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  • Title: FACE IT! * Family Learning and Active Citizenship
    Descriptive info: .. FACE IT! Online Platform.. news and events.. about us.. project overview.. project team.. why FACE IT!.. training and resources.. training courses.. resources bank.. get involved.. contact us.. key concepts.. Family Learning.. Active Citizenship.. Blended Learning.. links.. FACE IT! in Europe Changes the Face of Education.. Do you want to develop a FAMILY LEARNING approach to ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP? Are you looking for methodological guidelines, training materials and recommendations from the experience of others in this field?.. Here you can find:.. - An overview of FACE IT! project, international partnership and approach.. - The freely downloadable FACE IT! Handbook for practitioners in education, community and social work (methodology,  ...   IT! Integrated Training and International Conference, Iasi Romania, 2-4 July 2008.. - The opportunity to get involved.. Click here.. to go straight to where you can download the FACE IT! Handbook and other useful materials.. to see photos from the FACE IT! Integrated Training and International Conference.. Disclaimer:.. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.. ^ back to top.. terms conditions.. |.. site map.. Last updated: 12 September 2008.. Copyright 2007 Euroed.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * News and Events
    Descriptive info: News and Events.. News.. July 5, 2008.. FACE IT! project meeting, Iasi, Romania.. June 27, 2008.. FACE IT! Handbook released.. January 26-28, 2008.. FACE IT! project meeting, Marseille, France.. September 15-17, 2007.. FACE IT! project meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia.. Events.. Nov 20-21, 2008.. EFLN International Seminar on Family Learning and Active Citizenship, Iasi Romania.. Sept-Oct, 2008.. FACE IT! spin-off training opportunities in France, Ireland and Romania.. July 2-4, 2008.. FACE IT! Integrated Training and International Conference, Iasi, Romania.. Feb 01 -  ...   March 18, 25, April 1, 2008.. FACE IT! Training course, Marseille, France.. February 27-29, 2008.. FACE IT! Training course, Ennis, Ireland.. February 23-24,29, 2008.. FACE IT! Training course, Iasi, Romania.. November 14-16, 2007.. FACE IT ! International Trainer Training, Ennis, Ireland.. November 7-9, 2007.. FACE IT ! International Trainer Training, Marseille, France.. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for.. any use which may be made of the information contained therein..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * About us
    Descriptive info: About us.. Our.. partnership.. is made of educational institutions from France, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Romania and UK.. mission.. and motto is Active Citizenship through Family Learning.. Go to the sub-menu in About us to find out more about the.. FACE IT ! project.. , our team and the rationale behind our work..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * Project Overview
    Descriptive info: Project Overview.. FACE IT! is a 2-year European project, funded through the Socrates programme, running from Oct 2006 Sept 2008.. The FACE IT! Project has developed a trainer training programme and accompanying toolkit.. These are for community based tutors and practitioners working in the field of Family Learning (including non-formal/informal learning).. The training programme focuses on increasing skills and knowledge in the areas of Active Citizenship and Participatory  ...   FACE IT! partners who have experience in designing materials to attract hard-to-reach learners and bringing disadvantaged and isolated families into education.. The final training programme and accompanying toolkit are being disseminated to practitioners across Europe through national and international training events and networks.. Tutors and practitioners organising or attending training are further supported by additional materials and activities on the online platform and by the FACE IT! Handbook..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * Project Team
    Descriptive info: Project Team.. Partner Organizations.. EuroEd Foundation, Romania, Iasi.. is a non-profit organization located in Iasi, Romania.. With passion, professionalism and consistency, it gained the reputation of being one of the most active non-governmental educational institutions in north-eastern Romania.. Its mission is to positively contribute to the development of the Romanian civil society and of an active European citizenship in Romania.. Within this framework, the EuroEd team aims to apply the quality standards of the European Union specifically designed for education, civil society, public policies and regional development.. In recognition of its dedication and active involvement, EuroEd has been repeatedly awarded European distinctions of the highest level.. For more information, please visit.. www.. euroed.. ro.. Clare Family Learning Project, Adult Education Centre, Ennis, Clare County, Ireland.. offers educational services for adults outside the formal school sector, targeted initiatives and networking activities to combat social exclusion, experience in supporting Life Long Learning and Family Learning, involving families in the learning process, home-school-community partnership building.. clarefamilylearningproject.. org.. Espace Pedagogie Formation France, Marseille, France.. is a non governmental organisation founded in 1994 to support children in their learning, through innovative pedagogical methods and more particularly learning to learn.. It has since become a specialist in adult literacy, more specifically basic skills, and has been organising parents courses for migrants and/or disadvantaged parents since 2002, scheduled on the school year and taking place in schools.. EPFF has always been known locally as a training institution making inventive educational proposals based on a close observation of missing solutions in the area in terms of public policies.. E.. P.. F.. has been the French partner of a European Grundtvig 2 program on Family learning called: Family learning and school success , which ended in August 2005 and brought together adult teachers and researchers from United Kingdom, Spain; Germany, France and Italy.. EPFF is commissioned to train local actors in the Family Learning approach.. EPFF provides basic skills teacher education in France and also in Morocco, where it assists the Moroccan Ministry of Education in constructing alternative pedagogical means for teachers in charge of children not attending formal schools.. (non-formal education) in November 2007, EPFF will be conducting in French an in-training European course called : DEVELOPPER LA CITOYENNETE ACTIVEA TRAVERS L APPROCHE PARENTALE.. EPFF gathers a team of over 20 professionnals, teachers, counsellors in employment and orientation, and management members.. Campaign for Learning, London, UK.. is a national voluntary organisation with over 20 staff working to create a learning society.. The organisation s areas of expertise include:.. - project management, including trans-nationally through Equal and  ...   interest in projects aimed at reducing social exclusion.. nala.. ie.. Centre for Literacy in Primary Education Family Learning Co-ordinator, London, UK.. is an Educational centre for the development of language competence, literacy and assessment, experience in Family Learning projects, professional teacher training and Family Learning teacher training, delivery of Family Learning programmes in literacy, numeracy, ICT and English.. clpe.. co.. uk.. Agenzia Nazionale per lo Sviluppo dell Autonomia Scolastica (ANSAS), formerly known as IRRE Liguria - The Ligurian Regional Institute of Educational Research, Genoa, Italy.. is an autonomous research institute belonging to the network of the Ministry of Education (Department of Instruction, University and Research).. The institute s areas of expertise are: educational research, international co-operation, innovation, lifelong learning, in-service teacher training, educational publishing.. irre.. liguria.. it.. Teacher Training Center Ia i (Casa Corpului Didactic Ia i), Romania.. is a governmental body for continuous teacher training of all school teachers in Iasi County, part of a national network.. It includes one branch (in Pa cani) and nine centres of information and documentation.. Teacher Training Center Ia i was founded in 1971, having as its main objective in-service training- methodological, speciality and psycho-pedagogical, as well as the information, documentation and training in research and cultural educational activities of the secondary education teaching staff.. Teacher Training Center Ia i functions as a centre of resource, innovation and examination for the continuous development of the didactic staff, as a centre of development and implementation of teaching reform in primary and secondary education, as an initiation centre; it also organizes scientific and cultural activities and includes Spiru Haret Publishing House.. Teacher Training Center Ia i cooperates with many partners in the country and abroad.. DHE Solutions Ltd.. , UK, Lancaster.. has substantial experience in partnership development, evaluation, dissemination and marketing strategies and consultancy.. Works at local level with many community education organisations and at national level with ContinYou, the national resource centre for supplementary education, theBBC and partner broadcasters.. Experience in UK governmental strategies for Active Citizenship, member of European advisory bodies for e-learning, experience in project evaluation techniques, both at UK local, regional and national level and also in Pan European Education projects.. Kindersite Project Ltd.. , UK, Braughing.. is an expert in communication and dissemination.. Kindersite is involved in 6 European projects with similar responsibilities and also provides keynote speakers in this field.. The Kindersite team maintain a global website used for the Introduction of English as a 1st and 2nd language and an Introduction to technology used in 17,100 schools in 150 countries.. It is a free resource.. kindersite..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * WHY
    Descriptive info: why FACE IT!.. FACE IT! project provides an innovative approach to meeting the needs of migrant/socially isolated and disadvantaged families who require support to become informed, active citizens.. The FACE IT! training programme offers the opportunity for professionals working in a range of community settings to become involved with Family Learning and intergenerational learning.. It includes methods and materials for a non-threatening and empowering non-formal/informal learning (Family Learning).. The approach encourages hard-to-reach families into education and Active Citizenship by facilitating knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a citizen with the skills to become an active citizen.. The programme is flexible and can be adapted to meet local need  ...   community or by inclusion in Participatory Democracy processes.. The curricular content will enable tutors to support parents and other adults to take positive action in addressing their skills needs through personal development and active participation.. Tutors, teachers and adult learning facilitators from across EuroEd have joined national or international training programmes to support their own continuing professional development in the fields of Family Learning and Active Citizenship/Participatory Democracy.. By joining a FACE IT! trainer training programme, participants benefit from a range of teaching input, including face-to-face learning, Blended Learning and further support for the development of programmes according to country and local specificity through the FACE IT! handbook and CD rom..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * Training and Resources
    Descriptive info: Training and Resources.. One outcome of project FACE IT! has been a wave of training events set up in a cascade effect: from international training courses (France and Ireland, November 2007) to national training events and then on to practical applications at grass-root level (France, Ireland, Romania, Italy, UK until summer 2008).. The experience gained was then passed on at the FACE IT! Integrated Training and International Conference in Iasi Romania, July 2-4, 2008.. To see photos from the event, click.. here.. ,and to download the event package (agenda, participants  ...   the project countries, and background information and research on Family Learning / Active Citizenship make the contents of the FACE IT! Handbook.. To download the FACE IT! Handbook chapters,.. click here.. Drawing from previous successes and new engagements, more training events are scheduled to take place in Ireland, UK, France, Italy and Romania in the future, some with input from international experts.. For additional networking and training opportunities, see the European Family Learning Network website at.. efln.. eu.. To find out more, please explore the sub-menu of.. Training.. and.. resources..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * Training Courses
    Descriptive info: Training Courses.. The FACE IT! training programme has been designed to enable professionals working in a range of community settings to engage with innovative learning approaches and content meeting the needs of migrant/socially isolated and disadvantaged families who require support to become informed, active citizens.. Who can join a FACE IT! trainer training programme?.. What skills and experience do I need to join the trainings?.. What will the trainer training content include?.. What will be the language of delivery at the trainings?.. How will this course be of benefit to the families I work with?.. How much does a course cost and how can I get European funding to participate?.. How do I know that I am enrolling on a high quality training programme?.. Do I need to complete assignments for this programme?.. Do I get a qualification when I finish my programme?.. How do I find out about training opportunities in my area and then enrol?.. Will I have to purchase materials and resources to join the course?.. What time commitment am I required to undertake as part of the Blended Learning element?.. How can I get the learners I work with to become involved with.. Active Citizenship and.. Participatory Democracy?.. How can I be kept informed about other related opportunities for professional development?.. Provided you have some experience of working with adults and you are interested in developing programmes of Active Citizenship for hard-to-reach families, you are welcome to join a FACE IT! training programme.. Ideally, you should have some experience of working in adult learning, be able to use a computer to access on-line support and be keen to develop new provision to attract hard-to-reach families including migrants and isolated families back into learning.. The content of a FACE IT! training course depends on the specific delivery context and audience, but the basic outline is the following:.. The theoretical background of Family Learning and Active Citizenship will be discussed, Participatory Democracy will be role-played by participants and autobiographical copybooks will be examined under Active Citizenship competencies.. The advantages of the Study Circles methodology will also be demonstrated through simulation activities.. Existing case studies will be showcased at the training.. There will be opportunities for participants to share their own case studies, both online, prior to and after the course, and through displays of work while attending the training events.. All events in Ireland and the UK will use English.. The courses in Marseille will be in French.. The national training in Iasi Romania will be delivered in Romanian, with possibilities for one-to-one simultaneous interpreting to English and French.. The International Conference in Iasi Romania was in English, with simultaneous interpreting from and to Romanian..  ...   been exceptionally evaluated by participants.. Proofs of the quality of the FACE IT! programme are the resources available.. Teaching and learning may be in the form of home-based tasks on an online learning platform, short presentations, workshops with group work, study circles and role play, experiential learning, case studies and self reflection.. Depending on the situation, you may be required to contribute information to the online learning platform prior to the start of the face-to-face course input.. You may also be asked to share the materials you develop as part of the trainer training programme.. In order to qualify for a certificate of attendance (including a description of training content and time input) you may be required to share the results of piloting ideas from the training in your work.. So far, all the active participants in all the FACE IT! training events received certificates signed and stamped by the organizing institutions and, wherever opportune, other educational authorities from the region (e.. g.. Iasi County General School Inspectorate in Romania).. Please make contact with the desired trainer training provider listed below:.. Mary Flanagan from the Clare Family Learning Project in Ennis, Ireland (.. m.. flanagan@crws.. ).. Juliette Collier from Campaign for Learning in London, UK (.. jcollier@cflearning.. ).. Francoise Grudler from Espace Pedagogie Formation France in Marseille, France (.. f.. grudler@wanadoo.. fr.. Gianfranco Garotta from ANSAS in Genoa, Italy (.. garotta@irre.. Anca Colibaba from EuroEd Foundation in Iasi, Romania (.. acolid@euroed.. Typically, all programme materials and resources will be provided by the organizers.. A certain number of hours of Blended Learning have been scheduled as part of the programme, especially where participants come from different geographical areas.. This may include some online study required before joining the face-to-face delivery, with online follow-up support offered afterwards.. How can I get the learners I work with to become involved with Active Citizenship and Participatory Democracy?.. By experiencing a variety of tasks in the training programme, participants are enabled to deliver these tasks to their learners, who will realise that they have the ability to affect change in their communities.. Using peoples' own life experiences helps learners to see how they have already affected change and builds their confidence.. Learning is then shared with family members by the adult learner, who becomes a role-model to demonstrate learning in the home.. Integrating the topic into a longer course helps adult learners to remain interested.. How can I be kept informed about other related opportunities for professional development?.. The European Family Learning Network (.. ) is a structure offering membership, networking and training opportunities to practitioners in Europe.. For further information contact:.. Juliette Collier (.. Campaign for Learning, London, UK.. http://www.. uk/..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * Resources Bank
    Descriptive info: Resources Bank.. If you want to find out more about how to develop a Family Learning approach to Active Citizenship, download the FACE IT! Handbook.. It contains useful introductions to core concepts, methodological guidelines and training kit complete with photocopiable materials, case-studies and recommendations from the FACE IT! experience in Ireland, UK, France, Italy and Romania, as well as additional articles providing more perspective and insight into related themes.. Handbook chapters:.. Cover.. Chapter 1.. Chapter 2.. Chapter 3.. Chapter 4.. Chapter 5.. Chapter 6.. Country-specific  ...   Should you be interested in getting the printed version, please contact Monica Vlad (.. monica.. vlad@euroed.. Last but not least, if you want to find out more about the very successful FACE IT! Integrated Training and International Conference in Iasi Romania (July 2-4, 2008), below you can download a package containing the event agenda, the list of participants with contact details and many of the presentations delivered by speakers or workshop contributors.. You can also see photos from the event.. Conference package:.. download.. rar archive..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * Get Involved
    Descriptive info: Get Involved.. The FACE IT ! partnership is greatly interested in sharing experience and expertise, adapting and transferring the results of the FACE IT ! project in other contexts.. Please use the.. Contact us form.. to let us know about the nature of your interest and get involved in the provision of Active  ...   in any way interested in the provision of Family Learning in general, then you are invited to contact and join the European Family Learning Network (.. ), which currently has members from 11 European countries and holds regular meetings / training seminars.. The Network is co-ordinated by Campaign for Learning, London, UK (..

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  • Title: FACE IT! * Get Involved
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. You can reach us easily by completing this form:.. Name(.. *.. ):.. Institution:.. E-mail address(.. Country(.. choose country.. Albania.. Andorra.. Austria.. Belarus.. Belgium.. Bosnia.. Bulgaria.. Croatia.. Czech Republic.. Denmark.. Estonia.. Finland.. France.. Germany.. Greece.. Hungary.. Iceland.. Ireland.. Italy.. Latvia.. Lichtenstein.. Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. Macedonia.. Malta.. Moldova.. Monaco.. Montenegro.. Netherlands.. Norway.. Poland.. Portugal.. Romania.. Russia.. San Marino.. Serbia.. Slovakia.. Slovenia.. Spain.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Ukraine.. United Kingdom.. Vatican.. other country.. Your question, comment, suggestion or proposition (.. How did you hear about us:.. (.. ) required field..

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