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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Fundraising
    Descriptive info: Committees.. Youth.. Conservation and Environment.. Fundraising.. In Memoriam.. Awards.. Youth Newsletter.. Master Gardeners.. Home.. OHA in Action.. Committee.. OHA Committee: Fundraising.. Support the OHA.. The Ontario Horticultural Association is a volunteer, charitable organization who's mission is to provide leadership and assist in the promotion of education and interest in all areas of horticulture and related environmental issues in Ontario, through an expanding network of horticultural societies dedicated to the beautification of their communities.. The OHA pursues its  ...   number of its key activities.. Support the OHA with a charitable donation.. Your donation supports OHA grants for trees and community beautification projects throughout Ontario or programs in the areas of Conservation and the Environment, youth and horticulture.. You may also be interested in the OHA's.. Program.. Send your donation to:.. Sharon Hill, OHA Treasurer.. P.. O.. Box 595, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1T8.. Donors are recognized in the OHA's.. Garden Circle.. 2004 Ontario Horticultural Association.. | E-mail the..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: In Memoriam
    Descriptive info: OHA In Memoriam Program.. Remembering our Gardening Friends.. The Ontario Horticultural Association "In Memoriam" book is an opportunity for gardeners in the Province of Ontario to be remembered by their peers.. It offers Societies or individuals to honour deceased gardeners who have devoted their lives to the joys of tending their own and, in many instances, public gardens.. This honour roll is for all gardeners; they need not have been members of the OHA or a Horticultural Society or Garden Club.. Donations can be made to the Ontario Horticultural Association "In Memoriam.. " The name and date of death of the person being honoured will be inscribed in calligraphic form in a leather-bound perpetual-memorial book..  ...   by the Ontario Horticultural Association and Local societies and garden clubs for planting memorial trees.. To donate to this Memorial Fund, send a cheque or money order to:.. Ontario Horticultural Association.. c/o Marilyn Cox.. (Memorial Book Custodian).. 86 Church Street.. R.. R.. #2.. Keswick.. , ON.. L4P 3E9.. Please include a.. form.. with the correct and clearly printed record of the deceased's name and date of death.. (Once entered into the book, no corrections can be made.. ) Include your name and address for tax receipt purposes, and the name and address of the deceased's family if you wish them to be notified of your contribution and entering of the deceased's name in the book..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Youth
    Descriptive info: Youth in Gardening.. Active programs across the province.. The involvement of young people is crucial to furthering horticulture in our province.. Just as we nurture our gardens and protect our natural areas, so too must we encourage the involvement of today's youth in all areas of horticulture.. Shortly, this province will be theirs to care for.. Our responsibility as an organization is to demonstrate to youth the value of horticulture to the province, the community and the individual.. Tending our responsibilities supports health and growth at all levels: the self, the garden and the society as a whole.. There are approximately 70 Youth Programs in Ontario and OHA is actively promoting more.. Consequently, many Societies without Youth programs are planning to begin such a program in the near future.. For these Societies, OHA provides the.. Youth Leader Manual.. - one of our most popular publications.. Why launch a Youth Program?.. foster pride in the community.. teach conservation measures.. teach gardening skills.. instill an awareness and concern for the environment.. promote involvement in an healthful and rewarding hobby.. The.. OHA Youth newsletter.. is published 3 times per year.. The OHA has.. competitions for youth members.. at its convention each year as well.. Youth Club Requirements.. A fee ($1.. 00 or more) per child, per year, is mandatory in order to remain in Good Standing with OHA.. (For insurance  ...   be required that leaders and assistants have police checks in your community.. Please check with your local police department.. (Or work within the local school or school board, with a teacher or school personnel in attendance {some school board may also require police checks}).. Youth Clubs may have elected officers, depending on the ages of members.. Should have a minimum number of children (5).. Club size:.. A - 5 to 20 members.. B - 21 to 35 members.. C - 36 to 50 members.. D - 51 members and over.. Should have a minimum number of meetings per year (3).. Club status:.. Occasional - 3 to 5 meetings per year.. Seasonal - 6 to 8 meetings per year.. Regular - 9 to 12 or more per year.. Outreach Programs - May be run by the Parent Society members where required for single or one time project.. Please send a report on the project to the Youth Chair by June 1st.. Youth Forms.. 2013 Youth Club Activity Report Form.. (.. pdf.. ) (.. doc.. ).. Youth Leaders Report.. 2013 Youth Entry Form.. Competition entry form for a Society.. Youth Club Permission Form.. The OHA youth club permission form.. Youth club requirements.. Youth Club Grant Form.. pdf).. doc).. Apply for funds for programming, seeds, special events, supplies, etc.. for your Society Youth Club/Group.. 2013 Youth Competition Schedule.. Competition Schedule..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association:
    Descriptive info: Benefits.. of Membership.. Leadership.. Annual Report.. Organization.. Join Us.. Judging and Shows.. Speakers.. Manuals.. Insurance.. About OHA.. Judging Shows.. Judges lists.. A list of all OHA certified judges is available from your local horticultural society president or OHA District Director.. It can also be accessed from our web site.. If you have a password, log in, click "Search Judges Directory".. Below is a list of OHA certified judges who have elected to have their names listed publically.. If you have questions about judging or the judges list please write judges(-at-)gardenontario.. org.. Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design.. This booklet tells exhibitors what a judge is looking for when judging a flower show's floral designs and horticultural specimens (cut flowers, vegetables, potted plants, bonsai, terrariums and trough gardens).. It includes everything you need to know about staging a flower show and about how to prepare your entries.. The rules and guidelines in this book will be used by the judge to assess the quality of exhibits and the awarding of prizes.. OHA Order number 07-02 Price $6.. 00.. Order form.. Judging update District 10.. 2013 District 10 judging update letter.. 2013 District 10 judging update form.. OHA Certified Judges.. District.. Name.. Phone.. City/Town.. 1.. Kerr, Anne.. 613 524 2370.. Fournier.. 1, 2, 3.. King, Sheila.. 613 692 6281.. Manotick.. 2, 1, 3.. Lang, Kathleen.. 613 667 1265.. Jasper.. 1, 3, 2.. MacQuarrie, Gay.. 613 592 3907.. Kanata.. Scott, Margaret.. 613 524 5285.. St.. Isidore.. 2, 3.. Archer, David.. 613 283 1032.. Lombardy.. Archer, Madeline.. 2.. Barratt, Toby.. 613 624 5457.. Pakenham.. Bartlett, Linda.. 613-283-8027.. Perth,.. 3, 2.. Best, Pat.. 613 359 5503.. Elgin.. Black, Sandy.. 613 433 9428.. Renfrew.. Brady, Heather.. 613 269 2889.. Merrickville.. Cote, Nicole.. 613 835 2578.. Cumberland.. Demjan, Carol.. 613 838 9342.. Richmond.. Dixon, Mary.. 613 259 2243.. Lanark.. Fink, Ken.. 613 582 3585.. Beachburg.. Forster, Vera.. 613 489-2596.. Halpenny, Helen.. 613 256 3219.. Almonte.. Hawthorn, Hazel.. 613 646 7693.. Foresters Falls.. Honda, Ritsuko.. 613 757 1665.. Wilno.. Inwood, Margaret.. 613 253-5098.. Kasaboski, Shirley.. 613 646 7466.. Koch, Carole.. 613 224 7184.. Ottawa.. Laframboise, Jocelyne.. 613 821 7780.. Metcalfe.. Lebeau, Heather.. 613 257 7604.. Carleton.. Lindsay, Kathryn.. 613 432 9439.. Lytle, Debby.. 613 257 1014.. Carleton Place.. Macdonald, Gillian.. 613 730 3339.. McGee, Myrna.. 613 836 4151.. Carp.. McManus, Sandra.. 613 256 2892.. Morrison, Dorothy.. 819 647 2761.. Shawville.. Munn, Owen.. 613 265 3175.. Partlo, Diane.. 613 258 2507.. North Gower.. Pospisil, Paul.. 613 273 5683.. Maberly.. Purdy, Shannon.. 613 257 1719.. Snedden, Marilyn.. 613 256 3130.. Szostak, Patti.. 613-584-1320.. Deep River.. Thompson, Marion.. 613 584 3003.. Tyson, Kathleen.. 613 646 2916.. Cobden.. Wilson, Carol.. 613 256 5493.. Wood, Joyce.. 613 258 5523.. Kemptville.. 3.. Collins, Elaine.. 613 382 1098.. Gananoque.. Hicks, Ruth.. 613 389 3930.. Kingston.. Kenny, Wilma.. 613 376 3804.. Sydenham.. Levison, Ann.. 613 544 3088.. Lockhart, Mary.. 613 354 2115.. Napanee.. Mayhew, Barbara.. 613 395 9165.. Stirling.. McDonald, Fay.. 613 498 0535.. Brockville.. Scott, Carolyn.. 613 382 4386.. Skolnick, Margaret.. 613 542 0561.. Spindler, Elisabeth.. 613 389 4639.. Stewart, Penny.. 613 546 6093.. Joyceville.. Veldman, Wenda.. 613 382 7661.. Wagg, Avery.. 613 386  ...   9829.. Tillsonburg.. Maciver, Janice.. 519 393 5579.. Marys.. MacKenzie, Shelley.. 519 769 2529.. Fingal.. Norman-Vestergaard, Eve.. 519 681 4036.. Peterson, Anna.. 519 284 0179.. Poortinga, Richard.. 519 303 0234.. Ingersoll.. Poortinga, Tena.. Purcell, Mary Lou.. 519 782 3291.. Port Stanley.. Riddell, Julie.. 519 225 2265.. Roughley, Jill.. 519 633 2184.. St Thomas.. Smithers, Fred.. 519 455 2475.. Willis, Gertrude.. 519 229 6253.. Kirkton.. 11.. Andrews, Lina.. 519 676 2087.. Blenheim.. Dudley, Margaret.. 519 979 9169.. Tecumseh.. Neufeld, Dehorah.. 519 733 3097.. Kingsville.. Plaus, Jennifer.. 519 849 6208.. Watford.. Rammdaere, Sandra.. 519 682 0791.. Tilbury.. Schleihauf, Ginny.. 519 332 4764.. Sarnia.. Smyth, Kathy.. 519 682 3706.. Willis, Sandra-Pat.. 519 692 5580.. Thamesville.. 12.. Perron, Norma.. 705 264 7117.. Timmins.. Stryland, Kees.. 705 264 3416.. 13.. Bahun, Veronica.. 705 254 3116.. Sault Ste Marie.. Campbell, Doreen.. 705 377 4538.. Spring Bay.. Chow, Nancy.. 705 253 6613.. Corrigan, Rachelle.. 705 522 6767.. Sudbury.. Hansen, Tina.. 705 566 8916.. Hubert, Hermina.. 705 692 1442.. Lively.. Ilnitski, Colette.. 705 566 2744.. Kettles, Jean.. 705 782 6691.. Bruce Mines.. Lee, Julie.. 705 461 1936.. Elliot_Lake.. Liinamaa Osmond, Christine.. 705 855 5377.. Chelmsford.. Mae Mervyn, Ida.. 705 859 2028.. Manitowaning.. Skanes, Carol.. Tibbles, James.. 705 649 1227.. Goulais River.. Tibbles, Nancy.. Webster, Bev.. 705 377 4892.. White, Mary.. 705 377 4878.. Providence-Bay.. Wilton, Rita.. 705 253 1616.. Woolnough, Shelby.. 705 858 1040.. Capreol.. Yahnke, Camilla.. 705 522 6079.. 14.. Hajdu, Barb.. 807 768 7283.. Thunder Bay.. Hynna, Marie.. 807 767 6165.. Izsak, Patricia.. 807 475 3587.. Jaward, Susan.. 807 344 1949.. Koroscil, Louise.. 807 343 0555.. Lahteenhaa, Erlinda.. 807 473 9732.. Larson, Marjorie.. 807 937 4313.. Oxdrift.. North, Erika.. 807 767 3189.. Roddy, Ann.. 807 623 7243.. Rodger, Eloise.. 807 767 1087.. Warmenhoven, Hans.. 807 345 7630.. Warmenhoven, Irene.. 16, 18.. Hobson, Madeline.. 705 322 1550.. Elmvale.. 17.. Brown, Ken.. 905 655 9411.. Whitby.. Carnegie, Kathryn.. 905-985-3635.. Prince Albert.. Denny, Judi.. 905 263 4765.. Enniskillen.. Hart, Isabel.. 905 987 9924.. Newcastle.. Jackson, Barbara.. 705 426 4394.. Beaverton.. Love, Kenneth.. 905 986 0112.. Caesarea.. Mostert, Carol.. 905 983 5326.. Orono.. Park, Shirley.. 705 432 2631.. Cannington.. Ross, Julia.. 705 357-3687.. Sunderland.. Schoenmaker, Dini.. 905 983 5311.. Simerson, Mary Ellen.. 905 655 4927.. Brooklin.. Spellen, Gloria.. 705 432 2144.. Twiner, Barbara.. 905 839 7600.. Pickering.. 18.. Adams, Rhonda.. 705 645 6439.. Bracebridge.. Anderson, Nicky.. 705 342 9921.. Nobel.. Buckingham, Carol.. McDougall.. Courchesne, Rheo.. 705 752 2405.. Callander.. Courchesne, Michelle.. Dolinar, Elaine.. 705 752 2835.. Dyer, Kathy.. 705 645 0004.. Gerittsen, Edna.. 705 645 8144.. Hartill, Sandra.. 705 646 0082.. Hutchinson, Margaret.. 705 389 1264.. McKellar.. Lambert, Gilberte.. 705 687 5415.. Gravenhurst.. Morrison, Betty.. 705 789 1407.. Huntsville.. Reed, Ted.. 705 752 2565.. Reed, Isla.. Stewart, Irva.. 705 746 5562.. Parry Sound.. Tripp, Helen.. 705 474 3938.. North_Bay.. Van der Bijl, Adrian.. 705 752 1587.. Corbell.. Way, Gwen.. 705 757 2188.. Loring.. Whittington, Carol.. 705 389 3713.. Wiemer, Vickie.. 705 476 0859.. North Bay.. Garden Clubs of Ontario.. 7th School for Floral Design Judges, Instructors Exhibitors.. Garden Clubs of Ontario is pleased to announce that plans are underway for the.. Garden Clubs of Ontario list of Accredited Judges, in both Horticulture and Design..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact Us / Leadership.. Executive 2013/2014.. President.. James Graham.. president@gardenontario.. org.. Vice President.. Jeff Blackadar.. firstvp@gardenontario.. 2nd Vice President.. Suzanne Hanna.. secondvp@gardenontario.. Secretary.. Kelly Taylor.. secretary@gardenontario.. Treasurer.. Sharon Hill.. treasurer@gardenontario.. Past President and PP Council Rep.. John Sellers.. pastpresident@gardenontario.. District Directors 2013/2014.. District 1.. Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott, Russell, Stormont.. Pat Stachon.. district1@gardenontario.. District 2.. Grenville, Lanark, Ottawa, Renfrew.. Kathy Lindsay.. district2@gardenontario.. District 3.. Frontenac, Hastings, Leeds, Lennox & Addington, Prince Edward.. Penny Stewart.. district3@gardenontario.. District 4.. Haliburton, Northumberland, Peterborough, City of Kawartha Lakes.. Rose Odell.. district4@gardenontario.. District 5.. Toronto East, York Region East.. Nancy Serrick.. district5@gardenontario.. District 6.. Brant, Halton, Norfolk, Wentworth, Hamilton.. Donna Hussey.. district6@gardenontario.. District 7.. Dufferin, Wellington.. Jane McDonald.. district7@gardenontario.. District 8.. Bruce, Grey, Huron.. Sharon  ...   Manitoulin, Sudbury.. district13@gardenontario.. District 14.. Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder Bay.. Shirley Robson.. district14@gardenontario.. District 15.. Toronto West, Peel, York West.. Carole Spraggett.. district15@gardenontario.. District 16.. Simcoe County.. Russ Talbot.. district16@gardenontario.. District 17.. Durham Region.. Sandy Rakestrow.. district17@gardenontario.. District 18.. Muskoka, Parry Sound, South Nipissing.. Sandra Hartill.. district18@gardenontario.. District 19.. Waterloo.. Gary Brenner.. district19@gardenontario.. OHA Contacts.. Awards Coordinator.. Grace Esposito.. awards@gardenontario.. Sue Lusted.. webmaster@gardenontario.. Supplies.. Don Matthews.. supplies@gardenontario.. Speaker's Registry.. speakers@gardenontario.. Harry Wyma.. youthnews@gardenontario.. Archivist.. Malcolm Geast.. archives@gardenontario.. Marilyn Cox.. Memorial Book Custodian.. Keswick, ON L4P 3E9.. inmemoriam@gardenontario.. Trillium Editor.. Linda Hugli.. editor@gardenontario.. Convention Registrar.. Barb O'Malley.. registrar@gardenontario.. Past President Council Chair.. Ken Fink.. pastpresidentcouncil@gardenontario.. Contact information for Societies is available in the.. Societies.. section through the.. Search Society.. function..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: OHA, Ontario Horticultural Association, Join
    Descriptive info: Calling All Gardeners!.. How do I become a member of an OHA Society?.. Do you love gardening? Are concerned about Ontario's environment? Whether you are a new gardener looking for support or an experienced one who is willing to share what you know, there is a place for you in OHA.. Even gardeners who have moved from homes into apartments and no longer actively garden are most welcome as volunteers.. OHA member Societies are active in their communities - contributing their time and love of the outdoors.. They frequently maintain public flower beds and planters, tend gardens at libraries and seniors homes, and assist in restoring and naturalizing rivers, creeks and roadsides.. There are over 280 OHA member Societies across the province.. Each Society has different interests and activities.. Contact information for every Society is listed on this web site in the.. Society section.. Society activities are also reported in the.. OHA Annual Report.. Q.. There is no Society in my area.. How do I start a horticultural society or garden club?.. Formation of OHA Societies is controlled by the.. Agricultural Horticultural Organizations Act 1990.. This.. Act.. permits the creation and incorporation of new horticultural societies in any municipality (this includes townships) with a population of not less than 200.. If the population of the municipality is greater than 25,000, there may be two societies and for each additional 25,000 in population there can be an additional society.. You need to have the support of at least 50 residents to sign the articles of incorporation for a new society.. In northern Ontario, only 25 residents are required.. These people will become your.. charter.. members.. What are the benefits of Incorporation?.. If you are applying for a program grant, some organizations (such as governments agencies and foundations) require your organization to be incorporated.. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) now gives  ...   Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 3.. rd.. Floor, 1 Stone Road West, Guelph, Ontario N1G 4Y2 or by phone at 1-888-466-2372.. They will send you the appropriate forms:.. Articles of Incorporation Application form to incorporate under the.. Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act.. A copy of the.. Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act, Parts I-IV and Regulations 16.. and.. A sample constitution for a horticultural society.. You are not required to submit a constitution with your application for incorporation but the adoption of a constitution should be one of your first activities.. Please note that this is only a sample.. Apart from the information in.. Articles II III, and I.. , which is taken from the.. , you can put whatever you want in your constitution.. You may want to have a look at other societies' constitutions for ideas.. The official name for your organization must have "horticultural society" in it.. Once you have filled in the Incorporation Application form, return it to OMAFRA with a cheque for $25, payable to the.. Minister of Finance.. This pays the one-time incorporation fee.. How does our new society become part of the OHA network?.. Once your application is filed with OMAFRA, you will be invited to contact your OHA District Director who will explain to your group the.. many benefits of association.. with OHA.. Each OHA Society receives a comprehensive manual that explains the relationship and obligations between your Society, the OHA and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.. Included in the manual are fact sheets with information about managing your society and working with youth and volunteers.. In addition to the obvious benefits of working with experienced society leaders in your district and receiving their guidance and support, the OHA offers liability insurance and Treasurer bonding at very low cost to your society.. OHA dues are assessed annually and based on society membership numbers..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Board of Directors
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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Benefits of Membership
    Descriptive info: Benefits of Membership.. OHA Benefits.. FOR LOCAL SOCIETIES.. The Province of Ontario is divided into 19 OHA Districts.. District Directors oversee and support Societies in their Districts, acting as a source of information and facilitating liaison with OHA and other Societies.. Support for New Officers.. OHA also gives newly elected officers of local Societies a copy of the new OHA Society Manual.. This comprehensive manual explains the relationship and obligations between a Society, the OHA and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).. Included in the manual are Fact Sheets about managing a Society and working with youth and volunteers.. Programs.. The OHA Conservation and Environment Committee has developed several programs that can be implemented locally by Societies.. Newsletter.. Four times a year, the OHA publishes and delivers a newsletter to Societies to keep them up to date with the affairs of the Association.. All societies are invited to submit articles that are of provincial interest.. Treasurer Letter of Credit.. OHA provides security against loss of funds as required by the.. For a nominal fee, members societies can apply for protection to cover the loss of funds of the society as provided in Section 12 of the.. The OHA provides Societies with inexpensive liability  ...   old friendships and make new ones.. OHA awards recognize members of horticultural societies who have done admirable or outstanding work.. Find out more on the.. page.. Youth Activities.. OHA encourages young people to participate in their community through horticulture.. A leadership manual, newsletter and special competitions are available to youth members.. Judging Schools.. Are you interested in learning how to judge competitions? OHA offers training courses for prospective judges for horticultural and agricultural society shows.. We certify judges and publish a guide for judges and exhibitors of specimen classes and decorative classes entitled Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards - for Horticultural and Floral Design.. See our.. Garden Shop.. to purchase this publication.. How to become a Society member.. OTHER BENEFITS.. Master Gardener Program.. The OHA is pleased to be part of the Master Gardener Steering Committee.. Liaison with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.. The OHA maintains a friendly relationship with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs through its Leadership and Development, Agriculture Division.. Every year, we provide the Minister with an Annual Report detailing our financial year and showcasing the work done by horticultural societies throughout Ontario.. The door is open for forming partnerships with the Ministry to develop and sponsor new programs..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: OHA in Action
    Descriptive info: Volunteers Are the Heart of OHA.. Do you enjoy nothing better than getting a little dirt on your hands? Enjoying vegetables you've grown yourself? Walking through the garden in the early morning to see what's blooming today? Lending a hand to restore an urban waterway?.. If the answer is "yes," you should consider being a volunteer with the Ontario Horticultural Association.. Through our local Societies, OHA is active across  ...   with wild flowers, planting trees in river valleys.. the list of OHA activities is unlimited.. Volunteers are the backbone of everything we do.. Whether you can help organize a flower show, do the bookkeeping, work on an environmental or community beautification project.. or just share your favorite muffins, your assistance is most welcome.. Contact the nearest.. District or Society.. to find out how you can be an OHA volunteer..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Constitution
    Descriptive info: History.. Constitution.. Legislation.. Constitution & Bylaws.. ONTARIO HORTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION.. Article I NAME.. The name of the Association shall be the Ontario Horticultural Association, hereinafter referred to as the.. Association.. Article II MISSION.. The mission of the Association shall be to provide leadership and assist in the promotion of education and interest in all areas of horticulture and related environmental issues in Ontario, through an expanding network of horticultural societies dedicated to the beautification of their communities, as outlined in Article 36 of the.. Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act,.. S.. 1990, Chapter A.. 9, hereinafter called the.. Article III ORGANIZATION.. The Association shall be a charitable, non-profit organization incorporated pursuant to the laws of the Province of Ontario, without share capital, dedicated to carrying out its mission.. Article IV AUTHORITY.. Societies in the Association are incorporated and their legal status and direction is governed by the.. Act,.. and any revisions thereof as promulgated in the Statutes of Ontario.. Article V MEMBERSHIP.. Membership in the Association shall be open to horticultural societies duly incorporated under the Act, and related organizations that support the mission of the Association.. The classes of membership and their terms of reference shall be as provided in the By-Laws of the Association.. Article VI ADMINISTRATION.. The Societies in the Association shall be organized into geographical regional districts.. The boundaries of a district and the allocation of societies in each shall be as provided in the By-Laws of the Association.. A Board of Directors shall be elected by the members in accordance with the Act.. The terms of reference for election/appointment and the duties to be performed by Directors and Officers shall be as provided in the By-Laws of the Association.. There shall be a Past Presidents' Council consisting of former Presidents of the Association.. Article VII AMENDMENTS.. The Constitution may be amended or revoked provided that the changes are approved by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast at an annual general meeting or special meeting called for that purpose.. A notice of motion in writing of such proposed amendment or revocation must be submitted to the Association Secretary at least 60 days in advance of the meeting so that all societies may be notified within a period of 50 to 10 days prior to the meeting.. Any member of a society may submit such a notice of motion.. Revised August 19, 2012 - on the occasion of the Association's convention held in Niagara-on-the-Lake.. A signed and sealed copy resides in the permanent records of the Association.. ______________ _______________________.. Date James Graham, OHA President.. BY-LAWS.. By-Law 1 INTERPRETATION.. In the By-Laws and in the Constitution of the Association, unless the context otherwise specifies or requires:.. "Act" means the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act, R.. 9, as amended from time to time and every statute that may be substituted thereafter;.. "Association" means the Ontario Horticultural Association;.. "Audit" means an examination of books and records by a qualified Auditor;.. "Auditor" is an individual or individuals who are qualified Chartered Accountants, and who are therefore qualified to conduct an audit of the books and records of the Association in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles.. "Board" means the Board of Directors of the Association;.. "District" refers to a group of societies designated by the Association as a geographic entity within the Province;.. "Financial Reviews" are conducted by independent, objective and knowledgeable persons at least once a year, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.. To meet the requirements of the Act, a financial review is considered a sufficient audit for societies and districts.. "Horticultural Society" or "Society" means Horticultural Society, Garden Club or Garden and Horticultural Society incorporated under the Act.. "Member" shall be any organization that has paid their current membership fee as set from time to time by the membership at an annual meeting;.. "Ex officio" designates a member of a Board or Executive who is a person who holds or held an office to which he was neither directly elected or appointed, often as the representative of an external body, in which case he is non-voting.. An Immediate Past President or past Director of a body is their ex officio, but has the right to vote.. (10/9).. By-Law 2 HEAD OFFICE.. The head office of the Association shall be located in the Province of Ontario at such place therein as the Directors may from time to time determine.. By-Law 3 CORPORATE SEAL.. The seal, an impression of which is stamped in the margin hereto, shall be the corporate seal of the Association.. By-Law 4 MEMBERSHIP.. Membership in the Association shall consist of the following classes: member, associate, and partner.. The Board of Directors may establish other membership categories, provided that the membership category is subsequently ratified by the general membership.. 1 Member: Membership shall be open to any horticultural society incorporated under the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act, hereinafter called the Act.. An annual fee shall be assessed each member on a per capita basis.. The Board of Directors shall recommend the fee, for ratification at a general meeting of the membership.. The Secretary shall notify societies of any proposed change in fees at least 90 days prior to a general meeting.. 2 Associate: Associate membership shall be open to organizations that meet the requirements of the following:.. a) Article 36 of the Act.. b) Association regulations as from time to time determined.. The Board of Directors must approve associate membership.. Associate members shall have such privileges of membership as the Board shall determine.. The Board of Directors shall determine the fee for Associate organizations.. 3 Partners: Membership shall be open to allied horticultural organizations.. Partners may receive communications and attend District and Annual Meetings, but do not have voting rights.. The Board of Directors must approve partners.. The Board of Directors shall recommend the annual fee for Partners, for ratification at a general meeting of the membership.. By-Law 5 ADMINISTRATION.. 1 The BOARD OF DIRECTORS shall consist of the Officers of the Association, together with the Directors, and a member of the Past Presidents' Council.. 2 The OFFICERS of the Association shall be the President, Immediate Past President, 1.. st.. Vice President, 2.. nd.. Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.. 3 The Officers of the Association shall transact the business of the Association between meetings of the Board.. 4 Past Presidents of the Association shall form the PAST PRESIDENTS' COUNCIL.. The Past Presidents' Council will be represented by the Immediate Past President on the board.. (13/2).. 5 The EXECUTIVE COUNCIL shall consist of the Officers of the Association, two Directors appointed from and by the board from different regions of the province and the District Director hosting the upcoming convention.. 6 All Officers shall serve for a one-year term, unless re-elected or re-appointed.. 7 Vacancies on the Executive Council shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors.. 8 Elected by the Districts, Directors become members of the Association's Board of Directors.. District Directors take office in the Association as of the date of election by their Districts.. Directors are elected annually and may be re-elected for a maximum of five years.. An additional one-year of service is acceptable in extreme circumstances.. District Directors are formally introduced as members of the Association's Board of Directors at the Association's Annual General Meeting.. A retiring District Director shall attend the pre-convention Board meeting and the Convention at the expense of the Association.. 9 The Board of Directors may empower the Executive Council to act with the full authority of the Board.. 10 The Board of Directors shall meet at least three times each year.. 11 The Executive Council shall meet at the call of the President, or any three of its members.. By-Law 6.. ELECTION/APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERS AND AUDITOR.. 6.. 1 The Board shall appoint the Secretary and Treasurer.. All other positions are elected annually by the general membership.. 2 An Auditor(s) shall be recommended by the Board, and elected  ...   full number of delegates attending the Annual General Meeting, then the proxy voting rights of the non-attending delegates may be assigned to any other delegate or to the Association Secretary.. 4 Any Officer, Director, and all Past Presidents shall have voting rights at annual meetings or any special meeting of the Association.. 5 The Board of Directors may call special meetings of the Association whenever it deems advisable.. Notice of all special or general meetings, with a statement of the subjects to be discussed, shall be sent to all societies at least 30 days prior to said meeting.. 6 The President and Association Secretary shall prepare an agenda and order of business prior to calling the Annual Meeting, and a copy of such agenda shall be sent to each society together with notice of such meeting.. 7 The Treasurer shall present to the general membership, at the Annual General Meeting, audited financial statements of assets and liabilities as well as income and expenditures for the prior fiscal year, with copies available for distribution to each Society.. 8 The Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of the Association between general meetings, and report its activities at the Annual Meeting.. 9 The Secretary shall make available to all members Minutes of the Annual General Meeting within two months of the time of the meeting.. By-Law 12 EXECUTION OF DOCUMENTS.. 1 Any two of the President, Secretary and Treasurer shall sign all cheques, drafts or orders for the payment of money, and all notes and acceptances and bills of exchange.. 2 The President or one of the Vice-Presidents together with the Secretary or Treasurer may sign contracts, documents or any instructions in writing requiring the signature of the Association.. The Executive Council has power from time to time by resolution to appoint any Officer or Officers to sign contracts, documents or instruments in writing relating to special projects.. By-Law 13 DISTRICT ORGANIZATION.. 1 The Province shall be divided into Districts as follows:.. 1 - Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott, Russell, Stormont.. 2 - Grenville, Lanark, Ottawa, Renfrew.. 3 - Frontenac, Hastings, Leeds, Lennox Addington, Prince Edward.. 4 - Haliburton, Northumberland, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes.. 5 - Toronto East, York Region East.. 6 - Brant, Halton, Hamilton, Norfolk.. 7 - Dufferin, Wellington Counties.. 8 - Bruce, Grey, Huron Counties.. 9 - Haldimand, Niagara North, Niagara South.. 10 - Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford, Perth.. 11 - Essex, Kent, Lambton Counties.. 12 - Cochrane, Timiskaming, North Nipissing.. 13 - Algoma, Manitoulin, Sudbury.. 14 - Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder Bay.. 15 - Peel, York Region West, Toronto West.. 16 - Simcoe County.. 17 - Durham Region.. 18 - Parry Sound, Muskoka, South Nipissing.. 19 - Regional Municipality of Waterloo.. 2 The Board of Directors may recommend a revision of District boundaries to add new districts or adjust existing boundaries to accommodate population, county and regional changes, subject to consultation with the affected Districts and Societies.. 3 Each District shall elect a Director of the Association, and at least one Assistant Director, at a duly called Annual General Meeting.. Notice of such meeting shall be given to the member societies at least thirty days in advance.. (10/3).. 4 Each District at its Annual General Meeting shall create a District Executive consisting of the Director, Assistant Director(s) and shall elect or appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer, or a Secretary-Treasurer, and two financial reviewers or an auditor.. This may be expanded to include other executive members.. (10/5).. 5 For a director who has resigned, or is unwilling or unable to carry out the responsibilities of office, the District Executive shall appoint a replacement for the balance of his term.. 6 The Director and District secretary shall prepare an Agenda and order of business for all District meetings.. A copy of the Agenda shall be distributed to all district societies prior to the meeting.. The secretary shall maintain the minutes of such meetings, and the other written records of the District.. The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting shall be made available to all members within two months of the meeting.. (10/6).. 7 The District Treasurer shall present to the membership at the AGM, reviewed financial statements of assets and liabilities as well as income and expenditures for the prior fiscal year, with copies for each society.. The Treasurer, having made copies, shall transmit the original documents, statements, bills and receipts, along with the reviewers' comments, to the Association Treasurer no later than 1.. of February each year.. The District financial year shall be from 1.. of January to the 31.. of December as of the 31.. of December 2010.. (10/7).. 8 The District Director may, if invited, facilitate the resolution of disputes within a society's leadership.. 9 A District Advisory Council may be formed, representative of all societies.. 10 Each Society shall be entitled to send two voting delegates to a District meeting.. Any society having membership exceeding 100 shall be entitled to one additional voting delegate for each 50 members or fraction thereof up to a maximum of 20 voting delegates.. Society membership count shall be based upon reports filed for the previous year with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.. 11 Each District shall be entitled, by a majority vote of the delegates present at the annual meeting, to make an assessment on member societies within the District but the limit of membership for any society for assessment purposes shall be 1,000 members.. Fees must be sent to the District Treasurer or Secretary-Treasurer.. Fees retained by the District must be accounted for in an audited financial statement to be presented at the District meeting, and a copy provided to each society within the District, and to the Association Secretary.. By-Law 14.. INDEMNIFICATION OF DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS.. Every Director and Officer of the Association and his or her heirs, executors and administrators respectively shall from time to time, and at all times, be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the Association only from and against:.. a) all costs, charges and expenses whatsoever such Director or Officer sustains or incurs in or about any action, suit or proceeding that is brought, commences or prosecuted against him or her for or in respect of any deed, act, matter or thing whatsoever made, done or committed by him or her, in or about the execution of the duties of his or her office;.. b) all other costs, charges and expenses he or she sustains or incurs in or about or in relation to the affairs of the Association; except such costs, charges and expenses as are occasioned by his or her own negligence or default, or failure to act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the Association.. The Association may provide insurance to cover this liability of the Association.. By-Law 15.. RULES OF ORDER.. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern proceedings at all meetings of the Association.. If the rules of order are in conflict with the By-Laws, the latter shall prevail.. By-Law 16.. AMENDMENTS.. The by-laws may be amended, or revoked, provided that the changes are approved by a majority of the votes cast at an annual general or special meeting called for that purpose.. The following provisions apply:.. A notice of motion in writing of the proposed amendment, or revocation, has been submitted to the Secretary 60 days before the meeting.. Any member of a society which is in good standing may submit such notice of motion in addition to the Officers and Directors of the Association.. The Secretary shall notify all societies of proposed amendments 50 days prior to the meeting.. Revised July 21, 2013 - on the occasion of the Association's convention held in Thunder Bay.. The above by-laws are in effect until elections start at the 2014 AGM.. For the by-laws that will take effect at the start of elections at the 2014 AGM see.. this link..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: History
    Descriptive info: OHA - From Then to Now.. One Hundred Years of Achievement.. Before Incorporation.. 1792.. Niagara-on-the-Lake Agricultural Society was formed in then Upper Canada.. 1797.. Agricultural Fair was established in Toronto York.. 1834.. The first Horticultural Society in Ontario was formed in Toronto.. 1846.. Provincial Agricultural Fair became Canadian National Exhibition.. 1888.. Agricultural Society became Ontario Department of Agriculture and Land.. Incorporation.. 1906.. An Act of the Ontario Legislature sorted Agricultural and Horticultural Societies into two incorporated associations: the Ontario Horticultural Association and the Ontario Agricultural Fairs Association.. 1906 - 1929.. The Ontario Horticultural Association helped restore many abandoned cemeteries.. 1912.. The Vacant Lot Gardening movement started in Ontario.. With assistance from the Ploughmen's Association teamsters, vacant lands in the Toronto area were ploughed to grow food for the needy.. During the First World War these gardens, numbering in the hundreds throughout Ontario provided great quanities of food.. 1916.. Sent vegetable seeds in variety to England where they were distributed by the Red Cross to war prisoners.. Responded to the plight of Northern Ontarians ravished by fire, to assist and support them in various ways.. Sent food parcels to aged pensioners in Britian.. The OHA also contributed to "Seeds for Russia" and the "British War Victims Fund" during this time.. 1930 - 1949.. 1930s.. Seeds and tree rootstocks sent to 1000s of families in the prairies after the area was swept by dust storms and drought.. The OHA and member societies organized "Relief Gardens" for the needy and conducted lectures on growing vegetables.. 1936.. Initiated and advanced the legislative process to see the Trillium grandiflorum become Ontario's Floral Emblem.. It is now also the Association's official stylized logo (copyrighted).. Sent seedling maple trees to England's military cemeteries and seedlings and seeds throughout Europe, Sicily and Italy.. Early 1940's.. OHA's WWI vegetable gardens, now called Victory Gardens, provided fresh vegetables and fruit to many needy families.. Public schools assisted with this program.. 1945.. 1200 schools planted 600 acres of tree seedlings throughout Ontario.. Continuing encouragement and support in the planting of trees at the annual spring Arbour Days (which has  ...   1986.. Assisted with and provided 1000s of trees to replanting the many tornado-struck areas throughout southern Ontario.. 1988.. The Agricultural Horticultural Organizations Act came into effect on December 15, 1988.. It replaced the Agricultural Societies Act, the Horticultural Societies Act and the Agricultural Associations Act.. All societies that were established under these earlier pieces of legislation were continued under the Act.. The Ontario Minister of Agriculture and Food is responsible for the administration of the Act.. 1991.. Planting wildflowers at Todmorden Mills.. This was the brainchild of Charles Sauriol and carried out by the societies of District 5 and the City of Toronto with the assistance of Dave Money.. 1992.. Provincial grant ($19,000 annually) was terminated by the Government.. Grants to societies were to be terminated later but were left in place after much lobbying considering the many thousands of hours given to communities by volunteers.. Loblaws became involved with OHA through its Garden Centre program, raising funds for OHA and societies.. This program is still in place.. 1994.. Memorial Book.. established by Alex MacIntosh in memory of his late wife.. Entries in the Memorial book, along with the donations received have provided funds for societies to plant trees in memory of members or other horticultural friends.. The Memorial Book is on display at the Convention each year.. 1996.. Start of Master Gardener Program in conjunction with the Societies of Ontario Horticultural Association.. The Association sold yellow OHA Commemorative Tulip to celebrate the 90th anniversary of OHA.. 1998.. Districts affected by a major ice storm that devastated rural and urban forests in Eastern Ontario and Quebec received plants of all kinds donated by society members.. Societies contributed money to replace trees and Directors of the affected Districts received the donations at the Peterborough Convention.. 1999.. Ontario Horticultural Association Millennium Tulip.. Bulbs for large deep pink tulips were sold by societies as a fundraiser for the OHA and named for the Association to commemorate the Millennium.. 188,800 bulbs were sold throughout the Province.. 2006.. OHA Centennial Year.. The Story of Ontario Horticultural Societies 1854-1973 is.. available from the OHA..

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