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  • Title: Fabrik Art Organization
    Descriptive info: .. Fabrik Art Organization.. non profit organization.. English / Srpski.. Categories.. Home.. About.. Projects.. Members.. Info.. News.. Mailing List.. Contact.. NEW PROJECT.. TC.. Global environment calls youth volunteers.. Call for partners.. GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT CALLS YOUTH VOLUNTEERS.. Training Course is about promotion of eco-voluntarism through music and art for sustainable development issue of social inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities.. The main goal.. of our training course “Global environment calls youth volunteers“ is to offer to participants new art techniques and learning methods for improving sustainable development issue of social inclusion of excluded groups of youth from urban industrial zones.. See  ...   sviraju udaraljke i bubanj, bez obzira na uzrast.. Prilagođena je kako onima koji tek počinju da uče tako i onima koji već imaju neka predznanja sviranja.. Kroz praktični, interaktivni rad muzičara i stručnog pedagoga Miloša Manića, polaznici će naučiti osnovne tehnike sviranja ritmova različitih žanrova muzike.. (etno, rock, pop, funk, latino, jazz).. Takođe ćete učiti sviranje u grupi, sviranje solo deonica, kreiranje sopstvenih ritmova, kao i muzičke individualne i grupne improvizacije.. Zainteresovani se mogu prijaviti na telefone: 063 / 242 161 | 063 234 268.. Pročitaj opširnije:.. www.. fabrikart.. org/radionica_ritma.. html.. Feabrik - Home page - designed by.. Boris Radivojkov..

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  • Title: Fabrik Art - About
    Descriptive info: Fabrik Art - About.. ABOUT.. FABRIK ART.. Association “Fabrik Art“.. Association “Fabrik Art” is non government organization of artists – experts of drama, fine arts, applied arts, music and theory, management of culture and art.. It is non profit organization based in Belgrade, Serbia.. Through art “Fabrik Art” works on positive promotion and education of values and creative thinking audience, which is mainly youth.. Promotion intercultural dialogue through art and culture.. Founders and members of “Fabrik Art” organization are active experts and eminent artists: multimedia artists from art group “Feabrik” (.. feabrik.. com.. ) who did in last few years international and multimedia art projects mostly based on a lot of cooperation and cultural dialogue with foreign artists from Germany, Greece, America, Indonesia, Turkey; musicians who played on a lot of festivals; animators – animations, cartoons; poetry writers – published books; andragogs (expert for education of adults) who did art workshops.. International works: Multimedia art project Ether Wind with German art dancer Barbara Kupser; International art project “Windform” documentary and art movie with soundtrack for art festival in Germany 2008; International art project “Zone Zero”, Killkis, Greece 2009.. International art project: “Music for Peace”, Istanbul, Turkey 2009.. We organized: Multimedia happening “Windy Happening” in Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia 2008;.. Exhibition and show of Flounder Lee (.. photoflounder.. ) – American photographer in Novi Sad, Serbia 2009..  ...   our culture on the international and national level.. - Contributing to the development and expansion of the fields of national action and international artists, theoreticians, art historians, and managers of culture and simultaneously create a spirit of life in new circumstances, contribute to the cultural identity of our country.. - Commitment to the promotion of women authors in culture and art.. Regular activities of Fabruik Art.. - Collecting and process scientific and technical literature in the field of culture and art, and all information related to culture and art on the Internet for its members;.. - Encourage their members to work on professional and research activities in the domain of art and culture;.. - Publishes books and other publications about arts and culture, published on the internet for information about culture and art;.. - Promote and affirm the culture and art, work and national and international authors through the organization of festivals, concerts, exhibitions, panel discussions, symposiums and the Internet, the media (radio, television, newspapers and other print media) and other types of presentation of the artists and their works - Members of the Association;.. - Organize independently or together with other national or international organizations, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, multimedia presentations, meetings, symposiums, presentations for its members;.. - Working with professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad that deal with culture and art in general;.. Web design:..

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  • Title: Fabrik Art - Projects
    Descriptive info: Fabrik Art - Projects.. NEW PROJECTS.. Projects 2010 / 2011.. Project.. HEURISTIC GAME.. Training Course about using creative methods and art for inclusion of social excluded young people from different cultural, ethnic and religious background.. of our training course.. “Heuristic Game“.. is to offer to participants new art techniques and creative methods with the aim to improve inclusion of excluded groups of youth – young people from different cultural, religious and ethnic background.. Through research participants are coming to creation of one different, unusual music, which is mixture of all cultural impacts which participants transform through more multy-interactions music and all other kinds of art in one specific and original product.. Read More.. PHOTOGRAPHY ADVENTURE.. Training course about using creative photography for social inclusion for youth with educational difficulties.. The main goal of our training course is “Photography Adventure” to improve creativity and increase knowledge, learning methods and experiences of participants, which they can use in everyday work for youth with educational difficulties (lower qualified persons) including them in active local community life.. OLD PROJECTS.. Art Projects of Feabrik - founders of Fabrik Art.. Windy happening in Museum.. 2008.. Representation of all Windy projects.. Projects “Ether Wind Moved Wind - Feabrik again represented in Museum of Contemporary art Vojvodina on 12th Sept.. 2008, Novi Sad, Serbia.. It was actually repeated projects which Feabrik will make and present in Germany on Windy Festival in August 17th (opening) 31st (closing) festival.. It was stretch with more other artist: Dejan Bogojevic with poetry performance Secret of number 5 , Dajana Jambrosic with Windy Dance performance etc.. Programme for 12th September 2008 in Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad, street Dunavska 21..  ...   free download.. Watch video Moved Wind.. MUSIC OF VOEHL.. It was project which Feabrik done for one day.. Movie and music made by Feabrik art and music group as impression of place and atmosphere of Voehl and Synagogue in Voeh.. Soundtrack was played live on concert in Synagogue of Voehl on 29 August 2008 and there was presentation of this film.. Camera: Zeljka Milosevic.. Photography: Boris Radivojkov.. Miontage: Zeljka Milosevic and Boris Radivojkov.. Soundtrack: Feabrik.. (Boris Radivojkov - keyboard, Zeljka Milosevic - harp, Milos Manic - drums).. Watch video Music of Voehl.. Sound Painting.. Present base Principe of all our creating - Transposing visual into music and music into visual.. Graphic and experimental photographs made by Boris Radivojkov as illustration and impression of music and later make music from visual impression of this experimental graphics and photographs.. Watch video Sound Painting.. ETHER WIND.. Spiritual creating as a wind.. It presents one of 4 elements (air) in form of wind.. It is actually part of our bigger project - 4 elements presented with music and visual arts.. Idea was to present it as archetype element, but also as inside energy of human creation.. It makes on acoustic sound of Celtic harp, drums, vocal with synthetic and authentic timbre of keyboard and creates by transposing visual into music and then transposing to dance and then back into music - it closing circle.. Used lyrics are of poetry writer Dejan Bogojevic.. Project was present on OCTOPUS - Stretch media art biennale in Belgrade on 3rd December 2007 in Student Cultural Centre and on Windy festival in Gembeck in Germany together with German dance artist Barbara Küpser on 17th August 2008.. Watch video Ether Wind..

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  • Title: Fabrik Art - Members
    Descriptive info: Fabrik Art - Members.. MEMBERS.. Members Founders are:.. Boris Radivojkov - President.. Finished the “Arts and Crafts secondary School” in Šabac, Painting, Conservation and Restoration.. Graduated the “Faculty of Applied Arts” in Belgrade, Applied Graphics, specialism Photography.. Educated also through non-formal education on a lot of workshops, and training courses about art, culture, photography, music, painting, graphic, theatre and also about phycho-drama, pedagogy, phychology, sociology of serbian and international famous artists and trainers.. Participated with the photographies and digital graphics in a number of national and international exhibitions.. Awarded in 2005.. and in 2006.. at the International Miniature Photography Saloon in Belgrade.. Boris had solo exhibition Moved Wind in museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, in Novi Sad, Serbia 2008.. With his multimedia art group “Feabrik” he presented his art works and art projects on art symposiums and festivals in Germany, Greece, Turkey, Serbia.. He worked in cooperation with artists from different countries on those projects.. He si founder of Fabrik Art organization, and he is involved in organization of all culture and art programs.. He organized exhibition of american photographer and profesor Flounder Lee in Novi Sad, Serbia 2009.. He works as a proffesional photographer and educator.. He leads workshops on “Sumer school of photography” in Novi Sad, Serbia.. He is interested in work on improvement new educational methods (connected to techniques of art) for improving social aspects life of young people.. contact:.. + 381 21 531 568.. + 381 63 669 744.. borisradivojkov@yahoo.. borisradivojkov.. More about my art you can find on my web site:.. Zeljka Milosevic -  ...   Manager of culture and art.. · Academy of Art „BK“, desk Recording and sound design.. · Academy of Art Novi Sad, Desk Harp.. Nebojsa Djeric – experienced Salto trainer:.. http://trainers.. salto-youth.. net/NebojsaDjeric/.. Well experienced Salto trainer of non-formal education and youth worker actively involved in NGO sector from 1995.. As a creator of projects, project coordinator, youth worker, educator/facilitator has participated on many different local, national and international youth projects that are related with youth work and human rights.. From 2000 as a trainer completely devoted to non-formal education using Youth Programme (Youth in Action Programme).. Nick is open-minded, friendly, communicative, positive, tolerant and ready to implement/experiment on new methods (connected to techniques of animations and methods used in theatre) in order to animate people to get actively involved in workshops and training activities.. As a trainer/facilitator he has a good interaction with groups of participants, very flexible/adaptable and capable of noticing their needs and able to manage and recognize processes in the group as the training unfolds.. Thanks to his occupation and willingness to work with youth, to devotedness and activities in youth work, thanks to created and approved projects from Youth in Action Programme, as a trainer/educator Nick has worked with young people from the whole Europe and the world.. Nick travelled a lot, had a cooperation with many youth NGO and he is still active in improving skills, knowledge and experiences as a trainer working in different countries: Serbia, England, Austria, Romania, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland..

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  • Title: Fabrik Art - Info for foreighners
    Descriptive info: Fabrik Art - Info for foreighners.. INFO.. Info For Foreigners.. - Where is.. serbia.. Belgrade.. |.. Novi Sad.. |.. Sremski Karlovci.. -.. Visas FAQ.. Languge and Alphabet.. Money.. Telephones.. Visit (recomandations).. Where is Serbia?.. On this map the today’s republic of Serbia is represented in red.. As you can see, it is located in Southeastern Europe, on the famous peninsula known as the Balkans.. Throughout the history, its mountains and valleys have been separating and connecting two worlds: The East and The West.. The small region in the south, marked with letter k is known as Kosovo - by some, a part of Serbian territory, and by others, a new country that has recently proclaimed its independence.. Serbia or not Serbia, traveling in Kosovo may involve certain risks, as this area is at the moment still politically unstable and volatile.. Visas - FAQ.. Do I need a visa to enter Serbia?.. For nationals of many countries, no visa is required for a tourist visit to Serbia.. The most accurate (and regularly updated) info can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. Follow.. this_link.. to go directly to the page where you can check whether you need a visa for Serbia or not.. Where do I get my visa?.. If there is an Embassy of Serbia in your country, you should try getting your visa there.. However, such an Embassy doesn't exist in a number of countries - in which case you should try to get your visa in another country along the way.. to check if there is a Serbian Embassy in your country - the web page also has all the addresses of Serbian embassies and consular missions abroad.. What to do if I want to continue my trip to another country?.. In case you want to continue your journey, to another country, you may need to get some visas in Belgrade.. There are a number of foreign embassies in Belgrade - to check if the one you need is among them, and also to find out the address and the phone number, follow.. this link.. Where can I cross the border to / from Serbia?.. Here.. you can find the complete list of border crossings to / from all neighboring countries.. What do I need to have in order to get visa?.. In that case, here is what you need:.. 1) Valid Passport;.. 2) Letter of invitation (verified by the competent Serbian authority) or an invitation by a company for a business visit or a receipt or authorized tourist company certifying that the travel arrangement has been paid for (letter of credit or other payment receipt);.. 3) Return ticket;.. 4) Proof of sufficient funds in hard currency and.. 5) Certificate that a health fund shall cover the medical costs in Serbia, if any.. Are there any transit visas?.. Transit visa applicants are required to obtain the visa for the country they will enter after the transit through Serbia.. By presenting this visa at the Serbian Embassy, they will receive a transit visa.. You should carry your passport at all times for identification.. Embassies in Belgrade.. http://www.. travelserbia.. info/serbian-embassies.. php.. A collection of traveler's information on Serbia, and help organizing the logistics of your trip can be found at.. serbiatravelers.. org.. and.. info.. Language and alphabet.. Serbian is a Slavic language used primarily in Serbia and Montenegro.. You can also use it in Bosnia and Croatia, since differences among these language varieties would not hinder your ability to understand and be understood.. If you stick to basic conversations you can easily get by in Bulgaria and Macedonia.. Serbian is a completely phonetic language, meaning that every letter represents only one sound, and every sound is represented by one letter.. The formula concocted by Vuk Karadzic, the great 19th century reformist of the Serbian Language, goes write as you speak, read as it's written - thanks to this, learning the 30 letters of the alphabet is all you'll ever need in order to read Serbian.. One of the rather confusing things about Serbian language is its alphabet - actually, its alphabets, since two of them are used parallelly.. Latin and Serbian Cyrillic are completely equivalent and all Serbs are familiar with both.. There is no general rule in choosing the alphabet - street names, newspapers as well as train schedules are sometimes written in Cyrillic and sometimes in Latin.. On this page you can find the pronunciation key to the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet and some key phrases.. Alphabetic order.. The sort order of the ćirilica (ћирилица) alphabet:.. Cyrillic order (called.. Azbuka.. (азбука):.. А Б В Г Д Ђ Е Ж З И Ј К Л Љ М Н Њ О П Р С Т Ћ У Ф Х Ц Ч Џ Ш.. The sort order of the latinica (латиница) alphabet:.. Latin order (called.. Abeceda.. (абецеда):.. A B C Č Ć D Dž Đ E F G H I J K L Lj M N Nj O P R S Š T U V Z Ž.. The following table provides the upper and lower case forms of the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet, along with the Serbian Latin equivalent and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) value for each letter, in Cyrillic sort order:.. Cyrillic Alphabet.. Latin alphabet.. IPA.. А а.. A a.. /a/.. Б б.. B b.. /b/.. В в.. V v.. /ʋ/.. Г г.. G g.. /ɡ/.. Д д.. D d.. /d/.. Ђ ђ.. Đ đ.. /dʑ/.. Е е.. E e.. /ɛ/.. Ж ж.. Ž ž.. /ʒ/.. З з.. Z z.. /z/.. И и.. I i.. /i/.. Ј ј.. J j.. /j/.. К к.. K k.. /k/.. Л л.. L l.. /l/.. Љ љ.. Lj lj.. /ʎ/.. М м.. M m.. /m/.. Н н.. N n.. /n/.. Њ њ.. Nj nj.. /ɲ/.. О о.. O o.. /ɔ/.. П п.. P p.. /p/.. Р р.. R r.. /r/.. С с.. S s.. /s/.. Т т.. T t.. /t/.. Ћ ћ.. Ć ć.. /tɕ/.. У у.. U u.. /u/.. Ф ф.. F f.. /f/.. Х х.. H h.. /x/.. Ц ц.. C c.. /ts/.. Ч ч.. Č č.. /tʃ/.. Џ џ.. Dž dž.. /dʒ/.. Ш ш.. Š š.. /ʃ/.. Some practical info.. Time zone:.. Serbia is in the Western - European time zone GMT+1h.. Electric Current.. Electric: 220 V, 50 Hz, 2 pin plugs used.. Working Hours.. Banks and post offices.. working days 08.. 00-19.. 00.. Saturdays 08.. 00-15.. Sundays only those on duty.. Groceries.. working days 06.. 30-20.. 00 (some also until 21.. 00).. Saturdays 06.. 30-18.. Sundays 07.. 00-11.. 00 (some also until 13.. 00).. Markets.. every day 06.. 00-17.. 00.. Shops in shopping malls.. working days 09.. 00-20.. Department stores.. Sundays closed.. Drugstores.. open 00.. 00-24.. Telephone numbers.. You can easily reach any part of the world from Serbia, using telephone connections.. Mobile telephones and public telephone booths are at your disposal.. Pay-phone cards, 063/064 cell phone SIM cards as well as airtime to the value of 200, 500 and 1000 dinars are available at most kiosks.. Calling from hotels, restaurants and other facilities is usually very expensive, but there are telephone boxes, usually very visible.. You may buy a telephone card on almost every tobacco shop or newsletter shops.. On the mobile phone side, there are a few service providers, both for contract-based mobile phone services and for prepaid mobile phones.. Those providers are: Telenor, VIP and MTS.. Mobile phone networks.. 063 MOBTEL, Bulevar umetnosti 16, Tel: 063/360-100, 063-9863,.. mobtel.. co.. yu.. 064 TELEKOM SRBIJA, Makedonska 2, Tel: 064-789,.. telekom.. rs.. Area codes.. The area code number for Belgrade for national calls is 011.. The country code for Serbia and Montenegro in international communications is 381.. To place a call to Belgrade from abroad, the 0 should not be dialed, i.. e.. the area code number to dial is 381-11.. To place an international call dial 99 first, then the country code, then the area code for the city, and finally the phone number of the subscriber.. Important Telephoine Nombers.. Important phone numbers (0-24h).. Police - 92.. Fire Department - 93.. Ambulance - 94.. Exact time - 95.. Telegrams by telephone - 96.. Long distance calls (national) - 900.. Long distance calls (international) - 901.. Malfunction of the phone line - 977.. Automobile Club (AMSJ) road assistance - 987.. Information - phone numbers (Belgrade) - 988.. Wake-up calls - 9811.. Information (various) - 9812.. Medical Center Emergency Room - 3618-444.. Belgrade Airport - 209-4444, 209-4000.. JAT ticket reservations - 311-2123.. Central Train Station - 2641-488, 2645-822.. Belgrade Bus Station - 2636-299.. Water.. Tap  ...   However the most outstanding feature on the right bank of Danube is the Petrovaradin Fortress.. Often called “Gibraltar on the Danube”, Petrovaradin Fortress dates back some 600 years and is a maze of alleys, trenches, gates, underground tunnels and galleries.. Every July, the Fortress also hosts the.. EXIT music festival.. , which turns Novi Sad, into a music capital of Europe for the duration of the festival.. Novi Sad is becoming more and more popular with students.. According to the data of the Institute for Statistics, there are 19 faculties and five colleges in Novi Sad.. Every year a large number of students come to Novi Sad.. In academic year 2006/07, 34,188 students enrolled at a faculty, while 4,306 students graduated in the same academic year.. Novi Sad is developing regarding tourism as well.. In 2006, the average number of overnights of domestic tourists was 1.. 9, and 2.. 1 of foreign tourists.. Getting around Novi Sad.. At this web site you can find the map of Novi Sad that can help you find your way around the city:.. planplus.. Prices in Novi Sad.. Prices in cafes:.. Coffee – 0.. 9 EURO.. Juice – 0.. 8 – 1.. 2 EURO.. Prices in pizzeria:.. Pizza – 4 – 10 EURO.. Spaghetti – 4- 8 EURO.. Prices in restaurants:.. Average meal – 10 – 20 EURO.. Transpotration.. Novi Sad has good transport connections with nearby cities thanks to its great position.. It is located about 80km to the northwest of Belgrade, about 300km from Budapest, 424 km from Ljubljana, 309km from Zagreb, 548 km from Podgorica, 150km from Timisoara (Romania), 100km from the border town (with Hungary) of Subotica and about 100km from the Romanian border.. If you want to use local transportation you can take a bus or a cab.. In order to travel to other cities in Serbia you can take bus or a train.. Taking the Bus.. Novi Sad has an excellent bus service.. Ticket for one ride (no matter how far you go as long you don't change the bus) costs 40RSD and is bought at driver.. Taking a Taxi.. Taxis are not overly expensive (by Western standards), the minimum fare varies between 80 and 100 RSD, with a cross-city trip typically costing 150-200 RSD.. It helps to have the address written out although many taxi drivers speak fair English.. However, be careful of taxis unaffiliated with one of the major firms (especially at the train station), or you may pay up to four times more than your fare should be.. When taking a cab make sure that the meter is running.. Some good taxi companies are: Novus: 500-700, VIP TAXI: 444-000, Grand TAXI: 500-000, SOS TAXI: 450-400, Vojvodjan:i 522-333.. Walk.. The city centre is actually quite small and most of the interesting sights, bars and hotels are all within easy walking distance.. There are plenty of street maps, especially in the centre, so you can find your way easily.. Sightseeing.. The fortress of Petrovaradin on the right bank of the Danube is a fortress that no enemy has ever taken.. It now contains a museum, Muzej Grada Novog Sada (Novi Sad City Museum) gathering all ancient objects of the region from the prehistorical era until today, large number of small art studios and living spaces of artists, underground military galleries - corridors, few clubs and few cafes and a delicatessen.. It also has a small Observatory and Planetarium, open on Saturdays from 7PM-12PM.. The observatory is open when skies are clear, while the Planetarium, which is near the Museum, is open every Saturday.. The staff is young, fun and speaks excellent English.. The 5* hotel and three restaurants offer beautiful views of the Danube and of Novi Sad, and have recently been reopened, after extensive renovation and refurbishment works.. Some important architectural sights:.. The Old town hall, right on the main city square called Trg Slobode.. The Church of the great martyr St.. George, Serb Orthodox church in Pašićeva Street.. The Church of Virgin's name, Catholic Church in the center on Trg Slobode.. Castle “Dundjerski” an old castle, wonderfully preserved, situated to the north of Novi Sad.. The Novi Sad Synagogue, a beautiful Synagogue in the center of the city, in Jevrejska Street.. Photo Gallery.. Photo Kino Savez Vopjvodine,.. Zlatno Oko.. ULUPUDUS.. Museums.. Foreign art collection.. Situated at 29 Dunavska Street,.. Open: 9-16 every day except on Monday.. Foreign art collection Situated at 29 Dunavska Street, Open: 9-16 every day except on Monday.. Vojvodina Museum.. (Vojvodina from Paleolithic up to the XX century).. Situated at 36-37 Dunavska Street,.. Open: 9.. 00h on working days, closed on Monday, 9.. 00-14.. 00 h on weekends.. Entry price for foreigners 100 RSD.. EXIT festival.. (held usually in the first weekend of July).. This festival, founded in 2000 an onset to the democratic revolution in the country, attracts more and more visitors every year.. It has a wider variety of music genres such as Rock, Dance, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Folk, and Techno.. Many world famous bands played on the festival (Slayer, Moloko, Iggy Pop, Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang-Clan, Public Enemy and many DJs from around Europe and Asia) and in the year 2004 it was listed as the biggest cultural event of South-Central/Eastern Europe.. City Centre and Surrounding.. If the weather is nice, sit down at one of the cafés around “Spens” and enjoy.. The Železnicar Association of mountaineers and skiers organizes a hiking trip every Sunday on Fruška Gora Mountain and in the Novi Sad vicinity.. In summer you must visit “STRAND the most beautiful sand beach on the Danube River! It is open usually from 15 May to 15 September.. Eat.. After a hearty breakfast with meat, Serbians traditionally work eight hours straight before having their lunch between 15:00-18:00.. Obviously this is by far the biggest meal of the day, with huge quantities of soup, roasted meat and potatoes, and a pickle salad as a side dish.. Novi Sad being the capital of bacon heartland Vojvodina, vegetarians can be frowned upon.. Restaurants are typically open until 22:00.. Nightlife.. As a university town, Novi Sad is known for a lively bar scene.. There are lots of nice bars in the small streets to the west of Zmaj Jovina, mainly in Laze Telečkog Street, and around Njegoševa and Grčkoškolska Streets.. Also popular is the outdoor drinking (in summer) at Zmaj Jovina/Dunavska and at café’s around the sports stadium.. Some of the popular places where you can have a drink and some fun are:.. Martha's Pub Laze Teleckog Street.. Bar ''Kaž'te'' at Fish Island (Ribarsko Ostrvo).. Bela Lađa - international restaurant with gipsy music in the center of Novi Sad.. Cuba Libre Laze Telečkog Street.. Trema (Stage fright) - one of the largest bars in Novi Sad with a lot of musical events and mixed audience.. Situated in the Serbian national theatre.. Cafe The Sting at Vojvodina Stadium.. Absolut Zmaj Jovina 12 Novi Sad.. Pubs.. Pivnica Gusan Zmaj Jovina 12 Novi Sad - one of the best pubs.. Irish Pub - the closest you can get to an Irish pub.. Night Clubs.. Sterija.. Club Hedonista.. ROUTE66.. Jazz Blues Clubs.. Foxtrot in 23 Futoška Street.. Jazz Club WHEELS in 4 Natoseviceva Street.. Sremski Karlovci (Serbian Cyrillic: Сремски Карловци) is a town and municipality in Serbia, in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, situated on the bank of the river Danube, 8 km from Novi Sad.. In 2002, its population was 8,839.. http://en.. wikipedia.. org/wiki/Sremski_Karlovci.. A town of culture in any sense of the word: in the centre the Serbian orthodox church and the first Serbian lyceum, but also the place where the Treaty of Karlowitz modifying the frontiers of the region had been signed.. Sremski Karlovci is also the city of the reputation of the vineyards since Antiquity and the Middle Ages.. The inhabitants have been taken specialists for the white wine sorts.. These wines have been sold as far as Vienna, Poland and Belgium.. Today the “Karlovacki Rizling” has been especially known.. In brief, a town not to be missed at all.. Adjacent to Fruska Gora, peacefully installed on the Danube bank.. Usefull links.. 1.. Bus station Belgrade (capital of Serbia).. beograd.. rs/cms/view.. php?id=201613.. 2.. Serbian railways.. zeleznicesrbije.. com/active/en/home.. 3.. Serbian Airport.. jat.. 4.. City of Belgrade – official page.. php?id=220.. 5.. City of Novi Sad – official page.. rs/en/content/city-novi-sad-%E2%80%93-urban-heart-vojvodina?menuJS=m-259,m-260.. 6.. City of Sremski Karlovci– official page.. serbia-visit.. com/Sremski-Karlovci.. 96.. 0.. Contacts of organization.. Association Fabrik Art.. Mobile Phone: + 381 63 669 744.. Phone: +381 21 531 568.. E-mail: fabrikart.. org@gmail.. Program manager.. Mobil Phone: + 381 63 669 744.. E-mail: borisradivojkov@yahoo..

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  • Title: Fabrik Art - News
    Descriptive info: Fabrik Art - News.. NEWS.. non goverment organization.. PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION..

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  • Title: Fabrik Art - Mailing List
    Descriptive info: Fabrik Art - Mailing List.. MAILING LIST.. If you want to recive info about our projects write us on this E-mail:.. fabrikart..

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  • Title: Fabrik Art - Contact
    Descriptive info: Fabrik Art - Contact.. CONTACT.. Contacts:.. Fabrik Art organization.. Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 185/25, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia.. org.. Contact Person:.. Zeljka Milosevic - menager.. Boris Radivojkov – president.. +381 63 669 744 / +381 21 531 568..

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  • Title: Fabrik Art Organization - Fun Photography
    Descriptive info: Fabrik Art Organization - Fun Photography.. PROJECT.. Fun Photography.. CALL FOR PARTNERS.. title of project.. “Fun Photography“.. From 1st to 9th February 2012, Sremski Karlovci, Novi Sad, Serbia.. Training Course about using creative photography as a method for social inclusion of youth with psychological problems – mental health problems.. Who we are:.. The host organization is Association of artists – experts of drama, fine arts, applied arts, music and theory, management of culture and art “Fabrik Art”.. We are promoting intercultural dialogue through art and culture.. ).. Trainers:.. Boris Radivojkov – expert for photography and educator.. org/boris_radivojkov.. htm.. ).. Nebojsa Djeric – experienced trainer.. org/nebojsa_djeric.. About the Project.. is to offer to participants new art techniques and learning methods for improving inclusion of excluded groups of youth.. with psychological problems – mental health problems.. Idea is to show that there is possibility to solve certain mental health problem caused by stress through application of photography action.. This art activity can lead to solution or point out a problem that can be resolved by working on it afterwards.. Using their photography expression, participants will multiply products acquired from our TC in their every day work with youth who have psychological problems – caused by stress.. Activities on our training course:.. making photographies, photography games, making video from photo materials, drawing with photo chemistry, spending time  ...   between young people in different countries.. to increase knowledge of photography like a tool for social inclusion.. to contribute participants development of creative capabilities and skills in youth work using learning and creative methods (photography techniques).. Read more about project:.. org/fun_photography/.. Working language:.. English – all participants.. must be.. able to actively communicate using English language.. Period of realization:.. From 1st to 9th February 2012.. Location:.. Sremski Karlovci, near to Novi Sad, Serbia.. sremski-karlovci.. com/index_eng.. Partners:.. All interested Program countries and Neighboring Partner countries.. Funding:.. 100% for accommodation will be covered and 70% of travel cost (Apex tickets) will be reimbursed after receiving original receipts.. If you are interested.. to become partner organization in our project please send to us:.. Filled partnership identification form – like word document (.. doc).. Filled, Signed, Stamped and Scanned preliminary agreement.. from attachment, by E-mail:.. Please:.. As we are applying on.. 1st June deadline.. , be as fast as possible in sending to us.. preliminary agreement.. partnership indetification.. and do not forget to send us approximately your travel costs from your home town to Sremiski Karlovci near to Novi Sad, Serbia.. Deadline.. for receiving.. is 20th of May 2011.. Further Information:.. Please contact us:.. Belgrade, Serbia.. Zeljka Milosevic – project manager.. +381 63 669 744.. Download:.. call for partners.. doc.. Fabrik Art - web page - designed by..

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  • Title: Association Fabrik Art - Call for partners 2013
    Descriptive info: Association Fabrik Art - Call for partners 2013.. The type of project:.. Training Course, Action 3.. 1.. Title of project.. Inclusive rural photography.. From 11th to 19th February 2014, Novi Sad, Serbia.. Training Course is about increasing possibilities for employment and inclusion of excluded and unemployed rural youth through creative methods of photography and internet media.. Who we are.. :.. The host organization is Association of artists – experts of drama, fine arts,.. applied arts, music and theory, management of culture and art Fabrik Art.. It is nonprofit organization based in Belgrade, Serbia.. Through art Fabrik Art works on positive promotion and education of values and creative thinking audience, which is mainly youth.. Second trainer will be selected from Salto list of Trainers.. is to offer to participants new art techniques and learning methods for improving inclusion of excluded groups of young people with a low standard of living from rural areas.. Also by promotion youth participation and photo activities, as a result of our TC participants will use those learning methods in everyday work with excluded youth including them in active local community life.. working and learning sessions of photography, internet medias, creative inclusive team building games, non formal workshops for excluded youth, project proposal writing, learning technique of photography, creative photography, post-production of photography, presenting YIA, creating photo initiatives,  ...   improve competences for personal, social and professional development.. - to encourage excluded young people with fewer opportunities – all unemployed youth to play an active role in their local communities.. - to contribute participants development of creative capabilities and skills in youth work using learning and creative methods (photo art techniques).. - to promote creative youth work for increasing employment as a way of active youth participation.. - to promote the access of unemployed young people to the Youth in Action Programme.. - to increase role of youth citizens civil society organizations in everyday European life.. Working language:.. able to actively communicate using English language.. From 11th to 19th February 2014.. Novi Sad, Serbia.. All interested Organizations from Program countries and Neighboring Partner countries.. Partner organizations role:.. Role of sending organization will be to promote the project, select the appropriate candidates for the project and prepare them to work on project and later on their projects with topics of education of youth.. Funding:.. If you are interested to become partner organization in our project please send to us.. doc).. 1st Jun deadline.. partnership identification.. and do not forget to send us approximately your travel costs from your home town to Novi Sad, Serbia.. partnership.. identification is 20th of May 2013.. org/call_for_partners/.. Boris Radivojkov – project manager.. Download documents:.. Preliminary agreemen.. Partnership indentification..

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  • Title: Kreativna Radionica Ritma - Beograd
    Descriptive info: Kreativna Radionica Ritma.. Miloš Manić.. PROJEKAT.. Kreativna radionica ritma.. Udruženje Fabrik Art organizuje kreativne radionice ritma.. Radionice obuhvataju početni i srednji niži nivo učenja sviranja.. Kroz praktični, interaktivni rad muzičara i stručnog pedagoga Miloša Manića (.. org/milos_manic.. ), naučićete osnovne tehnike sviranja ritmova različitih žanrova muzike (etno, rock, pop, funk, latino, jazz).. Po završetku radionica će biti organizovano snimanje napravljene/odsvirane muzike polaznika radionice.. Takođe postoji mogućnost realizacije javnog nastupa.. Voditelj radionice obezbeđuje instrumente za polaznike koji nemaju svoj instrument.. Instrumenti na kojima će se učiti su sledeći: klasičan bubanj, tarabuka, veliko đembe, malo đembe, bongosi, konga, goč, šejkeri (šuške), daire, klaves, zvono.. - Predavanja će biti bazirana na  ...   programa i prvi čas koji je besplatan se održava 15.. aprila 2011 godine.. Radionice počinju počinje 15.. aprila 2011, od 19-20h, u prostoru ispod poslastičarnice Inex, Trg Republike broj 5, Beograd.. Edukator sa višegodišnjim izvođačkim i pedagoškim iskustvom.. Kao perkusionista je svirao u različitim muzičkim grupama (Feabrik, Papa Nick Grupa, Susspected Devise, Exit Grupa) i kao solo izvođač na latino-salsa dešavanjima.. Vodio je kreativne radionice ritma na Adi Ciganliji u okviru projekta “Balijada”.. Kao muzičar učestvovao je na raznim festivalima (EXIT festival, Windy festival u Nemačkoj, Zone Zero u Grčkoj, Art for Peace u Turskoj).. Više o kreativnim radionicama udaraljki na linku:.. Fabrik Art - web master -..

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