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  • Title: FACE Nepal - Volunteer in Nepal,Volunteer Overseas in Nepal, Work with Children and Adults, volunteer work for teaching English, Assist Orphans, Health,Opportinities for Environmental Work and Live with a Local Family.
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About us.. Programs.. Training.. Registration.. Nepal.. FAQ.. International links.. Contact us.. Sponsorship.. Welcome to.. FACE Nepal.. Uplifting communities through collaboration, education and friendship.. Follow @facenepal.. Do you want a overseas volunteer experience that is meaningful and a provides a sense of contribution to a worthy goal?.. Do you want to experience Nepal first hand - living as a volunteer in a local community, forming long-term friendships and experiencing Nepal, its people and its culture authentically?.. FACE Nepal is a unique volunteer organization which is dedicated to providing clear benefit to the community through having direct responsibility to the community and a transparent and ethical organizational structure.. Volunteer with FACE Nepal.. If you are interested in supporting a worthy cause and want to be involved in making a positive, meaningful change, then.. FACE NEPAL wants you as a volunteer!.. If you are unable to volunteer with us, you can still make a huge difference to Nepali children by.. Sponsoring a child through school.. This can be the difference between attending and not attending school.. News.. Events.. 29th June  ...   is available.. here.. highlighting all our activity during 2013, incuding the fantastic volunteers we have had in the last year, and some of the projects undertaken thanks to generous sponsors and donors.. 27 October 2013.. Welcome to Robyn, Kate and Rebecca!! So delighted to have them alongside Ruth, Hannah and Omar helping local communities in Nepal.. October 2013.. In the past few months we have welcomed volunteers from the UK, Mexico, Austria, and the USA.. We still need volunteers to teach in our community centres so please contact us!.. April 2013.. We have said goodbye to Ben who taught at Jutpani Community School and was sent off in style by his friends and colleagues at the school! He now heads to the Everest region for trekking.. The new school year has begun! Thanks to our sponsors, we are now supporting 19 children through government school who otherwise would not be attending school at all.. Other recent events and projects.. Subscribe to the FACE Nepal eNewsletter!.. Enter your Email below:.. Donate to FACE Nepal.. About Nepal.. Contact Us.. Volunteers Corner..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal: About Us - Information for volunteers on our team and how to get in contact with us
    Descriptive info: FACE Nepal.. About Us.. GOV.. REG.. NO.. 37-2060-61 | PAN.. 301868185 | Australian BUS.. 37 508 321 561.. FACE Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established by local community representatives and supported by former Nepal community volunteers.. FACE Nepal was established in the wake of increasing social, educational, and environmental problems in the rural and urban areas, combined with a growing community frustration with inadequate resource distribution, project coordination and planning from existing aid and volunteer organizations.. With these concerns in mind, FACE Nepal has established itself as the only independent, Nepali run, volunteer aid organization with a transparent operating and cost structure, an international auditing board and a locally collaborative and inclusive strategic planning framework.. Meet the Team.. Jessica Sophia, Australia:.. "Our time here in Nepal with FACE Nepal has been fantastic and we may leave Nepal, but we will always have a part of it with us.. ".. Read More.. THE ORGANISATION STRUCTURE.. Face Nepal is run locally by a committee of Nepali citizens including a Managing Director and the volunteer Advisory Board.. An International Board of Directors also volunteer their strategy skills and expertise while providing governance and scrutiny.. BOARD OF DIRECTORS.. The International Board of Directors (BOD) provides an additional source of knowledge and scrutiny to the activities of FACE Nepal.. The Board of Directors also makes itself available to receive direct feedback from local Nepali communities and FACE Nepal volunteers via either a web page or email.. It works in close collaboration with the locally based FACE Nepal, and many members are former volunteers with FACE Nepal or other volunteer organisations.. The BOD is responsible for final approval of strategic plans, community diagnostics and project funding.. The BOD also holds authority over the appointments for Managing Director (MD) and Advisory Board members.. It holds a bi-annual internet conference and receives annual accounts and auditing documents.. It receives reports throughout the year of volunteer meetings and Advisory Board meetings.. At least twice a year it receives updates on ongoing and potential projects, current volunteer activities, and the welfare of sponsored children.. ADVISORY BOARD.. Face Nepal is run locally by a volunteer committee comprised of Nepali citizens.. The Advisory Board (AB) consists of 6 men and women of various castes which ensures that a  ...   is made aware of issues or areas of concern and can offer support through design of a volunteer project or fundraising.. The community representatives support FACE Nepal in turn by providing reports on the progress or success of projects, taking an active interest in sponsored children and supporting volunteers working within their community.. OTHER SUPPORT POSITIONS.. FACE Nepal has made the following formal appointments:.. Lawyer - A reputable local lawyer with connections to community development has been appointed to overview all legal aspects of FACE Nepal.. Accountant - An independent accountant has been appointed to compile and audit all financial practices.. Long-term an internationally reputable firm will be sought to provide auditing and diagnostic support on a voluntary basis.. In the future, FACE Nepal may extend their structure to include the following paid positions which will work directly for the MD:.. Regional or Area Coordinators - to overview the daily operations of regional areas or organizational portfolios, including child sponsorships and volunteer programs.. Project Planners - to select and overview development projects on a case-by-case basis.. Administration Support - to enhance the local English and administrative capability of FACE Nepal.. MAINTAINING TRANSPARENCY AND INTEGRITY.. The Managing Director is reappointed every two years by a community recommendation to the advisory board.. The final recommendation and feedback is then approved by the BOD.. Volunteers and the Advisory Board have a direct line of communication with the BOD.. The Managing Director has limited authority in regards to the selection of funds distribution.. Their role is primarily to oversee the implementation of the organizational strategy and support the volunteering projects and programs.. The Advisory Group will present bi-annual recommendations for final approval to the BOD for any major project investments.. The Advisory Board and the BOD will comprise of mixed psychographic and demographic profiles to ensure that representation from all areas is present in strategic decision making.. All Advisory Board and the BOD will be voluntary only so there is no financial agenda involved in their participation.. There is a "no-nepotism" rule within FACE Nepal and all appointments are made on merit.. Copyright Face Nepal 2008.. Face Nepal - Ratnanangar 1,Tandi, Chitwan , Nepal | Tel.. 977-98450-47738 - mail :.. info@facenepal.. org.. Contact us to volunteer in Nepal.. Powered by AC.. 301868185..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal: Volunteer Programmes - Individual and Team Building opportunities. Work with Children and Adults, Teach English, Assist Orphans, Health, Environmental Work and Live with a Local Family.
    Descriptive info: Volunteer Programmes.. -.. Check out our past news page to see what we have been working on.. 1.. Volunteer Programs.. Volunteer programs are organized in collaboration with local organizations and communities and are based on the demands and needs of community people.. These programs are often flexible enabling you to develop close relationships with the communities involved.. As such, our programs are local initiatives with full community support and cooperation which is critical for their sustainability.. Programs which are currently available include.. *Community Teaching Projects.. *Environmental Conservation Projects.. *Community Health Projects.. *Orphanage Projects.. *Research projects.. *Office support.. There is also the opportunity to design your own program based around your own skills, experience and preferences.. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this.. 2.. Team Building Volunteer Projects.. A FACE Nepal project is a challenging and culturally rich way to get your team working together.. These unique aid projects help build a sense of team camaraderie whilst providing the participants with a feeling of perspective, appreciation and satisfaction for a cause well done.. *Building Team Cohesion and Relationships.. *Developing a Sense of Social Responsibility.. *Instilling a Sense of Appreciation and Grounding.. *Contributing to a Worthy Cause.. *Gaining a Culturally Rich Life Experience.. 3.. Sponsorship Programs.. Sponsoring a child, school or project is an immediate and effective way of improving a community one step at a time.. Changing the life of one child makes a difference.. FACE Nepal's Sponsorship Programme is organized in rural part of Nepal and opportunities are available in almost any format.. Most popular sponsorship options are:.. *Child Sponsorship Programs.. *Project Sponsorship Programs.. *School Sponsorship Programs.. 4.. Specialist Aid Volunteering.. If you are a field specialist (such as medical, dental, physiotherapy) and are interested in volunteering in Nepal, FACE Nepal will endeavor to undertake fundraising activities or seek sponsorship to cover your food, accommodation, training and placement travel costs.. We will allocate you to a location based on our Community Development Plan, though please do let us know any preferences.. Personal excursions and the inclusion of personal interests will be incorporated upon request (at your personal cost) but a minimum contribution of 20 hours per week will be required to satisfy the sponsors.. 5.. Research Support.. FACE Nepal offers an ideal support network for your research while helping your work to progress to benefit you and the community.. We provide help with accessing resources and have contacts within many diverse communities.. We have comprehensive knowledge of Chitwan socially, environmentally and geographically.. Support Structure.. Julie, France:.. ".. Come to discover and to share this culture and this people by participating to a volunteer program and to this wonderful association that is Face Nepal.. This is an organization which such a will to well do and to change the things, to improve the life as a whole.. >>.. The team at FACE Nepal will support you throughout your entire volunteer experience and beyond.. When joining the FACE Nepal volunteer program we consider you part of our team and this does not end with the termination of your program.. From your arrival until your departure (including time taken for personal excursions), FACE Nepal team members are available to support you 24 hours per day.. It is our goal to ensure you find your experience in Nepal enjoyable and rewarding.. Check out our volunteer information brochure for more details on the volunteer experience, alongside practical hints to prepare for the placement, this can be found.. Here.. The basic support provided includes:.. Arrival.. When arriving into Nepal you will be greeted at the airport by a FACE Nepal team member.. You will be shown around your arrival city briefly and taken to an accommodation guest house.. The representative will orientate you with the area and FACE Nepal can arrange all your accommodation needs irregardless of the commencement date of your program.. You will be given contact details for support staff at this stage and an itinerary for your first few weeks.. At the commencement of your training all your food and accommodation costs will be organized by FACE Nepal.. It is expected that you will fill in any registration material and make necessary payments at this time.. You will be issued a Volunteer Card, which gives you free or discounted entry into many local tourist areas.. Training will be designed based on the duration of your stay and the  ...   into your stay.. In a schooling situation, this may involve the placement of temporary teaching cover to support your absence.. 6.. Ongoing Relationship.. As a contributor to FACE Nepal we consider you a team member for life.. If you ever have any questions, concerns or need of support, we are happy to assist you wherever we can.. We have a monthly newsletter which will be sent to you and we will aid you in any on-going correspondence you may wish to have with local communities.. At the completion of your FACE Nepal experience we will ask you for feedback.. We consider this feedback very valuable and appreciate all opportunities for improvement you can offer.. You may also be a random recipient of a quality control survey upon your departure from Nepal.. These surveys are internal documents undertaken by the International Board of Directors and used to ensure your satisfaction in your program and to thank you for the value of your contribution.. Volunteer's Responsibilties.. In exchange for this support, volunteers are required to sign a code of conduct on arrival in Nepal.. Meeting this code of conduct is essential to ensure a safe, enjoyable, culturally fulfilling time in Nepal.. It is also crucial to ensure that you, and FACE Nepal, are respected in the community.. The code can be found online.. and any questions about the code of conduct should be directed to any of the email addresses on the first page.. Program Locations.. FACE Nepal is based in Pakadi, between Bharatpur and the Chitwan national park.. The vast majority of our volunteer placements are in the Chitwan area, notably in the villages of Patihani,Ganganagar, Kumiya and Jutpani.. Our Office is used for official meetings and is a place where volunteers can meet informally.. FACE Nepal are able to offer placements in other areas, such as Sauraha, Pokhara, Nawalparasi and Palpa.. However, these placements require advance notice of at least a month.. Additionally, volunteers choosing to have programs in these areas will not have access to the full level of FACE Nepal support.. Program fees may also vary.. As a result, the majority of our volunteers work in Chitwan.. We provide an overview of the beautiful Chitwan area below.. Chitwan.. When people think of Nepal, they think of soaring snow-clad mountains.. Despite this, nearly half of the country's population lives on a narrow strip of flat and fertile land that lies wedged between the India border and the mountains.. This is known as the Terai.. One of the well known tourist sites of the Terai region is Chitwan whose name means "heart of the jungle".. This area is one of the last surviving examples of the continuous band of forests and grasslands which once extended from the Indus River in Pakistan to the Burmese border.. The main attraction of Chitwan is Chitwan National Park, the first and most famous national park of Nepal.. The Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is home to teeming wildlife such as the rare great one-horned rhinoceros and the elusive Royal Bengal tiger.. Besides rhino and tiger, Chitwan also supports a great variety of flora and fauna and several species of deer, sloth bear, leopard, wild boar and the white stocking.. Gaur (the world's largest wild cattle) and many other smaller animals have made the Chitwan jungle their home.. The swamps and riverside provide a home to marsh crocodiles and the rare and endangered Gharihal or Gangetic crocodile.. Volunteers in Chitwan are conveniently placed to visit the Park and experience activities such as an elephant ride through the jungle, bird watching and canoe rides on the Rapti River.. Programmes in Chitwan.. a) Health research in an indigenous community.. b) Health post volunteer.. c) Teaching in a government school.. d) Teaching children in a community learning centre.. e) Informal education for women.. f) Ass.. Trainer for Junior Red cross students.. g) Environmental conservation wducation.. h) Volunteering with children with special needs (e.. g.. orphanage support, at a child care center, teaching/helping children with physical mental disabilities).. Building Projects.. a) Safe drinking water projects.. b) Building school classrooms.. c) Constructing bridges in the village.. d) Building a childcare centre.. e) Building a community learning centre.. f) Building toilets in the government schools.. Sponsor Programs.. a) Child sponsorship program.. b) Victim support sponsor program.. c) Orphans sponsor program.. Copyright Face Nepal 2014..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal: Volunteer Programmes - Individual and Team Building opportunities. Work with Children and Adults, Teach English, Assist Orphans, Health, Environmental Work and Live with a Local Family.
    Descriptive info: Volunteer Orientation Training.. Jeff Whiteside, USA:.. "My experience with Face Nepal has exceeded anything I expected.. Coming to Nepal with little background of the people or culture I soon found out how warm and welcoming Nepal truly is.. The organization makes an amazing effort to make the volunteers feel at home and a welcomed part of the community.. Note: This training outline may differ for groups or specialist contributors if their timetables or needs do not accommodate this framework.. Training is generally provided to volunteers over the course of one week and is designed to introduce you to FACE Nepal and to ensure you get an introduction to Nepali language, culture and customs to help equip you to successfully complete your volunteer program.. General Orientation.. Firstly, volunteers will be given an introduction to the program schedule, an overview of FACE Nepal's structure and cost accounting framework.. We will give health care tips, cultural and social "Dos" & "Don'ts" and advise on the protocol of interacting with the host Nepalese family.. This orientation phase also prepares volunteers for interacting with the local community and for the program work experience.. The nature of this volunteer orientation is informal, and will take place through discussions with FACE Nepal representatives, host families, and other volunteers, and access to FACE Nepal's volunteer library, and.. Language Training.. FACE Nepal offers one-on-one or group based introductory Nepali language courses based on a volunteer's immediate program needs.. During the orientation phase, you will be taught basic communication skills in spoken Nepali by our professional language trainer in an environment designed to allow you to work at your own pace.. Upon the completion of the language tuition classes, you will be given access to books to continue your language training throughout your placement.. The  ...   geography of Nepal.. We will also discuss necessary health precautions and generally help to prepare you for the diversity of Nepali life.. Living with your Nepalese host family will provide a culturally rich environment for volunteers and they will answer any questions you may have on customs and traditions.. If you have any special training requests or any questions about any aspects of the volunteer training, please do not hesitate to.. contact us.. SIGHT SEEING AND TOURIST ACTIVITIES.. - During their first two days in Nepal, volunteers will be taken to local tourist sights in the Kathmandu area.. Any additional tourist preferences during your stay will be incorporated upon your request.. Favoured inclusions are:.. a.. Trekking.. b.. Yoga, Reikhi or Meditation Classes.. c.. Hindu or Buddism retreats.. d.. Mount Everest Sight Seeing Ventures.. e.. White Water Rafting.. f.. Safaris.. g.. Mountain Biking.. RURAL HOME STAY.. - As part of the training period volunteers will stay two nights in a rural accommodation to experience the real essence of Nepali living.. After living in the homestay, volunteers may have preferences on whether they wish to live in a rural or urban environment and we will accomodate these where possible.. SUPPORT.. - Throughout your training and whilst in your placement, volunteers will receive regular support from FACE Nepal.. Any necessary resources for your volunteering work will also be provided.. PLACEMENT ACCOMMODATION.. - during your volunteer placement you will live with a Nepali Host Family.. In this placement you will be fully integrated into the Nepali life style with the only exception being your provision of a private bedroom.. In this placement all food will be provided for you.. All volunteer Host Families are approved by FACE Nepal and are briefed on the general requirements of Volunteers from overseas..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal: Volunteer Registration - Check out our affordable fees and begin our simple application process here.
    Descriptive info: FACE Nepal >.. Volunteer Registration and Fee Information.. Volunteer Application Process:.. Enter all information in the Volunteer Registration form below.. FACE Nepal will review your application within 5 days and will notify you regarding your being accepted into the volunteer program.. You will receive an Email reserving your position.. To confirm your reservation as a volunteer you must send your flight arrival details and your application.. After we have received your flight details you will receive an email confirming your volunteer position and advising you of arrival and accommodation information.. Upon arrival in Nepal you will be asked to sign our.. Volunteer Code of Conduct.. and pay the program fees.. For any other further enquiries please feel free to contact us.. Voluteer and other Registration Forms:.. Individual Volunteer Registration.. Team Building or Group Registration.. Sponsorship Registration.. Research Support Registration.. Specialist Aid Registration.. Please email the completed form as an attachment back to us at.. If you have any questions concerning the application process please feel free to.. Volunteer Programme Fee.. FACE Nepal primarily relies on volunteer fees and donations to sustain its operation and fund project developments.. If you have any questions or concerns about the fees outlined, we are happy to provide you an in-depth breakdown of the distribution of your funds.. FACE Nepal operates on a minimal overhead with most of its local members supporting the organisation in a voluntary capacity.. As a result the majority of your  ...   costs will differ if any additional needs are requested (i.. e.. conference facilities, alternative accommodation etc.. ).. DURATION OF VOLUNTEER PROGRAM COST (USD) (euro is also acceptable).. 2 weeks:.. US$250.. 3-4 weeks:.. US$425.. 5-6 weeks:.. US$500.. 7-8 weeks:.. US$575.. 9-10 weeks:.. US$650.. 11-12 weeks:.. US$725.. 13-14 weeks:.. US$800.. 15-16 weeks:.. US$875.. 17-18 weeks:.. US$950.. 19-20 weeks:.. US$1025.. Each additional 2 weeks above 20 weeks:.. US$75.. Cost Inclusions.. These fees include:.. Volunteer's accommodation and meals from the commencement of training and including two additional nights upon completion.. All volunteer transportation from airport to placement and from orientation, major sight-seeing around Kathmandu,.. Any volunteer orientation costs.. All volunteer training costs.. The cost of a project manager or assisting FACE Personnel to provide support to volunteers.. The purchase of any necessary teaching/project materials.. Contribution to host families.. Contribution to FACE Nepal operating costs.. Contribution to FACE Nepal project investments and supervision.. Cost Exclusions:.. These fees exclude:.. Volunteer's Personal airfares and airport departure taxes.. Travel insurance.. Visa cost.. Beverages.. Personal excursions and travel.. Any other personal needs of the volunteer while staying with the host family.. Donations.. While any donated items are gratefully received by FACE Nepal, we do not ask for these from volunteers, and unfortunately these cannot be accepted in lieu of, or towards, program fees.. Fundraising Opportunities or Personal.. Should volunteers wish to undertake personal fundraising or seek sponsorship, FACE Nepal is happy to assist with any verification information you may need..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal: Information about Nepal for Volunteers
    Descriptive info: Information about Nepal for Volunteers.. Now that the Maoists are involved in Government, the risks of a few years ago are much reduced.. Volunteers are encouraged to contact us if they have any concerns to ask about the current situation of Nepal.. We will inform you of what we know and also offer you contacts of volunteers as alternative sources of information.. It is also advisable to contact your local Foreign Affairs Department for any current situational views.. History.. The history.. Nepal has long been independent, and is justifiably proud of the fact that it was never conquered by any empire.. Nepal's founding father, Prithivi Narayan Shah, referred to Nepal as a 'Yam between two boulders'-namely China and India.. Geography.. Nepal is famous for its mountains, most notably Mt Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.. Nepal measures about 800 km east-west and 230 Km at its widest point north-south, making a total area of around 147,181 sq.. km.. However, the mountains are only part of the nation- many of its people live in the Terai, only 100m above sea level.. The contrast between mountains and plains make for one of the most geographically diverse nations on Earth.. Physiographic Regions.. Nepal consists of several physiographic regions.. Most people live in the lowlands which contain the best farmlands and are much removed from the impression of Nepal of those who have not been here.. The Terai.. The flattest land in Nepal is the Terai.. This forms the Southern 40km of Nepal's North to South length.. Most of our volunteers work in the Terai.. Chure Hills.. These are the first of the four mountain ranges and span the whole country, with an average height of 900m.. Mahabharat Range.. The next range of mountains is the Mahabharat Range, or the 'Middle Hills'.. These are between 1500m and 2700m in height, and can provide some spectacular himalayan views from thier summits.. The Himalaya.. Nepal's borders contain about one-third of the total length of ht Himalaya.. This includes 10 of the world's 14 tallest mountains, which all stand over 8000m.. We can provide volunteer opportunities in the Himalaya for those hardy volunteers who wish to experience this beautiful part of the world.. Climate.. Nepal has essentially two-season year.. The winter season from October to May is dry, and the temperatures vary significantly depending on where you are- the Terai rarely dips below 10 degrees celsius, and is generally warm for all but a couple of months.. The himalaya can get very cold- volunteers are encouraged to bring warm clothes!! The Monsoon season runs from June to middle of September.. In summer in the Tarai region the maximum temperature can reach 42 degrees centigrade- volunteers will be provided with fans.. Ecology Environment.. Despite its abundant natural gifts, the environmment in Nepal is sufferings from a growing and developing population, and the lack of recycling facilities and other environmental protection measures that exist in the West.. Forests are being chopped down for housing and firewood.. This is why we need volunteers to help us in the conservation projects, replanting these trees.. The ecology and environment of Nepal are fragile and a rapidly growing population is constantly  ...   near many of our Volunteer placements (though not close enough to pose a danger!.. Key Information.. Visas: All foreign nationals (except Indians) require visas.. Single-entry tourist visas are issued for up to 90 days.. Volunteers should view our FAQ's page for more information.. Health risks: Some exist, volunteers are encouraged to consult thier local health experts.. Time: GMT/UTC plus five hours 45 minutes.. Electricity: 220V, 50 Hz (when available).. Weights measures: Metric.. Attractions.. There is a huge amount to do in Nepal and volunteers are encouraged to obtain a guidebook to the country.. We keep copies of Lonely Planet and Rough Guides, donated by former volunteers, in our library which volunteers can borrow or read.. Volunteers are free to travel to any of these great destinations, but we request they inform us with sufficient notice of thier plans, especially if it involves taking time from thier volunteer programs.. FACE Nepal management are happy to assist volunteers with booking buses, or general advice on travel.. Kathmandu.. >.. The country's capital and largest city has more temples than you can shake a stick at.. The vast majority of our volunteers arrive at Kathmandu, and as part of thier program fee, volunteers are taken on a tour of Durbar Square and to the famous 'Monkey Temple', Swayambhunath.. Volunteers also stay two nights in the tourist district, Thamel, where all sorts of food and drinks are available.. Patan.. Patan, the second-largest city in the valley, is very close to Kathmandu , but is quieter and more relaxed.. The city is a great place to experience traditional Newari architecture.. Bhaktapur.. Bhaktapur is the third major city in the Kathmandu Valley.. More compact than Kathmandu and Patan, Bhaktapur is home to lots of architecture and temples, many dating from the 17th century.. Terai.. Most Volunteers with us will be based in the Terai.. It's subtropical climates make for milder winters and its flat land makes it easy for volunteers to get around to see the sights in the area.. Top on many volunteers' agendas is the Royal Chitwan National Park, with elephant safaris, jungle walks and canoe trips.. Volunteers can see rhinocerous, boar, many types of bird, sloth bears, and if they are very lucky, tigers and leopards.. Volunteers here in December can watch the Elephant Polo Championship- former volunteers have even been able to take part! Another major destination that many volunteers like to go to is Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Buddha.. Janakpur is an attractive city in the Terai with Nepal's only railway and temples that bring many Indian tourists.. The city's religious significance is due to its role as the birthplace of Sita (Rama's wife in the Hindu epic Ramayana).. Janakpur is a good day's bus journey from our base in Chitwan, but volunteers wishing to experience Hindu places of worship can visit Manakamana, Devghat, or Kalika Mandir, all within two hours from FACE Nepal's base.. Pokhara.. The city of Pokara a beautiful city around a lake, surrounded by mountains.. Many volunteers wish to go trekking when in Nepal, and Pokhara is a great base for this.. The bus trip to Pokhara will take volunteers about four hours through beautiful river valleys..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal: FAQ - frequently asked questions on all you need to know about volunteering with FACE Nepal
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. Roxanne Meagher, USA:.. "Volunteering with Face Nepal is truly an adventure and a life changing experience.. This organization really understands the meaning of peace and friendship.. If you are having difficulties deciding on a volunteering organization, I believe Face Nepal has so much to offer and you will get back more than you expect.. Having read the selection.. Tip Sheet.. , how do I know that FACE Nepal is honest?.. FACE Nepal is a volunteer organisation developed specifically to combat the negative aspects of other volunteer aid organizations outlined in the Tip Sheet.. FACE Nepal:.. Has an independent Board of Directors composed of volunteers scrutinizing the activities of the organization.. Has a mixed gender and caste Advisory Board composed of volunteers that develops all Annual Community Development Plans, approves project investments and audits funding recipients.. If requested, provides an overview of the cost accounting practices to each volunteer.. Asks for no upfront payments until the commencement of your volunteer program in Nepal (exclusions only when major administration activities are involved).. Encourages sponsors to communicate directly with their funding recipients (children, schools, communities, etc).. Has a reputable outsourced accounting practice auditing all cost and reporting practices.. 7.. Encourages volunteer feedback to all levels of the organization.. 8.. Is directly accountable to the community (e.. the Chairman and Advisory Group are selected and dismissed upon the feedback of the community).. Learn more.. about FACE Nepal.. Where will I live?.. From the time our volunteers arrive in Nepal until they complete their training they will live with a.. host family.. Volunteers will be located in a rural or urban area subject to their program.. In the house they will live as part of the family.. They will have a private bedroom, but all other facilities will be shared.. Also provided are two traditional Nepali meals each day and tea (chiya) twice daily.. How much do your volunteer programs cost?.. Our volunteer program costs are very affordable.. You can find them on our.. registration page.. I have a series of items (e.. books) to donate, can I use these to offset the program fees?.. Unfortunately, no.. We gratefully welcome any donations of items from volunteers, however these are not expected and cannot be used to offset the volunteer's program fees.. If I make my own way to the program location, and skip the Kathmandu element of the program, am I eligible for a reduced program fee?.. If a volunteer is familiar with Nepal are comfortable with making your own way to your program location, then they may be eligible for reduced program cost rates.. Please make this known in your volunteer application and we can advise you.. How long can I volunteer for?.. You can volunteer for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 5 months.. A volunteer's stay can be extended depending on the time of year they arrive - the maximum amount of time a visa for Nepal is given is for 5 months in a year so a volunteer can extend a program if arriving at the end of one year and staying into the next.. If you wish to volunteer for less than two weeks you may contact FACE Nepal to see if there are any appropriate locations where you can volunteer without any prior training.. If I decide to extend my volunteer program, can I do so and if so how much will it cost?.. While you are in the volunteer placement you may decide to extend your stay.. If you do so you must notify FACE Nepal at least one week before departure so that they can ensure your accommodation and your program may be extended.. Please also see the note above about visas.. After your first period the cost of continuation is US$75 per 2 weeks.. Can I take a break to go trekking or sightseeing?.. Yes.. It is advisable to give FACE Nepal 2 weeks notice of any desired travel so that any necessary placement cover can be arranged in your absence.. Alternatively we will gladly incorporate anything into a volunteer's program at the application phase.. For ideas, learn.. about Nepal.. How will I teach without knowing Nepali?.. During the training period, volunteers on our teaching programs will be taught a basic level of Nepali language including classroom directions.. In a school volunteers will be accompanied by a teacher until they are fully confident to teach a group of students alone.. In a community group or special project someone will be on hand  ...   many host families will feel more comfortable accepting you in this capacity.. How much warning do I need to give FACE Nepal before wanting to start?.. At least 2 weeks is desirable for volunteer programs and one month for project work.. If you are already in Nepal and wish to spontaneously volunteer, please.. contact.. FACE Nepal directly to see what can be arranged.. Please note that in the busy trekking season hotels in Kathmandu get booked up so more notice is required to ensure that rooms are available.. How do I get a visa for Nepal?.. Volunteers can obtain thier visas when they arrive at the airport in Kathmandu.. You will need to bring a passport photo and some cash to pay the fees.. You will also need to bring the details of your volunteer organization, including the name and address, to specify on your documentation.. If you want to avoid queues at the airport you can apply for your visa in your home country.. PLEASE NOTE: ATM's do not always work at the airport so you must bring enough cash with you for the visa.. American dollars, Euros and sterling are accepted.. What is the caste system and how will it affect me?.. Nepal operates under a caste structure which in simple terms means that by birth-right each family is assigned a caste, or social category.. The societal respect given to a person is generally subject to the status of each caste.. In your placement volunteers will be living with a "Brahmin" family, which is the highest caste.. This is necessary to ensure you are considered with sufficient respect to carry weight in a classroom.. In our volunteer program we endeavor to eliminate caste references but in the rural areas we still must work within the system.. If you are placed in a 'Tharu' village, which is a lower caste but also the most native and cultural group to work with, you will find it easy to adapt and live as they do.. What should I bring?.. You can buy most things in Kathmandu very cheaply.. The asterix * below represents things volunteers can buy here.. Due to the poverty levels over here it is best to leave your expensive valuables such as jewelry at home.. Theft is not high but it happens occasionally.. More common is personal resentment to large displays of wealth.. Our FACE Nepal representative who meets you at the airport will help you to buy any items you need.. * Sleeping Bag (and liner).. * Clothes.. *Personal medical needs.. * Mosquito Net.. * Torch.. * Hygiene products.. * Sandals.. Sleeping attire (recommended).. *English books (available for purchase only in tourist areas).. Ear plugs (to assist sleeping in noisy areas).. Any desired fitness or sporting equipment.. Water purification tablets (boiling water or buying mineral water is an alternative option).. Information on your home country (if teaching).. A small gift for your host family (it is a cultural gesture of goodwill).. What should I wear?.. Men can wear almost anything but in traditional areas shorts are not recommended and singlets are not worn.. Unless laboring, the men usually wear t-shirts even in the high heat.. Women can wear anything in the cities (but singlets and shorts/mini skirts are not common).. In the traditional areas women wear a koota or sari and a lunge for washing, which you can get made upon arrival (costs approx.. US$8.. 00).. In traditional areas women cover themselves from neck to ankle.. Your host family will advise you what is appropriate in their area.. What medication/vaccinations should I take?.. We recommend that volunteers contact thier local medical specialist before traveling.. What work will I do during my time as a volunteer with FACE Nepal?.. That depends on the.. volunteer program.. you have decided to register with.. There are educational options (Teaching Eglish,IT,etc), environmental work, orphanages, construction and development, health, as well as our full cooperation if you feel you have something to offer in a custom designed program.. What have been the experiences of past volunteers working with you?.. Check out the.. testimonials.. page to read about the experiences of our past volunteers.. What are my responsibilities as a volunteer and are any restrictions placed on me?.. To ensure that volunteers have a safe, enjoyable time in Nepal, and so FACE Nepal and the volunteers are respected in the community, volunteers are asked to sign a code of conduct on arrival in Nepal.. This can be viewed online.. For more information please view our.. Brochure..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal: Links - Other sites related to volunteering in Nepal or the world.
    Descriptive info: Links.. Second Base.. www.. second-base.. Second Base is a customised leadership and team development programme run by former Nepal volunteers.. Set in a compelling environment such as Nepal, this programme challenges and inspires participants to enhance their leadership style through well being, appreciation, empowering communication techniques and greater leadership awareness.. Second Base believes in humility-based leadership, developed through contributing to worthy causes and working with the less fortunate.. Partner Organizations in Nepal- Often used for volunteer placements.. Shristi Youth Club Patihani.. New Amar Youth Club.. Community Improvement Society.. Shree Secondary School, Ganganagar..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal: Contact Us - Volunteer activities information for volunteers on our team and how to get in contact with us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us For Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal.. Leticia, Spain:.. "I invite you to try, at least once, this experience that will help a lot to this community and above all, will teach you some few things that you never learned in your country.. Friendship Association for Community Education, Nepal (FACE Nepal).. Patihani-5, Pakadi, Chitwan Narayani,  ...   Lawrence.. (Chair of International Board of Directors):.. dplawrence37@gmail.. Zoe Dryden.. (Member of International Board of Directors):.. zoenadia@gmail.. Ann Bartholomew.. annie.. bloggs@hotmail.. co.. uk.. Darren Pardon.. pardond@hotmail.. New Zealand Financial Contributions:.. info.. nz@facenepal.. Mobile No:.. 977-98450-47738.. Please take note that sometimes it can be difficult to contact Nepali numbers at the first attempt so please keep trying..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal: Sponsorship - Help a child through providing the opportunity to gain an education, sufficient food and medical care
    Descriptive info: Sponsorship Programmes.. For those individuals who want to support FACE Nepal, but whose personal commitments do not allow them to come to Nepal to volunteer, sponsorship opportunities are available in almost any format.. Child Sponsorship Programs.. Project Sponsorship Programs.. School Sponsorship Programs.. In line with our desire for transparency, our sponsorship programs:.. Encourage direct communication between recipients and donors.. Encourage donor involvement and visitation.. Offer full cost transparency so that you know where each dollar of your money is going.. Child Sponsorship Program.. FACE Nepal works to match sponsors with children in Nepal, to ensure that they recieve funding for education.. Without sponsorship, these childrens' parents would not be able pay the costs of sending thier children to school.. By sponsoring a child, you are transforming thier future prospects for the better.. Sponsors are needed to provide the gift of education to impoverished children.. How much does it cost to sponsor a child?.. FACE Nepal wants to ensure that an individual sponsor directly contributes to the education of an individual child, rather than thier contribution going into a 'pot' for sponsorship.. As a result, the amount of annual sponsorship will vary from child to child dependant on a number of factors, notably thier age.. As an indicative amount, to sponsor a child through elementary school for a year will cost between.. 200 and 270 US dollars.. Lower Secondary and Secondary school pupils will cost slightly more.. When you register your desire to sponsor, we will choose the next child on our list of worthy candidates and provide you with a description of this child and an annual cost specific to them before you commit.. If you have any preferences (for example, a maxmium annual contribution you can make), please specify this when submitting the registration form.. How long will my sponsorship last?.. Sponsorship is only truly effective if it continues for the duration for the child's time at school.. Therefore, we request sponsors to be committed to supporting the child until they graduate from Grade Ten, in order to provide the child with a true foundation of education.. Therefore sponsor financial relationships can last up to eleven years, depending on the age of the child at the time of sponsorship, though the real relationships can last for a lifetime.. Should circumstances arise where the sponsor is unable to continue thier sponsorship we request that they advise us as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangements.. Sponsors are encouraged to provide thier donations annually, and we will provide sponsors with revised costs, based on that child's new class/grade, each year.. What contact will I have with my child?.. Feedback reports on the health and well-being of your child will be sent on an annual basis.. These show the improvements that your contribution is making to this child's life.. Should you want an update between these reports- whether on a specific issue or generally, you are encouraged to email us at info@facenepal.. org and we will provide you with an update as soon as possible.. We encourage contact between you and your sponsored child, via a local community resident, and can also provide support to you should you wish to visit your sponsored child via a community liaison officer.. I want to sponsor- what are the next steps?.. If you are interested in looking at this sponsorship option please.. with any remaining queries or submit a.. registration form.. It is important to note that costs for schooling fees and other sponsored areas will vary slightly by region, by age group and will occasionally change with inflation and exchange rate fluctuations.. Due to this diversity we will provide you with a quotation for you to approve with details of the child, the cost breakdown and any other relevant details.. When the child's needs change or if other costs vary significantly i.. the child moves from primary to secondary school or the exchange rate has a major shift, an updated fee structure will be sent to you for approval.. What will my sponsorship cover?.. The following figures indicate the prices charged for Child Sponsorship.. It is not intended that this service create an income stream for FACE Nepal to invest in projects.. This service has been price structured to breakeven only.. The scholarship and medical contributions however offer an additional funds account to FACE Nepal to assist in meeting community needs to these sponsored children.. The below gives a breakdown of what your sponsorship will cover.. This is the basic sponsorship- other options exist and are outlined below.. All costs are based on an average estimated price for grade 5 (10-11 years old).. All fees are listed as annual costs in Nepali rupees, while the equivalent in US$ (at a conversion rate of 70:1) has been added in the final 2 rows.. Sponsorship Provides:.. Item.. Government School.. Annual Cost.. Indicative- Grade 5.. School Uniform x 3.. 3,000.. School admission fee.. 600.. Monthly school fee.. 100.. Exam fees x 3.. 300.. Books/equipment/bag.. 4,000.. Primary health care.. 1,500.. School tiffin.. Administration costs.. Inc annual report.. 2,000.. Extra tuition.. 2,400.. Total costs in Nepali Rupees.. 16,900.. Total costs in US Dollars.. US$241.. Money Transfer Fee.. US$25.. Total Sponsor Fee (USD).. US$266.. Notes.. Monthly School Fee- Government schools are free Grades 1 to 8 but they take expenses for materials.. Extra Tuition- Parents are often unable to help with homework and may even be illiterate so extra tuition provides for this.. Money Transfer Fee- Unfortunately, banks and other financial instituions levy a charge for money transfer to Nepal.. Other Options.. We would gladly welcome any sponsors who would like to extend thier sponsorship to include contribution to a savings fund for scholarship (to allow the child to go to university) or contribution to a savings fund for any medical treatment the child may require.. Please contact us (info@facenepal.. org) for more details.. (Get Registration Form).. Frequently Asked Questions:.. I have heard that there are Government and Private schools in Nepal- can I pay for a child to go to private school?.. The government schooling system is a subsidized education option, whereas the Private schools, also known as boarding schools, are independent operators.. It is commonly regarded that the education standard in private schools is much higher than government schools as their teacher to student ratio is generally much greater.. What does sponsoring Government School Fees include?.. Please see the above table for a breakdown.. All fees are paid by FACE Nepal direct to the supplier.. When I sponsor a child, where does my money go i.. to the family or to FACE Nepal?.. In order  ...   will I know that all my money has reached them?.. If you wish to give additional money to your preferred community, family, or child we recommend that you send the money via FACE Nepal and specify where you would like the money to go.. Again, we would encourage against any excessive contributions, in order to minimise any issues within the community.. If you wish money to be given directly to a family, a representative of FACE Nepal will deliver the cash to them upon the receipt of your cheque or money transfer.. It is not safe to send money directly and most rural families do not have their own direct bank accounts.. We are happy however for you to verify directly with the intended recipient their receipt of the full donated amount to ensure the integrity of the internal transfer.. 15.. What happens if my sponsored child completes their schooling or no longer requires my direct support for some reason?.. In the event the situation of your sponsored child changes FACE Nepal will contact you and ask you if you would like to continue your sponsorship with another child or complete your support.. 16.. There is no mention of living costs covered in my sponsorship, are my fees contributing to the family at all?.. Your sponsorship only covers the items mentioned in the table above but we can assure you that this contribution provides a major source of assistance to families.. In Nepal the actual living costs of families are very low and it is the schooling, clothing, medical assistance and other like areas where they primarily need help.. With the support of volunteers, donations and project work, FACE Nepal endeavors to assist families in improving their actual living standards but due to control and funding allocation challenges we did not deem it appropriate to try and incorporate this into the child sponsorship program.. 17.. How should I make my payments?.. FACE Nepal prefers payments to be made in an annual payment to their nominated account in order to reduce money transfer costs and ensure that the funds are regularly available to meet the bill payments of the sponsored child.. If for some reason this format is not acceptable to you please contact us to discuss other options.. 18.. If I do not speak English or Nepali, how can I communicate with my sponsored child?.. In the event that you wish to communicate with your sponsored child with translation from an alternative language you will need to send your correspondence via FACE Nepal Administration Office and we will rely on our network of international volunteers to support in the translation of your correspondence to and from your sponsored child.. 19.. Can I email my sponsored child or their family?.. For the safety of the sponsored child we do not permit correspondence in this form directly between the sponsor and the sponsor recipient.. In addition, many village children do not have access to computer and internet facilities.. 20.. Can I select my child from a photograph?.. FACE Nepal discourages this form of selection as we do not want to discriminate or sell the children in this manner.. If you have a firm desire for a specific gender, age group or certain region of residence, we will incorporate your request in any selection.. You will be given a photograph of your sponsored child when you accept a quotation and this photograph will be updated each year.. You will not however receive a photograph at the selection stage.. Project Sponsorship Program.. Sponsoring a community project with a one-off contribution is a great way to add an immediate and significant improvement to a community of Nepal.. A list of worthy projects waits funding in many communities and varies broadly in scope and nature.. Projects can be sponsored for as little as US$1,000.. 00 which will provide basic hygiene amenities to a village, or US$50,000.. 00 or more which will build a rural orphanage or a free child care centre for community users.. FACE Nepal will develop project plans including timelines, costs and methods and will submit these for your consideration so you can select a project that satisfies you personally or meets your corporate goals; or if this level of detail is not required in advance, we can simply use your funds towards our next prioritized item.. For specific project sponsorship we request a deposit of US$100.. 00 to pay for the quotation and planning involved in the submission of project proposals for your consideration.. If you wish us to simply use your funds towards our next prioritized item the deposit can be foregone.. A full feedback report and color photographs of any project investment will be provided along with bi-monthly feedback should the project be on going.. Feedback can be formatted for corporate needs and will include details of the progress of the project as well as financial reporting on donations received and total expenditure.. School Sponsorship.. Many government schools operate with inadequate funding, poor resources and overcrowding.. By sponsoring a school you can assist in:.. Providing additional teachers.. Building play ground facilities.. Offering medical, dental and/or hygiene checks to students.. Providing additional training to existing teachers regarding international best practice.. Providing teaching resources and materials.. Providing recreational equipment.. Providing funds for cultural events and further internal fundraising activities.. In sponsoring a school you may choose to offer a monthly contribution i.. an additional teacher's wage is as little as Us $100.. 00 per month, or you may contribute a one-off donation.. When sponsoring a school we encourage direct correspondence with the school principle to ensure the appropriate utilization of your funds and enable the school to directly correspond their appreciation.. Other Fees.. FACE Nepal does not take any commission from sponsorships with 100% of your donation going to the nominated child, school or project.. If planning or administration is required by FACE Nepal staff the cost of this assistance will be disclosed at the outset of your sponsorship.. For example an administration contribution of USD$50 per annum is required in child sponsorships to enable us the check on the children, provide progress reports and coordinate all funding distributions.. For all project sponsorships where plans are prepared in advance and submitted for your consideration, we request a donation of US$100.. 00 for planning and quoting, administration, sponsor communication and feedback involved by FACE Nepal.. Applying to for a sponsorship.. Please complete the.. and submit it to us.. We will respond immediately with an acknowledgement and then it will take up to 7 days to make the arrangements for your sponsorship to commence..

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  • Title: FACE Nepal News and Events
    Descriptive info: Tip sheets.. News Events.. Newsletter Archive:.. Newsletter 2013.. Newsletter 2012.. Newsletter 2011.. Newsletter 2010.. Newsletter 2009.. Newsletter 2008.. Newsletter 2007.. Newsletter 2005-06.. What Happening Now?.. June 29 2014 FACE Nepal is looking for volunteers to teach English in three learning centres in Nepali villages.. Please get in touch if you can help!.. April 5 2014 FACE Nepal is now fully registered with the social welfare council, providing additional transparency for FACE Nepal and ability to raise additional funds to support our projects.. January 5 2014 - New newsletter available highlighting our work during 2013.. Please click the link in the newsletter archive above.. October 27 2013 - Welcome to Robyn, Kate and Rebecca!! So delighted to have them alongside Ruth, Hannah and Omar helping local communities in Nepal.. October 2013- In the past few months we have welcomed volunteers from the UK, Mexico, Austria, and the USA.. We still need volunteers to teach in our community centres so please contact us!.. April 2013 - We have said goodbye to Ben who taught at Jutpani Community School and was sent off in style by his friends and colleagues at the school! He now heads to the Everest region for trekking.. The new school year has begun! Thanks to our sponsors, we are now supporting 19 children through government school who otherwise would not be attending school at all.. March 2013 - Helen has just completed her programme as the first volunteer to teach at Jutpani school.. Her efforts and ability were hugely appreciated by her colleagues here.. We are excited about sending more volunteers to Jutpani to build on her work!.. 17th August 2012 - Over the summer we have been delighted to have a number of volunteers from all over the world.. Sandy from Canada and Jemmy from China taught in Patalahara learning centre.. Elise from France taught in our newest learning centre, in Ganganagar.. And Kinga from Poland is currently with Face Nepal teaching English at the Ganganagar learning centre.. More volunteers are always needed so please do.. get in contact.. if you are interested!.. 15th July 2012- Thanks to the generosity of our second base participants, we have now increased the number of children being sponsored through school from 12 children to 19.. The sponsorship makes a huge impact on their lives.. Usually, it is the difference between going to school or not.. Thank you so much to all our sponsors.. 13th May 2012 - Thanks to the generous donation of former volunteer Adele and her friends, we have completed a number of projects.. These include a new water tap at the Kumiya learning centre, a school painting project in Brahmapuri, and a new library at a public college campus.. 24th April 2011- We have now built our third community learning centre.. This is located in a village where most people are dalit caste.. This was built by the women's group, and a group of Second Base participants from New Zealand.. It was funded by Second Base, a private donation from Cathy and Kevin, and the women's group themselves.. 17th  ...   donation from FACE Nepal supporter Jacob, the villagers in Kumiya are in the process of extending the improved road through the village.. This will protect crops and will increase safety for the 1,000+ school children who use the road every day.. We have also started construction on a toilet in Ganganagar, thanks to a donation from Kevin and Cathy.. This will provide public toilet facilities for people who currently have no toilet access.. 1st January 2011- We are now in Nepal Tourism Year 2011.. This is a major initiative involving Central and Local Government, local communities, private companies and NGOs to bring more tourists to experience the beauty and culture of Nepal for the benefit of the Nepali people.. FACE Nepal's managing director has been appointed to the local tourism board and we hope to provide support in 2011 for projects which will benefit the community as part of Tourism Year 2011, as well as bringing volunteers here to experience the real Nepal.. 29th Dec 2010- The villagers of Kumiya are finalising the road improvement, with financial support from a FACE Nepal donor.. This will provide safer journeys for the villagers and 1,000 children that attend school in Kumiya.. We are also looking forward to welcoming new volunteers to work at Health Posts and teach English in January.. 28th Nov 2010- We have placed volunteers in Hanumanager Lower Secondary School, where they have been made to feel very welcome by teachers, students, and the management committee.. We are creating proposals for funding, based on community requests, for a library, a road extension, and toilets.. 15th Nov 2010- We have welcomed back our volunteer Staci, who will teach English in the community centres at Patalahara and Kumiya.. We hope to place volunteers in a Government school in Hanumanagar to help teachers there with English and IT classes.. 2nd Nov 2010- We have just said goodbye to a number of volunteers.. Our American volunteer, Lauren has returned home after spending two months at FACE Nepal teaching English to children in our community centers and in the local Government school, and has made a significant impact on these children.. Jessica and William, who were our first volunteers to work in the Himalayas, have completed their project at Helambu, where they taught and assisted with improving the school IT Facilities.. They made such a great impact on the communities there that we now have the relationships in place to allow future volunteers to work in this exciting area.. Work continues to progress at the Kumiya Learning Centre, with a new tin roof installed, and thanks to a generous donor, a toilet installed.. The village now has a number of ideas to make the most of these new facilities, and we hope to work with them to deliver this.. A new volunteer, Daniel, has joined us for six months, and we have also been pleased to welcome Ann, a member of the International Board of Directors and former volunteer who has been working to gather information for the newsletter, and to continue to improve our office organization..

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