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  • Title: Fabretto - Home
    Descriptive info: .. English.. /.. Español.. Thank you for suscribing!.. Follow @Fabretto.. Close.. Donate.. Sponsor.. Shop.. What We Do.. Mission Vision.. Programs.. Achievements.. Education Centers.. Success Stories.. Get Involved.. Take Action.. Your Impact.. Volunteer.. Visit Us.. Events.. Share Your Story.. About Us.. Nicaragua.. History.. Key Staff.. Board of Directors.. Our Partners.. Contact Us.. Blog.. Meet our.. preschool.. students.. WATCH.. Motivate others to support children in Nicaragua!.. SHARE YOUR STORY.. Creating school gardens for healthy communities.. LEARN MORE.. Why Nicaragua?.. Learn More.. #FILLACLASS.. WATCH VIDEO.. SHARE.. GARDENS.. Our Mission.. Fabretto's mission is to empower underserved children and their families in Nicaragua to reach their full potential, improve their livelihoods, and take  ...   and has become the star of her class.. Read More.. What can I do?.. Take action to support Fabretto's work in Nicaragua! You can make an enormous difference in the lives of children in the communities we serve.. Find Out.. Newsletter Sign-up.. Stay informed about our events, impact, success stories and more by filling in this form:.. Volunteers.. Sponsorship.. Infographics.. Video Stories.. Help us #fillaclass in Fabretto-supported preschools!.. SOCIAL MEDIA.. Facebook.. Twitter.. LinkedIn.. Pinterest.. SITEMAP.. What We Do?.. News Blog.. Mi Fabretto.. DONORS.. Donors.. Donor Bill of Rights.. Financials.. Privacy Policy.. Annual Report.. SITE MAP.. BLOG.. CONTACT US.. ENGLISH.. |.. ESPAÑOL.. 2014 all rights reserved.. BACK TO TOP..

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  • Title: Fabretto - Summer of HOPE
    Descriptive info: Help.. #fillaclass.. at Fabretto preschools.. during the.. Summer of Hope!.. “Efforts to improve early child development are an investment, not a cost.. ” –UNICEF.. To reach their full potential, children need education to support cognitive, physical, and social development.. We believe in early education because.. it works.. UNICEF research shows that Early Education leads to:.. -Increased  ...   an adult.. -A solid investment - returns average.. 4 to 5 times.. the amount invested in early education.. Get involved with.. #fillaclass!.. Share the Hope.. Tweet this.. Share to Facebook.. Be Their Voice.. Campaign for the Kids.. Support Families.. Buy Artisan Products.. Education.. Centers.. Success.. Stories.. Share.. Your Story.. Overview.. News.. NEWS.. 2013 all rights reserved..

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  • Title: Fabretto - ¡Quiero llevarte al cole!
    Descriptive info: Colabora.. Tienda.. ¿Qué hacemos?.. Misión.. Programas.. Logros.. Centros Educativos.. Testimonios.. Involúcrate.. Actúa.. Tu Impacto.. Voluntariado.. Visítanos.. Eventos.. Comparte tu historia.. Nosotros.. Historia.. Equipo.. Directiva.. Socios.. Contacto.. Blog de Noticias.. ¡Lleva.. un niño al cole.. por menos de 1€ al día!.. "Los esfuerzos para mejorar el desarrollo infantil temprano son una inversión, no un gasto.. "-UNICEF.. Un estudio de UNICEF.. muestra que los niños menores de 5  ...   sociales que les permitan un mejor rendimiento escolar en el futuro.. Yo quiero.. #llevartealcole.. Involúcrate y actúa.. HAZ TU CAMPAÑA.. Si eres Socio.. TRAE UN AMIGO.. Comparte y corre la voz.. TWITTEA.. COMPARTE EN FACEBOOK.. REDES SOCIALES.. MAPA DEL SITIO.. Centros.. Educativos.. Comparte.. tu historia.. DONANTES.. Donantes.. Derechos del Donante.. Finanzas.. Política de Privacidad.. Reporte Anual.. BLOG DE NOTICIAS.. CONTACTO.. INGLÉS.. 2013 todos los derechos reservados..

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  • Title: Fabretto - Home
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  • Title: Fabretto - Mission & Vision
    Descriptive info: our mission.. Fabretto's mission is to empower children and their families in Nicaragua to reach their full potential and improve their livelihoods through education and nutrition.. This mission is achieved through five strategic program areas:.. Early and Primary Education Enrichment.. MORE INFO.. Rural Secondary Education.. Vocational and Life Skills Education.. Food Security and Nutrition.. Community Well-being and Development.. San José de Cusmapa.. Most children at our Centers walk miles to get to school each day.. our vision..  ...   children and adolescents have meaningful opportunities to grow and learn, in communities that offer access to quality education, so that they may reach their full potential.. For over 60 years, Fabretto has been building relationships within the Nicaraguan urban and rural communities served in order to provide hope and a better future to the children and youth in need.. Today, the organization serves over.. 12,000.. children and youth through seven.. Fabretto-owned centers,.. and more than 100 public schools..

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  • Title: Fabretto - Our Programs
    Descriptive info: our programs.. Fabretto offers educational, health, nutrition, and community development programs that benefit more than 12,000 children.. While our primary focus is children, our community-based approach ensures that parents, teachers, and community leaders also receive the knowledge they need to create an environment.. where children can thrive.. Fabretto delivers its programs to children and community members in seven community.. and more than one hundred primary schools throughout Nicaragua.. Fabretto offers programs in five strategic areas to support our mission to empower underserved children and their families in Nicaragua to reach their full potential, improve their livelihoods, and take advantage of economic opportunity through education and nutrition.. Learn more about a specific program by clicking below:.. Early and Primary Education.. Rural Secondary Education (SAT).. Fabretto believes early and primary education is the foundation for future learning.. Through this program, children participate in activities such as tutoring in language, mathematics, science, computer education, and English classes; sports; music and art; and reading clubs.. Fabretto’s teachers are trained to support the learning process with new and effective methodologies, and help direct parents to actively participate in their children’s education.. In 2014, Fabretto introduced a new module of formal education in which students receive regular, Ministry of Education-accredited preschool and primary classes at Fabretto education centers.. Support learning through enrichment in literacy, mathematics, English, sports, culture, and the arts.. Nourish healthy children and communities through the school lunch program and community gardens.. Ensure quality instruction through teacher training.. Strengthen early education by training preschool teachers in Montessori philosophy.. Train parents to support their children in early development, communication, nutrition, health, and hygiene.. Enrich the learning process with teaching resources, books, small libraries, and additional educational materials.. Introduce new technology through computer labs and technology classes.. Offer high quality formal preschool and primary education, with Fabretto-trained teachers, outreach, and learning resources.. Read our.. Early and Primary Education Enrichment Brochure.. Impact this program.. Fabretto recognizes access to secondary education as a basic human right.. In 2007, Fabretto implemented an innovative  ...   execute small business activities in order to apply the skills that they learn in the classroom.. Provide 500 students with technical and marketable skills.. Broaden horizons with computer classes to build technology skills.. Improve student capacities in language, communication, and mathematics for practical use.. Inspire entrepreneurship in students and facilitate the creation of business initiatives.. Grow fresh fruits and vegetables for Fabretto’s school lunch programs.. Vocational and Life Skills Education Brochure.. Fabretto provides substantive meals to children, contributing to their growth and development.. In response to high malnutrition levels, Fabretto implements a school lunch program that provides our students with a nourishing meal every weekday.. Produce from Fabretto-sponsored school gardens fortify the daily meals.. The program also includes an educational component, training parents and students in nutrition and sustainable agriculture.. Prevent and treat malnutrition through daily school lunches, which represent 60% of a child’s recommended daily nutrition.. Encourage healthy eating habits and the development of home and school gardens.. Protect the planet and maximize production by teaching sustainable agriculture techniques to students and community members.. Invest in local businesses by buying from small farmers and producing for local markets.. Food Security and Nutrition Brochure.. Fabretto creates safe and healthy communities so that children and families can prosper.. Parents, teachers, and students learn about important ways to prevent illnesses and improve health and hygienic conditions in their homes and communities.. Fabretto also supports local projects that improve water systems and school infrastructure.. Spread knowledge of public health through parent and community workshops on preventative health, oral hygiene, water treatment, waste management, and environmental issues.. Unite groups of students and community members for to promote wellness through activities such as health awareness campaigns, community clean ups, and more.. Mobilize communities to improve quality of life by executing projects such as expanding classrooms, fixing water systems, or repairing school facilities.. Treat common illnesses, such as parasites, with the support of local doctors.. Bring care to students with special health needs and medical challenges.. Community Well-being and Development Brochure..

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  • Title: Fabretto - Achievements
    Descriptive info: achievements.. Nutritional Accomplishments.. With your help, in 2012, Fabretto heightened its efforts to combat malnutrition.. As a direct result of 2.. 1 million meals served in the school lunch program, 92% of Fabretto students increased their height and weight.. READ MORE.. By David Dulin.. Nutrition, Children, Students, 2012.. In Nicaragua, roughly 29% of children under 10 suffer from some form of malnutrition or diet deficiency.. Malnutrition obstructs proper development patterns on a physical, psychological, and cognitive level.. Research indicates that children with nutritional deficiencies often experience quality of life repercussions in school and throughout their lifetime.. As a direct result of the 2,100,000 meals served in the school lunch program, 92% of Fabretto students increased their height and weight.. In addition, school gardens served as a “hands on” teaching tool to promote healthy consumption, entrepreneurial initiative, and agricultural sustainability.. At Fabretto, we are committed to providing the nourishment and knowledge needed to ensure the proper development of a child.. We know  ...   Nothing influences student development more than a teacher.. That’s why in 2012, Fabretto trained over 1,800 teachers, giving them the skills they need to inspire change in the classroom.. Teacher Training, Leadership.. Your contributions helped train over 1,800 teachers in 2012, giving them the skills they need to inspire change in the classroom and be leaders in the community.. Every year, we see the teachers we empower use the confidence and perspective they acquire from this training to transform children’s lives.. Parent Training.. When you invest in a parent, you are investing in a child.. Fabretto provides public workshops to parents in the communities we serve to teach family values, preventative healthcare.. Parent Training, Family Leaders.. Fabretto provides public workshops to parents in the communities we serve to teach family values, preventative healthcare, and nutrition practices.. The goal? To develop responsible family leaders who contribute to a healthy, educated generation of children – a generation that can inspire change in Nicaragua..

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  • Title: Fabretto - Education Centers
    Descriptive info: education centers.. Quebrada Honda, Las Sabanas.. At the SAT Rural Secondary Education Center.. The majority of Nicaragua’s Fabretto centers were originally opened as Father Fabretto’s “oratorios”, or prayer halls, in Cusmapa, San Isidro, Somoto and Estelí.. Currently, we operate from seven educational centers that deliver our programs in rural, peri-urban, and urban areas.. We also run programs for students and teachers at more than 100 public schools nationwide.. Acahualinca.. (San Francisco).. An urban center serving roughly 1,800 students, offering the following facilities and programs:.. Read more.. School gardens at local primary schools.. Computer lab.. Library.. School lunches.. Food nutrition and security program.. Primary enrichment programs at three local schools.. Vocational and Life Skills education program (includes scholarships for technical and universities, computers operator certified by INATEC, training in service internships in private enterprises).. Preventative health education program.. Base for parent/teacher training.. Base for NicaHOPE jewelery co-operative.. Improvement of schools infrastructure, furniture and equipment.. CUSMAPA.. An urban-rural center with programs  ...   serving approximately 2,200 (urban and peri urban) students, offering the following facilities and programs:.. Primary enrichment program.. Base for parent/teacher training.. OCOTAL.. A peri-urban center serving over 1,500 students, offering the following facilities and programs:.. School gardens.. LAS SABANAS.. (QUEBRADA HONDA).. A rural center serving over 1000 students, offering the following facilities and programs:.. Vocational and Life Skills education program.. Base for the student co-opreative.. Administrative center for SAT program, brought to 75 students in outlying rural communities.. SAN ISIDRO DE BOLAS.. A peri-urban center center serving approximately 750 students, offering the following facilities and programs:.. Enrichment programs at three local primary schools.. School gardens at primary schools.. Base for the student co-operative.. Base for SAT program, serving 172 students including facilities for field educational-production practices and micro-enterprise initiatives.. SOMOTO.. A peri-urban center serving approximately 1,500 students, offering the following facilities and programs:.. Secondary vocational training.. Administrative center for SAT program, brought to 187 students in outlying rural communities..

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  • Title: Fabretto - Success Stories
    Descriptive info: success stories.. Margarita, Preschool Teacher in Rural Nicaragua.. In this video by Fabretto volunteer and filmmaker Douglas Cushnie, Margarita, a preschool teacher, shares her experience i.. By Anina Hewey.. Students, Teaching, Cusmapa, Teacher Training, douglas cushnie, Preschool, Montessori, Early Education, Teachers.. In this video by Fabretto volunteer and filmmaker.. Douglas Cushnie.. , Margarita, a preschool teacher, shares her experience in the classroom.. Margarita has received training from Fabretto and currently teaches in a small rural community outside of Cusmapa, Nicaragua.. We believe that teacher training leads to sustainable improvements to education, particularly in rural Nicaragua, where many teachers have received no preparation at all.. We've already seen positive results from the Fabretto approach to primary teacher training, which has been adopted by the Ministry of Education in its nationwide program.. Based on this experience, we've designed a program that trains preschool teachers in the Montessori philosophy of education, using hands-on activities and play to teach the littlest students.. Help us support preschool students and teachers in Nicaragua by donating to our #fillaclass summer campaign:.. Donate Now.. Learn more:.. Why we promote Montessori education.. Meet a Fabretto preschool student.. Summer Campaign Landing Page.. University Students & Nica HOPE Artisans.. In the Acahualinca neighborhood, Fabretto's programs truly open a world of opportunity for youth.. Acahualinca, adjacent to th.. Students, Nica HOPE, Success Story, Cooperatives, La Chureca, Acahualinca, San Francisco Center, University, Artisans.. Acahualinca, adjacent to the Managua city dump known as "La Chureca," is one of the most impoverished, vulnerable communities in all of Nicaragua.. At Fabretto's Education Center, children and youth find support through.. with after school classes, vocational education, nutrition programs, and the.. Nica HOPE Project.. With Fabretto's education programs combined with economic opportunity through the Nica HOPE Jewelry Cooperative, youth in Acahualinca are changing their lives.. Two young cooperative members,.. Juan and Orquidea.. , shared their stories with us after our photoshoot of the cooperative's newest line of jewelry for the.. Fabretto Summer Catalog.. Both actively participated in Fabretto's education programs and recently graduated from high school--in Acahualinca, where children often drop out before finishing the 6th grade, earning a high school diploma is an incredible achievement.. With.. financial stability through the cooperative, Juan and Orquidea have been able to pursue a university degree.. JUAN.. Despite growing up in difficult conditions in Acahualinca, Juan never gave up on his education and was a regular at Fabretto's center throughout his youth.. Fabretto's education programs helped him learn computer skills and jewelry making in addition to reinforcing his knowledge of the public school curriculum.. Today, he is proud to study Business Administration at a local university.. As a member of the Nica HOPE Cooperative, Juan has the flexibility to work part time around his class schedule and earn a steady income that helps him cover university expenses--books, enrollment fees, and more.. ORQUIDEA.. Normally quiet, Orquidea opened up at the photoshoot to tell us about her experience.. Today, she is in her first year of university majoring in Journalism.. Here's her experience with Fabretto and Nica HOPE, in her own words:.. “Two years ago, I was enrolled in computer classes through Fabretto’s vocational education program at the San Francisco Center.. I began participating in the jewelry workshops, and I didn’t hesitate for a second to become a member of the Nica HOPE cooperative, which was forming at that time.. Today, I’m a legal member and speaker in the cooperative.. I’m also in my first year of the university majoring in Journalism, and thanks to the income I earn with our business, I can cover my university expenses.. I’m still pretty young, but I think up to this point, I can say that I’ve learned to fight to achieve my goals, and I’ve been successful.. ”.. We're so inspired by Juan and Orquidea's determination to reach a better future.. You can support these young artisans by purchasing their products through the.. Fabretto Shop.. Browse the Summer of HOPE Catalog below!.. To make a difference in the lives of more children and youth, consider donating to the.. This summer, your donations will be matched by an anonymous donor!.. Frendel’s Story: Learning & Excelling with Quality Preschool Education.. When we met Frendel, a Fabretto presch.. Education, Success Story, Preschool, Las Sabanas, School Meals, Early Education, Rural Community.. When we met Frendel, a Fabretto preschool student, she was busy working on a drawing of a flower and proudly pointed to where she had written her name.. She told us her favorite parts of preschool: reading stories (especially “Little Red Riding Hood”), singing songs, and playing on the classroom’s mats with her friends.. Frendel’s experience may sound typical of any preschooler, but.. her world is far from typical.. Each day, Frendel and her classmates (ages two to six) walk down a narrow dirt path to reach her.. Fabretto-sponsored community preschool.. The one-room building is tucked in the mountains of Las Sabanas, one of the poorest regions of Nicaragua.. Children living in rural Nicaragua often have no access to preschool education, and if they do, their teachers deliver lessons in the traditional method—writing on a blackboard with the children copying words into notebooks.. In contrast, teachers at Fabretto preschools are trained in.. Montessori methodology, which supports Frendel and over 1,800 other preschoolers in rural communities.. They facilitate hands-on, age-appropriate activities that stimulate early child development and teach language, literacy, numeracy, and life skills.. The Montessori philosophy of education encourages children to.. work at their own pace and explore independently.. Recognizing the potential of Frendel and her classmate, Francelly, their teacher began to give them extra challenges.. Under her guidance, the girls have learned to add, count, recognize letters, sound out words, and even count to ten in English.. Frendel’s mother commented that her daughter has always enjoyed preschool and enthusiastically practices her new skills with her father at home.. Frendel and Francelly.. Frendel has also benefitted from Fabretto’s nutrition programs in Las Sabanas, where chronic malnourishment affects over half of children.. Each day, volunteer parents prepare meals at Fabretto’s center and carry them down the dirt path to the preschool.. The.. nutritious, fortified daily meals.. have helped Frendel achieve a normal height and weight for her age.. As we left, the teacher roused the entire class to sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” with Frendel as a leader.. She’s looking forward to joining the “big kids” in Fabretto’s primary enrichment classes.. With quality education, we’re confident that Frendel will excel in first grade and beyond.. Help more children like Frendel access quality education.. Join Fabretto and #fillaclass!.. Make a donation.. , or learn more at.. www.. fabretto.. org/summer.. Maria's Story: Economic Opportunity with the Nica HOPE Cooperative.. Maria shows.. Nica HOPE, Jewelry, Success Story, Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship, Acahualinca, San Francisco Center, Managua, Women.. Maria shows off one of her favorite items, a beaded bracelet, at the Nica HOPE Cooperative.. As one of the first community members to attend jewelry making classes, Maria remembers when the Nica HOPE project was established in 2008 to respond to the needs of Acahualinca and the trash dump community, La Chureca.. Over the past six years, Maria and her family have continued attending programs at Fabretto’s education center and today, Maria is one of the most experienced members of the Nica HOPE cooperative, where she earns a steady income working part time.. For Maria, being part of the Fabretto community has given her children opportunities that she never had.. At a young age, she was forced to drop out of primary school to work in the dump with her family.. At fourteen, she had her first child, and tragically, she lost her own mother five years later.. Although she’s faced incredible challenges in her lifetime, Maria takes pride in her accomplishments, and especially in her children’s success.. Her oldest daughter, age twenty, is in her fourth year studying accounting at a local university.. All five of her children have benefitted from Fabretto’s enrichment classes, school meals, and vocational classes.. Maria has also pursued additional economic opportunities; the skills she’s acquired at Nica HOPE have enabled her to join a second jewelry project focused on recycled designs.. “I guess you could say I’m a professional now,” she said with a smile.. “I came to the Nica HOPE project to learn,” she said.. “Fabretto’s classes have helped my children succeed too.. All of us have overcome so much,  ...   cajetas (a type of candy).. Currently, another group of his students is testing a new product, the corn-based drink pinol, which would also use the mill.. Danys teaches his students that they can take action to develop their communities today with the resources that they have.. And what about him? "What motivates me is contributing to the transformation of the community," he said.. Thanks to Danys's vision and guidance, the students are doing just that.. "If you don't try, you'll never succeed": Maura's Story.. Coming straight from her classroom, Maura strode into the meeting room with confidence, a pencil tucked into her hair.. “¿Comenzamos?” she said immediately.. “Sho.. Education, Vocational Training.. “Should we start?”.. From that moment, she guided us through the story of her life, her strong, enthusiastic voice revealing her natural talent for teaching.. With no reservations, she told us of struggles and heartache, but all that was overshadowed by her unflappable determination to move forward and provide a better future for her children.. Maura knew from a young age where she wanted to go, and, with support from Fabretto, she is on her way there.. As a parent, student, apprentice, and teacher, Maura has taken full advantage of the opportunities provided by Fabretto and has become a leader in her community.. Her positive attitude and commitment to achieving her dreams is a true testimony to the spirit of Fabretto.. Maura’s life has not been easy, but she never stopped believing in a better future.. Tears came to her eyes as she spoke of her difficult childhood in rural Nicaragua and moving alone to Managua to support her family as a young adult.. But she finished her story with a smile, saying, “I am not ashamed of being poor, of going to school without shoes.. Because of that, I always remind my children of how lucky they are, as I didn’t have these opportunities… Even though I lived through all that, my children won’t have to.. Three years ago, Maura began attending Fabretto’s parent training sessions and enrolled her children in Fabretto’s programs.. Later, she joined the vocational training program “to learn to make jewelry to make progress on her own.. ” In time, Maura began to earn money from the sales of her jewelry, and she currently serves as treasurer of the Nica HOPE jewelry cooperative.. But Maura didn’t stop there.. “Since I was 6 years old, I had always dreamed of being a teacher,” she recalled.. Over the years, she worked as a nanny, factory worker, and even a salesperson on the streets, but she never gave up on her dream.. “Teaching is a calling,” Maura stated with conviction.. “Fabretto was my path to enter.. Now, Maura is entering her final year of her degree program to become a teacher.. She recently completed a 3-month internship at Fabretto’s Acahualinca Center, and when Fabretto’s director noticed her potential, she offered her a temporary substitute teaching position.. “I had faith that I would find a job after my internship ended,” Maura explained.. “I just wanted to learn… As a teacher, I am constantly learning.. Maura became animated as she described her experience as a teacher at Fabretto’s Center.. “The children are so sweet,” she said.. “In just one week, there was tremendous love between us.. The children’s love has also helped me grow.. As we listened to Maura, we were not only impressed by her life experience, but also motivated for her future and the future of other Fabretto beneficiaries.. Maura has so much ahead of her—just in the next year, she will finish her teaching degree, work with the jewelry cooperative, continue substitute teaching, and maybe even squeeze in a computer class at Fabretto’s Center.. “I want to show my children who their mother can be,” she said, her eyes bright with emotion.. “My self-esteem has lifted thanks to Fabretto’s training.. With Fabretto, I have been growing, and my children too… and they are proud of me.. “I am a bridge to something better.. Although she looked nervous, Alejandra launched with surprising confidence into her story.. She is a mother of eight and a beneficiary of Fabretto’s parent workshops.. Children, Community, Parents.. Now, as an advocate at Fabretto’s urban center in Barrio La Chureca, she engages mothers in the community and encourages them to send their children to school.. We asked Alejandra about partnering with Fabretto in 2007.. She told us, “we began working with mothers,” she told us and “guaranteed that if mothers brought their children to school we would provide a hot meal, school supplies, shoes, and other necessities.. ” Gaining support was no easy task.. When the project began, “the mothers didn’t see the value of school, or didn’t have the resources to send a child to school.. ” Alejandra persisted with negotiations: “Because I’m from the community myself, the parents would talk to me.. They would listen, since I was one of them.. ” Regarding the promotion of educational opportunities, she added, “You don’t have to convince the child.. you have to convince the parent.. Alejandra is an advocate for Fabretto’s programs because she feels they have helped fill gaps within her own education.. “These workshops have shown me how to.. do more for myself and the community.. ” Beaming, she told us that there are now 16 children (from La Chureca’s community) in university.. “You have to remember, this is in a place where children normally don’t study beyond the third grade.. ” She attributed the change in perspective to Fabretto’s training: “Now we have the tools that Fabretto showed us—we know that education is important, and that there are alternatives available to us.. “I have changed.. I am now a leader.. I am a bridge to something different and better.. Fabretto is honored to empower community leaders like Alejandra.. Expressing both pride and humility, she summed up the result of her growth with Fabretto: “As a human being, as a woman, as a community member, I have changed.. It is my desire to go out to more communities, to get more children into school – for the good of the child, the community, and of Nicaragua.. Opportunity and Hope.. Emotion told the story.. In our interview with Flor, her tears and smiles spoke of the struggles she endured and the success she achieved.. Her words simply filled in th.. Children, Education, Teaching.. Her words simply filled in the gaps to this uplifting story of how educational opportunity can inspire change.. Flor is a mother of nine, who described the early years of her life as “a bit hard.. ” “My mother died when I was young,” she said.. “One of my brothers died in the war and another in a car accident.. I was alone.. ” To get by and feed her family, Flor worked as a domestic servant for several years.. During that time, Flor never lost hope that something more was possible.. Eventually, she applied to the Oasis of Hope School to work as a domestic; the director, recognizing her potential, offered her a job as a teacher.. Flor found her calling working with the children of the Oasis of Hope School, a true haven amidst a rough neighborhood where crime, drugs, violence and poverty are commonplace.. Flor’s affection for these children was evident: “I think of them as my children.. I love them all.. I wish so much that these children didn’t live in this place.. Last year the Oasis of Hope chose Flor, from 32 candidates, to attend a diploma course at Managua’s UNAN University.. This USDA sponsored program, implemented by Fabretto, helps teachers like Flor to earn a post-secondary certification.. Flor’s diploma, which she was noticeably proud of, “makes a big difference,” she said.. “I cried at the chance to go to University.. I had not studied in years.. I feel changed, intellectually.. Teacher Development Success.. Working with students is now Flor’s primary concern.. “I would love to see that a student that passed through my hands is a well formed person in society,” she told us.. Flor recognizes that she serves not only as a teacher, but also as a role model for the children in her classroom.. “Sometimes I ask my students, what do you want to be?” she said.. “I want to know that they aspire to something in their lives.. I talk to them..

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  • Title: Fabretto - Take Action
    Descriptive info: take.. action.. Take Action Around The Globe.. Inspire your community to give back! By taking action in your community—your school, church, hometown, or circle of friends—you can help children in Nicaragua get the education and nutrition they need.. Help us #fillaclass! Join our.. Summer 2014 Campaign.. to bring hope to the littlest Fabretto students - our preschoolers.. Learn how you can help in our.. Summer Outreach Brochure.. Share Fabretto.. by following news about Fabretto’s work and the children we serve on social media and share our posts to raise awareness.. Connect with us on.. ,.. @Fabretto,.. , and.. Start a Friends of Fabretto Club.. in your community to organize fundraising activities with your local school, faith, or community groups.. In the past, groups have fundraised to sponsor a child, hosted bake sales, and planned service trips.. For additional materials, ideas, and information, please.. contact us!.. Join the Fabretto Events committee.. in your area and host one of our annual fundraising events.. For more information, please contact Christine Strasser at.. cstrasser@fabretto.. org.. Sell Artisan Products.. Support artisans in Nicaragua by selling products from Fabretto cooperatives, such as baskets, jewelry, and coffee.. This is a great activity for church and school groups as well.. Visit the online.. Fabretto shop.. to see all of the products.. Become a Corporate Partner.. Fabretto works with companies to develop a mutually beneficial program, which can include employee volunteerism, product partnership, event sponsorship, employee matching contributions, and more.. For more information, please read our.. Corporate Partners Brochure.. or.. contact us.. Donate Your Birthday.. Instead of asking for gifts this year, ask your friends and family to donate to Fabretto in your honor.. You can choose to dedicate your gift to a certain program or child sponsorship.. To set up a fundraising page directly through the Fabretto Donorshops website, please.. Sponsor a Child.. Share the joy of a better future! For just one dollar a day, you can provide hope and opportunity to a child in Nicaragua and follow their development through letters.. This is a great way to stay connected to Fabretto’s work in Nicaragua and build a cross-cultural relationship.. Click.. for more information about becoming a child sponsor.. to tell us about your experience with Fabretto.. You can also share with a wider audience by publishing an article in your local media, blog or school newspaper.. We welcome your creativity! If you have a great idea of a new way to advocate for Fabretto,.. please let us know.. Get Inspired by Fabretto Success Stories! Read more on the.. Fabretto Blog.. When 3 Months turns into 5 Years: My Nica HOPE Story.. Mallory was Fabretto’s Microenterprise Coordinator from 2009 to early 2014.. She recently moved back to the United States after five years at Fabretto’s center in Acahualinca.. In September of 2009, I traveled to Nicaragua for what was supposed to be a three month visit.. I began as a volunteer in Fabretto’s Nica HOPE jewelry workshop, located near the trash dump, La Chureca, in Managua.. At that time, about 90 young people attended jewelry-making classes at the center, earning an average of $8 a month.. Production was high, but the quality  ...   profits, working just 6-8 hours per week.. As I reflect on the five years I spent in Nicaragua, I am incredibly proud of my role in the jewelry program’s growth and thankful for all of the opportunities that Fabretto has given to me.. I often feel like.. I have received far more than I have given.. I thank all of you who have visited the jewelry workshop, purchased the goods, hosted fundraisers, and spread the word about what we are doing here.. Every single purchase makes a direct difference in the life of the artisan who made it, something I have had the privilege of seeing every day.. This summer, donations to the Nica HOPE Project will be matched up to $15,000!.. Donate here.. and double your impact.. Make sure to check out the Nica HOPE Cooperative's.. Summer Catalog.. and.. as well.. 5 de Junio Coffee Cooperative: Gisella's Story.. Gisella explaining coffee processing at her home in Las Sabanas, Nicaragua.. Looking back, Gisella Hoyes can clearly remember her stance before the 5 de Junio Cooperative was established in Las Sabanas, a small rural village in Nicaragua.. She recalls, “I said [to the other members], we should join together to collaborate and grow.. Before, we were working alone… I said the cooperative will help us advance, it will help us support each other.. ” She chose to take the opportunity and, along with other local coffee farmers,.. became a founding member of the 5 de Junio Cooperative.. Her decision has paid off, and today,.. the cooperative represents over 300 small producers.. from Las Sabanas and the surrounding region.. With the cooperative, Gisella’s life as a farmer growing on 3.. 5 acres of land has changed.. Before, to sell her coffee, she had to make an arduous two hour trip to reach the closest large market.. Her coffee was often ruined during the journey and bargaining forced prices down, leaving her with only tiny profits.. Coffee at the cooperative, ready for processing.. The cooperative has enabled Gisella to.. receive fair pay.. for her labor by accessing more lucrative markets, including exports, through the added value of fair trade certification.. She has received training in organic cultivation to produce high quality coffee while reducing environmental impact and preserving the land.. In addition, she has taken advantage of available credit to purchase new tools, and technical consultants have helped her and the other farmers address issues with pests that may otherwise have shut down production.. Support from the cooperative and local programs from Fabretto have.. transformed the lives of Gisella’s entire family.. Her children and siblings are also members, and her three grandchildren receive support from Fabretto education programs.. “We [the farmers] are organized now,” she says proudly.. “The cooperative is a respected, prestigious organization because we work with honor and responsibility.. ” With the cooperative on her side, Gisella has been empowered to support her family as they continue to move toward a better future.. You can support Gisella and the farmers of the 5 de Junio Cooperative by purchasing.. "School Grounds" coffee.. from our online store.. Gisella's son and grandson show off one of the family pets..

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    Descriptive info: your.. impact.. $30.. With $30 a month.. ($1 a day) Sponsor a Child.. Transform a child’s life through quality education & nutrition.. SPONSOR.. $100.. Plant a school garden.. Build sustainable food sources and community spirit.. DONATE.. $350.. Provide learning resources.. Fill a rural classroom with books & resources for 1 year.. $1,000.. Train Teachers.. Multiply the impact by giving teachers access to higher education degrees.. $4,500.. Feed a class for 1 year.. Nourish 25 growing children with daily meals for 1 year.. $10,000.. Support a Classroom.. Impact 25 lives and share in the joy of a better future..

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