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    Archived pages: 58 . Archive date: 2014-01.

  • Title: grml.org - Bugs
    Descriptive info: Please check for.. known bugs.. first.. Web:.. Register.. and then.. Create an issue.. Using E-Mail: Send mail to.. bugs (at) grml.. org.. Please be as specific as possible.. Include at least:.. Steps to reproduce the problem.. Expected behaviour.. Actual behaviour.. Your system configuration (run.. grml-hwinfo.. ).. Software versions (try.. foo --version.. or.. dpkg -l foo.. Take a look at ".. How to Report Bugs Effectively.. ".. Note: all bugs are made public.. Thank you for helping us improve Grml!..

    Original link path: /bugs/
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  • Title: grml.org - Known Bugs
    Descriptive info: Additional issues can be found in the Grml Bugtracker.. List of Open Issues.. If you find additional bugs, please.. report them.. Known Bugs in Grml 2013.. issue1248.. : grml2usb: does not detect bootflag on second partition.. issue1270.. : grml-rescueboot does not support md/raid devices.. issue1273.. : booting via PXE with grml-terminalserver fails on grml96.. grml-debootstrap: installation of 32bit systems lack kernel package, details and solution available in.. Issue 1238..

    Original link path: /bugs/known/
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  • Title: grml.org - Beta Versions
    Descriptive info: All these versions are highly experimental.. As always:.. Use them at your own risk.. Provide.. bug reports.. if you find problems.. Daily Build.. Daily builds.. mostly reflect development of the next Grml release.. These builds are not tested.. Release Candidates.. Shortly before we publish a new release a release candidate version is made available to the public.. Currently there's no release candidate version available..

    Original link path: /beta/
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  • Title: grml.org - Contact
    Descriptive info: For general questions please join the Grml user mailinglist (see below).. If you have found a bug please.. report it.. For commercial support and services please send us mail to business (at) grml.. Mailing lists.. If you want to be notified when a.. new Grml release.. is available, subscribe to the read-only.. Grml announce mailing list.. If you want to participate in the.. mailing list of Grml.. , please subscribe to the.. Grml user mailing list.. Anyone can post to this mailing list, but if you are not already subscribed, your message will  ...   The Grml user mailing list is available.. via gmane.. as well.. If you are interested in following the.. development of Grml.. you might be interested in the.. Grml developer mailing list.. The.. Grml repository commits mailing list.. tracks all the pushed commits to.. Grml's git repositories.. Changes in Grml's Debian repository can be tracked via the.. Grml Testing-changes mailing list.. bug-changes.. mailing list tracks all messages sent to.. Grml's Bug Tracking System.. Notice:.. All Grml mailing lists are.. English only.. IRC.. You can find us in.. #grml on irc.. freenode.. Channel language is English..

    Original link path: /contact/
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  • Title: grml.org - Release Notes: Grml 2013.09 - Codename Hefeknuddler
    Descriptive info: Release Notes for Grml 2013.. 09 - codename.. Hefeknuddler.. Download Now.. This Grml release provides fresh software packages after the Debian stable release (AKA wheezy) has been released.. As usual it also incorporates up2date hardware support and fixes known bugs from the previous Grml release.. New features.. new boot option.. encpasswd.. : takes a hashed password as argument, setting password of users root and grml to the specified value (use e.. g.. 'mkpasswd -H md5' to generate such a hash).. supports iproute's ip tool, sg_inq from sg3-utils and lscpu, lsblk, dmsetup ls --tree.. grml-lang includes.. french keymap.. support.. Important Changes.. UTC.. is used as default time zone, to use a different setting you can use the.. tz.. boot option (usage example: tz=Europe/Vienna).. To match the behaviour with the.. ssh.. boot option the.. passwd.. boot option now also sets the password for user root - and not only for user 'grml'.. grml-autoconfig (and its GRMLCFG feature) doesn't support.. floppy.. disks any longer.. zshrc:.. new prompt handling.. , see.. Grml blog for more details.. zshrc: to enable.. power completion.. / abbreviation expansion use "ctrl-x.. " instead of ",.. " (see.. debian/NEWS for details.. ).. Grml does not ship.. clamav anti-virus definitions.. any longer due  ...   ash augeas-lenses clonezilla dconf-gsettings-backend dconf-service debugedit dh-python drbl fonts-dejavu-core gcc-4.. 8-base info init-system-helpers iproute2 nwipe puppet puppet-common python3 python3-minimal python3.. 3 python3.. 3-minimal ruby-augeas ruby-safe-yaml ruby-shadow tasksel tasksel-data wakeonlan xdg-utils xpdf xserver-xorg-input-mouse xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse xulrunner-17.. 0 zsh-common.. These Grml packages have been removed/replaced (excluding lib* and kernel image):.. epdfview febootstrap makedev python-gnupginterface xulrunner-10.. 0.. Known issues.. Please visit.. the known bugs webpage.. Grml 2013.. 09 can be downloaded from.. grml.. org/download/.. Feedback.. Your comments, bug reports, patches, and suggestions will help fixing bugs and improving future releases.. If you find a problem with the release please check.. the known bugs list.. and report problems using information on.. org/bugs/.. Please send your feedback and feature requests.. to the Grml team.. !.. Thanks.. Many thanks in this release go to (alphabetically) Andreas Gredler, Benedikt Morbach, Bernhard Tittelbach, Christian Hesse, Christian Hofstaedtler, Falko Mach, Florian Ermisch, Jan Hruban, Jordan Uggla, Joe Stingel, ludinator.. Lukas Prokop, Martin Šlouf, Michael Biebl, Moritz Molle, Peter Palfrader, thinkgear, Thorsten Glaser, Till Maas, Ulrich Dangel and Ziirish for their contributions.. More Information.. You can find out more about Grml on.. our website.. ,.. IRC channel.. , and.. wiki.. To sign up for future Grml announcements, please subscribe to.. Grml's announcement list..

    Original link path: /changelogs/README-grml-2013.09/
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  • Title: grml.org - Release Notes: Grml 2013.09-rc1 - Codename Hefeknuddler
    Descriptive info: 09-rc1 - codename.. : takes a hashed password as argument, setting password of users root and grml to the specified value.. 09(-rc1).. Packages are taken from Debian testing, 10th of September 2013.. Issue1274.. : grml-terminalserver fails to set up NFS version 3, resulting in unbootable PXE  ...   org/download/prerelease/.. Many thanks in this release go to (alphabetically) Andreas Gredler, Benedikt Morbach, Bernhard Tittelbach, Christian Hesse, Christian Hofstaedtler, Falko Mach, Jan Hruban, Jordan Uggla, Joe Stingel, ludinator.. Lukas Prokop, Martin Šlouf, Moritz Molle, Peter Palfrader, Thorsten Glaser, Till Maas, Ulrich Dangel and Ziirish for their contributions..

    Original link path: /changelogs/README-grml-2013.09-rc1/
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  • Title: grml.org - Release Notes: Grml 2013.02 - Codename Grumpy Grinch
    Descriptive info: 02 - codename.. Grumpy Grinch.. This release brings the Grml tools towards the upcoming Debian stable release (AKA wheezy), provides up2date hardware support and fixes known bugs from the previous Grml release.. ssh boot option: display SSH server key fingerprints.. grml-hwinfo: added support for lsscsi, iscsiadm, proxmox/libvirt/openvz/vserver information retrieval, swapon, mdadm, LVM + dmsetup, now using 'lspci -nn' for lspci output.. grml-live: handling firmware related packages in GRMLBASE, added uuid-runtime to GRMLBASE.. grml-network: netcardconfig provides support to scan for available wireless networks.. grml-udev-config: Do not set mount options for NTFS partitions to "ro" any longer.. grml2usb: verify that the bootflag is enabled.. grml2iso: ISOs are dd-able by default.. grml-debootstrap:.. Use http.. debian.. net as default mirror.. Set wheezy as the new default release.. Add acpi-support-base + firmware-linux-free to default package selection.. /etc/apt/sources.. list.. d/debian.. list no longer uses cdn.. net for the Debian repository, instead uses snapshot.. org with the according release date.. This should make installation of additional  ...   further details.. 7.. 9.. No additional modules are shipped.. dpkg.. Packages are taken from Debian testing, 26th of February 2013.. 13 packages have been removed, and these 22 new packages have been added (plus dependencies, excluding lib* and kernel image):.. aptitude-common atmel-firmware bluez-firmware cpp-4.. 7 cryptsetup-bin epdfview firmware-atheros firmware-bnx2 firmware-bnx2x firmware-intelwimax firmware-libertas firmware-linux genisoimage ifenslave-2.. 6 insserv libertas-firmware netsniff-ng ruby1.. 1 ssmping uuid-runtime virt-what zd1211-firmware.. arrayprobe consolekit cpp-4.. 6 fuse-utils gcc-4.. 5-base gcc-4.. 6-base grub info linux-sound-base smbfs tasksel tasksel-data xorriso.. None at the time of the release!.. Take a look at.. Please report problems using information on.. 02 can be downloaded from.. Many thanks in this release go to (alphabetically) Andras Korn, Bernhard Tittelbach, Charles A.. Hewson, Christian Hesse, Christian Hofstaedtler, Christoph Biedl, Csillag Tamas, Dominik Schips, Evan Pitstick, Florian Apolloner, Florian Klien, frenbu, Gregor Herrmann, Hendrik Jaeger, Lukas Anzinger, Pawel Sadkowski , Peter Palfrader, Pierre Schmitz, Raoul Raminder Andreas, Thorsten Glaser and Ulrich Dangel for their contributions..

    Original link path: /changelogs/README-grml-2013.02/
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  • Title: grml.org - Release Notes: Grml 2012.05 - Codename Ponyhof
    Descriptive info: Release Notes for Grml 2012.. 05 - codename.. Ponyhof.. After the downsizing and cleanup release 2011.. 12 this release brings some additional tools and the grml-small flavour is back again.. grml-hwinfo: Support numactl to retrieve NUMA information.. Re-add simplified support for brltty.. Support 9p-virtio filesystem for mounting the DCS-directory (Debs, Configuration and Scripts - see man grml-autoconfig).. The ssh bootoption sets the specified/generated ssh password for user 'grml'.. and.. (new) for root.. Using /media as default mount target.. Dropped the grml-feedback tool.. 3.. Important Reminders.. Booting Grml via PXE? Do not forget to add the live-media-path=.. bootoption, otherwise booting will fail with 'No supported filesystem images found at /live'.. Usage instructions: live-media-path=/live/$FLAVOUR (where $FLAVOUR corresponds to grml64-full, grml32-full, grml64-small, grml32-small) - for further details visit.. terminalserver page in the Grml-Wiki.. Booting Grml from hard disk? Do not forget to add the live-media-path=.. bootoption.. Or even better:  ...   7-base genext2fs hexedit hostapd iftop imvirt-helper info ipmitool iptstate ipxe-qemu irssi kmod live-boot-grml-doc lrzsz lzop mc-data memtester mosh numactl open-vm-tools pppoeconf rfkill ser2net slurm smbfs sysstat tasksel tasksel-data tcptraceroute usb-modeswitch usb-modeswitch-data vlock wireshark wvdial xmount xorriso xulrunner-10.. These 7 Debian packages have been removed/replaced (excluding lib* and kernel image):.. console-terminus gcc-4.. 4-base genisoimage ipxe python-central python-pexpect xulrunner-8.. Download Grml 2012.. 05.. Grml 2012.. 05 can be downloaded from.. Many thanks in this release go to (alphabetically) Axel Beckert, Charles A.. Hewson, ChiCuong HA, Christian Hofstaedtler, Christoph Biedl, Christopher Schramm, Conny Seidel, Csillag Tamas, Florian Apolloner, Frank Prochnow, Heinz Ahrens, Holger Baust, John S.. Skogtvedt, Jordan Uggla, Laurent CARON, Marco d'Itri, Markus Ulrich, Martin Koeppe, Matthias Strubel, Michael Hanke, Michael Renner, Michael Schierl, Paul Menzel, Pawel azhag Sadkowski, Thomas Arendsen Hein, Thorsten Glaser, Thorsten Leemhuis, Timo Boettcher, Tom Oehser, Ulrich Dangel and Vincent McIntyre for their contributions..

    Original link path: /changelogs/README-grml-2012.05/
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  • Title: grml.org - Release Notes: Grml 2011.12 - Codename Knecht Rootrecht
    Descriptive info: Release Notes for Grml 2011.. 12 - codename.. Knecht Rootrecht.. This release brings a downsizing and cleanup: one flavour, two architectures.. The new, smaller flavour has a 350MB ISO size target, while still delivering over 1.. 1GB of open source software relevant for system administrators!.. EFI Boot support from CD-ROM and USB keys (amd64 only).. mDNS support (try.. ping grml.. local.. with libnss-mdns and avahi-daemon or similar enabled on your host).. NFS Client support and d-bus start automatically.. grml-debootstrap.. , the tool of choice to install Debian, can now directly build virtual machine images.. grml-live.. , our build tool, was enhanced with new features to better integrate with.. Jenkins.. This release, as well as the current.. daily images.. are built from within Jenkins!.. The live-media-path=.. bootoption is mandatory now.. If you're booting Grml via PXE or from harddisk (e.. using findiso) please make sure to add live-media-path=/live/$FLAVOUR to the kernel commandline.. Further details are available at the.. terminalserver page.. and the.. rescueboot page.. in the Grml-Wiki.. Z-Shell configuration has been cleaned up.. Quite a few functions.. have been removed.. from the default configuration.. X11 environment has been downsized as well.. The window manager is now fluxbox.. idesk has been removed, all available software is now reachable from the fluxbox menu.. The accessibility support now consists of shipping standard speakup and enabling sound during boot.. A new beep sequence  ...   turn this off with the.. nostats.. boot option.. Modem support has been removed from grml-network.. VT consoles are driven by grml-runtty, our homegrown login and getty replacement for Live CDs.. Netboot scenarios should no longer use the "nodhcp" boot option.. grml2hd is no longer in PATH to discourage its use even further.. The related boot options have been removed.. grml2usb: compat for releases 2009.. 05, grub1 and lilo support have been removed.. Release builds are now built from Debian's testing distribution, instead of unstable.. 1.. 6.. 32-bit package list.. 64-bit package list.. Packages are taken from Debian testing, 23rd of December 2011.. More than 1700 packages have been removed, and these new packages have been added (plus dependencies):.. afflib-tools atftp bacula-sd boot-info-script efibootmgr extundelete grub-efi-amd64-bin hsetroot ia32-libs imvirt ipxe libnss-myhostname lio-utils mcollective mtx multiarch-support netcat-openbsd python2.. 7 sipcalc targetcli.. These Grml packages have been removed/replaced:.. grml-debugtools grml-docs grml-files grml-files64 grml-firefox grml-laptop grml-pylib grml-rebuildfstab grml-rescueboot grml-sectools grml-templates grml-usleep grml-vpn grml grml64.. Download Grml 2011.. 12.. Grml 2011.. 12 can be downloaded from.. Many thanks in this release go to (alphabetically) Brad Cable, Christoph Biedl, Christoph Lupe, Charles A.. Hewson, Hans BKK, John G.. Heim, Jordan Uggla, Julius Plenz Malte Simon, Marek Malevič, Michael Gissing, Pawel Sadkowski, Ralf Moll, Richard Hartmann, Sedat Dilek, Thomas Koehler, Uli Martens for their ideas and patches - as well as to our new.. contributors..

    Original link path: /changelogs/README-grml-2011.12/
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  • Title: grml.org - Release Notes: Grml 2011.05 - Codename Just Mari
    Descriptive info: Just Mari.. Grml is a bootable live system (Live-CD) based on Debian.. It includes a collection of GNU/Linux software especially for system administrators and users of texttools.. Grml provides automatic hardware detection.. Grml is the perfect rescue system, but you can also use it for analyzing systems/networks or as a working environment.. It is not necessary to install anything to a harddisk; you don't even need a harddisk to run it.. Due to on-the-fly decompression Grml includes about 2 GB of software and documentation on the live system.. New Linux kernel version.. based on 2.. 38.. Initramfs is now XZ compressed (smaller).. /run.. has been introduced.. Special new features:.. dns= bootoption.. allows for specifying static nameservers.. grml-feedback, a commandline application for providing feedback to the Grml Team via.. feedback.. grml.. Easier syntax for grml-quickconfig menu files, existing menu files are still valid.. grml2iso small ISOs:.. grml2iso can now output small ISOs (~ 20MB) with only kernel and initrd.. These are meant to be used with fetch=.. iPXE has replaced gPXE.. Core scripts previously found in grml-scripts are now shipped as grml-scripts-core to facilitate reuse on plain Debian systems.. Due to popular demand, the ratpoison window manager is included once again.. grml-debootstrap adds the security repository for stable and testing installations.. grml-quickconfig will be executed on grml-small.. More complicated disk configurations (LVM and SW-RAID, though not stacked on each other) are supported when booting Grml via grml-rescueboot or with the findiso= and live-media= bootoptions.. Kernel.. Based on vanilla kernel 2.. 7 including.. several patches.. and additional modules:.. aufs iscsitarget ndiswrapper openafs  ...   muscletools nilfs2-tools noshell opie-client orpheus perl-suid portmap postfix-ldap pperl prismstumbler python-openssl pytris qprof rc s3switch samba-common-bin sbm spell spellutils spicctrl tasksel tasksel-data tetradraw tiny tn5250 unrar-free user-setup viewglob weechat weechat-core weechat-curses weechat-plugins weechat-scripts xcardii xfaces xmms2 xmms2-client-cli xmss2-core xmms2-icon xmms2-plugin-alsa xmms2-plugin-id3v2 xmms2-plugin-jack xmms2-plugin-mad xmms2-plugin-vorbis xserver-xorg-input-wacom xserver-xorg-video-geode xserver-xorg-video-nv xtables-addons-common yatm zec.. Added 27 new packages (exluding lib* and *2.. 38-grml*):.. clipit console-setup-linux cpp-4.. 6 etherboot-qemu firmware-realtek g++-4.. 6 gcc-4.. 6-base gir1.. 2-glib-2.. 0 git-man grml-feedback grml-scripts-core gs-cjk-resource nginx-common nginx-full nvidia-common openafs-client qemu-keymaps qemu-utils ratpoison rdfind rpcbind rs ruby-ncurses seabios snmp v4l-utils.. Major news since release 2010.. Grml development blog.. moved to a new home.. - now available at.. blog.. Results of the Grml user survey.. have been published.. German magazine.. c't extra Netzwerke 01/2011.. featured a special edition of Grml 2010.. German.. Linux Magazine 03/11.. featured Grml 2010.. 12 on DVD (DELUG version).. org/contact/.. The Grml team specially wants to thank.. Marianne.. , you know who you are!.. Many thanks in this release go to (alphabetically) Andreas Korsten, Axel Beckert.. Bernhard Tittelbach, Bert Schulze, Christoph Biedl, Dennis Hoppe, Faheem Mitha, Joerg Mueller, Johann Felix Soden, Jordi Funollet, Jordan Uggla, K.. Wulff, Lukas Prokop, Martin Scharm, Matthias Kopfermann, Michael Renner, Moritz Augsburger, Richard Hartmann, Roger Leigh, Sebastian Boehm, Sedat Dilek, Thomas Koehler, Thorsten Glaser, Vsevolod Kozlov, for their contributions.. We also would like to thank everyone who filled out the.. Grml user survey 2011.. You can find out more about grml on.. If you are interested in development releases grab the daily ISOs from.. daily.. Further Questions?.. Please feel free to.. contact us..

    Original link path: /changelogs/README-grml-2011.05/
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  • Title: grml.org - Release Notes: Grml 2010.12 - Codename Gebrüder Grml
    Descriptive info: Release Notes for Grml 2010.. Gebrüder Grml.. Download Grml 2010.. Grml 2010.. 36.. 2.. Config-less X.. to take advantage of X.. org's automatic configuration.. Support for Kernel Mode Setting (KMS).. grml-rescueboot / loopback.. cfg feature.. and.. grub-imageboot for ISO boot.. (more details available in '.. Booting ISO images from within GRUB2.. ').. Initial release of.. Kantan.. , an.. automated testing suite.. for continuous integration and a test environment; see.. org/kantan/.. for details (not shipped in Grml by default though).. Incremental grml-rebuildfstab.. triggered by udev events for faster execution time.. Improved serial console on multiple devices.. (thanks to Marc Haber).. vnc_connect bootoption.. allowing to connect to an existing listening vnc client.. Can be used to connect easily from devices behind firewalls as connection is initiated from the vnc server instead of the vnc client.. grml-terminalserver no longer needs to rebuild the initrd.. , default initrd/initramfs shipped on ISO is fully-featured for PXE boot.. netscript bootoption.. provides the new environment variable named NETSCRIPT to provide an option to ensure that the script is executed under the according environment.. Updated manifold boot features.. (thanks to Thorsten Glaser): dd-ed ISOs (for booting via USB) now use isolinux as bootloader as well, so you get the same boot menu in normal CD boot as well as in USB boot.. New features in.. Grml's Zsh.. Fully documented, see.. org/zsh.. (thanks to Joerg Woelke) -.. available online.. as well as offline ('man 5 grmlzshrc').. Uses zsh's built-in vcs_info and falls back to a grml-packaged version  ...   to.. ISC dhclient.. , triggered by udev events during boot (use nodhcp to turn this off).. Network configuration via.. /etc/network/interfaces.. supported during boot-up (static IP address assignment - e.. via ip=.. booption - and dhcp are both configured via /etc/network/interfaces).. sound mixer handling.. to improve handling of IBM hardware and multiple soundcards.. 2 including.. aufs iscsitarget loop-aes lzma ndiswrapper openafs speakup squashfs sysprof tp-smapi virtualbox-ose-guest xtables-addons.. Fixed several bugs and issues reported on.. grml_2010.. 04 @ grml-wiki.. and in the.. for a detailed list of packages shipped with Grml 2010.. Updated all packages to Debian Unstable branch by 15th of december 2010 (plus some further selected updates until 29th of december).. Major changes since release 2010.. 04 (20100429).. Grml developer meeting.. in Vienna.. Christian Hofstaedter joined the.. Grml team.. Grml at FrOSCon 2010.. freiesMagazin.. provides an article about Grml in edition 06/2010.. Grml talk at Net Culture Lab.. in Dornbirn.. the list.. the known issues.. Many thanks (alphabetically) in this release go to Adriana Teixera, Alexander 'Leo' Bergolth, Antonio Diaz Diaz, Andrey Rahmatulli, Axel Beckert, Carsten Hey, Christoph Biedl, Eduard Bloch, Jens Kubieziel, Bernd Arnold, Gregor Perner, Jan-Pieter Jacobs, Joerg Woelke, Jordan Uggla, Marc Haber, Marek Straka, Martin Krafft, Marvin Vek, Michael Gissing, Michael Stapelberg, Michel Isard, Peter Palfrader, Richard Hartmann, Sedat Dilek, Sven Joachim, Thomas Koehler, Thorsten Glaser and Tonnerre Lombard for their contributions.. We also would like to thank everyone who made.. the Grml-developer meeting.. possible.. This includes.. Metalab.. Tarent.. and many unnamed generous private sponsors..

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  • Archived pages: 58