectual impairment (i.. e.. , mental retardation) as a result of the autism.. I  ...   Funds Allocation.. Total 2010 NIH budget: $35.. 6 billion.. Of this, only $218 million goes directly to autism research.. This represents 0.. 6% of total NIH funding.. * According to Autism Speaks.. The Gifts of Autism.. watch?feature=share v=M20DIK1Yt3A desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DM20DIK1Yt3A%26feature%3Dshare.. http://m.. com/watch?feature=share v=M20DIK1Yt3A desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DM20DIK1Yt3A%26feature%3Dshare.. http://todayentertainment.. today.. com/_news/2012/10/02/14172266-autistic-child-ballerina-dances-her-way-into-viewers-hearts-with-viral-video.. What the Diagnosis Means Link.. http://autismnj.. org/WhattheDiagnosisMeans.. aspx#Intro.. Jake, the Math Prodigy, from 60 minutes Interview.. http://youtu.. be/OR36jrx_L44.. OR36jrx_L44.. Research.. fighting-her-children.. THE AUTISM SPECTRUM Asperger Syndrome.. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), part of the National Institute of Health, defines Asperger Syndrome as:.. A developmental disorder that is characterized by:.. repetitive routines or rituals,.. peculiarities in speech and language, such as speaking in an overly formal manner or in a monotone, or taking figures of speech literally,.. socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior and the inability to interact successfully with peers,.. problems with non-verbal communication, including the restricted use of gestures, limited or inappropriate facial expressions or a peculiar, stiff gaze,.. clumsiness and uncoordinated motor movements.. Information on Asperger Syndrome.. http://www.. autismspeaks.. org/family-services/tool-kits/asperger-syndrome-and-high-functioning-autism-tool-kit.. Here are some links to Free Downloads which can give you and your family insights into everything from early intervention, to high-functioning autism, to transition planning to even how to have a successful dental visit.. If you have any links or document that you would like to share, please email them to us @.. facesautism@yahoo.. , and we will add them!.. Donald J.. Fiddle Foundation Links.. djfiddlefoundation.. org/links_support.. cfm.. Challenging Behaviors Link.. autism-and-challenging-behaviors-theres-a-tool-kit-for-that.. allowfullscreen /iframe.. Supports and Accommodations Link.. accommodations#part1.. http://nichcy.. org/schoolage/accommodations#part1.. Dietary Interventions.. Visit this link for more information on the DAN Protocol.. http://autism.. about.. com/b/2007/04/11/what-is-a-dan-defeat-autism-now-doctor.. htm.. Celiac Disease.. http://jennifersway.. org/.. So many children on the autism spectrum have parents and grandparents with undiagnosed Celiac.. This is a genetic marker for autism.. Jennifer Esposito has some great recipes and products on her non-profit page.. org/category/blog/food/recipes/.. Protection and Advocacy Links.. drnj.. org/usefullinks.. usefullinks.. Autism NJ Links.. Early Intervention 0-3 years.. org/EarlyIntervention0-3years.. aspx.. School Age.. org/SchoolAge3-21years.. Transition into Adulthood.. org/Transition14-21years.. Adults.. org/Adults21years.. Autism Speaks Links.. 100 Days Kit Information for Newly-Diagnosed Families on Autism.. org/family-services/tool-kits/100-day-kit.. 100 Days Kit.. en Espanol.. org/family-services/tool-kits/manual-de-los-100-d%C3%ADas.. Transition Planning for Teens to Adulthood.. org/family-services/tool-kits/transition-tool-kit.. Teens.. Dental Tool Kit.. org/family-services/tool-kits/dental-tool-kit.. Haircut Kit.. org/family-services/tool-kits/tips-successful-haircuts.. Sensory, Music and Art Therapies.. Art Therapies.. For Grandparents.. org/family-services/community-connections/celebrating-grandparents.. Sibling Support.. Siblings.. Mortgages for people with developmental disabilities.. This came from one of our web site friends.. Hope you find it helpful.. I appreciate that you came up with resources at.. faces4autism.. org/important-links/.. I’m working on a paper about disabilities and I used that page as a.. reference.. One topic that I’ve been focusing on is housing for people with.. disabilities.. There is this one site that I also used on my paper which is.. mortgageloan.. com/disabilities/.. Maybe you could also incorporate this into your site since this topic is.. very useful for the differently-abled people and their families who would.. like to achieve the goal of home ownership..

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  • Title: Information About Services |
    Descriptive info: Information About Services.. Professionals and Experts in Autism.. Crisis Intervention for Behavioral Issues.. The department is called Children s Mobile Response and Stabilization Services for Atlantic and Cape May Counties the triage number is 877-652-7624.. You have to call that number 1st and give them all your info and your situation and they will determine your case from there.. Directory of Area Services.. org/resource-guide-by-state.. We are updating our guide and please feel free to send us referrals on professionals with whom you have had success.. Use the Autism NJ referral form link.. org/doc/parentreferralform2.. pdf.. 14 Signs of Autism.. Very early indicators that require evaluation by an expert MAY include:.. 1.. no babbling or pointing by age 1.. 2.. no single words by 16 months or two-word phrases by age 2.. 3.. no response to name.. 4.. loss of language or social skills ….. 5.. poor eye contact.. 6.. excessive lining up of toys or objects.. 7.. no smiling or social responsiveness.. 8.. impaired ability to make friends with peers.. 9.. impaired ability to initiate or sustain a conversation with others.. 10.. absence or impairment of imaginative and social play.. 11.. stereotyped, repetitive, or unusual use of language.. 12.. restricted patterns of interest that are abnormal in intensity or focus.. 13.. preoccupation with certain objects or subjects.. 14.. inflexible adherence to specific routines or rituals.. 14 Señales de Autismo.. Nobalbuceaoseñalaalaedadde1año.. Nohablapalabrassencillasalaedadde16mesesofrasesde2.. palabras al llegar a 2 años.. Norespondealnombre.. Perdidadelenguajeodedestrezassociales.. Pobrecontactovisual.. Lineamientoexcesivodejuguetesoobjetos.. No sonríe o responde a socialización.. Notienehabilidadoiniciativaparacrearamistad.. Notienehabilidadoiniciativaparacrearomantenerconversación.. con otros.. Ausencia de juego imaginario o social.. Lenguaje  ...   105.. Gibbsboro, NJ 08026.. Dr.. Mark Mintz.. Phone: (856) 346 -0005 • E-mail: info@thecnnh.. org.. Jewish Family Services.. 607 N.. Jerome Avenue, Margate, NJ 08402.. Nina Stolzenberg.. Phone: 609-822-1108.. Growing Tree Psychological Services.. Linwood Commons, 2106 New Rd.. East, Suite E-1,.. Linwood, NJ 08221.. Kelly Hargadon 609-601-2479.. Faces 4 Autism es una 501 (c) 3 sin Fines de Lucro, dedicada a la educación y apoyo de familias enfrentando autismo.. Página Web: www.. Teléfono: 609-412-3750.. Correo electrónico:facesautism@yahoo.. com Dirección de correo: Faces 4 Autism, PO Box 2341, Ventor, NJ 08406.. En estas señales de alerta, contacte su pediatra o algunos de estos siguientes localidades y preguntes por una evaluación sobre autismo.. Children s Specialized Hospital.. Risley Commons, Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township,NJ 08234 Teléfono: 1-888-CHILDREN.. Children Hospital of Philadelphia s Specialty Care Center.. 4009 Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing, NJ 08330-3133 Teléfono: Llamar al Condado de Atlantic al 609-677-7895.. CNNH o The Center for Neurological Neurodevelopmental Health.. 250 Haddonfield-Berlín Rd, Suite 105, Gibbsboro, NJ 08026 Dr.. Mark Mints Teléfono: (856)346-0005 ~ info@thecnnh.. Jewish Family Services.. Jerome Avenue, Margate, NJ 08402,.. Nina Stolzenberg Teléfono: 609-822-1108.. Growing Tree Phsycological Services.. Lin.. Commons, Linwood, NJ 08221.. Kelly Hargadon Teléfono: 609-2479.. Families Come First.. Support Group meetings are places for parents to learn and children to play with others.. Making Friends.. Everyone wants to have a friend to share their common interests.. Lifespan Support.. Whether a person is newly-diagnosed or an adult with ASD, you still need support and hope each day.. INFO on Mortgages for people with disabilities.. go to Links..

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  • Title: Teens and Adults with ASD |
    Descriptive info: Links to Issues in Teens.. tacanow.. org/family-resources/teens-with-asd-puberty/#Seizures.. https://www.. facebook.. com/pages/FACES-Autism-Support-Network/141719418964#!/pages/Morgans-Smile-Factory/200095140011156.. http://templegrandin.. com/.. Meetings.. Adult Groups Forming.. FACES will be hosting aseries of gatherings providing adults (those over 18) with the opportunity to.. share their stories and develop more connections with the community.. FACES ADULT GROUP.. PLACE: Atlantic County Family Service Organization, Suite 1, 1601 Tilton Rd.. , Northfield, 08225.. DAY: Thursdays.. PHONE: 609-822-7536,.. leave a  ...   Route 50, Seaville, NJ 08230.. Contact: ASPEN Coordinator Roberta Hoffmann.. Phone: 609-425-4607.. Email:.. gmhrh@comcast.. This chapter is for parents and their adult children, ages 18 and older with Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, HFA or NLD.. The focus of the group is to provide support for the parents and opportunities for socializing and recreation, as well as foster independence, social growth, responsibility-taking, and decision-making for the adult children..

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  • Title: Videos We Love |
    Descriptive info: The R Word Campaign.. http://bcove.. me/a2j1gxz4.. Chromeless Video Player.. Surfing Day for Autism.. We Are FACES.. Our Tenth Anniversary Video.. be/9gaINvQClmA.. Tommy Hilfiger s Autism Speaks Commerical.. An interview with a boy who has autism.. Trailer from the movie, Miracle Run a true story about twins boys with autism starring Zac Efron..

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  • Title: Important Links |
    Descriptive info: Polar Bear Run/Walk for Autism.. active.. com/running/sea-isle-city-nj/polar-bear-run-walk-for-autism-2012.. Autism Speaks Funds Autism Research.. Autism New Jersey Statewide Resources.. autismnj.. aspennj.. Asperger Syndrome Education Network, Inc.. , headquartered in New Jersey.. aspergersyndrome.. Online Asperger’s Syndrome Information and Support (OASIS), site created by parents.. aspiesforfreedom.. Aspies For Freedom, a safe and comfortable forum for Aspies and those with autism.. autismlivingworking.. Autism Living And Working ALAW INCORPORATED, Pe nnsylv ania-based group of parents and others who support community living and housing for folks with autism.. pitt.. edu/~nminshew/.. The Autism Research Program, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.. autismservicescenter.. The Autism Service Center, a national autism hotline and Web site.. autism-society.. Autism Society of America.. chatautism.. Chat  ...   Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities.. P2PUSA.. National Parent to Parent Network Web site.. networksfortraining.. Pennsylvania-based training and resource organization for caregivers of people with differences, including autism.. asaphilly.. Philadelphia chapter of Autism Society of America.. theraplay-ny.. Helping children with autism through physical education and.. wellness techniques.. transitionmap.. A Web site by Pennsylvania professionals for educators supporting high school students with differences who are transitioning to adult life.. unlockingautism.. The Unlocking Autism Web site with a listserv to connect parents, teens, and adults with autism and Asperger’s.. wrightslaw.. The Web site of Peter Wright, Esquire, an expert on special education.. policeandautism.. cjb.. net/avoiding.. html.. A Web page about autism and law enforcement..

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  • Title: About FACES 4 Autism |
    Descriptive info: How We Started FACES.. Children and adults on the autism spectrum need to interact with their peers, so FACES 4 Autism creates opportunities to do so.. If you have an idea for an activity, please share it with us!.. Meeting Locations Fro Me A Party.. 750 West Delilah Road.. Pleasantville, NJ 08232.. GET DIRECTIONS.. Call Us.. Primary Phone Number.. : 609-412-3750.. SEE ALL LOCATIONS.. Ocean Academy.. 148 Crest Haven Ave.. Cape May Court House, NJ 08210.. Hours.. Mon:.. 10:00AM.. Tue:.. Wed:.. Thu:.. Fri:.. Sat:.. Sun:.. Hammonton Elementary School.. 601 N 4th St.. Hammonton,, NJ 08037-9722.. AC Family Service Organization.. 1601 Tilton Road, Suite 1.. Northfield, NJ 08225.. Sol 4 Autism.. Asamblea de Dios - salón 7, 6:00pm -7:30pm, 1er y 3er Martes de cada mes, 2554 E Chestnut Ave.. VIneland, NJ.. Ocean County Library.. Mathistown Rd.. Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087.. About FACES 4 Autism.. There are no cookie-cutter solutions to autism.. Each child has a unique recipe for success.. 2013 FACES 4 Autism Board of Directors.. Nicole Walton, Esq.. Legal Counsel and Advisor.. Susan O Neill.. , President.. Ken Mosca,.. Vice President.. David Hagan.. , Vice President.. Linda Hagan.. , Treasurer.. Kim Goodman, Board Member.. Nora Wimberg, Board Member.. Colleen Lockwood,.. Hammonton Chapter President.. Lisa Bryant,.. Cape May County Chapter Co-Presidents.. Jessica Cruz,.. Cumberland County Chapter President.. Isabelle Mosca,.. Click here for a list of our Parent.. Support Groups.. Click here for a list of.. Click here for our FACES 4 Autism brochure 2013.. http://faces4autism.. org/files/2012/02/FACES-brochure-2013.. Click here for the FACES brochure en espanol.. org/files/2012/02/Brochure-Faces-in-Spanish-1.. Brochure-Faces-in-Spanish-1.. Check out our.. Calendar of Events.. FACES 4 Autism is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and support of children with Autism and their families.. The Mosca family decided to create a support group called Families for Autistic Children in 2002, after their son Kyle was diagnosed.. The need for services in South Jersey was great, so they gathered others to create awareness  ...   by Autism Spectrum Disorder in the South Jersey area.. We are a proud United Way of Atlantic County Member Agency.. Please LIVE UNITED, and give generously to the annual appeal!.. Our Advisory Board.. Ann Magann.. is a speech therapist in the Hammonton Schools and a FACES Advisor.. Carolyn Maloney.. is a special education teacher in the Hammonton Elementary School, and a FACES Advisor.. Chris Devaney, DDD,.. Behavior Consultant.. Mr.. Devaney has officiated at Autism Education Series workshops, worked with schools, parents and children to diminish negative behaviors with the use of Floortime and PBS.. FACES annual Devaney Award for Service is named after him, in thanks for his continued commitment to our families.. Nina Stolzenberg, PhD,.. Nina serves on the Education Committee, offering valuable assistance into various FACES activities.. Yvette Janvier, MD,.. Medical Director, Children s Specialized Hospital.. Janvier has opened her heart and her doors to many FACES families, and continues to reach out to us by offering educational workshops and support.. Mary Kientz, MS,OTR,PhD.. OTR.. is an Assistant Professor at Richard Stockton College of NJ.. Mary is a leader in Sensory Therapy.. Kelly Hargadon,.. PhD.. is a psychologist who also facilitates support group meetings for FACES.. Carol Lee Madden, is an Autism Consultant and facilitator for FACES support groups.. Susan O Neill, MA, SLP, CCC is a speech language pathologist and an expert in DIR Floortime and Sensory Integration Therapy.. Eric Joice is the President of the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey.. EFNJ offers many programs for children with autism including the Family Support Center of NJ.. Please note: The information provided by FACES 4 Autism is for informational purposes and is not an endorsement or recommendation for treatment.. We embrace all possibilities for a cure to autism spectrum disorders explored by families, but we are not intended to be a replacement for services or legal advice.. FACES 4 Autism logo designed by Jackie Seeger, and copyrighted by FACES..

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  • Title: FACES Support Programs |
    Descriptive info: FACES Support Programs.. WHEN: 1st Wednesday every month TIME: 6:30pm- 8:30pm.. September 26, October 24th.. ASPEN Atlantic/Cape May Counties.. Contact: ASPEN Coord.. Roberta Hoffmann.. Email: gmhrh@comcast.. Spanish Version.. Brochure-Faces-in-Spanish-1-copy.. Sol 4 Autism Brochure.. org/files/2012/02/Sol-Brochure.. Thanks to Becka Balliet and the entire staff of TGIFriday s.. Their fundraiser on September 24th brought in over $1600 for FACES!.. Children’s Specialized Hospital.. We’re opening a new outpatient center in Egg Harbor Township!.. Physical Therapy.. Occupational Therapy.. Speech Therapy.. Developmental Pediatrics.. Autism ServicesOur new site is located at: 6106 Black Horse Pike (Risley Commons Shopping Center) Egg Harbor TownshipWe are proud to bring our expert and compassionate pediatric rehabilitation care  ...   ext.. 5317Or visit: www.. childrens-specialized.. org/eggharbortownship.. Children’s Specialized Hospital is the preeminent provider of rehabilitation services for children with special needs.. The hospital serves children affected by brain injury, spinal cord injury, premature birth, autism, developmental delays, and life-changing illnesses.. Children’s Specialized Hospital has nine sites in New Jersey and treats 19,000 children each year, making it the largest pediatric rehabilitation system of its kind in the nation.. Services include outpatient services, acute rehabilitation, and long-term care through its sites in Bayonne, Clifton, Mountainside, Toms River, Fanwood, Hamilton, New Brunswick and Roselle Park as well as outreach programs in many communities.. Conferences.. Conference on Disabilities.. REVISED-Leisure-4-Brochure..

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  • Title: About the Book “Adventure to Autism Planet” |
    Descriptive info: About the Book Adventure to Autism Planet.. Isabelle and Kyle read their book to the kids in NYAS Assembly at New York Avenue SchoolAssembly at New York Avenue School.. Adventure to Autism Planet.. by Isabelle and Kyle Mosca.. Contact: Isabelle A.. Mosca.. Website:.. A portion of the proceeds from this book go to FACES 4 Autism, a Southern Jersey based non-profit organization which helps others see the awesomeness in autism awareness.. Kyle and Isabelle are thirteen year-old twins, and their world has two points of view.. One of them is normal , but which one? The author takes us on a journey into the world of “Autism Planet and beyond”.. Count on the trip having inspirational and magical baggage!.. Drawings by Kyle and photographs of the twins weave the story of their adventure on Autism Planet.. Kyle has autism, and his drawings are often depictions of his favorite  ...   and businesses all over the world celebrate diversity by blowing bubbles simultaneously en masse.. The twins recently received the Innovator’s Award from the Genetic Alliance in Washington, DC, at a reception in their honor.. Autism is a neurological disorder which affects one in 100 children in the USA.. In New Jersey, it is one in 94.. People need to learn more about autism and to celebrate the gifts which it offers.. Isabelle s idol is Temple Grandin, PhD, whose biography was the subject of an Emmy® award-winning HBO movie bearing her name.. She is a cheerleader and plays softball for her local team.. Isabelle is a also huge Justin Bieber fan.. Kyle attends weekly art classes with his friends and enjoys swimming, playing basketball, baseball, collecting VHS tapes and DVD’s.. Visit them on Facebook at Adventure to Autism Planet!.. The Innovator s Award from Genetic Alliance for Autism Planet..

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  • Title: Contact Us |
    Descriptive info: Check out the map locations for our meetings and events on the map above.. FInd us on Facebook, Twitter, and email at imosca@faces4autism.. org, or facesgroup@comcast.. Memberships to FACES 4 Autism are free, and all we need is your information so that we can send you news and updates.. You can also send us your snail mail address for newsletters and special mailings.. Donations are welcome, but not necessary for membership.. Make checks out to Faces 4 Autism, or go to the DONATE button on this site to send donations via  ...   others.. Thank you for visiting our website.. Please fill out the following form to send us a message.. Please click on the SUBMIT button when you are ready to send your message.. You may use this form to request more information about our services, and to provide feedback about this website.. We look forward to hearing from you!.. Email Us.. *.. First Name.. Last Name.. Email.. How did you hear about us?.. Radio.. Web Search.. Television.. Newspaper.. From a Friend.. Facebook.. Twitter.. Print Ad.. Other.. Message.. Word Count:.. 100.. Required Fields.. Submit..

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  • Title: Events 2014 |
    Descriptive info: Thursday March 13, 2014.. Click here for brochure.. Bubbles 4 Autism.. Tuesday, April 1 2014.. Stand Up for Autism.. Friday, March 28 2014..

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