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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: OHA, Ontario Horticultural Association, Legislation
    Descriptive info: Benefits.. of Membership.. Leadership.. Annual Report.. Organization.. History.. Constitution.. Legislation.. Committees.. Join Us.. Judging and Shows.. Speakers.. Manuals.. Insurance.. Home.. About OHA.. Provincial Legislation.. OHA is a Provincially Mandated Organization.. These links will take you to the Province of Ontario E-Laws web site.. Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act.. R.. S.. O.. 1990, CHAPTER A.. 9.. R.. 1990, REGULATION 16 - Amended to O.. Reg.. 945/93 - GENERAL.. 1990, REGULATION 17 - No Amendments - NAMES.. 2004 Ontario Horticultural Association.. | E-mail the..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Forms
    Descriptive info: Forms.. The following forms are of interest to Societies and individual members of the Ontario Horticultural Association.. Click on the form name below to download the forms.. Annual Reporting for Horticultural Societies.. OHA Annual Report 2013 for Societies:.. There are 3 ways to complete the OHA Report:.. 1) on-line.. (Click here for.. instructions.. Click here for an.. instructional video.. Filing the report in this way will save postage and effort.. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.. ) 2) complete and e-mail the.. Microsoft Word form.. to your District Director.. 3) Print, fill in and mail the.. printable form.. OMAFRA Annual Report 2013 for Societies:.. http://www.. omafra.. gov.. on.. ca/english/rural/returns/hortreturn_grant.. htm.. Treasurer Letter Of Credit Agreement:.. Each Horticultural Society Treasurer should complete this form each year.. For more information, contact.. treasurer@gardenontario.. org.. Volunteer Hours Form:.. There are 3 ways to complete the OHA Volunteer Hours Form:.. 2) complete and e-mail the.. Click her for an.. 2013 Volunteer hours form.. (.. pdf).. doc).. OHA In Memoriam donation form.. (pdf).. This form is used by Societies and individuals to make a donation to the OHA in memory of someone.. Names are recorded in the OHA's.. "In Memoriam" Book.. Special Project Application Form.. pdf.. ) (.. doc.. ).. OHA provides financial support for selected society planting projects as funds allow.. Download this form and complete it for mailing.. Community Vegetable Garden Description and Application (.. Description).. Application.. The OHA provides financial support for a selected society for communtiy vegetable gardens as funds allow.. Please see the description document and complete the application for mailing.. It is due to your District Director by Feb.. 15, 2014.. OHA $200 Tree Grant.. After January 1 each year, send a letter to the OHA awards coordinator in order to apply for this grant.. awards@gardenontario.. OHA Horticultural Service Certificate Application form.. Awarded  ...   event information on the GardenOntario web site Event Calendar.. OHA Supplies order form.. Mail this form in to order supplies such as pins, stationary and certificates.. Insurance.. The certificate of general liability insurance is available from the OHA treasurer.. The general liability and directors and officers insurance policies are in the password protected resources area.. Convention Resolutions.. OHA AGM Proxy Vote form.. (doc).. Submit this form before the convention in order that your society proxy voting cards will be ready at the registration desk.. This document includes proxy voting procedures.. OHA convention question submission form.. Use this form to submit questions to be answered during the question and answer period at the convention.. OHA Convention Resolution Form.. This form is used to submit a resolution for consideration and presentation to the Ontario Horticultural Association Annual Convention.. Youth forms.. 2013 Youth Club Activity Report Form.. Youth Leaders Report.. 2013 Youth Entry Form.. Competition entry form for a Society.. Youth Club Permission Form.. The OHA youth club permission form.. Youth Club Requirements.. Youth club requirements.. Youth Club Grant Form.. Apply for funds for programming, seeds, special events, supplies, etc.. for your Society Youth Club/Group.. 2013 Youth Competition Schedule.. Competition Schedule.. Trillium Inserts.. The following documents were included as inserts with the.. Trillium.. newsletter.. Just click on one of the links below to view the document.. This section will be updated when the next issue of the Trillium is released.. Graphics.. The following graphics are of interest to Societies and individual members of the Ontario Horticultural Association.. Click on the graphic name below to download the files.. OHA logo (jpg).. OHA logo in jpg format.. Large image (59K).. OHA Logo - WMF.. Black and White version of the logo in WMF format.. Great for printing.. OHA logo small (jpg).. B W OHA logo - small file size (10K)..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Awards
    Descriptive info: Awards.. Youth Newsletter.. Master Gardeners.. OHA in Action.. District, Society and Individual.. To download the.. Awards Booklet, click here.. Award Winners.. Silver Medal Winners.. 1932 - H.. H.. Groff, Simcoe.. 1933 -.. 1934 - R.. F.. Gunnell, Hamilton.. 1935 -.. 1936 - E.. Palmer, Vineland.. 1937 - John F.. Clark, Toronto.. 1938 - W.. Miles, Ingersoll; Kitchener Horticultural Society,.. 1939 - Rev.. H.. A.. E.. Clarke, Cornwall.. 1940 - W.. Allan, St.. Thomas.. 1941 - Niagara Falls Horticultural Society, W.. M.. Croskery, Ottawa,.. 1942 - C.. Neelands, Toronto; Percy Bone, Thornhill; Leon Van Cleemput, Toronto.. 1943 - J.. E.. Carter, Guelph.. 1944 - A.. Richardson, Toronto.. 1945 -.. 1946 -.. 1947 - F.. T.. Dwyer, Sault Ste.. Marie.. 1948 -.. 1949 - Kirk Coward, Kingston.. 1950 - R.. W.. Oliver, Ottawa.. 1951 - Mrs.. G.. K.. Fraser, Burleigh Falls; W.. Foster, London.. 1952 - Ken Gardiner, Brantford; James Taylor, Guelph.. 1953 - A.. F.. Johnson, Stamford Centre.. 1954 - John W.. Harris, Sarnia.. 1955 - Wm.. Webb, Kingston; Jas.. Burston, London.. 1956 - Miss Ora G.. Wickware, Toronto.. 1957 -.. 1958 - Geo.. Bell, Toronto.. 1959 - Campbell Soup Co.. Ltd.. , New Toronto.. 1960 - Charles Jensen, Breslau; William Brown, Elora.. 1961 - Arthur Buckley, Ottawa; John A.. Weall, Guelph; R.. D.. Little, Richmond Hill.. 1962 - Jos.. Tiffin, Scarborough; Ivan C.. Glover, Guelph.. 1963 - William M.. Cavaye, Ottawa.. 1964 - Mrs.. Biglow, Chapleau; Rev.. J.. Siebert, Stratford.. 1965 - Mrs.. Gable, Barrie.. 1966 - J.. Albert Smith, Kitchener.. 1967 - F.. A.. Lashley, Toronto.. 1968 - Dr.. Ives, Stayner.. 1969 - Mr.. Mrs.. Packham, Burlington.. 1970 - Herbert E.. Markle, Guelph.. 1971 - St.. Clair Tennant, Kleinburg.. 1972 -.. 1973 -.. 1974 - Phil Dodds, Picton.. 1975 - Donald Klink, East Sandwich.. 1976 - Roy Nicholson, Timmins.. 1977 - Frank Lejune.. 1978 - Dr.. Robert Hilton.. 1979 - Bob Keith, Toronto.. 1980 - Alastair Crawford, Oro Station.. 1981 - Dr.. Leslie Laking, Hamilton.. 1982 - Joan Dickson.. 1983 -.. 1984 -.. 1985 - Bryce Japp, Brigden.. 1986 - Dorothy Dove, Thunder Bay.. 1987 - Gladys McLatchey, Richmond Hill.. 1988 - Pauline Richards, London.. 1989 - Dr.. Claude Garton, Thunder Bay.. 1990 - John Bradshaw, Toronto.. 1991 - Madeline Hobson, Midland.. 1992 - Bonnie Warner, Englehart.. 1993 - Mary Yeoman, Burgessville.. 1994 - Margaret McCann, Thorold.. 1995 - John David Money, Toronto.. 1996 - John Simpkins, Oakville.. 1997 - Harry Wyma, Ridgetown.. 1998 - Bert Card, Richmond Hill.. 1999 - Sheila Shearing, London.. 2000 - Marilyn Light, Ottawa.. 2001 - Don Matthews, Harriston.. 2002 - Hazel Wilson, Peterborough.. 2003 - Jean Whitby, Lucknow.. 2004 - Not awarded.. 2005 - Metje Mabee, Gananoque.. 2006 - Gwynedd Brundrett, Wilmot.. 2007 - Eric Hogh, Orangeville, District 7.. 2008 - Audrey Whitcombe, Lake Simcoe South.. 2009 - Beryl Harris, Lakefield, District 4.. 2010 - Jim Anderson, Brampton, District 15.. 2011 -.. 2012 -.. 2013 - Gary and Dianne Westlake, Peterborough, District 4.. Silver Fir Award Winners.. 1987 - Ed Israel, Guelph.. 1988 - Alistar Crawford, Oro Station.. 1989 - Renny De Boer, Barrie.. 1990 - Wyman Jacques, Barrie.. 1991 - Cam Stewart, Toronto.. 1992 - Roger Davis.. 1993 - Cecil Wright.. 1994 - Bert Card, Richmond Hill.. 1995 - George Rossow, Pembroke.. 1996 - Gordon Winter, Maxville.. 1997 - Ross Bearss, Ridgeway District 9.. 1998 - Jim Anderson, Brampton.. 1999 - Jack Forrester , Scarborough.. 2000 - Fraser McClung, Port Dover.. 2001 - Doug Johnston, Haldimand Twp.. (Grafton).. 2002 - Ken Smith, Aurora.. 2003 - Dr.. Hank Hedges, St.. George.. 2004 - Reg Redston.. 2005 - Dr.. James Cruise, Simcoe.. 2006 - Dave Money, Agincourt.. 2007 - Don Matthews, Harrison, District 7.. 2008 - Ted Reed, Callander, District 18.. 2009 - Bruce Wilson, Englehart, District 12.. 2010 - Ken Fink, Beachburg, District 2.. 2011 - Michael Levison, Kingston, District 3.. 2012 - Philip Kennedy, Prince Edward County, District 3.. 2012 - Jim Mabee, District 10.. Trillium Award Winners.. 1950 - Miss Marjorie Mertens, Stouffville.. S.. Kieswetter, Waterloo.. 1952 -.. 1953 - Mrs.. Margaret McCann, Thorold; Mrs.. J.. Kettle, Bracebridge; Miss Ada Linton, Scarborough.. 1954 - Mrs.. B.. Warren, Warren; Mrs.. Robertson, Ayr.. 1955 - Miss Margaret Dove, Toronto.. 1956 - Miss Gladys McLatchey, Richmond Hill.. 1957 - Mrs.. Jean Gable, Barrie.. 1958 - Mrs.. Brooker, Brantford.. 1959 - Mrs.. M.. Cruise, Windsor.. 1960 - Mrs.. L.. Scrimegour, Blyth.. 1961 - Miss Grace Webster, Guelph; Miss Gladys Skuffham, Almonte.. 1962 - Mrs.. Daley, Scarborough; Mrs.. Carter, Windsor.. 1963 - Mrs.. Shepherdson, Kingston.. 1964 - Miss M.. C.. Stewart, Guelph.. Wilson, Hamilton; Mrs.. Sandford, Oshawa.. 1966 - Mrs.. Fairbrother, Newcastle.. 1967 - Mrs.. Alberta Stephens, Harwood.. 1968 - Mrs.. Ina Scott,  ...   Gray; Cleone Allan Neff, Picton; Vicki Lesnick; Alec Gert Cantley, Nipigon-Red Rock.. 1995 - Helen Harvey Shurrock, Collins Bay; Russell Doris Tilt, Richmond Hill; Len Kuntz, Mildmay; Earl Colling, Ancaster.. 1996 -.. 1997 - Erik Hansen, Sudbury.. 1998 - David Waddell, Ancaster; Beryl Harris, Young's Point, Lakefield; Chuck Sturrock.. 1999 - Leslie James; Elsa Lee; David Olive McDuff.. 2000 - Ed Lawrence, Ottawa.. 2001 - David Elliott, Toronto.. 2002 - Claire Liinamaa, Sudbury; Johanna Verbunt, Ancaster.. 2003 - Georgina Mentis, Cloverleaf; Donna Hills, Ancaster.. 2004 - Ruby Johnson.. 2005 - Margaret Dennis Hutchinson, Parry Sound.. 2006 - Bill Madge Winchester, Brampton.. 2007 - Diane Murphy, Chingacousy, District 15.. 2008 - Barbara Waddell, Ancaster, District 6.. 2009 - David Marshall, Oakville, District 6.. 2010 - Margaret Hutchinson, Parry Sound District, District 18.. 2011 - Linda Hugli, Sudbury, District 13.. 2012 - Bev Silk, Grafton, District 4.. 2013 - Bob Wilt Ancaster Horticultural Society District 6 and Manuela Neto Cloverleaf Garden Club District 15.. Honour Roll.. 1997 -.. 1998 - Hazel Wilson, Peterborough; Jean Harris, Lakefield.. 1999 - Doris Scott, Midland; Velma Shelletto, Richmond hill; David Waddell, Ancaster.. 2000 - Judith Anderson, Brampton; David Elliott, Kinsway-Sunnlea.. 2001 -.. 2002 -.. 2003 - Alex McIntosh, Toronto.. 2004 - Frances Ahara.. 2005 - Pauline Richards, London; Pearl Wade, Ancaster.. 2006 - Laureen Corboy, Sault Ste.. Marie; David Marshall, Oakville.. 2007 - no names submitted.. 2008 -.. 2009 - Kevin Healey, Elmvale.. 2010 - Evelyn Barham, Delhi District, District 6.. 2011 - Jean Wallace District 12 2011 Edna Caldwell Oro-Medonte H.. District 16.. 2013 - Barb Waddell Ancaster Horticultural Society District 6 and Lotte Brunner Cloverleaf Garden Club District 15.. Community Improvement Award Winners.. 1987 - Linda Balgar for the Windsor Star.. 1988 -.. 1989 - Tomlinson Pontiac, Buick, GMC, Richmond Hill.. 1990 - Waterfront Development Project, City of North Bay.. 1991 - Kings Navy Yard, Amherstburg.. 1992 - City of Cornwall.. 1993 - Fieldcote Park, Ancaster; Harvey's Restaurant, Richmond Hill; Barriefield Rock Garden project, Kingston.. 1994 - Harper's Gardening Centre, Ancaster.. 1995 - Barrie Horticultural Society Arboretum.. 1996 - Milton District Horticultural Society.. 1998 - Harper's Gardening Centre, Ancaster; St.. Joachim School.. 1999 - Western Fair; Karen Boniface.. 2000 - St.. Joseph's Care group, Thunder Bay.. 2001 - Sir Winston Churchill High school, Thunder Bay; Elmvale Millennium Park Project.. 2002 - Eileen Fisher The Englehart Public School, Englehart.. 2003 - Harper's Gardening Centre, Ancaster.. 2004 - London Salvage Trading Company, London.. 2005 - Jane Murphy, Kingston.. 2006 - Cross of Light, Sault Ste.. 2007 - Allard St.. Gardens, Sault St.. 2008 - no award given.. 2009 - Cathy Dueck, Peterborough, District 4.. 2010 - Englehart Centennial Park, District 12.. 2011 - Deep River, Riverbank Project, District 2.. 2012 - Oakville, Anderson Bridge Parkette, District 6.. 2013 - Joyce Bockmaster.. Youth Leader Award Winners.. 1994 - Basil McMaster, Brighton; Kathleen Crawford; Marianne Taylor; Ilene Chesterman; Narda Hoogkamp, Newcastle; Juanita Koole, Oro-Medonte.. 1995 -.. 1996 - Eileen Fisher, Englehart.. 1997 - Louise Larabie.. 1998 -.. 1999 - Merle Letcher, Scarborough.. 2000 - Debra Tice, Coldwater.. 2001 - Marlene Bruckhardt, Guelph Township.. 2002 - Trish Brookfield, Ancaster.. 2003 - No nominations.. 2004 - Mary Faulds.. 2005 - Jane McDonald, Guelph Township; Bonnie Warner, Englehart.. 2006 - Betty Morrison, Huntsville.. 2007 - Ron Nelsons, Oro-Medonte Jean Cote, Scarborough.. 2008 - Bev Webster, Campbell.. 2009 - Merleen Hall, Oakville, District 6.. 2010 - Sonya Shalswell, Oro-Medonte, District 16.. 2011 - Linda Tock, Oakville, District 6.. 2012 - Sandra Cressman, Wilmot, District 19.. 2013 - Kim Oly Cloverleaf Garden Club District 15.. Environmental Award Winners.. 1987 -.. 1989 -.. 1990 - Jim Bering, Ayr; Ross Rose Bearss, Ridgeway; Michael Dean, Lakefield; Mary Olsen, Eganville; The Northwestern Secondary School Man's Environmental Club.. 1991 - Pat Agar; Ridgetown Community Tree Project; Eric Brackenbury.. 1992 - City of Timmins.. 1993 - Concord Public School, Windsor; Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre.. 1994 - R.. Cornish Public School.. 1995 - Kawartha Heights Public School, Peterborough; Duntroon Central Public School, Duntroon; Broadacres Junior Public Schoo, Etobicoke.. 1996 - Stevensville Public School, Ridgeway; St.. Edward School "Clearwater Creek Clean Up" Nipigon Red Rock.. 1999 - Fieldcote Memorial Park Museum, Ancaster; Arbour Committee of Beeton Horticultural Society; Parks Forestry Staff Citizens of the former City of Etobicoke.. 2000 - Jill Welsh, Harriston.. 2001 - Bob Marshall, Haldimand Twp.. 2002 - Murial Braham, Grafton.. 2003 - Grange Elementary School , Ancaster.. 2004 - Friends of Lemoine Point, Kingston.. 2005 - Brenda Gallagher, London.. 2006 - Carolyn and Eric Guest, Rodney.. Gardens, Sault Ste.. 2010 - Bayview Park Stream Restoration, Oro-Medonte, District 16.. 2011 - Dr.. Stephen Monet, Sudbury, District 13.. 2012 - Nicola Hall, Streetsville, District 15..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Info & Resources
    Descriptive info: Online Newsletter.. In My Garden.. In My Neighbourhood.. Education.. Info & Resources.. Links.. Gardenshare.. Including Facts and Hints - Articles on the Garden Ontario web site.. OHA does not verify the facts contained in the articles associated with these links.. Please use the information provided as a starting point for research into various topics of interest.. Listing a link does not imply OHA endorsement of an organization, its principles or its policies.. Gardening program for seniors.. wildaboutgardening.. org/en/backyard/section1/index.. Dealing with wildlife.. org/en/attracting/section6/index.. org/en/get_started/section1/index.. Create A butterfly garden.. virtualmuseum.. ca/Exhibitions/Butterflies/english/gardening/index.. html.. Pesticides and alternatives.. org/en/get_started/section4/index.. Lawns.. www.. organiclandscape.. org/facts/AssessingYourLawn.. Green Solutions.. qc.. ec.. gc.. ca/ecotrucs/solutionsvertes/indexe.. Beneficial insects.. org/en/attracting/section5/index.. org/en/attracting/section1/index.. Using native plants.. org/en/growing/section1/index.. Mapping your backyard.. org/en/get_started/section3/index.. Water conservation composting.. org/en/get_started/section5/index.. Waterwise tip for the summer season.. ca/water/en/info/pubs/brochure/e_iwdww5.. Zone maps.. org/en/growing/section3/index.. Composting.. 25 Questions and Answers about Composting.. compost.. org/qna.. Mulching - A Fancy word for "Being on Top of the Soil.. org/mulchingPR.. Compost Tea - A Nourishing refreshment for your plants.. org/compostteaPR.. Water gardens.. http://biosphere.. ca/site.. asp?l=en dossier=/actu/doss page=doss_00016.. Poisonous plants.. Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System.. cbif.. ca/pls/pp/poison?p_x=px.. Resources for youth gardeners.. Kids.. Valley.. Garden.. typodermic.. com/garden/.. Plants: Eco-Field Guide.. ecokids.. ca/pub/eco_info/topics/field_guide/plants/index.. cfm.. Forests: Seeing the Forest and the Trees.. ecokidsonline.. com/pub/eco_info/topics/forests/index.. Tree  ...   for Clean Air.. Ilex Verticillata.. - an article on our native holly.. Parsley.. Pelargoniums, Scented Geranium Suger.. Pelargoniums, Scented.. Perennials for the Fall Border.. Ranunculus Asiaticus.. The Ultimate Rose Garden.. Woodland Treasures.. Heucheras.. Wildlife - Information about animals insects in your garden.. Beneficial Insects.. Inviting Birds to Your Garden.. Houseplant Pests.. Guides - Help on exhibiting or starting a new type of gardening.. Preparing African Violets for a Show.. Container Gardening or.. Going to Pot!.. Exhibiting at a Flower Show.. Floral Design - pictures of styles.. Floral Design - Variety is the Spice of Life.. Gourds, How to Dry.. How to Create Moss Covered Pots.. Preserving Branches or Leaves with Glycerine.. Tips for Pruning Roses.. Collecting and Saving Seeds.. What the Judges Look for.. Miscellaneous - Facts that don't fit any where else!.. Fertilizer.. - What is NPK by Fran Dennett.. Gardener Latin.. Mulch - A good thing (comparison of types).. The Warmth of Snow.. Did You Know.. You can learn all sorts of facts and obtain information about gardening by visiting an.. Ontario Horticultural Association Society.. meeting in your area.. These meetings are open to the public and usually include guest speakers on a variety of interesting topics.. Find a Society near you!..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Links
    Descriptive info: Associate Members.. Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens:.. brueckner-rhododendron-gardens.. blogspot.. com/.. Located in Mississauga.. Hamilton & Burlington Rose Society:.. gardenontario.. org/site.. php/hbrs.. The Rose Society promotes interest in, and love for, the care and cultivation of roses.. The Society is associated with the RBG and the Canadian Rose Society.. For information please e-mail the Secretary at hbrosesociety@sympatico.. ca.. Huronia Rose Society:.. huroniarose.. usethis.. com.. Ontario Hosta Society:.. ontariohostasociety.. Ottawa Botanical Garden Society:.. ottawagarden.. ca/.. Toronto Cactus & Succulent Club:.. torontocactus.. tripod.. Founded in 1977, the TCSC is a specialized group for anyone with an interest in cactus and other succulent plants.. Eight meetings per year are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (7:30 p.. m.. ) at The Toronto Botanical Garden.. Associations and Nonprofits.. Adopt-A-Pond Programme:.. Toronto Zoo 361A Old Finch Ave.. Scarborough, ON M1B 5K7E-mail: aap@TorontoZoo.. ca Telephone: 416-392-5999 Fax: 416-392-4979.. Calgary Horticultural Society:.. calhort.. org/.. Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association:.. chta.. The Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association (CHTA) promotes the use of horticultural therapy and therapeutic horticulture for diverse populations and in a wide variety of settings.. The CHTA is a non-profit organization.. Canadian Peony Society:.. peony.. Canadian Rose Society:.. canadianrosesociety.. Canadian Wildlife Federation:.. cwf-fcf.. 350 Michael Cowpland Drive,Kanata, ONK2M 2W1Phone: (800) 563-WILD (9453) or (613) 599-9594 (Ottawa Area)Fax: (613) 599-4428Email: contact@cwf-fcf.. Charity Village:.. charityvillage.. com/cv/research/index.. asp.. Charity Village is Canada's supersite for the nonprofit sector --- 3,000 pages of news, jobs, information and resources for executives, staffers, donors, and volunteers.. If philanthropy and volunteerism are part of your world, this is your place.. City Farmer:.. cityfarmer.. Horticultural Information about city farms and gardens in Canada and other spots in the world.. Urban Agricultural notes prepared by City Farmer, Canada's office of Urban Agriculture, Vancouver, B.. C.. Composting Council of Canada:.. 16 Northumberland Street, Toronto, ON M6H 1P7Ph: (416) 535-0240;1-877-571-GROW(4769)Fax: (416) 536-9892E-mail: ccc@compost.. Conservation Council of Ontario:.. greenontario.. Conservation Council of Ontario is a province wide association of organizations and individuals whose mission is to promote conservation solutions, raise public awareness and build a strong province wide conservation movement.. EcoAction Teams Program - a program of Earth Day Canada:.. ecoactionteams.. 503-111 Peter Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5V 2H1.. Tel: 416-599-1991ext.. 106 Outside of Toronto: 1-888-28-EARTH (32784) ext.. 106.. Fax: (416) 599-3100 Email: info@ecoactionteams.. EcoKids & Earth Day Canada - a program of Earth Day Canada:.. earthday.. Green Communities Canada:.. greencommunities.. nonprofitwebsites.. Green Communities Canada is a national association of community organizations working with homeowners,  ...   Bloom:.. communitiesinbloom.. Which is the "bloomingest" town or city in Canada? The Communities In Bloom program is municipal competition that compares like-sized municipalities.. Educational Institutions.. Durham College:.. durhamcollege.. ca/CFF.. Durham College offers programs in horticulture and farming in their new Centre for Food, a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide students with the learning experience of a lifetime.. Guelph Turfgrass Institute:.. guelphturfgrass.. Ridgetown College - University of Guelph:.. ridgetownc.. uoguelph.. Degree, Diploma, and Certificate programs in landscaping and horticulture, offered at the University of Guelph's southwestern regional campus, Ridgetown College.. University of Guelph:.. Gardening Shows.. Peterborough Garden Show:.. peterboroughgardens.. ca/Showhome.. Success with Gardening Show:.. home-show.. net/successfulgardening/index.. The 17th Annual Success with Gardening Show will be held March 19-22, 2009 at the Toronto International Centre, 6900 Airport Road.. The OHA holds an Annual Plant & Flower Competition with over 350 entries in design and horticulture.. Gardening web site.. Gardenaway - garden planning and design tool.. :.. gardenaway.. Online tools built in Ontario to help gardeners with garden design and planning.. Large, constantly growing plant database with a powerful search engine.. Find the best plant ideas for your design, garden and lifestyle needs.. Government Agencies.. Environment Canada:.. Comprehensive source for environmental info and weather 70 Cremazie St.. , Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H3 Telephone: 819-997-2800 or 1-800-668-6767 Fax: 819-994-1412 TTY: 819-994-0736 (Teletype for the hearing impaired) E-mail: enviroinfo@ec.. Ministere de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentation de l'Ontario:.. ca/french/index.. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food:.. ca/english/index.. Trillium Foundation of Ontario:.. trilliumfoundation.. The Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Culture, receives annually $100 million of government funding generated through Ontario's charity casino initiative.. Growers and Seed Companies.. Blossom Hill Nursery:.. blossomhillnursery.. Blossom Hill Nursery, near Peterborough specializes in award-winning delphiniums and peonies.. We hybridize our own hardy Delphinium elatum from the British strain.. We also grow 330+ varieties of peonies including species, heritage and modern herbaceous.. Gardens North:.. gardensnorth.. Gardens Plus:.. gardensplus.. Peterborough nursery (with online shopping), specializing in Hostas, Daylilies, Low Maintenance Perennials.. Heritage Perennials:.. perennials.. Hortico:.. hortico.. Wholesale roses, perennials, trees and shrubs.. Richters Herbs:.. richters.. Publications.. Canadian Gardening Magazine:.. canadiangardening.. Ontario Gardener Magazine:.. localgardener.. net.. Look for OHA's colour ad in their magazine devoted to Ontario gardens and gardeners.. Trees native to Eastern Ontario database:.. ofnc.. ca/ofgac.. The native trees database is searchable and sortable by name, water and light requirements as well as salt tolerance.. Notes are available on each type of tree..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association:
    Descriptive info: Society Manual.. President's Quick Start.. Web site manual for gardenontario.. org - Instructions to maintain a web site on gardenontario.. Instructions for OHA society annual reporting.. Youth Leader.. OHA Director's Binder.. OMAFRA Factsheets.. Instructional videos.. How to complete the OHA Society Annual Report.. and Volunteer Hours on-line using the web site.. How to search the speakers and judges lists..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association:
    Descriptive info: Details of insurance coverage for societies will be posted here.. Please address questions about insurance coverage to insurance(-at-)gardenontario..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Idea Bank
    Descriptive info: Ideas: Show Schedules.. Ideas: Society Activities.. Speaker.. Registration.. Help is at Hand.. This section is a treasure-trove of ideas for projects and activities for Societies and individual gardeners:.. Show schedules.. guidelines for classes and competitions.. Programs.. i.. deas for bus tours, workshops, seminars and standing programs such as Adopt a Highway.. If you have ideas that you would like to share with other Societies, we would like to hear them! Send your inspirations to.. webmaster@gardenontario..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association:
    Descriptive info: Contact the speakers listed below to present at your horticultural society.. The speakers listed have chosen to be listed publically and more speakers are listed in the secure part of the web site.. As a tip, when booking speakers, ask for a reference.. If you are a speaker and are not listed you can.. update your registration.. Contact.. speakers@gardenontario.. if you have questions.. District.. Name.. Topic.. 1.. Lindsay, Kathryn.. Renfrew, ON.. 613-432-9439.. Availability:.. During the year: Flexible.. During the week: weekday evenings; weekend days.. During day: -.. Design - Landscape.. General - Tips on preparing for flower shows.. 4.. Brown, Kenneth.. Whitby, ON.. 905 665 9411.. During the year: all.. During the week: all.. During day: 2013-07-04.. General - Other.. 5.. Goldberger, Miriam.. Coldwater, ON.. 705-327-2828.. During the year: Feb - Dec.. During the week: Avail 7 days a week.. During day: 2013-11-16.. Design - Floral - Dried.. Design - Floral - Fresh.. Environment - Friendly Gardening.. Environment - Habitat.. Environment - Other.. Environment - Shade.. Environment - Sun.. Environment - Xeriscape.. Environmental - Attracting Birds and Butterflies.. Environmental - Gardening the Ecological Way.. Environmental - Organic Lawn Care.. General - Thrifty Gardening.. General - Wildflowers along Roadsides.. Humour: Joys & Hazards of a  ...   Niagara Falls, ON.. 905-354-7250.. During the year: Anytime.. During the week: Evenings or weekends.. During day: 2013-07-14.. Schultz, Dana.. Brantford, ON.. 519-750-0270.. During the year: no.. During the week: no.. During day: 2013-09-21.. General - Climbers.. General - Fruit Bearing Trees for City Gardens.. General - Garden Maintenance.. General - Perennials.. General - Pruning.. General - Seed Saving & Propagation.. General - Shrubs.. General - Soil.. General - Spring Preparation.. General - Vegetables.. General - What Not to Plant.. General - Winterizing your Garden.. Interests - Mistakes & Mishaps.. Interests - Shade Gardens.. Specialty - Bulbs.. Specialty - Containers.. Specialty - Dahlias.. Specialty - Rock.. Specialty - Rock & Alpine.. Specialty - Rock Garden Construction.. Specialty - Roses.. Specialty - Water Gardens.. Techniques - Propagation.. Techniques - Pruning.. Xeriscaping.. 7.. Murph Ariens, Misty & Bryce.. Holstein, ON.. 519-313-0403.. Stableforth-May, Beverly.. Creemore, ON.. 705-466-6205.. Herbs.. Wilson, Donna.. Shelburne, ON.. 519-925-3645.. 8.. 9.. 10.. Mabee, Jim.. Tillsonburg, ON.. 519-842-9829.. During day: 2013-06-24.. General - Judging.. 11.. Gross, Christine.. Windsor, ON.. 519-974-7100 ext.. 2235.. During day: 2013-06-23.. 15.. 16.. Bell, Marjorie.. Shanty Bay, ON.. 705-722-8732.. During the year: To Be Arranged.. During day: 2013-06-22.. 17.. 18.. Walters, George.. Port Loring, ON.. 705 757 1640.. Interests - Health.. 19..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Speakers Registration
    Descriptive info: Idea Bank.. Speaker Registration.. Speaker Registration.. If you would like to become a speaker for OHA meetings and events, please fill in your information below.. Only one form is necessary for the duration of your OHA speaking "career".. Your information can be updated by sending an email to.. *.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. Address:.. City/Town:.. Province:.. Postal Code:.. Country:.. Telephone:.. (ie.. 999-999-9999).. Email:.. District (use ctrl+click for multiple choices):.. District 1.. District 2.. District 3.. District 4.. District 5.. District 6.. District 7.. District 8.. District 9.. District 10.. District 11.. District 12.. District 13.. District 14.. District 15.. District 17.. District 18.. District 19.. District 20.. Where are districts?.. Fee requested:.. Whatever Society/District offers.. Yes.. No.. Or per km both ways.. ($ amount).. Or a specific amount.. Or other.. Availability:.. Specific times of the year.. Specific times of the week.. Specific times of the day.. Topics:.. (use ctrl+click for multiple choices).. Design - Christmas Floral Arrangements.. Design - Colour in the Garden.. Design - Demonstration.. Design - Floral - Seasonal Displays.. Design - Japanese Gardens.. Design - Weaving Grapevine.. Design - Workshop.. Environment - Green Initiatives on Waste Diversion.. General - Annuals.. General - Bulbs.. General - Companion Planting.. General - Corms & Tubers.. General - Favourite Gardening Mistakes.. General - Garden Art for Cheapskates.. General - Garden Tools.. General - Greenhouse Growing.. General - Groundcovers.. General - Growing Apples.. General - Invasive Plants.. General - Lilacs.. General - Poisonous Plants.. General - Recent trends in horticulture.. General - Spring Walk in the Woods.. General - Thinking Outside the Planter Box.. History - Ancient Power in a 21st Century  ...   Geraniums.. Specialty - Gladioli.. Specialty - Governor General's Greenhouse.. Specialty - Greek and Roman Roses Through the Ages.. Specialty - Green Infrastructure.. Specialty - Hardiest Azaleas, Rhodos & Hydrangeas.. Specialty - Heirloom Tomatoes.. Specialty - Heritage Gardening.. Specialty - Heritage Seeds and Plants.. Specialty - Home Greenhouses.. Specialty - Hosta.. Specialty - Houseplants.. Specialty - Introduction of the Trumpeter Swan to Ontario.. Specialty - Iris.. Specialty - Japanese Gardens.. Specialty - Japanese Maples, Magnolias & Rare but Hardy Trees.. Specialty - Keeping an Illustrated Journal.. Specialty - Late Season Plants.. Specialty - Lavender (History & Growing plus other topics).. Specialty - Native Ferns.. Specialty - NCC Greenhouses.. Specialty - Orchids.. Specialty - Peonies.. Specialty - Photographing Your Garden.. Specialty - Rhododendrons & Azaleas.. Specialty - Sempervivums (Hens and Chicks).. Specialty - Small City Garden.. Specialty - Tropical Fruits.. Specialty - Victorian Gardens.. Specialty - Vines.. Specialty - Walnut Tree Toxicity - Plants that will grow.. Techniques - Basics.. Techniques - Easy Maintenance.. Techniques - Other.. Travel - a variety of presentations.. Trees.. Trees - Native Trees.. Workshops - African Violets.. Workshops - Making a Living Wreath.. Description of Presentation.. References or recent presentations.. Horticultural Society the speaker is a member of:.. List on the public web site?:.. Yes, list the speaker's name, e-mail and phone number on the web site.. No, list only for OHA members who log in.. Yes, but list the speaker's name only.. *Please complete all the mandatory fields (.. ) before submitting this form.. Otherwise, you will lose the information you have entered on this page.. Please enter the letters below before clicking the submit button..

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  • Title: Ontario Horticultural Association: Shop
    Descriptive info: Garden Shop.. Order Now.. Garden Shop.. Gifts to and from Gardeners.. Printable supplies order form.. 10 Year Service Pin.. Recognize those long-service members of your society.. Item 04-13 $5.. 00.. 15 Year Service Pin.. Item 04-14 $5.. 20 Year Service Pin.. Item 04-15 $5.. 25 Year Service Pin.. Item 04-16 $5.. 30 Year Service Pin.. Item 04-17 $5.. 35 Year Service Pin.. Item 04-18 $5.. 40 Year Service Pin.. Item 04-19 $5.. 50 Year Service Pin.. Item 04-20 $5.. Natural Landscape.. Resource Booklet.. A Guide to using Native Plants.. Item 07-01 $5.. What's the Buzz?.. Postcards, 4 X 6 inches, full colour.. Reverse is plain white with room to identify local society or District using pen, sticker or rubber stamp.. Free.. Hasty Notes.. New Note Cards are available - five  ...   be wonderful reading for Horticultural Society members and a great gift for people who are interested in OHA and community horticultural societies, horticultural history and Canadian social history.. Item 07-03 Soft cover $9.. 99.. Item 07-04 Case bound $14.. Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design, 2003 Edition.. This booklet tells exhibitors what a judge is looking for when judging a flower show's floral designs and horticultural specimens (cut flowers, vegetables, potted plants, bonsai, terrariums and trough gardens).. It includes everything you need to know about staging a flower show and about how to prepare your entries.. The rules and guidelines in this book will be used by the judge to assess the quality of exhibits and the awarding of prizes.. OHA Order number 07-02 Price $6..

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