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  • Title: grml.org - Debian Live system / CD for sysadmins and texttool-users
    Descriptive info: .. About.. Features.. Team.. Screenshots.. Sponsors.. News.. Blog.. Release Notes.. Press.. Getting grml.. Download.. Order a CD.. Packages Files.. Documentation.. FAQ.. Wiki.. Zsh.. Development.. Reporting Bugs.. Known Bugs.. Beta Versions.. Contribute.. Get in touch.. Contact.. Search.. Copyright 2003-2013 Grml Live Linux.. Grml Live Linux.. Debian based Linux Live system.. What is Grml?.. Grml is a bootable live system (Live-CD) based on.. Debian.. Grml includes a collection of GNU/Linux software especially for system  ...   suited for administrative tasks like installation, deployment and system rescue.. Read more.. The current release:.. Download Grml 2013.. 09.. 29 Sep 2013: New.. stable release version 2013.. is available.. for download.. 11 Sep 2013: Release candidate version.. 2013.. 09-rc1.. available.. 02 Apr 2013:.. grml-zshrc: new prompt feature.. 27 Feb 2013: New.. 02.. Grml is sponsored by several companies.. For more information about our sponors check out the.. Sponsors webpage.. Our main sponsor is:..

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  • Title: grml.org - Screenshots
    Descriptive info: Bootsplash.. This screenshot shows the bootsplash.. Booting.. This screenshot shows the bootup sequence right after the bootsplash.. Console.. This screenshot shows w3m with image support on a framebuffer device.. That's what you'll see when running 'grml-info' on the console.. zsh.. This screenshot shows GNU screen running on console using framebuffer device with zsh and the completion mechanism of zsh running cdrecord.. X Window System - fluxbox.. This screenshot shows Grml 2013.. 09 running the X Window system with the.. fluxbox.. window manager..

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  • Title: grml.org - Sponsors
    Descriptive info: This is a list of companies or organizations that provide ongoing support to Grml.. Thanks to their support and assistance the Grml project can provide an excessive list of services for our users like free CDs, daily images (more than 16 different images), mailing lists, website, wiki etc.. To be more precise without their support the.. Grml project.. would not be able to provide all the services you know and love.. Hostway Deutschland GmbH.. Hostway Deutschland.. – more than just a hosting company.. Hostway.. is an  ...   a direct presence in 14 countries, and 600,000 customers worldwide.. operates 5 independent data centers in Germany, with 24/7 customer access and onsite staff.. The network supports IPv4 and IPv6, as well as the operation of high availability solutions, involving different interconnected local or international Hostway data centers.. Additionally, the.. Hostway Enterprise Platform.. , provides a redundant infrastructure for high performance customized cloud solutions (public, private, and hybrid), including various add-on features, like CDN, IDS/IPS, load balancing, as well as a wide range of managed services..

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  • Title: grml.org - Release Notes
    Descriptive info: Current release.. Release announcement for Grml 2013.. 09 - codename Hefeknuddler.. Previous releases.. Grml 2013.. - codename Grumpy Grinch.. Grml 2012.. 05.. - codename Ponyhof.. Grml 2011.. 12.. - codename Knecht Rootrecht.. - codename Just Mari.. Grml 2010.. - codename Gebrüder Grml.. 04.. - codename Grmlmonster.. Grml 2009.. 10..  ...   codename Schluchtenscheisser.. Grml 1.. 1.. - codename Skunk.. 0.. - codename Meilenschwein.. Grml 0.. 9.. - codename Dioptrienotto.. 8.. - codename Funkenzutzler.. 7.. - codename Bootenschnitzl.. 6.. - codename Winterschlapfn.. 5.. - codename Tokolytika.. 4.. - codename Eierspass.. 3.. - codename Hustenstopper.. 2.. - codename Satura.. 1 - codename OS04..

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  • Title: grml.org - Press
    Descriptive info: Grml in the press / online / links.. Contact our press team at: press (at) grml.. org.. English.. Distribution Release: Grml 2013.. 09 @ distrowatch.. com.. [2013-09-29].. Rescue system Grml 2013.. 02 improves diagnostic tools @ h-online.. [2013-03-01].. 02 @ distrowatch.. [2013-02-28].. Distribution Release: Grml 2012.. 05 @ distrowatch.. [2012-05-29].. 05 released with NUMA tools @ h-online.. Distribution Release: Grml 2011.. 12 @ distrowatch.. [2011-12-23].. grml 2011.. 12 @ softpedia.. 05 includes Ratpoison @ h-online.. [2011-05-31].. 05 Adds Linux Kernel 2.. 38.. 7 @ softpedia.. [2011-05-30].. Distribution Release: Grml 2010.. [2011-01-01].. grml, the No-Frills Linux Rescue CD--USB @ linuxplanet.. [2010-11-16].. Distribution Release: grml 2010.. 04 @ distrowatch.. [2010-04-30].. GRML Team Release Stable Version 2009.. 10 @ linux-magazine.. [2009-11-02].. Distribution Release: grml 2009.. 10 @ distrowatch.. [2009-10-31].. Lackdose-Allergie helps Linux admins @ h-online.. [2009-06-02].. grml 2009.. 05 Improves USB Installation @ news.. softpedia.. [2009-06-01].. Austrian Linux for the Administrator - heise-online.. co.. uk.. [2008-12-02].. 1 (Skunk) Just Released - softpedia.. [2008-02-26].. Distribution Release: grml 1.. 1 - distrowatch.. Development Release: grml 1.. 1 RC1 @ distrowatch.. [2007-12-29].. 0 @ distrowatch.. [2007-05-19].. Distribution Release: grml 0.. [2006-12-06].. 8 @ distrowatch.. [2006-08-14].. Hardware diagnostics with open source tools.. [2006-07-06].. [2006-06-06].. A Quick Look at grml - LWN.. net.. [2006-04-13].. 7 @ distrowatch.. [2006-04-10].. My desktop OS: GRML @ newsforge.. [2006-03-07].. 6 @ distrowatch.. [2006-01-23].. grml-small 0.. 1 released: LWN.. [2005-07-06].. Gentoo Weekly Newsletter: May 23th, 2005.. [2005-05-23].. distrowatch.. [2005-05-15].. Debian Weekly News - October 26th, 2004.. [2004-10-26].. German.. 09 mit aktualisierter Software - linux-magazin.. de.. [02.. 2013].. 09 Hefeknuddler - pro-linux.. [30.. Rettungs-Linux Grml 2013.. 02 Grumpy Grinch erhätlich - heise.. [01.. 03.. 02: Spielverderber als Systemretter - pro-linux.. [28.. 05 mit Sysstat und Small-Ausgabe - linux-magazin.. 2012].. 05 alias Ponyhof veröffentlicht - golem.. 05 veröffentlicht - pro-linux.. 05 Ponyhof erschienen - heise.. [29.. 12: Knecht Rootrecht - linux-magazin.. [27.. 2011].. Die Linux-Woche im Rückblick - computerwoche.. [26.. Rettungs-Linux Grml 2011.. 12 "Knecht Rootrecht" freigegeben - heise.. [24.. Das Grml-Projekt hat Version 2011.. 12 der Live-Distribution zur Systemrettung und Systemverwaltung veröffentlicht - pro-linux.. [23.. 12 alias Knecht Rootrecht veröffentlicht - golem.. Für System-Administratoren: Grml 2011.. 05 steht bereit - tecchannel.. [31.. Live-Linux Grml 2011.. 05 wieder mit Ratpoison - heise.. 05 veröffentlicht - golem.. Grml 2011-05 bringt aktualisierte Software - linux-magazin.. Rettungssystem Grml 2011.. Gebrüder Grml retten Daten - golem.. [05.. 01.. Admin-Freund: Grml 2010.. 12 veröffentlicht - derstandard.. at.. [04.. Gebrüder Grml - Grml 2010.. 12 ist fertig - linux-magazin.. [03.. Rettungsdistribution Grml 2010.. 12 erschienen - pro-linux.. 04 mit robustem Netzwerk-Boot - linux-magazin.. 2010].. 04, das Grmlmonster lässt grüßen - pro-linux.. Live-Linux Grml 2010.. 04 bekommt VNC-Modus und erkennt Host-Raids - heise.. grml 2010.. 04 veröffentlicht - symlink.. ch.. 2010.. Debian-Derivat Grml in Version 2009.. 10 - linux-magazin.. 2009].. Auf Debian basierende Live-CD Linux-Distribution für Systemadministratoren: grml 2009.. 10 - tecchannel.. 10 alias Hello-Wien veröffentlicht - golem.. Live-Linux Grml "Hello-Wien" für Admins - heise.. Grml-Team veröffentlicht stabile Version 2009.. 10 - linux-community.. 10 Codename "Hello-Wien" veröffentlicht - symlink.. Süßes oder Saures: Grml 2009.. 10, Codename Hello-Wien, ist fertig - prolinux.. Linux-Distribution für Admins:  ...   - tecchannel.. 7 erschienen - golem.. 7 freigegeben - pro-linux.. 7 Bootenschnitzl verfügbar - symlink.. Live-CD für Sysadmins: grml 0.. 6 - Winterschlapfn - erschienen - tecchannel.. 6 verfügbar - pc-magazin.. Live-Linux grml "Winterschlapfn" erschienen - heise.. 6 verfügbar - golem.. 6 und grml-small 0.. 2 veröffentlicht - symlink.. 2 freigegeben - pro-linux.. [22.. 5 Codename Tokolytika freigegeben - linux-community.. [25.. 2005].. Release 0.. 5 der grml Linux-Live-CD - hardwarecrew.. 5 veröffentlicht - symlink.. Neue Version der Linux-Live-CD grml - heise.. 5 erschienen - pc-magazin.. 5 freigegeben - pro-linux.. 5 erschienen - golem.. 4 erschienen - linux-community.. [17.. GRML in Version 0.. 4 verfügbar - futurezone.. orf.. 'Grummel' in der Version 0.. 4 erschienen - heise.. GRML 0.. 4 "Eierspass" freigegeben - prolinux.. 4 freigegeben - Symlink.. [16.. grml - Knoppix-Variante für Sysadmins - informatikserver.. grml - Knoppix-Variante für Sysadmins - pc-magazin.. grml - Knoppix-Variante für Sysadmins - Golem.. 2 - Ein Knoppix für die Kommandozeile - futurezone.. at [12.. 2 erschienen - Symlink.. GRML Version 0.. 2 jetzt verfügbar - Prolinux.. GRML in erster stabiler Version - futurezone.. at [25.. 2004].. Knoppix für Sysadmins - Symlink.. GRML - Die Admin Live-CD - LinuxEinsteiger.. info.. Live-CD für Sysadmins und Texttool-Benutzer - Prolinux.. Other languages.. 02 wydany @ linux.. pl.. 02 wydany @ dug.. 05 Ponyhof został wydany @ dug.. 05 wydany @ linux.. 12 wydany @ dug.. Вышел релиз Live-дистрибутива Grml 2011.. 12 @ opennet.. ru.. Вышел релиз LiveCD дистрибутива Grml 2011.. 05 @ opennet.. 05 @ thecamels.. 05 wydany @ dug.. Архив новостей за 31 октября 2009 года @ linuxcenter.. 10 @ quebecos.. 10 @ thecamels.. 'Sysadmin-Linux' grml vernieuwt @ techworld.. nl.. Live-cd: grml 0.. 8 @ quebecos.. GRML @ itmedia.. jp.. Live-cd : Nouvelle version de grml @ quebecos.. 2 @ 3dnews.. 5 @ distrofreak.. seesaa.. 5 @ quebecos.. 5 @asseq.. 1: Knoppix @ 3dnews.. 1 @ asseq.. 4 @ technotux.. Nueva distro: grml 0.. 4 @ tod-os.. 4 @ asseq.. 3 @ drudo.. altervista.. 3 @ asseq.. 2 @ asseq.. 2 @ linux-sevenler.. 2 @ technotux.. Magazine.. Articles about Grml or Grml ISO shipped as part of magazines:.. Grml featured in Linux User 03/2012.. Grml in c't extra Netzwerke 01/2011.. Grml in DELUG edition of Linux Magazine 03/11.. 04 shipped with LinuxUser 7/2010.. Grml article in freiesMagazin 06/2010.. Grml in c't extra 03/2009 Netzwerke.. Grml DVD and article in LinuxUser 2009/08.. Grml in Linux Magazin 2009/08 (DELUG DVD-version).. Grml in c't kompakt 01/2009.. Grml in c't 07/2009.. Grml in LinuxUser magazine 2009/02.. 1 in LinuxUser 05/2008.. Grml (pre-release of 1.. 1) in c't special 02/2008 'Netzwerke' magazine.. 0 / grml64 0.. 1 /grml-small 0.. 4 in LinuxUser 07/2007 (media edition).. Grml in the tecchannel compact magazine, edition 'april/mai/juni 2007.. 3 in LinuxUser 02/2007.. 8 in 'Linux-Magazin Sonderheft: Netz und System' - edition 04/2006.. 2 in LinuxUser 10/2006.. Grml in c't 21/2006.. 7 in LinuxUser 06/2006.. (.. Live-CD für Sysadmins und Texttool-User.. ).. Grml in the DELUG-subscription of Linux-Magazin edition 07/05.. Online / Links.. Ten Essential Linux Admin Tools @ linux-mag.. Distrowatch.. OS04 - Report - Debian.. linuxbasis.. linuxquestions.. Linuxwiki..

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  • Title: grml.org - Download
    Descriptive info: Get the current stable release here.. Download the Grml flavour you need, then write it to a CD-R or an empty USB stick.. Download from a specific mirror.. Direct download links:.. Grml96 full ISO.. [.. Signature.. ].. Grml64 full ISO.. Grml32 full ISO.. Grml96 small ISO.. Grml64 small ISO.. Grml32 small ISO.. Options.. grml-full (~350MB).. grml-small (~150MB).. 64-bit PC (amd64).. 32-bit PC (i586+).. One  ...   Alternate downloads.. Daily images.. Older releases.. Source code.. (both archs).. Netboot packages:.. 64-bit.. (sig).. 32-bit.. Signing Key.. Please verify all downloads using GnuPG!.. Boot from USB key.. Just.. dd(1).. the downloaded ISO to an.. empty.. USB key!.. dd if=grml64_2013.. iso of=/dev/USB_KEY.. Troubleshooting.. Boot option guide.. Git repositories.. The Grml team uses.. git.. for managing software and packages.. The repositories are available online at.. GitHub..

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  • Title: grml.org - Order
    Descriptive info: Order a Grml CD.. If you don't have the bandwidth to.. download the Grml ISO.. you can order a Grml CD at the following webshops:.. tuxpost.. (Germany).. linuxcd.. (Worldwide)..

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  • Title: grml.org - Files
    Descriptive info: Files.. Package Repository.. Packages provided by the Grml team are available from the.. Grml repository.. Note that using the Grml repository on standard Debian systems is.. not recommended.. If you just want our console configuration, read.. "Make console work comfortable".. # Signing key is available in grml-archive-keyring # deb http://deb.. grml.. org/ grml-stable main # deb-src http://deb.. org/ grml-stable main # deb http://deb.. org/ grml-testing main #  ...   CD covers and similar media files are available in the.. mediakit repository.. Changelogs.. The changelogs have moved to.. their own webpage.. Package lists for the current release.. grml32-full 2013.. 09[-rc1].. dpkg.. selections.. - software package listing.. list.. - more detailed package list including version information.. grml-cheatcodes.. txt.. - boot options.. nonfree-licenses.. - a list of used nonfree software and their licenses.. grml64-full 2013.. grml32-small 2013.. grml64-small 2013..

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  • Title: grml.org - documentation
    Descriptive info: FAQ zsh.. Frequently asked questions and answers can be found in the section.. If you are looking for information on the Zsh take a look at the.. zsh-webpage.. Many tips and tricks can be found in the.. grml-wiki (wiki.. org).. Guides.. grml2usb.. : install grml ISO(s) on usb device for booting.. grml-debootstrap.. : wrapper around debootstrap for installing plain Debian via grml.. grml-live.. : build framework based on FAI for generating a grml and Debian based Linux Live system (CD/ISO).. grml-x.. : create xorg.. conf file (providing hardware detection) and start X window system.. grml-terminalserver.. : boot grml via network..

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  • Title: grml.org - FAQ
    Descriptive info: FAQ for grml.. Up2date:.. applies to Grml version 2013.. Index:.. General:.. What are grml32 / grml64 and grml96?.. What is the difference between grml-full and grml-small?.. Where do I get Grml?.. What does Grml mean?.. What about the release name?.. Requirements for running Grml.. Which bootoptions does Grml support?.. Are there any known issues with this release? How about reporting bugs?.. :.. How do I boot Grml from a USB stick?.. Is it possible to store my settings?.. What are the passwords of users on Grml?.. How do I find out the version of Grml.. How do I change the language/keyboard settings?.. Which window managers can I use?.. Where are my LVM devices?.. Where are my Software-RAID devices?.. Which ways exist to boot Grml?.. How do I configure timezone on my Grml system?.. Is it possible to install Grml to harddisk?.. Software:.. Which package(s) and which version is available?.. Why is Zsh the default shell?.. Support / Unanswered stuff:.. Further questions?.. Commercial Support.. General.. It is not necessary to install anything to a harddisk.. It specializes on administrative tasks like installation, deployment and system rescue.. grml32-full: 32bit version (kernel and userspace), ~350MB.. grml64-full: 64bit version (kernel and userspace), ~350MB.. grml96-full: multi boot version (featuring the grml32-full and grml64-full ISOs combined on one ISO), ~700MB.. Unless you've a good reason to really choose the 32bit flavour we strongly encourage you to use either the grml64 or the grml96 flavour.. Please notice that this schema was introduced starting with the downsized Grml release 2011.. Until then grml96 didn't exist and grml32 was known as just 'grml'.. grml-small provides a reduced set of available software compared to grml-full.. It provides the same Linux kernel image as grml-full and is fully binary compatible.. Choose the grml-small flavour if size - for whatever reason - really matters to you.. Grml is open source, you can download it from the mirrors listed at.. grml.. org/download/.. Grml comes close to 'argl' or 'grrr' in English.. People use this when they want to express their dissatisfaction with software (amongst other things).. Codename of Grml 2013.. 09 is "Hefeknuddler", well we.. like beer.. Intel-compatible CPU (i586 or later, preferably Pentium class or higher).. =256MB of RAM ( =512MB recommended).. either a bootable CD-/DVD-ROM drive, a.. USB-boot capable system.. or a network card for booting via network/PXE (check out.. ).. What does accessibility at Grml mean?.. The Grml kernel includes support for speakup.. For software, brltty and espeakup are included.. Check out the.. grml-cheatcodes file.. (also available via.. org/cheatcodes/.. Of course.. kernel-parameters.. of the Linux kernel applies to Grml as well.. Are there any known issues? How about reporting bugs?.. Please visit the.. bug webpage.. Check out.. at the.. usb webpage in the grml-wiki.. Yes, using the a.. persistency feature.. There are no default passwords - all accounts are locked by default for security reasons.. Even local logins are not possible (unless you set a password or create new user accounts as root).. You can  ...   enable SW-RAID by default just boot using the 'swraid' bootoption which enables automatic assembling of software raid arrays.. Of course running from CD/DVD is a common way to boot Grml.. But Grml provides many more ways to boot:.. It is possible to boot Grml via USB (e.. g.. USB stick or harddisk), firewire, or running from a Compact Flash disk.. It works out of the box; you don't need to modify anything.. the usb webpage in the grml-wiki.. for more details.. Your computer can not boot from CD-ROM but provides a floppy disk? Take a look at.. btmgr.. ,.. ubcd4win.. or.. sbm.. They provide support for booting from CD-ROM via a special floppy disk.. grml-terminalserver makes it possible to boot your system via network using.. PXE.. (Preboot Execution Environment).. If your network card does not provide support for booting via PXE you can still boot it either using the provided grub image by grml-terminalserver (for example via floppy drive) or using.. gPXE.. For more information, refer to the.. grml-terminalserver webpage.. Available bootoptions relevant in live-cd mode:.. utc: set UTC, if your system clock is set to UTC (GMT).. gmt: set UTC, if your system clock is set to UTC (GMT) [like bootoption utc].. tz=$option: set timezone to corresponding $option, usage example: tz=Europe/Vienna.. Further information: manpages hwclock(8), tzselect(1) and tzconfig(8);.. Debian GNU/Linux System Administrator's Manual Chapter 16 - Time.. and.. TimeZoneChanges in the Debian-Wiki.. Short anwer: No.. If you want to get a plain Debian system take a look at.. Long(er) answer: yes it's possible to install Grml.. But it's not supported and you'll be on your own.. That's why we decided to make it not-so-obvious.. If you really know what you're doing you'll find out on your own.. Reminder: use.. Debian Installer.. instead.. Software.. If you want to get details about the provided packages and the package versions without booting the Grml ISO check out the dpkg_.. files in the.. Debian-Information section on grml.. org/files/.. Short answer: because.. Zsh rocks.. , really!.. Long(er) answer: If you don't know Zsh take a look the.. Grml Zsh reference card.. If you are a Bash user and don't know Zsh yet, don't be afraid.. Bash is largely a subset of Zsh and you don't have to throw away your knowledge about shell stuff.. Support / Unanswered stuff.. Further questions.. Do you have a question which is not answered in the FAQ or in the provided.. documentation.. (execute grml-info on your Grml system for offline documentation)? Also check out 'grml-tips $KEYWORD' on your Grml system.. Take a look at.. the Grml website.. the grml-wiki.. A good place to become part of the community is the.. Grml mailinglist.. You want to deploy Grml in your data center, use it as part of your business or have an emergency case? You're happy with Grml but would like to get your very own live cd (providing your favourite software selection, special configuration, setup and your bootsplash)? Please get in.. touch with us..

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  • Title: grml.org - Zsh
    Descriptive info: Introduction.. /.. grml-zsh-refcard.. grmlzshrc(5).. grml-zsh-config.. zsh-lovers.. Resources.. One of the main features of the grml system is the.. (Z shell).. The zsh is the default.. interactive.. shell of the grml system.. On this webpage you will find information regarding the zsh on grml.. The grml-zsh-refcard provides a short overview of defined aliases, functions and settings of zsh on the grml system.. Download it, print it and improve your zsh skills!.. pdf.. (~108kB).. grmlzshrc(5) is a manpage providing detailled information about grml's zsh configuration.. On the grml system it is available offline via 'man grmlzshrc'.. An online version is available as well:.. grmlzshrc.. html.. (~50kB).. You do not have to use grml/Debian to use grml's zsh configuration.. Just retrieve and install the configuration files in your home directory via executing for example:.. # IMPORTANT: please note that you might override an existing # configuration file in the current working directory! => wget -O.. zshrc http://git.. org/f/grml-etc-core/etc/zsh/zshrc # Optionally also grab the user configration: # wget -O.. zshrc.. local http://git.. org/f/grml-etc-core/etc/skel/.. zshrc.. Tip: for.. Archlinux.. linux users exists.. an official grml-zsh-config package.. zsh-lovers is a small project which tries to  ...   like to have zsh-lovers on your Debian system add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.. list (run 'apt-get update apt-get install zsh-lovers'):.. # grml-repository deb http://deb.. org/ grml-stable main.. If you find any bugs or suggestions please.. mail us.. ! Feedback is welcome - help us to improve it!.. General/Useful:.. : zsh-homepage.. sourceforge.. net/.. -.. main.. zsh-homepage.. sf.. - zsh-projectpage.. Z-Shell FAQs.. Zsh Wikiweb.. Zsh - mailing list archive.. From Bash to Z Shell: Conquering the Command Line.. Zsh reference-card (PDF).. The Single UNIX ® Specification, Version 2 - Shell Command Language Index.. Debian bug reports for zsh.. Zsh-Webpage.. by Christian Schneider.. Adam's UNIX shells page.. kwtools.. - a big zsh-scriptcollection (based on.. dialog.. ) by Kai Wilke for often used apps.. Zzappers Best of ZSH tips.. by David Rayner.. more links on zsh-homepage.. Articles:.. A User's Guide to the Z-Shell.. by Peter Stephenson (1999).. Curtains up: introducing the Z shell.. by IBM Developerworks (2001).. Zsh Workshop.. by Larry P.. Schrof.. Zsh configuration files:.. zsh-config of Christian Schneider.. zsh-configuration-files @ zshwiki.. org.. German information:.. www.. michael-prokop.. at/computer/tools_zsh.. - zsh-Seite von Michael Prokop.. Zsh-Liebhaber-Seite.. von Michael Prokop und Matthias Kopfermann..

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