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  • Title: grml.org - Donations
    Descriptive info: Donations.. You like our work? Make a donation to support our work!.. grml is, as every other Open-Source project, driven by the many contributions made by many developers.. The grml-team.. spends a great deal of their time and money toward this project.. If you have been using grml you will come to remember how much money you or your company saves by using it or how you have been supported via the.. project mailing list.. ,.. personal mail.. or.. irc.. Now.. you.. can contribute by donating to grml.. Your donation could either be money or hardware that one of the developers or the project as a whole needs.. A donation would enable us to either support a specific hardware/software either at all or simply better and to spend more time on developing.. We, the grml developers, would therefore very much appreciate every help from you as a 'Thank you' for our commitment to this project.. But please do.. not.. donate if you are either poor, a student, a teacher or a non-profit organisation.. Please contact Michael Prokop mika(at)grml.. org for assistance or for any questions that you might have.. Your contribution is very much appreciated!.. Thank you!.. The grml Project.. Donate via PayPal.. One way to donate to grml is by using our PayPal account.. We suggest  ...   grml team this way.. contact us.. to receive information regarding the account.. Hardware which would help the grml-team.. ppc system (for ppc port).. build server.. all kind of hardware for use with.. the extra modules of the grml-kernel.. Any other kind of hardware is welcome too of course.. Please.. if you would like to donate hardware.. Donations / Sponsors.. (Please notice that we won't add links/URLs any longer.. We really don't support search engine spammers.. ).. Eshat Cakar: money donation.. Dirk Rüdiger: money donation.. Frank Prochnow: money donation.. Adi Azar: money donation.. Caroline Bogart: money donation.. Hitflip.. de: money donation.. Claudia Güner: money donation.. Gerald Senarclens de Grancy: money donation.. Internetagentur Schwalm-Eder: money donation.. Lexikonkret.. de - Fragen und Antworten: money donation.. Jim Boykin: money donation.. guenstiger.. WiMAX: money donation.. NET- TEC Internetmarketing: money donation.. go4expert: money donation.. Oliver Jusinger: money donation.. Jeff Greer: money donation.. Stefano Spinucci: money donation.. Aaron Wall: money donation.. IBM: x305 server.. Sepp Steiner: scsi harddisc.. Gerhard Ebinger: money donation.. Grimshrat: money donation.. Thomas Volcan: money donation.. Christian Schindler: 2x SCSI CD-ROM and SCSI removable bay (wechselrahmen).. Jürgen Oesterle: Motherboard, CPU, RAM, several graphic cards, SCSI controller, Bluetooth dongle, ZyXEL WLAN-adapter.. Michael Hammer: 2 SCSI controller.. Kevin J.. McCarthy: money donation.. Marc Haber: USB-to-serial adapter (grml-team improved serial support - see bootparameter 'serial')..

    Original link path: /donations/
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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: ***** Thanks for all of you who contributed! ************ ***** User survey was running until 15th april 2007 ***** ***** Results will be available soon.. **************** Hi, I am pleased to announce that I am running a grml user survey.. The purpose of this is to help grml developers gain a better idea of what the grml user community is really doing and using, and what aspects people would most like to see improved.. This user survey is heavily based on the survey done by Bryan O'Sullivan for the Mercurial Project: http://www.. selenic.. com/pipermail/mercurial/2006-April/007513.. html Mercurial is a great distributed version control system used at grml, see http://grml.. org/mercurial/ Please participate! If you know grml users who do not read the grml mailing list, please forward the survey to them and ask them to take part.. The more people that respond, the more useful the survey will be! Please send your responses directly to me (mika@grml.. org), and do *not* CC the mailing list.. Regarding privacy: I will not share your name or contact information with anyone else unless you explicitly allow me to, but I may quote you anonymously (unless you would prefer me not to).. At the end of February 2007 I will post a report to the grml mailing list and the grml wiki.. Thanks again for taking part! ---->8 cut here 8<---- About you 1.. What country are you in? What is your preferred language? Getting started with grml 1.. How did you hear about grml? 2.. Did you encounter any problems with grml when starting to use it and if so which ones? 3.. Since which release do you use grml?  ...   like about using grml? 3.. What would you most like to see improved about grml? (features, bugs, plugins, documentation,.. - whatever you think of) 4.. If you want to see grml more widely used, what do you think we could do to make this happen? Documentation 1.. Do you use the grml wiki? If yes, do you find it useful? 2.. Do you find available documentation useful? 3.. What is your favourite user documentation for any software projects or products you have used? Which tools do you use 1.. Which tools do you use most frequently on grml? 2.. Which scripts of the following ones do you use? [add yes/no] * grml-ap: * grml-bridge: * grml-crypt: * grml-debootstrap * grml-network: * grml-router: * grml-vpn: * grml-x: 3.. Do you use grml as harddisk installation (grml2hd)? * If yes: why? 4.. Do you use grml on your usb device through grml2usb? 5.. Do you use any special bootoption on regular base? Getting help, staying in touch 1.. Have you tried to get grml help from other people? * If yes, did you get these problems resolved quickly and to your liking? 2.. Have you used the bug database? * If yes, did you find it useful, easy to use? 3.. Do you subscribe to the mailing list? * If yes, do you find it useful, and traffic levels OK? 4.. Do you use the IRC channel (#grml on irc.. freenode.. net)? * If no, did you know that grml developers use IRC, and that there's almost 24-hour help available? Open forum 1.. What other comments or suggestions do you have that are not covered by the questions above?..

    Original link path: /user-survey/grml.txt
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    Descriptive info: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 e8f196d3f169bcf10e9175210ca3c131 grml2usb.. tgz -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iEYEARECAAYFAlLUAx0ACgkQ2N9T+zficuifcwCfaahYgNjGSFS6lnQS6FZQZZea sNAAn2CMlHFF+KkpNMsuOzuNBrMhbNBH =0dlk -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----..

    Original link path: /grml2usb/grml2usb.tgz.md5.asc
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