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  • Title: Faces of Coal - Home
    Descriptive info: .. take action.. Home.. About Us.. Facts.. Newsroom.. Our Supporters.. Multimedia Center.. Recent Headlines.. Article: Officials say coal vital for future -.. Wyoming County Report.. -.. Feb 25th, 2013.. While coal may no longer be recognized as king, it still possesses the crown in Wyoming County’s economy..  ...   EPA.. U.. S.. Coal and the U.. Economy.. Coal and U.. Energy Security.. Mining Permits.. Conductivity.. Surface Mining FAQ.. select your state.. message from COC.. FACES is now partnering with the national organization, Count on Coal.. Please.. click here.. for more information.. Copyright FacesOfCoal.. org.. Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - Take Action
    Descriptive info: Take Action.. Share.. |.. Send a letter to your elected representatives and newspaper editors letting them know we want our state and federal governments to protect our jobs and communities.. Send a letter to your elected representative.. Send a letter to a newspaper editor.. Request F.. O.. C.. materials.. Request a speaker.. Join Us Now.. Coal mining provides about 70,000 good jobs in Central Appalachia – and generates enough coal to power tens of millions of American homes.. Yet the government is holding up more than 200 lawful mining permits, and outside organizations have targeted our region as the place where they will start the end of coal mining in the United States.. Join the growing coalition of people calling on Congress and our state legislators to close the regulatory black hole that threatens our  ...   my name as a supporter on the FACES of Coal website.. To protect your privacy, FACES of Coal will only publish your first name, last initial, city and state.. Spread the Word.. Thousands of jobs and the stability of our communities are at risk because the government and outside organizations want to stop coal mining in Appalachia.. I hope you will join me and FACES of Coal, a coalition of people from all walks of life who are campaigning to protect our jobs and the well-being of our families.. Your Name.. Your Email.. Friend Name.. Friend Email.. Message.. Invite your friends, neighbors, relatives and business partners to join FACES of Coal, a coalition of people from all walks of life who are campaigning to protect our jobs and the well-being of our families.. www.. facesofcoal..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - About Us
    Descriptive info: Meet many more Faces in our multimedia center.. The Federation for American Coal, Energy and Security (FACES of Coal) is an alliance of people from all walks of life who are joining forces to educate lawmakers and the general public about the importance of coal and coal mining to our local and national economies and to our nation's energy security.. In addition to keeping tens of thousands of people employed in good-paying jobs, coal is the lifeblood of our domestic energy supply, generating half the electricity consumed in  ...   coal provides through good jobs and affordable energy;.. To protect our nation's security and tradition of self-reliance through the use of coal, our most abundant and affordable domestic source of energy;.. To preserve our environment by promoting good stewardship of our natural resources;.. To strengthen our communities by advancing technologies that mine coal using safe and environmentally and economically responsible mining methods.. Contact us at.. info@facesofcoal.. Speakers Available.. Supporters of FACES of Coal are available to speak at group gatherings.. Click below to request a speaker.. request a speaker..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - Facts
    Descriptive info: Energy Security.. Mining Permits.. Conductivity.. Resources by State.. Coal and Kentucky.. Coal and Virginia.. Coal and West Virginia..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - News Stories
    Descriptive info: News Stories.. Press Releases.. News Archives.. Article: What more coal trains mean to a railway engineer -.. Oregon Public Broadcasting.. Feb 22nd, 2013.. Robert Hill is an engineer for BNSF Railway.. He conducts some of the coal trains that travel through the Northwest.. To Hill, concerns about coal dust and noise from coal trains are overblown.. Article: Coal: The cleanest energy source there is? -.. Fox News.. Feb 20th, 2013.. Researchers have discovered a stunning new process that takes the energy from coal without burning it -- and removes virtually all of the pollution.. Article: New technologies reduce the environmental impacts of coal-fired plants -.. Engineer Live.. Feb 11th, 2013.. Robert S Giglio looks at the reality of clean coal in our energy future.. Article: Feds continue funding Illinois clean-coal project -.. Fuel Fix.. WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.. Energy Department has announced it is going ahead with phase two of central Illinois’ FutureGen clean-coal project.. Article: OSU researchers say 'clean coal' process captures 99% of carbon dioxide.. Feb 8th, 2013.. Ohio State University researchers say they have developed a way to create energy using coal while capturing 99 percent of carbon dioxide.. The trick, they say, is not burning the fossil fuel, but using a chemical reaction to draw its energy.. Article: McDonnell proclaims Coal Awareness Day -.. WVVA.. Feb 7th, 2013.. RICHMOND (NEWS RELEASE) - A proclamation declaring February 1 "Coal Awareness Day" in Virginia was presented to the Eastern Coal Council last week during a legislative breakfast in Richmond, Va.. , by Gov.. Bob McDonnell.. Article: FEATURE - Under Obama, coal country fights for its way of life -.. Reuters.. Feb 5th, 2013.. Feb 5 (Reuters) - Leon Lieser has been a coal miner 49 years, his bent fingers testament to his first job, loading coal by hand into a bucket.. Mining also led to a hip replacement and a knee replacement.. He loves his job and his industry, despite what it has done to his body.. Article: Peabody CEO: Super Bowl blackout provides case for coal -.. St.. Louis Post - Dispatch.. Feb 4th, 2013.. Gregory Boyce, chief executive officer of St.. Louis-based coal producer Peabody Energy, says the temporary blackout during a portion of Sunday night's Super Bowl game should serve as a reminder for the importance of coal.. Article: Many see the war on coal as a war on jobs -.. Alabama Political Reporter.. Feb 1st, 2013.. MONTGOMERY—It is said that politics makes strange bedfellows, in this instance it might be better phrased, losing jobs makes for common alliance.. Article: Washington Labor Leader counts jobs as coal's big benefit -.. OPB.. Jan 30th, 2013.. Mark Lowry has driven a bus for almost 20 years in Bellingham, Wash.. He takes pride in his job.. He also worries blue-collar jobs like his are getting harder  ...   term, he is free to pursue some of the radical goals he considered, but backed away from due to public outcry during his first four years.. Article: Obama coal regulations crippling communities; War on fossil fuels strangling the economy, too -.. Electric Light & Power.. Jan 18th, 2013.. The war on jobs and affordable energy is real and continues to pick up steam with a swarm of new regulations coming out of President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency contributing to more mine closures and plant shutdowns across the country.. Editorial: Feds need to aid coal production, not kill it -.. The Star Tribune.. Jan 16th, 2013.. The fight over coal taxes paid to the federal government boils down to energy.. Ironically, it has nothing to do with the amount of heat energy in a ton of coal.. It has nothing to do with the environmental concerns about coal.. Article: By 2017 coal projected to rival oil as World's top energy source -.. Paragon Report.. Jan 14th, 2013.. NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jan 14, 2013) - After a dismal 2012, the Coal Industry looks to be on the upswing as a recent report from the International Energy Agency predicts global coal demand to increase at an average of 2.. 6 percent a year over the next five years.. Article: U.. report predicts rising natural gas prices in 2013-14 -.. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.. Jan 9th, 2013.. Over the next several years, the EIA's projections call for a steady rise in natural gas prices, said Mr.. Sieminski, "continuing to go up to $5 or $6 in the longer term.. ".. Article: Jay Rockefeller’s in Big Trouble in West Virginia—and So Are the Dems -.. The New Republic.. Nov 29th, 2012.. After a brutal Election Day, Republicans led off the 2014 recruiting cycle with some good news: Popular West Virginia Rep.. Shelley Moore Capito announced that she would challenge long-time Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller for his seat.. Article: Romney digs for coal votes in swing states -.. USA Today.. Oct 24th, 2012.. While most of the 25 coal producing states are solidly in one camp or the other electorally, four are considered possible tossups this cycle: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado and Virginia.. Blog: Friends of Coal.. Jul 9th, 2012.. I like coal.. I like the coal industry.. I like the people in the coal industry, all the way from the belt muckers to the CEOs.. Opinion: When the Moore Family Lost Power -.. Wall Street Journal.. Jul 5th, 2012.. Last weekend the Moore household was one of nearly a million homes in the Washington, D.. , area without power.. Hal Quinn: Rockefeller Blamed the Victim W.. Va -.. Charleston Daily Mail.. Jun 27th, 2012.. Appalachia's coalfields may be joining the long list of communities endangered by a weak economy and the U.. Environmental Protection Agency's costly regulations..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - Supporter Quotes
    Descriptive info: Supporter Quotes.. Featured Profile.. Supporters List.. Q: What does coal mean to you?.. Coal is the life-blood of Clay County.. The loss of revenue generated by coal would devastate our county.. - Jerry L.. In my county coal means JOBS.. My county depends on coal money for about 50 percent of our tax base.. Without coal our county would suffer and fade away.. - Randy H.. I am a wife of a coal miner and a mother of three if they take the coal mines away, they would take food from my babies.. People need to research a little more and see exactly what all coal is made with or just turn on the lights.. Hats off to all the hardworking coal miners in West Virginia.. - Dianna B.. I am a supportive of coal because it provides many jobs for West Virginia.. - Tiffany F.. Coal mines bring jobs to our community.. - Carrie Y.. Coal gives me the electricity that I need.. - Ryan R.. Coal has been a part of my life for years.. It had been part of our family business.. Coal helps put food on my table and clothes on my back.. Life wouldn t be the same without.. coal.. !.. - Christina K.. Coal means everything to me.. It s the livelihood of our beautiful state.. It represents the strength and dedication of all those who work and live in West Virginia.. - Devin G.. Coal means energy.. It keeps our lights and the power running.. - Amanda S.. Hard work, a way of life, good money for your family my uncle is a coal miner and he make good money to support his family and he loves what he does here in West Virginia.. - AJ L.. I am proud to be from West Virginia and I am proud to be the wife of a WV coal miner.. Coal affords my family several pleasures that otherwise would be out of our reach.. Our family partakes in local events, fundraisers and charities, which in turn, keeps our money  ...   a West Virginia native, coal is something that brings jobs and opportunities.. It helps us keep jobs here in our area.. My grandfather raised his family by being a coal miner and I will always support the coal industry.. - Brittany H.. Coal means being able to go to the light switch and get light.. Coal has provided well paying jobs with spin-offs to other jobs.. Thanks.. - George L.. Coal is a good source of energy.. Coal means a good-paying job.. - Ronald T.. Coal means jobs and livelihoods for people of our area.. It has provided work for many families over the years.. It brought my family to this area from Italy many years ago.. - Nicholas S.. If it wasn t for coal our area would become a ghost town.. Everything revolves around the mining industry.. Coal is our present and our future.. - Bobby B.. Everyone in this region is dependent on the coal industry.. The coal industry provides the U.. S and the world an affordable source of electricity.. The people of this region benefits in many ways with the thousands of small business directly related and the countless jobs indirectly related.. Coal is my way of living.. Without coal I wouldn t have a job and I believe energy would become scarce as well as my job as a machinist.. - Tate H.. To me and many other people from Southern West Virginia, coal is not only a way of life but a vital natural resource that lights our country.. - Andrew T.. The coal industry is a vital part of our community and the miners who work there are our friends and family.. The coal industry has been a key influence in our community and backbone of our businesses for years.. - Earl C.. Coal production is the.. heart.. and.. soul.. of West Virginia and our country.. Our businesses rely on it to survive and it has proven to the rest of the country that we can produce our own natural resources and be successful!.. - Sydney B..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - Videos
    Descriptive info: Videos.. Radio Spots.. Photos.. Romney Ryan 2012: Faces of Coal.. WSC Coal Rally.. Abingdon Rally 2012.. At a Loss for Words.. Faces of Coal Hampton Trip.. Stop the War on Coal Rally.. - Flyer.. Faith in Coal.. Coal Creates Jobs.. Coal: our affordable energy resource.. Faces of Coal on Capitol Hill.. Faces Kentucky.. Faces of Coal WV Launch.. Aquatic Life.. Faces TV Advertisment..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - News Stories
    Descriptive info: (Feb 25th, 2013).. Natural gas and timber also retain their places in the county’s economic royalty.. Over the last few years, tourism — through Twin Falls Resort State Park, Hatfield McCoy Recreational Trails, museums, coal history — has brought more dollars into the county.. This piece of the county’s economy, however, isn’t creating enough jobs as yet to dethrone the reigning emperors.. “Coal is a  ...   county government, board of education, and businesses as well as private citizens depend on coal for their income.. As goes coal, so goes our county in many aspects.. ”.. “Wyoming County’s economy is struggling in most cases because of the coal industry,” noted Christy Laxton, who is the director of the Wyoming County Economic Development Authority.. “Other industries seem to be doing about the same.. back..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - Coal Plant Retirements Due to EPA
    Descriptive info: Announced Coal Plant Retirements due to EPA Regulations.. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has dangerously underestimated the impact of its back-door mandates on affordable coal-based electricity generation.. Instead of the 4.. 8 to 9.. 5 gigawatts (GW) of electric plant retirements predicted by EPA, 63 power plants with 26 GW of generating capacity are already on the chopping block due to U-MACT and CSAPR.. That means more than 29,000 workers are losing their jobs, millions of consumers will be paying more for their electricity and the reliability of our electricity supply is being compromised.. District.. Plant Name.. Owner.. Capacity (MW).. Colorado.. CO-5.. Clark.. Black Hills.. 42.. Georgia.. GA-10.. Harllee Branch.. Georgia Power.. 581.. Illinois.. IL-15.. IL-18.. Hutsonville.. Meredosia.. Ameren.. 150.. 203.. Kentucky.. KY-1.. KY-3.. KY-5.. KY-6.. Green River.. Cane Run.. Big Sandy.. Tyrone.. LG E.. AEP.. 189.. 618.. 278.. 135.. Maryland.. MD-6.. R.. Paul Smith.. FirstEnergy.. 110.. Massachusetts.. MA-6.. Salem Harbor.. Dominion..  ...   323.. 171.. 397.. Ohio.. OH-1.. OH-2.. OH-6.. OH-7.. OH-9.. OH-11.. OH-13.. OH-14.. OH-15.. Miami Fort.. WC Beckjord.. Muskingum River.. Conesville.. Bay Shore.. Avon Lake.. Lake Shore.. Niles.. Ashtabula.. Eastlake.. Pickway.. Duke.. GenOn.. 163.. 1,222.. 840.. 165.. 499.. 732.. 300.. 217.. 256.. 1,289.. 100.. Oregon.. OR-2.. Boardman.. Portland General.. 601.. Pennsylvania.. PA-3.. PA-4.. PA-5.. PA-6.. PA-17.. PA-18.. Armstrong.. New Castle.. Shawville.. Titus.. Portland.. Elrama.. 326.. 330.. 597.. 243.. 401.. 460.. South Carolina.. SC-1.. SC-2.. SC-3.. SC-6.. SC-7.. Jefferies.. McMeekin.. Urquhart.. Canady s Station.. Grainger.. Santee Cooper.. SCE G.. 306.. 490.. 170.. South Dakota.. At-large.. Ben French.. 25.. Texas.. TX-4.. TX-28.. Monticello.. Welsh.. T.. Deely.. Luminant.. CPS Energy.. 1,186.. 528.. 897.. Virginia.. VA-1.. VA-4.. VA-9.. Yorktown.. Chesapeake.. Clinch River.. Glen Lyn.. 376.. 813.. 235.. 335.. West Virginia.. WV-1.. WV-2.. WV-3.. Albright.. Kammer.. Rivesville.. Willow Island.. Kanawha.. Phillip Sporn.. 630.. 213.. 400.. 600.. Wisconsin.. WI-3.. Alma.. Dairyland Power Coop.. 45.. Wyoming.. Neil Simpson.. Osage.. 22.. 35..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - U.S. Coal and the U.S. Economy
    Descriptive info: FAST FACTS AT A GLANCE.. Coal Powers the U.. Coal mining provides jobs for the long-term.. According to the National Mining Association, coal mining will need 50,000 new employees over the next 10 years, because of increasing demand for coal and retiring coal workers.. 1.. Surface mining alone provides about 60,000 good jobs in Appalachia.. 2.. Coal mining jobs fuel other jobs.. For every coal mining job, an additional 3.. 5 jobs are created elsewhere in the economy.. 3.. In other words, coal mining keeps about 500,000 people including an estimated 134,000 coal miners on the job and earning a paycheck, so they can support themselves and their families.. 4.. Coal mining jobs are well paid.. The average mining wage is more than $66,000 per year, approximately 57 percent higher than the average wage for other industrial jobs.. 5.. coal mining generated $8.. 1 billion in personal income and payroll taxes in 2007.. 6.. and billions more in property and other taxes which are ultimately returned to taxpayers through vital government services such as K-12 education.. Surface mining is an economic driver.. About 70 percent of U.. coal production is mined using surface mining methods.. The National Mining Association estimates the direct value of surface mining activity at  ...   and more efficient than underground mining.. Surface mining has created much needed level land in Appalachia, while preserving the natural beauty of our mountains.. Today, communities benefit from commercial developments such as shopping malls, airports and recreational facilities all built as part of highly regulated, government-approved restoration and reclamation plans leading to a higher quality of life and greater economic diversity and prosperity in the region.. Download a PDF version of this article.. * The National Mining Association compiles and analyzes data from a variety of official sources, including the U.. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.. Department of Energy Energy Information Administration (EIA), and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), among other U.. and international agencies.. National Mining Association.. Fast Facts about Coal.. Mountaintop Mining Fact Book (p.. 2).. MSHA 2007 employment (using EIA surface underground ratios) Multiplier (3.. 5 avg.. ) from NMA Economic Contributions study (2007) Note - Employment numbers include contractors and all prep plant workers.. Profile of the U.. Coal Miner.. The Economic Contributions of U.. Mining, 2007.. pg 24.. Moore Economics , Prepared for the National Mining Association.. Mountaintop Mining Factbook.. (pg.. National Mining Association, Fast Facts about Coal.. Energy Information Administration.. , March 2008, Cost per kWh Percent of Coal Generation..

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  • Title: Faces of Coal - U.S. Coal and U.S. Energy Security
    Descriptive info: FAST FACTS AT A GLANCE.. America Runs on Coal.. Surface mining operations provide enough energy to power more than 25 million American homes.. Each person uses 7,539 pounds of coal annually.. A lump of coal is burned every time a book is ordered online.. Coal is affordable.. Americans pay about 6 cents per kilowatt/hour for electricity generated by coal, among the lowest electricity  ...   next 240 years.. Coal accounts for 90 percent of America s fossil fuel reserves.. Coal is vital to our national security.. Coal is the lifeblood of our domestic energy supply.. Our modern economy depends on reliable electricity.. Coal allows us to avoid further dependence on other nations for the energy we need to go about our daily lives.. Mountaintop Mining Fact Book.. (p..

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