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    Descriptive info: Go back.. |.. Print.. Home.. Gardenshare.. Online Newsletter.. The OHA's Newsletter, the Trillium.. by Webmaster.. Enjoy the editions below of the Ontario Horticultural Association's newsletter, the.. Trillium.. Submissions to the Trillium.. The editor of the Trillium is Linda Hugli and she welcomes newsletter submissions from Society members across the province.. The submission deadlines for each issue are:.. November 21st - Winter issue,.. February 21st - Spring issue,.. May 14 Summer issue,.. August 21st - Fall issue.. Contact Linda at.. editor@gardenontario.. org.. 2012.. Winter 2012-2013.. Download Winter 2012.. Fall 2012.. Download Fall 2012.. Download Spring 2012.. This issue contains articles on:.. 2012 Convention details.. Bio-fit your garden.. Starting a new horticultural society.. Horticultural society anniversaries.. 2011.. Winter 2011.. Download Winter 2011.. Fall 2011.. Looking Back at Convention 2011.. OHA Insurance Details.. Introducing Secretary Kelly Taylor.. Convention Competition Results.. Cramahe Ecology Garden.. Growing Membership Tip #1.. Regreening a City.. The Bean Row Teachings.. Camp Falcona Youth Camp.. Download Fall 2011.. inserts.. (Convention, competition information, forms.. ).. Summer 2011.. Convention News.. New Awards Coordinator.. From the Ground Down.. Perth's Youth Project.. Duties of the Judges' Chair and Registrar.. Creating a Pollinator Patch.. Nativars (Native Plant Cultivars).. Download Summer 2011.. Spring 2011.. Allium Fundraiser.. Convention update.. Download Spring  ...   contains articles on:.. - New District Banners.. - Trees for Tornado-Stricken Area.. - 2010 Convention News.. - New Youth Club Grant.. - No Mow-No Blow-No H2O.. - Orchid Society.. - Communities in Bloom.. - Holiday Eco-Ideas.. - Society Milestones from Across the Province.. Fall 2009.. (4152 KB).. - Competition Results.. - Mulching and Pollinators.. - Meet the New Directors.. - Beachburg Burlington Celebrate!.. - District 16 to the Rescue.. - Eradicating Garlic Mustard.. - An Open Letter from the Judge.. Summer 2009.. (1563 KB).. Inside this issue:.. - Advisory Panel Volunteers Needed.. - Two New Associate Members.. - Planned Gifts.. - Ten Neat Things about Plant Latin.. - Eco-Friendly Gardening.. - Tallgrass Ontario Initiative.. Spring 2009.. (2856 KB).. - Free Software for Societies.. - Fine Art of Seed Swapping.. - Pretty but Dangerous.. - Convention News.. 2008.. Spring 2008.. (3022 KB).. Summer 2008.. (2035 KB).. Fall 2008.. (1630 KB).. Winter 2008.. (1558 KB).. 2007.. Spring 2007.. (776 KB).. Summer 2007.. (1062 KB).. Fall 2007.. (622 KB).. Winter 2007-2008.. (2569 KB).. 2006.. Spring 2006.. (513 KB).. Summer 2006.. (606 KB).. Fall 2006.. (1019 KB).. Winter 2006.. (1602 KB).. 2005.. Winter 2005.. (741 KB).. Spring 2005.. (177 KB).. Summer 2005.. (189 KB).. Fall 2005.. (589 KB).. (2013-02-28)..

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    Descriptive info: OHA Rolls Out The Barrel.. For over 100 years, the members of the Ontario Horticultural Association have been keeping Ontario beautiful.. Imagine the impact when those 35,000 members put their minds to conserving rainwater!.. The Conservation and Environment Committee of the Association has adopted, as its 2008 project, the revival of rain barrels.. To promote the project, the Committee compilied a booklet of rain.. barrel.. hints and information entitled.. Roll.. Out.. The.. Barrel.. romances the idea of bringing back the rain.. The booklet outlines the benefits of using a rain.. Click here to download the booklet.. (2011-05-16)..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Greater Windsor Horticultural Society - news - online
    Descriptive info: Greater Windsor Horticultural Society.. MEETINGS.. ABOUT US.. NEWS & EVENTS.. CONTACTS.. OHA LOG-IN.. Events.. View District Site.. View OHA Site.. > Online Newsletter.. 2009 Support Our Troops Rock Garden.. by Louie Fiorino.. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ROCK GARDEN.. Some of you will remember that.. Tina Higgins.. approached the board for a project to help finish a Rock Garden that had been started at the Tilston Armoury on.. Sandwich Street.. With Tina s leadership and help from family members and members of the GWHS, we were able to complete the rock garden.. We had to contend with the city workers strike but in the end we managed to obtain a large Redbud tree which we planted in honour of the late corporal Andrew Grenon who died in.. Afghanistan.. last year.. Thanks to.. and her family, Louie Fiorino, Dwain Nancy Lariviere and Nancy s son Bill, Ruth Sylvestre,.. Below is pa.. rt of a letter that we received.. Dear Louie and members of the Horticultural Society,.. Thank you very much for your generous donation!.. The Support Our Troops Rock Garden Grand Opening was a success thanks to your hard work and dedication.. The garden full of  ...   LMFRC Windsor.. http://gwhs9.. myphotoalbum.. com/view_album.. php?set_albumName=album04 page=1.. (2010-01-20).. NL Nov/Dec 2013.. NL Sept/Oct 2013.. Putting Your Garden to Bed.. NL May/June 2013.. NL May/June 2013 Pt.. 2.. NL March/April 2013.. Garden Gazette Jan/Feb 2013.. Garden Gazette Sept/Oct 2012.. Sept/Oct.. 2012 Flower Shows.. Author seeking help from Gardeners in Windsor-Essex.. 2012 June 14 meeting.. 2012 18th Annual Plant Sale.. 2012 May/June NL.. 2012 March/April Newsletter pt.. 1.. Serbian Center Map.. 2.. 2012 D11 AGM Luncheon Meal - Greater Wiindsor Hort Society.. 2012 D11 Flower Show - April 21 - Serbian Club.. 2012 D11 Photo Show - April 21 - Serbian Club.. Project Paw Paw.. NL Jan 2012.. Nov/Dec 2011.. NEW MEETING LOCATION - NOV.. 2011.. Sept.. 8th 2011 Meeting Cancelled.. 2011 Discount List for members.. June 4, 2011 Bus Trip.. 2011 May/June Newsletter.. ** NEW MEETING LOCATION STARTING March 2011**.. 2011 March/April Newsletter.. 2011 Jan/Feb Newsletter.. 2010 Christmas Potluck and Awards.. 2010 Nov/Dec Newsletter.. 2010 Sept.. /Oct.. Newsletter.. GWHS Plant Sale May 8, 2010.. 2010 May/June Newsletter.. D11 Discount List.. March-April Newsletter.. 2010 Jan & Feb Newsletter.. 2010 Canada Blooms Trip.. Unemployed Help Center Community Garden.. 2010 Great Backyard Bird Count.. Last Updated: 2012-04-20..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Gloucester Horticultural Society - news - online
    Descriptive info: Gloucester Horticultural Society.. Top Generation Club hall garden renovation project, by Gloucester Horticultural Society.. by GHS.. In the fall of 2008, the Gloucester Horticultural Society was.. asked to participate in Albert s Gardens project.. This project studies the effect of climate change on the bloom time of tulips in local gardens.. The NCC would provide tulips if we could find a place to plant them and if we were willing to record the tulips bloom times.. Gloucester Horticultural Society approached the Top Generation Club (a local seniors club) to see if we could plant the tulips in the beds around their club hall.. Their response was unexpected.. They informed us that the maintenance of the beds had become too much for them and they were, in fact, considering converting the garden beds to lawn.. Unless.. perhaps? we would be willing to take over the maintenance of the beds.. Of course we agreed immediately.. The beds were badly overgrown and some invasives had taken over.. So in late 2008, we went and did a major pruning and clean-up of the beds which included the removal of.. Convallaria majalis.. and.. Saponaria officinalis.. Unfortunately, in some cases these two invasives had become so intertwined with the existing plantings that the only thing to do was remove the plants.. In other cases, sun-loving perennials had been planted and were struggling for survival under the canopy of the now mature trees.. During the winter months, we realized that this project may qualify for an OHA Special Projects Grant.. So we formalized the plan, included our budget, plant list and photos of the site, and submitted an application to the OHA for consideration.. At our District AGM we were notified that we had been successful in our grant application.. We knew our project would be even more spectacular now.. We resumed the transformation.. of the beds in the Spring of 2009.. The first step was to  ...   an added dimension in this inviting outdoor setting.. Vibrant gardens have brought new life to this heritage setting.. The gardens are a source of pride for our group and make the site a more fitting location for a Horticultural Society monthly meeting.. We will be honoured to show these beds off at our 85.. th.. anniversary celebration in 2010.. As a side note, the tulips for Albert s Gardens which were the impetus for this whole project never materialized.. That year the NCC was unable to supply bulbs.. However, the renovated garden that resulted is something that has far reaching benefit.. Site history:.. The Ramsayville School (SS No.. 13) is a one-room converted school house built in 1894.. It is the second building authorized to hold school sessions since permits were first issued for Ramsay s Corners in 1848.. The building is one of the few remaining brick school houses of that era still standing and still in public use in Ottawa-Carleton.. This designation includes the school house, an outbuilding and the land within the property lines.. (Quoted from the wall plaque indicating that this building was designated as an historical site in 1997.. The Gloucester Horticultural Society began meeting at this facility in 1975 and continues to do so today.. The cosy one-room school house is a National Capital Commission heritage building.. Mary Ann Van Berlo.. December.. , 2009.. (2012-03-16).. 2013 -GHS Spring Flower Show.. Oct 2013 Lichens Their Place in the Natural World.. September 2012 -- Fresh Approach to Fall Florals by Catherine Disley-Engler.. July 2013 - GHS Annual Road Trip.. June 2013 Preserves Workshop.. Organic Vegetable Gardening in Containers More Glory, Less Grief!.. September 2013 - Hardy Minor Bulbs for a Spectacular Spring Garden.. June 2013 -GHS Floral Design Workshop.. March 2013 - Wild Edibles.. October 2012 - Treasure Trove of Trilliums.. March 2012 - Winter Propagation by Robert Glendenning.. Gloucester Celebrates 85 Years!.. Last Updated: 2013-12-08..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Bolton & District Horticultural Society - news - online
    Descriptive info: Bolton & District Horticultural Society.. A History of BDHS Community Beautification, Naturalization and Special Projects.. In the 18 years since the BDHS was founded, a number of beautification projects were initiated financially supported by the society.. Here is a brief history of some of these sites and BDHS involvement.. The list begins with current, on-going projects.. Some projects listed below (numbered 7 - 14) are no longer actively managed by the society, but remain part of the improved landscape of Bolton.. 1.. Bolton Mill Park Naturalization Projects, between Queen St.. N Humberlea Road, Bolton.. This is a major continuing project of the BDHS, started in 1998.. The Humber River is the focal point and improving the health of the river and the natural habitat in the river valley is the prime purpose of our activities.. Here is what we have accomplished to date:.. 1998 - diverted a hill side spring to create a Wetlands c/w pond, native trees, shrubs wildflowers.. 2002 - planted mix of native trees shrubs at McFall s Dam.. 2004 - planted mix of native trees shrubs on west side of Humberlea Rd.. 2005 - planted mix of native trees shrubs in park at base of hill.. 2006 - planted a wildflower garden adjacent to the Wetlands.. 2008 - spade planted 33 mature native coniferous deciduous trees (12 varieties).. 2009 - expanded existing Wetlands pond and added new pond south of path.. 2012 - TRCA machine planted 23 large calliper ball burlapped (B B) native, deciduous trees.. 2013 - TRCA machined planted a mixed variety of 25 large calliper native B B trees.. Dick's Dam Park Community Naturalization Project, adjacent to Glasgow Road, Bolton.. The aim of this project is to help re-establish the woodland habitat in this important area of the Humber River valley which will improve both the quality of water that enters the Humber River and the air we breathe plus providing improved habitat for local wildlife.. This park is unique in that the Humber River, a Canadian Heritage River, flows through it and a well used trail connects the various activity areas such as a soccer field, children s playground, volleyball court and an open area for community events.. This Park was named after the Dick family who are a prominent family in the Bolton area and whose ancestors originally built the dam to provide water power to their Iron Foundry in Bolton.. The original dam abutments are still in place (under the walking bridge).. This area also has other local heritage significance in that it was once part of the hamlet of Glasgow that was incorporated into the Village of Bolton in 1872.. Glasgow was a thriving community with both a Woollen and Saw Mill.. A Commemorative Kiosk provides an interesting history about the area.. This site also provides access to the Humber Valley Heritage Trail Association (HVHTA) trail which connects with the Rail Trail in Palgrave and the Bruce and TransCanada Trails.. 2010 - TRCA work crew machine planted a mixed variety of 73 large calliper B B trees.. 2011 - Seneca College students machine planted a mixed variety of 75 large calliper B B trees.. 2012 - TRCA work crew machine planted a mixed variety of 23 large calliper B B trees.. 2013 - TRCA machined planted a mixed variety of 16 large calliper native B B trees.. 3.. Taylorwood Community Tree Plantation, South of Columbia Way between Kingsview Dr Westchester Blvd.. Est 2010.. This is a multi- year naturalization project to re-establish the woodlands in this important local environment by planting native trees shrubs in the Cold Creek sub-watershed of the Humber River, a Canadian Heritage River, thereby improving both the quality of water in the Humber River and the air we breathe.. 2010 Spring - Hand planted a mixed variety of 300 native trees and shrubs.. 2010 Fall - Hand planted a mixed variety of 300 native trees/shrubs assembled/installed 10 bird nesting boxes.. 2011 Spring - Site clean-up and mulched watered previously planted trees and shrubs.. 4.. Sunkist Woods Environmental Projects - located in Bolton on Old King Road.. 2002 - Funded and installed an Environmental Interpretive plaque.. 2005 - Community volunteers hand planted a mixed variety of 300 native trees and  ...   perennials, shrubs, vines, trees est.. 1995.. - Raised planters with Bench and flagpole est.. - Rebekah Rose garden est.. 1995.. - Plant A Seed and Watch it Grow Youth Garden est.. 1999.. 9.. Caledon Seniors Recreation Centre,.. 7 Rotarian Way, behind the Caledon Centre for Recreation Wellness.. BDHS membership was growing in leaps and bounds and we had outgrown our first meeting site at the Bolton Legion on Ann Street.. While we waited for this new facility to open, BDHS members began some ambitious gardening plans to showcase our meeting place.. In 1996 the existing foundation plantings were enhanced by the addition of perennials donated by BDHS members.. New beds were created at the roadside using more plants donated by our generous members and Sant s Cold Creek nursery.. 10.. Rotary Place Scree Garden,.. 7 Rotarian Way, Bolton Xeriscape Rock Garden est.. 1997:.. Alpine plants in gravel substrate.. In 1997, BDHS members (and their spouses) muscled into place the boulders donated by James Dick Construction.. Members planted alpine plants into Grade A roadside gravel after first rinsing all the soil from their roots.. This resulted in a unique, xeriscape garden we call the scree bed.. 11.. McFall s Lookout,.. King Street East, just west of Humberlea Road.. Viewing platform, historical plaques, native trees and shrubs est.. 2001.. (also called the McFall Fishway, Mill Park Lookout).. The concept was presented to Town of Caledon council in 1998.. Concerns about privacy for the property owner next door were alleviated when BDHS planted 6 large evergreens for screening purposes along the west border of the site.. The lookout garden and pathway was designed and installed in 2001 by landscapers working in consultation with BDHS members.. The goal was to open the view to Mill Park from King Street to reveal the hidden parkland.. Partnerships with the TRCA and Albion Bolton Historical Society resulted in a pictorial display of the milling history of the Humber River.. This park was opened in time to celebrate the federal government s designation of the Humber River as a Canadian Heritage River.. 12.. Downtown Bolton Flower Container Beautification Project.. Initiated purchase, planting maintenance of 55 flower barrels from 2000 to 2004.. 13.. Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness,.. 14111 Regional Road 50, Bolton - Planted a wide variety of shrubs perennial flowers beds, est.. in 2002 and maintained until 2006.. When it became apparent that BDHS was outgrowing the space offered at the Caledon Seniors Recreation Centre, there came an opportunity to move to the new Wellness Centre and to be involved in the Landscape Committee.. Proceeds from two years of Garden Tour fundraising were dedicated to the Wellness Centre and planting of the site began in 2002.. The vast expanse of empty beds swallowed the hundreds of plants BDHS member installed in their first effort.. A major expense was the installation of an automatic sprinkler system.. Fortunately, a generous donation of perennials shrubs from a business and a thousand bulbs from Rotary filled in most of the planting gaps.. 14.. Louis Plunkett s Memorial Garden,.. Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness, 14111 Regional Road 50.. Est.. in 2004.. Louis Plunkett was a founding member of the society and well past 3 score and ten years of age, was an inspiration to many younger members.. He loved caring for roses and had unlimited energy for gardening in general.. This garden was planted to honour his memory and his many contributions to the society.. Recent renovation of the centre led to the removal of the rose gardens to make room for the addition of a youth centre and gymnasium.. (2013-11-27).. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2013 REPORT.. 2013 Bolton Mill Park Celebration.. Humber River Naturalization Projects.. Bolton Dick's Dam Park Tree Planting Celebration.. Caledon s 2013 Environmentalist of the Year.. PLANT YOUR SPECTACULAR GARDEN NOW August 2013 Meeting Report.. PLANTS I LOVE TO GROW September 2013 Meeting Report.. GARDENING FOR THE BIRDS October 2013 Meeting Report.. FLOWER ARRANGING June 2013 Meeting Report.. GROWING COMMON & EXOTIC HERBS May 2013 Meeting Report.. 4 SEASONS OF A WELL-GROOMED GARDEN April 2013 meeting report.. PROUD OF MY PRUNING March 2013 Meeting Report.. Taylorwood Valley TREE PLANTING.. Dick's Dam Park Tree Planting Project.. Bolton Mill Park Wetland.. Last Updated: 2014-01-07..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Online Newsletter
    Descriptive info: In My Garden.. In My Neighbourhood.. Education.. Info & Resources.. Links.. by.. ().. Successful Gardening Show 2014 OHA Floral Design & Plant Competition.. OHA Trillium Newsletter Winter 2013/2014.. OHA.. Trillium Fall Newsletter 2013.. OHA Summer Trillium Newsletter 2013.. OHA Spring Trillium 2013.. Annual Reporting for Horticultural Societies.. Humber Nurseries Coupons.. Highlights of the OHA Spring 2012 Board Meeting.. Partners and Funding, finding external sources for horticultural society project funds.. New pins for long serving horticultural society members.. OHA's Strategic Plan - March 2012.. Past President Carol Dunk Receives an Award.. OHA On Twitter and Facebook.. 2004 Garden Ontario..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Leamington Horticultural Society - about
    Descriptive info: Leamington Horticultural Society.. About Us.. Meetings.. Board of Directors.. Programs.. > About Us.. Our Society celebrated our 60th anniversary of incorporation and the 90th anniversary of our founding in 2010.. We are proudly affiliated with the Ontario Horticultural Association.. Over the years we have had many town beautification projects, currently the Leamington Horticultural Society endeavors are:.. Town Planters.. Each year, our Society plants a colourful variety of annuals around town and at the Leamington Arts Centre.. This planting is done in cooperation with the town and together we add a refreshing dash of colour to our streets.. Town Benches.. Furnish benches that were installed at various locations around town.. Tomato Information Booth.. Plant and maintain the gardens surrounding the red Tomato Information Booth..  ...   beds have been redesigned with annuals to coordinate with the town.. Memorial Trees.. Our way of commemorating our deceased members, planting a tree with their name inscribed on the plaque.. Chess/Checker Tables.. 2009 project to provide game table for the marina park with our partners Town of Leamington, Gabriele's Furniture Carpet and Appliance Centre and Home Building Centre.. 60/90 Anniversary Garden.. Past President Eileen Wonnick desired a special project to commentate our anniversary.. A beautiful garden at the Frazer Rd/Talbot Rd and Oak Street Triangle greets visitors with Leamington logo in flowers.. The Leamington Horticultural Society provides a.. bursary.. to a deserving high school student to further his/her education in horticulture.. In 2011 the award was given to Mason Grant.. Last Updated: 2013-04-11..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: In My Neighbourhood
    Descriptive info: In My Neighbourhood>.. Community Planting.. Start Slide Show.. 2004 Ontario Horticultural Association.. | E-mail the..

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    Descriptive info: SUCCESSFUL GARDENING 2014.. What do the Electric Slide, Bollywood and Rock Roll have in common? Not only are they dances but classes in the Design Division of the Ontario Horticultural Association s 22nd Annual Floral Design and Plant Competition at the Successful Gardening Show, March 6.. th.. to 9.. , 2014.. You may have guessed our theme - Let s Dance.. As always, exhibitors and visitors can expect a terrific competition, so put your best foot forward and check out The Twist , Minute Waltz and Square Dance.. These classes, along with several others, will inspire your creativity and show off your floral design skills.. If you love shoes, now s your chance to create your own floral Dancing Shoe.. Remember to pre-register early, as space is limited.. If your talents run more to a green thumb, there are 60 classes in the Horticultural Division featuring Begonias,  ...   Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Center, 255 Front Street West, Toronto and is easily accessible by public transit so don t hesitate to come every day to relieve those winter blahs.. Consider volunteering at the OHA booth or just come visit and enjoy the show, the speakers and the daily demos of Simple Floral Design for Your Home and A Gift of Plants and Flowers.. To volunteer, please contact Barb O Malley, Volunteer Coordinator, at (905) 278-1958 or email:.. tom.. omalley@sympatico.. ca.. If you ve never participated before, please let me know and I ll be happy to assist.. Let s make this show a success together.. Heinke Thiessen.. Successful Gardening - OHA Show Committee Chair.. For more Information click on the links below.. The Schedule.. Design Entry Form.. Horticulture Entry Form.. If you need more information on this competition, please contact:.. heinkesg@gmail.. com.. 905-820-4751.. (2013-12-07)..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Environment and Conservation
    Descriptive info: Committees.. Youth.. Conservation and Environment.. Fundraising.. In Memoriam.. Awards.. Youth Newsletter.. Master Gardeners.. OHA in Action.. Committee.. OHA Committees: Conservation and Environment.. Promoting Sustainability.. Please visit the.. web site of the Conservation and Environment Committee.. here:.. http://conservation..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: In My Garden
    Descriptive info: In My Garden>.. Landscapes (Earth-Water-Air)..

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