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  • Title: GardenOntario: Agincourt Garden Club - news - online
    Descriptive info: Agincourt Garden Club.. MEETINGS.. ABOUT US.. NEWS & EVENTS.. CONTACTS.. OHA LOG-IN.. Online Newsletter.. Events.. View District Site.. View OHA Site.. Home.. > Online Newsletter.. Garden Shows & Events.. by AGC.. UPCOMING EVENTS:.. July 12, 2009.. Agincourt Garden Tour.. Something you just can't miss.. Begins at 12:00 Noon:.. A self guided tour of 8 gardens in northeast Scarborough.. Tickets are $10.. 00 each and shall be available from 11:15 am on the day of the tour in the parking lot of the Knox United Church, 2575  ...   at Knox United Christain Education Centre, 2575 Midland Ave.. Parking off Rural Dr.. Open to the public 2.. 00 pm - 4.. 30 pm.. Free admission, tea room.. Enjoy an exciting display of flowers, plants and vegetables plus a delightful array of floral designs.. (2009-07-11).. Agincourt Garden Club Newsletter March 2013.. Vegetables Anyone.. Month by Month Gardening Guide.. Helpful Information.. Starting from seed.. Mosquitoe repellant.. Beneficial Bugs and others.. Just for the Fun of it.. Average Last & First Frost Dates:.. House Plants.. Last Updated: 2013-12-13..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Agincourt Garden Club - news - online
    Descriptive info: by AGC & Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food.. January:.. Inspect houseplants for spider mites and aphids.. Use urea (46-0-0) to melt ice near outdoor plants.. Plan garden layout.. Order flower and vegetable seeds.. Enrol in home garden studies.. Pay.. yearly dues.. Try forcing a flowering bulb (amaryllis etc.. February:.. Propagate indoor plants (geraniums etc.. ) by stem cuttings.. Place mail orders for shrubs and hedges.. Order seed flats and containers.. Check newspapers for dates of annual garden shows.. Conduct seed exchange with friends neighbours.. March:.. Plant flowers and vegetables indoors.. Prune fruit trees and grape vines.. Start tuberous begonias in pots.. Press garden perennials back into place if frost has heaved them.. Spray fruit trees with dormant oil.. Prune back overgrown shade trees hedges.. Repair rodent-damaged trees shrubs with tree dressing.. Treat houseplants with water-soluble fertilizer (e.. g.. 20-20-20).. Follow label rates.. Prune summer flowering shrubs.. April:.. Rake fertilize lawns.. Remove mulch from roses, a little at a time.. Plant shrubs, trees hedges.. Prune roses.. Apply pre-emergence weed killer to control crabgrass.. Transplant biennials (violas, pansies, foxglove, etc.. Repair lawn damage with topsoil seed.. Plant early vegetables (peas, radishes, onions).. Spray for birch leaf miner.. Check newspaper for dates of annual garden shows.. May:.. Construct lattice for vines.. Transfer bedding annuals to outdoor cold  ...   (e.. water soluble 20-20-20).. Shallow hoe gardens regularly.. Pinch back annuals, if getting straggly.. Water garden thoroughly during dry spells.. Harvest berries.. After strawberry harvest, mow tops down to 5 centimetres (2 inches) and narrow row to 24 centimetres (12 inches).. August:.. Prune climbing roses.. Order flowering bulbs.. Cut out old raspberry canes and narrow row to 40 centimetres (18 inches).. Spray shrubs for powdery mildew control.. Harvest vegetables, blanch freeze.. September:.. Prepare seed new lawns.. Divide perennials.. Plant evergreens.. Last fertilizing of lawns for the year.. Air-dry onions for storage.. Remove perennial borders.. Harvest grapes after first frost.. Soak soil around evergreens transplants.. October:.. Plant bulbs in garden (e.. tulip, daffodil).. Transplant shrubs trees.. Dig store dahlias, gladiolus, tuberous begonias.. Plant amaryllis for Christmas blooms.. Gather leaves add to compost pile.. Winterize lawn mower.. Plough vegetable gardens.. November:.. Soak soil around evergreens if ground is dry.. Hill up roses.. Check supports for newly planted trees.. Protect trees shrubs from mice rabbits.. Mulch tender plants.. Plant hyacinth other bulbs for winter forcing indoors.. Clean garden storage area tools.. December:.. Loosely wrap pyramidal evergreens with burlap or plastic netting.. Remove snow from shrubs spreading evergreens.. Reduce watering of indoor plants.. Set up indoor lighting unit.. Consider gardening Christmas gifts for friends, e.. homemade jams preserves.. (2009-06-26)..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Agincourt Garden Club - joinus - resources
    Descriptive info: Mail-in membership form.. Resources.. >.. Join Us.. > Resources.. Please note: The following links are to external sources of information and the.. Agincourt Garden Club.. and.. OHA.. are not responsible for their content or suggestions.. When finished viewing external page, Click ".. X.. " to close window and return to this page.. Agincourt Garden Club FaceBook site.. FaceBook.. Check us out or leave your comments or suggestions on our FaceBook site.. www.. facebook.. com/pages/Agincourt-Garden-Club/46749119985?ref=ts.. Alternate web site.. Alternate Club web site.. Additional information can be found on this site.. icangarden.. com/event.. cfm?itemid=3745.. Encyclopaedia.. Botanical Encyclopaedia.. A good database with lots of good information.. botany.. com/.. Common names.. Look me up.. ibiblio.. org/pfaf/database/commonV.. html.. Database.. Good database and general info site.. davesgarden.. com/pf/.. Plants for a Future Database.. This site is a good sourse of plant materials showing, Physical characteristics, Habitat & possible locations.. Whether editable,or not, or claims of medicinal uses, etc.. org/pfaf//database/commonA.. Weeds.. How to identify these pesky weeds.. theseedsite.. co.. uk/weeds.. Everything you wanted to know about.. Great for all sorts.. This site contains lots of information for the beginner and expert alike.. tomclothier.. hort.. net/.. Kew Gardens.. UK.. rbgkew.. org.. uk/.. Royal Horticultural Society.. rhs.. General Info.. All District 5 Societies.. For a complete list of District 5 Societies please click here.. Click "X" to close district 5 page and return to this page.. gardenontario.. org/site.. php/District5/societies/.. Gardening and home info.. Lots of links.. Helpful hints and database.. gardenweb.. Large slow site but lots of good information.. n/a.. backyardgardener.. OHA Rules & Entry Form.. OHA Rules & Entry Form: Rev.. Rules-RegsSchedule2007.. 2.. doc.. org/docs/Rev.. Soil testing labs.. Soil testing is important.. How do you know what to do if you don't know what you have.. omafra.. gov.. on.. ca/english/crops/resource/soillabs.. htm#top.. Who was the father of Botany?.. Where it all started.. Botany & Ecology that is.. mlahanas.. de/Greeks/Theophrast.. htm.. Green products.. Good for the environment.. Toronto, ON.. terracycle.. org/.. Kids Corner.. Come and learn something new.. Lots of good info for kids and others.. aggie-horticulture.. tamu.. edu/kindergarden/index.. Kids like this one.. Lots of play action and animation.. copper-tree.. ca/garden/leaves.. lots of things to do.. Keeping kids occupied and educated.. global-garden.. com.. au/gardenkids.. Lots to learn.. Kids education and things to do.. school.. discovery.. com/schooladventures/soil/down_dirty.. Wiggly worms.. Great learning tool.. whitneyfarms.. com/guide/kids/.. Nursery.. Big Summer Sale.. Uxbridge, ON.. masonhogue.. Friendly family business.. Goodwood, ON.. goodwoodgardens.. Good all-round garden centre.. Local in most areas.. sheridannurseries.. Goodwood Gardens is 1 hour northeast of Toronto.. STORE HOURS 2006 Jan 1 to Mar 3: Closed Mar 4 to Mar 31: Tues - Sun 10 am.. - 5 pm (closed Mon) Apr 1 to Apr 30: Mon - Sun 9 am - 5 pm May 1 to June 16: Sat - Tues 9 am - 6 pm.. Robert & Penny Manning's Garden Website.. A good site for Heirloom Tomato & Daylily Enthusiasts: Located in the City of Kawartha Lakes.. ballpointgardens.. Somethings of interest.. Strathroy, ON.. janetanderson.. ca/.. Organic Gardening.. Compost Tea (a different recipe.. I haven't tried this one yet but it looks interesting.. 5min.. com/Video/How-to-Make-Compost-Tea-124129707#src=rss.. Compost Tea (Alaska  ...   in business.. Brandon, Manitoba.. lindenbergseeds.. ca.. A good link to many seed houses.. One stop shopping.. seeds.. ca/rl/rl_prn.. A website devoted entirely to seeds!.. collecting seeds, storing seeds, sowing seeds, germinating seeds and exchanging seeds, with pictures of seeds, seedpods and seedlings.. Florabunda seeds.. Indian River, ON.. florabundaseeds.. Free shipping before Mar 1st.. Georgetown, ON.. dominionseedhouse.. Good for all kinds of herbs.. If it's herbs you want, you've come to the right place.. richters.. Good for larger orders.. Large selection for all your needs.. johnnyseeds.. Gov.. forest site.. Planning on planting a forest.. This is the site for you.. ontariosforests.. mnr.. ca/otspoverview.. cfm.. On-line ordering.. York, P.. E.. I.. veseys.. com/sub.. Ontario seed company.. Waterloo, ON.. oscseeds.. Organic Heritage seeds.. Gormley, ON.. agrestalseeds.. Specific Plant Growing Information.. Alpines.. Alpine plant info.. alpinemtecho.. com/home.. Clematis info link.. A good link for Clematis information.. clematis.. hull.. ac.. Fall Vegetables (01 of 9).. Bob Webster talks about growing Fall Vegatables.. Well worth a watch.. com/watch?v=tt_TpYe6dEM.. Fall Vegetables (02 of 9).. Part 2 of the Fall Veg series.. com/watch?v=kJwDaljN6uc.. Fall Vegetables (03 of 9).. Part 3 of the Fall Veg Series.. com/watch?v=xdmzsQ0SUek.. Fall Vegetables (04 of 9).. Part 4 of the Fall Veg Series.. com/watch?v=MRubuzkhJTg.. Fall Vegetables (05 of 9).. Part 5 of the Fall Vev series.. com/watch?v=iyynWwJ8caY.. Fall Vegetables (06 of 9).. Part 6 of the Fall Veg series.. com/watch?v=121AmCOsOBk.. Fall Vegetables (07 of 9).. Part 7 of the Fall Veg series.. com/watch?v=WhZwyp_BQ1M.. Fall Vegetables (08 of 9).. Part 8 of Fall Veg Series.. com/watch?v=mOZcnziOOQM.. Fall Vegetables (09 of 9).. Part 9 of the Fall Veg Series.. com/watch?v=MQizbDW9Xc8.. Orchids.. orchidsinourtropics.. Rock garden datbase.. Czech republic.. kadel.. cz/flora/.. The DayLily Society of Canadan web site.. A good site for anyone interested in growing the daylily.. distinctly.. ca/chs/.. The Hamilton and District Chrysanthemum and.. Chrysanthemum and Dahlia information and links.. hamilton-mum-dahlia.. Tropical and others.. Tools, Tags, or Materials.. Good mix of tools etc.. gardenscape.. Master Tag web site.. Need Specific Plant Tags or just find the name of most plants.. mastertag.. Tools, books, etc.. leevalley.. aspx?c=.. Vegetables.. Mass Propagation (01 of 16).. A step by step quide on how to feed your family and possibly the whole neighbourhood.. com/watch?v=3DkvmGWr1qM.. Mass Propagation (02 of 16).. Part 2 of Veg.. Mass Prop.. com/watch?v=Da0LjheLUp0.. Mass Propagation (03 of 16).. Part 3 of Veg.. com/watch?v=A43u21hNlAo.. Mass Propagation (04 of 16).. Part 4 of Veg.. com/watch?v=f4InZs3iOHg.. Mass Propagation (05 of 16).. Part 5 of Veg.. com/watch?v=B8pN-UVvJRA.. Mass Propagation (06 of 16).. Part 6 of Veg.. com/watch?v=waRFELUCtYc.. Mass Propagation (07 of 16).. Part 7 of Veg.. com/watch?v=AIKsinZG6Bo.. Mass Propagation (08 of 16).. Part 8 of Veg.. com/watch?v=vAFYAf08qDw.. Mass Propagation (09 of 16).. Part 9 of Veg.. com/watch?v=EhchyjshgBo.. Mass Propagation (10 of 16).. Part 10 of Veg.. com/watch?v=aZNacClmOsY.. Mass Propagation (11 of 16).. Part 11 of Veg.. com/watch?v=TskK2fgDI_4.. Mass Propagation (12 of 16).. Part 12 of Veg.. com/watch?v=rxpzGU44ae0.. Mass Propagation (13 of 16).. Part 13 of Veg.. com/watch?v=9OPeMi0mcBM.. Mass Propagation (14 of 16).. Part 14 of Veg.. com/watch?v=LrY_0fz3v7s.. Mass Propagation (15 of 16).. Part 15 of Veg.. com/watch?v=2pjj2TGIp3M.. Mass Propagation (16 of 16).. Part 16 of Veg.. com/watch?v=LuKpV0NksqM..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Agincourt Garden Club - partners - districtpartners
    Descriptive info: Society Supporters.. District Supporters.. > District Supporters.. District #5 Supporters.. Lake Simcoe South Shore Horticultural Society.. php/lakesimcoe.. North York Horticultural Society.. php/northyork.. Aurora Garden and Horticultural Society.. php/aurora.. Scarborough Horticultural Society.. php/scarborough..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: District 5
    Descriptive info: District 5.. REPORTS.. FILES.. District 5, Toronto East, York Region East.. Welcome to.. District 5 - Toronto East, York Region East.. We garden in a variety of conditions, both urban and rural, from Toronto's eastern beaches and next to the Scarborough Bluffs to the south shore of Lake Simcoe.. Eighteen clubs and societies with a membership of more than 2000 make up District 5.. Included in our midst are four societies whose identity is defined by horticultural interest as well as by location: the.. Greater Toronto Rose and Garden Horticultural Society.. Greater Toronto Water Garden and Horticultural Society.. , the Rhododendron  ...   Ellen Power (Treasurer), Trudy Tatangelo (Supplies Co-ordinator), Tina Forrester (Assistant Director), Dawn McEachern (Secretary), June Morton (Assistant Director), Gloria Broks (Assistant Director), Nancy Serrick (District Director), Malcolm Geast (Assistant Director).. For information about upcoming events in District 5,.. click here.. Contact Us.. Nancy Serrick.. 214 Church Street.. Keswick, Ontario.. L4P 1J8.. Phone:.. 905-476-3750.. Email:.. district5@gardenontario.. org.. District 5 Newsletter Fall 2013.. by District 5.. District 5 has a new newsletter! Our inaugural edition includes information about the recent OHA convention, our District 5 logo contest, hort society special events, and more.. Click here to take a look.. more.. Last Updated: 2013-10-30..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Alliston & District Horticultural Society - about - meetings
    Descriptive info: Alliston & District Horticultural Society.. About Us.. Meetings.. Board of Directors.. Programs.. > Meetings.. Last Updated: 2013-11-27..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Alliston & District Horticultural Society - about
    Descriptive info: > About Us.. Alliston and District Horticultural Society was founded in 1925..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Alliston & District Horticultural Society - news
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  • Title: GardenOntario: Alliston & District Horticultural Society - joinus
    Descriptive info: > Join Us.. Minimal annual membership dues (single: $10, family: $16) are an excellent return on these benefits:.. Networking opportunities with garden enthusiasts.. Yearbook and membership card.. Garden tours for members and their guests.. Participation in flower shows and annual photo show (earn awards and points).. Reminder phone calls for upcoming meetings and events.. Annual Christmas potluck supper and awards night.. Annual one time discount from Humber Nurseries.. Member price for annual Ontario Horticultural Association conference.. Two District workshops per year..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Almonte Horticultural Society - about - meetings
    Descriptive info: Almonte Horticultural Society.. All meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month at 7:30 p.. m.. , except July and December, at the Cornerstone Community Church (unless noted otherwise).. Last Updated: 2013-03-18..

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  • Title: GardenOntario: Almonte Horticultural Society - about
    Descriptive info: President:.. Gerda Franssen.. Past President:.. Cindy Zorgel.. Vice-President:.. Carol Kenward.. Secretary:.. Nancy Timmons.. Treasurer:.. Phyllis Dack.. Additional Information:.. Floral emblem:.. Lavender.. Date Established:.. 1921.. 2012 Membership: 52.. Membership Fees:.. $10.. Town Beautification:.. Cenotaph, Library Garden, Albert's Garden, Metcalfe Park, Peace Park, Downtown Planters and Arena Bed.. Youth Group:.. No..

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