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  • Title: Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Members.. Australia.. Canada.. Denmark.. European Union.. Flanders.. France.. Great Britain.. India.. Norway.. Ireland.. Israel.. Japan.. Korea.. Netherlands.. Taiwan.. Turkey.. United States.. Reports.. Events.. About GSGF.. About GSGF.. Working groups.. Board of Directors.. Executive Director.. Smart Grids.. Contact us.. News.. Uniting key public and private stakeholders to address technical and policy issues, and develop innovative solutions for global smart grid deployments.. Smart Grids Region Model Salzburg.. Learn from this European smart grid pioneer.. Join the webinar!.. Assessing Storage Value in Electricity Markets.. Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.. Read the GSGF comments.. Smarter and Stronger Power Transmission.. ISGAN s Discussion Paper.. Interoperability Working Group.. near the finish line.. Update.. IDC Energy Insights releases top 10 predictions for worldwide utilities in 2014.. January 5th, 2014.. IDC Energy Insights hosted a web conference titled, “IDC Energy Insights Predictions 2014.. The session provided organizations with insight and perspective on long-term industry trends along with new themes on the horizon.. The Predictions web conference series is designed to help company leaders capitalize on emerging market opportunities and plan for future growth.. To access [ ].. How wind met all of Denmark’s electricity needs for 90 hours.. Renewable electricity records are being broken  ...   renewable sources will be a main task of the incoming German government.. The aims for the “Energiewende” in the new coalition agreement are for renewable energy to account for 40-45% of energy consumption in 2025 and 55-60% in 2035.. A [ ].. Energy department releases grid energy storage report.. As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to a cleaner, more secure energy future, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today released the Energy Department’s Grid Energy Storage report to the members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.. The report was commissioned at the request of Senator Ron Wyden, Committee Chairman.. The report identifies the [ ].. Indonesia’s Smart City vision for 2015.. Pekalongan, a port city in Indonesia, has seen great success in transforming its government, education, society and businesses with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and is on its way to becoming a Smart City by 2015.. The City Government plans to go paperless with a digital office and empower communities at the lowest level with [ ].. Post navigation.. Older posts.. Search for:.. Upcoming Events.. Plenary Meeting IEC PC 118.. March 3.. -.. 5.. View All Events.. 2014.. Global Smart Grid Federation.. Designed by.. Themes Co.. Back to top..

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  • Title: Members | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: Members.. The launch of the GSGF in September 2010 in Washington, DC.. The Global Smart Grid Federation is composed of organizations from around the world that represent their countries national initiatives to create smarter grids.. These member organizations are represented in the federation by their respective chairmen, presidents, or equivalent officers.. There are no  ...   Federation members:.. Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance.. EDSO for Smart Grids (European Union).. GridWise Alliance.. (United States).. India Smart Grid Forum.. Industrial Technology Research Institute.. (Taiwan).. Israel Smart Energy Association.. Japan Smart Community Alliance.. Korea Smart Grid Association.. Norwegian Smartgrid Centre.. Smart Grid Australia.. Smart Grid Canada.. Smart Grids Flanders.. (Belgium).. SmartGridIreland.. SmartGrid Great Britain..

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  • Title: Smart Grid Australia | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: Smart Grid Australia.. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan alliance dedicated to an enhanced, modernized electric system.. It is a member of the Global Smart Grid Federation.. Areas of Focus.. Smart Grid Australia is focused on these areas:.. A vision for the electric system of the future based on sound technical, operational, and environmental principles.. A national initiative to help address environmental issues in relation to  ...   this initiative forward and join voices in favor of a fully modern intelligent electric system.. The opportunity to participate in an important new market that will revolutionize how electricity is produced, delivered, and used.. Background.. Smart Grid Australia:.. Was formed in 2008.. Has 50+ members.. For More Information.. For more information, visit the.. Web site or contact:.. Robin Eckermann, chair.. Phone: 64 418 630 555..

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  • Title: SmartGrid Canada | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: SmartGrid Canada.. SmartGrid Canada.. is a national association of public and private organizations including utilities, vendors, technology and service providers, academics and other industry leaders.. Together, the members of SmartGrid Canada are united by a passion and dedication to building a more innovative, reliable and cost-effective electricity delivery system for the benefit of all Canadians:.. A system where the power they receive comes from diverse, renewable resources, and a system where people have the ability to make smarter choices about how they use and conserve that power — a system that lays the foundation for a 21st  ...   need for and benefits of a modern, smarter electricity system – from energy providers to consumers.. Advocating for energy policies that support the development of smart grid technologies in Canada and abroad.. Fostering the research, development and deployment of new and innovative energy technologies and products.. Supporting and helping to build the future Canadian smart grid workforce.. Enabling the distribution of clean energy through the integration of renewable resources.. Marketing and promoting Canadian smart grid expertise internationally.. Smart Grid Canada:.. Was formed in 2010.. Has 15 founding members.. Web site or contact.. Alex Bettencourt.. , Managing Director..

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  • Title: Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance.. Denmark faces a massive transformation of its energy system.. As the first nation in the world, Denmark has a goal of becoming independent of fossil fuels in 2050.. This means that before 2020 Denmark will need to phase in 50 percent wind power in its electricity supply.. The natural answer to this great challenge is Smart Grid.. Therefore, the.. Danish Energy Association.. , the industry association for the energy companies in Denmark, has taken the initiative to establish the.. together with a large number  ...   wide range of companies and institutions in and around the energy sector to identify barriers and address the right conditions and environment for investments in new Smart Grid solutions.. The Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance was founded on 13th March 2012 at a Founding General Assembly in Copenhagen.. Mission.. The aim of the Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance is to help Denmark get a position among the first countries to ensure an effective conversion of the power system to Smart Grid.. Morten Baadsgaard Trolle.. , Managing Director of Intelligent Energy..

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  • Title: EDSO for Smart Grids | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: EDSO for Smart Grids.. EDSO for Smart Grids.. EDSO for Smart Grids is an International association representing the European Distribution System Operators for electricity cooperating to bring Smart Grids from vision to reality.. To promote the reliability of electricity distribution grids, as well as the optimal management and technical development to ensure the European energy goals of security of supply, sustainability and market efficiency.. EDSO for smart grids aims to be the key reference  ...   Distribuce (Czech Republic),.. Eandis (Belgium),.. Edp Distribuicao-Energia (Portugal),.. Endesa Red (Spain),.. Enel Distribuzione (Italy),.. Enexis (Netherlands),.. Erdf (France),.. Evn (Austria),.. Iberdrola Distribucion Electrica (Spain),.. Ores (Belgium), and.. Union Fenosa Distribucion-Gas Natural Fenosa (Spain).. As of December 2011, EDSO has 27 members, representing 70 per cent of the EU electricity customers.. For More Information, Contact:.. Rue Science 14B, 1040 Brussels, Belgium (Metro station Arts Loi).. Phone: 0032 (0)2 2110229.. Website:.. http://www.. smartgrids.. eu/.. Email:.. info@edsoforsmartgrids.. eu..

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  • Title: Smart Grids Flanders | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: Smart Grids Flanders.. Smart Grids Flanders is a platform that focuses on networking between research institutes, government and industrial players in Flanders that work around the subject of smart grids.. Smart grids;.. Home intelligence;.. Grid intelligence;.. Grid connected vehicles; and.. The industrial prosumer as an active player in the energymarket.. Smart Grids Flanders was found in 2010 by the Flemish chamber of commerce  ...   development of smart electricity networks.. Since then the organisation has developed into a platform with about 90 members.. Smart Grids Flanders consists of three theme groups, Home Intelligence, Grid Intelligence and Grid Connected Vehicles, which organise regular meetings.. The platform is also active as a project initiator.. For more information, please visit.. www.. smartgridsflanders.. be.. , or contact Heidi Lenaerts at Heidi.. lenaerts@smartgridsflanders..

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  • Title: SmartGrids France | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: SmartGrids France.. SmartGrids France.. brings together the French Competitiveness Clusters, which are addressing the domains of Energy and Information Communication Technologies.. It provides an open forum for a wide range of concerned stakeholders including today 1780 companies to come together, share ideas and information and develop collaborative projects and thinking on how smart grid can be achieved.. Areas of focus.. Nine French business and research clusters, specialized in the area of energy and ICT have joined to form Smartgrid France to foster collaboration and exchanges on their SmartGrid experiences and support the promotion of the French smart grid sector.. This  ...   which have a regional base, regarding the future of energy grids and energy management, as well as new concepts in the areas of smartgrids and smart cities.. The partners are mobilized around 3 strategic areas.. Create a Joint Set of Architectures, References and Standards across French SmartGrid initiatives.. Facilitate the deployment of collaborative approach R D and deployment project.. Share Resources to contribute to national and international event.. Smartgrids France.. was initiated in 2012, gathering the Clusters, which are dedicated to Smart-Energy in France.. SmartGrid France.. (in French) or.. (in English) Web site.. Contact.. laurent.. schmitt@alstom.. com.. jean-luc.. sadorge@pole.. energivie..

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  • Title: SmartGrid Great Britain | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: SmartGrid Great Britain.. (SmartGrid GB) is dedicated to bringing together the smart grid community to act as a national champion for the accelerated development and deployment of smart grid in Great Britain.. Implementing smart grid will present a series of challenges requiring effective coordination between many different stakeholders.. SmartGrid GB has been set up to provide an open forum for a wide range of concerned organisations to come together, share ideas and information and develop thinking on how smart grid can be achieved.. In its first year, Smart Grid GB will do three things:.. A smart case for smart grid.. SmartGrid GB will set out the case for why smart grid matters aimed at capturing the attention of those outside the energy industry so that the importance of smart grid is understood and acted upon.. This case for smart grid will build on and consolidate existing thought leadership and will promote the benefits of smart grid to the broader stakeholder community in terms of its social, economic, and environmental benefits.. A smart way forward.. SmartGrid GB will outline what needs to  ...   findings in a series of reports.. The conclusions of this work will be set out in a report to government and other stakeholders with recommendations on the way forward for the accelerated development and deployment of smart grid in Britain.. A smart hub.. SmartGrid GB will provide a central resource and promotional hub for smart grid activities in Britain.. It will build connections between organisations and activities across the smart grid ecosystem in Britain It will help to share and disseminate information relevant to the discussion about smart grid drawing on expertise from around the world It will carry out promotional activities in support of a cost effective smart grid in Britain This will build on and consolidate existing thought leadership and will promote the benefits of smart grid to the broader stakeholder community in terms of its social, economic, and environmental benefits.. SmartGrid Great Britain was launched on 23 June by the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Charles Hendry MP, at the Royal Academy of Engineering, London.. Web site or contact them through their.. info@ request form..

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  • Title: India Smart Grid Forum | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: India Smart Grid Forum.. The India Smart Grid Forum is a non-profit, voluntary consortium of public and private stakeholders with the goal of accelerating the development of Smart Grid technologies in India s power sector.. The India Smart Grid Forum is a member of the Global Smart Grid Federation.. The India Smart Grid Forum is focused on:.. Helping the  ...   and scalable manner by bringing together key stakeholders and enabling technologies.. Coordinating and cooperating with relevant global and Indian bodies to leverage global experience and standards.. The India Smart Grid Forum was formed in 2010.. For more information, contact Reena Suri, Manager – Communication, Training and Outreach at.. reena.. suri@indiasmartgrid.. org.. or visit their website at.. http://indiasmartgrid.. org/en/Pages/Index.. aspx..

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  • Title: Norwegian Smartgrid Centre | Global Smart Grid Federation
    Descriptive info: Norwegian Smartgrid Centre.. The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre works on a broad front to ensure that society has access to the necessary expertise in connection with the establishment of, and adaptation to, a new, improved energy supply system.. The goal is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly system providing better utilization of the electricity supply grid and increased use of renewable energy sources.. For the time being, the Smartgrid Centre  ...   number of operators from trade and industry.. The Centre shall contribute to the provision of important expertise to energy suppliers and other operators, and towards making Norwegian industry more competitive in the global market.. Research.. Teaching.. Business development and commercialization.. Laboratory, testing and demonstration projects.. Network building.. Information.. For more information, contact, Grete Coldevin, grete.. coldevin@smartgrids.. no, Director of the Norwegian Smartgrid Centre or visit their website at http://smartgrids.. no/..

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