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    Archived pages: 1 . Archive date: 2014-09.

  • Title: JADE Virus Removal Instructions
    Descriptive info: .. Removing most Windows viruses/worms.. Below are steps to removing Viruses.. Note, even though some are religiously opposed to installing an alternate browser to IE, This is one of the two main ways a system can contract a virus.. The only way to assure that virus doesn't reoccur is that the user doesn't hit 'yes' to little "can I install this little program?" button.. And accidents happen.. So to remove, follow steps 1-6.. But if you really wanna make sure they're clean, and won't get infected through IE, you can follow 6-10.. If you wanna install Opera or some other browser, fine.. but IE (and all its derivatives) are vulnerable as long as it keeps having unpatched security holes.. 1: With Internet access, goto http://www.. windowsupdate.. com/.. 2: Apply ALL "Critical" security patches and fixes.. 3: (Optional, if you have the AOL/Yahoo/MSN virus), run.. This Program.. 4:.. Download.. and Run McAfee Stinger.. 5:.. and Run Adaware.. Make sure when you run the program to CHECK  ...   problem: Internet Explorer.. To do this, read the following.. 6: Download Mozilla Firebird.. Here.. 7: Install Mozilla Firebird, if installing for novice users, remove "E" from desktop to remove confusion.. 8: Get the Java Sun Installer.. 9: Download.. Flash Plugin.. as well as the.. Shockwave Plugin.. 10: Run the installers for each plugin if you haven't already.. NOTE, Mozilla Firebird must be installed First!.. Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom, now no more popups or anything.. NOTE!! You will STILL get infected if you do not keep windows up to date!! Make sure you hit 'YES' when windows asks you to update.. This is probably the easiest way to avoid viruses.. You can even have it automatically update by right clicking on my computer, going to properties, and then the 'Automatic Updates' tab.. I normally set it to check every night at 10pm.. It will actually only run a few times a month.. 2004 JADE Microsystems - Updated May 5th 2004.. Questions or comments? Send an.. E-mail to us..

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