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  • Title: Home | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. Global Research Council.. Main menu.. Home.. About.. Statement of Principles.. Governing Board.. Meetings.. Links.. Contact.. Documents.. The Global Research Council has a long-term objective of fostering multilateral research and.. collaboration across continents to benefit both developing and developed nations.. Learn More.. Global Research Council Seeking Host for 2015 Annual Meeting.. The Governing Board of the Global Research Council (GRC) invites national research councils to submit bids to host the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Global Research Council.. Read More.. News:.. 2014 Global Summit  ...   Hosts.. The Global Research Council announces hosts for Fall 2013 Regional Meetings.. Image credits: Slide 1: StockPhotosforFree.. com (background); StockPhotosforFree.. com (top left); Thinkstock (all other insets); Slide 2: StockPhotosforFree.. com; Slide 3: Christos Nicolaides, Juanes Research Group; Slide 4: Sandy Schaeffer for NSF; Slide 5: S2N Media; Photos.. com (left).. About Us.. The Global Research Council is a virtual organization, comprised of the heads of science and engineering funding agencies from around the world….. Read more.. Contact Us.. Graham Harrison.. +1 703 292 7252.. info@globalresearchcouncil.. org.. Site..

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  • Title: About Us | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: The Global Research Council is a virtual organization, comprised of the heads of science and engineering funding agencies from around the world, dedicated to promoting the sharing of data and best practices for high-quality collaboration among funding agencies worldwide.. The worldwide growth of public support for research has presented an opportunity for countries large and small to work in concert across national borders.. Cooperation and collaboration can enhance the quality of science, avoid unnecessary duplication, provide economies of scale, and address issues that can only be solved by working together.. Heads of research  ...   Research Council are:.. To improve communication and cooperation among funding agencies;.. To promote the sharing of data and best practices for high-quality research cooperation;.. To provide a forum for regular meetings of the Heads of Research Councils;.. To respond to opportunities and to address issues of common concern in the support of research and education;.. To be a resource for those institutions wishing to build a world-class research landscape;.. and.. To explore mechanisms that support the global science enterprise and the worldwide research community.. Image credits: StockPhotosforFree.. com (top left); Thinkstock (all other insets)..

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  • Title: Statement of Principles on Research Integrity | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: Statement of Principles on Research Integrity.. Preamble.. The Responsible Conduct of Research is at the very essence of the scientific enterprise and is intrinsic to society’s trust in science.. Within the framework of the Responsible Conduct of Research, the basic principles of Research Integrity - namely honesty, responsibility, fairness and accountability – are enshrined in foundational documents.. 1.. that also describe the responsibilities of researchers and the scientific community.. While researchers and institutions themselves remain ultimately responsible for undertaking research with integrity, research funding agencies have an obligation to ensure that the research they support is conducted in accordance with the highest standards possible.. To that end, participants in the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Global Research Council recognize the following Principles to articulate the responsibilities of research funding agencies in creating an international environment in which research integrity is at the core of all activities.. Principles.. Leadership.. Research funding agencies must lead by example in the responsible management of research programs.. Promotion.. Research funding  ...   mandate, publish policies and procedures to promote research integrity and to address allegations of research misconduct.. Response to Allegations of Misconduct.. During any investigation of misconduct.. 2.. , research funding agencies should support a process that values accountability, timeliness and fairness.. Conditions for Research Support.. Research funding agencies should incorporate integrity in research as a condition for obtaining and maintaining funding by researchers and institutions.. International Cooperation.. Research funding agencies will work cooperatively with partners to support and facilitate research integrity worldwide.. For example: the Singapore Statement, the InterAcademy Council IAP Policy Report, and the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.. Breaches of research integrity can include, but are not limited to, plagiarism, fabrication and falsification.. Image credit: S2N Media.. Statement of Principles on Research Integrity PDF (English).. Statement of Principles on Scientific Merit Review PDF (English).. Statement of Principles on Scientific Merit Review PDF (Arabic).. Statement of Principles on Scientific Merit Review PDF (French).. Statement of Principles on Scientific Merit Review PDF (Russian)..

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  • Title: Governing Board | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: Professor Peter Strohschneider.. Chair.. President, DFG.. Germany.. Professor Bai Chunli.. Vice-Chair.. President, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).. China.. Dr.. Isabelle Blain.. Vice-President Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC).. Canada.. Mohammed Al-Suwaiyel.. President, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST).. Saudi Arabia.. Yuichiro Anzai.. President, Japan Society for  ...   Science Europe.. Europe.. Cora Marrett.. Acting Director, National Science Foundation (NSF).. United States.. Romain Murenzi.. Executive Director, TWAS, The World Academy of Sciences.. Italy.. Glaucius Oliva.. President, CNPq.. Brazil.. Academician Vladislav Panchenko.. Chairman, Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR).. Russia.. T.. Ramasami.. Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology.. India..

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  • Title: Meetings | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: View the full image.. 2014 Meeting.. 2013 Meeting.. 2012 Meeting.. Regional Meetings..

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  • Title: Links | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: Global Summit Coverage.. NSF Director Subra Suresh Editorial in.. Science.. magazine, 25 May 2012: "Cultivating Global Science".. magazine, 12 August 2011: "Moving Toward Global Science".. Image credit: Christos Nicolaides, Juanes Research Group..

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  • Title: Contact | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: Image credit: NSF..

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  • Title: Documents | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: National Guidelines on Merit/Peer Review.. Country: Austria.. Agency: FWF Der Wissenschaftsfonds.. Website:.. http://www.. fwf.. ac.. at/en/projects/decision-making-procedure/fwf-decision-making-procedure.. pdf.. Country: Australia.. Agency: ARC.. arc.. gov.. au/general/assessment_process.. htm.. Country: Brazil.. Agency: FAPESP.. fapesp.. br/en/FAPESP_peer_review_20111012.. Country: Belgium.. Agency: FWO.. fwo.. be/Evaluatieprocedure.. aspx.. be/CMSDownload.. aspx?ID=159e23cf-3b96-4be5-a18f-d8ba00bb0f16 L=nl.. aspx?ID=db02c7b7-76d6-4f83-a57a-d1b60841a21e L=nl.. Country: Canada.. Agency: NSERC.. nserc-crsng.. gc.. ca/_doc/Reviewers-Examinateurs/CompleteManual-ManualEvalComplet_eng.. Country: Estonia.. Agency: Estonian Science Foundation.. etf.. ee/public/files/evaluation_guidlines_2012.. Country: European Union.. Agency: ERC.. http://erc.. europa.. eu/pdf/Guide_ERC_Peer_Reviewers_2011.. Agency: European Commission.. ftp://ftp.. cordis.. eu/pub/fp7/docs/fp7-evrules_en.. Country: Europe.. Agency: European Science Foundation.. Peer Review Guide.. esf.. org/.. Country: Finland.. Agency: Academy of Finland.. aka.. fi/Tiedostot/Tiedostot/Arviointitoiminta/Instructions_Panels_2011.. fi/Tiedostot/Tiedostot/Arviointitoiminta/Instructions_Invidual_Reviewers_2011.. Country: Germany.. Agency: DFG.. dfg.. de/download/pdf/foerderung/antragstellung/begutachtung/dfg_begutachtungsverfahren_091214_en.. Country: Hungary.. Agency: OTKA.. otka.. hu/index.. php?akt_menu=1366.. Country: Netherlands.. Agency: NWO.. nwo.. nl/files.. nsf/pages/SPES_5VEDDR_Eng/$file/Scrnd%20Reg%20Subs_Eng%20versie_opm%20JZ_1%20juli%202011.. Country: Norway.. Agency: Research Council of Norway.. forskningsradet.. no/en/Application_processing/1138882215874.. Country: Portugal.. Agency: FCT.. fct.. pt/apoios/projectos/concursos/2010/docs/guiao_avaliacao.. Country: Russia.. Agency: RFBR.. rfbr.. ru/rffi/eng/assessment.. Country: Slovenia.. Agency: ARRS.. arrs.. si/en/akti/prav-sof-ocen-sprem-razisk-dej-260111.. asp.. Country: Sweden.. Agency: VR.. vr.. se/download/18.. 122a0d251301f4f33458000922/Evaluation+Handbook+NT+2011.. Country: Switzerland.. Agency: SNSF.. snf.. ch/SiteCollectionDocuments/snf_beschreibung_auswahlverfahren_e.. Open Access.. Action Plan towards Open Access (pdf).. Informative websites with general information open access.. Open Access Directory,.. http://oad.. simmons.. edu/oadwiki/Main_Page.. Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook,.. openoasis.. Open Access Information Platform,.. http://open-access.. net/de_en/homepage/.. Websites with country-specific information regarding open access.. Overview of Open Access in the EU Member States,.. openaire.. eu/en/open-access/country-information.. UNESCO, Global Open Access Portal,.. unesco.. org/new/en/communication-and-information/portals-and-platforms/goap/access-by-region/.. Sherpa – Juliet (links to summaries of policies of various funding agencies) -.. sherpa.. uk/juliet/.. Research Council UK Policy on Access to Research Outputs -.. rcuk.. uk/documents/documents/RCUK%20_Policy_on_Access_to_Research_Outputs.. Canada – Guiding principles -.. science.. ca/default.. asp?Lang=En n=9990CB6B-1.. cihr-irsc.. ca/e/44571.. html.. (2010); commissioned report.. http://science.. ca/2360F10C-5A7D-4E88-911E-787C201A9F23/OpenAccess.. (2011).. US House  ...   lse.. uk/impactofsocialsciences/2012/07/04/why-the-uk-should-not-heed-the-finch-report/.. STM publishers,.. stm-assoc.. org/industry-news/stm-welcomes-report-of-the-finch-group-into-expanding-access-to-research-publications-in-the-uk/.. Research Libraries UK,.. rluk.. uk/content/rluk-reaction-finch-report.. [PEER] Publishing and the Ecology of European Research,.. peerproject.. eu/.. [SOAP] Study of Open Access Publishing,.. http://project-soap.. Budapest Open Access Initiative: Ten years on from the Budapest Open Access Initiative: setting the default to open,.. soros.. org/openaccess/boai-10-recommendations.. (posted in September 2012).. The LERU roadmap towards open access,.. leru.. org/files/publications/LERU_AP8_Open_Access.. Swan, Alma: Policy Guidelines for the development and promotion of open access.. Published by UNESCO 2012,.. http://unesdoc.. org/images/0021/002158/215863e.. Research Information Network (RIN), Research Libraries UK (RLUK), the Wellcome Trust, the Publishing Research Consortium (PRC) and the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), 2011.. Heading for the open road: costs and benefits of transitions in scholarly communications.. rin.. uk/our-work/communicating-and-disseminating-research/heading-open-road-costs-and-benefits-transitions-s.. “The Future of Scholarly Journals Publishing Among Social Science and Humanities Associations,” Report on a study funded by a Planning Grant from the Andrew W.. Mellon Foundation (February 2009), available at:.. nhalliance.. org/bm~doc/hssreport.. [TWAS] Open Access Scientific Information,.. http://twas.. ictp.. it/links/open-access-scientific-information.. [ESF] Open Access in Biomedical Research (SPB 47).. org/fileadmin/Public_documents/Publications/spb47_OpenAccess.. Studies on Subject-Specific Requirements for Open Access Infrastructure, Edited by Meier zu Verl, Christian and Horstmann, Wolframm (2011):.. http://pub.. uni-bielefeld.. de/luur/download?func=downloadFile recordOId=2445229 fileOId=2479864.. Research Integrity.. Singapore Statement -.. singaporestatement.. org/statement.. (2010).. OECD Reports -.. oecd.. org/science/scienceandtechnologypolicy/40188303.. (2007) and.. org/science/scienceandtechnologypolicy/42713295.. (2008).. Canadian Council of Academies Report -.. scienceadvice.. ca/uploads/eng/assessments%20and%20publications%20and%20news%20releases/research%20integrity/ri_report.. Canadian Framework on Responsible Conduct of Research -.. rcr.. ethics.. ca/eng/policy-politique/framework-cadre.. InterAcademy Council and IAP report on Responsible Conduct in the Global Research Enterprise -.. interacademycouncil.. net/24026/28250.. (2012).. European Code of Conduct -.. org/index.. php?eID=tx_nawsecuredl u=0 file=fileadmin/be_user/CEO_Unit/MO_FORA/MOFORUM_ResearchIntegrity/Code_Conduct_ResearchIntegrity.. pdf t=1358613367 hash=77a719c09eac7b73ebb65bde8fe49c03318ffce8.. Image credit: StockPhotosforFree.. com..

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  • Title: About Us | Global Research Council
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  • Title: Global Research Council Seeking Host for 2015 Annual Meeting | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: Interested research councils should submit their bid to.. AnnualMeeting@globalresearchcouncil.. by December 6, 2013.. The Governing Board will consider all bids and announce the host of the 2015 Annual Meeting in February 2014.. All organizations submitting bids should have participated in previous Global Research Council Meetings.. For the Annual Meeting, it is anticipated that there will be a host Research Council and a co-host  ...   will each nominate one individual to serve on the 2014-2015 GRC International Steering Committee that will be charged with developing the agenda for the 2015 GRC Annual Meeting.. The bid should include the following information:.. A completed Application Form.. A short (maximum 5 pages) narrative in support of the application.. Questions regarding the selection process may be sent to Dr.. Graham Harrison at.. gharriso@nsf..

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  • Title: 2014 Meeting | Global Research Council
    Descriptive info: China to host the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Global Research Council.. The Governing Board of the Global Research Council selected China to host the 3.. rd.. Annual Meeting of the Global Research Council in 2014.. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the.. National Natural Science Foundation of China.. (NSFC) will be the host organizations.. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) will be the co-host organization.. More details will be available in the months ahead..

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